Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1907
Page 5
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DO YOU KNOW that In our wasbioK we use pight to twelve changes of water, ranging In temperature from cold to boiling hot? You could not posslbl.v use this much water at home, and it explains one of the reasons why our washing is more thorough, more sanitary than home work can be. iOLM LAUMDRY. PHOXE 102. VmtmHmmry Homphml West Strett, lola, ooe block from sqa «te. Diseased of domesticated animals successf ally treated .charges tnoderate.good box stalls for patients , Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. ftmuk8»BmmUlm, V.S. ijoaor Qraduate of OnUrio Veterinary College, Prop, li^pital Phone i06« Res. Phone \39 •rf ' • —- Get rid of them. RAT-BIS-KIT Does the Work. Either for Rats or Mice ^ 15 Ceots a Pdcksfe At SPENGER'S DB. J. F. JAMESON'. \ Tke Snecpssfnl Aoc> iUeneer, Vet«r!narlafa. Kami sales or Pedigrfwl stock sales made any whrrc. Veterinary calls answtred day or night. Office with DoiiKlass Bro« Plicnt u. resideiKc ^aa lOLA, KANSAS R. S, GtLFILLAM, eeanal Goatnetar. Flagitone and Cement Sldawalkt ao< Curbing a Specialty. OM M lie East JaekMa Af*. Pkaae KM. Iowa Store Special Line of Sample Hosiery ^ All Colons, All Kinds. We will put up our Sample Hosiery with anything in town for durability and beauty. You can get any kind of 8 Stripe. Mixed Colors or anything you want. Don't forget tljc Iowa Store A. G. MUMM A. Prop. lU SoMtk WaaalBgtoB.—Helle 114. lofai Biisifless Cvllege mght Of Hay Semmlom PeunanEbip. Arithmetic, Elocutioa Bookkeeping. English, Physical Cul- tare. etc.. iShorthand. Utter Writing. Y. M. C. A. LECTURE COURSE 190 7 AND 19 08 Earnest \V. O'nelL >OT. 22 '•Poimlar Fallacies." Jud^re Wdits Brown Dec. 10 Apollo Qnlntctt^ and Bell Rlnfcers. Jan. SI Dr. J«hn 31. Drher, Feb. 4 "Atiierica KacHiR the Far ICast," Uuuhar Male Quartette Mar. 13 .Sensou TlrketN, Adultx fl.lMI. High .^bfiol i .'>r. Thuldren nn der 1.V, oUc. Tirkpt!« transferable. MEIDL CASE DECIDED Employer Has Right to Keep Amount of Debt Out of Employee's Salary. .huljif Foust today handetl down ;i i'eclsion in the case of Frank Meld! VE the I^nyon Zluc company. Jn favor of the defendant. The decision settles an important question and onr: tliat has been generally discussed over the state. It l» to the effect that the employee cannot compel his em- |i:oyer to pay him his ffaJary when he, the employee, owes his employer. It gives the emp'oyer right to hold out of his employee's salary the amount which he owes him. Meidl was in thp employ of the com- Iiuny. and made a contract for the purchase of a house and lot from thf company, the consideration for which to be paid in installments of each pay day until the price wa^ paid in full at whicb time the com pony agreed to convey tlie property to him. He continued in the enipioy of ihf ccmpany after the rontrafl was made, during whirl) employmont the company dfdiiri»-d from his wages the rfgular payments of jn on each pay liny. A\t>t\K In AuBU .st 'iif quit thn em jiloy of till' rcuniJiiuy. and dfinanded his piiy, cluiininK thnt the coiiipuny liud to pay lilni I:!;* wuces In lawful money of the I'liitcd SlateH, and that In .iddliion lie was the head of a family and a resident of the State of I<unsa.s. and tluTi -fore, 1,1s wagfs were fx.'nipi to him. and that th.- company c'MiId n <it ke.'p nut of his wa ^eg the linynji 'iiis dui' on contract. The conrt lu-lil that the dealings lii'twefu III.- coni;i.iny and .Meldl were mutual. :ind that the relations of debtor and cieditdi" ns e <iiireniplated l».v tiie Hxenijitlon st.'itute diil not exist Hud ihat llie roninany was entitled to lv «-ep the defaulteil payuK 'nts out of .