Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1907
Page 4
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lb ^3IB lOlA'JtAlMJfflflliBlE>. 8ATIIKDAT ngPIIHft irOTmEB-t.^a»07. IteiOilDillTIEaSia CHifiLES F. SCOTT CIRCULATION 4.000. Telephones. Reporters' Room • 222 BaBinesB Office 18 8DBSCRIPTI0N BATES. Bj Curler In lola. Gas Cfty, LMmjn- Tille 01 La Uarpe. One Week 10 centa One Month ..: ^ 44 centa One Year $5.00 By MaU. One Year, In advance $4.00 Three Months, in advance $1.00 One Month, In advance .44 Entered:at lola, Kansas, Postoffice, as . SeCond-clasa Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. OFFliDUL PAPER, CITY OF BASSET.' <0Hi5i XEXBEB OF ASSOCIATED P^ESS. The loto Dally Register Is a nicmlMT of the Associated Press and RetelTes the dMy report If that great news or. fSBliatlon for Exrluslre Afternoon Fabllcatlon In lola. POPUUR FALLACIES The Y. M. C. A. lecture course opeus November 22 wlihDr. E. W. Oneal la his lecture "Popular Fallacies.'" This lecture was delivered last season at Newton, Kansa-s, and at Manhattan, The commltte«s ai l>oth places recommended the lecture highly, tx>tb for the things said and the pleasing oratory ol Dr. Oneal. A lew lola people have also heard Dr. Glean and they aftest that be is well worth hearing. The course was originally planned for four numbers, but the committee thought they say the way clear to add a complimentary number. This extra number will be the Apullo Quintette and Bell Kingers. It is a high clas.s company, composed of two ladies aud three men. They give both orchestral and vocal numbers. Hutchinson, Kansas, runs a |12uo course, aud the Hutchinson News says the A)>ollo Quintette was the most popular attraction last season. Fine recommendations liave been le- ceivedfrohi Kansas towns on all the other numbers excepf .Tudge WiHis Brow.n. This is Judge Brown's first year under lyceum management. He has lectured for several years, free, merely to advance his ideas on juvenile court laws, and his anil-clgaretie work. He. is a friend of the boy anywhere and everywhere. A score or more of j>eoj>le in lola have heard the Dunbar Quarlette. and the general verdict is that Ibey are easily superior to any quarteue heard in lola within four years. To help a good thing aloiiK the following citizens have pledged tickets. Call on -them for your tickets: W. L. Crabb Id W. H. Anderson 2.'. Evans Bros' 10 Ewlng & Burdiik lo L. V. SUrkey 2.'. Schell & .McCall .'. Zoe Atchison 10 Frsink Tanner 10 "Wm. Donnell lt> C. J. Doxsee C E. W. Myler 10 Frank Riddle r, J. E ; Henderson 2.1 A. V. Lemasters !*• BaUou Helgele lo Dwlght McCarly ....' in Mabel Brewer Theta Brewer T, R. S. Aspinall 10 J. A. Devlin 2.". J. H. Henderson l'- Chas. May C. J. Bliss r. C. V. Dennis 10 Grant Bilbee lo J. P. Parks 10 R. .McAlisler 10 Harvey Heller lo Geo. McClenathau lo K. L. Smith r. C. F. Barth !•. H. H. .Muehike lo W. C. Foust 10 Thos. Bow I us •'> Dr. H .A. Brown .^ E. S. Eakin 10 DYSPEPSIA "ffarinf takrtu \*mr wonderful **r««<'«irt"" for Kth'^lur tuctrwuodrrful roiuiHaliHio. da«to"Cakraj __ ._. _ _ Jaft«» Jii-«iuo«. iue M«rc*r til.. Jvraciy C *ur, H. J. ^^^^ ;CAN0VC4Tn«ATiC ^^^^r &esT for The fiowels it.-fmlaMrt*. PMM* TuMOood. Do Good. > or Oriin. Mc, Itu. >'«f Sf tunilMd COO. Siekou, W< BiiMi •! I ri [I T- - —r - - T — ••mill hsu:t. Sttriu«BciacdyCo.,Clucs(eorN.Y. S)a muALme, TEN WLUOII BOXES BPRICE'5 CREAM A pure, Grape cream of tartar baking powder—Makes Food More Delicious and Wholesome—No Alum—No Phosphates Care Must be Taken to Keep Alum From the Food . Alenm ClaHci "A snbstaBc* (alam) wkich can denuic* ^ •toiaack •bouM not b« toUratad iii hairing powder." Prof. S. W. JohMoa. Yal* Colkfat "I ragard th«ir (alum and ^ '~' Mlubla •lumiM Mlti) iatroduetioa iato ftaldog powder* M mott daagerout to haalth." .Dr. BECK'S WEALTH IMAGERY? No Trace of Supposed Fortune of Man Found in a Joplin Shaft. (.loplin Herald.) W: H. Waters, public administr.itor or Jasper county, has taken cbarg*' of the. K. Ue<k estate, which consists of a box house of 2 rooms at Chit- wcixl. and other property amounting to about J200. Back is to be burled at Ht o'clock this morn'ng, services t«» be conduct ert in the chaiK ^I of the .Icplin Umler- laking company. Interment is to be made at Fairview. It was l.