Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1907
Page 6
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AS AMAN 60 TEAK Age and nisMs BeTMled JXI M T M< Trini(ta»;- Colo., Nov. -12^—After a career of eM^ity.Ttljrfie ye^rs. sixty of 'whichr sbe. spent m#iuera!dtn^ as- a man, Charles Vdsbangb, alias Catherine Vosbaug^, is dead here of- infirmities due to old 8g». Por the past twanty-oni yeirs-Jihp Jived In or near TrlBldad, passing nineteen years as a man, most of the time !in the employ of one man, who never suspected her real sex. Por fifteen years Miss Vosbaugh lived at Hannibal, Mo:, where she woiiced in the old Eastern bank as a clerk. While in. Hannibal she married the daughter, of a well known family to save the utafortnnate ^rl 's reputa- lion. The two .women, still masquerading as man and wife, came to Trinidad nearly twenty years. ago. After «er "wife's" death Miss Vosbaugh worM. here in various capacitles.- . Necessltr prompted her to adopt a male garb and become a man in every thing but sex, Thr6e score years ago, young, handsome, full of. life and spirits, and educated with a liberality that ^oiild today have given her the open :#ea8ame to the highest walks of life, the-workl refused her a living as a .woman. ^As a man'it: showered good things upoB<hep, aoA as a man sbe attained high standing io tbe community she hiad adopted as her home. As a maOi Catherine Vosbaugh. in tbe sixty-years during which she fooled the whole world atf to her sex, was a bank clerk at Hannibal, a bookkeeper, a restaurant keeper, a sheep herder. She underwent some of the most severe experience, but was a "gentleman" through it all. And through all these years she led a clean life. Two years and four months ago sbe came to San Raphael hospital, and it jwas then that her sex became known. IjEfhe had been cooking on the Sam iBrown ranch and herding sheep there Ifor many years. She was known as "Old Frenchy." and for many years was thought to be a whimsical old man. The two women, still masquerading as man and wife, came to Trinidad two years ago. After the death of her "wife" Miss Vosbaugh worked here in various capacities. i TO CUBE A COLD Ef OJiE DAT Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money it it fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is OB each box. 25c DIDN'T PAY WIFE'S ATTORNEYS. And. H. F. Holcomb Is Charged With Contempt. An attachment was Issued yesterday for H. P. Holcomb of near Humboldt for failure to comply with the order of the court In not paying $30 as fees to tbe attorneys of Mrs. Hoi comb who Is suing htm for divorce. Tlie court ordered Holoomb to pay his wife |30 as attorney fees at a certain date, which he neglected to do and XIndersfaeriff Boatright went down and took him Into custody yesterday. He gave a bond of $200 for his appearance on November 27th. The Mao With Woodroas Power! Prof. F. H, Peters will be located at the residence of Col. W. D. Saphar, and he has already performed some wonderful cures in this city. HIS FRIENDS SPEAK! Read the testimonials of cures made during the first week of his stay here, and be convinced through the experience of your friends and neighbors: Paola, Kas., Oct. 31. 1907. Prof. Peters:—To the public: I will make the following statement 1 have iiad a birthmark on my face that showed awful plain. Prof. Peters put his hands on the spot and I can truly say that it Is disappearing fast. It can scarcely be seen at all now. MISS LUCY NOBLE. Paola, Kas. Stiff Knee Joint Cured. I have had rheumatism since lust March, have used enough medicine to float a boat, treated by doctors and taken all kinds of patent medicines, but got no benefit whatever; have not bent my knee for months. After one treatment by Prof. Peters I could bend my knee with perfect ease. 1 cannot speak too highly for Prof. Peters for I know by experience that he can heal . I could feel tbe electr^ity all through me the instant he laid his hand on me. MRS. LIZZIE HUTCHINSON. Nov. 4th. 1907. 