Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1907
Page 3
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ft f i THEY THANKED FOUST Neoaho County 'Attorneys Expred proctBtion to Dtatrict Judge. Ap. ' (Cihaaute Tribune.) JudgiB O. FouBt of the Allon Wood- aoa diatrict, flnlabed blH work in tbn district court of Neosho county thta momlag and returned to his home in tola this afternoon. He was here all of last w«el{. and three days this freek. heartag matter* which could not bo brougbt before Judge James W. Flnley because the latter wa."* of counsel before he was appointed to thel»en<4. -" "I am verj' well pleased with the treatment which I have been given by the Naosho county bar," said Judge Poust ".My coming here has given me a chance to meet many old friends and I hope to form several new friend ships." That the feeling which the Judge expresjsed is reciprocated by the at tnrney.q of thl» county is evident from the following reso'uUon which was adopted by the bar association at tlie meeting tield this morning. The mo tion to tender the resolution was made by H. P. Farrelly. and seconded l)y .T. .T. Jones. The vote was unaninKius. It was as follows: Resolved, that the members of tl>e bar, of this cwirt do hereby pxtond our sincerest thanks and assurances of appreciation to the .Hon. Oscar Poust, Judge of the Thirty-seventh judicial district, for the profe.-^slonal courtesy by him extended to ami exercised in behalf of this court, in so kindly concenting to hnar. try and determine cases in wTilch Hon. .ti W. Flnley Is disqualified by reason of his professional relationship therpwlth. before the commencement of this term,as Judge of this court. •Judge Foust's Judicial courtesy and services have been of a high order. . fair, just and impartial, entirely satisfactory to the memb?rs of the bar of this court and discharged with a dignity and demeanor so desirable on the bench and universally appreciate.] by the bar, and we take pleasure in . expressing, in this formal way. our " appreciation of his distinguished ?r-r- vlce, and ask that this resolution b.> ivade^-of record in the journal of tliis court Judge Foiist will not enjoy ;inv v;i- catlon whatever. He will hold u'n ail Jourjjed session of the AMmi <oiinrtv distnct court in lola tomorrow iiinl next week will go to Yafes f'.nr .M-. for the November term of thf W< od son county district court. .SHAKE IT OFF. A Money Saver for Those who waot Coals, Pars, New Shirt Waists. Skirts, Warm Underwear Our customers tell us it is a pleasure for them to be able to view this magnificent display of New Fall now in array here- It certainly is a privilege and pleasure for us to show them. Here you will find a of all the new things from the foremost producing centers of the world. aadi Dress Goods! Merchandise, •epresentation If Vou Want To Save Honey on Coats, Furs. Shirt Waists, Skirts, Warm Underwear and Drc5S Goods, It Will Pay You to Visit Us. m We Have Confidence! WE ACCEPT CriECKS! Confident that the Banks and Trust Companies of the country at large and of this community especially are absolutely sound, RICHARDSON'S will accept in payment for' merchandise, Cashier's Checks, Local Pay Roll Checks, Checks signed by responsible parties on banks in this vicinity; also Savings Bank Books, and will charge in part cash. U3 Emmt Madison Avenue. RICHARDSON'S 2 dooim Wemt Themp* 4on Hoiet, THEY MUST DECIDE i Call on or l»:;nitund I.nnif. or Hi.tli. ; I TS^ 17^ 1^ . Killed ivrkiiis. t Mj mid M? M: MjtmlJMM Wluu necdiug auyiLing iu the JHwelry line. Rid YomseU of rnneci-ej«ary Riirdeio. An lols Citizen Hbons Yea Hdw. Don't bear unnecessary burdens. Burdens of a bad back are unnoc- essary. Get rid of them. Doan's Kidney PiUs cure bad backs: Cuwrlame, «« B 1 C and aching backs; Cure every form of kidney ills. Lots of local endorsement to jirove this. John Cbatfleld. retired farnii-r. <if 322 South Jefferson Ave., lula. Kans.. says:; "My