-anK-d that Beck had no money in the bank, although .1 R. Rose, a clos-t frient^ was certain that Rose was wealthy. , Beck, it wi'l be remembered, was fount lifeless in the "Dry Shaft" near Chitwoo<l. Toncerning his fortune Ros? asserts that be believes Beck became alarm- nil at the impend ng financial conditions and that he must have buried a large sum near the little 2-room cottage in which he lived by himself. The cottage is on land owned by Major Ewing, and was r.^ently biillt. Beck had been a resident of Chitwood for a number of years, and It was cenerally imderstood that he was w <rth about $1.1,000, a large sum hav if? been left him by his father a niiuiber of years ago. V-'ord received by telegram from relatives In Peru. Uid.. was to the ef ffct that Beck did not own any prop- ci;v there. FltiHT BAILKY I'.VHtM.K. Temperance People to Hold -Muss .>leet In ?at HnnilMiIdl. The »w Pure Fowl and Drujf Ijiw. We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey aud Tar for coughs, colds an dlnng troubles Is not nffecf- 'd by the National Pure Food and .Jrug Law as it contains no opiates <jr r)llicr harmful drugs, and we recommend II as a safe remedy for chlld- •M »ud adults. Burrell's Drug store. MAY CALL OUT MILITIA. Governor Folk Hears State Coal is Being Seized. Hill Bailey, serving lime for the violation of tlw itrohibitln-y law. will not get a i^arole without a vigorous )> from people at Humboldt. Bailey began on a ninety-day sentence but a few days a.'^o. He intended to ask .luiipe Fonsi for a parole loday under the new iMTole law. A <loie{jalion of Humboldt citizens came up loday with .a remonstrance against the parole aud the mailer was laid over fur one week. The parly who brought up the re- monsitrance Informed the «'oiinty attorney that a mass meeting was to be held at Humboldt tomorrow to laKe such action as inlglii defeat Bailey's efforts. The temperance people of Humboldt are said to be considerably worked up over Bailey's aiienipt lo secure a parole. LE.\AHI» .STEVENS E.SI'APED. .\Ilpn County Prisoner Huns ATrar From Keformatory. Word was received at the sheriff's otflce today that l.t-nard Stevens who was recently sent to the Hutchinson refonnatory for abducting Enmia Page a sixteen year old Kast hda girl, had escoped from the 'Institution. Stevens has been there for only a few weeks. He was working mi the farm al the reformatory when Sheriff Bollinger visited lltuchlnson a few days ago aud was said lo be a good prisoner. The details of his escape were not learned. Sieveus' escajie was niatle on the r.ih. .feffer5;<jn City. Mo.. N'ov. S.—Accord ..a to Information received by (lov- •mor Folk today the .Missouri Pacific .ilroad has bi en confiseJttiliK coal de „.gneJ for the ConfL-derate home at Hlggiiisville, and con%'erttng the same to its own use. This, according to reports from the home, has been going on for a week, and tiiai inKtitu- tion is now in peri! of being left *-n- tirely without fuel. Governor Folk ^•.ays railroads have n<» ri);ht to sieze fuel belonging to a state in.«titution. although the law makes provision under which they can .seize privai:-" .shipments when in-iding I be same for the operation of trains. He .says that unless th<-se s:eizures cease at <nice he will visit the Inmie wiliiin a day or two and adopt Fucn measures as will insure the delivery of its fuel. .lust what these stejis will be th,-' governor would not say, but in view of the fact that about two years ago In- threatened to call out a company of militia and impress engines aiid cars of the .Missouri Pacific to haul coal to the penitentiary if that road carried out Its annonnc- •d intention of appropriating prison shipments of fuel for Its own use. it i-; to he surmised that the in 'Htment he has in view Is heroic. ' Bo far as the governor can learn, there is no shortage of coal at th? lulno. There is no strike umong the miners, and .vet there are complaints about, the shortage of coal, and It is stated that