810 South Walnut street, lola, Kas. Flowed SI Days—Instantly Stopped. Bassett, Kas., Nov. :{, 1907. I have been afTllcted for JC years, tried every doctor I ever heard of but received no relief; taken all kinds of medicine. Flowed the last 21 days. Could not eat; vomited nearly all the time. The first treatment of Prof. Peters instant relief came. The flow stopped two hours after treatment. I was hungry fo rihe first time for months. Will lie glad to tell any who may call at niy home of the wonderful help I received from Prof. PeterH. I will take a full course of treatment for I feel better than 1 have felt for years. 1 am gratefully yours, .MRS. F. F. M'CULLOUGH. lola, Kansas, Nov. 7. 1907. Our child has been sick since birth. Many doctors saw her, a few evenings since we thought her dying, the doctors gave her up. We telephoned for Prof. Peters and he arrived bringing two gentlemen with him, as they approached the bedside one of the gentlemen thought the child dead as she lay there, rigid and white. Prof, Peters washed his hands, took the child's hands and in a most mysterious way passing his hands gently over the child's body, to our surprise and delight in less than five minutes the child raised Itself and sit up in lied. The Professor blew his breath on its stomach, said the child had pin worms and they would pass the next day. To our astonishment the next day the pin worms passed in bunches. When Prof. Peters turned from the bedside he remarked. This is not u power of my own, it is a power from on high, greater than all the power on earth. The child Is improving ever since, appetite has come to it. The above was witnessed by several people who will verify every word and whose amazement was as great as our own. You can imagine a mother's feelings to see her darling baby raised from what seemed to be an almost hopeless case. W. F. ORR, RETTA ORR, ROSA L. WRIGHT. ETHEL DARTER, 209 South 10th Street. East lola. Left (;ane With Prof. Peters—Walked With Cane Three Tears. Nov. a, 1907. I was afflicted with sciatic rheumatism for 3 years walked with cane most of the time. Had been treated by several physicians, but got no benefit. 1 went to Prof. Peters yesterday, Nov. 2nd, and received one treatment. I went to see him using nT>' cane. After tbe treatment I walked out without use of cane, and felt better than 1 had for a year. .My resideiice Is ut no one. East Ervln street, lol:i, Kas. where I will be glad to tell any one of the benefit I received from Prof. Peters by one treatment. I felt the electricity going all thi'ongh me wlien he laid his hands on me. .My knee was stiff, but could bend it easily when he was through. I J. S. ICI.MLIN. Read After Second Treatment I just feel fine, slept last night the first good sleep I have had for a long time; walked home the first time in months. After taking the second treatment I sweat, something I liad not done In a long while. Never could walk without pain. My feet are warm for '.the first time for a long while. Let the suffering women call and I will tell-tlieni of the great good Prof. Pet- eis has done for me. I will take a full course of treatment. ' .MRS. K. F. .M'(;I:M.ODGH, Nov. AtU. 1907. • Well Known in lulu. 911 South street, lola. 1 work at lola Portland stone quarry, always stout until ten months ago. Hheumatisni caused by working in the damp, the pain was something fearful, muscles .so sore to touch me caused pain that was awful. Took a tub fill of medicine but got no benefit. Could not. raise my arm to my head. ^\'hen I'rof. F. 11. Peters laid his hands on me I felt a peculiar sensation all over' nie. Wlien through with treat- men?, I could throw my arms in all directions, over my head, ui* and down with no pain whatever. ' I laid down the money for my treatment as freely as I would give a man a drink of water. "To find out about this man, go and see him. J. O. WINFRY. 