Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
Page 2
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u • • • • ••-1 AUDlTORrUM AU ckadrcB MVHT brin; peraltif, »!< ive niraot be revpoBsIlile for then.. rommenclntr Nstardar n rhanrr nill be umdc Hi mornlngr scvuions. : AUDITORlUn AIU Seta Club. ana Mrs. 8. S. HHsoiier had aa ^ Marcer Waves P«««e, X Marcel waves belong to antiquity in j 'h^dresslne. Tlie CSreclan coiffure; hsK been discarded after a brief reign of less than a season, but fasblon is not at a loss for something new. The • loose Psyche has come In to plague tb^ Hres of woinen in general tind to mirtcc happr the sellers of switches and other adJnncU U> a completed feminine headdrcss-X This new style <)I;A> been affected recently by society women in theaters and restaurants and its adoption will become more general with tte opening of the opei;a season. It may be said for the style, j however, that it leans to the artistio 'and is becoming to almost every model of head. The hair \» worn al- 'heir guests last nJght the girls of the most Pat on top. but at the sides is A Ha Seta club, the class which Mra. brought out in large. loose wav^ s. Hllschoi- teaches, in the Presbyterian a bow of ribbon is a decorative ac- church. There was a business ,hour companiment and occasionally d girt .'and also an Interesting talk abont a . may be seen with a half burled flower aa a substitute. It is a fashion that owes its origin doubtless to thfe growth in the size of hats, and It do- mahds of cver>' woman natural skill as a hairdresser. Lacl:ing this, the woman who is exacting about her ai>- pearance must depend on expert professional Angers for the effective working of the loose effects. But with the hair finally arranged and fixed the result Is pretty enouph to more than offset the trouble and expense. The coiffares of women this winter are a real adornment, unlike tl :e Marcel wave, which was «o manifestly machine made.—Exchange. * * Vi'lt Prlsnds. TMrs. .1. W. rook, of Chanute, (s a gpesl of .Mrs. 11. Denning on East slri-et. •> * / To Wichita. / Mr. ami Mrs. U. H. Pt.-vensoii linvo gone to Wichllu for a short visit with their daugliier. Mrs. .M. T. Tronl. Aid Society Meeting. There was a Imsiness meeting of the .\ld soclel.v of Trinity chnrch yesterday aftenioon. Some businesij i-el- atlve lo the contest which was conducted early "i the week was dlseu: s- ed and the members also decided to serve meals one day during the convention of teachers fo be held iiere during the Thanksgiving season. > Linen Shower. / / Mrs. John Kunkhouser, C24 North Washington avenue, gave a very beautiful afternoon entertainment yesterday to introduce bcr daughter. Mrs. Arted Funkhouser. /Tie hotins between two and five o 'clock were oi>- Ber \ed and a1 >0Ht forty guests were entertained. Mrs. A. E. Balllett. Mrs. H. L. Harris and Mrs. \V. E. Carmain assisted the hostess In receiving the company and there was a beautiful luncheon sofvedien buffet in the dining room, ifirs. Welsh and Mrs. Smith ly. Jacksdn assisted bv three voung giris. Miss Carrie Melyin, Miss Clara Jenner and Miss .launita Hale, served. The decorations for the afternoon were especially pretty, conslstini- of carnations and ferns to carry out a color scheme of pink, white and creen. Graceful boquets of the pink b'ossoms were in the parlor and the colors of white and green predominated in the dining room. The honor guest roeeived a number of handsome linen pieces from the gaests and the afternoon was especially pleasant because of the informality of the entertainment. • • * Have Candy Booth. Tlie