The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1949 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1949
Page 19
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER «, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams i =S£?f if AS A eoy, A SLOCK FROM tW6 <?Oi vffrul/v «.*. =,' i HOME FOR PLATO THAT i J ' '"C <»VwK\ TEMPOS fUSITS ;' 2JEROESAR6 MADE-NOT BORN FOR SALE Our Boarding HOUM with Maj. Hooplc (ARK.) COURIER KEWS PAGE SEVENTEEN Concrete culverts 12 inch Ui inch. plain or reeniurced Aru Coiu'ret* Building Blocks cheaper than lumber lot barn* chicken houses, pump hrmsis, tenant houses, tool slieds We dfliTer Call as la* lite estimate Phone 69) OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. . BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! That's why you'll sav» yourself many a dollai by having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us H-R LTCRS flL'Ty SHOC SHOPI ..For ; the' Finest Prescription Service It - \Vilh Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Glencot STORVi C...H T>«r« h« d rrili Vrrrm**'* prvpunal rr!,, B r. ,,,. Ikonick .I,, Man; »r»l»lrM» MM«t W rlr.l .k, tell. B.rrr dcr. • wrallkjr yami* MUM, Mttlhrr. '^•"•l '•r Ikr- Slnft her r«l»rr-. . bH «! r witk tkr Mill* TkcBtcr — hrr ]•!*»( fed — I* ••tire Ikal kpr • HWENIT kM« k«f* .buwiMK FrIU P*^(cr«Hr« »T«r Harry. • • • xxvrn JJENNY'S prediclion that the Little Theater Interim would 1« over by fail had come true. The theater and workshop no longer resounded with hammering and rehearsals. ' Gnynel reminded herself that when she had put her foot down firmly enough! in previous matters, she had won out. Why shouldn't she win. too, then, when -she told her family she was soing to marry rVitz? An entire evening . spwit' in struggling to straighten last month's household accounts put her in exactly the right— or wrong — frame of mind when Emily discovered her in a little writing room off the living room. Emily swooped down on Gaynel with her little gestures and smilej, "I've had the loveliest time!" "L too, have something to tell you. Mother. I an going to b* married." "Married! Oh, my darling! How lovelyj" Emily rushed over to throw her arms around her daughter, lo kiss her on each cheek. My precious darling. Mother's little girl. Of course it makes me very sad. Yet very happy. I've looked forward 30 long to this day which I've known would come I ve always felt »s though Barry. the dear, sweet boy, were the same as my own son." Gaynel said quietly, "But I'm not going to marry Barry, Mother. ''Not going to ... Bu|, darling, who else could you marry? Surely he's asked you? But of course he has. Of course you're going to marry Barry, darling. You know it means so much to me." "Whom I marry means something to me. too," Gayncl said. 'It's the one thing I must decide myself. I am fond of Barry. But not in love with him. He asked me to marry him. But I happen to love someone else." • • • "gOMEONE else?." Emily looked bewildered. "But how could you love someone else, dear, when Barry', „, IW e«t, so entirely suitable, when he could do so much for you—Tor all of us?" "I'm sure Father would want me to marry the man of my choice." Emily ignored Gaynel's remark. "You must talk this over with your brother." 'Oh, I'll talk h over with him." Gaynel readily could promise lhat. "Denny will have to take on his share of responsibility,- contribute part of his earnings." "Denny . . . contribute!" Such possibility ' practically robbed Denny's mother of speech. "He can give up his expensive habits." Emily went on: "It seems to me, darling, you ought to think about us—your family. Your mother and brother and dear little PaL Think of ill Barry did lor her ... the sweet child's very life, besides all the money he must have spent." Pat appeared at the door. She had heard her name mentioned, "Come in, dear." Emily held out a hand. "This concerns us all . . ." "Plea»e, Mother!" "Pat it grown-up enough. She should know, Gaynel, that you aren't going to marry Barry." "You aren't!" Pat stared at her rter out of round, wide eyes Now h«r lace broke into a radiant smile. "Gee, I'm glad." "Glad!" from Emily. "You're (he only