The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1950
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 1950 " ; Distress Called Murder Motive Psychology Professor Taught 24 Yean Before Shooting Two, Self PERU, Neb., Api-il 26. (/P)—Associates today ;ould offer only one ive—distress over the impend- loss °f his job—tor the tragic havior yesterday of an otherwise mild-mannered psychology professor who shot and [tilled two fellow college officials, then himself. For 24 years Dr. Barney K. Baker, 54, had taught on the beautiful "campus of the thousand oaks" at Peru State Teachers College. Yesterday morning the new college catalog came out. It revealed publicly for the first time what Dr. Baker had known since last fall —that he was being dropped in & reorganization of the school's department of education. The catalog, said County Attorney Fred G. Kiechel, may have been the trigger that sent the professor walking wordlessly Into the offices of the college president and the head of the education department to kill them at their desks. Slain were Dr. William L. Nicholas, 48, president of the college since 1946. and Dr. Paul Maxwell, 56. education department head and Dr. Baker's immediate superior. Less than an hour later. Baker's body was found in the living room of his home at the edge of the campus. Neatly laid out were his keys, with pieces of paper to identify them, and a typwrilten note with instruction for disposal of the body; Tacked to the front doorbell was another note: "Tell Prof. (C. A.) Huck (mathematics teacher at the college) to take charge," .Scribbled at the bottom of the fowrltten not was the apparent ^poff to the motive: "Willie (the college president) tried to fire the wrong person." Kiechel called It "obviously a double murder and suicide" and said there would be no Inquest. Ife said the slayings were "premeditated" and Dr. Baker apparently prepared his notes in advance Of the slayings. Patrolman's Son Kills Self at Home NEJV YORK, April 26. (AP)—A traffic patrolman's son, worried about his high school report card, killed himself yesterday with his lather's service revolver. Police said 15-year-old Donald Finn shot himself in the temple. His mother, wife . of Patrolman Timothy Finn, found the boy sprawled across his bed at home when she returned from work. 8p?ollce said; the boy was'worried Trial his report card, due yesterday, would not show passing grades. Farm families in Vermont and New York tap about 6,000,000 sugar maple trees each year. BLYTHEVTLI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS -—-•—**wj*-^wa«si«wi^B^l^^B(^p;.j~r* m ' K" ? FOR THE KIDS, HISTORY; FOR THE COPS vcic—impersonated by A. B. West, a Lexincton'l and more gray hairs lo the cops. The unidcndflri with Rcvcre's horse had not the alert police sere picture was taken. The occasion was a re-enartm SH rW| ^•y»,vfo/ i-»-5i*,S U>»,:_1 \l bomerville, Mass., Paul Ke- Bht excitement to the kidtiies ound, would have'had a run-in £i/ss/a Presses Ruble Drive To Drive Dollars from Zone By G. K. IIodenficM VIENNA, April 26. (/!>)—Russia is pressing a campaign to drive the dollar out of the business dealings of her satellites, informed Western sources said today. She is setting up a "ruble area." a rival of Britain's sterling bloc and the U.S. dollar zone. The anti-dollar measures are part of a long-range program the Soviets are readying to gain absolute control over the economic policies of the Eastern bloc nations. , Out the window will go present mutual aid treaties binding the Eastern states together and—gradually — unilateral trade pacts between Eastern European states and the West. Moscow flunks these give the satellites too much freedom to make deal on their own. Replacing them will be a central customs union controlled by the Kremlin, with payment.'; funnelled through an International payments bank in Moscow. Trade !n Rubles Informed western sources say all trade will be figured in rubles. All East bloc currency will be pegged to that money. All prices will" be quoted ' lir rubles. Poland already quotes them that way. other Eastern nations are expected to follow suit soon. Most of the present treaties and trade agreements are calculated on the basis of the dollar. Russia's plans to change this have a psychological and propaganda aim. One Western economist explains Russia's objection this way: "No matter how loudly Russia proclaims the Inevitable collapse of capitalism, her arguments don't mean a thing while the people Know their own currency and their own trade is pegged to the capitalist dollar. "The less the people hear about dollars, the easier it will be to convince them that the dollar is worthless." Union Calls Turn With the Moscow-dominated customs union calling the trade turn the Soviet satellites—Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Hungary and East Germany — longer will be In competition among themselves for Western markets. Prices for East bloc goods in the west probably will rise, since the central agency can charge whatever the traffic will bear. The creation, however artificially. of v a ruble area Is considered by Western sources as primarily a psychological step in the cold war, Just 'ns the'establishment a" year Bgo'of the Economic Council of Mutual Aid (ECMA) had been largely a propaganda move. East Bound Together The Eastern European states were bound together with the Soviet Un- See the 1950 "Presidential" Line of lack'TubeTV Every Model with Built-in "Picturemagnet" Aerial and Sensational Hew "Super-Range" Chassis 1950 Z.nltk>..