Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1907
Page 2
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-,?>-T:V'J***" 3au »lve Charm. ICm'^JHBrQiBtty daft about! Nancy; lif«ltirjf«tN6fMvSUtii IftUVBAVfiH, Casbfer. XBLTOriFSbinr. Ant Cubler.' M M EftaUIflied^l869. •Hut Btik ii IHiiiCi. Ji #Qet8 $iv^(P,00f) j lowing oitler: Holl Call—Quotations from Favorite American Poet. fKljeli^sneiefiil and dainty and fair: j Otir (Jreatest Poet—Tx)well, Mrs. C. V tt^.toti tdurn^ ttiat most catches uiy 1 Dpiinis. Iteview—"A Fabfe for Critics," Mrs fj|« fter^Uftle pre^)cciipted air, K. w. Myier. Itt 'ilflltdnfatiAg, the way she looks at Ov.-r the Tea-Ciips—A Good Book for uoys. wiiy? ¥j^t5WtiPi» «ent?e but unseeing stare: • + <?• i:fcfelf 'and vlvifle^ statue, i Tlie WYirkiiig society of the Pres is ?WUh<that little pre-occupled air. j livu-rian church will meet with Mrs iJaitcaJ&at's unconsciously tender,; li. (if Gaits on South Washington ave •ihtereBt that seems not to care, i lomonow afternoon. "see.her, jou'll surely stir-' <• + • ^TOBder j The AIofii 'iH Brolherliooii of the -^^it^iiiat-iiiiie pre-occupled air. i Freshyterlaii church will have a ban the Century, jqint in the church basement tomor- i&^iGWJIyn Wells Jn j rr/w evtMiing. The speeches of the R. P'^Tbe Ttlday Puchra club will b^ en-' "-v :lin^' will ho given by Dr. ^\. .=^tWftea on Friday afternoon. Nov- H^ylnnin ami Mrs. E. N. .lones. I ^«n^ 16 at the home of Mrs. Georg.'' „. a .i. fISon SoutH Washington avenue' .^i>•-s. C. W. Thompson. 812 South '-Ji ^T. • • ? <f> <t> ^- ' ! street, will have the Violet club on I'^^^IliBu V. Dennis spent the week; Thursday afternoon I^fllid Witii Cbanute friends and re'a- * * • • • •!• Mr.-;. Carrie Haymaker, of I-os -An. :>MKaiid MrsT Waiter Wheeler, of i fa'"^'™'^- ^ R'-f^^"^ meodeaha, are gu4sts of lola friends, i ui^f*- -Mrs. K. C. Brown and other ral- . ; . • atlves. fftie P.: B. O. chapter members are i +4. * l^testS'bf Mrs. Channcey I.^ Evans ^LaHarpe; today. . IT" •'• . 'i • * * •DrlBdjOi Haigh -will he hoste.<rs of l-tba C. W. B. M. of"- the Cliristlitn bureb oa Thursd^ afternoon. + • + ofi Ijicile EnslI.sTi. wlio Is attend- in;: college at Emporia, this seasoii !- hen- for a brief visit with her par .r.ts. Mr. .'inil .Mrs. .\. C. English. + * + Members; (if the chorus which will Uplty^ Club had the followl.ur . ..„„, p^,, .. ..^o Pprogrtim at the homo of Miit. O. T.•' ' , . u. u /^M I= ^»*^*hge this afternoon: 1 1. queste.l to Uieot tonight in the ( hrl!>- I'CaH^A Battle Which Affected, i inn .Innrli for u rehearsal. * ^® Hl8tor>-. of. France. f'^l^Mdn— Chapters 9 and lo. ^'pi>«on -*.;napierB » a»« i". ,,-•„. ,.„i^^ „f t-alllng etlqueti K 7 ^Jtewarch WbrK —Mrs. .1. A. Dev in. , , , , , , I lMtcS!BeArtidl «.-''.A Trip to Paris." •^V':<=-»J<'"- ^^"<l> ''l'""!?'^-- '"'el^ ' Khf: and f'The Streets of Paris.- i t-n )MM.|.le are piiz/led how to |i g*^«e«ditJ»-:-'Paris," yivn. Georgt- fc -lPuWIc HappenlngB. %mvMb. : I'pritlc'a Report Jf-' • * 4 |t^. ; -iX>r. and Sirs. J. W. Adams and son * "ifenn iinifl Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Adams ts--BUjd "eon • Burton, of fchanute. spen imcfe' with "Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Ad- ,jsj*f • • * K'f $_-'n >e TJ.; B. Aid society will meat in n^kllib oiurcb on Thursday afternoon. + + + rules of calling etiquette hav.' that of. - , . roceed. Tal- lea'l/.liii! ihni a mistake concern ^ sijcl) a qur-stion means nothlu>! .)i.-s t'.uiii SDciai o.iiraclsni. tln'y ar^ .f :fS |os'.(l to consider very carefuly ! l)efore lak'ng any ('.cfinlte action. I; vi.M are a malmn y.iur card '( vlii'iiid I.e just a liitle larger tliat of yo!ir unmarried .<!ls:er: and if you introilucing ynur daughter this .•.;-:ison. have her name engraved on Mwir card below your name. Thi.s ].>• fur the sake of convenience, as yor * * * The Prls<dlla cltil) will be entertain-! v.ill probably pay your calls together, on Wfednesday laftemoon by Mrs.j if you are a widow, you may usf & Boab and Mrs. George DeClute.'^jij,^^ ^.