Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 2
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-FJltsf«raii,''Ai ^ . Appointed 8ecr«tary. gWfs.'W. D.-oWtolfe. pre««enVot the- f^eratloa.of women's clubs of the'' Second'district; has appointed Mrs. ICY. Boyd to.flU the office of cor-- nJKponding secretary for the district • Mm. SoTi U:B, member'of the;Cur--' r«"t' B^eiit clnb and was • especially a«lve in plam^ng out the program; fOT the convention recently held^^ere.: ' ^kbv.'-Wolfe Ip now }a 'conununica-^ tidb wife Mrji.,BjJ?ta ?8 Brown, state presidefatMof "the.'vtate federation, as t(^i^he paines of ipmen who would be a^eeable for coimittee work and tho Bttndioe reoqpnittees for the district wfll be appbintod hi a shot! time. •i To Give aeeital. ^ra. Grace Beck Waugh. who a^arfre class of piano pupils, a major- it7 of whom are doing advanced work atA,*ve accomplished musicians, 'is arranging to give a reclUl for their tvimda and other innslclans. Mrs. 'VOiaugh'a muslcalcs are always among tl^ most entertaining cvenlit giren here In musical circles. * * + r Our New First Lady. :irr8. William H. Taft Is .a qnleL h^e body, who lovea her liege lord fc^dly. and is devoted to her houae- fa«d duties. That has been about the t^e of all the wives of our Presl- d^ts. "Lady Washington'-was the etneuce of all tbat was refined,' graces and home-loving-. Come down tve years, and such you will find the "mistress, of the \WiIte house" to have be^n at all times. One might search ttF^ earth among simple, gentle and rc^al. for a woman more gracious, sweet and womanly than Mrs. Cleveland. Mrs. Roosevelt sets a'l women a -good example in the simplicity of Iw manner, "far from the madding crowTs ignoble strife'-' and from the flub of the limelight. Mrs., Taft will follow wortbily In the footsteps of Lady Washington, of nolly Madison, of Miss Lane, Mrs. Cleveland and Mrs. Roosevelt.—Los Angeles Times. * • • Visit in Parsons. Mrfi. J. S. McClain left today for au extended visit in Parsons. * • 4 Sorosis Club. Mrs. .O.^W..:HoIine8 is <-iit<Maining tte Sorosis club today. > + * • Going to Wishburn. Miss Cora Klein leaves next Tue»day for Washburn college, Topeka. ^tiss Kl?In was there last year and specialized in music. * * * For Pawnte Rock Fund. That booklet "Echoes of Pawuee Rock" which Kansas club women had printed Is now for sale. The contents is In keeping with the cause Which prompted its publication, the preeervanoo of < Pawnee Rock, and there are some very clever things by women who are well up on tb» ladder of literary success. The proceeds of 'the sales will go toward purchasing the site on which this old landmark Is located. None of the books have been sent here, but the club women will probably have some to distribute soon.. AUDIT HAwtev^ MOORE : ,Th%-best Juv«nile skater in the-: ; Wortd.. i AUPUjjQjBiiiiil Distributed Literature. Mrs. W. D. Wolfe. Mrs. E. C. Enp 11^. Mrs. Stoddard and Mrs. W. E Lyons, representing the Sorosis club visited the poor farm on -Thursday afternoon. They arc the committee appointed' to distribute literature for the club and the object of their trip was to ta^e a number of magazinfs and fnterestlng books to the people wfco live at the farm. * * • Shower for JMiss Sickly. Once more Cupid with that bittersweet^ arrow of which cverjone save a c>TilcaI bahcelor is in awe, has entered ^ the bunch of Teens and'Twen­ ties and has singled out one bf the moKtpopular girls to wear bis em- USBEY'S CUT GUSS mo^aRW^MHT trovr $20MO ^iHi^'mm'T* ail a. « A X. bleras, a bridal ye'ir.and the weddlag ring. ; In'view of. this Invasion "nn4 th«j approaching inaifrrage of Jliss Bertha Sickly to .Mr., E. J.