Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1907
Page 5
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mm- YOU mow ' that in our washing ve use eight to twelve changed of water, ranging in temperature from cold to Ixiiling hot? Tou could not poaiibly use this much water at home, and it explains one of the reasons why our waahing is more thorough, more sanitary than home work can be. lOm LAUMORY. PHO>fE 102. [Offer for Bankrupt Steele is Said to Have Been Aocapted. VmimHmmiy Homimml ^ West Street, lola, one block from ' sqiuee. Diseases of domesticated -; animals saccessf ally treated .charges [ mod^te.good box stalls forpatients : Calls answered promptly nigbt or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. rrmmkS.Bmmttlm, V.S. tloaor QnAumVt ci Ontario Veter^ laary College. Prop. Hocpltal PtKMie 10«8 Res. Piioae 139 Spencer's Tar and Wild Cherry CITT KEWa MRS. r.INBEY went to lola Wednesday to visit her daughter.—Garnett News. P. E. Waark, DeaUst Pkeae iK. Onee ever BarrelTa Drag Stera, b. H. I^\v:i9 went to lola Wednesday to see his daughter, Mrs. Mc Bride. — Garnet t News. 1313 Cold Cures in Mundls' window. Dennis 0'l.«ary has made an of- f«rr of 11 .600 for the stock of the Our Way which went into banqruptcy re- Icently and Referee Cory is quoted as saying that he would accept the offer. Guy Pees, receiver, and the attorneys for the Our Way, are In Fort Scott today In counecilon with the offer. Mr. 0"l-ear>- said this after noon that he had received word from his attorney that the offer had been arcepted by the referee. The claims of the creditors togeth. er with the costK will reach something like $2,000. Mr. 0'L*ary, If his offer has been accept?d. becomes the sole proprietor lof the business. He bought an In terest in the restaurant last spring and has since made many friends who will be glad to learn that he Is to remain In the city. Is an Excelleot Cough Remedy Get it at MRS. MART Dn«mm of Io!a Is here for a . visit with her mother. Mrs. Fourth, and sister. Mrs. E. I... Beck. Mrs. Drumm has been, very sick for some time, but Is now much better. Her daughter. Mrs. W, B. Nichols. broui?ht her h?re on her way home to Kansas City from Tola.—Garnett News. SPENCER'S Dr. BejaoMt. Pheae tM. Bea. CIC J. W. GORDON, who built the Ox Ide .<?melter at CoffeyTille, will shortly commence the erection of a smelter northwest of that city. Mr. Gordon has Just returned from St. Ixiuls where he has been perfecting plans incident to the building of the plan: I- is said that the Guggenheims. of New York are l )t>ck of the projKisl lion—Mid-Continent. Wanted—Everybody to know thai W. n. Kelley & Son have moved their transfer and storage office to 811 South Washington. Offlce and Day Phone 290. Residence and night Phone 17. ]»B. J. F. JAXESOX, fbe SuceesRfol ABC> tfeaeer. Veterinarian. P*na ulr«ar Pniicrrrd stock wie« made anywhrrr. Vetrr- itArj cM% answrrrd day or niicht dflirr with Dou)^las^ Broa PJvDttiJ aWiiAcacr « K> lOI.A. KANSAS. MIKE \\'T^I.DAY. x\\? hard hltfnc fielder of the Chicago WTiite Sox. ha.s airiveil in l>»avenworth to spend the winter. Mike Is looking fine. Next year he will probably have a regular bfrth with \hi Sox.—Leavenworth Rules for Married People. There are the N?w Commandments ten of which Wives now make for Married Men: 1. Aeniember that I am thy wife. Wlhoni thou shalt cherish all thy life. 2 Thou shalt not stay out late at night WhHii I<>dgt»s. friends or clubs Invlt?. :;. ThiMi Shalt not smoke Indoors or out. .Vor <-hew tobacrt) 'round about. 4. Thou <ihalt, praise, receive my pies. Nor pastry niaile by me despise. .