The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 19, 1963 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1963
Page 7
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Ann Landers Brainless Dolts Aren't Friends MOTHER-CHILDREN SOCIAL — Members of Omega Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, took their children with them to social Sunday afternoon at Mrs Charles LeMaster's home. Ten of the young women had 11 babies last year (including a pair of twins). Standing are, from left, Mrs. Tom Marks and Shelley, Mrs. Corwin Shields, Mrs. Kendall Hay and Kevin, Mrs..LeRoy Teter and Linda, Mrs. James McCrea and Mark, Mrs. Ralph Shaffer and Connie, Mrs. Cariin Nalley, Mrs. Jay Saner holding Melisa, one of the Le- Master twins, and Mrs. Art Miller. Seated are Mrs. Terry Vogler and Vince, Mrs. James Dykstra and Natalie, Mrs. Bob Watkins and Lisa, Mrs. Charles LeMaster and the other twin, Melita; Mrs. William Simpson and Bruce and Mrs. Virgil Croucher and Rick. Children seated on foor are Michael Marks, Brenda Shields, Tim Hay and Fred Croucher. Members not pictured are Mrs. Leland Gilliland, Mrs. John Farquharson and Mrs. Duane Hall. (Herald Photo by Lois Smith) True Kindred Plans Events Retta Conclave No. 8, Order of True Kindred, made plans last evening to honor grand and supreme officers March 4, and to hold a chicken - noodle dinner March 16. The conclave voted a $3.65 contribution to Ransom Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. Mrs. Lee Finch presided. Invitations were received to attend the meeting of Kansas City conclave March 1, when the grand commander, Mrs. Jack Plackett, makes her visit, and to a supereme ways and means dinner at Naomi Conclave, Kansas City, Kas., March 2. Mrs. George Sherman contributed a desk to the Masonic bodies in memory of her late husband. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Orville Jones and Mrs. Louis Dale. Hints From Heloise Ammonia Shines Aluminum Pans March Vows Mrs. Dora Glenn, 309 E. 2nd, announces the engagement of her daughter, Delia Jo, to Irwin L. Brocklesby, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Brocklesby, Garnett. The wedding will take place in March. PRINTED PATTERN Helois* By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: Does anyone know how to remove the brown from the outside of hammered aluminum pans? R.R. Dear R. R.: Bless you for asking. So many people have written in with the same problem. Except for plain old ordinary elbow grease, bro- k e n fingernails, and a soap- filled scouring pad. . . the only answer I have was suggested by a woman who wrote to say she used ammonia on her hammered aluminum. She said to take an old wash rag or an old piece of terry cloth bath towel and lay it on the bottom of the hammered aluminum pan or pot. Then pour straight ammonia onto the cloth itself, immediately placing everything in a plastic bag. The plastic bag keeps the fumes of the ammonia from completely gassing you! Also, from the research I have done, I feel that it is the fumes of the ammonia which do the dirty work for you rather than the liquid doing it This idea seems so far fetchec that I completely doubted it, bul ... I tried it. It worked! I found a friend who had hammered aluminum Dutch oven and a skillet that were 30 years old and had never been cleaned This is what I practiced on. I turned the skillet upsid down, placed an old piece of ter ry cloth bath towel over the ski let, and poured about half a cu of ammonia on it, immediate! placed it in the plastic bag and tied the loose ends with a rubbe band. I let this sit overnight. The next morning I took a soap filled pad and scrubbed the bo torn of this 30-year-old skillet, couldn't believe it. . . the layers nd layers of carbon immedia- ely started coming off! The skil- et was shining within five min- tes! She was as shocked as I- If your pot has years of accumulated carbon don't think you an do this in one operation. Be- ause, remember ... if it took •ears to get all those layers of carbon on, you're not about to ;et it off in five minutes. It may take two operations, even if I lid manage to do mine in one operation. Now ladies, I want to let you know that the directions on the ammonia bottle say, "Do not use ammonia on aluminum. It pits." lowever, when a pan is 30 years old. . . who cares as long as it gets clean? (It's already got so many pits and scratches on it!) My friend was delighted with ler skillet and her pot. She saw no pits and neither did I, even when we put it under our small dimestore magnifying glass. And ust like she said, "Who cares as ong as it looks clean!" You gals might try this, especially if your pan is old and has ayers and layers of carbon on it. It worked perfectly for us. Heloise Dear Heloise: One of your readers mentioned applying nail polish to unfinished eyelets on dress belts. I purchased a package of assorted colored metal eyelets at my dime store. Now, whenever