Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 4
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I r. ^Tilto w LalUrpe, )M WMkA^.. 10 ewta iat Mplitb .'. 44 cento OnaTMr ISM Br Mali. Oa« mr IMM* MUty ^ ••••!! ^ Ihir rut MtoM« enatjr.. .UM fbnt Montbi.' ID idranot....... 11.00 On* Month. IB idvanoii ..4..^....41 BMf. _ • '•: TeIepk*Mi Barinm Office ----- 18 Bdttorial Boom ----- • Mi •> All.parties having bills against <^ • Uie Republican county central •> conunlttec must present them to • • the committee before Saturday * •> tight • Uh. XORTHRUP, • Chairmau. • * • * • • .% .% .r. .> .r. BOiTBICiHT AS ACCTIONEEB. Uaicnkeriff CMD C17 "What Ye Bid '£m «rwi fiasky as Any "ColoBrf." "Fine, choice lots in Elsmore, gentlemen. You have heard the descrlp^ lion. AVJat do you bid 'em at? Give me a bid on these lots." • The auctioueeer paused to listen tor a bid. "Three hundred, I am bid. going at "Threehundred. I am bid, going at ?300. going at |300, $301 do I hear it.' The auctioneer held his hand higbj In the air, indicative of the fact that the hammer was about to fall. The little crowd (of three persons) at the south floor of tljc court house, looked on hesitatingly. "Three hundred once, three hundred twice—three hundred ihr—. do I hear the one? Three hundred twice and— and—sold to'tho Iwnk of RIeuiore. The auctioneer quietly walked away with the man who represented the Elsmore bank and the sale was over. •A. L. Boatrigbt, uudcrsberiff. was tUe auctioneer and the mandate of the law directing that "certain pieces and ... - ..p»rcel»,of ground slluatQ, in the city * *or Elibore be sold to •atisfer ^arvl closnre proceedings" bad been obe}'ed. Many pteple believe that a sheriff's sale is a mefe formality transacted in the office of the sheriff. But this is not the case. A "reftUy and truly" auction sale is held at the south door of the court house when the court orders and If you are there to bid you can .get in on the sale as well as any one else. BE .iPDre BENEFIT. From the Experience of lola People. "We are fortunate indeed to be able to profit by the experience of our neighbors. The public utterances cf lola residents on the following subject will interest aud benefit thousand of our readers. Read this statement No better proof can be had- , Mrs. Mary Griffith, of 517 S. Jefferson Ave., lola, Kas., says: When I was sixteen years of age, I was kicked in my left side by a horse. As a result I was left wiih a weakness in this part of igr body. Although there was »oat Spni ACdtker MiseraMe Hou WJtk Stomack Tt^/Me Vihtm Ca tain Belief Is so Handy. Miserable is the iu&a or woman who suffers from dread iodigeatlon^or dyp:. pepsla. There ,are f^w disMsea whtcvj create aucfa misery, Itfng drawn-out snffertng, as indigestion. It pursues them beforjB meals, after meala and be tween meala; they, take it to bed with them. It is with them wtiererer they go, though indigestion Is the simples disease of all. to cure. Tell such afflicted ones, dear reader, of Pape's Diapepsin; urge the aultere^ to go to any prahmacy here and glve^ 50 cents for a icase. Such a sutferar would ever bless yon, because Ave minutes after taking tbcve would bs no more indigestion, no feeling like a lump of lead In the stomach, or heartburn, or fullness and dlscooSfort, no belching or gas or eructations of sour food, debilitating headache, nausea water brash and other symptoms of a sour, disordered stomach. Pape's Diapepsin will digest .anything you eat without the aid of the stomach. JJiapepsin is a wonderful stomach purifier and splendid to keep the intestines clean and fresh; then your food will not ferment and poison your breath with nauseous odors. Diapepsin will rest. the stomach and increase the gastric juices: this is .wliat is mostly needed—more and better digestive juices-f«nd no gas- then indigestion and alllstoniach trouble will go. Elacb 50-cent case contains sufficient to usually thoroughly cure the must chronic dy8i >eptic. RAWLINGS GETS MORE TIME. Chanute Council Favors the Electric Car Line Promoter. Chanutei Kans., Nov. 12.