Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1907
Page 2
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and pastel gray-blae, etc., very, very Hitnpiy mode, are cbannlng worn with rich furs, sables especially. Ther ar<» a decided change from the elaborate waists so long worn with cloth skiru. The skirts are long an* trimmed with some odd paaaementerle ornament low on ihe sides, or have large choice buttons. The bodice and half sleeves are eqna 'ly simple, the former is half low in the neck and worn with a fine lace gulmpe to which sieeves of the same are attached. On tl<e girdle sqme odd ornamentation, .thp neck and sleeve flnlshi being al I most severe. A beaurlfiil neck jewel I Is worn and a hat of faultless beauty Tlie sables or ermine gave a rare charm and accent the gown's beauty of color and line on the figure. The eusemble forms a new combinat on which some women will carry out to perfection.—V'oRue. * • * The l^ariles' Music c'uh was most ! cnjoyably entertained at the home of Mrs. .Malcolm Hughes yesterday after noon. A large nnmr)er of the mem hers were present and there was a most instnirtive i)rograra rendered. Mrs. P. H. Martin presented a paper on ihe early Italian composers and after a reading on music of the six- trentii and .seventeeurTi centuries Mrs. Hughes played four beautiful piano numbe.'^, compositions of Rossi and J other miifiicians who lived during the time mentioned. Mrs. ^Vatson had- a AUTUMN. Trees tinged with gold from th<» sunsets crown. Fields brown with yj'ilow or rilset and brown, . Purplish the hare of the encircling sky. Homesick the plaint of a thrush near -by. ;> |Wear>" and lone she fain would |try To Johi h?r kind as they sotithwarl fly. Empty the nersts in the green hedge rows, Her mate awaits where the cypress grows. Ttees lose their gold, oa-nh's radiance fades. The roseate hue to darkness shade-? -The changeful opal of the sky. The evenlwi's glories pale and' die. Homesick. I watch, grieving. I s'gh. Echoes my heart—the thrii.shes cry. For my lost, my iiive. m sweet repose, Awalteth me where the cyiiress grows. —Carrie Herbert Daughters in Herbert's Maga».ine. * + + Miss Florlne Wheeler will enter- fal nat cards on Saturday afternoon at her home In WTieeler Heights. The guests will be 'members of th? Voting I-adles' Card club and a few frit=nds. + * * Daughters of the King will meet at ten o'clock on Thursday morning at the home of Mrs. T. S. Stover. 220 pgppp on the beginning of opera and North Cottonwood street. * + • oratorio, and Miss Alice Hendricks bave a talk on the clarvichord, harpsi Plans for reviving the Alta S.^ta ^,,5^^ club for the winter are now well un-; ,„„^j^,^„ p,^,„^,.^ ^.j,^ der way. Mrs. S. S. Hilscher. who j .^,,^„^„, .losVr ptions flveuMhis num- has charge of the class in the Preshy -L^^ exceedlgnly terian Sunday school to which the I ipstnict.vf members belong will meet th? girls on ' F.rlday afternoon at -the home of Miss Florence Munger, S23 South Chestnut street. * + • Gowns of light chiffon, pale timed cloths In mandarin, melon pink, coral HBY thersF "Wbere are you |;olDg?" "OoinK after a sack of U, Ar AMMif Plour. MY wife won't use anjrthiog else." .Miss PattI Metcalf cosed thf aft?nioon by a paper on "Thf Or gan and Other Instruments." During a meeting the club voted to rscelve Mrs. Grant .Miller and Mrs. S. S. Hilscher as associate ; members. Mrs. Watson who heard Mme Calve in Kansas City last week gave an account of the singer's concert and of the work of the artists who appeared with her. There were some late photos of the prima donna d strilmted and also the program which .she helped to present. The mem bei-s who were in attendance are Atrs. A V. l.emasters, MVs. Wm. Hankins, .Mrs. W. T. Watson. Mrs. .1. W. Bolton. .Mrs. F. H. Martin, Mrs. C. M. Cole, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. A. D. Ter riil. Mrs. Archibald .Tones. .Mrs. Ross Clailinrne. Mrs. W. F. Dewey. Miss Patti .Metcalf of Co:ony, Miss