911 South street, lola. MAY HAVE GAME XMAS HE SUES TENANT FOR $70.0fli L, D.. Romi>eroer Says Bert Sears Broke His Contract L. D. Romberger brought suit in district court today to recover ?70 from Bert Sears which he alleges Is due him on a contract hnder which the defendant rented.his farm. He sets up in his petition that he rented his land to the defendant on a one-third share plan excepting 70 acres of hay, for wtiicfa he says the defendant was to pay tl per acre. He says that Sears has not paid for the rent on the hay land and hence he sues to recover 170.00. For YMfMlff T Or. itCfoai epn TOOT aoath like a joaaf cnip down vfaaMvtr flood or IB« U« t<fr thm 4> * n* aakm ct D E. tUaeifB FavoriU Pi«- Hitotien. lor tha cni« of weak; Berrooi^ raif 4e«B. wai miikod. deMHUtwfl. iMin-nclDed wri^i IrwwrlaythlsiniiilWwitotwiMdenp mt tM|nd>Mta.evai7 OMot whldi has tha murnm* DiiMlU« iHduiMiuwt of tha Iodine rialwdaid MttoHtlM of the MTtrU Mkoels of meil^. an ptrfMtlr wiiuiw, sod In fiet u»«Bl7 too dad to print M thar di^ «k«floiaud«,ar Uat of insiedieou. of which at U ceooigaMl. i» pUHa XngUtlt. on every kottla-wnMer. * • * * 4t Ikafonmla of D B, ftmo»'» FavoHU P M> •cilvtiaBwm be«r the moetcritleal ezunlnk- tkaa at aiedlcal expetta, lor It coatalns no ftk^Trttfri. nafootlc^ birgfti^i ixt habtt-fonnlnff 4nn aad no acant antan Into It that la not Mghly ncommcnded br tbe moat advanced mat leading medical teadwn and antbor- tttM «C thair aatanlUwoL oC praetiea fMoUba tea for wamao^ Ills has any aa^PleiGe^ Vavotlta Piaacriptloa haa zaoeiTad. In the UB* VMUflfA lawtnmwfHlatlnn ot each of ita MTwdtawndiaBia braobras of leadlnr medical all the aehoola of practice. la Mok an andotaamaBt not vorthjr of ironr •MiW»r«Hniiy ^ , ••>'^# * « * > j A booUat ot innadiaBta, with anmeitaaa MShotattva prefaatonal aadoraaamita by the Thr madleM lutboflHii of thla boontry. va^aaUed/TM to any MASiMSi wlt^ laqMtt tor aana. B. T. n«R», BBCalo.«. T. Addn« Prospects for Foot Bali f:ont('st Between La Harpe and Chanute Good. The prospects for having the annual Christmas foot ball game between the famous La Harpe team and the Chanute Go Devils again this year nre growing brighter every day. The indications are that tlie teams which line up that day will be as strong as the teams of former years. Prentice Donald, the K. U. captain and tackle,- and Bruuner, the big K. U. full back, saw Manager Phillips of the La Harpe team at Lawrence Saturday. Both of the men promised Phillips that they would play. It is said that Hlnkey. the All-Amerlcan Yale man who is now assistant superintendent of the Lanyon Zinc company in lola. will be willing to play. It is also probable tliat McDonald of Harpe and perhaps Rodgers and DeSaulIes will go into the game. Allen, the star of yesterday's game, Ellis the star fullback of the 1904 Ottawa University team, •Fatty Street, Pearl Noiton and many other excellent local piayors would be available. It the Christmas game should be I.t.ayed, the Chanute lineup would show very few of the players In yesterday's game. The Petersons of the Terriole Swede team, would be back in the game.. Pooler, the famous little quarterback and ex-captain of the K. U. team, William of Washburn, Lof ton of the Cotfeyville team and probably others would be secured to strengthen the Chanute team. As a financial venture the game c(mld not be a failure wherever played. As La Harpe had tbe game last year, it is probable that the game will be played at Chanute this year. WENOORF DRAWS THE LINE. PETITION NOT SMOOTH SAILING. Two Petitions Out in Bill Bailey's Case For and Against. Objecta to Patrons Swearing at Department Over the Phone. His (Humboldt Herald.) There are two petitions out in the case of Bill Bailey. One petition is signed by those who wish the parole law to take effect in his case