Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1907
Page 3
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COBPOBAT£ BEFOBXS SUGGESTED TO THE PBESIDE>T. RAILROAD, GURRENGY, TRUSTS COltPCLSOBI PIBLKITY OF AC- COOTS SP6GESTED. AstloBBl Control of Interstate Cvr> . pontloBs Adrocated hj Eagene E. PmsslBg to BooserelL Wasblngtou, Nov. 11.—Eugtiu! K. PrusslHg. the well Itnown CUicngo lawyer, for three years piesidfnt of the Citizeus' Association there, ciill ed on the pr?8ldeni yesterday to pri- sent ills views on corporate reforins. The president read and disciisst 'd ••with Interest the hrlef stateiii»»tit which Mr. Prussiiij; siibniifled. It follows: "Cnrrencv ^^forni. antltiiiM law amendments and railroad rfsiilatloii naturally will claim the' first places Jn congress's attention; soneral co^- poratlon reform in its various jilias- C3 may fairly be classed stx-ond In itii- portauce. Long and varied experience In corporation matters leads lue to offer these supgostions: "The first question, that of jurisdiction of the federal government, will I D each instance be the challenge of the ' opposition. Successful effort, therefore, must be along the line of least resistance: that, is to say. in harmony with the principles of statos rights and loyal government, as wf'l as tie sentimpnts based upon t!us-. even if extreme. "National control of interstate <i)ui- merce corporations, as dlsttncuislied •^^roni national incorporation of all or MSiost corporations, will he r-adily granted by most men of both pnrties. AIJ Records Open. "Compulsory publicity of acc .iunt-. ths subjection of boolc?, papers 1 plans to inspection, etc.. of sovfTii ment officials wi 'l easily be acconi pHshed. "The new step advised by thi- association of attorney eeneral.';. sli-lifiy modltlPd. will be in the right div.Tti >n and will be approved bv statps riiilit^ men and federalists alil;<». Tbo a^-o- ciation recommends that th<» riclif to told stock in any other corporation should be denied to all intprstatt- cnin- inerce corporations. It seems to m^ that til? puriwse of this, nann'iv ro eompel the real owners of a coi 'jiora- tion to do business in their own luimi-. - can be achleve<l by refjnirinc th-- ro-- poratlon owning stm-k in another. ai'i> the corporation iu which it ow-iif «-t(>c'> to list such owriets and stockholdiir.; • respectively in every casp in the <l<'- partnient of commerce. Thu$ imiii'.-t holding companies will be |>eniiii !<ii. and yet protected against posijihle a- Fault of local taxation or othej- iinjus' ly. discriminating Ia»"S. just as nati 'Mial hanks are now, while tb.-' imiilic in turn wll! have knowleil;;e of wliom it is dealing with, and call nrot.ct it self. "The change of ttate banks .in.! trust companies to national b;uiiis. which can be accomplished by a sinsl'> amendment of the national banVinu act Trni alsos be popular, and can !>' iHong state's right lines. Bankinn Law Changes. "The proposed change is this: (liv natfcmal banks two aii<!itioual pou. r.- and their consequences. "l- To accept and execute tnisis. bjr complying with the pen ^^a! siate laws on tliat subject wherever they e^fet an:l in the District of CoIuJubia. 1*^. To accept trust, savings aud tiine deposits and to keep separate accounts of the total of these, m.ikin^ proper rules for notices of withdmw- B<«—^and allow small a per rentiii:.- reserves as to these deposits, and • also the making of solid bond and mortgage and other ."savings bank investments of the funds TOS receix '-d. "Thus every national bank becniiif .s the lull competitor of state hanks .im! trust companies and soon the latto- wI 'l he forced to become national banks. "Go at the general oori>orati<in pr.ili Jem In a similar manner. Knlist th- state's rights men on your side. Ke«>p the subject of Incorporation and ordinary control a state concern: mai-e the local laws hannonize If possiM" by appointin:r a commission to invc-- tigate the entire subject. Got Oie bo-;; talent: Root, rhoaie. nillon. Mora ^ wetz. and others of that type will l.e gtad to spr\c fo' patriotic reas "n- and a result wii ho :irhieve <l in the form of a code baspd on principles and •etperi ?nceK vaulted to onr dual gov- emmesit and varied roni]itioi)>— as it was in Germany in 1S7fl-Tr. in rli. enactment nf law« by Prussia and tli.