Emma CHANGE OF LIFE Sensible Advice to Women from Hrs. Henry Lee, ill's. Fred Certia and firs. Pinkham. A good assortment of handsome plates and single pieces. Tbn decorations are exclusive and beautifully executed. A most acceptable present for the ladles. McNElL BROTHERS. iMCJEwaatM. Newton, Miss Alberta Munson. Miss OUev Hankins. Miss Alice Hendricks, and .Miss Orace Nelson, + + + A letter from Miss Lora Cooper, ol Parsons has been received by the Music club, of which Miss Cooper was formerly secretary. Miss Cooper has been very 111 and was unable to ^ttend -the club yesterday or to meet he/ class of pupils this week. • • • Miss Rosalia Charles gave a charm ing party yesterday afternoon for group of friends to meet Miss Fontella Trimble of Kansas City, and Miss Nancy Mitchell, who Is a guest of Mrs W. 9. Goodwin. The afternoon was spent Informally and at five o'clock an elaborate luncheon was served. The c ^iiest^ were seated at a beautifully decorated table, chry.santhemums being the principal flower used. During the evening there were several games of euchre and at ten o'clock Miss Charles served light refr?shments The attendinpi ladies were members of the Tue.sday Sewing club, Mrs. Mont Pa'mer and the guests of honor. * * * Miss Bess Miller, daughter of Mr and Mrs. E. B. Miller, 619 East street will be married tonight to Mr. M. A McCrary. of Independence. The wed ding will be a quiet home affair, with only a few friends and relatives pres ent. and the couple will leave at once for a wedding tour. Look at* Our Ubbey Cat Glass, Rookwood Pottery and Hand Painted China. Sewall, Jeweler nd Opticia 104 North Washington. N/TRS HENRY LEE Owin^ to oiodera methods of living Bot ;<me weinan In a thousand approaches this perfectly natural change without experiencing a train of very annojrinf and libmetimes p a i ti f u'l This is tbe most critical period of her whole existence and every womaii who neflflecfs the of her health at this one invites disease and psin. WhCB b^fcr system is in a deranged eondStion or she is predisposed to apoplexy or eongestlon of any organ, the tendency to at this period Ulcely to beoome active and with a hostof nervous Irritations mak«! life a burden. At this time also cancers and tai&ora are mbre liable to form aad befin «beir destructive work aveb wamioff qrmptoms as semie of satf^eation, not flaslien. headaches, haOcaabas. meluusholia. dread of Im- pendinfavU, palpitation of the heart, frMfalarillv, oonatipatiou and dizzi- Bs8a are pfomptly heeded by inteJ- IMuBt wolneh vrfao are approaching i£» |^«ri «d of life when this great ahp^pia may ha azpeeted. lf:^rr «dCertla. 101« So. Lafayet^ •(Mat. So. Bend. Ind.. writes: . »>Lrdia I. Plokliaa'S V ^stabls Com- MMiafc ths itol msilMiis fSwomsn^rC) MRS. FREOCERTIA are poaing throngfa Ctisnge of Ufa. For ureral months I suffered from bot flasbea^ extreme nervoumeas, beadacbe and •l«e|>> leaoaa. J had no appetite and could not •leap. I had made up my mind thars was no help for me until I began to lue Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, my bad symptonn oeaaed, and it brought me safely through the danger period, baOt up my system and I am in excellent beal I consider Ly slth Lydia E. Piftkfaam% VegMabla Compound unsorpaiaed for noooan donna thU trying period of life." Mrs. Henry Lee, 60 Winter Street. New Haven, Conn., writes: DearUrs. Pinkham:— "After culfering antold wlsarr for tbrae •ears daring Cbsnge of Life 1 beard of Lydia B. Plnkbam'i Vegetable Compound. 1 wrote you of my oonduion. and bsgau to take Lydia R. Pinkham's Vegetable Con- pound and followed your advice, and tottoy I sm well and happy. I osn now walkaoy* where and work as wall as anyone, and for yean previoos I had triad bateoald not get around without b^ I oonidar your mcdt* dne a sovaraign balm for suffariqg wamaa.