—R .C Raw'ings was granted a six mouth's extension of the time in which he Is to begin work in the city of Ciianuto upon his electric railroad by the city council at Its meeting last evening. Mr. Rawllnga was represented by L. Rosenthal of this city, who laid the matter before the council. Mr. Rosenthal road a letter from Mr. Rawllngs in which the latter ex pressed his confidence that he baa the backing which be has been seek Ing to carry out his project. He called attantloo to.the fact that the time in wblcb^he is'to begin irork withiii ^tle city of Chanute expires DecemWr 8. and said that If it were necessary to hold his franchise. he,wou<d set men to work' here and lay four or five blocks of track to comply with the clause requiring a certain amount of work done in a certain time.j Rather than do tbis, however, which might not he agreeable to some people here. Mr. Rawlings suggested that a six month's extension be granted, feeling certain that he would be ready before that time had expired. BIG CROWDS AT REVIVAL. Beiderwolf Services Successful Newton. in Newton. Kas., Nov. 11.—For five weeks this city has stirred throuj^ and through by a great revival conducted by W. E. Beiderwolf, the famous evangelist who was once Princ- ton's champion gymnast He is now at the head of the Kansas Forward pun oi my Doay Aiinouen mere . Movement, the state campaign which SSt a sl ^erra ^I^ IwasXtleT^^' attracting attention all over the moat of the time. lalso had freaue^ • ~"°"">;- the revival Here. hundreds of men and women were converted. All the churdies of the city united. hoadarhea and dizzy spells. Some tDoaths ago I learned of Doan's Kid- tiey Pills and got a box at Cbas. B. &of%rSiVn^fi"t i^TJt^ 3^0^^;^ Tw ^^L ^k^^ e'^e^^' reUeving the misery in my side and l*^, • I*. T>f ^ir^, „?2 maUng decided.improvement In my,"«'»^ °f 9A l«w= condiUon in every way. My son. eleven i?L fJlZ yeara old. ooriplained of headaches ''f, ""f/ J.?"* .l"f' w 111 Son « and sharp shooting pains in the re-'^'"' ^^"^^ converted. At one mens ayplies Jast as good to the JeweliT basteess as it dom ie uy otker. People who , bay now for CHBHTITAS do net exactly get the Worof, lint they do got the pick of the best. Is there any reason why yon shoaldnt start Imylng at thU timet If there Is, come hi and let's talk it over. Maybe, we can rei mcdy H. I lEa Jeweler Assess Rural Students. The Ft. Scott Tribune says: There seems to be a diversity of opinion re- gardipg, the lega'ity of collecting tul tlon. It was stated yesterday that the state law, provided that no tuition could be collected from high schools but thjs seems broader than the law contemplates. Tbe Tribune-Monitor was today enlightened on the school law by one of the leading educators of the county. Twenty-five years ago tbe legislature decided that school boards in the cities of first and second c'ass could regulate the matter of their immediate school districts and the^ law gives such latitude that boards are entitled to preclude from a!ttendance country students if they see fit. Twenty years ago when the high school here was est^iblisued. Fort Scott placed in vogue the tax system, levying a fee from all high school students. Fort Scott has been the only city in Kansas to charge ttiltlon at its hlFh school. The law proyides ttat the high school shall be free to tite students of its district just the same as the grammar school grades are open and f^ee to all. But the boarcL will have the right to collect tuition from the