Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 3
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J twr wran the line In Oklabemii. two nilim dtsiaiit trom tbc bui city of .20,000po |AilaUyu)4cM>ontub(>a dlrwitb alarKCbuiet brl(_ i> of the largest llndutt'rtes of Cofr«>Tnie. Ratiua. ali of which are wli wlU sooa be exteuded to Sooth Coffeyvllle. Oklahoma: Bite—giving fifteen minute service. nor in operation wlihlu ejfibt blockR of the new town! Thv Factory District in the south i>art of CofTeyvU.'c. Kausu. Vhicti tsbut a 'ahort dtoUnce froin South Oof- reyYlHe. Oklahoma. Is today'lar^r than the entlrfe factory district of a numlter of bar larger cities of ttiaiontb west. The Km.PatteneH MBltag CeMnaay has the Iari;e»t flouring miKs ia the state of Kaaaas.] The 8hla «r Weien Vllrc Fcneiug Factory Is tho largest factory of Its kind In the soathweet-r-aU are:brick btilldlngs. TIA. Kali Brothers Fniit Jar factory. th(.> lurge«t fruit Jar factory lu the wekt. The {."effryiHk Fendry aad Achhie .Shops are the-best that y6u will Hud iu any. city: all brick bnlldinga. The-G^yTDIe Wi^w Glasii Heue, the PrepleV Celd, Sterafcr Plant, the WisHoari Pacltic Elevator, along with a number of other 'similar 'taetprles are all located In the south part of Coffeyvllle. Kaasas, as near to South CoBeyVine, Okjahoroa, as to the business secUou of Cofreyville. RansHS conucctiMl by at'.eel c^r line gi%ing fifteen minute service. TiM Rea-PattenoB Milling Ce^ CofieyTlIle, Kans., ntar South CoffeyTllle. Okla^ two blocks Irem street nir Uur. «The Shimer trovea Wire Feacfaff Faetery, ac«r Soath CofferrfUe, OUahoKii, Kaaaa« «Ide of the Ifa^" .1 S tflTil Cotreyrille, Oklahoma, wHh its great raUroad facilities, cheap fast free factory »ltrs no boDde#..ii> dcbtvdnrss;' lew taxes and wjthta easy access to all of the above factories, in the sooth part of Coffeyrilie/ Knns.. connected with good atrjMt car service, will soon be oue of the largest factory points of the soatbar^t. A CUyLwIth practically S railrmds and street car line.. .Mls-sourl Pacific. Iron Moiiutala and M. K. & T. rail-roads now in oporailon. Santa Fo soon to be extended, now In operation within Vs mile of new toMrn;Bite. jpof- feyvi:ie-.Meinphis railroad under w^ay Of coDBti-uction—1ft passeager trafais daily, .raiea Depot for all reads, all of which assures Sooth Cotre}->-ilIe of l>ecomliig the greatest railroad center of the southwest. A city with separate guvernuiont. with the advantages of separate laws, from those of Kansas. Access fto ilio grout gas flelds of Oklahoma, which is held within the state required by Ktate law. Separate schools for the white ahd colored required by state law. the advantage of the IntersUte freight rate. The laws regardiar the Prohibition tiaeNtioa are entirely different la Dklahonia Umn those la Kansiis. t'!« northern boaadary vi the cattle qaarentine Ibe, Ali of which assures South Co(re>-vl1lc. Oklahoma, of becoming the liirge»t city In the southwest. An investment In the beKiunlug r.f S<:u(h Coffeyvllle, Okla.. w^llt mean ^arge returns In a short Unic. Bbr opeaiag STov. 28, S7, SM, beglnnhiR Thanhsglrhir Day. ExcnnloDs on ail reads. Prices of lots mge from I1U0 to |:^> each) oae^tUth down, balance per month. Don't miss the openliig dates, as all lots not sold will takca sharp advance after that duto. I-^br mapt> uud llluraiure. or further particular;), write, wire THE KiXSiS L.ISD CO, Coffeyvllle, Kans. TlfEHia 8 L.VXD CO., Coffeyvllle, Kans., . KTCHE> BKOS. L.IXD CO. .Nowata, Qhla. NEWS OF LA HARPE I day A lujMal card thief was dUcovered' son, were ! Jiiit as s'.i,.' wii; tnaking away ANOTHER "SHOPLIFTER" CAIUUI YESTEUDAV AFTEn.