Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1907
Page 2
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D. JP. KOKOMOPt SeetBi Tlee-Fftflt •* Stite If ItiMi EttabllslMBil 186!!' Itik b inn Ci, 'f IssL iiip of Society fiirlendB, gave ' : • •- t •• 1 ^ group. o)r Dou^ilil Jlilm-'K lid lilni li iiiobi rl<>ll^'li(fiit evenlui; Hl .UtHo Btiild- eriVChapel ts celebrate lils tenth bli^dajr ann^vorsary.' Tlioro were a v.:fiMBb«r of Ja"enlle ^mcs and I^fra. E. I^^tf. J6ties «er red retreshmentB to tU«; * * + :' r Jklta. Ii.,,H. JoiieH win (<nt<>rtiiiii on J. Tburaday afternoon for lier Suiid.iy i^iool ei&aa tt the Afottiodldt clnnrli. Mra. Wblte- C. Teials and Mrs. John Fonst -Wl'l give a card party oii I'ri 6dT evening at the i residence of Mrs. l?^nsL The gtiosts will be member? Of the High p"lve chib and their liiis bands. . . ,' •'"+• •The Missioln Band' of tUt- nofonuod church will noon with Hjrs. FUtii street inoet on Saturday aftrr- Metcalf on Norili •I* •> <' ?rh8 Woman's Association of the Reformed cSi'urch wjU meet on Thurs day In the churdh liarlors. * * * -The Mothers' club will liave a Inis neBS meeting tomorrow aftenioou ir. BoU&ers' Chapel. * • *• ' "Wl P. Kriause left today foi j,. an extended visit In Ganvin, Iowa. r - ;• • . • * • I f'Mrs, G. W. Adams has pont- t.) Dewey, I. T., for a visit with rclativop. «• * + ; Miss' Barbara Fry will havp liti f Sewing'club tomorrow afternoon. f' ! * •> * [ : Mrs. A. L. Brumbaugh, .Mrs. li. K I, RobinBon and .Mps. Meivin Fronk hav> f cent out Invitations for a reception i to occur on Wednesday, Xoveniber '2<>. I fit M^. Brumbaugh's residence. r j 4. A. 1. There will be another of th<" bo.v ball parties at the Royal tonionow jttjght + + •}• ; The Social Twenty cIuIj win In; . ' iertalsed on Friday afternooi) by .Mrs M. ItlfliardH and .Mrs. A. W. Alk-n ;i .Mrs. Uicliards" Honie, conicr First anil .Madison. •:• III u letter which .Mr. and Mrs. C. li. .Suflii'r ivci'lveil today from .MIhjj Edith Stirher, >ihe says she Is recover iiij; from the recent Injury which lilts Kept h-r iroiii her Bliidles for lie j.iist fi'W wetKTj. .Mi-xs Siirlli r'.i many frleiHls will be B ad to hear of Improvement. •> + •:• iBeautiful Hand Painted China! A good assortmcut of handsome plates and single pieces. The decorations are exclusive and beautifully executed. A most acceptable present for the ladies. MCNEIL BROTHERS. .Mr.-. W. T. Wiitboii and .Mi-s. C. L.: KvaiiK ri 't irned last evening from a l-rief stay In Kansas City. -:• •> * I.adiVs of the Baptist clinrch ar.' •lanniuK a delightful trip for Thurs:ay niorninjr. Tlie ladies will go to 'lie Orphanage and a.ssist Mis-s Rerp •; iireiiaring wlnt<"r wardrobes for the rlildren at the Home. .\ large num- •er of ladies will attend. •I* * * .Mrs. K. S. Asiiinal" is home frmn '.'•a arc arranging for tha rummage ^alif which will be held Just before riirivifmas. probably on December 21 o: 22. • • •> .Miss Bess Kinnc and .M'ss Gertrnd .Messinger of Moran are spending ; v.c.'k with Mrs. Merrill Esse^ "2 .'-'<'«lh Washington. • + + -Miss Lora N. Cooper ,of Parsons v,as in the city yesterday to meet pupils of her music class. Miss Coop .••sit with her ..on. Mr. Fred Aspinall.i;. ^.^^ ^ g^^^t ^jl^^ Effle Stapp a.r Lawrence. I + * + •> •*•• ! .\ Florence Root, 214 South Sye Ml-.-. H. .\. I'.-rlvlns and .Nellie H- '•;;„„„,.(, street, will be hostess of the Y •in., of l>..,sad,Mi.x ra ;;;omla. arriveii j ^„ .^liunsday evening. The cv- oday a brief visit with Mr. and ,„ „j Mrs. L. L. Xorthnip. 'rale. A A j ^ ^ ^ Mrs-. .M.nrk H'Hes was h«.>.l.-.s.s- of; ^^j^^ Lucile RngKsh has returned to he P. E. O. chapter yesterday aft ^r-! j^,„poria^ after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. English. bonk review Mrs iMia' charmiiijr way. •-•av^ • r i' -_ I:-.' I: Mey titereF ''Where are lyou going?" • . ''Going afteii a sack of Um Sm Prntmnf Fionr. My wife jWon'tnse anytliing else." iMmwi^Mlgk SiEhf, Oo. •won during the usual semi-monthly !iroprani. .V large nnnifter of the uembers were present and the after- incm was most enjoyable. Th.^ pm- ".•Hin was based on subjects relative o "writtrs of ibc ))resent day."' Miss Meuhili -McCance r--ail a jmiier on th-> life and work of \V. Howells and as ai .\ P. Harns, In h?r| a syiui(jsi •• T "The WiKid Crirvcr -if f!lymo\ith." Tiie chapter will nii 'et In two wecl;- :it l^Harpe. ••• .'