Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, November 13, 1907
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TOL.DE. ya. 438. IfholfrSo. tS}3. EIGHT PA6B& lOCf, KAXSAS, N0T£MBE3 tt, 1907.—WEDYESnAY EVE.\im EIGHT rA<2£S. PBICS TWO GEinnk MEET AT HUMBOiDT 1. 0. WRIGHT, GOV'T. |ENflI?IEER. ' WTiX TALK ABOIT NEOHHO. MANY FARMERS WILL ATrENO PLANS FOR FREVESTIXG OVER­ FLOW OF RIVER iriLL BE MADE. • fieasion at Hunirioldt Is Oa<^ of SerlM Whlrb Mr. Wright Is ('ondndliiir. The Indloalions are ilial a '.irge number of deleBates and others ini^-r ested in the drainage of the N'eoFho ^•III attend the nie?tiiiK which is to be held at the opera house lii Humboldt tomorrow at which the plauti rtcommendPd by .1. O. WrlRht. the goveniment en?lin'er ti> prevent the cverTlowR of the rivf-r. are to be dismissed. It is the intention to make all of the preliminary- arrangements for th.-^ drainage movement at this meeting. The plan now seem.s to be to perfect drainage organizations in every county alnni; the river who are to work together jinder a general plan. Th? engineei advocated the knildlniT' of dyke.s as the proper way TO do away with the damage done from floods. It will be necessary to lay out drainage districts and submit rlie proposition to a vote of those in the districts as provided lor under the state law governing drain agp of rivers. The lepal phases and all of <he dc- toils of the question will be discussed at the meeting tomorrow. This will be one of the ^^most important gatherings of a like nature that has lir?n held in Southeastern Kansas for yrars. Having for its purpose the rnnslderation of the siiijrestions and reromniendallons of the government engineer toward preventing the over flows of the fertile viiMey of the Xeo- sho, it is of interest lo everyone 11 v ing alonp the river from lCmix>ria to the Southern boundary line of Kan sas. ~ At the meeting held recently at dif ferent points alons the riv?r bv .1. O Wright, in which he suggested what he believed to be the best way to do away with the over-flows and sav« information as to how to proceed and \That it would cost, deljgates wore ap pointed from each township to meet nt a centrally located point and devise general p'ans for draining the rvier. I'niess every township along ihf course of th'" rlv.-»r enter.-; into ihl .<5 plan the results will not be ih? most satisfactory. Humlioldt was se lected as po.ssibly the most centrally located place and the date of thf meeting wis set for tomorrow. It is be'leved that there will be a Uiie attendance a» this tneeting. it is ."^aid evi»ry township will b.» rep resented by delegates and others Interested in the niovenifnf. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Pair tonight and Thursday. FORGERY. SAYS PLATT. Never Made Written Admission Mae Wood Was HIa Wife. New York. Nov. Counsel for Senator Plaft today aaked the su preme court to order that the certifl. cate and an a'leged admission In writing, said to have been signed by Senator Piatt, that Mae C. Wbod Is his wife, be kept on file in the connty cierkV office. An aSMavlt by S?n ator Piatt was filed setting forth that the certificate is a fdrgerj' and that he will prove that the letter pur porting to have been wrltt«n by him arknowledslng her as his wife, "was manufactured by the ])laintiff." T)ecis •on was reserved. TEARS POWER OF SUN SPOTS. Seismologist Predicts Violent Disturbances on the Earth Soon. Rcii;i'. Nov. 13.—Sig. Alfani, the celebrated seismologist and diractor ot" the Florence obs^rvator.v. fears tbat the s)in spots, which be ca^cu iates to be twelve times the size of the parih. which will reach the solar neridian the middle of November, ore !ii;rly to lead to violent magnetic dis ti.rbanci's and earthquakes. Slir. • Alfani's former predictions have been invariably rsalized. ROBBERS NOT FOUND. Rohrbaugh Case Will Come Before Court on November 26. 60 BEYOND POWER Harriman Says Commerce Commission Can't Force Him to Tell About Business Affairs. New York, Nov. Arguments of the Init-rstate commerce commission to comp«-l Ec H. Harriman to an.s- wer certain questions jiiit to him during ih> investigation of railroad af fairs was begun be.«ore iTudge Hough of the United Slates court today. The •li'estioiiH that Harriman refused Jo answer r;'lated 'o the purchase of stock of other railroads in the inter slat? Union aclfic and as to the Union Pacific dividend. In regard to the twenty-eight niilllon dollars of ilie Illinois Centriil stocx purcnasoil at one hundred and seventy-five dollars per share Harriman declined to ans wer. Harriman coat.'