\reldrs wages. Top Coaim In all Bibles aud colors Overooai In all modes and all lengths Che Barclay Shields. Clothing Co: BBtt»T£B WANT ADS. PAY be- eadae la Allen County nearly every-' bo4f riads the Register. Qusranteed ila ^Mt circulation of any paper In Allj^n <x>unty. T. Ba Shannon The Allen' county Hardware and Implement man. North Side Square lola. Kan l*. B. Chafch. Bible gcbool at 9:46 a. m. PreacblMI at 11 a. in. Subject, "The Ualilean." Jr. C. U. at 2:30 p. m. Sr. C. U. at 6:30 p. m. The evangellBt 'B farewell sermon at 7:80 p. m.. subject. "Is the World tJrowlng Better?" followed by a "Bread Breaking Senrlce." Six young ladies wearing white caps wilt uaber the audience at both aervices. Sixty- six persons have united with the church. These will be given a reception at the church tonight at 7:30. The public is cordially Inivted. O. G. MISAMORE. Pastor. PreHbrterlaa Chorrb. First rhnreh—Rev. S. S. Hilacher. the pastor, will preach at 11 a. m. on the subject. "Dual PeraonaJlty." At 7:aO p. m. subject, "The Fall of Man: Christ the Redeemer." Everybody Invited. Sabbath school at 9:45 a. m. Chriatian Endeavor at 8:30 p. m. Little Balldent* Chapel—Sabbath school at 3 p. m. Rev. Hilacher will preach at 4 p. m. Subject. "Precious Faith." Coral Builders meeting at 7:30 p. m Mrs -E. N. Jones, Supt. RaxNPtt Chappl—Sabbath school at .'! p. m. Wm. Davis. Supt. { The Rpfomied Cbnrrb. Morning service at 11 o'clock. Home .Vflsaion service. Short talk on, "Th( Call of the City." Evening service at 7:30. Sermon "Prepared for the Unexpected." Simday school at H:4B. Choir practice Saturday evening at T:?.i). Interesting Wednesday evening ser- irlce at 7:30. 1.01US C. HARN18H. Pastor. Ijinyon Centpr. Siindav school at 3 p. ro. I-. C. HARNISH. Pastor. Rapll.<t Chnrch. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. MoniiDK service at 11 a. ni. Sermon, •'About the .Master's Business.' B. Y. P. I!, at 6:.10 p. m. Evening service at 7:30 p. m. Sermon. "The Tragedy of a Soul." \V. H. GARF/ELD. Pastor. First i'hurrh of Christ, Srientlsf. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church 8er\'lce at 11 a. m. Subject -.'Mortals and Immortals." Testimonial meeting Wednesday a 3 p. m. Services held in Christian Science huM at 110 East Jackson. The hal IS used as a reading room from 2 to I |>. m. each week day. The public is cordially invited to the services and reading room. MRS. EMMA E. ADAMS. First Reader. CbrtNtiao Cboreb. The topic of the sermon at 11 o'clock is "Steadfastness." At 7:30 the topic will be "The Dignity of Man." The Bible school meets at 10 o'clock. Junior meeting at 3 p. m. Y. P. S' C. E. at 6:30 p. m. The teacher-training class- for thf Bible school meets Monday eveninf at 8 o'clock. R. H. ELLETT. Minister. Ea.«t lola Methodist Episcopal Cbnrrh. Sunday school at 9:46 a. m. Preaching at U a. m. and 7:30 p. m Subject morning sermon, "Beauty of HollnesB.'* Funeral services of Mr. Evans will lie held at the church at 2:30 p. m. Kpworth I^eague services at 6:30. A. .M. HARKNESS, Pastor. First M. E .Chnrch. Sunday school at 9:46 a. m. Preaching by the pastor. J. M. Mason, at II a. m. and at 7:30 p. m. Junior League at 3p. m. Epworth I.«ague at C:30 p. m. To all of I hew services you are In- •Ited. At the nuirning service menibon-- will be received and in the eveninr 'cvival servires will be conducted. ^ -iont; service of flfleen to twent.v min ites preceeds the evening sermon. Kv ryliody sings, come and help «a. .Setoud Baptist (burrb. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Praise services at 10:40 a. ni. Preaching at 11 a. m. and at 7:4r I. ni. by the pastor. The choir will furnish music at eacli service. You are cordially In- ited to these services. Come and let us reason together. Uou't forget the barbecue entertaln- niept Thursday night at Oroome^'^ hall given by the brothers of Second .