- Bondy. a nurc-ber of Intimate friends of the bridt-eloct Iiavc her a shower last night at the homo of .Miss Nettle Brigham. The evening was especially merry with music and tho entliusiastic expressions of good" wishes to tbc honor guest. When the fifts were presented eacli article was'cuclosed In a paper bag and fastened to a string which every girl helped to hold after the fashion of a Juvenile game. Wben the sacks were <Spened Miss Sickly found a "siower" of dainty handkerchiefs, lingerie pillow covers and <<Mafing dish aprons as souvenirs of .the event. There was a delicious supper afterwards with pltfbea for eleven. Those present were Miss Sickly. Miss Xettl^ Brigham, Miss Barbara Fry, Miss Clara Crangle, Miss Josephine Riddle, Miss Cora Klein, ^iiss Mciyme Anderson, .MlsB Florence Hobart, Miss Edna Mcaaln. Miss AlberU Munson. Miss Ethel Divers, of Neosho Falls. Mies Mitchell Returns. Mi^js Imogene MItche'I who has ''ccn u guest, of Mrs. W. S. Goodin, for the past month.-returned to her home In ,7effer»ou City, Mo., today. , * * * Miss Hoch Cpming Home. .Mr. and Mrs. George M. Hodi are expecting their daughter. Miss Bertha Hocli lo return in a short tlnio from Caliiuniia. Miss Hoph to.'; _spent several months with relatives and friend In several cities. * • • Would Enter Federation. Each year brings into the federation of America a large number of women who recognize in the study clnb an opportunity to onjoj- good literature and other beneBts of life. Recently ^be women of Colony became- ambitious to form an organiaztion to promote their mutual Interests and fonU' ed a club called the " The work wPl consist of the study of] literature and thines relative to Domestic Science. They have chosen the Bay View study course and are entering upon a very pleasant'and beneficial season. The members are also d^Irous of entering the federation of this distrl'-'t and have written to Mrs. Wolfe here to come ' to them In the near future to explain the details of federation worl<. It Is probable that the club will enter tli<; list iu a very short time. + * •» Home From Kansas CHy. Mrs. E. P. Brigfaam returned last night from a visit In Kansas City. * + * Miss Divers Here. Miss Ethel Divers pf Neosho Ka'ls, <s spending a few dayt with Miss Cora Klein .in-J other friends here, * • * Some Wedding pake and— Two small bits of wedding cake have caused sojoe excitement among a group of girls here In town. Not verj' long ago when one bf them returned from an out-of-town wedding there was a mnall box of Ijride's Take in her hand bu-^'. The first time •f^e met the "bunch" the carefully hoarded slice was broken up and pass•^A around with instructkma that to be of any use It mHst'bc enclosed with he names of seven masculine friends In an envelope, and' put nnder the pll- ow eveo' night. lESach morning one name must be drawn out .and on the seventh day the name which remained would be THE one. The crowd met one afternoon at narty and ever>body told the result if that plan. The'first part of the ex-) >erienco meeting was perfectly qule{ ind harmonious but; It ended iu small riot because two of the girls h^d drawn the same man's name on the seventh day. ^Vhat do you know about that: ' •> • • Returns to Illinois. Sirs. J.' Roberts has returned ,to her home in Aurora, 111:, after an ^x-J tended visit with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bamhart. + > •> P. E. O. Chapter to MesL There will be a mf?eting of tl:e P. "5. O. chapter on Tuesdav aftemoop nert w*»ok- iMrs. !w. R. HeylmOB win entertain. I X'. • • * • jlf Had Many VI»ltorfc T»e general 'McnUiqr's report"-lit th* *Y. W, C. A. bbftrd meeting this month 8bow§d that SSS pteple cslM at the rooms during :October, Sixty- three persoDal calls were made by the secretary; 208 auended gymnsMom clashes and 125 were atone social, while • J36 were at Vesper serrteet. One sick womacn' was oareA for at fSth rdooM ahtn tier train hour. ' titif- toree srtool glrla' wto^ entertain^ TUN, Caftinr sad Ferferttoa eat^Ual paints of a.ftae DfuieBd. . We have received direct from the cutters, a fine lot of speclair ly cut diamonds. While paying i partk-ulyr attention to the Above qoalitles, our prices are , the- cheapest. < (Jhre Us a C«II J. W. COFF^V & m KxclHsiTC Jewelers. ..' Crouch Tells EHe Record Everythins is in First Class Condition.—'Ha* Confidence In Mr. Taft. ' ' .^^The Erie Record says: V'Bcfbre'the end of the presenl year wg. will be making contracts for the gliding of pur road between Humboldt and Pittsburg, -and before tnany months we will have cars, running over at least a part of the route.'* F. ,V. Crouch of lola made Ibis statement to a representative .of Tho Itefcord yesterday oyer the telephone. Mr. Crouch left a meeting of the directors of the Southern KaB^ filoc- tric Railway company to answer the telephone and he said that the statements he made represented the sentiment of every director of the company, --^-?^--:^.V -v Mtei . WANTED—Good colored i girl for general housework. Inquire at Famous clothing storp. ' TO LOAN—15,000 private money bh farm land at 6 per cent-^Tola Land Co^ WANTED—Two young ladies to solicit. - C. F. Florence, Rooms lO and 11, Evans Block. WANTED—All kinds of se6oud hand household furniture.—The lola Furniture' Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop. u-inn*. naiMtMaM M.* • "Tho results of the recent election «u» 1 oiS ^^Bi* lof liave been very -favorable to oiir pro- r"" * „^ Mibs LAttlse Hyde; 812 North .Tef- . .„ . ' ~i,o -re Phone 2D. . i??hr5B^pannTd,^r« a^^^^^^^ fUjl^Tl^ll)-^^^]. s-^I^vA^^.- ^t. Prteo.areln Europe' but they Jteen 'j^^^^ ,,„ggj.. Phone 4C3 or X092. the King, as her guests yesterday af- - ^ ^. , temoon. The first plan» for Christ-.^ "^'^H ?J 'I?'™ mas were made and some sewing com ^hey have been pletcd. Postoon'ed Meeting '» Democrat I am compelled to ad- ^"^^^"^ Land Co. Office over Iowa The moetinTwhich tho Rules class ^'^'l?*; .T"''' ^tore, lola. Kas. ^Lf''S^lJ''^^'^Z£''\^^ S^anta'J'''.ic "n"^e 'lSd "''p "rSn SALESMB^ & AGEXT*-,, , fioToO last evening was postponed. There ^.^^^ ^„HA^„t fh„ i„,i.,=fri,.,: P«r week and over can be made selling WANTED—lola property to ex- waiting to learn the outcome of the'^^^nge for Kansas and Missouri land, 'campaign Jiist closed, and although Business Dbcctorye • • • *• . JOllA G. WOODDf, M. D. * * FhTjilcIan and Snrgeon. * Uter Bdrrcll's. Phone m • • • • • « • • • • DH. MILDIiED CtlBTIS • • FhjaiefiiB aa€ Sarfeea. ~ * Office over BuTell's Drag Store * Officd Phohe 654. • Residence 214 B. Jackaoa . • Phone 669. • DB. MclUIiLEV, Special attention, given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Cblldren.. > Telephones: Office 32, Sea. 28S. Office over Burrell'i Pmg Stora West Madison. V BSl evening was p«n>i.|>uiieu. luvtv xhnr HPP nonflilftit thnt thp lfnlii-frl,>i- P'" "vor taiu uts IUBUD OCUIUB .ill be a meeting soon to organize a Jr'Xn 'ericrwmt'pr^^ New C^pafgn Nov^^^^^^ » I the-Taft administration and I con- "^^^PI ^W nil P,if^^^^^^ * fess tlat 1 have come to share that Jf^Z^ T/^"'" f °*Jji^'ll!^^^ Open House Tomorrow. ' view mrself" = Complete line of-samples, charges pre- Tomorrow afternoon la "open house" Mr. Crouch said that the financial S^^^-4**%n°'^*Jn*'^w«»«?J?"'f^.