Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
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^in»BEB 17. I0I4* KIKSAS, 50T£JfBEB tt^lMS^FBIDAY £T £I «I.\G. ElfiBT FAS£S. num TWO cum iP TICKETS IT" SHOW BEPOBUCAXH «00D 8H1BE OF THEK g ^HNfOFFICE DECIDED BYiLOT -r,,: THITXEY jA5D JOH >i Ib'EL OF ^ kfODHNtDT BEC £1T£ SAME TOTE. OMiIci V Oae CvBtest Is Brew. lur-Stas literatekiiiff Done- -8««m»filCiiadkUt«. C. . H. Rodenbers, D. EL .U TO^V^'8HIP— Trustee—S. H. Weitta. D. Treasurer—Jno. Funk, B. Clerk—S. L. Remsberg. B. Jiwtlceft—E. J. Crowell, D. Banks, D. ConsUblea—Cbas. Franklin, B., E. M. Staoffer. B. IHIMBOUyP CWY— Justices—A. Barrackman, O.. J. M. Lehman. D. Consubles—Mian Benson, R., Carpenter, B. THE FIRST •«OtD SNAP." R. The Man on the Corner Deserted His Post Today. The comylete returns on ihe gcu- •ral «:«eUoa shows that the Beuub- Iteiaa 'Alteted a good share o( tUe . to««ahtp office fH in Allen countr. Vkmwtm certain candidates on both tUdMta.-were signaled oat for defeat with the result that in many toim- ablpa natthor part.v had a swecplns •ictorr. ^ jowlge Peory who has been iusUco at IfanAoldt for several, years, was • 4c{f4tM... In Humboldt 'township J. . Thuner and John' Igel euch sot the same number of roies, but Mr, Thuney waa declared elected, it being decid- .. ed; by lot, , In Deer Creek C. E. BerkhciBCr, Rc: pnbilcaa .was defeated by T. J. Dough srty. Democrat. As told In the TXcp.a teraome days ago, Doagherty's name ' was."written in the tick|K. the Dcinc: .'crata- pntlng up no i-egular ticket •there. Berkheiser's friends say that - a number «f illegal ballots t were ^ ooonted-for Dougherty and elected him; It seems the Democrats in, stead of writing Dougherty's name in the blank space provided for iiucli . cases, wrote It on the line "uo nomination" and therefore, it Its claimed, made the ballots iliegal. The mater XDay ^be contested. . iTbe. following are the men elected Mn fira towoships: lOjA.TQWNSHIP— Truatee-^Balph Drake, R. ' -TSeaatJiWr-J. F. Nigh. B. v^^a^BuiiMrt. B. '^JustiesB -sTack. Hayes, R., J. Jf. xjf^ntiijoii D. •.C<ftisttajla&-W. M. McClelland, K.. C Biierry. B. LOGAN— Trustee—W. Jkl. Works, P. Treasurer— L. Chicken. D. Clerk—Qlen Brewer, R The flrbt real "cold snap" of the winter season Is upon us and the first real Ice. ubt made down by the Santa Fti passenger station, was visible on small surfaces of water this mora- hig. A- light layer of Ice covered Coon creek early this morning. ^ The effect of the touch of wmter was visible on the streets. The man who stands on the comer was ab* sent from hia post during moat of the day and the "oooductora" on the dray line« stood with gloved faahds at 'Whshington and Madison avenues and thumped their sides Just like it was the real article In the way of winter weffther. Though the temt>erature was of the sub-freezing kind early thin morning, it turned slightly wanner during the day and the crisp atmosphere was really invigorating and rcfre^lng. ACQUIT MRS. BALL Lws lonfir.juav WAs^n ox- h\ ABOUT TWO HOl'BS. PUTARSNiC IN THE WATER THLS WAS THE CUABGE BADE AGAIXST 3ntS. BALL BY STEP-S05. Chenkt Found Arsenic In Water, Bat >'o Eildence to Show That De> fcadaat Phiced It There. WANTS TO VISIT HERE. EaH Stout Writas' to County Poor Comipissloner. After being out but two ho!:"5, the jury In ijhc case of the state vs. Mrs. Isaac Ball, of Elsmorc, this county, who was cbargod with trying to kill her step-son, Forrest Bali and his fanUIy by putting arsenic in their drinking «-atcr, brought in a verdict of not guiltV. The trial was held before Judge Simons in Linn county. Because of the prominence of both Mr£. Ball, the defendant, and Forre:<t Ball, nnd liU family, much interest was aroused among the residents in Allen and UouriMn counties. 