Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
Page 5
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• ..1 .':'''>5v>',,' OFFICERS. C. H. DeCIute. President. L>. M. aifford. Second Vice President. J. D. Amett. Vice President. H. Hobart. C»h|er^ CH. DeClate, , J. D. Amett, n. E. CliWonl, J. 8. Warker, D. Amett, C. H. DeCIute L. M. Clifford. Chaa. H. Apt, J. F. Nigh. R. M. Cunnlngliani. f. C. Au6ht»rman, ?.Iay Tholen, Geo. S. Davis, DI&ECTOBS. n. ^r. Miller, J. E. Jone». . W. G. Miller. Frank Dale, STOCKHOLDERS. I:. E. Cllfrord, J. E. Jones, H. .\r. Miller. ^Vinifred Walker, Clara T\V Foiiat, .1. S. l^'alker. .1 !:. R. Mlll.r. v.. K. Ctilhertpon.'e V. Mlllbr, Cha«. H.'- Apt, J. F. Nigh. H. Kobart L. Jlobart, R. L. Thompson, Frank Bale, W. E. Rftlaton, K. McDanle). Dr. r. B. Coro, \V. ft. Miller, ir. Hobart. State Savings Bank GmpHml S2B.OOO Mm, Kmmmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A few bnndrrd M spctlons Xo. X iTMtrrn land at fioofl nnd'np. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. OIBce OTOT loTra Store. Thorpe & Boogh Cratneten, Enplneen, Snrreyon. Fullf «<iaipped for all kinds of nrreylng, estimatinjr, patent draw- /.ig, bine prints, maps, sidewalks, enrblng. and taxra. drainage. Office Orer Tamoca." Short Stories Happemiigs —Cnnnlngham Jt .(niett, % per mX fflonejr. Lonstlreth Found Guilty, III I hi- Cii .sn of ilu- city v.s. Long- Etri-'ih pliargofi with <liHturlilnR ti.i> jH 'nco thf <lef <'n <lunt w.w /oiind Kiiiliv .mil finrd |2 and costs liy JiKlpc Col- liitK yesterday aftornoon. It took t «o (I.tys to fry thin raso tn jwllce CO int. Gilflllan There. R. S. OllfUlan. who has the contract to pave the piiWic .square. arrlve<l last night from lola, K,iii.—Nevada .Mall. — jrmr Mundis'. Post Card .\.11)unis at Use No. 7 Flour Good as anr—better than most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET Wo handle only the bPi ?t of Fresh Keats, Smoked and S.-iU Meats. Wei Want Tour PRODUCE fannerfl, and -viW par the hl^rbest >narket price In cash or trade. Come In and see us. We are sole agents for J. M. Bom's CXIFFEES and TEAS If you wfll gire this Jine a trial yon will nse no', other. Condition Not a Theory. An lola man who agreed to stand on his iifail for an hour If Hadlpy was elected sovernor of Missouri. (ind.<! that It i.s a condition, and not a friends simply won't plve him a min nto's poaco until he has madf eond.— Kmpori.i Gazette. Clote th^ Doer. . "CIos«Lthe door;"-Tbls^Is th^ sign, i^btdi appears at the pott'ofice en*' trance.' Durlog xha ieoid weatfcer, the' emploreeH of the have found it uncomfortable tn hare tbej door open and are trying to ediieflte the patron* of the office to cloae: i\. ' Oiir Oystera. Way. Italiana Leave.' Yhe three Italian musicians who have^ been In the city the past few days, left yesterday. They are en- route to their homes In Chicago where they will stay dnringthe *lnter. The trio was hore last spring, going to the south. Later they returned to Chicago, coming west again this fall. They said they had not done much business since the cold -weather came on