^ at the Young Women's Christian As- uifflculUes that Just touched cerUln JJP.I^ ^ ^ sociatlon and after a convenUou mes- parts of the United States last fall ^""^SO. ^ sage Is given-by t^egeneral.secretarj- were much more serious in Europe WANTBD-Young men to prepare,, who attended the Kansas and Okla- than In America and had occasioned . • ^ ... * J, .. * homa State Convention in Wichita Snsldera:bl^ defarin Xi^ up the examination tor Ra.lway.l- last week, there will follow tlie at deal for the Kansas railroad. A re- M*"' o^her Qovernment Positions. , home Hour, which is to be a res.ulai markable improvement, however, has Sdperior Instruction by Mail. Estab- fcaturo on each Sunday afternoon been made in conditions during the iighed 14 vears. Thousands of sue- • eerafter. The rooms arc open at 2 past few months and ^r- Crouch be- ....... gtudents Samule onestionsl' o'tlock on Sunday and any girt may jieves that the funds for building the students. Sample questions, spfend a whole afternoon or a plea-s- road will be received within a few aid "How Govt Positions are Se-', aut hour and may meet new friends, weeks. He has no Intention of begin- cured" sent free. luler-State School? as well as those with whom she Is al- ning the work until all of the money 291 la. Ave. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. ready acquainted, The de-v-otlonal necessary for its ' completion is on ; - ' ' service begins at 3 o'ctock and there hand. POSt^ ^^t-^-mmnmflMHMMiM Is special music furnished by a class .. The grading for the electric road pf gymnasium giris. flas already been completed as-far as ' FOR SAHj—Two Bush & Gerts • • "S" Humboldt, and 'for that reason th§ pianos slightly used, left with me for WANTED—Ten young ladies to so- line will be completed from lola to sale by^ Chanute parties. These are licit subscriptions for good reliable that place first. Contracts for «rrad-- bargilBS. John V. Roberts Music Store. newspaper In Diamond Ring contest. Ing the remainder of the line"will be. •• : ; Contest will be short, ending the day made Just as soon as the deal fa clos-i - FO?^ SALE—A 22-acre fruit and before Christhias.. Diamond ring to ed and the wprk will be rushed on eV-; truck farm, 2 miles north of Gas City. Phone 687. Ret .7 «L'* DB. 0. L. COX, • IBye. Ear, Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. " Office A. O. U. W. Bids. ' Offlca Tel. 1083. Nl^t TeL »»% 1 DR. B. 0. cnntnitiiK L - PhysielaB and 'Siiveea ^ " Rooms 7 ^d 8. Bvans Btdc • wttb. a ean^ple gyaaikaaium leaaon. «4«fsttr want ais,Wtaf rtMHi. cost J50.00 cash. Write giving name cry section -of the road, and addres:-. "R. C" care lola Dully Register. * •> '> W. C. T. U. Meetinp. Good bottom land. Gas City, R. R. 1. J. W. McWilliams. FOR JtENT^House. North Buckeye. Inquire 208 Removipg the Awning. Tte Wooden awning In front of the ' poR SALE OR TRADE—(3ood prop... . , building occupied by the - McClaIn , erty. close in. Call 110 West Monroe. The election of a president to sue- Clothing store on Madison avenue is Ip . ' • '' • • - •—- ceed Mrs. E. F. Arnold was the prin- being removed tooay. it will glVe fOgt cipal |feature of the W. C. T. U. the store more light and make the meeting yesterday. Mrs. E. B. Keys part of the block more sightly. " who preceded Mrs. Arnold and who . . , fOr several years was at the liead of V!.' the organization,was elected and will r|h||T TUF DIAPliF assume charge of the work at once, fmn I I lltl I LAuUt Mlrs. Keys has acted as substitute dur- • * ^ ing Mrs. Arnold's absence because of the illness of her dau^ter. „ „ . ,(, 4. .