>nds the commission Is asking the questions sought to go beyotid the powers conferred ur-OD it by congress and that to force him to reply to the questions would be to deprive him or Tlberty without due'process'of law. CONRAD Miller vfao for several months has been working as btmdle jrnpper at the Globe Clottains rom- pany's store, baa accepted a similar positioo with the Globe ooDHiany at The famous RohiTiaugh will cose has been set for November 2C. Thsre are about fifty cases to come up at the adjourned term and the Rohr- buugh case is urobably the moat Im po-tnnt. It Is the suit to set aside df-cds to Ottawa proparty and was hrotight here from Franklin, county, It attracted wide attention as abont $i.M).Oiin was Involved. The case was tried at the last term of the court and resulted In a hmg Jury. A SECOND TRIAL. Blood Hounds Caught Scent But Lost Trail West of Moran. Wnrd was received last nieht by l-ndersheriff Boatright that the .Moran robbers who looted the Ada^ns DiosC Keiierai marchandlse store Moni *ay ni);hi had not been apprehended. The b'ood rounds which were called from Chanute took the scent all richt and followed the trail 0 a point oiie mile west of Moran whare the robberB took a buggy. The dogs were unable to follow the trail farther. The tiaccs of a buggy or carriage of some <;ort were quite plain at the point uhtMv thf tniil was lost IXKAM HAS SMALLPOX. Tire linme at 210 South Indiana TnUer Quarantine. The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Tice of :;ii) Suiith Indiana, is now suffering from an attack of the smailt>ox. Another member of the family Just r«»- cently recovered fronr the disease and if the new case had not developed today the quarantine would have been rai -iPd in a few da.vs. The cii.«e is not VKI fon:<ldered serious. ItKHtKll BOHART l>JrREn. Crnshed Hand While Working on .Santa Fe Run. Ilichcird liohart, the train ma4]^clerk on the Santa Fe run between lola and Tulsa, had the miafortime to have his hand crushed one day this week. As a n-sult of ihe Injury he is unable to l>t^rfoTm his work. The shortage of mail clork.^ had made it necessary for bim to keep on with the work ond so he is employing the tola iiostofflce men to assist hiin in that work. Clyde Kills accompanied bim yesterday and today Fred Witt is making the nin. SAM WHITLOW IN lOLA Moran Man Has Rented Property and Will Live on North Buckeye Street. Sam ^liitlow. charged with the murder of Miss Mar Sapp. has become a resident ot lola. He has rent- e6 property at 815 North Buckeye street. Since bis release on bond Mr. Uliltlov baa been at Moran dispoi- ins of Us feed .«tore and dosing op qtber batlaea* al^raL He eoold not jM Men todaJF w to wW lie lataided THIRDTERMSURE-HOLL IOWA ('OMIRESS«A> Jl'ST HAD (ONFEREXCE WITH ROOSEVELT. hlOMIllAT'ONANO ELECTION CERTAIN HI'GHES OAIMNG STREXGTII— MAY COMPLICATE SITIATIOX. Mr. Hull Says Public Sentiment IN for Pre.Hldeut Rooserelt—A' Hot Campnlgn CoinIn«r. DPS .Moines, lowa, Nov. 1.1.—Congressman .1. A. Hull, chairman of the House committee on military a ffairs said today after reiurnlng from Wash iiigton where ho hai' a conference with the President: ".Mr. Roosevelt v.'ill be re-nominated, forced to ac cept the ncmiiiation and elected President for four yetJfB more. Mr. Bryan will be the nominae of the Democrats and the country will se** the hottest campaign in history. The trend of public sentiment is ail to Roosevelt, ailhoueh the situation wi'l be compli c-ated if Hughes should carry the New York delegation and he is gain ing strength every day. With President Ro<isevelt out of the race. Speaker Cannon stands as good chance for the nomination ,ns any one." FIGHT FOR A LAW AHEBICA.V FEDERATION OF LA. BOK W01:LU HAVE S-HOCR DAY. WAR WITH MANUFACTURERS A FIND OK ififiimm) RAISED BV K.MPI.OVERS FOR ISE. Members of tlio Varloiix rulons Will Try Every Plan to Get Conces- siou.s for Lu>Hirer<). WILLIAM AMOS FOUND Re«rister .Vd Answered liy W. Kerr Who Tciis Where loin Roy IM. .