03 well as In Uuu county, where the triul was held, and where the crime was alleced to have been committed. " Alicdugh tiio chemist who made a chemical auhlysis of the water which was used Hy Forrpst Ball for drinking IS EMPEROR DEAD? DEATH OF RULER OF CHINA BE- I'OBTED TODAY. TWO,EDICTS WERE ISSUED FRAMING MESSAGE CiOTenior.Flect gtabbs I* t'oUcctin? Farf!) for Oreetlng to i'eople cf ' £a>sa!». RUXUH SAY.S DOWAGER E.ttPBESS IS .VLSO DYIMi. .\(t Oilciul Coufirmativn of Kepoct— Ills 3lHjcMtr la Death Chamber Today. purposes, swore that it contained a v»,^ T»i_ _.K _ „• sufficient amount of arsenic to WlV ev- Ettrl Stout, an Tola boj, vho was number of the Forrest Ball fam- 'l.l'^'^^''"?* ^:^T Tl^C attorneys for the state failcu ^ut^Tn ii A?,?^J^r.^*'^"''*" to counect Mrs. liall the defendant written to Al Abrtims, the poor com- -.j,., ni_-i„c tho arsenic In the wat- ?^^„.ic v ^^n .^^f.^""/. ^.V** was in the neighborhood on the ev- n „»^r ^So I'l'^ W'inB the arsenic was placed in orlf „n^ iJ t "e wat..r. but ..ot on the Forrest Ball ?"«Jd '""^•'""^'^ ep- The defendant proved conCus- ileptic attacks. ^.^^^ ^.,3 „earer'to the Forrest iSall house than three-quarters of a mile when.- visited friciid». The evidence In the case was fin, ishi^ yesterday noon. The attorney.-j' iai-Ruments were eloquent. J. C. Can' noTi. district judge elect, and 3. W. IS m OUSTER YET Pfkinp, .\ov, 1:!.— The emperor ot China WiiK reported dead al four o'clock II);» Mficniouu. It h;id, however, bet'u iuipeifalble to secure official couflruiatlun of this announcement up to iIiiH evening. His majes-' ty was iruusferrtid to the death cfamn- Ixfi- ill two o'clock In the aftarnoou. Al that hour he was still brc.ithitig. Pekln. .Nov, la.— It is reported that the Dowager Empress is also dylns. This rumor. It true, would explain the two edicts Issued late this aftcrnoou. The llrst makes Prince Chun regent of tfce Eniplro. and the second appoints his son Pu Wei, fifty four years old. heir presumptive. It is 'absolutely Impossible to oV- taln an/ conflrmatfou officially- of the reported death of the Empi»ror and the condition of the Dowager En» press. The Kansas City Journal says: Lawrence, Kas., Nov. ri. —(Jovernor- MAKE IT FELONY ATTOBXET OE^-EBAL JACSSOK AFIEB LIQUOB SELLEB8. EXECUTION STAYED Federal Court at Lawton Grants Writ of Habeas Corpus to Negro Murderer. Guthrie, Okla.. Nov. IS.—Judge J. n, Cottccal, In federal court at Law- Ion, today granted a writ of faabcatf corpus to William Johnson, a negro sentenced tp hang at Tccomseh today ^'"•K^Si^S; yotll.s^^''''"^"'^^--^^^^^^^^^ Scott Prfaonars. iiy. anu J. 1. anepparu 01 rorv scoti; i sfj^p^ Supreme i rpiir(<5pntpfl the state. I • The Ft. Scott Tribune says: .\ttoruey General Fred S. Jackson, to whom County Attorney Caldwell wrote a few days ago. asking regard- County Attorney Marsh of Linu coan-jdisposi'lldn of the case By the Unlteif ty. and J. I: Sheppard ot Fort Scott; • SJ ^^PS Supreme court. _ represented the state. Jiiatlces-^Harry Mitchell. K., W. M.!)"'' "lo matter of prisoners here be-. TOOK SHOT AT HIM VarQer. B. ConsUbles—J. B. CUdden. R., W. D. wpodntrr. 