Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
Page 4
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the ; lacQbllcKi iSlmi^: ™ —- - - . • . <• coBx liltee mint prisent tham to • . • . .••,,^^^'^"^^^*='=^ *..the\ jommJttee' before Satoiday • - ; r aiairtnan. 4tf«tiilng RatM JUd* Knowa on ..^plleatkm. MTHCBI^OH BITBS. M nmtmthi urn, 6H CKy, fttli or IcHupab )M WMk. ....10 cmtt in* Month ..L ...44 cents Onp T^nr.............. BrlbO. Oni year lulle eonty §•*• jear titriio eouty fhrM Mentha, In tdraneti 11.00 On* Month. Is adnnee .1 .44 * • * * • * • *•>.•• * • • ItlSLiKTA FE OFIiCIAtB LOOK^ OTES SOFTH COFFETTILLE, OK L IMXEDUTEJBELIEF From CoB^s Coida, 8»re Thnrnta ui Hoarsenessf Ushr IIjronwL Wien you catch coW yon want lb get rid of it as quickly ai you can. VFFICIlIi PIFSB, CUT: OF BAS- Telephonet BuIneH Offlco - - -. - "; •dltorial BOOM WANT QILFILLAN TO BEGIN Fort Scott Councilman Thinks Should Post Check. ^ i You dont want to Ue around the howe for a week Ewallowing nauseating drugs. You know when .you do this that you are not only making your own life miserable, but are a nuisance to everyone about you. "Why not avoid ill this? Why not relieve your cold in five inlnutea? -Why not cure it over, night? Tou can do it by using.Hydmel. the sure and guar anteed cure for colds, coughs, sore jg throat, catarrh, broochltic and asth- I HyomeL (pronounced High-o-mc) is medicated and antiseptic air. Ton breathe it into the lungs through small pocket inhaler, and its soothing influence as it passes over the Inflamed membrane of the respiratory tract, stops the mucous discbarge, allays the inflammation, and the cold 1« cured. A complete Hyomel outfit cpKtb 11.00. and Chas. n. Spencer ft Co. will refund your money If It falls to cure. City The Port Scott Tribune Bays: There is more or less agitation In administration circles regarding the paving of Second strCct, which Is hanging fire Just how because the mayor desires the work deferred until -spring. Ho has not signed the contract into which .Mr. GilfiUan Is to enter and has said that he may not do so, believing that the city is going a too rapid pace In public work. Mr. Harris is a keen financier and his Judgement is accepted as being first class by a preat number, yet some , of the co.mcilmon want this work entered into this fall. A mem her of that body stated today that he believed Mr. Gi^fillan could go ahead and enter upon bis contract now and collect his dues for the work. This man says that the city compelled Oilfillan to post a certified check for SSOO a full month ago signifying (hat he would enter upon the work, etc., and believes the city should da the «ame thing by its contractors. "It's a poor pule that will not work both ways," says this alderman. "The city has compelled. GilfUlan to-have tied up $800 for i month and I believe that the ^ity should adopt itc rule of posting a like sum In these contract matters. .whl<^h will guarantee the contractors that they may begin work when their terms are accepted. It isn't equitable nor just to have GilflUan's money tied un tiiis way and no assurance as to when tUe work will begin." Mr. iHarris has aTways favored public improvements, hut belinvea the city should not crowd Itself into doing so much work at this* time. The council mooting next Tuesday night will likely witness au effort to pass the contract ovt-r his head by a two-thirds vote, or in otlicr words have him sign the contract by this vote and after his refusal to do A NARROW ESCAPE Two Memherx of the VeTlI's AncUon Came >'ear Being AsphyxlaW at Fort ScvtU pnr« rruFn i\ « TO |4 WAY.S. PAJJO 01NTME.\T is guarontoed to cure any case of itching, blind, bleed Ing or protruding piles in C lo M days or money refunded. f>oc. For Ball Case. Mr. Hig?ins. deputy sheriff of Linn county, and the County Attorney of that eounty, were here last Friday, subpoenaing witnesses to appear at the trial of Forest Ball vs. Mrs. Glenna Ball wbicli was set for last Thursday. It will be remembered.that Forest Ball had Mrs.- Ball arrested some time back on the charge Uiat sfie had poisoned the drinking water which be and his family used. Those who attended the trial from here were Mr. and BIrs. A. J. Mars, Mr. Win. Campb^l and Mr. Forest Ball, who has since moved to this county.