^,,1^ husband's Chri.stian name Mis. DeQnte's. residence. 509 South ' . . v i.. ^^^•^li- ^^g^^g I (•.- your own. just as you choose, bu ^ ^ .! v>h:fhever you select. hav.= it engrav i |:The v. B. church was the scene of ^^j^jjnoit deligbtfullr informal event on <jeT6ping. when the pa.stor Urft.; Mlssamore and new mem .^;tbs diuftih were guests of The company was received by Utile Adains. Stella Freeman. FKnrtier. Pearl Six, Opal Klein. • Alger, Messrs. R. H. Bennett [ea IWiay. W. EL McAllster atia tJ. W}. Adams. There was a soc .Winr and a number of musical se­ tts entertainment. The con iigare Rev.Mrs. Missa m nnntbier of .fifts and a sum of In booor of the occasion. ^'j^^Tfaft Sorosis club will be entertaln- bn-iTbtiraday" at the home of Mrs )B^-ti»$«iS, 851 North street. Th? i ^*i«W?*»i«i4baaed on the subject. "Am- peifi" and arranged In the fo'- 1^? ^••JB ^i »iBi« are you going?" : after a sack ^ of Um 'l^ionr. My. wife lanytbingelse." cl 5n XwV.. Th's is one of the strlc- r.^quirr -DKnis of card etiquette, as i: ai-o tlie custom of preceding ".voui r-.anie with the appellation .Mrs. oi .\!iss. / Jf yon ar? divorced, you shou'd com bine your iiiaide^ surname thus. "Mrs Kflin^bam .lones." Efllnghani lieinj; your maiden name, and .Tones you' liiivbaDd 's name. Tf .vou are the eld -Kt matron in your husband's fumll> you are i)riv;leged to omit Christiai: liauKs and initials and have your name engraved a.s "Mrs. Bn)wne.' v/hlle your eldest daughter is simply ".Miss Brown." If this is .vour first year of mar tied life, have cards engraved as fol lows: 'Mr. and -Mrs. Charle.« Rod man Stuarf." .\o matter what vour coudltnui In 'lie may be. whether married or single, hav^ your cards engraved In elth- e- shaded French script or black French script. If .vou do not care to have them encraved. if Is equally KfKxl form to have them embossed, but never write your address, im'ess you are in a strange city. Your per mau'iit address and your name should le engraved or embossed. It Is no longer corrcet to write any llil is Mon^y! Says the provi rb More so now than evcr. If you waijt a new watch—an accurate, to-lbc-st-cond timekeeper that will wear long and well—call on lis. We have every kind in stock except bad ones, and at prices to suit all. AI^ our stock of Hand iPainted Cbinaware and Qnt i ii>of the ffnesit quality Lockets and Ghaiiis I Poptilar ornamrnts for the I <adie8, Misses or little ones. Beautiful lock- (ts in solid gold or gold filled, .Roman, English or bright finiith, chains to match. They make appropriate presents and are splendid keep-sakits McNElL BROTHERS. 7H£J£WaJtH». thing on the card except "Congratula tions," "Condolence," or "P. P. C. The old form of "R. S. V. P." is now ibsolete. A woman li? privileged to ivrite instead. ".\n answer," or "An •inswer is requested." She may also !.ut her call day and hours In the low '.• l.'ft hand conier, as well as the late and hours for a luncheon, a tea jr a similar entertainment, but a man nay never write anything on his card The custom of foMIng c.irds has .leen a long time out of date, as has also the ridiculous practice of leaving vhole packs of cards when calling Never more than three is a good rub•o fiillow.—K. C. .Tournal. * • • Tlie fashionable orchid tints appear :i many of the satin niiil soft silk 'valsls worn to matinees and small 'rncheons. Most of them are charm iig confections, whi-reon soutnche and iMiry braids rival embroidered bands 'lid contrast with the lac- gulmpes nd lilgli collars. Abboiigb seemingly loose and de <).'n •(! for comfort as well ns for "auty. they have carefully fitt.=d and cried linin«« of peau de sole or taf "ta. Tailored shirtwaists In white riffeta. heavy linen or flannel are fr:i the winter through with simple ont and skirt costumes and are un 'i;'<l. depending for their trlmness •l:(m their bets.