so decided to return home. —Frank a. Seattle. V. 8. Phona 139. Like Allen County. Tito relurna in Sedgwick county 'ike Allen county show an Increase in the Socialist vote, but n<j increase in the Prohibition vote. The Wichita Eagle says: The official count of the ballots cast In the recent election show that there are more Socialists than rrottbltlonlstii in S«»rtrwlck county. A total - of .2-18 votes werp cast for the Prohibition electors while ihoro wpro 290 Socialist votes. A larger number of the Socialist votes wcro in the city, whilo the country famished a larger porcentaen of »hp Prohibit ionist.<t . —N'ew Pmt Card Albums ai Miindi's'.^ Scottish Rite Event. .Vrransemonts for the fall rninion of the Scottish Rite Masons are WPII under wa.v. The reunion l.<! tn bo h<'lrt the ICth. 17th and ISth. and a olasa of about fifty will be iniliicte<I into the mysierl(»-« of ihi^ onliMv —Ft. Srott" Trll)uni\ ,S I? —I>r. P. K. >V«nu'l», IJenlM. PlDnr- 32. More Women There. The lnfi»remlni fact in tli.^ n^Sl.s- rntion is the mar !»ecl Inrr«^n>"- of wn- men tn llie K.-insax collece. The frv tal att'niinnc" in tlie eoHoge l:ist ;.«'.ir was l.'l mfu iiiwl llfl wotii'ii. Tlii-< year Miarl »K tUe !arr''st peree7ii.i:.'«' of gain 01 wonKMi Hiiiilenis in lli<> rn!ti"-i' in tlic history of the I'niver'<Iiy. —Paper Hanging. Phone 1428. Frr ^l HowdfO IVIight Land Thi« One. The .McIVipaM Manitf.icturiiiK <oni- pany. of St. Jos^jih. .Mo., ni.iliers of fjien'.'; shirts, is Inol.'ins: for . T loea- ion in Kansas. Tr.o romil- ion which t!:^ rnmpany wants fiilfi!!- ed is the fiirui^hine of iTiO ^irls? to worlc a« ofiera'ives in the f;ictory. Thi» Topelfa Cotnni'Tci.-il cfuh I.s now try- ins; to i^f-f- if Ic run find I'IM ciris in theory, that confronts him. Hlshhaf town who are willing to work in the . factory. The ,IoIa Boosif>r c'.nh I 'ight pick this plum from Toiio1:a by Ur"!"- hnrrv-iip wor';. Fryer Fbone 301, SOS. Bros. loia, Sansa-s. £vans Bros. M4atlommv, Ottimm mmvmUmm IVter* aullty !• matai eonHfl- •ration w« bny tha bast Wbara imMBiM wUI jBstUy. ws cam aU cradaa and pileM. •Mtt Ilia Humf, Ian. Potatoes for Sale. Will <-\ohanse Finall SO.H ! polatoes. liiishel for liii.shel. for <ora. PnVe for same r.r>c a; home. Large sorted iioia- loe-; Tfte. Also turnips 2"1r. .\. I.. .Kend. llorr^eshoe P.enil. Phone Prepared for "Red." Musi;oKee. Red is headed for Emporia, after having exhausted the resources of Tojie'.ia. The sporting, re- lisiotis and other editors of the Ga- 7o\iiy .are moving their desks (o tf:e l)asemrnt today and will decllni' t<> recf'Sve visitors until further notice.— tjnporia Gazette. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. To Hold Investigdtion. Tiie riiJ <?|/<_-iiiJeiire iJeijofier w.iiit.- , T •sweopinK" investigation of iSe Moat- comery county court !:ouse. The K"'- :)orter •sa.v.': -njehb.-? its and mebbe it ain't, hut we want to know." and refuses' to be silenc-^d in .isitating the matter. Rumors of graft and malfea.s- ance in olTlee is ili.' ra'ise of the turmoil. —Alxrays time to eat at Our Way. Housebreaking Epidemic. Every paper that comes to this office from towns In soiithe.