and one is signed by tliose who prefer to see him stay in jail for the full term of his sentence. Both sides are in favor of having him stop the sale of liquor, but they see is in a different light The parole tried as an experiment in tlie case of Charlie Sargent and It worked very well. Sargent has not sold or handled a drop of liquor a» far as known since the parole took effect and he has been watched pretty clo.sel.v. A numDer of those who signed his parole told" bim they would report the first break he made to Judge Foust Bailey promises to quit the business of selling liquor, to sell out his restaurant if so desired, to pay all his fines and costs and to behave himself generally if the parole Is granted. It is certain that if Judge Foust grants the parole that he will tie Bailey up tight as a drum. . But Bailey has held the general public rather in contempt while he has been in the liquor business and a good many peop'e are sora. They do not know whether he will he good or not. They also think that to sign 11 parole for everj'one convicted, especially when the case is fought to the supr.^nie court will tend to discourage the ofllcers. As the intention of the law and the officers, however, ij to stop the sale, and" the parole method Is more effective than a short jail sentence, it is not thought that this would be the result GET GENERAL OFFICES Gainer Engineering Company to Move to Humboldt S. A. GARD went to, Yates Center this morning on legal business. • A SON WAS born this morning to; Judge and .Mrs. E. S. Slo\feli. Reirisler Want Ads- Ic n Word. (Humboldt Herald.) The Gainer Engineering company which has the contract for the Monarch Portland Cement company's plant and for the German Portland Cement plant at Chanute'as well as a number of other big; contracts will move its general offices from Independence fo Humboldt The company has a branch office at Kansas City, but the general office wl!| be at Hum boldt. , , Mr. E. B. Gainer an* Mr. K F. Another star football player may be' ^^^1^ addc^to the prescn: list of Playej-.^^^^ ^^^^ Humboldt their on the Gas City footba'i team. Bert p,^^^ I» to be a Starks, the crack end player of th.", 1 1^,^ ^ BERT STARKS COMING HOME, Will Probably Play With Gat City Football Team. famous '05 lola high school team, ;Hho li now at Wfest Concord, Minn., ha."? written home that he will return to lola next week. Bert ia now In the best of condition, and weighs 180 pounds. AVhen he played on the high school team he was considered one of the fastest players on the team and it was said that he could hit the line harder on a line buck than any other man on the team. It Is probable that Starks will he'given a place with the Gas City team for this reason. of time to build, so the construction company decided to move here so as to be able to overlook it more closely. The voluminous amount of red tape needed to build a switch is nearly completed and the officials of the Santa Pe promise that' the surveyors will be here soon to set the -stakes so that the work of grading can commence. As soon as this Is done a large force of men and teams will he needed'. Qusilityj City Clerk C. E. Wendorfs usual self-composure was considerably disr turbed yesterday, when several patrons of the department called up his office and enforced their protests aeainst the gas shortage with words which would not add to polite parlor conversation. In other words several of tbe patrons were so indignant at the gas shortage that tbey "cussed" the bead of the department its em- pk>yees and the present administration. Mr. Wendorf thinks people should not swear at him, even if be is a Democrat He also objects to tbe patrons swearing at his employees. This Is a privilege which, he believes, belongs to taini exclusively, if it is necessary to exercise at ail. For BMt ud QalekMt B M« IU U M the Bastater WMrt Caluuu. < The Power Behind the