. .Mr. :iiicl Mrs. T. .1. Faneli.-r. .Mr. •11 .1 Mv« II. P. Casvel and W. T. Kd •<nrds wr-p- Initiated Into the order i<r "ytlilaii Sisters Ifst evening at a (•.•t!iiK In K. P. Jliil!. .\ light b:in- •lii't eloffii. tin- i;venhig. .> .Mr.-. Wyrfield r,ravp>.". of Kiinsa ; Ci'.i. i.-; vl.-Kinp hor parenr.*;' Mr. an-! MiH. .1. H King. •:• •'• .M's.-; .\aney .Mitehell. of .I.>ffMr.-oii '"'y. .Mn. is a gue.=t or her consie. ^'ifi. \V. S. Goodwin. 4. .> .Vt :i nH'etiii'.-; of the ^^1orking soc= • iy of the Pre.'^byterlan cliurrh which 1.- in pro.<;ress this afternoon the lad + * • Mr. and Mrs. .A. JJ. Jfoorehead hav< .Mr. and Mrs. Fred Covert, of Topeka .'.'Jests for a week. * * * -Mr. and .Mrs. W. R. Uedfeni enter t:i(nf d at dinner on Monday evening Their guests w»'re a small party of I; tiniate friend^. * • * .Mr. and .Mrs. J(»hn Williams enter ;.<iiieil a party of rc'atlves today f '• •lebrale the ."ilth birlhday annivcr- s :ry of .Mr. Chas. Cole. The guests wire fiervqd with an elaborate dinner ii noon. 'Anionp those who enjoyed l!ie occasion were Mr. and .Mrs. Cha^ Look at OuT/ Libbey Ctit Glasb, Kook- wood Pottery and Hand Painted China. 'ewall, Jeweler and OpticlaF 104 North Washington. M BIAMONO RING mm <.>u n geutlcmau'd fiuger does not say a word— but it does a Jot of talking nevertheless. It indicates pro>pcrIty. It iitdiuds for Suaucial responsibility. It evidences success. Its iu/luetiee for good is far reaching, Aud it is worth its price any time the wearer ui.iV desire to di.spose We recjnest an examloa- tion of our Diamoud Ring Display aud promise, to mat4jh the highest qualities and the lowest prices that can be found anywhere Cola. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cole and family of LaHarpe. Mr. and Mrs. George Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bock and Miss Iva Cole. * * * Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Ellis, of OWa- home have returned home after a visit wjUv Mr. and Mrs. Al Ellis. • • • ..Mr. Boatrlght Is drilling a young ladies' rpiartotto for the first of the seres of prelude concerts to bo piven with the Y. M. C. A. wlntar leclur-^ course. There will be three such programs varied with Instnimental and vocal music to precede each of tho •hiee lectures. The other two num- bi'i'^ on the course are fu'l concerts liy 'wo of the best companies on the ly- •fiim iilatfonn. Another feature of he first |)rogram wl'l be n reading 'ly Mr-. Grace .Morrlson-I^ofland. The first lecture comes Friday evening, November 22, when Earnest Wray Omal delivers his lecture on "Popular -';'ll.?c!es." WHO ISKS HYOMEIl The Best People In Inla Say Charles B. .Spencer. Onaranteed in Catarrhal Tronble<>. Xo other remedy or medical treat- iient has ever been as popular or na'Je so may remarkable cures in lola as Hyomei. The best peojile attest its curative virtues, says Charles R. Spencer who s the local agent. The fair way in •vhich Hyomei was sold, to refund the money unless it gave satisfaction, was he best proof when it w-as Introduced hat It possessed unusnal curative lowers. Charles B. Spencer took all he risk of the treatment giving satls- fractlon, and left It to the purchaseri to be the judge. Later, when Hyomei was used and recommended by onr well-known phy- -cialns and business men and their •vive.-< as a treatment that absolutely ?iircd catarrh, no matter how serious sr long standing, the sales rapidly ;rew and today there Is no other re-1 nedy in Charles B. Spencer's large I stock that has such a large and staple sale. The fir.-t breat of TLvomel's healing II kills all catarrhal poison. Try Hyomei today on Charles V: •ipencer's offer to refund the money IB the rcatment does not give you satls- 'i'ctlon. and you will soon become Itrfi There's nothing else that gives such liiick curative results in catarrhal -ondltloui'. CRANBERRIES TO BE HIGHER. Dealers Say That Season's Supply Nearly Exhausted. la j /Cranberries, which a month ago Kcie selling at ten cents a quart, have advanced and are now retailing at two ;i;!irtK for 2."> cents, and it Is prob able that the price will go even high rr by Christmas tIine .Ni (^he cranberry fT>?