\00.\. lK€vci-al 'dinies" worth of cardsl Up- i in-daio no arrests have I-«.'«"n made but yp-iord.Ty rvcnfng .Mr. \Vaters, senior iin-ml)i'r iif tho firm of Waters & Dan- fortli. stated the next i>erson canglit In the cl^- with guests of relatives.'. MISH Bessie Owing Vhu liaK been very III for the vast several days is j reported uiurli bitter aludsy. Mrs. H. AdaiiiH reiunted yesterday from I .Awreiice where sha has been 1 NEWS OF 6ASCITY NO PROSECUTION AS YET wculd lie iiuule an uxampte of audj visltiug for the past several days;; pro-iiuti"! (o the full extent of the} Mrt. 1'.. C. Wtiitj returned to her! . jhonn- in Alva. Okla.. after visitini:! 'here for the past several days. Mbs Uanna to Entertala. { .Mrs. .Mcsser and .^Iis8 Grace Hewlf; Miss- Grace Hanna has sent out in-jctme in yesterda} from Eni))oria for a' vitations for a p^rty to be given at 1 few da}-*'visit. her home next Tuesday evening. 1 Miss Mabel Ransom who underwent • i fup oii^ration for appendicitis for the Mrs. Dfan Connor Cntertaiaed. ' jusst sevnrai dsiys Is reported as im- .Mrs. Dean Connor entertained! piovlag as rapidly as could Iw ex- irienrts Thursday evening. The pretty j pi ri.ed. Connor home was appn>priately dec-j G. B. Hanna was in VX. Scott. Kas..! orated with chrj-santheraums. .\ dale-i yesterday on t>u £ines9. MRS. DiA> CO.WOB E>TERTA1.>. ED FRIE.XD.S TIICK.SDAV EVE. The High School Foot Bail Team I» PIsyiuff EIsBivn' ;:t Elsmoro Thb Afternoon— Pcr!<oual^. V - Are Laying Side Walks. Side walks are being laid today across the lola Electric Street Railway company tracts near the Katy depot. PosUt Card Tbittv.-.. Yor the past several months Wjiters & Danforth and other La Harpc merchants have been missing post cards and other small ihfn.cs from their stores. It was not until' recently that the way they were disappearing was discovered. For two or three days past the different meiuber:^ of Ihc firm of Waters ft Danforth and the clerks tihave been watching for thieves. Day before yesterday a "would-be shop- lirter* was caught In the act of making away with a i>ocket knife. Yestcr- yesterday the ' ||r IlIO AITU I>ers6n who appreciated friendship al -,tiDg a llttlo taste of what it ia lo bo ways has friends.—Bronson Pilot. ^ [lost. Ask them and they vrlll teU Miss'Mabel Wood is reported quite you ita enough to make anynie Hot seriously ill at her home in thlj city, only desiro to be saved, but to^flee for .• Dr. C. 12. Wood Js today moving his their lives. God is a consnmioi; flro ' TIES FOK THE SWITCH TO UTflOX rooms over O'Brien's to sin and If w^ arc sinners tlsore Is ' • * * store. .no hope for us but pardon for; slna W. W. Wllloughby and family came through the merits of a crnclfied Savin today from Gas City to make their lor. ^ , home iu Cfaanute.