\ Register ad has been the means of locating William Amos, the sixteen year old son of .Mr.'and .Mrs. Herbert W. Amo.s, who disappeared from his home fjve mile.s' northeast of this city five weeks ago. The pnrenis thought at first that their .son would return, but as weeks passed with no word from him, they began a search fur him. .Monday they caused au ad to be placed in the fieglster, inauii'ing for information as to the wherealmnts of heir son. This afternoon Waller Kerr called np the Register from Nevada, .Mo., and J stated that he saw the lioy in Monte- vall 'i. Mo.. last Sunday. The boy told him that he was euroute to Waterloo, lowa. The boy did not tell Mr. Kerr that he had rim off, however. Yesterday Mr. Kerr read the ad in the Register and at once called up this office, and asked that the parents be notified. The boy evidently expected to remain at Waterloo as .Mr. Krrr ad- ised that his parents send him his personal belongings. The parents were notified this afternoon of the ord regarding their son and wen- overjoyed to receive tlie news. Mr. Kerr is on an extended visit in Xevad.i and other points In Mi-'^souri and has had the Register follow him that he might keep posted on events in lola during his absence. NEAR TO SACRILEGE -esident Roosevelt Thinks it is Irreverent to Put Motto on Coin. Wu -shington, .Nov. i:!. - In answi-r to numerous protests which have ,been ceived at the wlifttc hnit^e aenlnst tlis new gold co:n which Is coined without the wor^s, "In Ood Wi- Trust." President Roosevelt has written a letter in which he says: ".My own feeling is the matter is due to my very firm conviction that to ptn such a motto on coins is In effect ^n Irreverance which .comes dangerously close to sacrilege." COMPLETING BASSETT SCHOOL. Plasterers Now Finishing Up Their ContracL Bassett school house Is rapidly nearing completion. The workmen are now plastering the rooms and will finish In a few days. The painters are to follow the plasterers. WJien the building Is completed tt will be a very neat one. THE SAFE in the new lola State bank building which Is now under construction is being Installed today. It is necessary to place this safe In the walla ot the buDding as It Is ecebt- •tA.: Tbe.nfe la to be located in .the eisatiml part of the. bnllding on the Norfok, Va.. Nov. 13.—The American Federation of Labor in twenty- stventh annual convention here today took aggressive step* toward th.^ es- t.^blishluent of a universal eight hour working day in America arid began (action looking to ways and means for the raising of a sufficient fund to fight the pre-sent war that its . execiitivft ccujicil reported had baen l )Cg .un through the M.iniifacturers' a.s.socia- tlon. with an available fimd of $1,-501),- fiO-on hand by the latter to wage battle against organized lalwr with particular aim by the Manufacturers' association against the efforts of the American Federation of Labor. The federation authorized President Oompers to appoint special committees for the consideration of both these question.s, the committees to report during the present -sessions. Presld.'^nt Oompers was also aiithorlz- e -l uiion recoinmendatron of the executive cflUDCll and unanimous vote of the federation to appoint a third spec- 1 ,1 1 rommlttee to provide ways and means for the Increasad circulation of the American Federatlonist, the official organ of the national bod.v. A resolution was presented by Jns. O'Connell. of Washington, calling for a report by committor o' a bill to be presented to the next congress giving the same relief at law to employes In Tnited States navy ho disabled by accident of navy yard employes, who may be killed while In the pursuit of their occupation, as that enjoyed by persons employed by private corporations. Another was presenle<l by Mr. O'Connell asking congress to legalize the half day holidays on Sattirday during the months of Jul3'. August and September, which employes of all government navy yards, naval stations, governmental factories and ar.';enals have enjoyed by proclamation of the president during the past two years. President Gompers again appears in the rola of politician. This time his enersJes have been directed against .losepli Cr. Cannon, who will be candi d:ite again for spe^lter of the house the coming session of congress. A circular lotter has been sent out under the direction of President <Jompers to Uie :;n.nnn local unions afBllated with the national federation condemning Mr. Caimon and to protest against his re-election as speaker. This letter dr-ais with Mr. Cannon 's attitude toward labor as far back as 1879, when he opposed the fnforcemenf of the pioclamatlon l.ssued by President Grant, bur. Ignored that the eight luiur law for S'Jv^rninent employes .should b« enforced and that they be paid the rate of wa«-s they had been receiving for ten hours. -Mr. lioinpers states that Mr. Cannon voted against the safety appliance law during the Fifty-seventh congrass Mr. Cannon Is credjted In the circular with forcing tVrough the Fifty-ninth congress an amendment to the employer 's liability bill, reqiilr-ng parents of an unmarried employo who was killed, lo prov? their dependency upon him before they could recover dnmaees. Mr. Oompers ^trongly ur^es labor organizations of the United Slates to unite In condemning the spcakei- ond what result this will have on Mr. Cannon's prasIdenHal aspira tion win be .iwaited with Interests BOULDERS FELL ACROSS TRACKS. The Aralancbe Mlsxourl MISNOurl Paclflc Trains. Fort Scott. Nov. la.