I get a belt that is not finished, I just pop a metal eyelet into the unfinished hole and presto, my belt is like it should have been in the first place! Marcella Thomas Dear Heloise: Have you ever wanted to bring flowers home for your table but they shed so badly that they make a mess? No more, just spray them with hair spray! I find most flowers last longer, look pretty and no mess. Ruth Better test your special brand of hair spray on one flower first. Mine worked fine but some do contain different chemicals. Heloise Group Plans Tea For May Wesleyan Service Guild of Trinity Methodist Church made plans last evening for a Mothers' tea in May, and plans to attend the district spring meeting in Lawrence, March 10. Work was done on the February project, felt covers for pads of Kleenex, for which Beverly Hjorth is chairman. The hostess, Mrs. Roy Armstrong, served refreshments. The Baby Has Been Named The daughter born Feb. 14 at Wesley Hospital, Wichita, to Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Bush, Wichita, has been named Carol Jane. She weighed 6 lb., 13 oz. Mr. and Mrs. Bush have a son, David Scott, 2^. Grandparents are Mrs. Frances E. Warner, 1523 S. Cedar; and Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Bush, Wilmette, m. The son born Feb. 16, hi Alta Bates, Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dean Hornbuckle, Berkeley, Calif., has been named Sterling Price. He weighed 8 lb., 8 oz. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schwarz and Mr. and Mrs. James Hornbuckle, Ottawa. Great- grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hoover, 604 N. Main; Mrs. Ralph Paul, 806 West 6th; and Mr. and Mrs. Sterling P. Hornbuckle, Louisburg. At Ransom Memorial Hospital: The son born Feb. 11 to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Clifford Moore, 719 Cypress, has been named Darrel Wayne. He weighed 7 lb., 2 oz. The son born Dear Ann Landers: Recently we lost our little girl. We have two married daughters and a teenage son. This wee one was like a gift from heaven because she came so late in our lives. I'm trying desperately to get over my heartbreak but our friends are making life unbearable. Within a week s «, of the funeral they c a m e in packs to ask if I had any clothing or toys "left over" for their nieces, n e p hews and grandchildren. Ofcourse I didn't - we sent everything to the Children's Home immediately. Yesterday a friend brought over her grandchild who is the same age as the little girl we lost. The woman said, "I thought Vicki could be a substitute for your own little girl today." What in heaven's name is the matter with people that they have such poor judgment? Please tell me what to do. HEAVY HEARTED Dear Heavy Hearted: Where did you find these brainless dolts? I would not call them friends. For the sake of your own mental health I hope you will soon build up the courage to tell them how you feel. Dear Ann Landers: So — "Understanding Mother" thinks it is just fine for a 14-year-old boy to be playing kissing games, does she? She also seems to think kids who don't go along with the gang might develop an inferiority complex. Well, my sister had crazy ideas like that, too, and her son developed a pregnant girl friend and a messed-up life. After a while, kissing no longer satisfies the natural drives and then the little darlings are compelled to think of something more exciting. How much a part of the gang do you think Junior will be when he has to quit high school to support a wife and child? And what kind of a complex will he have when he finds he has a man's job to do before he fully tastes the joys of boyhood? Parents who think 14-year-old kissing is just innocent fun are crazy. Three cheers, two beers and a pretzel to you, Ann, for telling her so.-UNA VOCE ANO ANIMO THE OTTAWA HERALD 7 Tuesday, February 19, 1961 ' remind people that they owe money? I hate to do it, but sometimes I think it's the only way I'll ever get my dough back.—RED INK Dear Red: Some kids do forget, so a reminder is in order. But if they don't come through after one nudge, make a mental note that Soandso is a dead-beat and never loan him money again. It's amazing that some boobs will sell their most valuable possession — a good reputation— for less than a dollar. To learn the knack of feeling comfortable with the opposite sex, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Date Bait," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. VFW Groups Observe 17th Anniversary Ottawa Memorial VFW and Auxiliary celebrated Post their » ^ t 17th anniversary with a party at the clubhouse. A potluck was served with meat, rolls member the club furnishing and coffee, Each was seated at a table decorated for the month in which his birthday occurs. Mrs. Mable Simmons gave the grace. Each table contributed from one to five program numbers including recitations, gags, and a visit from Santa Glaus. Frank Wise presided. Following