—Chanutc Sun. f Great expectancy Is entertained for '• • ,f the-Sabbath daj". Crowds of; people will, be on hand. Tho chip-ch is PORTLAND PLANT ilAYE ARRITED WORK TO BEGIN AT ONCE GITIIRIE CENTER TLVES S.WS DR .MTKOKY SUSTAl.NS REPCTATIO.V. REVIVAL OaYooTMnk For YoOTMlf r Or.4«>oa««*B roar aoatb Uka a yoaag 1 fslp down whataver fbod or aisdl* • • • • lataUtont tblnktnir wonua. flom we« i maniiiMi tkea'tt aMaai Mch to inil iniulifprrt The makets of Dr. Plom's Ta-rorlto Pt«- •erladoB. the cnro of vealu nerrooK na- aowa .oTCi ^worlced.ilet>UItated. p«In-rscked woaicn. loiawlBa ttalasMdldne to ba mad* op of aw (edleBt& every OM of wbldi hss tha •tnmsat powtblo IndoneiDaot ottba teadli* •ad staaiUid aathoilUes of tho asvwal •cbbols of prsetlce. are perfectly wUUac and la tact, axe only toorlad to ptiat. as ih«y do, "O^loca^cr list of iiiere^ts,'o(~«fatdi tt la eoawawd. *» plato JCncUik. on OTexy bocUv 'WVSpper. no2ottasla ot Dr. PtarnVFaToHla •olsUcxi will bear the most critical «Kaailn»- «0B BTidMical •awtia.lbr is cb^OiiM •> aliiiiil, almt-T *-—'*-* —'•i'—'frnntnr «|id;^.«C !Hieama into U U)a%Js. mt klsUy-^^Miteiided'IV tMuoit advaae^ •y three-course luncheoii was served to the foliowing gueslj: Misses Margaret McDoua'd. Marie Poston. Josle ilct.'orniack. Callii L«eka. Kster Un- qiiist. Grace Wood. Laura McCormack. .losie Nicholson. Dean Bruce, Agnes Roe. ICdith Harrell, Edith Houston. Florence Roc. Rilla Egle. Dollle Adams. iCatherinc Hartley and Mrs. Jas. Coiiphlin and .Messrs. Claude FVeeman, TO VISIT HUSBAND Mrs. Mingle Will Spend Sunday and Monday in Oklahoma City. The Wichita Eagle says: Unable to correspond satisfactorily Wendell Phillii»:. C. H. OIsou, Cane! with her husband, Mrs. Maymo Mia Kerr and Prof. Hyanu« and Dr. F. P. ' gle, wife of Forest Mingle.- In Jail at A Parly Uus Given Laj>t Eienlng for -Hrs. J. S. Crolcy In Honor of Hw Fifty-!>evenlh Birthday. Cnion Portland Again. Ties with which to erect the switch lo the iiite of the projwsed Union Port 1 ready for work and verily do we be'; lleve that God has a, great time in store for^us. We call opon each and _ :ever>- member of the church to iHsnUr Best' Meeting of Series Held Last t imself. Let 's have a great day for Night— Kx\ Excellent Meeting ... God and the church. Bring your loved • • •'. — jOnes in that they may be saved, la Expected Tomorrow. ..' Programs for the week's cplans will Stapleton. .'STKOPATHT— DR. W .n. ALBRIGHT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. State Bank Dldg. Phone 145. Only Osteopath in La Harpe. womaa'afii^ iMIs soar aaPtPlMotes of- IttirMDnttlqrsentesaCle ^dbiciDfa- liMAoC au tba schools o( pTactle& |a I not vrorthy-o« t%H(t Christian Cbarrb. Sunday l^chool at 9:-J.i a. m. I'reach- iug at 11 a. Ui. Junlon Endeavor at ;! p. m. Senior Endeavor at 6:30 p. \\\. I'rcachlni; at 'f.M v- ni.—Rev. Robt. Coj>elai>d. pastor. Prebyterlnn Cburclu Siiiiday school at 10 a. m. Preaching Jit )1 a. til. Cli:lh!lan Endeavor at i>:3U ;>. m. I'reaclilns at p. ni.—Rev. J. H. BHshi; pastor. Methodist Episcopal Church. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Junior l^eague at '.1 p. m. Epworth league at ft:3« p. m. Devotional service led by Gertrude Martin. Bible study by Thos L.elshty.—Rev. ira .M. Benfaam. pastor. Play at Elsmorp Today. Tlie high school foot ball team- and \ nutiiber of local rooters left Ihl? 5J'raing for Eltmore. Kas.. where they will meet the Elsmore hlgh. '^chool feet ball team. Since the EU- more "bunch" Is considered one of tuf fastest high school teams in 'this part of the state an exceptionally fast game Is expected. The locals have be^n defeated but once this year, , Oklahoma City, charged'with the murder of Mrs. Harry Pearson, will go to Oklahoma City Saturday night to visit her. bubband Sunday and Monday. Mingle i.