> : Dr. (.mnblne Cnces Convention to Mass Meeting, I 1''"" ^'<"'k to' Stamp Out Con- There will be a temperance masM ^ snmptloii. meeting one week from Sunday P. n- HAsm, • * ' Surgery »Jid Diseases 6t ' * • / Women. • • Office an/I Residence Phone •576 ^ • Office 7 North Jefferson. • JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable JeweltTj 110 Bast Street. FOR tXOHMHBE . KHIGHl'S OF: PfrnTAft-^reoilM (/odge No. 43 *iu--- ^>fM \Thndai |nlght at K. of * • • 1.1 bi«> there invited, I.K •>:t,„.ua, J& 01 Chris Ritter, K. oi i: uadSi Six Clear Lii Harpe residences 17000 and $3000. Cash for m«:«handlse or farm. W. O. L«nhart, lola. Kas. at LOST mMd F&UKO „. , „ ». ,, . ,1 LOST—On Cottonwood or East Linone of the larger churches here. , JT.L u^p \ 'T coin, a black handbag with njouey aud T^is is an annual custom with the "1 ' '^%^"/',ff„i^l/,:,^^/^^^ check, signed by C. E. Sawyer. Leave W. C. T. XJ. and arrangements for lo^f-^ Dr. Cnimbine secretary of t e „g ^ .„ -52. the program will be made at once. Voard of heal h.^urged the call- g ; ^ ^ j^,' ;ing of a conventlod to start a slate- • wide campaign againnt tuliersulosls. I KOIJ.NU—i'ocketbooU. inquire this , Executive Meeting. There wl'l be an executive meet- lie s-dvs tho plan to CHtabll.sli a state u^rico. Ing of the W. C. T. V. officers lonigbl fHuHarium should be sidetracked un- at the rest room. These ladles are •''-•"I'''' educated Iv helpi members of the committee: Mrs. E. B. Keys, Sirs. Jefferson, Mrs. G. T. Newman, Mrs. A. B. Vamer, Mrs. 51. M. Williamson, Mrs. Arthur •Williamson, Mrs. C. E. Kinne and Mrs. \. I. Beam. •:• * * Have Exchange\Saie. stamp out tile disease, it Is liis idea that the state should prepare a tubercular exhibit, similar to the exhibit made at the national .congress.^ 0 public I will sell all public sales O Such an exhibit wl'l cost not to ex- O free o^charge listed before'Jan. O ceed 12.000. This exhibit should l )e O 1, 1909. Reference furnished from O taken about from town to town In O those for whom I have sold. Sat- O ^ Kansas until It has been exliiblted in O isfactjon guaranteed. Graduate O Tho Woman's Chrirtian" Temper- "very county In Kansas. At each town Oof Missouri Auction School. O ance Union Is arranelmr for an esoec- '"eetings shou.d be arranged (hrough O Telephone 885. O lall^ Yratrite ^ale^ of «okc I Xd '-?-\-^^^^^' doctor! and P«Wic sl.irit- O • E. E. VICKBRS, O and nastry for next Saturday The ^ eltizens generally, at whicli the © 409 East St., Io !a, Kans. O ana pastry tor next saw.aaj.. ine j^. g,^.^ orgaiazatlon, OO O O O OO O O O O O O O OO O who will, of coursi!. accompany the ex-. hibit as ieclurtjr. will explain the ex-' hlbit and the work which I.s being done. Local speakers should also be OlfiHTS OF MACOABEDI^ Knights of Maccabees of tbe WorH meeU In K. P. Hall, second iBartt Saturday nights of eadh iBOBtk. I. W. Postwalt, commander; IL-B."Por» ter. record- keeper. • W. 0. W<-Camp Ko. 101 mecta li K. of P. Hall every Friday nlgbt M, T. Steele, C. C, A. a DavU, Claf» Visitors cordially invited. ^ M. W. JLr -The IL W. Soiga meets every Friday night tai V. w. A. Hall. VlsiUng 1»rotbers iiMted. F. a CoMeld, Y. C, W. A. Cowan, Clerifc . BOTH. NEl6HB0fiS ^Ioia Caav , 00000 OOOOOOOOOOOOI NO. 3ti5. Royal Neighbors. meeU ai»> . O Experienced I Anctioueer. Qjond and fourth Tuetdaya of; SMP O To get acquainted with the O month. Mrs. P. A. Wagner, orad» ~ Mrs. Mary Hutton. 418 West StraH sale will be conducted at some store on the east side of the square. • * •:• Current Event Club. Mrs. C. R-- Sucher, 319 South Cottonwood street, will' entertain* the ««><="y'='l ^*L*"'!fu','^^ the tuberculosis Current Event club on Monday afternoon. FARMERS INSTITOTEi probJem. The thing'to do Is to prevent the spread of the disease. Oov- ernoV Hoch will likely call a conveh- tion for some time in December! OUR TEUPHONE Aaaaal ikvsion Xex} Week (o 6e Held at Sallna. Sallna. Kans., Nov. J3.