^ other states of tin- i-mi .ire wliird iuur .served tie purjio-e and .>.tood thi- fr^i of time. Roosevelt Pleased. "1 am SPli 'Jiug my p :ip ..r with .i rp- ouest for cmnment!.- to the niemben .if the American Uar Association and <•> the gr?at nmjorlty of names In tlie dt rectorj' of director:^, thus r .-achlnu thoughtful Tiers »ons inifi >edlafe|y fn tcuch with the .sPuation. Tlie rppli-? already received indicaip an IntelH »eDt. generous ar.d critical interp.sf. nd no doubt g<x> I fruit. In fJi... shape of'Suggestions - R III result." '.At the end of th^ interview iiie pres. i«ent«aid: "Ajid now. my dear sir. I want to njy Tou a eonip'iment. I did not B *et you 1o give m? a single thine— ilistead of that you have given me sev- ytri jpractical sugeesfions in concrete fcrtfte^—some of -vhich are entirely ipv^ I shall study tliera ^ith pi sag I may say you wfll soon see fhem rcftected somewhere." • PJUM BEfllSTEB, 3I05PAY BYEypfl, ypTEMBEB 11.1W7. 3 A Honey Sayer for Those who want Coats, Pars, New Shirt Waists« Skirts, Warm Underwear and; Dress Goods! Our customers tell us it is ^ pleasure for them to be able to view this magnificent display <5f New Fall Merchandise, now in array here. It certainly is a privilege and pleasure for us to show them. Here you will find a representation of all the new things Irom the foremost producing centers of the world. If You Want To Save Honey on Coats, Furs, Shirt Waists, Skirts^ Warm Underwear and Dress Goods, It Will Pay You to Visit Us. We Have Confidence! WE ACCEPT CHECKS! Confident that the Banks and Trust Companies of the country at large and of this community especially are absolutely sound, RICMARDSOIN'S will accept in payment for; merchandise. Cashier's Checks, Local Pay Roll Checks, Checks signed by responsible parties on banks in this vicinity; also Savings Bank Books, and will give in change part cash. ns Eami Mmdison Avenue. RICHARDSON'S S! tfoorm West Thamp" ) son Hatch \ IS12,620 JOKE 0> KA>SAS. I riie Leg;k*Iatnre I'nwiUiogly Ki-initfed : TuxcM to That Extent La$t Winter. . Call lahorlivc sclienieo to weakcMi the caudi- ' « ti.a. •daey ..f .Mr. Taft. IJelore .Mr. Tafis ' -"'WayS Ilie Topeka, Xov. S.—A hill of (tiily a ew words was' introduced in ilje house of reitreselitativcs last «iiiier. i !i was jHiiely a local liill and no one paid naicli alieiiiioii to it. ii has jusf heen discovered that this little hlM eiit.s $V2. 6-« friifu the revenue.s of tin- suite. Six i-cjuulies will not pay any state taxes this year, as the full sf,u<- taxes from ilii' countii's was reuiilled !)y the hin when it \vas<-i>assid hy l.'ie legislature. Teh lollowiii:; are the cDiinties and the amounts of taxes re- iiiitt >^d In each rase: Wiehiia countj. Sl .d": Grant. ?";. I:M ;: .Si.iiii>>n. i^.lM: !la.skell. ;(;tevl.-y. $:.'.r.iMi. and Scot I. $l,60.'>. Years ago when the wesii-ni pari of the state wan in bad flnanrial coiidl- : i,aj; promptly nipiwd tlie uffoiis to 'ioii ii was noihin;; uneonnnon to have start a pre.sldentlal liooiu for him To ih.- state taxes remitted, hut al he ! ,I,OM > who have calh-d to see liiin siiiri- iii.-.sent tinif' this was unusual as, s,.„at»r .Scott asserted that .Mr. Kin: 'I K'. SI- comirii's ;,r," all prospi-nms and t),,, louk-al candidate for ihi- n- have plenty of money. No one ahoii: ,,„i,ii,.:,„^ i,, nominate for president, lii- statehoiisH knows why this was t sc<-ielary of state iMiip !uiiii -:il!> said (hat not only would lie iioi he a L.EFFL.ER When needing auytl ing in tue Jewelry line. \mv\ S.VYS IIKi W(»>T Itl.X. Kiniiliatic lliTlaralioii 1« Krieu(!"« Since Senator Scolt'^ Stalenirnt, I eandidaey was announced there wa.s a tboroimh nnderstandiii;x bcivveeii thi- I secretary of war and the secretary of; iiate. Each was fully acceptable to^ . the president and eaoli haU thorough I •eont.driiei' iu the ability ;:inl integrity; !i;f till- (.llii-r. Ui:ii liie iiiesideiit Jiiriisejf. it wa.-^ ; solely a qiiesiion oi availability and; ;.\lr. KiMit said that .Mr. Taft was ihr sirouiier eaiididaie. Had coitditioii.s : • '(•.