this Is the excuse offered b.v the Missouri Pai-ific for taking the find shipped Mi the Confederate home. Tic Im/tression prevails among offlc lals that there is plenty of i-oal at Ih^ mines ThiM fx Worth Kenieniberlng. As no one Is Immune, every person should remember that Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any case of kidney or bladder trouble that is not beyond the reach of medicine. Burrell's drug store. W. E. WADDILL GEN. MANAGER. Tieasurer of Lumberman's Portland Assumes New Duties. Tt was reported here today Uiat W. E. Wuddlll. treasurer of the Lumberman's Portland Oeni-^nt company^ had been made general manager of the company instead of W. B. Woods who has held that position for some jtlme. .Mr. Woo «l3 has many other j duties as itresldent of the company ; that will take much of his tlm?. .\E\V .HI'.SH' .STI'UIO. v.. J. liorring to ttpi-u .Studio lu lolu. HILI. AMB.iSSAIMUI T«» BEKMN. Former Atislslanl Si-crelar) of State Mill .Suceeed Tower. .Mr. K. .1. Hoerlng. of Xew York, and London, Instructor lu piano and violin has rented rooms over Roberts .Music store and will be ready to receive scholars Monday. .Mr. Hoering comes lo lola well recommended. STEALING ATTACHED CORN Augustine vs. Hall Case Has an Interesting Feature. Washington, Nov. S —Secretary Root announced today that David .layne Hill. the. American minister to the Netherlands, and former assistant secretary of state, will be named ambassador to Berlin to .succeed Tower, who Is about to retire on account of 111 healiii. O. W. ALtXJCK retunml this afternoon from lola where he brought In a. sasser on the. holdings of the Al- cock-Readlcfcer interests. .The well is located on the Reynolds land and is reported to be a monster.—Chanute Tribime. ^\^len the case of Minnie Augustine \F. W. D. Hall, an action In which tho plaintiff sues for rent, came up on a i ii:otlon to dissolve nn attachment on the crop. Chris Klttsr. Hall's attorney, produced an Interesting affldavit fioni parties to the effect that someone had driven into the field in a sln- ple biibby and had taken some of th-^ com. The affidavit want on to say that font taints left In the field were tliose of a wogan and that the buggy tracks on leaving led onto the premises and to the barn of Mrs. Augustine. After the moc:on was argued Judge FY>ust said he wouTd take the matter under advisement. HO ^OBABLE XSlfTIOir LIST. List of PnpOs IB Cttr SehMto Who Are Making ExceptJoniil Beeorda. For Best and Qnlckest B^lte Use The following is a list of names compiled by Superintendent Mayberry giving the names of pupils who are making exceptlonaKy high grades: .Jefferson School. 8A-^MInnle Bell. ^ • 8B—Edna Berroth. ; T SB—Roy Kaufman. • ' 7.A—Hazel Watson. 7B—Elsie O. Dor. "a * ] ^ I GA—'Margaret Round. ' CB—Omer Black. ^ 5 A—Llla Demoret. 5B—Majer Schoenbrun. 4A—^LesUe Sponaeller. 4B—^Ralph Grimes. ?.A—Nettle Bingenhelmer. 3B—Marie Williamson. 2A—'Dempsey Hartley. 2B—^.Jerome Hershkowltz. 1 A—-Margaret McClaln. B—Mosle COpaland. Lincoln School. 7A—Lloyd Morrison. 7B—Joyce Colby. fi.\—Howard Ritchey. CB -Scott Adams. .".A—Charles Boiighton. ' r >B— Ixmlse Widlck. .".B—Grace Adams. —Rsth <?r .lones. IB- Nellie Boaard. •.!A-.IuPn Wgniamson. .'!l^—Daniel Jones. 2A—Dalsv Fnnchler. 2B-Ru(h Adams. lA—Lola Whealon. IB--Anna Copenlng. Washlncton School, 7A—Mary Fanpiahr. 7B—Freddie Duncan. r.A—Itoy Fry. fiB —Bessie Robertson. r>A—Fred Klngsley. .IB-^Lucy Clark. 4A —Ida Abrams. •IB—.Mabel .Maloney. :{A—(Jeorge Gard. ;iB—Tel'ine Evans. 2.\ —Earl Dodd. 2R—Marlon Glasscock. 1 A—Everett Mock. IB—1-loyd Chambers. Garfield School. CV—llattie Etherton. t ;B— Willis King. r> A—Ethel Dozer. .nil—Julia Gullfovle. •lA-Claud? Wright. •IB— Hale Knight. :!A—Nellie Thompson. .'IB—F'onev Wetherbee. 2A—ILizel Kibbv. 2B—Ha/.el Smith. ^\—lx)ulse Baeton. IB —Ernest Keeton. McKinley SchooL 4.\—.Toe Story. •IB—Clara Lewis. 4B~I>avis Crawford. ".A—l^wrenc? Proctor. nn—Edith Revnolds. 2A—.Myrtle Boice. 2B^'Whlter McCloud. lA—Dufflehl Hay. IB— Opal Fleming. Bassett School. HA—FHiuiie -McDaniels. :!B—Charley .Mnl'en. ' ' 2A—Allison Smith. 