—El.smore Leader. Two of the leading jodies of the Yale's Devil's Auction which played here night before last came near l)e- 'Ug asph>-xiated at a rooming house in Ft. Scott Wednesday afternoon. The lady who played (he role of "Carlos' and the "Fairy" were the victims. After reaching the city they retired to a rooming house near the hp-town center, and. being worn outjand exhausted from travel, one sought rest and repose by lying upon a conch in the room. The other young woman start- od to write a letter. The windows of the room were drawn and gas was es- <;aping from the stove. "Tbe volume of the escape was not detected at firs^, but as minutes wore on the young ladies began to be mildly pumb- ed by the constant inhaling of the ^»a. After a time the young lady writing a letter made an effort to rise but fell In a faint to the floor uttering a cry of alarm, which partly roused her companion. The other young lady made an effort to ris -e, but she was too weak and sank down exhausted One of them managed to reach a win' dow. which was raised, admitting fresh air. Inhaling the fresh breezes both were soon Invigorated and recovered. Had the two lain down for a nap the probabilities are that thet might have inhaled fo much of ihb e^caiAng pas as to kil! both of them. IirilinOLDT M.IX LOST C.iSE. J. A. \rmel Wanted to ReeoTer Ben* tnl<i on Ga* lea^e. The Chanute Tribuno sayn: The case of J. A. Amei against the Kansas and Trxas Oil, Ga:-. and Pi|<e Hue company, which came befot^ Judge *-"lnley tills morning In diHirici court, was dUpofied of by ihc court *u»- .alning u motion made by the- dc- ftndant that the case be dismissed tud the costs taxed to the plaintiff. The plaintiffs attorneys started the rial by asking the court to give Judg meat on the iileadlngs: Mr. Armel isked for 1212 which, he claimed, was due him as rentals under an oil and .las lease. The motion was overruled. Theu the defense presenied a similar motion concerning its pleadings, and he motion was sustained. The defense pleaded that the lease in question had been annulled by an Allen county court decision and that the contract having l>een declared void no rentals could be collected. i. ^rnrltffMm fwam t* flavni Morning Comfort Open yotir sleeping-room windows—Id in the crisp. Inesh air—but your room need not be cold while dnitsing—a budi ol a makh and the welcome heat h radiating from the P^FECHON Oil Heater .' (Etiiipycd wtdi SMokdaaa Dcvtec) For kealiBg the haih-room quiddy it'a 'a great and wiD inalie &e nonnag dip as gwio^ as io ike aaaaner. . Now it's keakiist liiiie—mak^ the room cwy and diecrhd • • youf keddnt more CBJoraUe and start the day wiAsuU shim. ThcAuto. •ia& SmiJkdm Device prevents allamoke and smdB and aialies H impossiUe to torn.diewidt too high «r low. Qeaacd in a.minute>-h (inis 9 hotts with •ae fiOiag, • Finished in Nickd and Japan. Every healer guaiaaleed.. ilAY EXTEND THEIR TRACKS Wm^miki^ Yw Pmy StS.OO or Ovmr Sweater Coats for Men 85o io $4.00 8ITET0B OI05 DEPOT HAS BEEN SET ASIDE BY THE PBOMOTEBS. Few Hnadred Rods WOl Take the ^ BaBroads Into the >'ew Town. Coffeyviile, Itos., Nov. 12.— X special train bearing several Santa Fe officials arrived in Cofreyville last evening and remained here for several hours. The officials visited the site of the new oil refhiery which is building on the Kansas side of the line between South. Coffej-^ille, Okla., and this eltr- They also went over the ground of the proposed extension of the Santa FJe road to South Coffcyville, Okla. At present the .road runs to the state line which is the north Ibniis of South Coffe>-vllle. It will -require only a few hundred rods of track to extend the line \o the union depot site In the which has already been set aside by the townsite promoters for! that purpose. All the roads are fav-' orably Impressed with the site and it .» thought that the Santa Fe officials who were here were viewing the location with thn intentions of extending the track. These officials were General Super-1 ^ntendent Fox, Division Superintendent Ramos. Assistant Saperinten- dent McNally, Division Engineer Wells and Roadmaster Butcher. Sweater Coats for Boys 80oio$UB0 .' Munsibg and Vassar Union Suits for men, $UBOio$5,00 Mansing Union Suits for boys Overcoats and Suits m jpm- mm'- m C'OMIXfl TO lOL.l .S00\. Departmrnf. G. .1. R. fommandor Will Tblt Several KaBsa.<i Towns. Topeka, Kas., Xov. 13.—W. A. Mor:^au, department commander of the Srand Army of the Repulilic. started .iut today on a two weeks' tour of the irestern part of the state, for the purj •'•ose of visiting the Grand Army posts [ md building up the order. His itinerary embraces Great Bend, November !.3: Ness Cit>', November 14; Saiina, Vovember 16? Abilene, November 17; Manhattan November IS; Wamego, v'ovMiiber 19. and lola, November 21. This is Uie second eslonded trip Mr. ^ifoi^an haa( liinde thin fall, since the reunions were ended for the season. He reports a vigorous growth in the order, uotwlihstauding the terrible in roads being made in the ranks by the ?reat number auswerin? to the last roll call. mi mm FOB aiCK (HILDKCN. Yrs. Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, Who Bas Done So liuch t>ood .Vmong .Sick Children of \ew York, Recom mends YlnoL 'In my work among the destitute sick I give VInol In many cat^cs where It would be Iniiwsslblo to plve cod liver oil in any other form, on account nf the extreme weakness of the pa- lents stomach. I hare Known VInol :o Vfatore appetite and InftiKc new 'Ife in many casc^ of Hick women and hi'dren wiien •.Vfiyililng els-c failed. Uttlc children seem to delight in tak- '.ng VInol." * The reason Vinol is so far'superior o old-fashioned rod liver oil and >mulEions is because it contains all the medicinal, body building elements nt cod liver oil actually taken from fresh cods' livers with the dlsasree- ib'e o^l uilminatcd and tonic iron idded. i As a hody builder and strength creator for old people, weak women, ielicate children, after sickness and 'or all pulmonary troubles, Vinol is recommended by over 5,000 of the eading druggists of the United States. Your money will be returned ou demand if Vinol fails to benefit. S. It Burrell, Druggist, lola. FISH GOT DRUNK. Drank Booze Emptied in River at Lawrence. \ Lawrrnco paper puts out the fol- owing dope: Tfcere Is a report otit that Mr. Bowersock will bring suit against the sheriff and bis bondsmen for damage don? to his catflsh. Recently the sheriff. emptied a lot of confiscated liquor into the river. That looked harmless, bnt the fact is that it has a tragic end. The catflsh drank th6 polluted water and got drunk. Ttero w)is a fight among the flab, a regular drunken brawl and several were killed. Many others were so badly wounded that they wl'i die. Others will be incapacitated from duty for months. Now Mr. Bowersock thinks a great deal of those flsb. Each one is care- fhlly branded behind the left ear and the caretaker guards the flock witn Jealous care. The'rc was no way of preventing the fish getting dmnk after the liquor was emptied into the river. Therefore the question' of damages looks clear. "I shall not pay damages unless I have to," said Sheriff Woodward. "I emptied the liquor Into tho river aH risfat and from the noise I heard that nisht I am inclined to, think ther^ was an awfnl fight among tho fish.; Dut yon win have to show me the law that says I am responsible. I 'shall fight t^ia suit to the bitter, end. If neces­ sary'I s^all qi^estion the property righta of. Ur. Bqwersock to those fish, brings st^t as their next friend ave a defense for thi Copyright 1907 hy Ha.'-t Sc.haltncr Marx To suit your fancy, in the famous Hart, Schaffner (Sh Marx and Stein-Bloch makes. P ^abrics, patterns and models to suit eyery. taste, and these makes will give you style, and what is perhaps something new to • you in clothes buying—your money's worth. Come, come, Gentlemen, Be up with the Times! . SUITS $15.00, $18.00. $20.00. $22.50, $25.00 AND U P TO $30.00 OVERCOATS $15.00, $18.00. $20.00, $22.50 AND $25.00 OTHER SUITS AND OVERCOATS, $7.50, $8.50, $10.00 AND $12.50 lOL.l II.VD \ REPHESE>T.1TIYE. K. \. Ilorwilz, of Xi'w York Store, At- trniled BIi; St. LOUIH Sale. It lij custoni.iry every year for the St. I>oiiis wholocale houHcs lo put on a hi-', vvi-ek'H >:ilo uiili 'h is iittended by ImytiR from all over tlir United Htatirs. One w:i;; hi-!d hist .week and was larpeiy ait<nded. The New Vtirk Store of lola wast represented and .Mr. Ilor- wilz made large purchaees which are on their way here and which will be advertised next week. The St. lyjuis Republic in speaking of this sale Kaid: ".More than 300 buyers of dry grwds wii be in St, Louis tomorrow from cities in the south, west and north to participate In siiecial sales .which the large Jobbing houses will conduct'. The buyers are coming from all parts of the country, even as far west as San Francisco and as far south as El Paso, New Oriean.s and .Mobile. More than twenty reiiresenlatlves of the leading retail dry goods and dc- partmerft stores of Hilca.go, Milwau­ kee and Kansas City havf already ar-' rived. The Furguson-.McKiiini»y llry Goods company has made arrniiKi-nienis for .serving lunch to :!00 to .'lOu buyers In iiK main Hioro at Twelfth siri 'ct and Washifi.tjlnii (ivenuc The visltorrf will Ijf aeccmimodated on the scrond floor, rtlileh hiiK IJIMUI litte<l out as a dining room. ThiA rompany purehiiwd a!I Jho stork of tli<! Louisvilii' Dry Ooods roniiiany, a wliolexale poiiccrn which dei^lred 10 retire from l)u.