—The auuual institute for farmers to be he'd Iu Saline will occupy two days next week. Wednesday and Thursday, November 18 and 19. These institutes are held in, all the more populous counties of the state, some times two or three in county. One was held at Gypsum laat week, it was a great success, being Well attended and interesting. These institutes are held dnder the auspices of the State Agricitliurai eul- eg6 at Manhattan, and it sends two or hreo spealters to each institute to assist with the program. Just who will come to Sallua to direct the meeting a not yet decided. Local speakers are, however, required on every pr«>gram. they to be Jeading farmers of tite Tleinlty in wbfdi the meeting is being held. This feature Is arranged and the whole Institute prepared for by local men appointed by the college Authorities. There are now over 200 gf these organized institutes. In the state with a total Membership of nearly 6,500, and this .means that tbe far- m'ers are interested in the efficient anft work for profit. ll*>n(l«r jprenlBi;'I«4v. 16% at M. ^.7"A.!1ia]l by Woodman fmaaters. .Opd moaie; Ooor order. Pnl^lc eor- ^Idially luvUed. . . Is constantly ringing inese^ys. Sei>- tember, yon know, is the time to hive the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. We are busy, but yonr order will receive p;-orapt and careful'attention. Phone ns today. idU RUG FACTORY Recorder. FHATEBKAL BSOTHSBHOODi^ Praternal Brotherhood No. 380 niefl^ second and .foartfa .Thnrsday of ea9 month in O. U. W. Hall. Vlsltla* members cordially invited. W. H. J** dersoif, president; Golda Elam. tanr. 9. OUflllao neaeral-COBbaeftr.' Flagstone and C^eht Sidewalks aof ' " Curbing a Special^, oaico lis East JaeksM ATab^ . ^ rhaae ISC MODERN WOODMEN IN CONTEST. A Campaign for Members Begun Which Ends January. 1. ...^ A membership I contest has been in-, augnrated by 'the local camp of the' VL W. A. which bids fair to devel-' ope Into an interesting struggle to •ee Just what can be done In • cam- BADIA>°T ' paign to increai|e the membership of tbe local organliktlon., with attractiveness Is our pr^ent The local camp of the M. W. A. stock of Jewelry. So many new and » membership of 500 or more. At, . . ^ . meeting held last night Chris Blaok graceful designs. It is hard to. make J , p^ttg .^ere ctyisen captains a choice. BaA Combs In plain shell and the membership dlyhled so that each captain baa bal( tbe camp aa workers. A per centage of 100 points Real Estate, liworsnce city aa4 Fa^in Loans Low Rate. Ann^at interest. Payments reoBlVeil at any time wItliont'n6ti(»;r«nd in. termt ceases on attiOliBtpald. Leoff or Short "Baia loaM. or appropriate ornamentation. PIKS AND BBOOCHES In exclusive and buudsome patterns. Good taste and skllifui workmanship conspicuous in every article. will be credited for each new memlier a^d smaller percentages are graa^id for reinstatements, attendance, eto; The contest closes January 1,- and (be losing side will gire »Iwnqnat )or. the winners within two weeks from! tho close at the contest m Jewtkrt — --i : _ I Many Pay Taxes. ' . The oonnty treiasnrer's - 'bflee wa»\ >a'velfj^biMor "today. Many larmefis who ' came in to 'do their week's buvlngvl paid tlieir taxes. .'If yon are contemplatlnr.tbe .erection of a monument orfaiV-y let, call and see our new and up-to-date stock oLF\)relgn ud American Granites'. Wfe carry the beat that can be obtaiaed on the market Our shop is equipped with a new compreaa- fed air lettering machine for'lft*. taring and tracing. Onr prto^ are the very lowest fOr firat rias^ work. Call and see us aad- get prices. We want your boil- aessi ^ 1— „ X «. J. acQiiR

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