The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 14, 1964 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1964
Page 5
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; Monday, Dec. 14,1964 THE TIPTON DAILY. TRIBUNE PAGE 5 Sf It TRAM CLASSIFIED RAJ£S. l3 1 liiMrtiair 'uL*. 4c piir'word 2 ihsertioru 7c por word 3 MiMrtions 9c per word 4 insertions He per word 5 insertions 13c per word I insertions 14c per word Minimum rate — $1.00 , Charges are at a reduced c«sh rate and apply if the «d is paid within 10 DAYS «f. Ur the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE 10 DAY PERIOD. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue they appear and report any error at once a* no allowance can be made ifter the first incorrect, insertion. . BLACK FACE LOCAL — 15c per line. MEMORIAM — lie p»r fine. CARD OF THANKS — flJi Cat! OS 5-2115 before 10:00 A. M. for Insertion same day. ttxeept Saturday—call before 9:00 A. M. CANCELLATION — UNTIL 10:00 A. M. DEADLINE. DISPLAY RATE Cass, per col. Inch — - 90c 1 inch per mo. daily — $18.00 Each additional inch . $11.90 (RATE QUOTED ARE LOCAL) m SALE-REAL ESTATE Xmas trees sheared scotch pine. . R, Griffy, N. Main Street C-67 LIVESTOCK FOR SALE—4 nice kid goats. 1 dinner bell/keep" for Cfarist- ' mas gifts. Dave Carter, 9635322. C-61 HELP WANTED WANTED—Man to help district salesman sell and service livestock feeds in home community. Tom - Ritchie, Hemlock, Indiana. P-62 MALE HELP WANTED RAWLEIGH PRODUCTS sell at practically every home. Start a Rawleigh" route in Tipton County or City of Tipton. No capital required. Write Rawleigh, Dept. EN L, 380 885, iFreeport, Illinois. P-61-73 USED CARS FOR SALE—1957 4 door Ford, runs good, good body, very good tires. OS 5-6168. Make offers. C-61 FOR SALE—Canarys and cages. Call OS 5-2674. C-63 FOR SALE—1964 Singer portable TV. 6 inch screen, carrying case and antenna included. Call OS 5-6023. . C-63 FOR SALE—Quality used cars. THROGMARTTN AUTO SALES, 704 W. Jefferson St. FOR SALE—Cicero property; 6j rooms, bath, basement, ready " for immediate occupancy; must sell to settle estate. James McCune administrator, 1940 Maple Avenue, Noblesville, Indiana, or call PRos- pect 3-0881. , C-66 For Your Car Needs See *0R SALE Scotch Pine Christmas Trees $2.99 & UP Get tickets for color TV on Christmas trees. ! CARTER'S SUPER MARKET THE =M!""EV <~>f O" ALITY ™ 120 S. West St. Phone OS 5-4941 Tipton SERVICES SEPTIC TANK and sewer cleaning. Call King, Windfall, LY 5-3385. P-81 SEPTIC TANKS, toilet vaults vacuum cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2884. David Sewer Cleaners. C-tf FRONT END ALIGNMENT — Wheel balancing, EBERT Sinclair Service. Phone OS 57125. C-ti WANTED — Furniture Uphol : stering and Repair. Lawrence PickreH. OS MMB. . C-tf SINGER ZIG-ZAG $38.23 FULL BALANCE A-l condition with warranty. Beautiful walnut cabinet. Assume six payments of $6.37 monthly. Makes fancy fashion designs, buttonholes, sews on buttons, monograms, blind hems, and all other fancy work built into machine. Call OS 5-2135. ' tf USED 8 MM Bell & Howell movie camera w/zoom lens. A-l shape.' Original $169.98 Now $50,00. Smith Tire Service. 115 N.. Independence St. OS 5-6165. C-63 COR SALE—Spinel organ, excellent condition. Reasonable. 06 5-6263. C-tf FOH SALE — Awnings, storm windows and doors. Ornamental iron. A. J. Butz. Phone OS 5-2646. - C-tf UUSIC IN YOUR HOME. Pia- Bos — organs. Rental .plans available. OS 5-6558. P-tf XMAS TREES—Get your tree ~- early this year! Our own Scotch Pines. At Harold and Berniece Lee's, VL mi West of £oad 31 on Road 28, South side. Phone 963-5335. . C-tf CHRISTMAS TREES Ronnie and Judy Sottong. 120 West Jackson. C-tf FOR SALE—L. C. Smith typewriter and girls 26 inch bicycle. Call OS 5-2910. C-62 FOR SALE—Transistor control Genie garage door operators. Sales and Service. George Morrisett, 437 N. Main. OS 52096. P66 FREE PUPPIES for Christmas 1 female, 5 males. 141 Market Road. OS 5-4259. C-61 ELEVATOR AUTO PARTS, 538 N. Main Street offers water and fuel pumps, new and . rebuilt carburetors, starter solenoids, voltage regulators, plus hundreds of used parts. Open Monday thru Saturday to 5:00, Sunday to 12:00 noon. OS 5-4781. P-61 FOR SALE—Save—Save - on all ' T.V. at wholesale price: Wiseman, 108 Dearborn.' C-70 FOR SALE—Apartment size gas range,' good condition. John Friend. P-62 CMC * • GEN ETRAL" rJTOTORS CORPORATION ' ffttf* TO e*> TONS SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. INSTRUCTIONS U. S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS! Men-women, 18-52. .Start high as $102.00 a week. Preparatory training until appointed. Thousands of jobs open. Experience usually unnecessary. FREE information on jobs, salaries, requirement. Write TODAY giving name, address and phone. Lincoln Service, Box V c/o Tribune, Tipton, Ind. WANTED — Home for. Terrier pups. OS 5-7296. C-64 WORK WANTED Jolly old man with whi s k e r s dressed ° suit, trimmed with fur wishes seasonal, part time employment. Specializes in good'wishes. For details call OS 5-6588 Appointments accepted FOR RENT FOR, RENT—% of double. :3 bedroom completely remodeled. 