Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
Page 7
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^iimimidu Friday cvt. N«v. 20. Atte Qoaf^ PrtiMirim Choffdi, lovcn Whitiily Br ^cnQoarttilelshMddbe hurd by all of vocal mosici. ' WfiHiMy Male Qtiartettc has no superior on<Amcria's musical platform. ^ >--5:.--, oftki FBAIBIE UJLLL. I Or The, farmen are all hoplns it wil: be nice weatlier until they get tbeir com husked. Bernloe Moore has been usable to attend sdiool tor a tew days. ^ J. W. Gullett and Frank M)-en delivered hogs at Saronburg Friday, f Misses Fern and Flay Ueatas from «i south of Bassett. then took in the ' sl^ts of Bassett Can it be possible that ChHatmas Is near* Grade Peck says thtjr are Koing to hare a pie sapper at Neosho Valley school house Satnnbty ni^t to raise money for the Christmu tree. Mr. Flake had bis yonog cattle de- homed Tuesday. Those who would like to hear the presiding elder of the M. E. church. Sapulpa. Okla., visited their father at.Rer. KeUey, can* do so by agoing to Fr^k Myers frob Thursday till Saturday of last week. Mr. I. Brooks and family and Mr. Oren Long and family spent Sunday at Mr. Harry Boekin's. Mr. Howard Ifoore has been down to OklohonA and found a place that suited him and has decided to more there son. We are very sorry but wish them success In their new home. Frank Mjrers and family spent Sun day in La Harpe with Grandma Myers. The .pie social at the school house Friday night was quite a success. A big crowd and lots of pies. W'e cleat^ ed over fifteen dollars. These ladles had a very fine time at 3. W. Seymour's Friday: Mrs. C. O. Bollinger. Mrs. J. W. Kelso and Mrs. Whitney Boyer and little daiigh- telp from lola, and Mrs. P. Myers and tSladys.""" If EST OF THE BITEB. The weather man is"dealing us out a rather gloomy spell of weather. Miss Nettle Osbora Is sewing for Mrs. Maxwell this-week. Mr. and .Mrs. McFsnn took a drive Sunday and looked at the conntrrj FiftyCDntsaMoittli A small bottle of Scott's Emubhn costing fif^ cents will bst ababy a month-* Rwdtbps & fi» bottle each time It bled. That's a small otttfay for so hige 31' fetnni of health, and comfort. BdUes that are given Vd^-res^ bdDfid action. Jtseemstocootafai^ tiie elements of nourishment a balqf lieeds most' Onfinary. food firequentty lacks this nourishment; Scott's Emibkm ahwayt suwriics it S M I ttkaJivtiMcat tamOm wfth atmt of ISi>gl«i*»fcig>i««.>ii»rijilnii «Klfaur the M. E. eburdi In PIqua Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night. Rev. Simpson win also be. there. Gertie Zlnk had a blue cap which they lost coming home from town Saturday. Several hare received post cards from Nellie Rush. Tliey are getting along nicely. •C. PI Clark is settlne ont a nice large young orchard this f»11. Sarah Preston went t.i r.nrMesville Wednesday to spend a for- 0.,..^ with Mrs. Weaver and son d riii Weaver. From there she cor.v liack to Havanna', then to Independence and Chanute. Mrs. Bassett Is putting In a culvert south of Mr. Peck's. Harley Finch hauled out a load of rope for Charley Jennings Tuesday. Mes. Clark's father being sick in LaH^irpe. they drove over there nnd spent Sunday with them. '. InoCher. TomrWoodi Boeers apMit ThurMay 1» botUttBim shed on tifttt/vldATaffQrtf aM# IbM* iioek. -.Jlert TlUMir was irell atteadad eonUdcriurfM:fla« day tor work, ^ad tUiiifi ^d veiL Bbner Striekler ,wiU fod tli» place nfti sprfa |rt #Aea; A* and