-i in the county Jail at Oklahoma City, charged with kllllns Mrs. Harry Pi.arson of tl^at city September IC. while going under tho name of Harry Parker. He has been I bound over until the Januar}- term of court on the charge of murder in the first degree. ^ Mrp. Ming'e says that her husband has not received letters ttnl she sent because the Oklahoma City oillcials claim that there Is no C. P. Bitngle, to whom the letters were addressed, at the Jail. She saya tiiat she believes they arc attempting to force her to address the letters to Harry Parker fn order to use the letters as evidence. In tho few letters abe ha^ receiv ed from her husband'Mrs. Mingle saj's he spaaks of the bad treatment he is receiving at the hands of the Okla homa officials. He says that he has been placed in a poorly lighted, foul smelling cell with- "creepers" abounding. He also says that ^e is poorly fed and that the Jail offlclals will not allow him as}- food sent by friends. Airainst Wealth. The judges of the debate which was he'd in the high scbcoi yesterday af- te'raoon decided against wealth. Tb' <ui^tion for debate was: '-Resolved TliKt wealth causes more crime tha* porerty." The Judges. Mi as Alic ITrtttht. Miss Mary Zaring and MIs- Cbristine R,ablo gave a decision farp- Ing the argnment of tbose representa- tiyes side of the question. The program otherwise was alar very entertaining. The piano duet by Miss Maribelie McGlll and Mallen vrae well recehred. Mnaic was furnished ny the high school orchestra. Penania. >. i :'. 'Mrs. J. Burrla returned yeatoMay from Channte 'vrhera abe liaa heel Tlcttias for the past areek. ^ . j B; R UUIer. of Yatw Ceater. Iwa here yeaterdar on hnafaeaa. Miv and Ura. CUgr Hi^/ of Broo- Truth €md appeal to the WeO-Inldraed in eveiy vtaHc of Iif e and are eaecDtid to penoaneaft sooQ(as and creditable standing. Acoor- ingly, 'A is not daimed that S7nq> '4 Fip and Eli3^ of Senna is the on^ remedy of fcaovm valtie, but one of many why it-is the best of penooal aadiaiaify laxathres is the fact tiiat it .deanses, iweetens and idievrs the intttBal otgans an vriiidi it acta'witbout ia«y dfbilitating after effects and aritixNit having to incieaae ciio quantity from time to time. ' It acts pleasantly and ;>at«cally aix) tiufy as a htxattve, msA its component wtaytrc known to and approved by ikyuctaitt, as-it is free froai all objootioa- ibla adbstancea. To 'e ;eL'iU,bncfiaal i ^feat* always pmdiaac; Xtntr smtine— jteuleetured hs the Califurnii ^^etpr^ OB., only, and (or tale fagr alUeaahK drug- Last night was the best meeting of be out and everyixMiy will be wel- the aeries and truly we can saj* that come to a copy. Six great' prayer we are in the midst of a great re- meetinea win be held every day ex- vival. There was a fair sized congre- cept Saturday and Sunday. A work- gation to greet the preacher when he crs' meeting at the church each day arose to preach. The sermon was with-the aame exoepttons and we ata- pre<;eded by a 30 minute song service. cerely hope that there will be a stir- which was enjoyed by all. iring among the people- so that the The preaciers' text was found In house may be full night by night. This land Cement company arrived hare'Acts 27-13 and 14. He took for his