-*inpH .-i, and advcrtineK !i tpeci.ij siilc Ix-Klnnln.c; tomorrow. Forest Ferguson, president of the company, was surprised to learn that more than :',tiO buyers would attend the sale. He was more 8urprise <l when buyers represent ins Siege! Cooper. Rothschild. The Fair, Iverson. Wei- boldt and Klein stores of Chicago, and the Srhnster and Boston stores of Milwaukee arrived in St. I..onis yesterday. Representatives of dry poods com- • panies from most of the state of the southeast, southwest, northwe .st and the north will be in Si. Louis toraor-.j row. I The Fer?tison-McKinney. Kly &' \yalker. Kice-SH.x Carleton and Har- ; gadlne-McKiiiVick dry goods cojn-i panics have been conducting specia.. •sales periodically for several year!?, i Their objecr w.-.s to makr Si. Louis' the peer of New York as a wholesale market. These com.o.anies have opened p'^mi- anent a.eenMes in the principal centers of the south, west and north recently as a result of their trade ex- I)ansion, and tliey are not convinced that their aim is achieved. The iiros- ence of more than 300 bu.vers is taken to prove that St. Loiii.< ha.-? become the foremoHt wholesale dry ijood.'? market west of New York City." Why Syrup Papsin is Free For more years probably than the age of the person reading this. Dr. W. B. Caldwell, of Monticcllo, 111., has practiced medicine, and the one thing that forced itself on his mind was the urgent need of the bmnan body for sometliitig that would scien- tiiically . regulate the digestive organs—the stomach, liver and bowels. These year* of study developed Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, now'recosrnlzed ma the nattoiial aafeeuard of health in thousands of good American homes. For twenty years it has been gaining friends, for it i> today, BJ it always has been, the best laxative tonic for women; children and old folks, for these especially need a eontlc, cife laxative tonic that is sure in results and doe* :n6t gripe. It is because the doctor pas watched Its rood work fair all these years and believes la the merit of his remedy that he ollera to send a free trial bottle nt bis own expense Ux anyone who writes htm. Tou have atinplr to send your name and ad- drea*. .On the *trenKth of what these «nV ^Te**lJJlS' K aw1^5?. gSSl I ^^'ve a pair of $a.00 shoes. A similar weird Syrup Pepsin la today raor* widely' offer is made to the Kcnilemen. Cash other American remedy for; oV trade wil| lie i»ald for the eggs, constipation, liver . trouble, flatulency;' '; ; biUonsnesa, liidlBeatlon, aour Btomaam, }* dyspep«ta. h«rtbnrn and »lmllar dl«y. 1 L.\1)IDS' SE.SMIOX-OYEB. ders of the atomaob, liver and bowels. - LIRER.VL OFFER TO FAR.MERS. Bright & Co. Will V»r • Premium for Bringing in Egi:< Geo. D. Bright & Co.. 117-19 AVest street, ad in tod-ty'-s pa|>cr containing an offer tp farmers which Is mighty liberal. For ten days they will biiy eggs aiul to the lady bringing in the greatest number they will Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves lola 7:19 p. m., arrives St. Louis S:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St, Louis. For further particulars call ^ and see us. C. P. Hale, Agt. GO Mnta^td'^l^'^botae, and Oo^liiln' Rink n'lll Be Open to .111 Hkaten on gooTtt cost*"*** "'^** **** •"?<"»"^ o'f .Mornings Hcreaffer. /Paopla'uk* J^'M. L. Graves, $8] Oak- ' wood. aTe..'..ToMda,_p., G. B. Houscton. | Beaairaer, Ala^ 'nnWam Bpdd, Ojoodman, Mis*., onoe sent for a fre^ei - - now have needed. This r.iorning,ended the time given —. ^ im ama, upooman. over to the ladles at the rink and **tll3;-'eS 'uJi,'faSy 'u5ffiir\'i2 hereafter all skaters will be admluod. ,Iij|rdly any men ever skate-, in the If iiiereisaaythlns about inoriiing;,'however. A smaU charge of your ailment that ym dcn't 15 cents wUi be made at the moraiug I undcxftand, or if you want sessiocs. I ,any+»edlcal advice, 'wrtto . jjany ladies have Ukea advantage to doctor. h^wffl;^ the o,cj„ji^eae« and naby new EXCHA$«E OR SELI. List your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal is found for yon. I have 210 acr«s In Neosho county. KM. to exchange for good loTa property. J. T. vnxs. Room 10, Qli CMft HoRse, MIQAZUTES X^D PEBIOMCII^' can be secured of " J. ^ lleMcnoa a-bp deals with the pttblialmv anA furniihes them at the lowMt prio* possible. Tri«) mibsciip«h>ix to Vak I^rden's, 3 months 25e. Phone 98. T-^H N, Backe'ya

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