Alta Seta club is plannhiK to a »Blst the Working society with a rummage sale to l >e given on Xovem ber twenty-flrst and twenty-second. The young ladles will preside at a con fect/onery booth. MEET SOUTHEAST KANS. ASSOCIATION CONVENES IN iOLA NOV. 26. Many Noted Educatora and Spealcers Are to Be Htra.An Elaborate .. and Interesting Program. MM THE BRIGHTEST OF DIAMONDS * Our exteBKive hioek of dlam> oads. both raonnted and nn- •miBtod, reoslsto of gems that ate absolately perfect tat eat, proportiooB, elearaess aid brUliaarr. The carrfnl •lanner In wUch we select them asKares saperlor <iaaUtj. i» ni M. fi. ft course of Bjudy which Uie class is Intending to adopt. The book is relative to the immigration laws of America and the people who came jhere from otiier nations. Several amusing .caraes were played and there was xavf- sic. These members were lu attend* ance: Evelyn Howland, Lizzie Ressler. Edna Eakln. Bessie Beck, Velma Sleeper. Elsa Hildner, Mary Cannon, Lrttie Woodin, Alice .VcCall. Margar et Curtis and Agnes Munson. •:• • • To Vates Center. A group of ladles representing thff. WouKin's Relief Corps enjoyed an excursion to Vates Coiiter yesterday in response to an invitation from the (rorps at that place. At noon the loin di?lef!itin was eutertalncil with nn elaborate luncheon and there was alio !i dinner previous to the departure of il;<> gaests for tl eir home hero. The.w ii'-nilters made iii> the parly: Mrs. I'lilllii. HrlK*'].-. Mrs. K. P. Uigan Jlrs. M. Herring. Mrs. H. .M. Miller Mrs. .Mar.v Clavk. Mrs. Brown, Mm i^anili, Mrs. rolllelil. .Mrs. Fltiio. Mrs WVod. .Mrb. Regg. Mr-. I.,. O. Mun gur. Mrs. Cohorn, Jirs. Ander.son and Mrs. C. O. Ilol|{ng<r. • + Mrs. Cantl-ell'8 ReceirtioM. Yesterday afternoon and also for lwi» lioiir.s in the evening Mrs. E. W Oantrcll kept op<ii and receiveil durinK the several hours of her entertainment, one hundred guests. .Mrs Frank Garrnt and Miss Inna Cantreil eldest daughter of the hostess, assisted in receiving the guests and Mias Daisy Scltz and Miss Flossie .Tones presided over the refreshment tables In the dlnlnt room. M laic waH an enjoyable feature of tlie c ay and Miss Cantreil alKO gave several readings. Tlie rooms wore trimmed with fall foliage and garlands oi the season'; flowers. •> • <• Chi Omeqa Society. Subsequept to the afternoon sesjf Ion of the high school yesterday ih Chi Omega so.^iety met. There was a ienfrthy program as the elilef feature of the meeting. Several visitors were there. <- •:• * Whi«t Party. Miss Clara Foust entertained ver.v plejisant purly yVster.-la.v after noon. The guests were member:, of the Tliursday WHilst club and live t« hies were occuple'd for the card Raine. The parlors were decorated with long stemnicd yellow and white chrysan themums and a very e1al)orate KU )>pFr was served after cards. * • + From Kansas City. .Mr>=. Arthur .TaraTson and Miss lino- <ene Mitchell returned yesterday from i short visit in Kansas Cliy. •f- • + For Miss Sickly. A number of friends are to )w .'uests of Miss Nettle Brlgham tonight at a haiidkerclilef shower for Miss Bertha Sickly. + •> • Dancing Party, The Marshall Nloi club which was rteenlly organized by a number ot •ncn. gave the first entertalument. a fiance. In Masonic hall last evening The memliershlp was largely represented by the hosts and the guests who were there enjoyed a number of very pleasant, dances. The music was played by the Shields-Sucher orches tra. Those who were there were: .Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Shields. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Shields. Mr. and .Mrs. S. R. Burrell. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood, Mr. and .Mre. St. Schoonbnin. Ml&ses Neva Funk. KOFC WeltU. Ethel Horton. Cora K'eln. Imogene Mitchell, Irmn Withers. Maymc Andean. Gen- Ivleve Taylor, Messrs. Henr>- Fleak. .Fohn l.ovoca. Otto Hough. George I.«ngacre, Roam Coffoy, Lynn Coffey, Guy Pees and Roscoe Clark. It i.s the purpose of the club>to have "sotnething doing" during the winter and ahio give picnics or other outings during tiie summer. The mem bers are expecting to arrange daflces fortnightly while the season lasts, the next to occur on Thanksgiving evening. OlBccrs of the club arc: . JPtesldeni—Walter McNeil. Vice President—Henry Fleak. Secretary-treasurer—Ouy Pees. Floor committee—E- t>. Shields, Frank Wood, Mil'ard Teats. * •> * MiM Metcalfe Here. Miss Patti Metcalfe, of Colony tt In the city today. '><<' For Visiting Friend. Mrs. Jim Clayton-gave a pleasaBt •urprtse last avestav at. bcr bom; 118 Dofftb Vermont tai toaer of Ifra, Ben Clayton, who la vtsltlits her for, The program for the meeting of the Southeast Kans. Teachers Aseoci- atton wLidi wiU be held in lola. beginning on Thanksgiving day will be one of the most elaborate and most interesting ever given by the association. The first session of the association will be held on Thursday evening at the First Presbyterian church at 8 o'clock. Dr. S. S. Hllscher will deliver the address of welcome and the Invocation will be by Rev. W. H. Garfield, pastor of-the Baptist church. Miss Clara Crangie will play an organ solo and the address of the evening will be upon the subject, "The Status of ifornl iFducatlou In the Public Schools," by President Thompson, of the Ohio state university at Columbus. I Friday morning In the liigh school auditorium. Superintendent I.,. T. Huff man,l president of the association will deliver his annual address. Among other noted speakers and >duc8tors who will attcmi and take ^artfln the association program are i*ror. J. E. Bioodln. of the Kansas state; university and E. T. Falrchlld, state superintendent of public in;rtjHic- tion. The Booster club, lu onler to stim ulatc attendance, has offered two prizes, line to thq schools of any city of the first or second class showing, the highest iier cent of teachers enrolled, another to the county schools exclusive of the teachers in the city of the first or second class. The jirlze in each instance is to lie a valuable pedagogical llbrarj-. The teacliers of the Allen county schools are not allowed to compete In either of the contt'sts. A music contest between the .several high schools of tho district will i>e beld on Saturday morning at 3 o' c'ock in the Grand theatre. Programs for the association meeting have been issued and a most interesting session Is looked for. Card of Tbaoks. We wibb lo thank the frie::d£ am) neighbors who assistrd iir diiriMj the Illness and death of our wife and mother. D. L. IV^-.. MINNIE IV V. GERMS IN HER SYSTEM Eiery Wumaa Should Read This. The number of disease peculiar lo wtmiau is spch that we believe this space would hardly contain a mere mention of their names, and it is a fact that most of their diseases are of 1 catarrhal nature. A woiuau canuot be well If there is a trace of the catarrhal germs in'her system. Suine women think there Is uu help for thciii. We pusitlve :y doelaie thii- to be a mistaken idea. We are cu sure nf this that we offer to supply medicine absolutely free of all in every lustance where It tuH.s to give enliro Eatisfactlon or does not substantiate our claims. With thi^ under standing, no woman should hesitate to iMjllcve our honesty