114 W. North Street. C-tf (FOR RENT—3 bedroom house in Windfall. Call OS 5-6366. $45 a month. C-63 FOR RENT—5 room semi-modern in country. OS 5-6827. P-63 FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment. See Joe Ross, 120 South West. C-63 YOU MAY RENT a piano as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp. OS 5-6263. Biddick Piano Co. C-tf FOR RENT—Vi double—1 bedroom,, gas furnace. Phone OS 5-6130. C-*f LOST AND FOUND FOR RENT—Nice unfurnished upstairs apartment. Close in, gas heat. Phbne^S5-2916. C-tf' LOST—Black stetson hat from 4-H building, Thursday. Return to Lloyd Huffer, 963-2636. P-61 LEGAL NOTICE I.KOAI. NOTICK Sealed Proposals are desired on or before 7:00 p.m Fast time on the lSth day of December 1SG4 by the Wildcat Township Trustee Windfall, Indiana for the purchase on an Installment Conditional sale or Mortgage Contract as per Chapter 9!i ^\cts of 1047 at a General Assembly of the State of Indiana, Burns 65513, for one (1) chassis, cab, and Pumper complete as per the specifications on file in the Trustee's office. Terms of payment are to be approximately six thousand dollars ($6,000.00) do\\~n on or before December 31, 1964 and approximately equal installments due on or before .luly 1 and December 30th of each year bearing an interest rate not exceeding 4 % per annum. Or tlie Trustee and Advisory Board in behalf of the Township, may purchase the equipment for cash and borrow the necessary funds from a Financial institution in the State of Indiana under the terms as outlined in Burns 65513. Kacli bidder shall submit with his 10% Hid Bond or Certified ChecH to insure that he will enter into a contract with the Township should lie be given the award. The successful bidder shall also furnish a' 100% Performance Bond, covering the contract. Each bidder shall submit his bid on the form No. 95 as prescribed jy the Indiana State Board of \ccounts. The Wildcat Township Trustee reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to purchase what in their opinion is the lowest and hest hid. ALBERT JOHNSON', Trustee 53-61 FOR RENT—2 bedroom apartment. 236%, South Main. New remodeled . and redecorated. Headwater and sewage lur- nished . i mtmet )S '5 : 6812r C-tf He is 67 years old. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our friends, relatives and neighbors for the kindness, sympathy and beautiful floral tributes' extended -at the deaths of our beloved;-daughter, son-in-law, grandson, father, mother and brother, Mrs. Alberta Linsley, Mr. David A. Linsley and David S. Linsley. We especially wish to thank Rev. Norval Lyon and Rev. James Shockney for their comforting messages, all who acted as casket and flower bearers, and the Leatherman - Morris Funeral Home for their kind and helpful services. 'Mrs. 011a Jackson and family Pamela June Linsley Lora Ann Linsley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bruce Eidson Mrs. John Mourton IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of our husband and father, Temple D.'DeVault, who passed away Dec. 14, 1961. Today brings memories Of our dear one gone to rest He will never be forgotten By the ones who loved him best. Mrs. Pearl DeVault Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeVault •and family Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Boldon GAIN SOME RELIEF WASHINGTON (UPI)—Postmaster Gen. John A. Gfonouski has ordered postal inspectors to remove their "lookout galleries" from men's rooms in post offices. Gronouski said he considered the observation stations' an invasion of privacy when they are located in washrooms. But he said he had no intention of ordering abandonment of stations located elsewhere in the 5,000 post offices which now have them. JUDGE MAKES MISTAKE MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (UPI) —George A. Rogde will be back in court Monday — with or without a hat. District Court Judge John A. Weeks Wednesday ordered a man sitting at the back of the courtroom to leave because he violated court etiquette by wearing a hat. , Then the judge called for Rogde, on trial <for burglary, to step forward. No one answered. A prosecutor explained, "that's the man you ordered out of the courtroom." . \. NATIONAL WINDOW By LYLE WILSON United Press International The moment of truth is nearby for the Lyndon