^ap'ist church. J. W .GORDON. Pastor. J. Anderson, my tailor, is now ready for business over Coutant's hardware KNIGHTS AND LADIES BANQUET Humboldt Order invited to Attend Event The Knights and Ladles of Security have invited the members of the or der at Hiimbo'dt to attend a banquet given here on the evening of the 22nd. The matter was decided upon at the meetUig last night. Six candidates were Initiated last night and seven aiplicatlons received. Jfra. J. L. Har- liaugh now carries a fine gold-watch, a present from the local order for having- secured ten new members during the recent campaign. I f -BQDK BY DAVID EDWINMUSif: AND LYRICS BY GEO FLETCHF.R !65 LAUGHS fN 165 .-VHNUTES- 15 CATCHY MUSICAL NUMBERS. WiU KEEP Ri6HT OK Proseeation of land Ftriinds If iU ITat Be Stopped \tj KlUiBf liiTestigatolrs. Weabington, Nov. 9.—rThe following letter addressed Joiatly. to the attbrr ney general and the secretary of the interior under date of November 5, was made public at the A\1iite hause today: "My attention has-been callei^to the dispatches in reference to the murder of Secret Senrlce Agent Walker, while In the performance of his duty investigating certain coal land frauds In €61- ornado. I trust every efTort will be exerted by your department to prosecute vigorously every violation of the land laws which Walker was investigating.—Signed. Theodore Roosevelt." Cure your cold by using Mundla' White Pine with Tar. HONORS FOR SEC. TAFT MauiU School Boys Drew Secretary's Carriage Throngh Streets of Maulla. imsoes. 28'3B'B0'75o. Mi FIRST STEPS Mat* Meeting to Discuss Commission Government Was Held Last Night. Free dirt at Luccock'a. ^ A ROYAL BIRTH. Son Was Bora Todtj to aermao Crown PriBfPss. Berlin, Nov. 9.—Crown Princess Frederick William Qave birth to a son rhlB morning. The flrxf steps toward submitting ihe cotumlasion plan of city govern- uenf to tb? voters of this comniun- liy were takeu last night at a mass neetlng lu the rest rpom of the court liouse. The meeting was attended ly about forty people who took an irtive inter.-st, U. ^t. Miller was, >hoHen chairman and Robert McMill>n serretaiy. Wtb a short address in which In- (tated th." object of the meeting. .Mr. Miller told the audience that the meet '«R was theirs. Speeches were calU-d 'or and several parties who have 'j.-'en giving study to the provisions of •he commission scheme made talks. Vmong them was Cnr:s Ritter Who -onflned his remarks large'y to the 'egal features involved in the new •ilan. Mr. Ritter said in part: "As r understand the enactment of "he legislature, delegating to cities of 'he first and secon<l class the right to •;overn by commission, a board of 'hree men, composed of a mayor and »wo commissioners are provided for. Tha statute defines their duties. It ilaces one department of city affair? under the siipervis'on of the mayor ind another under the supervision ->l a commissioner and another un- '.er the supervision of the remaining commissioner. An adenuate salary is •irovlded for the ma.vor and the pom- iiissloners and each one of the men rust pive all of his time to the ad- nlnistratlon of city affairs. Tlie board •f commissioners takes the place of 'he mayor and city counci! and per- 'nrms their duties and exercises their icrogutlves In every respect. "In order to secure trie submission •r the comnifssioii plan to the voters •f is neressao' to get up n petition ?ontiilniiiB the u.iiui's of 40 per cent -if the uualliled electors of the clly WlH'n this Is dune II liecoiues tile Iiify of the mavdr and dry council to -iill an ell ctIon at which the iiroixi :>tiiili is voteil upon. "If tbi- plan carries there is no ini- iieiliate change, but at the next muu- •cip;i] election. Inste.i/T of nonilnatini; •ntiilldates for mayor and council lien, candidates lor mayor and two •rnimissiiuiers are n-anied. Politics '.