* paaatdtjUmnifb thto critical should r&Mipon Lydia B B% V^eUhle Compoand. If a^iythior «bont ypvr eaaa yp«-«bn'( nndnmad write to Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn. Uaaa.. for advice. It is free and haa raided thouaanda to health. beeiijfladoMdfal in restpiiDg to boaith, A large number of ladles, members of the Presbyterian church, gathered at the home of Mrs. H. G. Gates yes terday afternoon and worked on articles to be sold at the rummage sale on December 21 and 22. On these dates tte ladles will have tbe use of the DeCIute building on West Madison street and will sell articles of cloth- ng and furniture. A group of ladles from each ward wil canvass among the residents for the material for the store and the society will prepare them for use. There will be a confec- lUmery booth and doughnuts and cof fee will be served. + + + Mrs. A. J. Servey is slowly recovering from her attack of typhoid fever * • • Mrs. George Davis will give a card party for the VVdnesday Euchre club members tonight. The Mtothers'^ciub*'* Is in session 11 Builders' Chapel this afternoon. * .«. + One of the most enjoyable after noons of the autumn for the entertainment of church folk was given at the home of Mrs. Chas. Thompson yesterday. The occasion was a tea ^Iven by members of the First ward Durlhg the hours between three and six o'clock there were seventy five guests received. Mrs. A. V. Lodge, Mrs. WWgley, M^rs. S. L. Holmes and Mrs. Welah presided In the dining room. Tbe refreshment tables had a crnterplece of carnations and growing ferns were usea. There was a brief business session early in the afternoon and committees were ap pointed to have charge of some htisi- nesn affairs. • • • The Aid society of the Christian church will meet on Friday afternoon in the parlors of the church. + + * Mrs. W. H. Cook and Mrs. Parmer of \A Harpe bave gone io Kanaas City for a few days. • • + Miss Pattle Metcalf has returned to bar home In Colbny after a visit with friends here. Mta Bartlft Aifltr. o( Oolooy. ^ a Joplln, Mo., Nov. 13.—A committee of five was named by the raining con gress to draft a measure that will prevent mining engineers from aiding in the perpetration of mining frauds. A resolution asking the federal goy- ernment to Issue separate patents to lands suitable for both mining and agricultural purposes and classifying mineral lands as "mineral lands" only was submitted, but action was defe red. A resolution declaring for an ad- valorem tax on Imported zinc ores of $30 a ton, was adopted, and each mem ber pledged himself to work for the enforcement of stich by addressing a letter to his congressman urging It. In an Interview here today President Richards stated that President Roosevelt, a few days ago. told him he would recommend to the national congress the establishment of a bureau of mining, similar to the department of agrlculltire. The pre.sident added that the congress next year would be held somewhere in the east, probably at Columbus, Ohio. DEATH OF R. VAN F088EN. W. L. Bartlea Has Received News of Relative's Death. W. L. Bartles this morning receivfd a telephone message from Humboldt to the effect that his nephew Reuben Van Fossen died suddenly last night. No details as to tbe cause of death were given. Mr. Barfes expects to go down to'Humboldt this afternoon and meet Mr. Van Fossen's brother who is expected to arrive from Leon, Kansas. The body Is to be brought to tomorrow and the funeral ser vices will be conducted some time tomorrow and will probably be from the W. L. Bartles residence on East Mad son. Mr. Van Fossen was 39 years of a?e at the time of his death, and unmarried . He owned considerable Hum boldt property and was well to do. He was bom in lols, but lived in this c'ty but a short time. ir. B. UiVEBSOI, itt«niey*«t*Lam Notary and Stenographer in Office. Phone 4S6. • I • H. A.Ewlng .-a. A.Qard, O. R.Qard • • i • EWIHG, GABD * fiU^ • •I* Lawyers. : Practice in all %yk ^. Madison. s a DB. McMILLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Dlsaases of Children. Telephones: Ottce 32, Res. 23:i. Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg., West Madison. Pbone 687. Res. 701. * .DB. 0. L. COX. filye. Sar. Nosa and Throat. * Spectacles Properly Fitted. * Office A. O. U. W. Qldg. Office Phone 1083. OB. B. 0. CHBISTIAK. Phyilcfan and Sirgean. * Rooms 7 aad 8. Ehrana Bldg. Phone 6B4. lola, Kana. * DB. EDITfl 8.'KlIflH. • Office and .Residence over Bar- * rell'a Drug Store. • Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., t * to 4 p. ip., 7 to 8 evenings. * SuDda^by Appointment. * P.'H. MABTIH. Practice Umited to Snrgsry. 10 N. Buckeye. Pbone 571. DB. W; B. HEILMUl. Pbyalelai. t Snrgeon. <• Office N. 5. Comer of Sqaara • Over K. C. plumbing Co.'s Store. * Res. Tel 38. Office Tel. 603. • CHILD CRIED FOR MOTHER. Audience at Moving Picture Show Saw Angels on Film. IHi^Of loU frl^da today. A few evenings ago at one of the local moving picture shows a picture was presented showing the ascension of a band of angels. The picture be ng a beautiful one and of a sacred caaracter had the effect of holding the rapt attention of tbe crowded house. A^i!e the film was being run off there suddenly broke upon the tlUness the sobbing vorce of a child: Oh, grandma, there's the angels that took my mamma away. Tell 'em to bring her back to me. won't ycu, grandma?" Then was heard an elderly lady trying to comfort the heart broken child to' whom: the picture recalled the saddest incident In Its short life. Deeply affected by the grief of the chi!d. even the more rough and hardened In the audience passed quietly out of the room after tbe picture was nin off. the confusion which usually follows the close of a show being conspicuously absent. The child was a Utile, chubby, brown-eyed girl, not yet four years old, who lost her mother about a year ago. and has since been making her home with her ?randparents, who rira a private boarding house here. Hat. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. DB. i, S. PEPPEB. Dentist. Is permanently located over B. C. McCIaln's Clothing Store, and is prepared to do all kinds of up-to-date dental work.- Svenlng work by appointment. s * • • • • P.-L. Lathrop, Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHT^ICIAHS. Special attention given to Dla- easea of Wpmen and Children. Over EaaJL Side Hardware. Office 'Pboiie, Main 4ffi^ • • • • • • • ai i» ^e-a s' •EC. A. •OWLU6. PreatdenL THOS. H.- BOWLUt, Casiilar. ALLEN COUNTY STAIE BANK Capital $30,000.00 : UIR£CTOft& A. Mr. Sacic. L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evina, J. O. lAinn, A. Bowlus, Thos. H. Bowliia. Seo. ¥fet8aU£ OUR own OMFTS OH AU EUttOPEAM POUIT8 •APCTY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM M to |B PER YIARi LowAey*s Chocolates THAY ARE FRE>H. A cho'ce assortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy l,6wney's Chocolates here, our per^o^al pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and:see how well It pleases yon. i CRABB'S DRUG STORE. Corner Washington and West WEXDORFF IS CHILLY TOO. Qas Office Had no Fnel for a Few Honrs Today. The employees of the gas office today had an opportunity to appreciate the position of tbe patrons of the office who have been calling them up and complaining of a gas shortage. They were without gas for several hours while a stove wj^s being connected up in one of the offices, ^^'hen any one called up the department and referred to the delights of living in a house with freezing tmperatui-fl owing to no gas, they received the sharp retort, "We are In the same box.". The SANTA FE will sell HOSfESEEKERS' Uefceta Nor. 19th, Dec M and 17th, 1907 to points in Texas .Oklahomr and -Indian TeirttMy. New Mexico and Ariumsas at very low rates. WINTER TOURIST tickets on sale daily Nor. ^5th, liM7 to April notb, 1908, with final retarn limit Jnne Ist, 1908. to Beaamoat,' £1 tm- so. Ft. Worth, Oalreston, Texas, Carlshad and Deihfatg, N. M.~at tew rates.' , . , . • Please see ns for farther parlenlars. - >

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