country students and it Is this that It will propose doing If the Barnes law is finally knocked out. The Barnes law carried In Al l«n icPHnt.v. and the appeal case now Befqft'tho suprenxc^tiourt from Allen cdnnty has not been withdrawn. If the court hoWs that the first flection waa* legal the Barnes law will remain in force. Otherwise there will be'no county high school hero. The local students .it may be said, will not be asked for a tax. hut as the, law provides a levy will bo made upon the students coming In from the country. gions of his kidney. His complexion was sallow and he looked very bod. I gave him Doan's Kidney PUIii and they soon brought about a noticeable change for the better. Other members in our family have used this rem-! edy with the most excellent results." For sale by all dealers. Price COc. lYwter-Mllbum Co.. Buffalo, New Voih fwie-agents tor the United States. meeting, over talf a hundred men were converted. At the close of the meetings, the Y. M. C. A. immediately started building*'campaign, which is meeting with grtat success. The Beiderwolf revival la easily tile greatest evangelistic meniiiig New ion ever had, and when the evatigel- jlrtt and his helpers left they baM llio rcfcpeci of everyone. Remember the name- take no other. -Doan'tj—and TBAX»FEKK TODAY. HtM Claim Deed Hade t« !,«0V .teres of Lanyon Land, v A ault claim deed was filed .iKla> by which Robert Lanyon aud Mary Laii-' yon of Mineral Point Wis., convey to OBSTINACY Rohert Henry Lanyon and Wm. Lan- Texas Lands. Bee us about (Jnlf Coast Country lands tiiat can be Itought on monthly tiaymcnt plan, lands that will produce from 9300 to 9600 per acre: also some exchanges. WHITAKKR * DO.S'NEI^. . Over Our Way. KEPT HER ASLEEP. No other medicine has been so Btiecessful in relievine the suffering of women or received so many genuine testimonials as has Lydla E. rinkhaiii 's Vefiretabllo Compound. In every community you wiil find women who liavo been restored to health by Lydla E. Plnkham'a Vegetable Compoimd. A^ost every one von meet has either been benefited bv itj or has friends ^o ham la toe Pinkhani Laboratory at '• Lynn^bss^anywomananydaymay — — see tli6 flies containing over one niif- yon, all or 640 acres, aud Application of Electricity Breooht lion one bundled thousand letters south one -hidf and northwest onoi Youno GIri to Her Senses. fiom women seekhur health, and quarter of 2«.24-20 or 480 acres: also here are fJifl Ipttpiwin wKinhflipv the northeaatone-quarter. the northH Lowell. Mass., Nov. W.-Plve ex- Sly ?tote OW SeS 0«^^^^ west one-quarter and southwest oue pericnced practitioners gathered yea- J^^I^^w rto^^iT^JTwSi^^ ouarter of 21-25-19. or 480 acres, la all terday *t Uie bedside of Luclana Pl- S?^JS?53f ^li^ J600 acres. . Other transfers were: Geo. W. Shadwlck and wife to John —- , — — —, - -,5 » V. BobertB. lot 1, block 2 in OriChard waking her. The. physicians arere iromSUTglcal operations, place. lola. ConsideraUon 9260. /I satisfied that tbe giri's case is; not Ivoia, £. Pmkham's Vegetable Mary M: Browning, a widow of Neo- catalepsy, but hysteria, and that her Cbinpound is made from lootd and Ji^M. Perry Cwnmlta Suicide Becaiiaa Me Was. Urwbi* to Stop Ua» of Every woman coveisarfi^p«>« ly figiire, and many of thieit' deplore the loss of their girl- ^ ish forms after mafriage. * Jhe^ bearing of children is , ^ often destructive to the J22J2«'" s ^apeliness. All of this can be ^voided by the us? of •OtDtrt fnena before baby comes, as this liniment prepares the Baoh aalM fne to aU «xii«etuit motbm. TH> BRADraU) SECULATOB CO. iAUata. G*. Guaranteed Pore ana V/holesome .j • The Denver Times st^s: ' With a' bnllet'in his/brain and a — r ^ ^^-^j — — ,—_ — iievoiTer by his side j. H. Perry, for body (or the Strain upon it, and preserves the symmetry of her form, tihe past three weeka a guest at the Mottier't Frisnd makes the danger of chUd-birth less, and carries her rak hotel. Seventeenth and Btorket sakW throufh this critical ^ streets, waa tonnd dead in hla room^ ^riAd Th^^^^^ yesterday ,afteraoon. Upon a table in gf,^?