8. HUMBOUyr TOWNSHIP— TruBtee—Fred Schmidt. D. Treaaurei^os. Tliuney, R., by lot. Clerk— F. H. McFarre». R. Justices— 'W. M. Ecblauemuu. D., J. J. Wlllenberg. Dt Cotutable«—P. H. Plyun, D.. David .- Ronler, D. SALEM— " Trustee—C. F. Parker. D. Treasurer—F, W. Lasb. D.. Clerk—A. D. Diamond, D. JU8tIeea--F. A. Wythe. D., J. Kelfer. D. CHARGE G. GILLASPtE JKAKE.S AOAI.^ST .nKS. .MArLE. Ing voted at the recent-election, has! made no direct answer to Sir. Cald-| well's letter. He did, however, issue THIS IS the .\s80clnVcd Press at Toncka a | statement $;iv!ng the law on suchi caues. . Mr. Caldwell was asked to-1 day what he was going to do in tliiM \ connection. He aays that hcTegard.1 He sais Two .Men Held Him While live uranice of voting prisoners as a vicious,and bad tbing, but did not bpeciflcally sUte that ouster , suit-; would be filed. Jail sentence and; heavy lines as well ax dlsqualiflca- tloti from holding another office of public trust, accompany these ouster.) Undt-rsherirf .\. L. UouiriKht went 0 Jand it ;nay be that thla Is a little too out In the ncrtheasr part of ihf comi- 'i severe. Mr. Caldwell has recelevd tv loduy to ^erve a warnnif up «m Mrs. Site Shot, But He Turned I'otut of Gun .Vn»j. ConsUbles— 8 Long, U., E. H. My-,'«"ers urging him to go ahead and Hannah Miiulu. charglnk hi-r with D I prosecute and many persons around shooting at Otorgr (JIHaspU with In- iStAMfiwra— V^^"^ ^''•^ "^'^^ tent to kill and ajn> 10 ^ervi- v.urranl.s BLSMOR!B)-~ - TrustM—C. B. Huff. U. TreMorer—J. a. Ard. B. Clerk—EL O.'Krokston, H. .- Jdstloes—LAe Morrison. K., F. N. TtolJertB, It -Oooitsblea—C. W. .Velsou. R.. Ray Sample, B. . pOtTAOB GBOVB- ; Tmsfee—J. J. Lndlnm. R. Treaamrer—Elmer Sniff, R. Clerit-r-Ira Koyes. R. Jq«tlce»-^W. fJ. Alford. R.. J. M. B. Seed. B. ' Conatables—E. A. Burgliart, R.. . "Tom Cation. R. VGABCltT— Jtetfeee— D. Nacheehaat, R., .V. Ad•;: una. D. . 'r^Xutfees—J. L. Mercer, K.. J. W. r . Wood. R. • ' Coiuitableft—W. T. Donald, R., Ueo. BarriB, R. ..GBlQCVA— I Tnafee-^. U Sutherland. R. Treamrer—Ed. Fttzpetrick, H. Clerk—A.'G. Carpenter. R. v JiiMIeett-<L. S. Perkins, B.. Ira - TovtfMBd. It -7-* ,<lonat«bl«»—George Call, R.. J. W - r Carpenter. R. ' QABI/TUB— „ Trtiatce—J. D. Christian. 11. ' . Treiaurer—C. E. Sawyer, R. •~' tJlea*—A. M. Danlap, R. ,t;> V |W^M-^orre Grieves, R.. G. P. : „- ,;Caii«ta!bIes—M. J. Caldwell. R. k. ^pmsi. Jones, R. V'C -»aitee--T. J. Doughertj-. D. '\--':^iieBMa!nr--J. G. Edmunds, K. i- rcikirk—Harrr Birdy. H. , :• ;i,>wUee-tJ, Skinner, RV ^Mtsorer -a. J. Wilson. D. Jorlty condemn ^he practice as a very I,,K),I Plc .dur Story and Joliu Clbsoii IKior one but would dislike to see any charBliiK ihom «ltli asiaulilnr; Gillas- Borious trouble made for those who pie,. did it One thing certain, such a thing, ix^f. „anaiit.s W-TC itriied foUw- ,will never be done in an election hereiju^, a ccmplaint by .MTB. .danl!.- ihnt [again. This Incident has caused too| ^iila ^j;!