Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1907
Page 3
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A Money Saver for Those who want Coals, Fnrs, New Shirt Waists. Skirts, Warm Underwear and Dress Goods! Our customers tell us it is a pleasure for them to be able to view this magnificent display of New Fall Merchandise, now in array here- It certainly is a privilege and pleasure for us to show them. Here you will find a representation of all the new things from the foremost producing centers of the world. If You Want To Save Honey on Coats. Furs, Shirt Waists, SicirtSf Warm Underwear and Dress Good;s, It Will Pay You to Visit Us. We Have Confidence! WE ACCEPT CiECKSl Confident that the Banks and Trust Com-' panies of the country at large and of this community especially are ^ ^ ^ ^. absolutely sound, RICHARDSON'S will accept In payment for merchandise. Cashier's Checks, Local Pay Roll Checks, Checks signed by responsible parties on banks in this vicinity; also Savinirs bank. Books, and will give in change part cash. • • -— " -------------^ - - • • U3 Emmi Mmdlmou Avenue m RICHARDSON'S 2 doarm Wamt Thamp' I: Fpr Curb Dpavin or Spiinl* .Sloacivs I/iivinveivt is unftiirpassed \t ptm^ralts and relieves potn very quickly- needs very ^^^^ rubbinq • and (foes nol teave a scar or biemish. An oniisepHc remedy for Hirush, fis^ula and any obscess. PRICE 25<.50^ 6 SloonVTreohse on Horses. Catrle. Moqs ond Pwltry" J 5ei»r Free AMrcM Dr Carl S. Sloon. BftUon. Ma»»,U. & A THE MONEY PANIC OF 1857. . jKisitors lost practlca'/y all. They - • ] also much currency as they held •4v»t Fifty Year. Ago a Panic Wa. injfrom broken bank.s of issue. .Vol a 1 ProQre»«.—Wat a Real Panic, Too. |.s,ng-,. depositor is known to have ,-—-—• , . !siifr»>ivi| any lo.s.s recenily. Ev?ry t!ol 1 People complain these days over the '•, , ^ Itr f f rhe currency passes iinques- ilonfil lit full KOM vahi*-. It l.s seldom in recent vea;?: iJiat ileiMisltor.^ persons' ^ . ih.Tve been loa.'rs. .A crowd itself gathers a greater crowd, and the whole' scene Is one of a deplorable lack of common sense. -smallest rrlfle when thp fact is they j I don't know what hard times or a real! .HM.tLfEtf ATTOS IX I)>:.1IA>I». .Mvnatm in Sper4 and Size Waolnit iu Popniarity in Franre. Paris, No. 13—^The tentR autonio- f He exposUlua at fhe Omnd palace was Inaugurated .today by President I 'bllieres. The exjjosiiion this year Is noticeable for the great increase in ihe numljer of low power, inodt-raie priced vehicN's. Tin- waninj? iiuiuiliir- iiy of the monsters in .size and speed is evidenced hy ih»- reduced iiunilier I 'Xbiblted and the genm! cut in prires <i( 30 to •»(» 'ler ceur. I.IST OF .VOHICANS A I'AII'KR. TiiomaH Furd. Oul) LitiiiK FUIIMIIIMI, Admitted to Alaijiii»u<>p. W:«tprliury. Conn.. .Vnv l.'<—Thnniaa lord ,ihe last fullblooded .Mohican In- lilan. was uhu taken there. He Is u mate of Ihe PlalnviHe town fartii at bis own reCjuesI Dr. Sunrise. H fullblooded Uiieida In dlan, was alsti taekn there. He Iti a proud old medicine man. and was one of the powers of the Onieda tribe many years ago. In President Uln- QUAILS HAVE DISEASE. ; i.anic Is. There are many ' living today who have a distant recollection of the panic of IS.IT and the' i.crdshlps that the peope suffered. The present scare co\il.": no moce be compared with the panic of IS .'i? than : t^e shooting of clay pigeons would i with actual war. Th? present flurry will probably nor even receive a men, lion in the history«'n a hiinUrel i .vi-ars from now, and the period from l ''9fi to 19ns win iio-n under the t;ile of the "Period of Oreat Pros l.erliy and I.arg.» Bank Deposit."-." I In 1758 the currency was isstied by ; .