- tm, fcvdf- " o*rial ant Gf<3r.-Bo, "Btort" Bfox.W, fct., fOi «,.». So»,. cobm«l of Only $ 309 95 Come In ... See... 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Rather, it appeared that Russia actually would be on the receiving end. Just as the ECMA was an attempt to counter the ERP's organization for European economic cooperation, so would the new customs union appear to be an attempt to achieve by dictation what American economists are .ittemptln^ to accomplish by persuasion In the West — a coordination of trade among friendly nations. Sonic sources said the new Russian plan was drawn up by I)r Knrl Clodius. former pupil and collaborator of the German financial wizard Hjalmar ftehacht. who fell Into Russian bauds near the end of the The puffin sheds its bill annually, as well as its feathers. Reporter's Mistake Indicates Americans Are'Up' on History PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A lot more [leople than you might think nrc surprisingly well Informed about and interested In American r.-jtory. That's the conclusion of Attorney Arthhr Litleton. He was the victim of a reporter's embarras-lng mistake that brought to liRht tho widespread Interest in one Incident, and brought him a basketful! of mall. Littleton Is Chancellor of Ihe Philadelphia Bar Association. Recently in a luncheon speech he detailed the origin of the phrase lo describe an attorney or person "Philadelphia lawyer" as it is used who Is very astute, resourceful. Quite correctly. Littleton said In Ihc speech lhal the appellation WHS earned by Attorney Andrew Hnm- llton, of Philadelphia, who was counsel lor John Peter Zonger In a famous New York libel suit in 1735. Zcnger, a pioneer printer anil newspaper publisher, had declined to accept official censorship of his government exposes, and was arrested on charges of seditions libel nulttutcd by Hie colonial governor So iwwerfnl was the governor. Cosby, that two New York lawyers wlr sought to defend Zcnger were dis- barred, which discouraged others from undertaking th e defense: Hamilton accepted the case and by his brilliant work In court earned acquittal for Zenger. To quote Littleton: "Without a shred of law with him he carried on one of the mcst magnificent defenses ever conducted before a Jury." An Associated IVe&s reporter preparing a news story of Littleton's speech erroneously wrote that Littleton hud Identified the lawyer as "Alexander" Hamilton. Tho reuort- er added that this "Alexander" Hamilton was the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. The story was widely published. And shortly afterwards Littleton began receiving cbtdnlg letters from strangers and friends. Correspondents from Maine to Florida, and ns far west ns Wlscoasln »nd Kansas, wrote to point out that Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, was not born until 1757—22 years after the Zenger trial. The letlers came from school '"""''eis and pupils, from retired officers, bankers and law- •m relatives and friends. Blrl. n high school pupil, hnt: "This may come as a SKYLINE T Tuesday & Wednesday "So Ends Our Night" Starring Glen Ford — Margaret Sullivan Frederic March — Francis Dee PLUS "FISH FROM HELL" shock to you, hut Andrew Hamilton, and NOT Alexander, etc." To each correspondent Littleton wrote a letter explaining that the error was not his but that of lh» reporter. Littleton says the one Inescapable conclusion from the whole correspondence was that a great many persons know the correct version ot the Zenger defense. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that tho undersigned hiss ' filed with Die CommL-sioncr of Revenues of the State of Arkansas f or permit, lo sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as South Side Hwy. No. 77, 600 Ft. East Post Office, Etowah, Mississippi County.- The undersigned states tlmt he Is a citizen O f Arkansas, of pood mroal character, that he has never ocen convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell Ijecr by Hie undersigned has been revoked within rive years last oust; and lhal the midcrslimcd has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other slate, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. •> Application Is for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on tlic 1st day of July, 1050, and lo expire on the 90 day of June l«61 L1III* Bell Girdle.' Subscribed and »wom to befor* me this 25th day ot April, weo. Bryan Heard ^ (Notary Public) My Commission expire*: 12-u-si 4-M-M SHOW STARTS 7:3» Wednesday, & Thundajr "THE KISSING BANDIT" (IN TKCHN'ICOLOB) FRANK SINATRA KATHKVN' GRAYSON Last Day 0 2 liig Hits Van Johnson in "BATTLEGROUND" I'lus Co-Hit "PAROLE, INC." with nlichiicl O'Shc;i B LVTHEV I LLE'S ON i Las I Day • 2 Hits Bowery IJoy s in "FIGHTING FOOLS" "16 FATHOMS DEEP" N E W Box Opens Week Day» t:9t P.K. Matinee Saturdays A Sundays Mat.-Suii. 1 p.m. Cant. Sh«wfaf Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "RED DANUBE" WALTER PIDGEON ETHEL BARRYMORB RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday ' "BLOND DYNAMITE" w»b LEO GORCEY and 'Jin BOWERY HOTS 5 CHEVROLET TRUCKS OFFER YOU DRY COLD m* FOR FUR & moot FAST PEERLESS CLEANING NOW! Mr. C. C. Freeman of Peerless Cleaners announced today (he rctent addition of a 1950 model to their fleet of Chevrolet pane] trucks. Fie gives partial credit for their lower'charges on cleaning (o (he economical performance of these Chevrolet trucks. 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