^. tlimitencd to do ht-r mucli gossiD and too much adverse criticism. The officers didn't think they were committing any offense Uillut-pl Ijodl'y harm. It seems thai Uillaspie is .Mrs. .Maule'a leniur and in dividing the crops they had boine trouble with when they permitted the prlsouers to, the result thai .Mrs. Maule asked that '•"•e. the.v state, but tlie law seenisjue i,e placed under a peace bond. T pointed In this matter. Cald-i oillaspie came In vooierday and af- Wfr the a-arraut was sened upon him. vote very well expects a written statement from the attorney genera] in a few days concerning his Inquirj-. Fiaml for Dmnfceaiieiis. J. McOlothlin and C. Herrlngton were fined Sa and 53 respectively in police court this morning on a charge of being found intoxicated In a public place. JUDGE SMITH DEAD m. Lost B. . W. Hoffman. R. A. W. Tonng. D. A. Cbltwood. B. Trimble, B.. H. G. D. P.. Ootjr, Bn. O. A. :B.' • Ex<J«d«re of Mbsevrl Ceirt of Ap. ^Is W M IU Only Oae Week. Kan &as City, Nor. 13.—Judge Jackson L. Smith, seventy one years old. for Eutteen years judge of the Missouri court of appeals, died at his home here this morning folloaing an IllneKB of one week. Judge Smith was born in Gfilloway county, Missouri, in IS.17. He retired from the bench four yea»s ago. ; A CorrccUon. The case against Dr. Hoaell, wto WAS charged with disturbing the peace was dlsmleaed yesterday afternoon by J .tdfe Collins. Dr. Howelt also BSks The Beglster to correct A statement trhlcb appeared In this pane* on tbo 9th, to the effect that be hvl with others followed City Attor- liar Orler aboat town lo a ttoeatca* lac auaner. Dr, Hoveir diedatm ttet In i» • ficbtlas m«a and aara tfwt ft* btvaytat tfa« orictaal ewe HftaU Fitterty povly vpoai a hu* •aaa aa4, a «t,a PMMM I ataadpdhit issued warrants for Jlrs. .Mauie. Stork and Gibsun. .\cccrdlug to the ttory GiUaepie tells, he went to the .Maule furtu to get a part of his grahi on November 11th. While there Mrs. M ^iule came out and words follcwed. He says that tho drew a revolver and i>ointed it at him while Stcrk and Gthvott. who were on Ihb ground, held hini. tays that hei managed to get hold ul ihe ^gun pushiug the point downward as it wus discharged, the bullet going between his legs. Mrs. >taule. eo It li; said, tells an «:nlirei> different Rtury. Mr. Doalrlght look blank bonds out with him so that the defendants, if they succeed in ralplhg teem, will not be brougltt in thU aftcruoon. Mrs. Maulc's bond wa:i fixed at $30<) and tliose of Stork and Oibuou at 1 :200. Mrs. Maule is a Free Methodise and frequently fills the pulpit. It Is said that during the late campaign she offered her services to the Democrats to make speeches In this county for Barney Sheridan, candidate for con- THEY WOULDN'T TESTIFY. Humboldt Merchantu Would Not Tafk About Private Business Affairs. Depositions nre bpiiig,taken today in Attorney J. R. Miller's office in the case of the Gaynor Engineering Co., asralnst the .Monarch Portland, an ai>- plicatlon for a receiver. Last evou' Ing Humboldt men. from whom tlie cement company bad bought material, refused to testify as to whether, or not t! o rompau.v had |>ald their billii. This afternoon the attorneys for the euglneering company were endeavor lug to make the merchants give the desired informatlou. The depositions arc beliiR taken before Ju:ytlce Potter. Here From Elsmore. Mr. and 3Irs. James Welch came up from Elsmore (oday for a short visit with relatives and friends. To Move Pest HOUBS. The county commlasloners yealcr- day bought 'a tract of three acrea of land from tie Northrups, near where the pest house RtaudB. The ufiBt house will bo niovpd onto the land. KRESS STORE OPENS Public Wa* Admitted to Fine Store at 3 O'clock.