Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
Page 8
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THE FABMEBS ITILI. IUTK' GOKT HirSKED BT THAIWSCIITIifG.] AVERA6E27 BU3riELS AN ACRE 4 ••• • WHAT FASBIOir DEKAITDS; In SiwblTj can be found here. 'Whatever ia designed and mannfactured in tbetiiieof ^ JEWXLBT is inade a part of our ^tock immediately^ We yw'fispeclally well supplied ultbi Bracelets, Rlags and Fobs ofi baaiaome design and fine quality. JOHir PADGETT SUSTADTED BAD. LT STBAHTED ABB TESTEBDliT. High Scbool Foot BaU Tc«m and Beef rr» fVill Go to EIsBMre Tonorroir for a Gan»—Fersoncli. JohB Pndirett; Hart John Padgett of tbis city sustained a very severely sprained wrist yesterday while assisting to unload a piano at the local Missouri Pacific depot The piano well on bis arm spraining the wrist and bruising the arm. 1 •4 kaewthe^ imports aneeofi Masonins; you fully apptedats' how essauial it is that the tptoes be alwasrs uhiform and reliable—not only gnnfnd and packed for goodness, but selected by experts for quality. These advantaees you get in N^S OF GASGITY FIBEXAS^ BALL WILL BE GITEX NOTEMBEB SSTH. Mrs. lUM Carl Eatertalned .Vombers of Her Swidar School Class Last EvenlBg—Personals. Wni Hold Aaother MeeUnir. Another meeting of those interested in the organisation of a band will be held aome time in the near future. At the meeting held Wednesday night nothlns detlnite was done. A sub- aerlpUoD paper Is being circulated among the merchants asking for their support If the proper sentiment is shown by the business men the organ! sation will be perfected. On Thanksghing Eves. ° The big Fireman's ball will be held In the opera house on Thanksgiving ere Instead of Thanksgiving night as haa been aUted heretofore. This ball pranlaea to be one of the big social events of the season. Mrs. Carl Entertained. Urs. Isisae Carl eniertained the members of her Sunday School class at- her home, 401 North McRea street, last evening. Ught refreshments were Served and the evening spent in-a social way. Had Good Praetiro. . The first rehearsal of the Choral dub orchestra which was organized JBcitne time ago was more than satls- wUfry. Music which will be used la tbfi~'ooncerts to be given by the club m^S'r<bearsed. This orchestra is one of the best in Allen county. She WonldnH Tell. Tbepolice were yesterday called to a'r^dence on north McRea street Ggp^^lllnt haid been made that a wo- M^.wis' being murdered. When Po- UOHBiWi McAdams arrived the wcxnan Viraa foohd lying across her bed. She ..WW 'bn^aed nbout the face and heed. XTpbn bsingssked to give an account of her Injuriee she refused. Fmonals. Mrs. J. B. Hunter! returned yesterday from Lione Elm, Kas., where she has been visiting. She was accompanied by"ber sister, Mrs. Robins, of ^ ^^^r ^to Wllkerson, of Moline, Kaa., ia here visiting. A. R Fall, bt-Colony, was a busl- neaa vfsttor yesterday. Mrs. Roy Roberts, of Colony, was I day. the'»"iue«t of .her parenU here yesterday. WIU Complete Sooa. According to a farmer who visited here yesterday, the farriers eurround- ing this city will have all of their com shucked and cribbed by Thanksgiving day. The corn in the country surrounding La 'Harpe averaged about 2^ bnshels per acre. OANNOM BlUNO •• Staled Immediately after gifading— csnaot detenonieT Strengtli, flavor aad ^oali^ are retaincd ( air, IMnantwDkMi «( ifiMv-Tom 104 "*«Un.' ikMwb—'f 0 Male TOMKlWOt^D— Molrfa, lew, , To Play Elsmore. Tomo/row the local high school foot ball team will lock horns with the Elsmore high school team on the Els more grounds. This game promises to be one of the fastest of the'Vason. The Elsmore team has defeated every team they have played against this year and will likely make a good showing against the locals. A number of the local fans will accompany the team to Elsmore. AH for It'othlng. The members of the local fire department made a long run to the Plttseuberger home In Lanyouville yesterday afternoon. >Vhen they arrived the fire was found to be nolh^ Ing but a trash pile set on fire purposely. Some one living In the neighborhood. It Is supposed, thought would spread and turned In the alarm ' Are Meeting Today. The Ilteniry society of the local high school is meeting in semi-monthly session. A program of recitations ora tlons and debates Is being presented. The subject for debate is: "Resolved, That wealth causes more crime than poverty." Caught Wonld-Bo Bobber. A would-be robber was yesterday afternoon caught in the net of carrying away from Waters & Danforth drug store a sntall pencil tablet Mr Waters who discovered the attempted theft, gave the boy a severe lecture and allowed htm to go. OSTEOPATHY— DB. W JI. ALBBIGHT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. State Bank BIdg. Phone 146. Only Osteopath in La Harpe. Personals. Mrs. G. F. Rollins relumed yesterday from lx>ne Elm where she-has been visiting for the past several daj-s. The infant child of Mr. and .Mrs. E. M.vcrs Is reported quite seriously 111. Ben Bnrford returned yesterday from a trip