-j.stern Kan BOS contains accounts of houses b»>in? entered and jrooils taken: and there so<yn.= to he an »'p>rtpmic of house hreaking in tliis part of the state.— Kmporl.T Gazette. Rooms for men, Y. .M. C. A. building Steam beat in each room. Baths free. COLD STORAGE CO. . Wbelesoie Mi Ketd Deolcn CRYSTAL ICE A B 4 INstiiled Water I«r G«U BUiTC* lUtAs far Baataeaa. ' Pkna Uf. FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Wrote Wilhite. Mif Wilhite is in receipt of a letter from a eonvirt In the state penlten irary of Montana, reqnestin;: him to try lo seji (ly raffling or on an.v other •Aay. a hrlille whtc.T the convict has inaiie durina his May in the penlten .tlary. The man states the merits of ithe articie. whlei: he has been months In making, and says h<i wants the money to take him to whore bis people live in t;ie East that he may be li'in Il.'e over .icain.—Emporia r..-iz elt^. ~ . Stoves —Sign painting; phone 1428. Fred Bowden, Not Much Wheat. .Wheat rai.sers in the southern part \ot the state have become discouraged bv the threats of greenhugs and the poor - efM of the past two years, and the wheat acreage Is- much pmallor ilii.<\ fall than usual.—Emporia Gaz efte. —lastKt on havlnjf "If. S.** Hoar. •Indt'c West Go«s Home. .liifige .f. S. Wes'. assistant t'liitej States district attornev, tthn in. !>haij,-e of the jury di'.r-.ii'^ the reeeiil session f<i ihe, f:'der:il eoiir'. left \cp;orday afiernobn for his linnie n Tniicici'.— V':. .SVot: f{e;.u /;'.'<MH. Wc offer you by far the greatest CIc- thing, Furnishings. Hat apd Shoe values ever offered in the city. $9.75 For a real CRAVANETTE OVERCOAT, in black and grayj worth .every cent of $12. II^IC t%t% The most beantiful Suit and- Overcoat we lili ever-sold. Real $20 and $22:S0 value cut VlUfUU l^ite^style—rich,,fine, sinqoth worsted, soft finished cheviots, in blue, brown, olive an«l tan. AH sizes, 35 to 44. ^ Boys' Knickerbocker Suits If you war.! the best. Fioy's Suit fi<r $.;.'iO. you mr.s: come lo the I'jin'.fius. .V handsome div.*s suit fi>r ymir Loy'^ Sunday r.nir. Our !;tio piircha-^e enables ii.-: in .'^ave you ?l..'n, .\1I Az.^.i $3.00 Boys* Suits and Ov^ ercoats Ppkndid valiie-i $r>.rnl. age.=i 10 to 1« years, i>i:iiu or fanej- rwlors, cuffs (.11 sie'pves. very nobby gar- iiienr ;!ud wil' enlist the appn^al of a!l hoy?. $3.50 The Home of W. L DOUGLAS $3.50 Sh^es K .vrlUHiwi aceney of tlji* "Wunder Hose" for men. Warranted lo wear for three mtontJia nilbant damine. Per b«s $1.00 SmokelOLABOOSTE G. II. Anderson. Uev. fuderwood bad! C. A. Stewart iieen „. .\ Ciiy u, .ee after j C A. Stewart fou.ul it }<?'>^"" his proper-v th°r.. and aef,uaint. d; -.'Ut to transact business in 7"=- with'. g.,..d n:a.:y people u,ro.,^hout j dny. :">'L^"-'.=!?::; :'l'^*?rj';::i";tvni ti'.e rniiiity—Winlield ('onn-r. Alex Hamilton Paid Bet. .Alex Mauiiltou i»aid his election bet with A. Oswald last Satnnlay afternoon bv wlif-elins .vfr. Oswald^around, in —It—Our Way Soda Water. ,he elaborate diuntr which the Uoyal; the square in a wheelbprrow VeichUrs of lola -rvtd to th.