is an old fashioned revival. One in yesterday over the Missouri, Kansas Altheme, life is like a sea voyage, eter- which i>eopIe get through, and are ex- Texas Railway company. They willJQity la tho part into which we must pected to have an experience when be, hauled at once lo the site of the;go, and the condition is tliat eternity they do eet through. Come. Invite, plant. The erection of the switch will ui ^jOcc. the-plant pqssibie. Without the switch there Is no way to haul is determined by our treatment of the and let God have a chance. Salvation provided in Jesus here. X ^r- ' Special music will be on iMmd esclk er}- ship that starts to cross the seas evenii:;: and we are going to. make the heavy machinery to the Eite of Iheiiias a port fn view and for this port this a good time before the Lord, plant. 'she must tead. Hhrory soul in life's; J. U. M. - sea has a port into which It must go. j SnsUias His Reputation. iThe port of heaven is secured by an; anooica rniiNn IJOT.AUILTV The following Is what the Guthrie endeavor on the part of the souL We """O"^* FOUNO WOT 4iUll.TY. Center (Iowa) Times says of Dr. 3. T. can drift vrith tho tidrand reach a w^i^,'. A «.jnrf aii .R .<i a*.*!^.^* McCrtiry. who lectures on the evening part but it will be the port of eternal of November IKth: Rev. J. T. McCrory ruin. There is need of chart to gnlde • inoiiterent, juaga vaio. of Pittsburg, Pa., delivered his Ie.:iurc us and this we find in the Holy Bi-! on "How VoMx Voting Fellows Won bio. Tbero l» need of a compaaa and iw court x^steniav afterjio.-" Oci" in the .Mathodlsi church Monday this we find in the Holy Ohoet. There Brooks colored • ... V '.t ulght. Dr. .McCrory sustained hia Is ne^d of a captain and this we find , cj,arre of the iile<al aale reputation which had prc^ceded In Jeau. who is fte ca^^^^ to our city in every way. vation. A ship that has lost iU bear- ,^ nrfKoner deelarinr tho avldenee He probably has few equals In tlio inga and being taken by the current <i«<'i "r »nr eviaeace lecture field In this country, Atmo«t becomes In the same breath he would carry but dangerous one from laughter to tears. His stories sea. Here the preacher told a story llliistratlag his points wete laugh- Of a ship like t^je above, simply drift- .i/a. he .iuM tioY'ftaS"'tt^ able indeed, and as he passed from, lag. being reported as having been TJSL^* IX. ^^^^^^ seen la the At'antic. Orders were given from Washington that a man-of- war "be taken from Xew York with orders to find this drifting veseel and destroy the same. A ZSrn^ n„r.„it .„ I ..Rufflclent to convict: Tbe Judge «Ud oue.i>olrit to another, carrying his list cnera with him he dist>laycd a imwcr truly wonderful. For Jlrs. Croley. Mrs. .1. S. Croley was very pleasant- '^pomitted, vAt the testimony WR» of'ttq^a eliar> fen.'ant rniltv.. Onhr one " vrttaew. .tames Havnt«. colored, awore to the statement t>-af Bropv* had M ^Itnoar o- that he had anvthlng tft .do witt it, Other wltnesfiea for the city. eoOld ndt' with the current Is likewise iTdanS ^^'^7^'t:^*rjf,'r'^': 'y surprised last evening in honor of to those about him from a spiritual wmTTm^ *^i»V^«7 *.!iiSl*''« J her flfti-aeventh birthdav. Refresh standuoint !_ cM«>f of polfee. and her flft>--seventh birthday. Refresh standpoint The port to which men are invited J'".''''- "•V""!?'?.-.^??