one," Gayne: said, "Because," Pat stilled solemnly, "then I can marry him as soon as I'm old enough." QAYNRL laughed. She might have known she could depend upon her little sister.' "So you can," she said. "But, honey, suppose you run along now-" "1 suppose," Emily said, "I'll have to give up dear Clipper. When he's so attached to me." "Vou won't have to give up the dog." Poor Emily really had bad enough. "There will be plenty of time to make all the necessarr arrangements." "Time?" Emily said. She took a large dose of the smelling salts. "Time, did you say, darling? You mean, you're not going to marry anyone right away? All of these terrible things don't have to happen at once? You're not going to leave your poor mother, and Denny and Pat right away, then, darling?" "Certainly not," Gaynel reassured her. "You talk, dearest, as though I were going to die, when instead I'm going to marry the man I love. And oh, Mother, i do love Fritz so much!" "Frit/.!" her mother repeated. She let her salts fall to the floor. "You don't mean, you can't mean . . . not that strange young man, tti* one whose name I never can remember! A nobody, without • penny. ... Oh, my dear!" Gaynel stood Up; her face was white, but she looked very proud. "I couldn't mean anyone else. Mother. Fritz isn't a nobody, or a stranger. He's gotten a very food job. Though all lhat matters is that I love him, and h« loves me." "My poor, poor nerves," Emily sighed. She recognized that set look on her daughter's mouth. 'To think you'd do this—if you knew the hopes Pve had for you. But, as you say, there'll be plenty of time." A tiny candle, like a flam* of hope, lighted in her pretty ey»s. so that now she could even give Gaynel a smile. (T. Be ConiinMrf) In England It's the Chemist Shop In Franc* It's tht Apothecary Shop In BlythevilU It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service Smokeless powder explodes by concussion, while black powder ex- plod&s by being ignited. v PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranleed B*s1 Price* Kirby Drug Stores "All husbands act that woy when bills pilt up Just go down to GfHERAL CONTRACT PUR- CHASt CORPQKATIOH and talk t. Mr. Rawlings. PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Oin ye»rs ot 'experience assure you that, when jou present • prescription orrlei to us. it will be expertly compounded from (resh pure drugs You can b« »tlr* at Roth rook's Nichols Drug DRUG STOKE x^> s /OUR ENGINE SINGS A MERRY TUNE ew txptrl mtchafllct ktmdl* your twit-ap work) . Our •Mlyiit ^iiiymwM— find ,* «<KHy wh«' Chamblin Sales Co. FHECKLES A*D HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOBSEH KHOW WHAT L AM? JUST PRESIDENT cf NUTS, / GREAT J-'UH _ "IUAT.-^ AJ i t _ S MAA; . ir\r\f down w«ek «nd and talk tc jim' i n an a to Jims prof, and find out how he's progressing— I see h«r« hes eoine to start at left end with tho varsity'" I'RISCILLA'S POP KY AL VEKMEKR NOW. CARLYLE.' WHAT "O, WE MEAN WHEN WE SPEAK OF THE and RALPH LAKJ We F'sV-eTtris VIKIHG the way out to ^ilrup's boat... WO SUCH HANOSOME MtH IN OfIS CHAPTER.' HOW LONS WIU. THEY BE WITH MDO ? fOTHOflHfM FOR ONE WHOLE WEEK? HOW//VTERESTING! "«>•»•/ w r».eru T; IMC WHAT fBLONO STRANGER DID YOU N HAS HORWD IK DISCOVER?) ON MAKTMOW'S CHARTER AND I SOSPtCT THAT HEL-IO,BUCK.'THI CHARTER BUSINESS BE GOOD HE'S GIVINS , HER A SIGNAL ,W THCY'Vf MIT WASH TUBES BY LESLIE TURNER ET \ LOOK, 6\&\ SUFFERIM' CATFISH! WOT £^™££.X9****»l smfc JUST f I <SET STUCK VMTH XXJ! FOR (SOOP!> WOT If MAMMA MARRIES VOUR OLD MAW ! - SISTES TO LOOK ; UP WITH ASKSy UklSu . war it WE PMK. CATCH.ORMAffiE AFTER! A HAWWAOOOMO BUGS BUNNY HIYA, CICERO/\I WANT SOMBTHIN 1 WHAT CANST I TO EAT THAT'LL FSR YAT VLAST TH' WHOLE SHOW/ THERE YA ARE, KIP/ A SUPER LOLLIPOP/ R6MEMEt6R...lT'S GOTTA LAST TH' WHOLE SHOW, AN' THAT'5 THREE HOUR5/ I WULPN'T GIVE YA A BUM •STEER, KIP.. IT'LL TAKE YA TWO HOURS T GET TH' PAPER OFF/ BY V. T. HAMLIN THEV'BE ALIVE.' A Pf2OS- PICKED UP BOOM AND OOP AND BPOLkSHT 'EM IN TO A HOSPITAL. LESS THAX A HUMORED MY OCOLK V OLD CAeTf 17% WIDE 1- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN "-i I

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