^l,; ^"?u"^,"**^ J!™'^; the room thOTe was found a note in ""'V i^M or the benefit and Perry^s handlwriUnK in which the relief derived from the use man eitplain^- that he .intended to of this remedy. ^l^hl^S'^S^ tkke his life because he waa unable to ^ . ^..,«« ajperboitic. break away from tbe morphine habit to which ho bad been aiddlctej for years. Perry had been deed many hours before his body was discovered. He kUIed timseif about 5 o'c'bck yesterday morning. At about that time employees of the hotel heard a shot. A hasty examination was made., but none of the guests of the hotel had been awakened by the 'report and it was decided that the shot had been fired by someone in tbe street Perry 'B dead body was discovered wben an attache of the hotel, after vainly attempting to arouse Perr>- by knocking, forced the door to his room. The note left by the dead man is as follows;: "I hate to take my life, but it.fs the best for me. J formed the habit of\ taking 'morphine ten years ago and have tried bard to quit but cannot. My health is so bad that I am better off dead. Notify Odd Fellows 'odee No. 470. Colony. Kan. "My life is a hard story, but I cannot write it. Please forgive me for tlhs act. it is ell I can do. I hope you will get pay for all damages. "J. H. PERRY." Perry was about 45 years of age He always dressed well and at al' times seemed to be well suppled with money. Practically nothing is knowr of him in this cit}-. It is believed that his home is at Colony. Kans. Ton save money and avoid faihnres.m yonr^ baking if yon use If r BAKING IV V POWDER 23 CNmces for 25 Cents ^OUNCES i Here is true ecoootny. You cannot be sure, every time or have j^our food dainty, taaHy and whoks some if you pay less or accept a sabstiteite. ues Mfg. C', Chicago. The Proof Is In the Eating. Wouldn't you rather pa^ a few '>ents more for an oyster that taste' •Ike an oyster with the true. Irresistible sale sea-tang? Tlmt'a the kind ••Sealshlpt" Oysters are. The price of "Sealshlpt" ib a trif'pj higher: bnt the actual cost is less, be- '^ause you get so much more for your •nouey. And the delicious flavor of Sealsbipi" Is beyond comparison— mneriqr to the taste of the washedout. flabby oysters sold from tulw. Get a uint of "Sealshlpt" OysterF See the difference for yourself. They w sold from the white porcelain case | with thtf blue "Sealshlpt" trade mark We sell "Sealshlpt" only and guar- A BASEBALL WAR Leagues of .imcrlcadid not .Settle I >N> pule at Recent .^leetinfr. Chicago. Nov. 12. —The warriiiK tac- lons of orffanlze<I baboball retrcaled oday with victory perched on iiflther wnner. "Pat" i'ower?. liroKidont of he Eastern League and "Joe" O'luien, )resident of the .\inerlcuu ABSOCI.I- lon, who bolted the nieetliit; of the _ I >IntIoual .Association of Professional iiitoe them. Kryer Brothers, Otto g^^j,,, Cli,b» yesterday, departed on Hinge, "Our Way." • ^ ^ . WITH CEMENT PLANTS. Both Humboldt Institutions are Making Improvements. iarly trains. The'so-cuiled regulars! of other and more numerous leagues lelonglng tp the national association.! he'di a brief se^Ioii and adjourned; without date to Hold their next meet-: :ng at Memphis. Tenn.. probably early ; n the new year. Garry Herrnian, the The Humboldt Herald says: The president of the national commission.' Hnmboldt Portland Cement Company vas unable to respond to a telegram s getting a'ong nicely with its work, from the two other members of the The foundations of the kiln room and commission to come to CIiicaKO. and trindlug department are about ready Mr. Pulllam>ccordingly took the tralu for the superstructure. The molds of for Cincinnati, lart of tho foundations were removed A survey of the deserted field show-. Tuesday. 