-ir vis- 1 and ch-enns for Taff- at, each comer, ,;.frs flm-^^f'- ••-nt-r-Vn-.s fV -u-! and l.v cheered as though he meant .,:,frs frtjm ;iaf s I n We ,-iiv. sure that Alex would have Slandered Keene? The federal authorities w!i» are doavorius to ascenaiii wlio wrot< j .-r Advocate. it. Wc aiv sure that Alex would have '. viited for Taft if,he had not made tiie To and From artlesvllle. .''ft- 6^ it as it may. his wife says ^ , (;w)r^'- 15. Kd^ar. of t!'.? .Kd^ar -Mer- ii<- iu-rrorn^.-*! wore labor Saturda}' :-tcent slanderous I I 'ILTS r-aaniju^ ...:riiaiiJ.V IiT^ohauc:.'. loin, wns in Bar- rlnui i,.- "-.a.- s^iiiee h'- left the farm.— M. Keene. liave made no ;s-tatenient' tl.-svill,- ji-sterday. ' ' ' Ka'ph Me-.V:i!'s Cnr.t! ir-m 7a .Xenslio Falls vfC as to a iiossihlr el'.:e t^.ey raayjDowcll of (h.- Keyston- Imtei. i-iVir^'d r. - . , h .-'.ve found. The autfaorsiiip of th >',his former home at Tola y.^sr<'r<-'ay. iD?(fterious letter still remain?' a isarrlesvilli- Enterprise. —Dr. J. B. Pepper. Dentbtt Pkai* 111. mystf ry.—Ft. -Seort Trihuii*-. ; ' - • .Mind Yonr IJusinr««.. Holdren Appointed Deputy. —.Mundis' Drug Store has just re- If ymi dour, no'iody will. Ir is i<'iir^ .luheph W. Holdren, of Cberryvale, reived n fine line of Post rard-rMfmni.-; iitisine-s to kef-ii o'l: of all the 'roiiMei |,as be^n appointed deputy county at- 1 i .\"ou can and .vi-u e.'>u and will kee 'ijfom ^y for .Moritgomery county, br ' Dismiss Abrams Case. ;,„.t, of liver and Ifov-el rroul.'e if yi>u j rountv .\Ttoniey-e!ect Hal Clark." Mr. The pioceoiling charse against j fake |>r. Kini:'s New Life PilU. They • Holdrei: formerly represented Mont- .lohn Altranis was di.smisse.l in .ludseij^.p,.,, i,ili.-,ii.-:nes.*. nia'aria and jaundiee county (n fhK legislature and C. S. Potter's court ye.'iterday. Hc.o,,, of your sy.v;iwi). ^r.c at a'.l drug j js ^ hdilliant voung mau. He is well w.ts charged with threateninc Ijodily, stores. ' Iearne<l in tlie lawand will s«>rve hia harm to Dr. ?tapleton of I^Harpe. f | ro7int -r faiihfullr and well. I^tcr an action wa.^ l>roii?ht to in-i ntdre into his sanity. Wlfrn the inryj Enoine Jumped Track. quire inio nir-n j....- j La-jt e'-.'r.ui:;; the San'a Fi' switch found lira .^ann the peace proceeding. pn^jr .e was <?iecked while the crew case was dismiss.'*. .VbrfLms says hei^.^^.^ work at tlte I'nited Kansas ^ ^ v.on't iiorher \>^. Stapletnn. (Portland cement ilant at LeKitnt. No j ] -rilerchanfs Lnnch at Our Way. X ——— Kti'p* HIni Riisy. R. S. Gilfillaa arrived" in ilu- city ii'sterday from Nev.\t!:» wbere tie has !ar3:e imvins rontrners. Work . wa- only receml.v .siiutrd i>:! .\'f-v,id.i ?ontr.icls. .Mr. t;i!fi!!iii liu.-> several lanps of men (•mployt'd at all tinies. ine nov.- lielnvr .-I work on streei pav- riK iu'lti!a.— l-"f. .'^cii'j Uepniillcar:. —Soda Water! the <^tr Way klnl. IVai* al W Ini 'ield. Rev. \V. H. I'lidf-r Aood iT I'I. L V f.-li­ fer Has., wa.«. -u Wirfield W.dn-iday •norniuir ..ii l.i- x fr.i:!< Vikausas Ciiv j «r lola. m viiii his dau?:hier. .Mrs. —Oysters any scyie at Our-way. 