•:i reveisi-d Sferi-iaiy Tafl would 'have just as winin>;ly stepped aside' for .Mr. Rout as .Mr. llooi has fur liiin. Secretary lioot is not in •^IKH\ ;lii-allli. lie has lu'en overworkt-d .siiiee bis return to the eabitiei and In- will j w''Icotpe ihe opportunity to ivire to rmiilie life. .Mrs. IJoo' always has' oppo.sed a jinblie earicr for her bus-' ;3me ialumei Baking Powder Tbp *ml^ hish BT"*!^ B«kini.- VimU-T w >l .l. »t » modctmto price. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY W. H. A.NDEBS09, Attomey-at-Law. NoUrr and Stenographer In Office. Phone 455. WashiufKon. .\ov. it—S.-eielarj Kwi ''>""' :»"<1 ''i<> "'>' ;ifecpt; LAW IS INEFFECTIVE: • :•• H. A. Ewing. S. A. Card, G. R. Card • EfVUTG, €iAK0 k GARD, * Latrjers. • ' Practice In all Covrta. ^ W. Madison. Phoa* SSt. * \\>' nlace in ilie caliinei. A .>IVSTi:i!HHS IIK.VTII, iSH|>renie ( uiirt ilaiid*^ l>in>n I)eri>iiiii ! in Old Siddicr Preference l.a« Case. • • • • • d(;iie and the loss of tliis aiiioiitii of Mioii'-y from the stale rev >niies Is/'an:; ill'.' considertibie trouble, it iiiiisl In- iiKide fr<>ni soni'' otli'T sourei' or soiiii- iiii's wil! liave to '^o unpaid for »;,t ;i "I" funds. f'l a ('is;iiio Viuil .ail ildi'il> eaiidJdat)- for the presidential iioiiiiii- j do wo-.ian. was foiuid jil aiiiui. but he would prevent aiiy sU 'psii|n' stairway of li'-r luiiiu' oii West iM iii^; taken in .his behalf. <>iie Hundn.d and Tliiriy-einhtli street .Mr, l {<K >t will retire from luililies al i today. Her skull was eruslied .lud K«r !{«";< and Quickest Ke«^ui (H ISe the Befistcr Want Colnmos. Ill' elose of the present udlniuibtra- lii.u. He would do so sooner if be rould get the president's consvrii. Thej effort (o make iis.> of tlif name of tin- secretary of state is one of the ni;iu> i <;.u fiHd no iiioiive for the murder. Miere was a pronounced odor of illuni- iluitinK u:as in the hall way. It is not believed the wound was caused by the fall down the stairway. The polici- er Hant Ad«. Fa.v becanse in Ceuty BeuJ/ cverybodr reads RfirlotfT. fSSI? Advertising . Vorli. Vov. V --[,> iiiu I'iici- dou ^ I I,,. >,i|,:,.rir, <(iu !l liatid .d d"wji a po/>l of blood. Il:<- body o;' ,M fs. :,(,.. i ^j,,,, SatMi(i:i.> "llli rcfeii -iii <• to iid \» .-ll-ln-I ; ji,. ,,|,| |.i,.|iMcMie»- law wliifli the loot of •will '.).• of iiiti'ri 'St to lola ptopii- a.- llii- e.-i.-i- o( .1. I!. Coslioiii v.~. .M ,i-. or KoliiMsciii .1 ;ii iti\olVis Ibis !;,v. '("lif Topeka t.'.ipilal says of ;be di-eisioi;: .\ decision rendered liy ilie siyivriie coiiK jt.-ierday iiiUieate..- liiat wbib- ihf o 'd so'idi»M>.' prelVreiio' I HW I S eoiisiiiiiiiona! ii is not worth ilie iiap- er ii is printed upon. The court holds that Hie po ««*r iri d'-ieriiiiiic the (iiiali- lie.iiions of tlie applicants for posi- ijoiis l :i>s with the appoint iu.:: power It holds, too. tliat if th- deeisiofis of the appoiutiii'^ Jijuwi-r ar.- iiiad'- fair!;, and in fTOod fiiilh ilu\ arf liiia!. The law involved was passed ;it the lii.^tiT satiou of the G. .V. K. It [irovidca tluit W I K'II there are (wo applicants lor a ( piiblii- appoiiiiiiieiit and one of the ap- iplieaiiis is an old soldier or sailor and is liiialiliid for tlie itosiiioti ^llall liavf I lie preference. So loim its the powt-r to determine the i|u:ili- ions i .s U-fi with the appcdiitin;; t'owrr, iiowever. the law is iuetTeetive I 'liis (Iceisioii was brouuiit about !)n>ii|i ;h the lillug of ouster proceed- iti ;;s against certain ollicials of fii> on ihe ijrounds that old solrlicrs liati made applic.-ilion for the position and had been refused. The ouster proeeediup agaiusl (ieorire K. .\ddi- .-on. .sanitary sergeant; .f. L. ft. Eafrer. 'Iiy iihysician; I.,arKin Norman, birlld iii.iT iusiiecior. Alex Easle, iiolice clerk: II. L. .Mc.Mpiiie. city enKineer. DK. McXIJLLE.V, • Special attention el^'en to the • treatment of all Chronic Diseat- • es aud Diseases of Children, • Telephones: Omce 32. Res. 23S. • Office In Mrs. Turner's BIdg., • West Madison. • ••••• I Phone X,^^. tola, Kana. * DK. EDITH S. UAICIIL • Office and Resldenco over Bar- • rail's Drug! store. • Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 8 .