5d that while disputed issues may yet Mr. C. IJ. Wilson who now has le adjusted, the method by which this charge of the work expects to push Tiay be brought about is obscure, the work as rapidly as i>ossible. The 'ioth sides have taken what they term larger part of tie buildings will br -n unalterable stand, and unless one of brick although re-enforced con- if them weakens student.s of baseball -.•nto ^ni be used in the storage politics declare there is ;i likelihood room. 'Of another major, or near-major About' twenty men are now em- 'eague combination, consisting of the ployed at the plant "jolting leagues. It is sr .id the N'a- lonal commission wiil go almost toj The steel for the roof of the ki'n »ny length to avoid this, as the boU- room of the Monarch Portland Ce- ng leagues constitute almost the <;nl> ! ment Company arrived Wednesdav narket for players Avhom the Anieri- and will be placed in position as soon can and National Leagues wisli, 1:0 as poBeil >le. The roofing material llsirose of. That tlie Auitrrican AS- has been shipped and is expected any ;ociation and the Eastern League are day. 'n deadly earnest i» said lo be indi- Two of the sets of rollers for the 'aled by the disposal by George Te- roasters ±avo been placed in position "leau of the Denver C!ub. Tebean al­ and'the others will be in place by » owns the Kansas City and the Lou- •sville clubs of the American Assycia- "lon, and the sale of tire Denver property is said to have been to avoid the •.mbarrat-.snieut of ownlnff u team In he Western league while running a couple of teams in an "outlaw" organization. In the event tit n yecrs- ;Ion It iti rf-gardf'I its practtrally csr- the last of the week. TO BE NO LEAVITT DIVORCE. A Statement From Mr. Bryan's Married Daughter in Lincoln. LIPcolri. Nebr.. Nov. 13.—Tho silence of the Bryan family on the subject of a possible divorce suit by tain that the "outlaws" would put Mrs. Ruth Bryan Leavitt has been tetuus In major league territory, prob- brokcn. Numerous efforts previous- ably Cincinnati, St. I .ioiiis. Pitt.slnivg ly made to secure some statement Chicago, from the Dryans have been repulsed, but It Is now Mrs. Leavitt, who hasj spoken, and she has entered oh emphatic dlsalalmoi'. Tonight she said: I cannot Hay Just why my private affairs should be of any concern, but I FOR PARCEL FOST ette. the Frencb^adlan girt who 3i H^m's Veratabte Compo^^ , has been asleep for ttlrteen days, and •I'ydia E. Emkham's Vegetable ! applied electricity in the hop* of Ctompom^ has saveA many women have no hesitancy In saying thnt T ex- Postmaster General Meytr Says That pect to meet Mr. Leavitt In Denver Would Lessen;the Postal Deficit and tlio verv near future. Does thnt look n-! If I intended to seek a dl- • Wuishlugtou. Nov. 1.1.— Postniastor vorco?" Goueral Meyer announceil today that Mr.". I<eavlit's statvmcnt that site the postal deficit for fiscal year ended intends to meet her husband In Den- '"ne 30. 19i)S, amounted to $l(i.9lo;27». ver explains the.recent reoortn that The receipts were $101i -l7S.ti::i:!, (be- her artist huslMind had disappeared ing 17,895,657 greater than tho prev- from.Paris. lous year) and tho ex|)enUItur<-s $20S, Lincoln friends of Mr .and Mrs. Bry- 351. 