— 15 a Big Crowd There. ' gress. George Cniaspie-s hrtiri.)K ou th-I „.^„,„„. ^„.„^ peace proceeding charge will be keldL^t,„„g the'entire aftem4«i and ov- Jutl ah the court houhe ctock struck three fals afternoon, the doois of ICrejis & CO.'K new store wer- flung open to the admiring public. Tue orchestra, was playing a» tte crowd of men. women nnd children filled the store. For two.hours before the store opened, the entire east side of .the Equar<> was filled with the waiting throng. Kress & Co. have erected within a ver>- short time a building whicA as a structure Is an ornament to the city, and have started a store equalled by few In Southeastern Kansas. Each s.uesi of Kress A Co. today is given as a souvenir of their open-| ing. an imported Japanese pin tray. Tbiny-one pretty plrls and eleven polite men are showing their guests about their new home, polntiitg out th«» thingti of Interest. Nothing Is hting sold today; but on tomorrow Kress & Co. willtopen their doors for business. The t^wning will elect W. B. Siubbs is uow busy gath- erlag facts and data upon all measures to be iucluded iu bis luessage to the legislature. He U doing this work at hi» country home. Nearly every day he sends for experts on souie sub Ject to come and gh -e him advice. The Republican state platform contained certain promises of a general cbar- ucier. It is now up to -Mr. Stubbs to work those things, out in detail, and give his views on them to the legislature. The two propositions requiring tne greatest coasideratloB are tl>e pro- iwsed bank deposits guaranty bill and the bill for the physical valuatioit ot^ r8llroad.s. Siubbs says thnt a bank guuRinly law. If ll Is enacted along Bcuud business principles with every safeguard possible to protect the Interests of the banks aad depositors alike, can be made useful and sail.-.factor}-, lie Is now irjlni; to figure out that sort of a bill. His inveittigution up 10 duie leads him to believe that the rc:u!iljle plan is for the organization of miuuaJ insurance,by districts. In other words he believes that the district plan ul guar anly will be more succcssrul than a state-wide plan. However he 8 .iyb.hts opinion In that matter may be changed by further investigation. In his niesHage be will leciiumchd C« a «»I-Iobby law alonp Ihe llue.v. of the Wisconsin law. Tlia'. law luipiires all lobbyists lo register, and say for whom they aie working. Suibbs. -also will ask the legislature to ereaic a legisiiitlve reference library lilic the one In Wsconsin. The iiruitlpal change needed in the new tax law. in Siubbs' opjult^n. i.s^ provthion for the electiou of the com nilKsioners and county assessors by the people. "This tax question will still be a iivlug issue lon^ after all of us uow on earth are gone to our reward." said ho. "and I think the beat tbing to do is to shoulder some of the responsibility on the people themselves. The lesis .'atUTt; will be urjccd bj- the new governor to mako mure iih-, eral appropriations for the two ssate forestry utaUomt of Vt'eH'-rn Kaasas,. and arrange for the growing of liuough !?mall trees to supply forest trees to all the tanners who want them lu the state. Otacfn Woof G« Around. Mr. Stubbs also will urge the Republicans to amend the public utilities law so that the state will be given more power oyer the public scnice corporallonr. "Tlits is a matter that he is devoting much attentUin to and he hopes to have :i bushel of infomia- tIo« vu the subject for the letlilaiure to ponder over. STUBBS WILL HELP HIM G0YEH50B-ELECT WttL XESTIOV PLAV l\ HIS MESSAGE. Sale of LIqnor In Kansas to Be FenI* tentlary Offence—Sew Law to BP Strictly Enforted. /The TO MEET EMPEROR tHAXELUlH VOX Ul'ELOW TO MEET .SOVE«tlG\ AT KIEL. I>tatcn!i -Dt.