Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
Page 3
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PHamm rmngfng from $3.BO io #7«50« If you are after a pretty Hat, one that is chic and up to the minute with style, you should visit ORCAT »PCCI4L C4P SALE CONTINUED 50c, 76c, $1.00 and $1.25 Caps, choice for 2BQ* Sale closes Saturday Night. 11» l &ckmt IMCaaison NOT JORDON TESH "J. Chanute Man Thought to Have Been Man Killed at Humboldt Re- tir -ni> Home This Week. The belief ontertalned by some that the nnkDown man, \rho met his death nome time ago by dellberarely stepping In front of a moring Santa Fe train netir Humboldt, might !:aTc b«on Jordon Tesh, a Chanute man who disappeared about the same time has been dlspelle/l as Tesh has returned home. The Chanute Sun says: Jordon Tesh, the glaes worker who disappeared simultaneously with the accident to the unknown man at Hum boldt, and who was thought for several days to be the man killed by thp S^anta -Fe freight, has returned. He appeared at his boar^inR house Jn Chanute more than a wfek ago, and after getting his things left In hlF room at the time of his mysterious disappearance, returned to Independence wiiere he is now working in on^ of the glass plants. Tesh, it will be rememherc'd, dfs- api>eared from his boarding house on South Edith avenue one Thursday noon last month, and Friday when the news reached Chanute that an unknown man had deliberately' com- mllterf suicide by throwing himself fn front of a moving freight train at Humboldt, the description tallied so perfectly with that of the glass worker that his friends here believed the victim of the tragedy to be him. In- rcsttgatlon by The Sun disproved this tbeor}-, but no cluc> could be ob- tiilned M> Tesh's wliereabouts and bis dlHappenrance remained a mystery. On Us rettirn hero' he told of having been' In a hospital for several weeks in a condition which did not permit of communication with his friends. It appears that he went directly to Independence from Chanute, Intending to collect some money coming to him there. While on the train ho was tdken deathly sick and was taken iramedlatoly to the hospital, wi '.Pi -e be remained for several woek»=. AID HUBER ORPHANS her share of ill luok. Her husband was an engineer on the Missouri Pacific railroad. In n hefld-on ooDision In Mrsico eleven .voara ago a man was idlied. Ho. as engineer of one cf .the train!*, was thrown into jail, where he died of starvation. The railroad oonipauy presented Mrs. Turner with the property in which the murder and i>iilcide took plnn?. Mrx. Turner lias a Irt-year-old son, Ray. Is an employe of the ern L'nion Telfgraiih company as me.s sengur IKIV. Hf wfil artenipt lo provide for his niothor and the two Hu- hor orjilian rblldreu. Irene, the u-nionths-old bab.v, cried many times yesterda.v, not seeming cpntenied. The baby's face still shows n I < M-i ui»„ r - 4- marl's of the powder burns nf the """"^f "( •hlK'^of 'rSl -Ver i :artr.dgeJ |KU_knU^^ Van. In speaking ot the orphan children of Harry Huber. the former lola man who recpntly killed his wife and then shot hinisolf at WIdiifa. the Ragle aays: If IK nrobai.le that Mrs. M. .\. Tuili- PRAISE FOR JAYHAWKERS. Veteran Fan Says They are Faster Than Any Previous K. U. Team. 1.3wrenee, Kas.. Xov. 13.—ITnlver- If iK rirotiai .ie mar .Mrs. M. .\. i urii-•-''"-'^ students are keenly awaiting the er. mother of .Mrs. Harry Hul)eri whol Kansas-Nebraska game, which will oc- wa^ murdered liy her liuRhand. will' c""" Saturday afternoon in Lincoln, tiot he obJI^ed to sr^l her lioine,' pre-; Kveryono want* to know how Kansas senied her l»v the .Missouri Pariflc measures up with other .Missouri val- rallroad compauy. In order lo pay her •''>' elevens. If the Jayhawkcrs pull daufrhter'.H funeral expenses. Many through the arguments with Nebras- ctraritably Inclined persons ot AVlchlta not more than fivo points in the have volunteered assistance. lead. It vt ^W be taken to mean that .