of jmri/oi-e. or hesitate to put our claims to s lest. There Is only one way to curt" ea- larrh. That way IB through tlie blood You may use all the snuffs, douches or like remedies for years \vIihout gelling more haii temiMiiaiy ri^llef a! best. Ciilurrli I.s caused by aj germ That germ Is carried by the l>lo<)d lo the innermost part of the system until tho mucous membrane U broken Irritation and inflaniniallon produced, and a f'ow of mucous results, and yon can probably realize how slliy It ij to attempt to cure such an ailment unless you take a medicine that follows the same course as the germ or para- .site. Roxall .Miicii-Tone IS hcieutiflcaliy prepared from Uie prescription of an amineni physleijiii w^io for tbipty years made his si>eclaUy catarrii. uiul with this medicine he averaged 98 per -•ent of cures where it was employed. <o other reiiftjdy is so proi«rrIy designed for the ailments of woman. It will purify and enrich the blood, stop muooi^ discharge, destroy a'i germ matter, remove all Impurities from the system, soothe, heal and strengthen the mucous tissues, and bring about a good feeling of health and strength. : We want you to try Rexall Mucu- Tone on our guarantee. If you are aot benefitted, or for any reason uol iatUifled,'simply tell us and we will hand back your money. Rexall .Mucu- la all grades for Mch, Boys .and Cblldreu. Hen's Overcoats In all colors in sizes 34 to 4S, at «5.00 to i^M Boys' flvefcoats In all co'or.", :i.«e J» to 10 years, at *i.>0 lo $100J) Childreo's O'coats In 'the nobby new styles, age 3 to ^ .vears. at *il.00 to $7w0 Our line of Overcoats never .was ho complete as now. We can bhow you anything you want. Ii will be your in- tere.->i lo. let us show* you. Qie Batclau Shields CJbthin^ jCi^ «TJIE UOCSE OF QUALITT." L.IND IS LiiCATED. Tone comes in two sizes. 30c and JI.OO a. R. Burrell, The Rexall Store. West Side Square. a few dajrs.' Those present were Mrs. J. M. Fulton, •Mrs. Peed, Mrs. New. Mrs. Davis. Mrs. LIpes, Mrs. Overall Jlnj. Shcpley, Mrs. Strode, Mrs. pen Claytop. Mrs. Jim Clajton. Mrs.- Ben Clayton. JUsses Carrie Clayton. Verna Strode, Jennie. Ross. * 4- * Ai:! Society Meeting. • ' There war a bualnes? meeting: of the lid ..^oolety ..of tbe Cfartotlan dmrai rlatardar afternoon.' Several .iittel^ ot ^eeiUeirork were complet ed. .''i' * ~ " ' Rjliicoe Trrry C<rtj< luforoiativn as to Farm Ilis Father Owned- The Register yesterday puhlished ii letter written by Roscoe Terry, cf Dirk, Mo., to the county eteik inquir- iug about some land his father owned here many ,vear.'« ago. He had no ile- scriptloii olr I he laud. He' liierely knew thai his father had land here, but did not know what dI >ij «)si!ion.lie made of It. Toda.v a man called up the c<iuniy clerk and gave him the dbseripiion of the properly. Ii is dc- .5Ci1I )ed as the northwest quarter 1224-21. .Mr. Culi)crtson will notify .Mr. Terry. Notice, Au.voue found hunting on the premises of members of ihib order ulll be prosecuted lo the full e.vteni of the A. H. T. A. NiwuiKU ' .-Mien Center. WA.NTEli—Ten young ladies' to solicit subscriptions for good rL-liable newspaper in Diamond Ring c-imtest. Contest will be short, ending the day before Christmas. Diamond ring to cost ?r>0.00 cash. Write Klviui:; name and address, 'ft. C' care lola Daily Register. Play Gnrneit Tonlglil. The hi^h school basket itall l<-:iin went to (Jarnetr. thlb afternoon i« |)lay 'he Garnelt high school team this !veiiiiiir. Florence in Yjtes Center, A. F. Florence went, lo Yates Cen,ter this morning where he has two eases in tlic Woodson county district court. Left for