experience w/th IJoans Kidney Pills, procured at Charles IJ. Spencer & Co.'s drug store, has been by no means extensive, hut I can can- sclentipnsly say that this mpdiclnt benefitted me. For a year or more I was troubled with a dull heavy pain just over my right kidney. While at times it was more severe than others especially when I did any stoopin^r. U bothered me to some extent rotiiin- ually' Doan's Kidney Pills soon proved to me that they are a relialile remedy, and J feel warranted In recommending them." For sale by .all dealers. Price FoBter-Milhurn Co, Buffalo, N. Y. sole agents for the United State.'*. R^m'ember the name—DoanV—and take no other. MORAS. a.- '. November 7.—The .Moran ar-.' 11 "ri! boldt high school lootl^all te-.i \ i:^ I'lay a game tonion- w e -«»nin:; i: : at l)ali park. l.ucky Uill wh.» w.i« to havr- hero .Saturday iiiht iM'ei; i i his nor arrival beliu bad roads. Colo., Is vi^iiinK Mrs. c'. 1. ph.ii'. Wbitesell is a i'-.u;l.!.-ti::ii!er '.» ' Dickinson who iii-iveii trnni hi rr !u Colorado RprlHKs i i.-w >• irs Mrs. Oraebel .-n;,) ;,itl.- hi i- ca,me over Wedn •.<; 1 u '> uvi\. v.> r with Mr. Cfraci, M. •» iio is riiiritis rhe branch music K '.ore lor I v. (joii j erts of lola here. .e-:iri.i!n. Tir )rsi »:i\ The Haight Music Co.. of Biirllnp ion. Kas.. moved their ..^tock of psuiut^ and organs the first of the w,-e'.; u< Erie.: Hev. J. .\T. Mo.\rtl.ur and rlati -.'brer An&a. went to lola Friday ri 'iiiM ..-if.' the same evening. The goal posts for the basket bi'! team are ready to put up now unrt some bard practice will be put in. The com contest held by Harlan TayJor will close Saturday when the prlies of .$3.00, $2.00 and $1.00 will be • awarded for the twelve best ears of [ com and the com sold to the highest bidder, the proceeds therefrom to be donated to the lola Orphanage. Be Tween thirty and fifty contestants! have entered. The city Is putting in new ornss- Ings and fixing drain boxes this week in the north part of town. Miss Zella WJllett left for Baldwin Thursday. She will make short visits in Baldwin. Lawrence and Ottawa. The Christian Endeavor society of the Presbyterian church holds its regular monthly social at the home of ; Mr. and Mrs. .Joshua Rumbel Friday JniKbt, November 8th. f Rfgutar services will be held at ;lhe :Methodl8t Episcopal church Sun -^arUhe 10th. K ;i:is:i> ('11 y. .\'ov. '.i— -••'rin- COIK'IU- >n III' ilie <'l>lllnli^sUln iKised upon llie . rtoik Ut liie |i;ii |io !of ;isis anil ibeinisT | I 'e. I. ir ,r|, [| l'<-ikl !;s lereived , •..;r;ive ami i''il> ijiiii! hi jiivits lo bts ' <'liest aiiil liini;-- thai be bail re- I '.-lveil iiiio iii .s sioii'arli a iU>^i- III null - • |hi ;;i- lliat !.>• ii .-<,'v leiranleU as :i j _ ' i i i ; iniaiiMiv. ' ' ' 'I'lils is ilie .siiinnila:; ol .lie of- li;:-;-^' iiie<li<liial dose. Careful cum- .'iiiiil niHDt of the ]ialbii'in;'iea\ loni-, b-'- ^^>'n^ "f 'li«' iutvusKy of the reac- •iii -<>ioti iiia'le lesi.nlay :i. I'ultfri ' t!"n was a coiitiol CKnlaluiMg live .-"tiijes .liidjre HiiiHii .\Iel 'hf >r.=oji in I lie ' ^ la ill.' i)l" nmiplilne sliuwed ibe stoni- i -ase i>V ilie !aie l.iioliis H. I'erkins of!ocli i-f J.ucii;.-- II. i'erklns .•niilained . pail] out in this way inor? money than I 111- has received Jn .salary. He has ' done so in the perfonnaiice of what I be believes to lie a patriotic liiity. {{e ."Bill (o nie: "I found this condition ' when 1 came jiito the ofHc ', iiiiil now ' I propose to see if throilKll' ••Tliat WHS a inair-fes-,atlon of pure ! .Anierii'im grit, lull it is unfortunate iiiiiii sncli a situation should arise. ^ Ti.ere !s no wav by which Postmaster iCoHlns can be reiinbiirsed. unless cnn- •gle.'is sll<;iil(l puss a sp.">flal art for i bis relief," If Is .Mr. Hlfclicock 'H piirixisi At the Grand >e.\t Week. ".Ma's New Husiiantl" Tuesday. "Woman of .Mystery." •riiuisday. • Slow Poke," .Matinee and S\-Ahl Saturdav. l ^awrence. Kitiis 'i'he report was b .v ;i <-ommi.ssion com posed of Walter M. '"ro .