<;tate and private hanks and carrieii ' no government guaranty whatever. In (lose days a citizen scanned the new.s to see If the bank not?.s in his pocket were good or nol. Wildcat currency wa.s plentiful. Not a tenth part of the paper money was at p.-.r, and the en- •ilre i.ssue of banks was frequently a The colon* • of a r.^giment relates that the worst panic his command experienced In three years of .service wa,s when an old blind horse strayed into tie bivouac and kicked over some stacked gtins. The men had a t!ood joke on themselves forever after. club, completed the arrangements for this scheme for moving the grain. The ^rain dealer who purchases the grain from a farmer will issue a ticket to him. indicating the number of bushels, th.^ r-"Ice and the face ralue of the; ticket. These tickets will be stamp«:| e.i across the face, "PayaWe In Slots. City or Minneapolis exchange." Bankers and grain dealers froin Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota towns were present at the meetltig this morning.! The Sioux City banks have agreed to K've their support to the plan. •"The plan has been in operation four days In the Northern territory and the grain has started to move,' .said .1. Iv. McCaull, of Minneapolis, chairman of today's meeting. "And there has been no complaint from any PILES CURED IX ft TO 14 DATS. e.vtraordlnary njovement of grain as a i rOZO lONTMENT Is S'taranJeed to result of this plan, but we anticipate" cure any case of Itching. Blind, Bleed-1 , ing or Protruding Plies in 6 to 14 days or money refunded-.' 50c. WeSeU on the positive guarantee tbat if it 4oes not give satisfaction we will return the entire aniotmt of money paid us for it.; We mean this— and ask dill those who are sick and need strength to try it with this understanding. c normal market which wil! prove a I great relief to the present financial • Kit nation." TO USE GRAIN CHECKS. f<^tal loss. Fifty years ago the cr?dlt Popular Bird Affected With Contag ^' UAIted States was by no means lous Malady. glU-edged. The government was not , ; i:i a position to be of much helji in 1 1 .e crisis. The people striiegled and; throagn ihu g.^noral prash as hfst Plan Adopted in Northwest to be Used i in Iowa. Sioux City, la.. Nov. 13. —Grain I cl'ecks will he in circulation througlj.^ out the towns and country surround-! horse,s in this! manner during the past thrive days. The Tribune was reliably informed that' J. R. M^rlck and B. W. Doyle of Map'eton had each lost a horse from the effects of this peculiar epidemic. ' Farmers are unable to diagnose the [Peculiar Disease Ainonn Animals of ^ade its first appearance Bourbon County. ^"^ several other counties and horse- HORSES ARE DYING OFF. men finally come to the conclusion that the deaths were due to eating In an adjoining county (Cherryvale Re))Uhltcan.> R. Neil, of Wichita, has a new t-rrihe story ro tell. Tha: s:oiy is'''"*>' «>»''' to the effrbt that all the qua 1 i:i i SLMthern Kansas in Northern. (Oklahoma are afflicted with a rcntag I lolls (liseaye which l.s carryinu f .'.emi in great numbers. The disease Is! scnie '.hlng like trichinae in pork. It pink.^s Ihe meat oT the fowl unfit t.> est. not on'y unpalatable, but pofslhly unsafe .Vearly all of the <iuail wi'ch CT" found seem to be Infected. Thei M .arl In th.s sectfofi thI .H year arn un ' iMia'ly plentlftil. rind this news will, <- dlSffiariening to the hunferK I To lYhom It May Cnnrem: .Voah Ollwon will present hl.s :ip lilication for a purole to the Prison linard oh the 4th day of Oecemher IftiiT. C-iinniiinlcatlons favoring or i •.••> (Ft. Scott Tribune.) .\ peculiar disease affecting horses ^^^^^ com. lug Sioux Clt.v. and will be. accepted seems to have pervaded certain sec- farmer lost seventeen bogs from a- cash by jobbers as well as mer- tk.n.s of Bourbon count.v and as a re- '^'s diet. later fed a mixture of chant.s and small business houses, be- .•=ult .