^ to start is one of supreme bcaut^ and ^''^ 9^va^-^ .n« To StTIre' ^ M««~^^ a tniVtofemle«- .v^ =J ??I: H Wne -efler w«.. a3TM«#d ;v.<««^ ments were 8er \-ed. Those present were: Mr. AL Robinson and family. R. N. Fladdls and family. T. C. Henry and attracUvenesa and wife. Ralph Howard-and family. Sirs, for unsaved peraona v« -.c ^. „ G, B. Croley and faml'y. Will Croley jthroVn out. Here \Xp speaker dis- ^.rh t^^IoiTAoa ^S*^lbit«rv and family. Mrs, Will Depontler. Mr^. [cnsaed the possibility of death bed re-,,"'^" V^S^^Kak^^nAr^l^t^^ •^T ^Seacher don't believe In them' and brings Scriptures to prove his ^^^^^^^^ "f^^ [position. The thief on the cross poa- arraloimeM. ft-. Sihly accepted the flrat offer of salvation that had been extended to him. John Skinner and daughter. Mrs. Gll- linwator and Roy Gujand, Clyde Croley. , ^orth EndCharch. Bible scliool at 9:45 a. m. Preaching service at 11 a. ni. Junior at 3 p. m.lThe.lttan who was employed at t!:e Senior*at 7 p. m. The evening service e'eventh hoar and received a salary will be given over to a praise service aafd as a reason why he vras not at entirely, at 7:45. Special music. Tou work. Tio man liad hired me, and at once when the Savior reqiiaited he hastened to work. ^cOraw apd a-tronp^ of adored SOT '»riners ham been t^Bltifi. :«ttelBe ! from p. wa^on at Sootli latri^^ ,and Madison avenne for aevera^ «vifedb4 arc Invited.—W. X. L^per, pastor. Pm«£als. ' . Miss Amy Seaidj^.of Moran. who has been-the gneatij oit relatlvea here Patting off'your gpttfng rii#t with God until the last moment liaa no arrant in Scripture. The tiine to! NO STREET CAR FA^E QCCMION. - ,1 -i • - .. " The Cleveland Recaivera Have H^ft, Oeeided Upon a'Rata. „ , „. .Cleveland, O., Nov, 14 .-7- A preHm- for the past serer^days.! returned to atart your ship, /f drifting. i» tonft^'fc sUtemeat waa laaoaA ttoday- her bbme lifst ereidnr f Thla disodarae wis foRowetT 1^ an receipt of th* ftreet;' ralliray ' RT . X. N.lieper came in laat even- appeal for each and afl to find tjot««- «J«tem. It was aald ttat^thfiir fliat ing from Lawrence^ Kas., where ^belnltely for hteadf that he wa^liead- dn^ would be to conaerre lieiirBp- haa bSwa car'^Snaiaeas.- -i . «d right-aod'at the dose many eaaiei^r^ >nd operate the llaea ttt-tte hi- Miia Oertha Bhradc; of Cohaiy. i&s: forward aeeking the Lotil. '-nte after Merest of th&paWic, .^OIoriliBS the waa- herft.. yeatrtday the. . piaat ;of maetiar eonttamed Idas into the nl^t nest posstblfi aoooa|(|0Btlaa» and set^ frieoda. «te waa^fonoerly avptoyed and closed with people at the aiur.: yUcy nrtiy .jwi;Mi^t«'d:^< in tha Gaa Cttyjlfariild aCBoa: : Vnjiy do mes bavej to seek Ood to'to the ;rate of/bi^hM •ae^tM«B'«e^V lira. -E!hrtinror& .^•'PSi^ Pi'PP- lionseliSita; pardoo. Thera- is Joat erty in i^tSity iuid~mOTea,lb^.ac^t week. • 'Sbelaa 'many warn.' firMUi ati aooal pardw Ibr. atna eoniaitte4 and this place Kad she is aad at TeaVtng them;- aaA incpreeaes to 'na her apprl- Ciatlcn of Undnessas abowa her. A cfae way- td'fhid th« ISartdr fafa' vto- clded. Cark.Tbpgiaa. adltqf oC^tha M«ri(a -^labytlMiwarof the'er6M.iii-hfth ^ hMaoa agony aad hard work. TlMae|HeraId. waa lif tchrh todfar' oa'W^ people OBdor tttta eoovldloaata iet-n««. '^IW^PS^iP*^^''-*--^^^^ .- ... — Ji^. catlcn of Mndnews «bown her. Aj people ondor thla eoovldloa a>a get-n««. /\a

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