tlirough southern Colorado. Mr. and Mia. James Wolsh, of Elsmore. were here yesterd.iy. Jlrs. Welsh left for Parsons from here, . Mr. and Mrs. Harry Forney who left last evening for their new home In Garfield, ICas., will stop off in Law rence, Kas., for .n short visit with Ross Forney of thi.s city who Is attending the Slitto University this winter. J: V. Ilowe'l shipped a car load of horses to Kansas City markets yester- The four-year-old son of Mr, and .Mrs. Earl Stanley Is reiwrted ill. S OUVENIR Saturday ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ••JUST TO S1ISARS NOVEMBER 14 FRUIT SAUCERS AND JAPANESE PLATES IN ADDICTION TO USUAI, CHECKS WITH Spices, Exfracts, Chocolate) Cocoa. Tapioca. Cornstarch, Tea, Coffee, Etc. 9- "Xm J^tt ^rmotx " mpllE336 METHODIST REVIVAL The Interest In Meeting Is Growing Nightly/— A Powerful Sermon to a Big Crowd. A-fine crowd met the preacJier at the Methodist revival last nis*t We are fully persuaded that we are In the midst of a great revival, shall wc strive to take tho bencllts? iES »'l cry member of the church should ask himself this queetlon. Wo aro taugJit in the; Bible that God has set times to favor Zlon. This is one of thorn and if the signs which hevo always been considered true can be rolled upon. "This time" means salvation or damnation to a good many souls. It may be some in your own home. Tljero aro many people coming and yet there are large numbers of our own members that are not getting the bcnoflte. .Wo speak this because In a short time this revival season will be gone. Think. Eternity like a circle has no end.. One cannot come to God unless ho be awakened by His spirit. How Important It Is that wo take ad vanta)^ of this season. Come, lets have a groat crowd of people saved. Save that boy before it is too late. Rev. Hamilton preached' on tho text last night,. How can we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? Hcb. 2X. The sermon was along the line that Christ Is the great salvation and we may lose it by neglect Works, rcaa- lutlon, education or any other power will be utterly useless when It comes to tho matter of a man's salvation. Christ and Christ alone is our means of salvation. The value of the 80 |iil and the f.ict that ingratitude causes one to neglect was made important and forcefully pro8 .scd upon the individuats present. Bro. Hamilton is preaching against sin and tho Lord Is honoring his messages by sending conviction into the hearts of tl;e uneavcd. There Is "^belng no mincing tho facts nor hiding the sharp edge of the sword and for Ihl.i wo all rejoice. Afttfr getting the people to understand tbe importance of seeking and Qnding the Savior in onlcr to have salvation he closed with the Illustration-of the couples going down the Niagara river just above tte rapids. Wlaracd no les."* than twice, once by an American and once by an ^English oOlcer, the young people laughed at all this and went on with the current until at last aroused to the fact that they were poing rapidly, they tool: the oars and tried to stop tho boat and go back but because of tiie-swlft- noss of the current tbe oars were not eouaV to the need and they broke one after another, and the couples were blrlcd on and to d^aUi. Unsaved neople here aro In the stream of life. The fcurrent grows in rapidity as yon continue, harder tonight than last nizbt and It will be harder tbe next, soon it will be too late. Why wIV people go on thus? His appeal waj» followed by an opportunity of decision In tho after meeting which wa.i led by the pastor and In which some come and others promised that they would on their knees try to settle the matter before tbey slept. Great power was manifested In this after meeting and there is a silent but steady movement on the part of everybody to get a lltt'e nearer to the Master. This haa been a great wee> and wo are expecting a greater-one next Come, give us your presence and power. The flrayor meetUgs are proving a rreat means of blessing and newer for all who come and each leader is en- thnsiastic over the results. Iliere was a special piece of music rendered by a trto of lady singers In tbe beginning of the service whld' CTeatly pleased. A fine chorus, under the IcadershliJ of A. L. Boetrigbt ntade the first part of the service interesting and bisplring. We rejole* to have «o many Influences for good to help na. Everybody that does not now take ft daily ought to, at least during thia revival, since each Is so kind aa to give us space aad the use of tb'eir columns to report the meetinga. We greatly appreciate the kindness and bope that the people wfll. and win sAow tbe same in a tangible way bv snb8cribIo& •: Let everybody be a booster «for the next few days for the revival. We undertake to help mear^ett right with God, not to make a Ketbodist of anybody. Oiimfi aad help ftw -the. STaster 'a glory. I J. M. W. • Karmrt »if* CbMintai.