-s. city chemist of Kan.-^as City; Dr. Frank Hall of Kanass Ci!v. Dr. John 1). Frepnran of Topeka. To fliis ."oiijinissiou was .:i!Ven ihe bod .v by /ud ;;e .'\Icl'lier .--oii. I>r. ("'(i-;.- w .is a.-- -iuiied to auai>/.e liie contents of the stomach, the .\I 'i:iiai l-ife Insurance fouipany havin:^ refused lo jia\ a ))ol- f-y of ilmj.niiii uliieli it had u:i:icn o;j lie iife of i'erkins. on ihe i-'tuunds 'iiai be had diiMi of nioi piiiue ,ioi.-(i!:- if^- Tlie Cfiuinii.-i.tion's lejiorT. foreia-icd U 'I'lie .louiiia! !as: .Mniid.i.v. is not Ipcisive. wiiii -li means that it Is to be '•ifl lo a jiirv tinallv to sav wln'thei- it wa.-! poison or llie fall li'oni the roof of his house tliar caused bis death '.'he patholoists had been reiinlted to inswer these questions: 1. l )id .said person die "as a lesu'.t -olely troiii a fall frorn tbe loof of 'lis house, or did said fall c-ontrilmte fi his death ' •J Did said Perkins die as a result f tnorphine poi.son. o.- did moriihiiie 'oison coniribnte to lils deatli.' Tills tliey did yesterday in ibe following terms-. "The post-nioriem exaniinalion reveals t lie'fact til at three of the ribs .vere liroken on ibo iii ;bi side and •Ijeir briikeu ends had been tliriist 'iiio tite siibslanee of tbe vintu lunK. ;o injiiritiK the limt -fliat a very con- -iilerftlile anioiini of blood liail escnp- •d into 'lie cliest pa\iiy. Tlii.- iiijurv. in the opinion of Drs Freeman and Mail, w .is of siifilcieiit extent and :rravil> as In iiave cont I ibiiled nia- :e ,ri :iliv to the death of tile man. "Tbe exaiiiiiia' iun i.i tlie skeletoii ri ie.i td lni dislo ':iti(/ii in ilijiuii-^. o" !liy other of the bones. The chemic.-il •xauiltiitioii of the stoniaili ronfent.'- levealed a loiisiileralile iiilatitlt\ o' iMoriihiiie. tlie reaction of which pro- !-etited an luteusltv far e.veeeilins the |appro.xI:iiatetr tlia' amount of in<;r- I'hlne. "Tjie conclusions of tlie conimls- >lo.') based upon the work of the path- oloi-:; and chemist, are that, Lucius H iVrkins received grave and possibl; /it:.l Injuries to his cliesl and iinigt and tiiat be had reepived into his sion :irl! a dosi! of morpliiue that fs nsiial).% I'.'uanled as a fatal uuaniify. " "Mu's \fw Uushaiiil." This is a three-act musical farce with most original story and eMreine- fp ly amusing characters. It Is thorough- ad vncaie the adoption bv ('ongress of "I' '<""' "f comedy an iiniendmenf to the ^.-radi-d salarv l'oi'"!ar song liiw providing that, iu exceptional Iti-,l"'"*'' spwkeu of as tu- stunces. iKistmasters. on a proper heard this seasiui. .showing to the department, mav b.- al-i "'"^ ^'•»"' I'*-" lowed to |.ay sa'.iries to clerks and;'*^« ^'"''"'^^ c«»rri«»rs as of a higher grade than j they hold. In order that their services •nny be retained. QUITTING THE SERVICE. Low Wages Cct Uncle Sam Capablf Employes. V .ashiu .ij'oii. Nov. !*.—First .Assist j.'it I'o.stmaster (leuera! Hitchcwk huf n turned from an extended tri] tliroiigh the West, which he took wit) .1 view t)f ascertaining at first liau' Ihe coiidilinns that prevail in the pos fal service of that part of the conn try. Dilflciilty lias lieen experienci-d by the post oihce ile))arlment for a cot\ siderable time in retaining the ser vices of I'lliclent and experienced em­ ployes, especially clerks and carriers in many Western oflices. This condi fion prevails particularly iu the min Ing regions of the Rocky moiinfaius •here in the jiast f.>w years town? 'ave sprung up almost over nlgbt. ant" cities have grown in a few nionths In fhei^e places prices of every til in.L' 'nc'udtng labor, are higli. In many 'nsiances. llvim; expenses ar- two 'old hiKliei than in the :Middl<- Wes' •lid Hiisf. Thi- \>ost oirice enipli >yc> lii .'lily could nof att'ord to work foi be salaries paid by the governnieut. • In several invtiinc.