=>. .My mother thou sha't strive to plea .se And let h ?r live with us in ease. C. Remember 'tis thy duty clear T'. ilress nie well throughout the year. 7 Thou shalt. in manner mild and meek. me thy wat ?es every week. . Thou shalt not be a drinking mail. llv<- un prohibition pan. Thou shalt nut flirt, but must allow wife such freiHlom. anyhow! Tliou shalt arse when baby crits. AIM ! tiy ilie cliilii to civilize. ;iv. .s But I'lu 11' R, S. GtLF/LLAM, ' Geawal Coatraetor. riagstone and Cement Sidewalks ant Curbing a Specialty. OHM lis East JaekMB Are. Pkaae tK. Iowa Store Sp^ial Line of Sample Hosiery All Colors. All Kinds. We will put up our Sample Hosiery with anything in town for durability and beanty. You can get any kind of a Stripe, Mix»d Colors or anything; ymi want. Don 't forget the Store A. 0. MUMMM, Prop. Free dirt at Lnccock'a. PHOTOGRAPHER Thompson of lola has of late taken a number of inside and outside views In Petrolla and has sent samples of his work to the Times offlce that anyone who desire may place an order for what pic turss tliey desire. The list includes various \-lews of the gas plant, and a birdseye view of the town and oil refinery. There are also views of residences, including the homes of .M. Miller H. P. KInderIck and others The Miller hotel huHding. church. Times office and livery barn ar.'> among the samples.—Petrolla Times Dr. Willey, Oralist GEO. STROSNIDER died at Hum- V<oldt yesterday of Brlghfs disease. The deceased was a cousin of Missj Sadie Beck of this city, and Miss Beck went to Humboldt today to attend the | funeral, wh'ch occurred this afternoon at 2:30-chanute Sun. Cure vour cold bv White Pine with Tar. using Mundls' These are th? New Commandments. Ten. .Approved liy the I.,ong-Married Veil:. 1 Hemeiiilur that I am thy lord— Thou ;5Vjju4d *;t obey my every woi^! 2. Thou i^alf engage to keep the honi#^ So sweet I will not care to roam. :l. If I must chew and smoke no more. Thou must all padi and paints ignore. 4. If I must praise thy paste and pi»-s. Thou shouldst my fau'ts not criticize! T,. Remember that my mother, too Has rights as well as thine—a few. C. To dress thee well throughout the year. We must economize—my dear! T. Thou shalt not spend thy husband's cash Af matinees for Blaney trash. 5. Thou shalt not drink thy stein of beer \nd grant not to thy lord his cheer. !>. Thou shalt not act In manner gay And iwiut thy sDOuse thy niirow way. 10. \\'hen baby cries—what time or other, Thf'U shalt exclaim—^"Come to thy mother!" —St. I.,ouls Post-Dispatch. ThiB college boy looks "nifty" and well dressed, not. becaikse ihe spends more money for his clbthes—but because he knows npw to select thenif. A good appearance adds $ $ $ to any man's woitn. That's why we recommend mm Mid* by Leopold, Solomon & Eiimdrath, in Chicago. Sold by one good live merchant in your city. It wilTpay you to look him up. BETITALS WILL BEQDf AT PBIS- BTTEBIAX THIS ETEme. MANY SAW K. Ui-NEBRASKA 8AIII NITMBEB OF XEW MEVBERS WEBE BAPTISED AT M. P. t'Ht'RCH. STOPPED "60 DEVILS" OA.S J'lTV WO.N FOOT BALL CJAME BY S(M)RE OF S9 TO 0. BARKER MADE 70 -YARO DASH «AS riTV TEAM WAS MEATIEST A>D PLATED A 600D GAME. Only Accident uf the Afternoon Was u .Slight Injury to Herbert Clark, Channte's Fall Back. SERGEA.VT Charles Porter arrived in the city Tujsdav from lola and took charge of the United States army recruiting office. He 's a nice apnear Ing .voiing man and Is spoken of highly by those who knew him 4n lo'a He commenced the work by enlisting I Scroggs R. Pursell for the coast ar fillery service, who will depart for .r«'fferson Harracks tomorrow.—Bar t''sville Enterprise. Rose Cream for the face and hands | at HurrelTs Drug Store. FRKIGHT TKVIX.S COLLIDED. Both Kngln«-% and a >'unil»er of ('ami Wen Wrerkeil. Fort Wayne. Iiid . .Vov. H.—The east bound fast Muffalo passenger on the Wabash railroad, collided with a freight near here today, wrecking both engines and a number of freight cars. Several trainmen and a score or more if r>assengers were severely shaken up and bruised, ljut IIOUKIV was seriously Injured. ' It excels all poi.-ions. stimulates the nternal organs, cleanses the s.vstem and purities the b'ood. Such Is Hollister's Rocky .Mountain Tea, the most effective preventative of disease. 3r. cents. Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Drug] Store. » Two hundred and fifty football enthusiasts stood out In a co!d north wind which blew a sharp gale across the Electric park field yesterday afternoon and watched the Gas City foot ball team defeat the Chanute team by the score of 29 to 0. Although outplayed and out classed at every turn of the game, the Chanute players displayed unfaltering determination and admirable grit and never displayed the saffron at any time. Chanute did not play the football that was ex- pt-cfe >r. Two weeks ago the Gas Cky team went to C'.ianute wnere they met defeat by the wore of 6 to 0. This defeat acted as an Incentive for Gas City's good work in preparing for the game yesterday. The team was about fifteen pounds heavier than when it entered the game at Chanute several weeks ago. The defensive work of the Gas City team was admirable. Never at any age in the game did Chanute look dangerous. They made their ten yards on three downs but on two other occasions were forced to kick. Burrls and Clark, who alternated in kicking for Chanute, kicked on the average of thirty-two yards each time. Their kicking was the best ground gainer for the Chantue team. Allen kicked for Gas City but was out classed In this particular line. •Gas City succeeded yesterday in gaining much ground by the forward pass. They worked it repeatedly, making from ten to twenty yards each time. Once Jones threw the ball 10 yards to Barker, who made a seventy yard ^dash for a touch down. Chanute won the toss and chose to defend the north goal. Allen kick' e<l 35 yds. to Clark who returned the oval 10 yards. Chanute failed to make the ten yards and punted, Clark kicking 36 yards. Campbell caught the ball but was downed In bis tracks Chanute was given the tfall again after Gas had made three unsuccessful efforts to make ten yards. Clark punted 20 yards. The Chanute ends were down on the fleld and tackled the Ofu City player the moment he caught the ba'I. Allen returned the punt 20 yards by kicking. Clark who caught the ball kicked again Into the center of the fleld. Chanute sue ceeded In getting the ball on downs but fumbled on an attempt end run Tepointer, right end for Gas, falling on the ball. Gas took th^ ball and with consecutive end bucks by Allen, Campbell and Catlln, Allen was sent over the goal line for the first touch down of the game, after eleven minutes of play. Allen kicked an easy goal. T!|j^Bcore, Chanute 0, Gas Will trade good lot for light rubber tired buggy and harness. Must be good. Call at 105 South Second. Satisfied Customers SIN6 OverooaiB With -Snap'.' and "Style.'" AU 'he correct models in the brown and grey effects, also plain black, olns and oxford shades, long nnd •nedium Uiigto, silk lined. Venetian lined or serge lined Price, $7.50 to $25. City 6. The ball was returned to the cen ter of the field where Burris for Cha niite kicked 25 yards to Street who returned It 10 yards. Campbell and Allen each* made 20 yards bringing the ball to the center of the field where, after Campbell had made 15 yards. In an attempt to go around the ends, he fumbled the ball, Harris for Chanute falling on it Channte loet groirad in an effort to make their 10 yards and was forced to '(icic to get out of dangerous territory. "Burris kicked 35 yards. Gas City tried a forward pass, making 40 yards, reaching tke ten yaxi line. Street wMlNUh- ed over for tte second tooeh' down of the came. Allen fcteked coal. The aooTB, OlwiMta 9, Oaa CItr U. Banfa kMnJA on S» yarto to kicked 40 yards, Burrls returning it 30 by a punt. Here Chanute was pen alized for tackling a man who signaled for a free catch. After Camp bell, Allr 1. and Catlln had each made gains from five to ten yards time was called for the first half. After an intermission of ten minutes, Chanute again kicked off 25 yards to Jones who returned it 10 Campbell was given the bail and skirt ed right end for fifteen yards. AUen did likewise around the other end Again Campbell was given the ball and he again made 15 yards. Street made ten yards through tackle placing the ball on the ten yard line. The next play, Allen pu'lled Street over for the third touchdown. Ai'en kick ed goal. The score. Gas City 18. Chanute 0. The third touch down was made in three minutes after the sec oud half was called. Burrls kicked off 30 yards to Jones who returned It 10 yards. 