B. Johnson- Hubert H. Humphrey team and for the millions of citizens who voted LBJ-all-the-way on Nov. 3. This crucial moment will arrive with disclosure of President Johnson's legislative • program for the first session of the 89th Congress. The disclosure will come in Johnson's January messages to Congress — the annual message, the budget message and the economic report. Most of labor and a lot of management were among the major elements supporting the Johnson-Humphrey ticket. Everybody could be happy because it is the custom of presidential candidates in their speeches and national parties in their platforms to offer something for everybody. No Wild Man The capitalists or management men who balked at the'! candidacy of Barry M. Goldwater but who also were frightened by the radical political background of Hubert H. Humphrey could comfort themselves that LBJ was no wild man. Moreover, he talked economy and tax reduction. The lefties who may have had doubts about Johnson were soothed by Humphrey's presence on the Democratic ticket, and by the platform. And thus it came about in the 1946 presidential campaign that the Democrats got the voters coming or going. But the outline of a legislative program or proposal requires a certain precision of language that can be avoided in a campaign speech or a campaign document. In a message to Congress, double talk does not suffice. So it is that IBJ is confronted with the problem 'of translating the double talk of the campaign and the Democratic platform into message talk to Congress. For example, how shall Johnson explain to Congress the la- tion he deems necessary to make good on the following fuzzy paragraph from the 1964 Democratic platform? "Overtime pasment requirements must be increased to assure maximum ' employment consistent ^withbusinesseffi­ ciency. ' J The' Watter; * b£ ' the length of work,.periods should be given consideration.": ;j . ' May Hike Rates' ' To big labor that means: <1) that Johnson will recommend a hike in overtime rates, probably from time and one-half to double time; and (2) that the Johnson-Humphrey administration is sympathetic with labor's desire for a 35-hour week. Not many of JBJ's capitalist and management friends would applaud any such labor proposals as that. Not so vague was the fortright promise to repeal the Taft-Hartley Act section that now permits right-to-work states to outlaw the closed shop. The Democrats also promised to break the back of the labor legislation enacted in 1959 after the sensational disclosures by the Senate investigators led by Sen. John L. McLelland, D-Ark. Big labor probably will demand that the Johnson administration try to make good on the 1960 campaign promises of the Kennedy-Johnson ' team, such as scrapping all subsequent labor legislation to return to the lopsided Wagner Labor Relations Act of the early New Deal. That, too, may come as a surprise to the fat cat Republicans who bolted Goldwater .this year to support Johnson. Fat cats are not very bright, politically. They rarely read platforms. Tipton County Library open Monday-Wednesday- Friday till 8:00 pro. C-« FOREIGN NEWS COMMENTARY By PHIL NEWSOM . r UPI, Foreign News Analyst ''Up to now the Red Chinese have.. Deen.holding back from Kremlin leadership the choice invective which they used to heap upon Nikita Khrushchev. . .Timid as a mouse.. .the great capitulationist of all time .. .betrayer of Marxism..." • Those were just a few of the epithets. And the Soviets replied, in kind. "Factionalism ... Trotskyism .. .infantile leftism... warmongering. . .craving -for nuclear weapons..." The downfall of Khrushchev brought a respite from the name - calling which shortly could begin again. .Seek Total Surrender » For the Chinese terms for settlement of their-quarrel with the Soviets have been total surrender. And to these terms the Soviets neither will nor can afford to agree. Introducing the - budget for 1965, new Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin declared: "We want to develop our relations with the United States of America and some steps have been made in this direction—although they have been small ones." That alone is enough to trigger a Red Chinese tirade. For the United States, although declared by the Chinese to be a "paper tiger," is also the force declared to be the greatest enemy of socialism and WANTED MEN - WOMEN From ages 18 to 52. Prepare now lor U.S. Civil Service Job opening* hi this area daring the next 12 month*. Government positions pay as high as $446.00 a month to start. They provide much greater security than private employment and excellent opportunity for advancement. Many positions require little specialized education or experience. But to get one ,oC