-- The Ft Scot higb school foot ball team vaa in the city thla morning bO' tveea "^ralna iaiimata to Chan^te Miera «b «r play iM ClhJUipt* Ugh Mbool tam. tu» aftaro^ , mi m Commeiicing toiworrow morning at 9. I Ladies' $10 Coat Special 4:^ Of ricb black, brown, rc(3, navy and tan Kersey and Broadcloth. New long models, new Empire efPects, in braided and satin trimmed, also buttons. Garments we do not hesitate to recommend to yon a!> $12.50 and $15.00 values, and ib many cases they are worth up to $16.50. You will 'be able to secure a perfect fit for the as.sortment for tomorrow is Isrge. The special price will be Two Very Special Offerings Ladies' regalar $s oo heavy black taffeti si k Urd«8kirts,..niade wUh deep flounce, nicely tucked, a thoroaghly dependable qtial- it3i^, yotir choice on this occasion, One hundred finest silk, crepe de chine and fancy all over net Waists, splentlid variety of styles, formerly sold at from $2.50 to $i3 .oO|^ your choice for tomorrow, j || J^xtra Suit Values Tomorrow No donht you nrill find cur asiMrtnient of ladies'n«:w Tailored Suits by far tbe largest in lola, as recent shipments rtrceivid ibta week have replenished our stock until it is again brim full of very newest models, s^tades, etc. We will uffer extrantdinary values for tomorrow, *t $10.95, $12.50, $15.00, $19.75 Y0m wUl ana tbmm mmmny woi^h from $8 to $10 moro Another Coat Special • Ladies' new long Coats, In ali the popular shades, some are full lined, all are nicely trimmed with braids and saiins, A A QP regalar'$xo valuer at ... vOlvw Ladies' Street Sicirts Ofblue.blsck and brown Panama, satin and taffeta bands, others have self fold. They are the regular $5.00 quality, Bargains from our Domestic Department $1 .00 Cot'on Blankets 8B0 ^lc Beached Muslin So S I-2C Outings, special 5 1'2o Best i2jc Percales /O0 6}c and 7c Calicoes 80 Dress Goods Ramnacts Hmlt t^ttom FRISHMAN'S South Side of Square 00000000000000000 LovcIIand family the first of this O .0 week. Mr. Miller and family were on O ADDITIONAL 8H0BT STORIES. O (heir way to their home at EI Paso, O O Texas, after a four months' pleasure OOOOOOdOOOOOOOboO ^'•'P through the northern part of the 000000 0000 o o o o e u u States. Mrs. MlMer is a sis- File Bankruptcy Case. of Mr. Lovell They left for Ida. ... .„„ In the United States district court .Monday, where they will visit rela-lhad been vanquished from the scene, yesterday the vol.mtary bankruptcy before returning home.-Els- case of J*. S. Lehman In re, was filed., ™<"^ Leader. orlng to cure a severe attack of typhoid fever by faith healing. Not only had admittance to his bedside been refused two doctors and a nurso but the county authorities who had sought to compell the mother to glvo the sick lad proper medical attention Yesterday belief In faith heallns must have taken a sodden decline, for a Cfaanntc physician was called by the mother to attend tho case, i The lad has been In bed for flvo weeks with typhoid, and wbi'e it fa probably too late for the disease to be checked, the physician accepted the case and will do the best he can for tho patient. The case Is a very Came to lola. Thn Sun mkTre 'menVln ofa case MUth 'pltlf'iI one, and the entire neighbor. Mr. and Xl4 A. F. Miller and two ot town in which the mother of a 12.h«.d » P-«atly Incen^^^^ children, Mr. Lawrence and Miss Haz- year old hoy had refused to allow a ;fUBal to allow the child medical treat. The assets are given as $6510.50 while | the liabilities aro given as $8117.4:!., —Xow that the election is over andj Tho case was filed by Attorney Morse the countrj- saved. yo«i had better be and Pees of lola. Mr. Lehman has looking after your insurance. J. E. been in tho retail seed and grain ; Powell Is the man you want to see, business In Humboldt for several; — years.—Pt, Scott Republican. j Finally Called Doctor. The Sun made mention of a, case south el Miller were the guests of Mr. L. doctor In the house and was endeav- CIGAR SPECIAL Omolal Seal Perfeotos 0«MiltSMiirA>jw Co StralgM mont. To .See His Farm. County Treasurer M. P. Sickly left last night for Sheldon. Mo., to visit his farm which he bought there a year or :two ago. I Tin JWXJlUiJTOB£ WEftT SIDE SgiTABE Visit Relatives Here. Mr. and Mrs. C. Trontwine camo down from Cariyle this afternoon for a diort visit with relatives and friends. 5 *'ffiyffini To Protect Game Blris, ' Chris Hitter is Intending to go out to his farm sis miles sontbwest of town and post np "no trespassing" notices. Mr. Rltter doesn't care to have his place overmn with hunters killtng off the quails. , Bellfai^ Will Hant. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger and a Mr. Hunter of Gas City are planning to go out to the Bollinger farm next week for a day's hunting. Fnblle Dasee. Monday evening, Nov. 16th, at it W, A. hall by Wbodman Forresters. Good muaie. Good order. Public cordially invl/ed. Mrs. SeheU (Urn Hoaw. Mrs. H. P. Sdjell retnrned yester-* day from Cherryrale where al^ acoom panied the remalsa of her husband/— ° Barilesvliie JEnterprise. With Ueal Miiivhanta. C. I B. Badiiifar.i 6C;,WIdilta,! repre- of Cbletn JSifl^^tlift^dtr todays Mdl.

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