\ benefh performance is to be held Kansas can win Its remaining two at the Orpheura theefcr Prlflay after- ff«nios, one next .Saturday from Iowa, noon, the proceeds of which will he to be pla.ved In Iowa City, and the turn»>d over to .Mrrf. Tnrner. .Ml eon- other game, which winds up tho sca- tributlons will be acceptrd at the box son. Is to be the KHnsas-Mlssouri con- offlre and turni 'd over to Mr*". Turner, test Iji Kansas City Tbanksgiring with ih*- ninllDee receipts. (day. 3frH. Turner. It seems, although a I Sam Usher, a friend of Kennedy deserving woman, has had more than and .Mosse. who every season watches J [ •_ triumph or defeat of the Crimson and Glue, whichever fortune passes out, BEST T8E FOR CATARRH rEgg'tiW was out to McCook field 'last night. .piEn \ The fa:t that he was able to gain ad [mlttance to the field when none ott- «r In citizens clothes could give the proper password at the gates, is In .— itself proof of his standing with the a a. S. isthebe^tmtmeotfor Catarrii because it is • perfect blood «»n''J'e». Usher, talking of tonight's porifier. It to the only medlcme tlwt is a6le to get down into the dicnla- ipo„ "n„* M.°<^oLv*'fl»,i =tn^' *r" AC -. «i„.o.t«r^l,»l matter .OCT imtmritita which otodnce 'j*'^ "^/'"^f 'i' ^J^Cook field since the ui^uw jjjgj, jj^^ y^^j^ doesn't mean lat Kansas has a better eleven than 'has bad since the dosltag year In jntrificr. it is t&e on^ moucuie ui«« w BUM: M wn<. tion and entinly remoTe the catarrhal matter and ini |niriti «s which prodnco , , <.o« xr .v . ^ - thetioahle. Aa W«fl the ttu &«.Jienibnmes and tisAiea are kept iiflaawd ^Lil, "^'^ and InjUted by this imbtire and infected condition oC the Mood Catarrh will » ?h .1^ Itl f.,'^"" mnaifl. Its disagreeable and dangerous symptoms, of tinging noises in th« he ^„S ?L4 '^enturv but ^ nnttas drop^S^ck intothe th«^ l«« «H .w.&/.ye^ difficult toVslre?X''erm"'r.n''^\^rc;^^^^^^^ brwthmg, and even stomach disorders ai^ weakened health, cannot be perma. tlon. Is going through Its practice bet- flcotlytdievediintil.the blood is pnnned. Nothing equals S. S. S. for this ter and tas every Indication of being ptirpofie. It goes down to the very root of th? trouble, and remoTes every an all victorious eleven. ^ Dartideof the catarrhal mattef from the blood and enriches this vital fluid so. thataUtfaemucoaS8urfacesaresupt>Uedwjthnutritive,h^thfulqaalitics,ia<| Married Her«. stead of being eoastantly irritatea apd inflamed by impurities in the c^cnla- Mr. Hoyt- Davis and Miss Nina tia«b Hwn tbe symptoms beiio to pass away and when S. 8. & has cntiitly fender were married at Tola Wednes• purifiad^^e-Uood, Catanit is pecmanently cured and th« general health dtr. Tho groom is a pratpetous grtatly built up. Book on Catarxfi and any medical advice desired sent free ™<™ of LeBoy. the bride Is an . i(»«lt-4riiovxit«.> - --v. ' . I accomplUhed young Jady of this city. TB& 8WWI SPECIFIC CQ, ilLAVTA. <U.!d:r""-S?eX *5ii°^^^ G^JV^. OBITDABT.. .lames Collins Strong was born near Natchez, .Miss., December 2-j, 1840, and die<l at .Moran. Kas., Xm*. S. 1908, of valvular disease of the heart. He moved with bis parents to Rockford, III., where he lived until the autumn of 1871. In 1.S75 he was married to Elix,al>e;h L. Watson near New Milford. III. To this happy union was born one daughter, Edith E., and two sons. Walter J. and Curtis H. He leaves the above and two brothers, W. T. Strung, of .Moran, and N. J. Strong, of Earlham, Icwa, and four sisters: Mrs. -Mary C. .McGlashan. of Moran, .Mrs. Ssrah O. Montgomery, .Mrs. Emma .M. Richards and Mrs. Carrie C. .Millard, nf Seattle. Washington. From Rockford. III., he came to Kansas and located on his farm one mile north of .\Ioran. Here he has lived for 34 years. Iieing one of the pioneers In Alien county. During ail these yearn he has been almost constantly ln< somo po.altlon of public trust having been township trustee and treasurer, and two years a nieinber of the school board in Walnut Orove district, and for IS cimseciitive .vears the treasurer in the ^loran school district. To his influence, perhaps, as much as any, is due the fact that Moran has one of the finest school buildings in this part of the state. He has always taken H lively and helpful Interest In Improvluft the grade of stock In this community. Every enterprise that* Ifwked toward the improvement of business, society, or the church, always found In him a