ftalUr expect tomAte to WfUhlngtoii. . i Tba BapUat La««ir Aid society of BroDsoii spent tlairMar at a qniltlng at Mrs. N«Um'f. s Xra. hum unMr aUM on Mrs. Vara Bog sn Prtdar •Itthioon Bnnday mu mei i flu* day a good many speat.tb«^)>^ Tlsltlng. Will Ford 's were atNtal ttord'a, Jim Mattock's at Lewis Staaieylih aim Rogers at .La Harpe^ SaiA Stanley at Robert Rogers. . . The speRiiig match betirMn Stony Point and Grant at the toHner plae* was well kttftnded and remlted in « tie. Mary Lanry and Marie Btriekler standing^ longest and both missed the same word. ' ' M FI . CrTvtal Hall la enjoying a visit with htr brother who anired Sanday evening from his home near Garden City. Medora Wood spent Friday night with Jennie Nolan. Horn Hall Is building a new 'bara which adds aarMtl}* to the eobrenlence as vfell as value of his place. Httw Is tav BigestfM. Mrs. Mary DOwlIiig of No. 228 Sth Ave.. San Prandsoo. reoDlumends a remedy for stoqiach trouble. She says: "GraUtnde tor the wonderfal «ffect of Electric Bitters In a case of abute Indigestion, prmapu this testimonial. I am fully convinced that tor stdmach a^d liver troubles Electric Blttirs Is the best remedy on the market tt day." This great tonic and alterative inedl- clne Invigorates the system, pdriflea the blood and is especially helpful In all forms of female weakness.. 50c at all dragglsts. / Watched Fifteea Years. "For fifteen years I have watched the working of Bncklen's Arnica Salve a£d it has never failed to cure any sore. boil, ulcer or burn to which it was applied, ft has saved us many a doctor bill." says A: F. Hardy, of East Wilton. Maine. 25c at all drug stores. GOLDEir TILLET. the "Mr. and Mrs. Gullett were guests of Wess Smart Sunday. Ike Brooks and family. Grin J.<ons and family and Mrs. Gullett were th<> guests of Marry Boekin's since our last.' Mr. and Mrs. Harry Boeken and mother, Mrs. and Mrs. Rbodes. were the gnests of Mrs. Smart W. C. Walker delivered cattle to Hardin's stock field Monday Mr. Umphrey lias bought the Jake Moore farm east of Moran. We were shocked to hear of Jim Strong's death. The {amOy has our sympathy. Mrs. Tip Williams has been having the npstairs rooms painted and papered this week. Tbey all report a flao time at the pie supper at the hall. The com hn8k «»rB are busy. Fre^.J £e8 ^r had a serious attack of stomadi trouble Sunuday. Mr. Smith and Mr. Rutledge havo been faanUng I>aled hay (he past week to the farmers where they live—^the GBESCEXT TILLBT. 1 To the farmer bringing ill the 8;reatest niun- berol egigfs dnring the next TEN DAYS, h^^- ning Saturday, No^. 14 and ending Nov. 84, ^ We willfi^veabsolutelyfree: . LADIES* PRIZE, One Pailr of $8.00 Shbes GENTUPIE^ nUZE, One'piairdjf $3.00 Shoes Hijhest Market Price in either Cash or Trade for the E^s. Geo, p. Bris ^t (2r Co. H.A. Husking com seems to be the o^ der of the day. Preaching service which was to be at the school house by Rev. McFsr-l' land, were postponed Monday night!*' Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Simmons ai« visiting their daughter, Mrs. Bmee Buell of Woodson county. We nader- sund Mr. Simmons has rented the i>- Brlen place. Crate Cunningham wfll move on his mother's place southeast of town and Mr. Ross has rented the place iiow occupied by Mr. Pat^ett Little 'Merle Simmons Is on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. Crate Cunnlneham and family and Miss Lena Cunning- bain visited relatives in Clianute on Sunday. Mr. W. M. Bidleott Is remodeling a Imilding at Bassett. flxing It for a barber shop. .Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Wright called on Mr. and Mrs. Patchett Sunday. About seventy friends of Mr. and Mrs. I. B. TVIeatley gave ttem a me^ ry surprise Saturday evening. It being (heir 22nd wedding anniversary. Games were played ^ during th_e creti- ing auil at a late hour a dainty luncheon was sehred. after wbicb they all departed to tteir many homes wishing Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley many more annivcrsarle.*. Mrs. May Wllhlte visited her sls- tPf In lola Sunday evenhig. , tarn Oysten. ' Th- ri' are two kinds of^ large oyster.s: tho ?e which have grown large and thoEe that are bloated to an unnatural tfino with fresh water. Lar;;c oysters sold from, the White Poh:elaIn Case bearing the Blue "Seal ahipt" Trade-.Vark are wholesomaand (Jolrloiis because they are naturally larsc having attained their sise in their native environment. Iteware ot tul»-sMpped big oysters; water 1.x packed with them—they are vwelled' and have lost their natural color and flavor. "Sealshlpt" Oysters, the daintiest, firmest In the world, have not bad water in contact with them at all. They .are lust the natural size and color as they were when shucked Into the airtight. jE ^lvanized steel container that carries them direct from the beds to oiir store. We <e !I "SealBhipf Oysters only. People go out of their way to come here for them. Fryer Brpthers. rtto HInre, "Our Way." • 11M19 Weit St. lok, KaAMi Wri^tWlner^'callers at SDra.'Frederick sonTa Sunday. There was no preaching at the (Aapel Sunday afternoon, on account of the revival services at night Miss Edna Talley visited home folks Sunday. Revival services every night at the (Chapel. All are cordially Invited to thete services. WESLEY CH.iFEL. 1 J -, Mrs. Joe Toung called on Mrs. Hig. gins and Mrs. ftnltb Saturday after-, noon. Jessie. Daugherty is'- staying with l^er aunt at LaHarpe. Vera lOlmstead came home Friday and stayed until Sunday evening. Sha enjoyed th« meatlngi while here: __, Mr. Bigglna 'B drove to John Coh' •Waer^ after .Snday sohool Sunday. Mra. BCathewa visited hcf sister, at Lona Blia two of three days the first of «lle,w«ek. . Orlle Chotwood and Walter Toung were banling nek Konday rar a new eulrert between Mr. Chitwlood's. and ther^iiRii. • , . Hia John T OOIK " and daughter, Vnm. and icn^ Jo».Toang visited Mr. Grant Sboekty Bttaday- .. VP. 7 M Bcade rUded Uia. Alpha . Jo* Taai« left Vedaesday for. her home la .Kaawa City. ^ j f HABHONT. T .\ family by the name of Cook has moved^from Chanute to work on fbe common wealth oil lease. Mr. L. D. Booc of Chanute I B visiting relatives hei^. There will be a box social at Harmony the 2lBt. Mr. M. M. Booe and family of Chanute visited with his mother Sunday. Zola and VIrgle Cloud visited with nossie Cbmell Saturday night. Leto Johnson visited with Fern Russell Tuesday night. The farmers are trying to get their corn and kaffir ,icom gathered whi?e we have nice w4ather. Mr. L. D ; Booe and Mrs. L. J. Booe vtelted at Gary Clouds Wednesday. Miss Lnite' Smith helped her sister, Mrs. Gnrley. with her sewing Monday. BBS. TH.VW TO LITE IX XEW TOBK Xatteawaa Will Be^tfee Home of the Slayer's Bother and Sister. nshWll Landing. N. Y.. Nov. 12.