*> Bade at Reirbstug I'ou- rer.'iijjg Vfilrt oi" CiianceUor \n to Bo Talked . UNIUL Kansas City Journal today says: Topeka, Nov. 1'.:.— .Make liquor Bell-. li)g in Kansas a fclou.v, puirishable by a peulteiitlary sentence. That Is Attorney General Jackson's proposed plan 10 enforce the prohibitory law. Jackson has just been re-elected attorney gencraJ, after a most relentless war against him by the liquor element of the state. Ho probacy will lead the state ticket. ^ The legislature is composed of friends of pruhlbitiou by a good^working majority in each house. Governor elect W. R. Siubbs Is an ardent sup- pt>ncr of the prohibitory law. Jack- sou win recommend in his biennial rrpovt that liquor selling be made u fc-iony. Governor Stubbs will incor- ifjrute that recommendation in his message to the legislature, which iwill enact It liuo law. Then Jackson, aided by Stu•Db^5. will enforce it to the letter. Tjiat means the finish for liquor vend< is lu Kansas. •".Many jointlsts sh.v at a jall sen-" said -Vssislant Attorney General Shukcrs today, "but a penitentiary sentence will strike terror to all of tbeui. Wliat's the use of being lenient in the matter? Make selling liijuor contrary to the prohibitory law . a felony punishable by a penitentiary sentence, and the law enforcement issue will be solved lu Kansas. The state will, be just as free then of jointlsts. and booUeggers. a?, it is of horsethievQs. . Of course now and ffien a horbethief drifts iiito-lhe peal- ' teatlitry; just so will It. bc.witU a juintist. Uui Kausas pro- ht;jlUiig the sale uf-liquor, and. the v.HV 10 do it is to fix a penalty so sirln ?«-!it iluit even a hardened jointlst will fhiuk twice before he ccutinnes in the business:. "Of course the liberal element of the btato will howl iike coyotes at the ."iiijsestion ot making the penalty a i »;:iitt 'iiciar.v offense, but if they had their way liicrc would be no jail sen- t»nco nor even a pruhibiiory law at all. •The people of the state have at evi?r.v opporiutjity In recent years shown that they not only fa-vor the luw but want It etjforced aud the eaey wjy to enforce It Is to fl.x a prison •iiriiiinice and then send a few of the chronic offeudeis to liic peniteutiary right soon. After that ICansas will liHVe 110 fiiriher trouble from that ciahs of 'undesirable citizens.'" A CHANGE IN BANKING LAWS. Berlin. Nov. i;;.—Chancellor .Von Buelow is to lUL't't Emperor V.'iltiam at Kiel next .Monday. If the chanwl- lor and ."iovereign are in agreement on :he luutier of future pollciea and the phaiicellor is to rctuc . in office, 'le German people wili at cncc be-.- • foiiiied that his majesty aeceptb ilie sjilrit of declarations made In Kelch•lag by the chancellor last Tuesday. These statements were that neither Prince Von Buelow nor any suceed- Ing chancellor could remain In office unless liis majest.v more reserved in bis utterances. TO HIGHER COURTS No Currency Legislation at the Coming Session of Congress. Wushlugton. Nov. 13.