20 and 15 yards were made* in two successful efforts at a forward pass. Gas then took the ball on downs. After two unsuccessful efforts to break through the Gas line Burrls kicked 20 yards, Allen returning It ten yards. Street for Gas City, carried the ball 25 yards and the next minute was pushed over for another touch down. Allen missed a difllcu't goal. Score, Gas City 23, Chanute 0. Burris kicked off 45 yards to Jones to returned it 10. It was here that Barker made his sensational 76 yards for the last touch down of the game. Alien kicked goal. The score. Gas City 29. Chanute 0. The ball was hardly returned to the center of the field and put into play when time was called and tl\e game was over. The final count was Gas City 29. Chanute 0. The lineup: Gas City Position Chanute Wilson Center Slier Halner L.. G. Marke> Norton L. T. E..Schulte Barker L. E. ATcKay Daniels R. G. Secress Tepointer R. T. Cramer Street 1.. T. Parrlsh Jr.nes Q. B. Burris Chatlln F. B. CTarlt Allen R. \K. B. Schulte Campbell L. H. Blickenstaff Myler Atchison was the official for Gas City and "Skeef Ellis represent- e.: Chanute. Notes of the Game. The game yesterday developed,that Campbell and Catlln, two youngsters have the making of football stars Both made good yesterday with vengeance. Warren Allen played his usual good game. He was in every piay and did great deal tofrard winning the game. "Dutch" Burrls. the captain of the Chanute team, was a team all by him self Herbert Clark, the full back for th« Chanute "Go Devils" who accom- pnnied the team, was hurt in the early part of the game, but managed to stay In until the last five minutes of play. There was gome complaint of foul plays, hut the officials were unable to catch anyone indulging In the act. Lecture Will Be Given Here \oember 19th—Personal News Notes. ou Bevfrals at Presbyterian Church. Revival services will begin at the Presbyterian church of this city this evening. They will last indefiuitel. and will be in charge of Evangelist T S.Hawley who Is reputed as being an excellent worker and a man with a wonderful influence over fellow men it Is possible that Evangelist Hawiey will not arrive in time today for the services In the evening but in that case Ref,-4)r. Hilscher. pastor of the lola Presbyterian church, will preach Evangelist Hawley will be assisted through the entire meetings by Rev John H. Bright, pastor of the ha. Harpe church, A telephone message from Rev Bright later today announces that Rev. Hawley will not be here this evening and Rev. Dr. Hilscher will ]>reach Instead but titet the evangelist will be here thereafter. Saw K. F.->'ehniska Game. La Harpe was well represented at the Kansas University vs. the Nebraska university game which was played on the former's grounds at Lawrence last Saturday afternoon. Those who saw the game say that if Kansas had played as good a game In the first half as the last the score would have been reversed. The fmal score was Kansas 6, Nebraska 16. Hez Ward. Wendall Phillips. George Donald. John MacDonald, and Herbert .Mar tin were among the L:i Harpe men who saw the game. Baptising at M. P. Church. A number were baptized ut the Methodist Protestant church yesterday morning. A large number have Joined the church as the result of the revival meetings which were closed here only a week ago. The meetings were a success In every' particular. More will be baptized at some future date. For Exchange. Farming lands In Panhandle, Texas, for farm lands, or live stock, or for lola. Gas City or La Harpe rentals. WHITAKER ft DONNKLI* To Whom It Max CaBcerni Noah Gibson will present his application for a parole to the Prison Board on the 4th day of December, 1907. Cammunications favoring or pro testing against his parole will be considered by the Board. W. H. HASKELL, Warden. H. Y. Adams, Lecturer, Nov. 19th. The following are Just a few of the favorable