— Mrs. William Thaw, mother "of Harry K. Thaw, and her daughter Alice, who was the Countess of Yarmouth, arrived at Matteswan yesterday, and a short time later it became luiown that they have decided'to tnake their home f5r a while at least, near the asylum for the*crlmrn3l Insane, where Harry Thaw Is confined. They l )ave taken hoard temporarily with the family of Police Justice PhllHpS. who lives ibont a mile from the aayltun. Samuel K.. Phillips, a brother of the Justice, has been retained aK Thaw's local counsel. - BIG YARD BE LUBBER FOB BUILDn 'GS TO Ox GROrXD FOR OFEXIXG D.IT. IS TO LOCATE IX TBE XEW TOIFX OF .SOUTH COFFETTILLE, OK- Xew Town TVlll Be Open for Bnym and Tbitops on Thanksgiving. Cofeyville. Kas.. Nov. 12, 1908:—J. E. Houston, of Towando. Kansas, today purchased a half block of lots In South Coffeyvllle, Oklahoma, the new town Just across the state line adjoining this city on the south, and will put in alpmber yard. He said that he would begin work at once and that he would have lumber on the ground by the opening day of the" town site, which i .<t Thanksgiving day. FEWER KILLED BY RAILROAOS. The Last Fiscal Year Showed a Decrease of 1,236 in Deaths. Fire Hoadred 11^ ^lashington. Sar. U.-f-PreildeA Roosevelt received ye^rdtqr «t tie White house abont B40 r^(iin«r« .ttbd- tbelr wives who are bera attending the convention of the National 6rati#l. Patrons at HnsbandiT. ithfe p^sldaat did not make a nptt^ .. •.. : The addresa of the. ^«f\iiifreit«^. Oifford Pinchot. waa the.iMttire.Of yesterday's proceeding! dt ih» dbttyea- tloA. 0ooooooooeopo«»d6^ O BEAUTTFOB ' • ^ 8 O ETZBT W0X15. 9 o o o o o 0 e e o6^.o^4p P (Prom ChlcagOL '^''^'•^•'^ " Beauty is.the power (well Ae knliwia ftjli^ not be too mneb to- iar. woman would, lilu to^lte' the least vainf of her aes> decline It. A .lcnrel>g the essence ot benty. Itj multitude, ot SaSutTjf ^ Irregular features; and the OM of t^ following face washi wBX jfra th« plainest aUn a dellKttflir''-1^tot health and «e *oft^ Hm^ tfBt «! J. baby's aklnr Obtafir »t-3nitr 4nig store Rose Water, XVianees; Ctddg^a Spirits. 1 onnee; ^potone. 4 oiUUki Put the Bmntoae In a ptnt ktH water (not - boiling).' and attef^iUBr solred, atraio and liet cooL'Then kda^ the Rose Water and CMogne ^Ifltai The daily oae o( this wash irfU bif^g ont the mtat lieanty tBat i* In^i^ Washington, Nov. 13:—There were 3.764 persons killed and 6S,989 injured in railroad casualltles in the United States in the fiscal year ended June 30. last, according to an announcement of the Interstate com-'akin and cnlttrate a'delleate bloonf to merce commission today. This Is a'the complexioa that Is at onceltliA defjrease of 1.236 killed and 3,297 in-; envy and thr despair if maasenriLtJie Jured, as compared with the previous liquid. tihpnrta a moat soot&lBg liid year. cooling aensatlon to the face:'and In the three months ended June 30, 4nickly softens the tender eittfi;Ie fhiKt tb^re were 591 killed and 13.09S in- is roughened by expoenre to tie'alt- Jured. a decrease of 1,732 from thej—" - - .... preceding, qdarter. - »' The colllfdons dnring the quarter nn^tkered and derallmenta 1,431. niosphere. It U abarttftely harjial^y. NMAo.Bfrw O BI §r (qMA -Brajr; L. E. BOBTOXB. Prvstdent, 1. W. BECI. . Tlc»-PrMld*nt I* B. HorrUl*. A. W. BMdt. K.. J. A. BoUaapp. ^ 0 *0. B. KWholWB, 1. rruk BUdl^ ; J .'H .CMpMn. isTBiBK> pliD mr £. C. MKiMRr, . . L. B. HotrUflb A. W. rtuk BUdtay H. Lb. HMddffMa. J. A. Bofeiamb Oca m'mSSSat, Ay

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