— Wtlh a crash that could be heard for a considerable di-stance three monster boulders In the MiSKOitri Facie cut dislodged them selves and rolled to the tracks below doing some little .damage to the track and completely tying up yard traffic fur several hours. Fortunately no train or engine was In the cut at -the time the avalanche came thundering down .the vertical wails of the cut. Had there been the result would withuut i|uestion have entxiiled .serious results. Had any per son been struck by the flying mass it would have meant Instant lif-ath. The afternoon passenser train from the east was due a short time after the falling of the boulders aHd it wa.s laid out for a considerable length of time l>y the tie-up. The rocks were almost, the size of an average sized coal house and to move them l)y derrick was out of the fjuestion. II was necessary to dynamite the rocks, blow them into smaller piece.s and haul them away. This cau.sed r^uite a little effort and tiiiTe in its execution. The vibration from passing trains had loosened these overhanging ledges and finally precipitated iheiu to the tracks below. MORE ABOUT TRUST .VILLERS SAID TO HAVE COXBIX- ATIOX OF PRICES OX FLOUB. TEXAS AND^ OKLAHOMA TOO FACT OF PARDO.N I.\ BVIDEXCE. / • Dffeiise Scores u Point iu the Culeb Powers Trial.. Ci «.rgetown. Ky.. .Nov. \?,.—Wlieu the case of Caleb T'nwer .-i, charged with the uiaider of William fioebel, was called yesterday, it was fotmd that many of the imj )i >riant witnesses for the defense who were alisent yesterday, causlrig a postponement of tlie trial, were present, and Ccmimon- nealth's Attorney Franklin, after the roll call of the witnesses, promptly a:iswered ready: As soon a.s this announcement was niade. .Major W. C. Owens, chief conn s«?! for Power.s, arose and said: "Uefore the defense answers ready, we desire to offer, as a plea in aiiate- nient. the iiardon given the defendant Ly Gov^^rnur \V. S. Taylor after the commission of the crime." This is the .same pardon which has i'een produced at all the former trials and which the courts have held invalid, .ludgo Morris overruled the mo lion for rierniission lo tile the p!f>n rnd pardon, holding that the validity nT the pardon was not within the Juris diction of the court, as the cKiirt of n;ippals had already jiassed iipdn that question. . The defense, however, scored a r yards who nwyjpoint in securing i)ermisslon t»» make ent or to the heirs {avowal of the pardon, thus getting that document Into the n-oord. ARRAIO.XED FOR DBFM[E?i7IES8. Jim Dnnfee Qlm Stay of Exrentlon ; la Potter's Coort. Jim Dunfee was arraigned in Justice Potter's court this morning on the charge of drunkenness. The Judge gave him a stay ot execution, pending good behavior. Judge Potter said that be had talked with Jhn some time ago about his habit and had promised tbat he would not touch it again. The Judge said he was wIIK Ing to gi^ him another opportunity. Jim iru arrested near the Santa Fe- fdepot l^,ffftUaMi j>jr. .TtUlo'r Ho^er TRAIN KILLED THREE CArTLE. (•CO. Stoner. of HunilHiIdt. LONCN Three Cuttle, Killed by Train. fffumiKildf. Herald.) R. S. Capelln. Earl Ellis and Mr. Hicks v.ert driving some cattle belonging to Ounr .i ;e Stoner along thf road iiasf the tank farm Friday afternoon whon three of the cattle darted into the open gate leading to the tank farm. The north bound |)ai;senger was just passing at the time and it wa." iinpossilile for the drivers to get in in time to drive the cattle off the track. They stood in the middle of the track and stared at the approaching engine. Ail three of them were struck and grcimd into mince meet. One was tangled In the wheels and was a whirling mass of legs until the train reached the bridge. No damage was done to the train. ATTOR.VEY OE.NEKAL JACKSOX SEEKIXO TO PROVE CONSPIRACY. »«• Erlilenoe^ Is In the Xatnre of Letters and MesMatre .s Sent by OAicIaU of Clubs. HE IS NOT A MAN Judge Coiilns Hands It to Board Rill Jninper In Poilcc Conrt. "If there is anything that is detestable it is for a man to contract for board from women who stand over hot stoves and toil late hours to make an honest living, and then after satisfying hiiiKseir at her table to dellver- ateiy go away and refuse tri pay for his lioard. Such a man In my e.stim- atliui iius no right to the title of a man, atid should be sent hack to nature's mint to be relssned, for he Is" a counterfeit. It is ihe worst kind ol deception because he deceives liino-" cent honest and hardworking women. I have no symi)at-iy for the able- bodied man who by fraud and mi.s- representation beats his board. Women in this town in late years have been robbed of. hundreds upon hundreds of dollars by board bill jumpers. Honest, helpics.