—K. C. Journal. + * * Mrs. George Davis will entertain •ith a euchre party for the Wednes lay club on Wednesday evening. Look at Our Libbey Cut Glass. Rookwood Pottery and Hand Painted China. ^wail, Jeweler and Optician i <>4 Noitb Washington. .Mrs. F. Bennette Smith gave a hiblren's party on Saturday after- loon to celebrate the fourth birthday mn versary of her son. l.andls. ,A.fter I nieri-y hour with games the gii .?8ts -.•••re served with a pretty . luncheon. Ihe i.ible was set for ten and hail the liirtlulay cake with its lighted canilles IS a lentf rpl ;'ce. The little host re •lived several appropriate gifts as sou \enlrs of the occasion. + * + On ^Yiday afternoon when the Wp nan's Relief Corps meets in G. A. R. :all the officers and commltte .->8 will Mnin >!e for the .innual Inspection of ;!ie corps on November 2H. At that line Mrs. Harris, of Einiioria. will bi lire to conduct the inspection. • + • Superintendents of the various dJ irrlinenfR of the W C. T. U. will have a special meeting on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. S. S. Vamer, 212 South Fourth street. Tomorrow afternoon ladies of the First ward who attend the Methodist church will give a tea from three un I' six o'clock. Mrs. Chas. Thompson. 715 East street, the hostess of the afternoon, will be assisted by the following ladies: .Mrs. A. F. Florence. Mrs. A .V. Ivodge. Mrs. S. i L. Holmes, Mrs. .1. E. Powell, Mrs. Robert WMgley, Mrs. R. E. Culllson. .Mrs. C. .M. Thompson. Mrs. R. Armstron, Mrs". Thos. Welch,. Mrs. I* Weekl.v. .Mrs. J. E. Powell and Mrs, .1. I.. Hamt 'ton. • + • The Art duT) will meet in the Y. Mi C. A. parlors on Friday afternoon. Miss Anna Frances of Colony, will b* present to read the paper of the afternoon. • + • The Ladies' Music club will meet at half past two tomorrow afternoon with Iheir president. Mrs. Malcolm Hpghes. . Miss PatU Metcalf, of Ootonr. will jbe. Iferjt^ tfKpoprow for a raeetlog of Delay of Six Inch P;pe Makes Cold Hornet. Owing to the delay In the arrival o" six Inch pipe with which a line la U} be laid to the W?est Field, many lola homes were ye.sterday and are today without sufndent gas for cooking and heating The three Inch line rannlng to the Young track is to be replaced with a six inch line In onler to get a Tietter supply of gas. The pip? was ordered some time ago but has so far failed to arrive. The inahi'Uy of the three Inch pipe line to supply enough was for the city has resulted in many of the patrons of the ,ras department ke3plng City Clerk Wendorff and his assistants busy in explaining how It happened. The full pressure from the North Field is on. showing that the big line across the river must be In l)efore the community will have sufficient gas for cold snaps, such as ts being-suffered today. However, some of the complaints may be due to defective or small pipes running from houses to 111:- mains. Wlien the six Incii pipe will arrive is not known but it should be here in :i f -w diivs. FKENTH EX POSITIONS TRIBUTE TO MRS. EDDY AWARDS HER DIPLOMA OF HONOR Leader of Christian Science and Her Books Fittingly Recognized by Paris Exposition of Books and Paper Industries. Tuesday morning we will have 4000 Vards of beautiful embroidery bands and flouncings to offer at about ^ the original price. This line of embroideries was bought long ago but owing to the slow delivery we will have to clean them up at a big sacrifice in price. You can buy fine swisa bands that ought to sell at 66c a yard for 39c a yard, and flouncings that sell as high as $1.60 for 7^c. See north window display. Lot I Rich embroidery insertion banjJs in open and shaddow palteras. \'al- uesup to 6>c, on sale for 39c Lot* 2 Swiss insertion bands and 14-inch flouncing.-} in open and shadow pat­ terns. Values up to i»fjc, on sale for Hoston. .N'ov. 11.—:ilrs. .Mary Bakei- '1. i-Miiy. the Leader of the Christian Science denomination. h-js Iteen awarded n I>iploma of Honor by the Internationa' Exi»osltion of B(M)k and Pap^r Industries recently held in Farls. The interesting information reach ed the Christian Science Sentinel of IJoston. through a letter from Dr. W. H. Tolman. Commissioner General for the Cnited States at the Book and Pap>T Exposition. Dr. Tolinan's letter was addressed to Rev. Wm. P. McKenzle of the Christian Science Piibltshiiig Society, and Is as follows: Paris, l.'October 2:',. Htii7. r .'