—Representative John W. Week<<{ of Boston, clinlrmnu of the sub-committee ou banking laws of tlie congressional Joint curreucy commi<»ion, talked with the President today.. He expressed the opinfoo when leaving the \\1iite house that there would be no currency legislation passed at the ccuniug ses^on of Cong.Tess. but said It wao not unlikely that a bill changing the banking laws would be iab-o* (luced. HOLDING SURPLUS ZINC ORE. SUndard OH Cage WOI Be Tried In I 'Bltcd States Supreme Court An Advance in Price it Expected by Heavy Buyers. Galena, Kas., Nov. 13.— The zi^^c, nro market in the Kansas-Missouri inlnin'g districts opened firm "loday^ at last week's high basis prtce of 138 per ton of 60 per cent mIneraL XJa- nsual activity is shown by all the buy- era and several of the largest producers are holding for an advance. Lead ore is firm at |60 per too. The |6 advance last week has resulted in moving veo' little of the surplus ore. . tomorrow. USE THE VERDICT Befeaw fa T.rfiU ef Ray Laaphcn* far Unrder ef Mr*. Uaaaess FInt BekaK Taday. Get enlng. La Forte. lad., Ntnr. U—The defeuse la tlM Lampheta nardcr trial aoffered basken attend Ttha llnt^ Mtoat todar wbea Judge **"— nilod tha.|«i»rt of the oor- vaa.,atfBiiifaabIe aa pri Faaeml of J. M. OUicr. The funeral senicesi for the late J. M. Oliver were held at the family residence this.afternoon at 3 o'clock. K«v'. Mssou was tbe offlclatlmi min- lst«r. Burhil was ntade in the lola centtery. Baaken at Faneaa. Next Friday, group three of th*4 Kaaeas Bankers' AsiocIatiaB. «tli mafit .iD Fanons, A number of loU " If (mataeea ar* raageiDenta can be made^ ageb that tbev 'can (et away. ^nf it. O. Vdwl^rdr left today tor V.'asbingioa, Nov. 13—Follow ing the recent action of the circuit cotirt of appeals iu Chicago in refusing the United States govenmient u rehearing ot the Standard Oil case In which the Standard was fined |29,24U.0OO. the Department of Justice decided last night 10 carry the cato 10 the suprc'hic court. Thu decUloii was reached after an all day conference between 'Attorney General Bonaparte and government attorneys engaged Iti the case. Appli- catloa will be made to the Supreme court, when It reconvenes November 30, for a writ ot certiorari to bring UP and revlfw the actloit of the circuit court of aopeals. TranaTer Here. The "Cat and tiie Piddle" nusical |«onedy company, carrying a carload of Menerjr ;and a carload of actors apd actreaaet. waa iraaeferred from aiKSaaU Fe to the lAlaMWri Padfle morning, enroiita ftpn Ottawa to J^tt wheca thajr ebow tiila ev- ROOT IS NOT A CANDIDATE. Secretary Says Only Rumor Connect* Him With Senatorshlp. Botiton. Nov. 13.— In an Interview published in an afternoon paper. Sec- retar.r. of State Ellhu Root etated to•lay that be was not a candidate for the United States senate. said: "I am not a candidate for the aeo* ate. There has been a • lot of talk about that, but it is all rumor." APPOINT SURGEON OENERAI. a: Saeeead Col. a«er«e H. Tarney to General O'Roilly. -Ww^iacton! ti&ri IS^Tba avpolat- meat of CoL G«on«i K. TofBdjr aa aor. •eon general ot the army toaMcead SuniMO General .R. M. cnMllr 'vaa aanounoed b)r the eeeretary of wsr tO' day. .CtoL toner ia now fa diarfa of ihe gtoneraf lioapjtikl at Baa. JVaodaen. ^ •nie' •r»eaa^ h> the sargeoB ••M'al'

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