-t women they were, too. r thiivk of an instance of a lady with a blind husband, who to make an honest living has been taking in boarders only to be defrauded by dishonest men." This was the package that Judge J. M. Collins handed to A. B. Chnn- nlng who was arraigned this morning on the charge of trying to beat a b^ard bill of something like $2 due from him to >!i8s Ellen Workman. Chnnningwas arrested last nlgbt after having secured bond pending a hearing on the charge of concealing mortgaged property. He insisted that while he owed the lady he had: not intended to beat her out of It. The bill'was ctmtr^ctad In October. Chun nbsf ^iiaa fliied.fSji^^ oostt and. ha 'al- TopeUa. Nov, 13.—Fred'S. .Tackson, attorney gener'jii, and his first assistant, John .1. Dawson, have found new evidence that ihe millers of Kansas are in a trust. | The new evidence Is in. the nature ol letters and telegrams, .sent by P. D.isteven.s, secretary of the Southern I^ansas Millers' club, to Edward K. Collett. sfecrefary of the Texas Millers' association, and to C. V. Topping, secretary of the Oklahoma Millers' club. Some of the letters are from these secretaries to Kansas millers showing price cutting. Other letters ar.^ from millers telling of violations of the agreements said to have lu.en made. Edward K. CoKett, secretary of the Texas Millers' association, received the following 'talegram .October 10, 1905, from F. D, Stevens and C. V. Topping: •Will you join general shut down .Southwestern mills, six days. , commencing Monday Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas apd Missouri? Answer." In reply .Mr. CoUett said that he had maile arrangements to close a . .'•I'tlsfactory number of the' Texas ml'ls. In a letter to the different state secretarii's written November Ml. liiii.'.. C. v.: Topping says: "Oiif wheat prices are out of lino foi export and the only solution is for to curtail our output, shut down (itr mills to half time or ihore if necessary. Yoitr flour is worth the price :ind you cnnnpt force the people to at any more even should you reduce prices twenty cant.s. This dull condition of affairs is only temporary. Everything looks better for future business and if yop only have patience everything will come our way. Hold your (irlces firm and do not offer any con- .-r .Ksicns." In another lettar Mr. Toppingi say«: "The mills all over the territory and Southern Kansas advise me that they are holding strictly for tne |2.20 price and they will not serl for les.t and that their terms are strictly cash. It simply remains for ns to stand' firm ind refuse toi accept business at less than the regll'ar price. Stand, strictly- by your declaration." They Aqreed Against Commisatont. In a letter Written by Mr. Topping P "ebru»ry '>. J906. he says that the Missouri. Oklahoma and In- Tan tarritor.v: mills unanimously de- .•ided that after February !."» no commissions would be allowed to Jobbers :jt bran and ghorts. He also tells of •1 meeting of-the Kansas millers at Hutchinson, ^Tanuary 30. Discussing 'h<' action of the Kansas millers he sa >T!: There saeins to be a better spirit exsiting and « more harmonious feel- inp than ever before. They adopted the same ptttn the Oklahoma millers sre working finder, and I am confident hat we will pot have any more of the ?nnipetI:lon that has existed in the past. Regardless of what anyone else loes they arfe going to stand pat and meet again ih thirty days with a clean recoTi}." The evidence indicates that the association began to have troiible. with its mcmberslate in 1904. Moses Brothers: of OreatrDend wrote Stevens that mills all around them were cutting the price and that they had decided 'o make a cut of ten or fifteen cents. The I^rahje Milling company of Stafford also had a complabit to make. A Price' List for Flour. One of tlie exhibits Is price list No. 40, sent from Wichita January SI, 11)05. It quotes prices on all hinds of mill products for February for Southern Kansas and Southwest Ida- sourl. In "a letter written by the BlackWeil filling company to Secretary GoIIett of the Texaa ^association complaint is. made that ,the Pearl Roller MIl^ of Oswego, Kaa., were . giving the ^rade sixty days' time oa flour. A, BfAIUE|[L^OB license waa Isaned last erealaiB to.Claode Roberta aad

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