.ar Dr. .AFcKenxIe: — it f;iv<'s me sincere plea-sure to in- forni yon that, on my reconimenda- t'on the blehest award, a firand Prize, was made your exhibit by the International .Jury at this Exposition. A Diploma of H<tnor was awarded .Mrs. Rddy as the Founder of Chr s tian Sclenc.'. Ver.v sincerely yours. •W. H. TOLMAN. Coninilssioner American Section. Till' exhibit s |H )Neii of in r >i-. T'll mairs letter was iiiade up largely of .\'rs Kildy's writings. THE CASE of lleoi-Kc Harper vs Inla Portland Cement company ei al., ;i ilumage suit, was up before the Su irenie court Saturday on a demurrer. Decision was ' reversed and r.'inand ed. Kegister Want AdM. I'ay b «>cauMe In .\llcii'('uunly neiirly everybody rend -i the Kegisler. Lot 3 'j\ to ^7 inch Swiss embroidtry flouncings iu scroll, open and shadow designs. The mofit btautifnl patterns you could imagine, \'alues up to |1..50, on sale for 79c RAMSA Y'S I'OKM WRITTEN lobi .>luii BY .MR. PERKY. tu Ihe .Sends Late Work Heslslir. A. Perry i.f the lola i:uslne.!s College who writes poetry in li.s U-i.s- •:ie lionrs, has contributed the pociii follows below: .lesns Lover of My Soul. ' 'lit d with weariness and pain. Scarce strong enough to pi::y ';i this iwlllght hour I sit. Sii and sing my doubt ;iwav .'"er my hrokon piiriioses 'Ki.' ;hi- romiug sli.idows roll I :'i :i t- liiiiid a bridge ol sunn. •. I -us Lover of My Sou!" .Must Ifaie Holly Service. Topeka. Kas., ,N'ov. H. —My the decision of the state supreme court today, the .Missouri Pacific railroad Is obliged to establish a daily passenger train ervii-e on the .Madison branch. Tin; oiirt holds the law pernjifting tin: loard of rutliouil coiiiiiiissloiiers to egulaie the train service i:! constitu- lonal. Falsa economy applied to the h^th may cottlife. Cheap substitutes for Scott's Emtst'Sion are foisibcl oh the public every year. Don*t buy them and trifle wi0i y <M |r, Tfie g«$iuine beari the^label £m ul^ion and : •'.xo to tliy l >i)Soni lly." liow the Words my thoughl.'t repea' l °o I by bosom Ivord 1 come, Tlioiigh unlit If) kiss thy feet, 'itice I gathered sheaves f<u- thee. Dreaiiiing I could hold thein fist. \n\v I can but Idly slug: •11. Itecelve my soul at last " 1 ;iiii weary of my fears; Like a child when night comes on In the shadow. Lord. 1 sing: •Leave. O leave me not aUine" Tlirough the tears 1 still miisi shed. rii rough the evil .\et to be. Tboitub I falter while I SIIIK: ••SiIII support and comfort me." All my trust on thee Is sta.veiL" the rythni of the soiif.-: .Si .fily falling on my heart. Make Its lui'ses firm and strong? (h- is this thy perfect peace. Now descending while I slug Tliai iniy soul may sleep tonight, • '.Vcath the shadow of thy wing." •'Thou of life the fountain art." If I slumber on thy breast. If 1 sing myself to sleep. Sleei> and death alike are rest. Through the shadows over-past: Through the shadows.yet tii be. Lei the ladder of mv song "Rise to all eternity." Note by note its silver bars. .May my soul In love ascend. Till I reach the highest round. In thy kingdom without end. Not impatiently I sing. Though I life my hands and cry: •;.le8H8 lover of my Soul;" Let me to thy bosom fly. The Presbyterian Brotherhood will meet Tuesday night. Supper will be served from seyen to eieht. The program vill be^n at eight fire. All men of the church and congregation are cordially InjrK^ to attiend. CM»e^^**«— Th»- SANT.\ FE will sril UOMESEEKEKS' tickets XOT . lOth, Dec. Sd and ITtta, 190< to points In Texas .OfcUhoma and Indian Territory, \ew Mexico and Arkansas at very low rates. WINTER TOURIST tickets on sale dallr ^' OT . Uth, 1907 to April SOth. 1«08, with final return limit Jane 1st, 1908, to Beaumont, £1 Fa* so. Ft. Wurlh, flaireston, Texas, CarUbad and Demfaig, 5. M. at loir rales. Please see as for fnrtlier parkulnrs.

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