press comments on H. V. Adams, the lecturer, who will be the next number of the La Harpe lecture course. H. V. Adams will be in La Harpe on the evening of November 19: Elk City (Kas.) Sun—The lecture by Mr. H. V. Adams was a rare treat. To say it was appreciated would be put- Ung it mildly. Athens (Ills.) Free Press—The lecture by Mr. H. V. Adams was a rare treat. All who heard it speak in terms most complimentary. For one hour and a half he held the audience in closest attention with his "Grapes of Gold." The lecture alwuuds in fun fiction, facts and philosophy. All who follow the suggestions made by the speaker will find life all the more worth the living. Mr. Adams'is a man with a message, and his message to the Athens people were very effectively given In "Grapes of Gold." Crelghton (Mo.) News—H. V. Adams, under the title, "Grapes of Gold" presented a philosophical, but popular, discussion of the power of thought as,It makes for health, happiness and good. The lecture was full of wit. good humor and good sense. .Mr. Adams' manner was free, his \vords well chosen, bis stories new and sparkling, well applied to Eimpllfy some of the deeper truths presented. When the audience laughed—and this they did heartily many times—If was not at some vulgar slang or act, but at genuine wit. illustrating In a practical way the thought the lecturer wished to convey. ^TUESDAY »i6a7. ;''*i's New ' " yi- ' A MnsiciU Foel Je.> Langb.«. 17 Mnskail ^iuabm j r ^rlces....,. .25c. 83e, Ste^ ,78^ Have the right kind of-ientertain* meet. When you wisU'to Jiass in evening pleasantly-at faonie with friends one of the best -means of enjoyment is a Phonograph.^ II you-do not already own bheofthese nstruments now is the titae to bny ~ and provide yourself with enter- taintnent for the cold weather. If youiavegota Phonograph,-cdine in and hear the latest' records an3 make your selection. .\11 the latest itow in stock. . ' ' Music House ftTEVER'S OROCERY HsaA^HarUra fMi Good Things to Eat Tele |>hoii6 159 ' PermmalR. .Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wiltnu .re of Fort Scott were the guests of friends In this city yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. M. R, Randers of R^d- field were in the city yesterday calling on friends and relatives. They returned home on the afternoon train O. T. Ottis of Unlpntown. Kas.. wa.s the guest of friends in this city ves- terda.v. .Mr. and Mrs. E. O. -Baker left yesterday for Nevada where they will Islt. I asked her hand, she said to inc. Think you that I your wife would bp. Your health is gone, your system wrong. Go drink some HoUlster's Rockv Mountain Tea. Burrell's rug Store. Watch Repairing! We know the watch repairing bnslness from top to bottom, therefore can give the best pes- sible service. SpeelficatloB!*. For a fill to the cement bridge across R'li creek Just south of E'tc- tric railway power bouse. Starting at the foot of bridge run- ijjjng one hundred^and thirty feet north on a direct line from the bottom of the curb on the bridge, and one hundred and. eighty feet on the south side. The grade must come in on a slope from one foot to one foot.^ Eight incb>fill Lh top y. arch of bridge. All sides of gra^e, murt be, rip-rapped with re- ;kdoi^'m fiii^^'X^ td^of grade. Con' tinci ta be let at lola court house at S o'clock p. BL. Saturday, korember 23. Distfllel Water One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of disUlled iVrater snitabla (or family lise. Try it FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. It JMi dnUc'r doa-t handle it, .wiUf tp THE STANDARD OR. COMf>/ Well, Friehds Pancikes are In order. We'hSiTe the nuiieraii to make them of.' i ilalstou y. C. Flour, per pkg.....lOc Riilston Prepared B. W. Floar, '' -per pkg." i:...^100 Peruna •%'hule Wheat Flour, 121b sack ....... ...........506 Giiod Fresh Meal, per aack <. ..^..30c SyruiAS to eat on Pancakes. .Maple. Fancy Ta^le. \mx» Tab!o. and Sorgho^ FRYER BfiyQS; :M PlMMMs 308 and 301 ' iV^-Ti.

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