these Jobs, you mnst pass a test. The competition Is Veen and in some case only one out of five pass. Lincoln Service helps thousands prepare for these tests every year. It is one -of the largest and oldest privately owned schools of Its klml und is not connected with the Government. For FREE Information on Gov* ernment Jobs. Including list of positions and salaries, fill out coupon and mail at once — TODAY. You will also get fall details on how you can prepare yourself for thes* tests. Don't Delay—ACT NOW! LINCOLN SERVICE, Dept. 33D PEKIN, ILLINOIS I am very much interested. Please send me absolutely FREE (1) A list of U.S. Government positions ar*4 salaries; (2) In* formation on how to qualify for a U.S. Government Job. Name Street City .„ Agt- _. r „ Phone- —....:.:i..^s..™„_. State the: chief barrier to | the Red Chinese philosophy of violent revolution. • Kosygin paid lip service to' Communist aims in Cuba, South Viet Nam and the Congo. But; the whole tenor of his [presentation was that of a technician intent ' upon co-existence- and the' means to bring the U.S.S.R. out of economic chaos. ! Three-Pact Struggle The.struggle between Moscow and Peking is in three parts. —The ideological struggle for leadership of world! communism, j —The differences in, the relative state of their industrial development., t —Traditional rivalries, including border claims. | ' On the first of thesej the Russians cannot surrender without becoming a second-class nation in world communism.; On this point, - the Chinese demand not only the downgrading of Khrushchev, but the Teinstater ment of Stalinism. 1 The Chinese, far behind the Russians in industrial development, demand equal sacrifices of all Communist nations until a- common level is reached by all. But the Russians are facedj by a grumbling population at home and have more to lose in a nuclear war. Flushed by their recent ac­ quisition of a nuclear bomb, the Chinese' have been even less backward than usual in stating their position on' various subjects. - • . ' One has. dealt with their long joint border with the Soviet Union, the longest in the world. They have warned the Russians. •they, will not give up one inch of their territory -in Sinkiang Province, a province not inhabited by Chinese but by a population promarily Moslem. ADVERTISE IN THE TRIBUNE Only Kroft gives you Macaroni Y Cheese with golden cheddar goodness Kraft Dinner gives you tender macaroni, creamy with golden cheese goodness! Easy and quick to fix,"as ia." Or combine It -vith olher foods for inexpensive yet delicious main dishes. COSTS ONLY 5* A SERVING PUBLIC SALE Pursuant to an order of the Tipton Circuit Court, the undersigned Executor of the Estate of Susan M. Altherr, deceased, will sell at public auction the following described property at 122 Deihl Street, Tipton, Indiana on SATURDAY, DECEMER 19,1964 Beginning at 1:00 p.m. Magic Chef gas cooking stove; breakfast set; step stool; 'dining room suite; couch; desk and chair; base rocker with ottoman; three odd chairs; end tables; coffee fable; two floor lamps; several table lamps; round top table; fire piace set; electric clock; GE 21" console TV; drapes and curtains; linens; pictures; two 9 x 12 rugs; one 12 x 15 rug; throw rugs; lawn chair; Maytag wash machine; hall tree; White sewing machine; two all mirrors; magazine rack; dresser; four odd tables; 3 piece bedroom suite with springs and mattress; waste basket; card table and chairs; Vi bed with mattress-chest of drawers and night stand; ottoman; old trur.k; Filter Queen sweeper with attachments; garden tools; hand tools; wire fence; 6 foot step ladder; 50 gallon drum; power lawn mower; three garden tractors; wheel barrow; chicken feeders and waterers; pots, pans, cooking utensils and many sther articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash Not Responsible For Accidents. LAURENCE ALTHERR, Executor ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE: WILSON WHEATLEY AUCTIONEERS: JOE ROSS-TIPTON — JOHN WIRE-ELWOOD CLERK: LOIS CONWAY WILSON GETS DEGREE MANC HESTER, England (UPI). : A-Retired; railway * enfc ploye David Wilson,'."who'start' ed work'in a'blacksmith's shop at 14, <Friday was graduated from Manchester University with a - master, of arts degree.' M0N. - TUES. - WED. Early Bird Specials!! TEEM Lemon-Lime Drink By Pepsi Cola Fits 3 Hole or 5 Hole Notebook Notebook Filler 98c Size 500 Sheets 59 Balsam and Scotch Pine Buy Early! XMAS TREES T to $ 3" Swift's THIS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19 AT 3 O'CLOCK BIG DRAWING!!! Be sure and BE HERE - 3 grand prizes! $650,00 Color T.V. - $50.00 Bicycle and $29.95 P.M. Radio. 1 i Carters Super Market

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