EnW. .M. C. Kdwards left this morning for Eaii, Oklahoma, on a buiilncss visit. . Byerly In Town. W. A. Byerly. the Humboldt biiiik- <>r. was lu the clly yesterday afternoon. y Funston in Town. Hon. IC H. Fuuslou was down from Carlyle today on business. He spent several hours at the court hdiise. No Committee Meeting. The program committee for the city federation will not meet this week. Airs. R. V. Boyd, the chairman, lias' been quite ill and for this reaaon a lK>stpouemeut was made. There will be a meeting next week. Hawke*s Cat Glass Has no eqtul. Bach piece is stamp.-d. We carry a complete line, and we lalte pleasure in tibowing you ju t why Hawlce*a is the BKST. J. W. COFFBV & SON Exetothe leweleri. TO I LOAN—¥5,000 private money ou farhi land at 6 per cent.—lola Land Co. WANTED—TTWO young ladles to BO- IIcll. C. F. Florfuce, Rooms 10 and 11, Evans Block. * JOHX c. wooDiJr, ifc». - s . * P^jsIelaB and Snrgeeo. • '= * Over Burreii's, Phane 1S8. • T WANTED—Ail kinds of second hand iiousehold furniture.—The lola Furniture Exchange. A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 25. . WANTED—iSxperleuced cook at 15 North Jefferson, the old Warner Cafe. W.VNTKD—To buy a good second hand buggy. Phone 46'J or 1092. WANTED—lola property lo exchange for Kansas and Ml&souri laud. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola. Kas. BALE-SMKN & AGENTS-^ S « $50.00 P'lr week and over can be made sellliig Now Campaign Novellius from now amll electiou. Sells to Stores, County Fairs, Picnics and Private l<\imilleB, Complete line of samples, charges pre^ paid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave., Chicago. WANTliD—Young men to prepare for coming esaniinallou for Railway Mail and other Covcrnuient Positions. Superior iustrucUon by Mail. l'^stat>- lisbed 14 }ears. Thousands of successful students. Sample qim»lIons and "How Gov't Positions are Secured" seat fret). lutcr-Stale Seiioolt; 2ai la. Ave.. Cedar Rapids, lowu. • • • • • • • Dn. XIIOBED CIIBTI9 • Physiefaia sH SufMti. J Office over fiu<-reU '8 Dirag Storaf.'*;: Ofllcd Phone 654. ; ' <*•'Residence 214 E. Jackson ' • Phone 569. ' 4******««««a»»a. • •'•;-a' DB. KeXILUK, • Special attention' gtren to th» treatment of all Chronle Dlsea^ es and Diseases of Children. . Telephones: Office 82. Rea. ZSS. Office over Burrell 'j Drns^ Store West MadllotL. • • * • Phone 687. Rae. WL. DB. 0. L. COX • Eye, Ear, Nose and Tbioat • SpecUcIes Properly Fitted. * Office A. O. U. W. Bldf. • WANTED—Information regarding a good farm or business for sale; not particular about location; to hear froui owner only, who will scI! direct to buyer: give jirice. description and state when possession can be had. Address L.,Darbyshire, Box 202:., Rochester, N. Y. fOR SALE'HUmomllmmmoum FOR. SALE—Two BuSh & Gerls pianos sll.cbtly used, left With me for sale bv Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts .Miisle Store. FOR SALE—-V 22 -acre fruit and truck'farm. 2 miles north of Gas City. Good bottom laud. J. W. McWilliams. Gas City. R. R. 1. Omc3 Tel. 1083. Nliht TeL m J ' DB. B. 0. CSBISTUII • Fhysieian ani Sngim * * Roomi 7 and 8. Brans Bldg. * e-' F. H, MABTOr, * Surgery and IMseaiea o( ^ • Women. * Office and Residence Phone 67S * • • Office 7,North JeSeraon. • JEWBLR& B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jeweler. 110 East Street. Lodge Ditectotr KKieUYS OF rVT!IH«l^« . 'Lodge No. 43 •.>••.:• 'v-r, \Inndag|~ j night at K. oJ • ''i- 'v »»»•• thers Invited, f li"i.