->«." said ; .M;- 'liicbcocl-. "I b 'iirned that p <istniasf >rs paid ioi )slderabl«» sinus of inon •y <iiit of their own jvickets to main tall! the posta' service in fhoir town At <;o 'dne '.il. Nev.. for Instance, thi po.ofniasfer Kdward I{ Collins, hac Improve Your Baking K C Baking Powder will do it! Get a caa Try it for your fevorite cake. If It doesn't raise better, more evenly, higher, —if it isn't daintier, more delicate in flavor, —we return your money. Everybody agrees K C has no equal. •ILK.S rrRKI) .VT IIO.MK BV .NEW BS<H{PTI<»\ .HETHOD. If yi.ii suffer from bleeding itching, lind or iirolriiding piles, send me our address, and I will tell you how •1 cure yourself at hoUie by the new bsorption treatment: and will also end some of this home trcatnieui free !iv trial, V. tih references from your •wn locality if requested. Immediate elief and permanent cure assured, "end no money, but tell others of this iffer. Write today lo Mrs. M. Siiin- lers. Hox P. South Bend, liid. TRUANT OFFICER WON OUT I. S. Brady G«ts Judgment Against j langh. Commissioners. i Fletcher. Those which are credited with the greatest number of en.'ores are. ".\ Quiet Little Game." "Would Vou Kiss .Me," "tJet Your Tip Fron: .Mf." ".lokes." ".A Kiss." and "I f^ove .\o One But You." The "Topsy" is e.ven more ecirentric and tntcrtaining than the original chaiacier of that name ever was. So at least several critics say. Doi-othy is the name of the maid of all work, who figures as the comedienne in this three act musical farce that has lieen crowding houses and tiirnin.g away well pleased audiences everywhere if has appeared. Dorothy is droll in her manner, her talk, and actions and she is clever in a musical way. besides. Her comedy song. ".lokes." .is one of tile niiisica! hits of Ihe performaiK-e. Iu the duet "A Kiss." a comic stuig. .she also succeeds in raising many a • •«• • • -• • W. H. ANDEUSOir, • • Ji. A. Ewing, S. A. Oard, G. it. Uard • ittorney.«t.Law. * • E>VIN(J. GAKU A tiilfiO, • Notary and Stenographur in • • Lawjen. * Office, • Practice in all Coarte »Phone 455, I 9V4 W. Madison. PhOM ISA. i*' mu McVILLEX, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Dlseav- ea and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Rea. 232. Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg.. West Madison. jpHY»ioi •. Phone 554. lola. Kana. DR. EDITH 8. UAIGH. • Office and Hesldeuce over Bur• cell's Drug Store, • Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m.. I • . to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 evening!. ' . Sundays by Appointment. * Phone 687. Ilea 701. ,1)B. 0. L. VOX, Kye, Ear. Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. Practice Limited to Surttary. IS N. Buckeye. ' Hone 676. .T. S. Brady, the r>as City truant •ifllcer. won his suit today against the (.-^uuty cimimissimiers in which he -taught to recover $2»; alleged to he due him for work a.<: truancy olliccr •Ml Saturdays. The commissioners did •of pay the hill b;»catiJie the work was lone on Saturday and not on school liiys.. Brady claimed that he was late n starting and that the number of Sal unlays with the school lays be worked did not exceed the to•a", number of school days during the • nil and he therefore entitled Ibe 111 y. He presented his bill • i tlie former board of commls.^'oners •.Sio turned it down; The present 'xiard also turned If down and Brady 'iioinjiir suit. He won his action on 'be point that til.' tufa! number of lays he worked did ti<it excee<l the tctal iiiiuiber of vchool days In the •I nil Ni.tice Jo. 1>. I' I(-W. O. W. are requested 'to iieet ;ii S o'clock tonight at K. I', hall II make arrangements to attend un- viliui,' at Independence Sunday. .Vo- ember lnth, Bv order of Captain C C Cl'M.Mi.N'S, Capt; HUMBOLDT IS PUFFED UP. "Monian of Mystery.