~very popular at the holiday seasons -Iiecially Thanksgiving. The local fruit dealers, however, d.) not look for any advance befor- Thonkif'-iving. It Is estimated that 4,"0.0t'n barrels was the "output this year and of that amount only 70.000 bcrrels have been sold by tbe grow ers. These figures would Indlcaf'- hat the supply this year Is nearly ^one and that In a few weeks that her ry will be hard to get. hence an In crease In the price Is looked for. TOURNAMENT TO CLOSE. M. C. A. Basket Bal Plav Final Game Teams Will Friday. COFFEY A Smi, The Y. M. C. A. basket ball tournament is to close next Friday nigh; with a game between teams 1 and " The result of this game will decld. whieli one of the teams wl'l rocelvi-' •li" hatid.some burnt wood champion s; Ip trophy. Already three games tiove been played. Number 1 defeated number 2, number C defeated number 4. and iwimber 3 defeated number ;> 'ecving numbers 1 and 3 the nnde 'I'.'ited (cams. It Is the Intention of DIreptor Blls- 'If pick the first team soon after fh' tournament Is flnUhed. lie will |ir /)b •ibiy have Hniiin university team dowr '.-I open file basltpf hull season. lie 'iiiK not yet decided, however, what <<'iiDi he can get to come. Complete with the rock bottom prices which we are enabled to quote on account of our buying power is your positive assurance of securing values far and away above the ordinary in cur stock of Winter Clothes For Men, Youths, Boy or Chii'd. You have our word that any Overcoat or Suit bought of us is the very Ijest money can buy whether you pay $9.75, $12.50 $14.75, $16.50, $18 or $20. Full and Complete Selections at Each Price Named. Copy-righi 1907 The House of Kuppenheimei Chicago W.L. Douglas Shoes ThsBest on Earth $3.50 AU Leathers Men's Underwear Heavy fltece lined underwear, that se)ls regularly for 50c, special value, 39c Notice! We will accept all local Clearing House Certificates and Checks in pay ment for goods purchased and on accounts. They're as good as CASH! Outfitters for Men and Boys Popular Price Clothiers DEATH FROM SCALDING Three Year OIH Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sine Died This Morning. The three year old son of Mr. and .Mrs. J. W. SIna. living in northeast I.allarpe died early this morning from tl.c effects of falling into a tub of scalding hot water last evening. The ihlld was watching the mother do the family washing and while leaning ovo.- the edge of the tub fell in. Mrs. Siut snatched the little boy from the tub quickly, but not before he was fatally scalded. The child suffered great afony until death. Mrs. Sine's hands were terribly burned while attempting to rescue tbe child. COLO WEATHER RETARDS WORK. City Encineer's Force Haa Surveyed ^ 500 Lots i.". New Cemetery. 1^ The city engineer's force is prob ahy more handicapped by the col<i weather than any other force of men The force hs now at work laying out the lots In the new ce.moterj' north ^ town. )mil8 kind of work requires little walking but It Is necessary for the men to stay out in the cold all of the time. Tiie result is that the men are nearly frozen at the end of a half day's work. At the present time 500 lots have been staked, out and fire of these halve already been sold to prtrats parties at a temporaiT price set by fhf city tcouncil. There are stOl several of the Iota to be staked ot^ REVIVAL MEETINGS BEGIN. Th'- revival mcetlnce began last I. ^;ht at (I'uc Baptist church with a strong sermon by Rev. G. Cassldy, of WSchlta, who will remain here In charge of the meetings for the ne.\-t two weeks. The public :.^ Invltod to attend these meetings. .\ chorus of twenty voices Is furnfshlng special music for the meetlnss. THAY ARE FRESH. A choJce .aisortmenf of this popular braud at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and sec how well it pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington aiid'W^est Sts. Everything in appropriate jewelry designs. Just the suit able gift that yon may hive in mind is now represented in onr display. Tbe SAKl'A IE niil mc H HU.VKSKKKKKS ' IIi-ketH Nix. lUtb, Dec. 8d and lith, 1907 tu puiutfi In TexH<( ,Oklnh<iniH and Indian Terrltorj^, New Mexico and ArkanNait at very low rules. niNTER TOURIST tickets on sale dail} I'th. liN)? to AprD SOUu 1908, with final return limit June l!<ty liNlS, (u Ittuumont, El Pa< so, Ft. Viorfhi Galreston, Texas, Carlsbad and Demiug, >'. M. at low rates. Please see us for farther parlculars. E, RALSTON, Ji^gent Junior X>ei}ajrtm;^x:it iStoire

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