the meal there were bingo and card games and visiting. Mrs. Bob Rosinson prepared the turkey and dressing. Tables were decorated by Mrs. Frank Lehew, Mrs. Ed Curby, Mrs. Frank Wise and Mrs. Victor Sowers. Among the 60 present were 2nd district commander, Garland Hinkle, and family, Kansas City, Kas.; and Francis Keefer and family, Overland Park. COURTSHIP SOUVENIR - W. S. Baxter, 112 N* Oik, displays fancy valentine he gave to Pearl Brown in IMS. In December, 1903, Pearl became Mrs. W. S. Baxter. (Herald Photo) Ottawa Couple Treasures Valentine Bought In 1903 Valentine's Day, 1963, set Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Baxter, 912 N. Oak, digging through their memories, and through an old trunk. In the latter they found a fancy valentine Baxter had given to Mrs. Baxter, then Miss Pearl Brown, in 1903, 10 months before the couple were married, on Dec. 6, 1903. Baxter paid 50 cents for the Dear cheers. Una: Thanks If you don't and Mrs. Billy Feb. 14 to Mr. Raymond Rose, Quenemo, has been named Bradley Wayne. He weighed 7 lb., 9 oz. The daughter born Feb. 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Orvel Swinehart, 903 E. Wilson, has been named Catherine Jo. Her weight was 6 lb., 11 oz. The daughter born Feb. 16 to Mr. and Mrs. James Milton Dunhill, RFD 1, Reading, has been named Janet Kay. She weighed 9 lb., 8 oz. for the mind I'll pass up the beers and the pretzel. Just one more word to "Understanding Mother." Have a statistic: The average age for the unwed mother in this country is 15. This ought to clear your sinuses, Madame. Dear Ann Landers: school senior whose I'm a high problem is Any - .season marvel — the shirtdress with an 8 • gore whirl to whirl you everywhere now thru Spring, Choose rayon twill, silk, cotton. Printed Pattern 4866: Misses' aizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 16 requires 4% yards 39-inch fabric. FIFTY CENTS in coins for this pattern - add 10 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to Anne Adams, The Ottawa Herald Pattern Dept, 243 West 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. OVER 100 ANSWERS to "what-to-wear" — in our new Catalog. Casual, dressy, school «UM! Send 9i cwtt now. Attention Newlyweds 3 Rooms Fashion Furniture Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen only $ 389 No D«£!T *5.00 Weekly kids borrowing lunch money and forgetting to pay it back. This month I am short $3. The word must have gotten around that I am a soft touch because all the kids seem to come to me when they need money. I'm not a fat cat, I don't drive a car, and my dad is no banker. I don't know why they think I'm loaded. The same kids who owe me money buy candy bars and malted milks after school. They also seem to have money to buy gas for their cars. This makes me sore. Please tell me if it is polite to Quartet Sings For Meeting The quartet, Four Tune Tellers, Marais des Cygnes Chapter, Sweet Adelines, sang last evening at the Lebo Farmers Co- Operative Association Good Neighbor Night. The quartet includes Mrs. Lawrence Ott, Mrs. Walter Murray, Mrs. June Willhite and Mrs. Chester Louderback. Mrs. John Ott, chapter president, introduced the group. Six hundred persons attended the meeting. valentine and remarked: 1 thought that was a big price, and it was at that time. I was working on a farm for $18 a month. The couple will observe their 60th wedding anniversary in December. The Herald pays 95 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. Club Forecast Wedneiday HB Club, Mrs. William Latz WESTMINSTER Circles, Dorca>, Mrs. J. R. Cheney; Martha, church; Lydia, Mrs. Larry Williams CHURCH OF BRETHREN, evenlnr temperance meeting CWP Circles, Ruth. Mrs. Albert Keefer; Lydia, Mrs. Otis Brock FIRST BAPTIST Circles, Esther Qreenmun, Mrs. Wilbur Bass, Eileen James, Mrs. C. W. Bollweg; Eleanor Stimson, Mrs. W. H. Douglas FIRST METHODIST WSCS Circle*, Deborah, Mrs. V. A. Schnoke; Dorcas, Mrs. Charles P. Knight; Esther, Mrs. R. D. Spears; Martha, Mrs. J. P. Waring; Rebekah, Miss Ethel Wheeler; Ruth, church library. EASTERN STAR SAVE In Our Self Service Dept. Children's SHOES $1.00 Pr. HEELS 3.99-4.99 LITTLE SHOES 2V 2 to 8 2.99 Children's SHOES Good Selection 3.99 Ladies' SAMPLES 4—41/2—5 2.95 to 5.99 Boys' Heavy Engineer Boots Reg. 8.99 3«99 New Spring Heels 7.99-6.99 Men's Side Ties 7.99 FLATS 3.99-4.99 HEELS 2.99 PAINE'S BOOTERY Better Hurry Last 4 days of Clearance Sale Wednesday thru Saturday These are only a few of the excellent values — * DRESSES Were 7.98 Were 5.98 * CAR COATS Were 5.98 Were 10.98-12.98 New 4.50 New 3.50 New 3.50 New 6.50 Also Included - Boys' Wear - Sportswear Pajamas and Shoes The Mildred McKee Every Wednesday IS Tot's Day it at Beller Studio 1525 South Main Plenty of FREE Parking 15% DISCOUNT on all Baby Portraits made on Wednesdays. Applies to children up to five years of age No Appointment Necessary

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