88G. Tne detlcit Is the largest In an know thnt both them entertain a the history of tho Postofflce depart strong antipathy for the divorce ment An analysis of the flgur<fs court. shows that $9,891,321 represents the advance in the rate of compensation authorized by Congress for employees of the railway mall service, rural d©^ Take onr Np: 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves lola 7:1'J p. in., arrives St. Louis S:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St. Louis. For further particulars call and see us. C. p. Hale, Agt. EXCHAN-6E OR SELL. List your property with uie. I have a litrge list to match from. No expense unless a deal Is found for you. I have 2io acres in Neosho county, Kas. to exchango for good lola property. J. T. HUBS. Boom 10, Olt Caut lioase. TOO BUSY CHASING RABBITS. shoe eonnty, to C. A. Kink loU 14 iind 'Own obstinacy keeps her asleep. lierbe, withdot drngtL and is whole-ihome at. Lawrence. Governor-Elect Stubbs's Boys Prefer livery senvlce, city delivery "ser^-lce Lawrence Home to Topeka. and assistant postmasters and clerks Topeka. Nov. 13.—Governor-elect in postofflces. The normal increase W. H. Stnbbs has • a strike on his in the revenue for several years was hands. His-two boys decline to come about 9 per cent and in 1908, 4.29 per to Topeka to live. They | insist on cent, the falling off in the rate of living at the Stubbs' new; country growth being due to the financial de- 15 Jlp block 1, Sav^nlmrg. Considera -I The doctors applied electricity to come and baimlessrT Hon $90. . [het hands and feet She gave nnml» Hie leason why lydia E. Fink. I pression. takabie-evidence of being conacious ham'* Vegetable Compound is BO of w.-at >as being done lo her, as she aoooessfiina hecsos^ it amtatos hi-' i^ff^^i -.^1..-— .v- fredients which act diiectly upon election that I had been el- llshment of a special local parcel, post fliff tiamlnfna nrganiam. roBtnUno- it ected jfovemor." T>ev were too busy confined to rural routes would tend ^ . ^At Urtes Ceater. , _ _ Jpdge fbnit and steaojcrapber Ptn-|offered strenuous resistance to the °, aefeaniisorerfrcmi lola Tuesday and {doctors' work.^ - r ooBTCMd Normber term of court.! _ When one of the doctors said* threat &i WWiVw ^'iS^rrn ^^iSXT*^ *" 1 chasing" rubbits *»n the farm to jisk The docket 4s iiot ^ Tory heavy one entegly that they wonW appJ ^ateo- lany quesS: Now theT decUr^ an* tter fill finish most of Jt n^ this triefty lor the thin! time with * a ^ »>»«BFl? go?* that ^I 't dwert^ tt^^ >,w*:r.1^^tt«««i-Mlsso«rI Pwfflc :«Beh. ationger cnrntnt, t'^^A^ ^^^^^^^'^S^^^'^ rewe&^ a new home in "Tbnes two boys are not as deeply T-e poi^tmaster general said that in Interested in Kansas affiirs as their his annual report lie would call at- father." said Stubbs. with a sinile. tention of Congress to the fact that '•Thev didn't kiio«- for two ilaya At- lie is firm'y convinced that the estab- to wipe out the postal deficit and would finally make the rural delivery self-sustAning, besides being of service to the farmer and a boon to-the MAGAZINES Aim PfiKIODICAI*- can be secured of J. E. Heddersop who deals with tho publishers an' Cumishea them at the lowest pric* possible. . Trial subscription to Va* Norden's, 3 months 25cl Phone »8. 414 N. Buckeya (First Published Nov. 7, 1908.) XOTICE OF FIXAL SETTLEMFM. The state of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the piobale court in and for said county. In the matter of the estate of Orville Williams, Deceased. . Crectttoi-.s aud all other persons lu- t^restra in tbe aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I sliall apply to•he Probate Court in aud for said County, sitting at the Court House, in Tola. County of. Allen, State of Kansas, on the Sth day of December. A. 190S, for a full and final settlement said estate. EMMA WILLIAMS. Administrator of the Estate of Orviliu Williams, Deceased. H-T-14-21-2S Visitrai Burllag^ • »rS:'MaTy Wirt ^rby of lola came in Thtfra^ay'-cafteHooni fOR .a few days' -•- JfSt'^ and family.—

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