sympathetic and helpftil friend? He was a plain man but one whose sterling worth meant much to this rom- munity. In his charities he literally obeyed his master's instructions: "When thou diM 'st thine nlitis le; not they left hand know what thy right hand doeth." His many deeds of love and kindness are known only 10 God. "He rests from his labors aud his works do follow him." In his death the church has lost one Ho Questkm as to the Siiperiprtly, off. of Its most helpful members. It seems difficult to realize that be will have no more to do with the planning and shaping of things here. "I cannot say. and I will not say That he is dead. He is away! With a cheery smile, and a wave of the banc. He has wn.ndered Into an unknown land. And let us dreaming how very fair It needs roust be. since he lingers there. "And you, O you, who wildly yearn For the old time step and the glad return. Think of htm faring on. as dear In the love of There as the love of Here- Think of him still as the^ame, I say He is not dead.'he is just away!" —James Whiicomb Riley. The funeral ser \-ice3 were conducted in the Presbyterian church at Moran .November 11, 1908. fihe S3rd anniversary ot his marriage) by his pastor. Rev. J. Af. Mc.\rthur. assisted by Rev. E. L,. Combs. The fraternal orders of Ancient Order of Cnlted Work men. Degree of Honor an* Knierbfs and Ladies of Security, of which .Mr. Strong was a uiemlier. partlci|iated In the services. The family desires the writer to express their gratitude to their friends for their many acts ot kindifoss and expressions of sympathy in this, their time of great sorrow. XXX. .Seven I'rars of Proof. "I have had seven years of proof that Dr. King's Now Discover}- Is tho best, medlcinf to take for coughi« and colds and for every diseased condition of throat, cheat or lungs." says W. V. llenr.v, of Panama, Mo. The world has had thirty-eight years of proof that Dr. King's New Discovery is the best remedy for coughs and colds, ill grippe, asthma, bay fever, bronchitis, hemorrhage of the lungs, and the early stages of consumption. Us timeiy use always prevents the 'development of pneumonia. Sold under guarantee at ail drag stores. oOc and 91 .00. Trial bottle free; Powder MEANS JCST WH.4t IT SAYS. Better than any other powder on the market. glyeerlae la Its compostUoa. Does not 'flreese no matter how cold. Absolutely BO danger In handling. Use Trojaa instead of glycerine and save the Ures ot yoar men, and your company fcpm damage •nits. E.W.CoveMAle IGENT • : Boom 6, ^Stereasea Bldg*—isia Tnas liands. See ua about Quit Coast Country lands that can be bought on monthly payment plan, lands that will produce from $300 to |600 per acre; also, some exchanges. WHITAKER & DOKNELL. Over Our Way. TAFT AT WHITE HOrSE SUTOAT. It Will Be Ills Flnt Thlt WHk Mr. Roosevelt Sfaee Eleetloa. Krv. Kram Will Attend. ' j Rev. J. D. Krum. of Ottawa, who la filling the pulpit of the Eplscopa^ church here, will attend the convention of Episcopal ministers to be held in Independence November 19, 20 and I ,21. lilh-hop Milispaugh, of Topeka,. 'will be in attendance. ( I ; j Is Tlsltiag Fareats. i • Uiss Lu'a Donofao is spending the! weak at borne vltb h%r parenu. Mlsa, Lula U attending business college at J Iola.-^£l8more; Leader. Washington, Nov. 13.—At the White house Saturday night and Sunday, William H. Taft will be the guest of President Roosevelt. It will be tho first time the president and Mr, Taft have seen each other since the election. The president's message to congress probably will be in Shape for Mr. Taft's perusal and Mr. Taft's cabinet probably will be discussed. - Mr. taft's trip to New York city Is for the purpose of making a speech at the dedication of the prison ship Martyrs monninent in Fbrt- Greene park, Brooklyn. He will reach New- York city early Saturday and immediately after the ceremonies at ttae .mona ment In the afternoon he will leave for Washington. He will arrive hWe at }]i:30 o'clock af nlg» and will be drir en to the-White hodae'wliere he will spend the night S ^mday mpnilng he will atteaA rellgoins serrlees with' the president, probably at'the present's church. : ^

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