• to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 eveninga. Sundays by Appointment Phone 687. Ret. .DK. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spactacles Properly Fitted. Uiflce A. O. U. W. Bldg. 701. * I • F. H. HAJtTDT, PracUca Limited to Snrtary. 16 r^. Backeje. Phone 67«. • i' JBicB Phone 10S3. DR. K. 0. CHHISTIAN. Phjsiclan and Sorgeoa. Roomi 7 and 8. Erana Bldg. DK. \\. B. U£irJDIl }.'«i. Phj8ielai 'Hi SnrgMB. OIRiro N. E. Corner of Squara. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'a Stijre. Res. Tel S8. Office Tel. 502. - I, Tile pioeeedinir wert; hrouKht by the l,i-oiiiiiy attorney of Wyandotte county. HALF-TON BELL IS STOLEN. Priniarify consists in letliog a Jut if people know you are in existence and what excuse 3rou liave for it AUVERTISINQ is liice fhrowioc « rubber bai : Ibe harder you throw it the QUICKER it comes bacl<. Don't write a ha (hearted ad—you wouldn't whisper to a customer, would ycu? Write a good ad, tefl the trtiib. ihco put It in The REGISTER and twenty thousand Readers Will Listen .Mliauy. .\. Y.. Xov. S.— It was d;8. fovcred yesterday, when It became I time for the sexton to ring the holl ! in the tower of the Kenwood Bapti'st , i-hajM-I. that t!i<Te was tio hell to toll, j Tl:e bel weighed half a ton, and how I it was t;ot out of the belfrj- and caned i awa> is u mystrry. I Till- tradition goes tliat the Iidl was iiitidi- from cniiiioii metal, the cmis R..f. T.'l. 198. Office T«l. Uj::. DK. J. K. PEPPEK, Dentist Is permanently located over E. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all kind* of up-io-date dental work. Evening work hy appointment P. L. Lathrop, Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC FfiXSICUSg. Special attention glTeo to Diseases of Women and Children. Over East Side Hardware. Office 'Phone. Muln 468. CATARRH ruiiiisliiiig it liaviiig been tal,en out of the ConfC'lerate Ironetiul .Merriiuac. ;ROMADKA TO THE PEN Meallhy «liUm Will Be (ihen Sentence. Savs State's Atturnej. Cliieago, Illi.. .Vov. 'J. —ilrt. Eieyii i itoniadka, the wealthy widow who informally pleaded guilty to a charge of ! theft in this city, must go to the leui- tentiary according to a declaration jtnade today by Stales ..Vitorney Healy. The counsel for the woman announced today that when the trial comes up next week, he would permit the prisoner to plead guilty. Healy then as- berte dif this was done he would issut the i>eiiitentiary sentence A SEBI0U5 FAR-REACHING BLOOO DISOROBI Kven in its early stages Catarrli is almost intolerable, caused by tha Btully feeling in the nose, the buzzing noises in the ears, the cootinttal ••hawking and spitting" difficult breathing, etc. But when the blood becomes thoroughly polluted from the catarrhal matter, the inflammation e.Mend.s to the bronchial tubes, causing hoarseness, and often an aggravating rmixh ; the stomach is affected, resulting in dyspepsia, loss of appetite and strength, anil gradually all the mucous membranes of the body become dis- ea.sed and the system npset and deranged. Frequently the kidneys and bladder are attacked, and the constant pas.sage of impure blood through the Itings, these imp<jrtant members, and Catarrh terminates in Consumption. Catarrh is a deep-seated blood disease, and must be treated constitutionally, for it' is beyond the reach of local treatment, S. S. S. cures Catarrh by cleansing the blood of all the impure catanhal matter and at the same time building up the entire system. It goes down and attacks.the disease at its head, in the circulation, and removes everj- tra«-e of the impuiify that is causing the trouble.- Then as rich, pure blood circulates through the body, the inflamed menibranes commence to heal, theT RiiRPiw •tv«»^vani p dtatrharges grow less and finally rlJnELY VEGETABLb cease, andall the disagreeable and disgnstinjf sjmptoins of Catarrh disappear. S. S. S.has no equal as a cure for this disease. It refines and purifies .the entire circulation aud repairs the damage done by Catarrh. Special book on Catarrh and any medical advice free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAHTA, GA. Register Wants Bring Restilts »aiu«: lime uuiiaing up ine « Se&Si

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