«i'oiia, &, 0- Chris Hitter. K. of K- tjui a. VQK SALE OR TRADE—tiood property, close in. Call 110 West Monroe. FOR Ran- mimomUmm»ou» FOR RENT—House. North Buckeye. Inquire 208 FOR iXORAROF Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 and 13000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhaj-t. lol*. Kas. ooooooooooooooooo O Experienced Auctioneer. O Q To get acquainted wUh the O O public I will sell all public sales O O free of charge listed before .fan. O O 1. 1909. Reference furnished from O O those for whom 1 have sold. Sat- O O Isfactlon guaranteed. Graduate O O of Missouri Auction School. O O Telephone 835." - O O E. B. VICKERS. O O 409 Cast St.. lo'.a. Kans, O oooooooooooooooao OI6HT8 OF ]IACGAKlC&r-» Kniebta of Maccabees of tlw'Worll meets In K. P. iiall. aecond aad fooftt. Saturday nights ot eadi aohtk. J, W. Postwait, commander; K.B.'POT' ter. record keeper." • ' - . .:• ^ W. 0. W*-Camp No. 101 meMs fti , K. of P. Hall every Friday nitfit W. ' T. Steele. 0. C, A- H. DBTia, CWMi Visitors cordially Invited. ; - . M. ^y. A,-The BL W. A. meets every Friday nli^t in M. W. A. HalL Visiting brotbera-lnTttad.:F. A Coffleld.jr. c. W. A. Cowan. Clefk. BOTAL XEIOHBOBSr-IoIa. CaJap No. 265, Royal Neighbors. meet«;si»/ ond and fourth Tneadaya dt mm month. Mrs. P. A. Wsgnar. . orsds Mrt.- Blary Button. 418 Weipt (Nrsaf Recorder. • - • ' ' . OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing inese days. September, you know. Is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out ot carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today, ; IOLA RUG FACTORY Phone fill. Charged With Liquor Selling. L.. Brooks, colored, was arrested this morning charged with the Illegal sale of liquor. Five quarts of booze not in the po.ssesslon of Rooks, but in a rcora in a hotel, was confiscated by Wnillam Gates, chief of police, and Patrolman W'illlam Todd, who made the lirrcst. It Is alleged that Rooks was the sales agent for this bcoze. He denies bis guilt nnd says that his arrest IS the result of spite lyork. Last night James Hav-nes. colored, was arrested by Patrolman Sim Hllr dreth and Roy Phillips, at the Instl- gallo<> of Rooks, he alleging that Hayncs had made an Insulting i>ropo- sltlon to his wife. The trials of both Hayues and Rot>ks are set for this afternoon in |H>!lce court. FBATEBKAL BB0XHBBB04n>>- Fratemal Brotherhood Md.SSS BUSH', second and fourth Tbarsdar of month In A. O. U: W. IliU. TisMlV members cordially lnTitedr -1f ;.SEi Jat^ deraon, president; Golds B ^jv.: ssoKr tsnr. SI. OilflUcin Renersl CsntndMV : . Flagstone and Cement 8ld «i|«lkauS Garbing a Speeial ^t:^ ;' oaee US East JackMa AfSk Real Estate, f nrai City and Farm l^^uiB Low Kate, Annual'Intereat; Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Tlaw IMM^- Cunninghani & Aitii^; Rev. Harkness is III. Rev. Harkness and family left this week for New .Mexico, where they go to benefit Mr. Harkness' health.—Kln- caid Dispatch. I ' Is Tteltlng Hb Brother. F. V. Gates, of Parish, Calif., la vis- ilting bis rothen O. W. Gates, at.bis fbame on Soiilb Jefferson. Open at Night, The ilrf t luteal ettspt of tUf election hrss the T*4peninc -«f the Katy night ««fliee hcro.~4tnlealrt Dtepatcih. If you are oonteniplatinK^thf erection of a monutnent or- lef, call and see dnr new up-to-date stock of Fbralgn,. American Granites. We' ci*Bri|; the best that can be oWsUfed^P |c ou Ihe market. Our ahovi^lS: equipped with a new ;eolupfefBK' ed air lettering machine f ^lMf|v terlog and tracing.' ^t)qfijmd are the very loweat' fov^^ffi^' class work. Call and ssia.ltt^liHiut: r set prlcfes. We want »ii #h |iiif^ ness. :^-iPii^^:'''yi^'!^ i .e. 1

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