2B—Marihii Kriigel. We have secured the agency for rOlno Laxative Fvnit Syrnn. the new laxative that nmkos the liver lively, purifies the brenlh. cures headache and regulates the digestive organs. Cures chronic coiisltpatlon. Ask us alKiut II. Burrell's Drug store. NATIONAL W. C. T. 1'. MKKTIXfl. Five Hundred Delegalex 1M>ion.<).<« Liquor TruA'Ic In States. Nashville, Tenn.. Nov. X.—The Thlr- t.v-fourth Annual Convention of the National Women's Christian Temperance Union was called to order by President Mrs. Lillian .M. Stevens. Over five hundred delegates were present. President Stevens In an address said in part: "Oklahoma's triumph is of a greater importance than we can easily comprehend. .-Ml hail to the new state which holds statehood life, which holds constitutionality from liquor irafTlc. The lawless, defiant resistance of the liquor trade in Maine. Kansas, and .North Dakota, to an nnn- siially great degree has been overcome." TttW.N IS NVK 'r, CtH'NTY DKV. Neiuda Declares for Suloon.s by Ma> jorlty of lit Voles. .Nevada. Mo., Nov. S—The hottest camjiaign in this city's history ended today i»y the town going "wet" by a majoriiy of 1,'»1 in a vote of 1,575. The coiiniy outside this city went "dry" last Salurilay by a majority of more than f »0o. Bands and public speakings have been nightly features during the campaign and parties of school children this morning and afternoon added zest III the days battle at the polls. The women of the city served lunches free at each polling precinct and worked earuesily against the .saloons but they Were not strong enough for the forces of whiske.v. The temperance people held a meeting after the |>olls closed last night and set on foot a movement to continue Ihe fight, declaring they will ni'ver cease their work till they rid tho town of sal(H)iis. OF Personal knowledge is the winning factor in the culminating contesji of this competilive age and when of ample character it places its fortunate possessor in the front ranks of The Well Informed of the World. A vast fund of personal knowledge is really essential to the achievement ot the highest excellence in any field of human effojt. A Knowledge of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and Knowledge of Product* are all of the utmost value and in questions of life and hfeiltii when a true and wholesome remedy is desired it should be remembered that Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna, manufac'.ufed by the Caliiomia Fig Syrup Co., b an ethical product which has met with the approval of tlie most eminent physician^ and gives universal satisfaction, because it is a rem(<ly of '. , ^ //T/ia'fl Knowm Quality, Known Excellence and Known 05mpor >ent ^^f ,''i//,|/^^ Parts and has won the valuable patron-s'.- of millions of the Well Informed of the Ifjfl world, who know of their own persoiial knowledge and from actual use tliat it is the.iirst and best of family laxatives, for which no exhavaganl or unreasonable claims are nfade. This valuable remedy has been long-'-iind favorably known under the name of — Syrup of Fii^s —aud lias allaincd to worldwide acceptance as the mott onxllcnt family la.\afive. As its pure laxative principles, oblairscd frw:! Stjiina, arc well linown lo [)hy::ii i.uii and the Well Informed of the world to be the best we hav(r adopted the more elaborate name of • .Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna— as inoie fully descriptive of tbe remedy, but doubtless it will always be called for by the shorkT name of • - Syrup of Figs and lo gel its beneficial efftcis, always note, when purchasing the full name of the Compatiy r California lig Syrup Co. — printed on the front of every package, whether you call for -Syrup of Figs ^ ^ — ur by the full name — .Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Semia. V m SAN FRANCISCO, CA.L LOUISVILLE, KY: LONDON^ENGLAND . NEW YORK.NY.. TERRORIZE A TOWN. Bandits Riddle Houses With Bullets While They Rob a Bank. ('anova. S. D.. Nov. S.