Dough! BAKING POWDER ' 25 Ounces for 25 Cents A rral power that raises and sustains the dough with absolute certainty. No feihires. A cake made with KC cannot ML We insist upon refunding your money if a trial does not convince you. Purity THEY STAYED UP AUt NIGHT. Wreck on Santa Fe Was a Hard Blow to Chanute Girls. PILES "1 huTe rnffereil wUh nlles fur tlitrtr-slx yoar*.: One ye»r tmt* U»t April I t>fi:aii taWine Cucaret-*: forcnnntli'uttoii. In tli« roiirtenr t» Airt^ 1 n'>ti<*t>it wevKN tbt ^jr iliit not tr<>iibl>* ui« ai uIK iVH«'arot< bftTt* (tunn nrunderH fnruie. I aut «*iittrrlv ciiretl un <l fwl llkAK now mau." livoritM Krytivr. ;<la;K »l »wu ti Bett For I -m^^^ The5owels ^ CANmCATHANTIC _rtaMMt. PaUUbU. Polmi*. Tula flood. DAflao4. Kmr SlekcK. Wcakan or Oriiw. lOc. Sc. Me. lt«**i •oM In bnlk. Th* cvnnlns imblat Mampad OOO. - Creavankaad to cura or jrour money bark. Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. AINUALSALE, TEN MILUON BOXES Specifications. For a fill to the cement bridga jirross F'.Qi creek just south of E'co-' trie railway power house. Starting at the foot of bridge run» niug one hundred and thirty feet north on a direct line from the bottom of curb on the bridge, and one hundAid and eighty feetj on the south side. Tl^e grade must come In on a slope from one ffK )t to one foot. Eight inch &1I CM to|) j' hich of bridge. All aides of grade must, be rip-rapped with re- ^;torls or rock to the top of grade. Cpn- trai't to be let at lola court house at :! o'clock p. m. Saturday, November ii3._ i|ii- lii'iii to reject any and all bidn rt-.-iervpii. T. I,. UARNHART, Twp. Clerk: KegFster >Yant Adt^ Ic a Word. REGISTER WANT ADS. pay because In Allen county nearly everybody reads the Register. Guaranteed the largest circulation of any paper in Allen county. womon's Nature (Chanute Sun.) The joke is on the Japs. Hereafter 1* is a lead pipe cinch that wlien the Warriors take a bunch of girls to an out of town contest, tbey won't In order to create a favorable Impress Ion among the barbarians of the smelter town to the north as well as display the charms ot Clianute's fair sex, the douhty long haired heroes each invited a «lrl to witness the Gas City game at lola yesterday. Of course the invitations were accepted. Those of Chanute boys alwaya are. The party expected to return on the night passenger, but a'as. the latter was blocked behind a freight wreck on the main line and the Ghanuteites were compelled to spend the nigtit shivering in the lola depot- The fire in the station was scarcely noticeable and' the jerseys and "^tber football paraph emalia was not aufflclent to keep the little group comfortably warm. Tbey returned home at 7 o'clock this momiiig on tbe Flf«r. Is to love children, and uo tautow can be completely happy with* out tliem, yet the ordeal through which tbe expectant mother' must pass u«uali} u su full uf suffering, dan-fer and fear that she looks forward to the critical hoi r with apprehension and dread. Mother's Friend, i>j its pentf- trating^ and soothing- properties^ allays aau^a. nervousness, and all unpleasant feeliug-a, and ^o prepares the system for tha ordeal that she passes throug^h the event safely und v/iih bijt little suffering, as nuiabers have testified and said, "it ia wortli its weight in gold." $1.00 per bottle of druggists. Book containing^ valuable infoiuiation mailed fre^. IHI BRAOriilO BLCIIUFOR CO.. At ^U. 6a. I • '! Momep's Baths of All Kinds. $ > Exclaslve Apartmeat for Lailea Deoicofflb Bath Boose and Hifleral Well (1,500 Feet Deep.) Located at 4th and Scott Ave..' Fort Scott, Kansas. This water Pogltivel; Cure* Bheumatism, Bright*! Olaease, Stomach Tronble and Agae. Prof. J. L. BKbop, the most Celebrated Massaglst and Hrdropatli> lit In the Country, in attendance giving massage. WATEB SHIPPED IK FIYE {a) (lALLON BUTTLES ONLY.

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