«;«veral horsemen are b.»moanIng matured and; greien com to another ginning Thursday morning. A com- the loss of animals. It was reported ^'i'"^ ''^sult was that iDliiee of bankers and grain dealers In here today that one farmer up in the deaths were entailed. In 1S57 many banks closed mill ili -ir s.s.v:on today at the Commonwealth northern end of the county had lost 9 The borses_ th^t died Saturday were ^^^„^^^^^^,^,^^^^^^,^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^,^^^,^^^a^^^,^^t^^,m^mmt^^^^^^^^ Worked by their owners as usual Sat . -- ^J .^J^y ^jjjj si ^Q ^-e ^j gjgns of illness. Saturday night, both farmers report, the animals .seemed to gap a few time.s andj later fe'l dead. The report of the Ueath of nine horses at one sta- I l:le was not conflrraed, hut a; For» j Scott man Who was af Mapleton Sat, nrday night l'>r;ngs home the announce i nient. The farmer, he claims. I ves , north of .Mapleton. and nine of bis work horses: valued at several hundred dollars, died as a result of some utiknown Farmers are becoming pretty "well worked up over the appearance here of this epidemic te.siln*! against his parole wilt lie con- coin's.attmlnistratiou he was the pie.ii !>*''''^'f'I ''^ 'he Board, dents' special eiiyny anionu the In- W. H. HASKEM.., Warden dlan trlljes; lhroiii;h the west, where. he taught Christiiinlty. lOLA SCRIPT ON EXHIBITION. I N winter no amount of warm clothing will aakt you safe if your vi- talitv is few. Warmth inside Is iMiat you must have. Ejnuiiion of iCod liver Oil, supplies carbon to Uie bkiod and tissues and warm ind comfortable all ow. It ii a safeguard M^t colds »id all the llh$Mt foHow them. easily tikcn doses It ' Nevada. Mo., People Examine Local Medium of Exchange. (Nevada Poet.) .1 M. l^timer and Gordon Callaway Wire over from lola yesterday and r.r.d .some of the script that Is pass iiig for money In lola with them. Th? script res.ambles a check to some extent and Is made payable to bearer and states that 133 1-3 per cent of :is v.ilue in securities is on depottl; with the lola Clearing House to se- crre Its payment. The boys say tbat ihey see very little real money there .slnc.^ the banks put the clearlns house rule into effedt. I ASK FOR inUT>OD WAHT >nd o ^k emDhaUeall^^t Do so thronfh the Redster's waiit coiumns. If ymi wast an emplorer or' an eintiloree -vou /••n flad liim in a harry iC ycm taka fhis coni««. Thd-nMdMari win tell vnar waota to mutf U |0iiMB4a ot p«n, nl* nqlckiljr 1» iWf BWH M\' Ikmn Eat for contentment. Eat for good nature. Both are the result of physical health. The most nutritious food made from flour is Uneeda Biscuit Every bite a mouthful of energy. /jK ib/st and . mcutitn proof patkatfs. NATIOKAL BISCUIT COMPANY TO RUN WASHINGTON. Over Thirteen Million Dollars Necessary for City. I Washington. Nov. 13.—More than JlS.itOO (»00 is needed for the operation of the j?ovemment of the c'.ty of Washingtoi^' tor the' next fiscal year. Tlie board of cnmniissioners for the iliBtrct have ju .<t completed their es- • tlmate. The total budget aggregates *i3 .667.266.?.i. The total estimated ri venue fon the next fiscal year is but JG.SIl .oao. ;This leaves under the ot^ ganic act on basis of half district and , half government funds, a legal appropriation of $10,622 060 necessarj'- la announcing the tiudget the district commissioners of i^hich Henry B. P. ^TcFar!a.^(^• is president Itemizes ttiaay srerlal Jmji)rovements. At the head of , (} Is list comes a request for an ap- j propriatiop approximating |8,0OO.0OO , as the beginning of the project to put , Washington schools in proper physical shape. r PR«i(«««la F«ll«ws • C«M. ;hi»t never) fonows the use or.FQteVft Honey and Tar. It atops the ebi Ije<).i an* straiuttliciia the Itkkt^i prerenta j^tuamoois-. Barrtli'ii

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