^ eliniinat<'d as far as that is possl- 'ile ami the <"andidatt»i are p'aced in the Itallot in ai|ihabet;cal crder and ".ot under the cupticni of any pulillcul party. "One commissioner is elected eacli «ear after the plan is in operation, o that at no time would the board be >vithoiit an experienced man, except resignation." r >r. <I. C. Clynn wlio has perhaps "ead as widely on the subject as any- ue in the community, followed with -JOiiie very int.'resting remarks. He sfoke of the Des Moines and Galves•on i)lans which are similar to the commission plan, and told of tlie results of the experiments there. He told the audience of the vast amount of money involved In Iota's public utilities, sayl-ng that if the principles of a commission were applied hen- he believed these utilities could lie nianag.^d with satisfaction to th(> citizen.s. Dr. Glynn said that the syi- l<ni should be carefu'ly considered and that in his opinion it would stand investigation. E. W, Myler followe.l with remarks in favor of the commission. In the general discussion it devel- opad that there was no dispos'tion to place the matter before the people for their decision until it waB InvestI gated in ev;»ry detail. There were- ex pressions that a publicity or educa tional committee should be appointed to present to the public the merits and olijections to the plan. It was flnu'ly decided to appoint a committee to prepare a report embodying all available Information and present this report at the next meeting, whicli is to be held Thursday night of the coming wjek. The members of this committee are: Chris Ritter. R. E Cul lifon, Robert Mc.MUIen. J R. Miller and E. Wu .Myler. CITY JiKWa. I'. T. AUKA.M came in toduy fnitu Iowa (;ity. Iowa, to .see lii.s cuusin, .loiin Abram, wh» is at |u-esent at tlie hospital suft'eriuK from uii attack of typiioid fever. Mundis' White Pine with Tar will cure your cold. (\ 1). WjEBSTF.R. the Humboldt re finer, was in th? cit.v yesterday on his way to Tulsa, where he is build- ng another refining plant. He expects to have it ready for operation by December first.—Chanute Tribune. P. E. Wanab, Dratlitt Pbone IR5 Office over BarrelPs Drag Store. REV, E. L, Combs, of Joy. Ills., was in Moran a few hours Tuesday morning w-hile on his way to-Scammon, Kansas, where he will assist in a series of evangelistic meetings. He said that he lost a iiishfs sleep and had to come somewhat out of his way in order to get to see his Moral" friends again, lint was more than willing to make tlie sacrifice in order to 'JTPt here even if only for a few hours, ills many friend.s and acquaintances Iiei -e wore also .i;Iad lo see him and all •;rnt their regards in the family.— Moran lloruld. Manila. Nov. 9.—^The departure of Secretary Taft for Vladivostok today was attended by remarkable demonstrations on the part of Filipinos, The horses were withdrawn from the carriage in which was seated Mr, and Mrs. Taft. and it was pulled by Manila school boys to the dock through cheer ing crowds of citizens. .Will trade good lot for light rubber tired buggy and harness. Must be good. Call at 105 South Second. SHIYELY HUME FRUM UOTHAM. .V Kiiiuar That Webb City or Leayen. worth Muj- Be Dropped. Kansas City. Nov. 9,—Doc Shively, president of the Western association, was in town last niglit, having returned from a trip to New York, w-here he attended a meeting of the national eomuilsslon. Jlr, Shively says tliat the big leagues draft too many players, thus causing dissatisfaction. In this the Class B organizations suffer most, us the rule limits the men to be taken from Class A teams to one. '-The leagues make a business of taking several good players and peddling •hem around." said Doc. '-Boston handled fifty-seven in this way and it is manifestly unfair." it is rumored that the Western association may drop Webb Citj- or Leav enworth aud add Enid, O, T., to tlie circuit. .\Css Lizzie Spencer of Middleton, la., is visiting Miss Loila Xorthern, i:',i:i ('did Cures in .Mundis" window. It. F. <;.\R.