—Seven armed bandits held up this town at an early hour today, "thay blew the safe In the Interstate bank, secured $C,5oO and Acaped. \V5ille two bandits w'-ork- ed In the bank tho others guarded tlie alleys and streets. The occupants of a hotel across th<> street were aroused by the explosion but the robbers opened fire and drove them back. Th'? hotel was riddled with bull.'its. Where lights were burning In homes the bandits, at the point of the gun, forced the owners to extinguish them. Badly crippled financially, and with Its quarters almost ruinod as a result of the early moniing raid of the bandits, the International bank opened 1(8 doors as \isual t:hls morning. A report received from ten miles up the Milwaukee line this morning said that a haml car with several men was seen speeding n(n'th at \ o'clock llii.s morning, hut the local anthoritie.'? arrf doubtful If those were the men. How the bandits came'and where they went Is a mystery. Everything of value was taken from tho .safe with the exception of SI .OiliI which the cashier of the bank had hidden the night befme. The loss is ful. ly covered by insurance. Just A Car of PILES riRKD IX C TO II BAY.S. POZO lONTMENT is guaranteed to cure any case of Itching. I^llnd, Bleeding or Protruding Piles In 0 to M days or money refunded, !iOc. A FIKK i.v niirAUti. One Person Burned to Death and .Many Overcome by Smoke. Chicago, Nov. .S.—One person was burned lo death and six others severely hurt though several were rescued, in a fire which destro.ved a three- story building west of Fourteenth street early to<lay. Two policemen were affected by smoke while carrying children from the building. The dead are Abraham Oollel. 10 years old. The Injured are .Mrs. Dora Levin, aged 2.5 .vears. jumped from third stor.v, and Mrs. Ray Benjamin, aged 27 years. Jumped from second story. Fireman Frank .McMarhon fell from a ladder while attempting to rescue a woman. Mrs. .M. Ca!pin was-burned about the face aud overcome by smoke. Benjamin Levi was burned about the face and hands while rescuing .Mr.s. Caplin. A. Ormski was burned about the face while rescuing several children. Policemen Again and .Miller were overcome by i,moke. FURNITUREtt lola Furoiture Sto I Look for the Flag. A. W. Beck, PfO|7. Baths of All Kinds. ^ Excln.sive Apartment for Ladies Denicomb Bath HDOse atid Hinerai Well (1.500 Feet Deep.) Located at 4th and Scott Ave. , Port Scott, Kansas. ThI.s water Posltlrely Tare.s inieuaiiilis.'n, Bri^ht'.s Disease, Stomach Trouble aud Airne. Prof. J. L. Bishop, tire luost Celeliratejd .Mstssagist and Hydropatb- Ist In the t'onntry. In attendance driving: iiVjussage. : WATEK SHIPPED IX FIVE (.'.) (MLtON BOTTLE.S ONLY. 1 , E. OEniOOMB,jProp. L. H. KINNE thought be hsd a sale made of his store aud building last Thursday aud bad everylhin;.; ready to stari with his laniilx u» Washington that night, but the ilea! he had on fell through and they are siUlhere but will go just as soon as Ui.- .sl6re and stock can. be disposed <if. Had they started Thursday a saviuic could have been made on c :ir fare aniouuting to —.Moran Herald. lijXtlXG PROVES FATAL Many men and women catch colds at daruies which terniinaie in pneumonia ait(^ consumption. AUtrv exposure, if Foley's Honey and 'lur is taken tt will bi ^^ak up a cold and no serious resuUsi need bo feared.- TCefuse any but th» genuine in a yellow packagd. Ilurrellis drug store. Try B iVant Ad. In the KearNler. It Builds Force What Is medicine for? To cure you. if, srclc. you say. : But one medicine will not cure every, kind of sickness, because different medicines act on different parts of the body. One inedicin^^ ,goes to the liver, another to the spine. Wine of Cardui to the womanly^organs.. So that is why Wine df Cardui has proven so efficacious in most cases of womanly disease.*^; Try it.' Mrs. Wm. TUraer, of BvtiSBVlOA. IIL. mites: "I aiffered for years with female diseasevand doctowd vllbout relief. My bade and bead vould hurt mt^. and I suffered agony vith beating-down pains. At I took Wins of Caidol and nov I am lB :80od health." Sold evelyiriier^ la $1.00 jsottles. Wiotrated Book Women. If yaa need Mtfol •Bd nply will .be sent inptein sealedawcioMk ; ISA MedlctaaCo;. C3iatta&aaB*.Tcoii. ) > I

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