'I l< Silver Tongued. Col. S. ('. Ili.-hoii. the silver IHM;:ii(d auctioaeer. rhid in all hi.s glory! was up from lohi Monday and '•"""l^.iphprlngs and ducted the saw- of Henry Brenner s ^^^^^^ ^,,5, with credit to himseU and this Ineal-r, .i... ;;-.._\>o^ho Falls Post. .one was injured. Tiie €-ngine merely I [jumped the track and jolted rhines up ; imdiy.—Independence Star. Don't Hny Watered Oyi>fer«. Oy.ster.s should never be watered or (lacked direct'y in ice. The Ice should around; the container. Otherwise •harp, jasged edges of the ice cnt riianr-;le and Iiatter the oysters, spoil- iiiic their hroks and ruining their deli- I ciiie flavor. -Marked" the Town. • The oyster is a. sjilt water sbf^II fish The discovery of some unintelligible | >\'heu put into fresh water It puffs up ' markings npon w.ilksjand loses Its plea-sant. piquant flavor, lences ii> tiii-^; ciiy pives to (r. is just as unnatnral lo soak oysters the belief that the so-called band of in ice and w^ater aa to aubject a .marauders who iiave terrorized one fine, juicy steak tn such treatment. vii.™««.n s««r«o./. T.«i..f».i '^^""^ singled out certain ••5?ealshipt" O.vsters are the only -Fltjpemld storngc and Trnnsfer pj^^p^ t^pj^ operation. Those f.i- kind that are properlr packed. They Co. Jinn.<rhold and piano moTIng;, miliar with the behavior of these are shucked into airtight, steel con-" laraest vtorc room lu city. Phone n.lfi. i working bands as.'iert that one of the talners and ice Is packed around the • 'schemes is to make certain marks of container.s. Ask for "Rcalshipt Sense." Are Known Here. i distinction upon pofts or gntes in • a a-book abom.-;Sft»!;?hIpf'Qyatera. It Win. >rorgan of Oklahoma, brother manner that does not challenge no- Koes into the deiallif of "Sealshipt" ex- i»f Ttr. .1. Morgan. mailing the ddctor tice, but which ncls a« guides at night ceMonce.' a vi.<it at (in.--lit. * " * Prof. T. W. when-they return for their work. Sev-i You will find thp White Porcelain I.ieiirancr" ram<- up from Frcdonia eralsucb signs have h.en fo'in -1 ii. Ca.sf- Ixaring ilie^Tilue "Sealshipt'* Monday, lo make r.-laiiv.^s and friends 1 cartons pr.ris of :h.- city.—Ft. S ;Tr.idr-.\fark at dea$r .i' stores. Ftyer visu'.—\eosho FalLs Post. J '•rjlajpe. 'p.roUicrs. Otio fUnafe. "0\ir Way." —Bra. UOirap. OsteapafU. Ffceae W Were Paralyzed. Two young men of LaHarpe went to a drugsiofe with a prescription that called for alcohol, glycerine, and Set Up and amnected, also auf "l''^'" '•^a^'"*- nnctions. The drtig Bp *uu wuuc».icu. ai» anj ^^^^^ supposing that the compound odier gas fitting, misontble charges. Good workaBdi*«/- "'^ ''^ Phone 39. (cohol instead of the usisal variety. Tb^ infatnated young men went behind, a foo&fXxrry bush and 'dranlc the mi.Tture and now their optic nerves were paralyzed, and they are In drjiger of jjcrni^hent blindness.—^Em- jioria Gazette. —Six p*r cent oMoey: »> catnaia^ aloa; so delay^mitb * Tram. H. Male ia HOme. C S'. Sate liaa retnriied from a .Ttstt. Titli Ua-pafcala^^lCr; and tfni.

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