\'Elt wlio was Injured in :i fall Willie working at llie lola Portland Cement company is a great deal better today. Dr. Wllley, Ornllst. ^TIVO .ICCIDK.M.S. TralMH I'lillided aud Killed an Kn- irli'ieer -('(lacb lieruiled. West Hr(n»l<lield, .Mass.. Nov !l. The Boston & Alliuny express fnuii Albany for i-iiiston struck a frelnlit train whlcli was backing out of the .siding near tliis statlnn today, killing tlie engineer of the expriv^s. Several per•ions were eiiil uilil l) lull were seriously injured. A Coach Derailed. I'lttsbiirg. .\ov. !t.—Till) fnuit truck )t oue of tlie cotiehes "f llie Atlaulit* K.vpress I'lnni Cliicago <iii the IVnu.syl- vaiiia rai'road lieeaiiie derailed today Willie the train wa.s ninning at a rate tliroiigh .AllesOieiiv. .Many of the passengers were severely bruised Or shak en iii». but none were- seriously Injured, SHOT WOMAN HE LOVED. Joseph .Schnillowltz, the Murderer, Courted Ten Years. New Y'ork, Nov. 9.—After pursuing her with his unwelcome attentions for tea years, Joseph Schmilowitz of Cleveland, Ohio, today shot and killed .Mrs, Dora Stebel in the presence of her two children In her apartment in Brooklyn. The murderer is a cabinet maker and has a wife and clilldren. Wlien arrested he said: "It is a life for a life with me. I don't care what Imppens to me now." Rose Cream for the face and bauds at Burreli's Drug Store. NEW! MO, PAC. TIME CARD. Change in Schedule of Trains in Ef feet Toiiioht. The Missouri Pacific time card will go Into effect at 12 o'clock f« night. The time of three of lh<j trains has been changed. Tlie morning east bt-und No. 40S which' has been dU'^ here at ;i:43 has been cha.nBed to !» ".''i: llie morning West bound N" PiH wi'l be duo in the future at <):i>7 l:istead of 9:05. There is no eliang- In tlie afternoon west bound train which arrives hero at 4:40. The even ing east bound has been changed from irSu to 7:24 o'clock. Tlie Music club will meet on Tues day with Mrs. .^^alcoIm Hughes, For Exchanire. KarmiuE lands in Panhandle. Texas for farm lands, or live stock, or foi lola,'Gas Citv or L.i. Harpe rwitals, WHITAKER & DONNELl. Libbey Cut Glass A Joy Forever! What \s prettier or jjives greater tone to the appearance of one's sideboard or buflct than Cut Glash? Have you ever noticed the varying lights and rxqnisite tints that link in Libbey Glas.«>.^ 1- there any wonder, then, why the bride or groo'm appreeiate> Libbey Cut Glass as a wedding present? Our line is the lareicst in southern Kansas, and we sell it to you at modest profit prices-. We carry cut glass as low as $1mS8m Mo. Saata re ni M. E. *. T. Wateh laipectort. i TO-NIGHT. Dandy Dixie Miastrels . And • Cotton Pickers' Band. Prices, 2.'»-uO-7.';c. Havfe the right kind of entertain ment. Whenyou wish to })ass an eyeniug pleasantly at home with friends one ot the best means af enj'oyuiciit is a Fhoiiograph. H you do.jpot already own one of these instrtttaenth- now is the titiie lo buy and provide yoiirielf with entci- taininent for the (-old weather, ll you have got a Phonograph, toma in and hear the latrst recprdd and make your selection. All the lai- est nov? iti stock. John V. Roberts Mu^ic House StEYER'S GROCERY HeariqaartBija Ciood Things to Eat. Tele|>hoDe IS9 DMilied Water One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons ot distilled water suitable tor fwnlly use. Try It. lol^Ice&ColdStoraseCo • FRANK KIUDLB ,Mcr. PERFE^CTION WfCKF"t!i"MVOU STOVE SAre CONVEMIENf FCONOMICAL -iryf'Urdf»l,^r.K'D c iMiut'*- t, writ.* to THE STANDARD Oil- COMPANY WeH, Friends PaiiCuUt-s ;ire ui i>riler. SVr havis tha iiiuteKiil to' miike tlietn of, Ralston I'. ('. Moiir, |J..M- !)kjT.....Mo Ralston l'n'|)art-J i;. W. KUnir, i<en jikii n;<3 I'enma Wliulu Wh.iit I'lour; I-'IT J sack f.Oc Coud'^Kresh .Mt-;t!.- p.r .-:n-U I'Oc SyrtipH to eat on I'iiatvike .H, Mai )ie, K:incy Trible. WhXVSi Tal«l^ and Surghuiil, FRYER BROS. Qrocery and Mea* Market Phones 308 and 301 InrZSERALO Stormgie BtidTrmnrnfer Conytany Offict; and Stpragi Ware Room at llff.^West Street Phone 3S6

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