** in the nature of human beings there j arc many sides. Tbe serene, the sub- ! linie. the ridiculous, and a mind that ,' leans towani any of these to an ab- uortiuil degree is no; well balanced: as too ninch sadness lirlngs on chronic iiielanch(dia while too much jollity makes sacred things appear to the too joyous mind in a light that is incon- •,'riii)iis to the real truth of religion. .A iiiiiid well balanced enjoys a picture of life that portrays all sides of human nature in its variations as they occur in i >ur daily lives. That truth is stranger than fiction is nof true, to the author who understands humanily, tliere Is no Octlon. because he writes of human nature as he sees it althoiigl the incidents may be <lrawii from Ids imagination, Ihe emotlim portrayed though the Incidents are plain truths SiKdi Is Sarah Bernhard't play "A Woman of .My.stery.' which ,Mls.s Courte- uay .Morgan, will play. This play does not only pjiriniy the sad iiicldenis but i;ives a real picture of humanity going from the sublime ti> the «aver things iu life. J —- • « m m Dfflce Phone 10S3. DR. R. U. CIIKLSTUN. l'k>8tclan aud Sargeuu. Room* 7 and 8. Evans BldK. •!• IIR. W. «. HBILMirN. * I *,: Pbyaiciai * Snrgron. • I • Olllcii N. B. Curutsr of Stjuara. • ; • Over K. C. Plumbing' Co.'s S'oio * ; • Kea. Tel Offlcw Tel. GO'i Banks Are Still Puttina Out $S0 a Week. BAKING POWDER Pure, Wholesome, Economical. fjeorge .Mathias. ma.vor of Hum- -oldf. was up today and stated that if had not been found necessary by 'he Hiiinboldt banks to resort to the IS - of scr:p;. They are. nowever, pay- i 'lg out not to exceed $50 a week. Mr. Mat bias wav> considerably puffed up T er the fact that practically every bsnk In rh«? caunty outside of Hum- iK .idt had been compelled to take extraordinary, precautions. Mr. .Mathias was here to confer witb the county at icrney on a protest from the Santa F.' on ita taxes at Humbo'dt'. Register Want Ads.. Ic a Word. M. B. Patton In "^he Slow Poke." 'I'he last seastm's prtHluction of "The Slow Poke" In this city is fresh in Hie puliiic mind atid the announcement that tills ctmipany will play a return engagement here in "The Slow Poke" will meet with popular aiiproval. Local crfrlcs say it stands at the head of plays of its class. It is real, human and powerful and is one of the most interesting hetirc stories of western life that has been presented In years. The play alone stands on its merits yet nothing has been .slighted in the way of mountings and effects. The scenic equipment this season Is of the most costly and elaborate character many new and novel effects are Introduced. The stage has revealed no more rdcturesque and interesting a character than that of the big hearted westerner. Barrv Wore, the "Slow Poke" which Mr. Patton so admirably presents. It Is a characterization possess ine a distinct charm of Its own, for which Mr. Patton's genial, sunny nature and unique personality is so fittingly .sutied. He possesses that rare quality of geuiiis that has been given I to hut few. a duality that denotes the real artist . The supporting company is an excellent one and proved one of last sea.son's most enjo.vable offer' ings. • U««. Tel. 198. Office tel. IG3. ' DB. J. B. PEPPER. • Dentist • • Is permanently located over • • E. C. McClaln's Clothing Sloro. • and is prepared to do all kindii • of up-to-date dental work. • Evening work by appoluinient. P. L. Lathrop, Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. OSTEOPATUIC PUYSiC'lAKiL Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Cblldrtiu. Over Kast Side Hardware, unlet! 'Phune, Main 488. I* «EO. A. BOWLUB, Praaldent. : THOS. H. BOWLU«. Caatiler. ALLEN COUNTY STATI: BANK Capital $30,000.00 A. W. ••ck. L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulto;n, W. J. Evan*. J. Q. .HO<t(i«r». Sea. A. Bowlua, Tho«. H. Bowhj*. WE ISSUE OUR OWN OtfAFTS OH ALLEUROPEAMPOUirS •AFCTY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR R^NT FROM 92 to S5 PER YEAR. FIRST ANALYSIS SHEET. • finance committee fo tell at the end of T each month in what department Shows Source of City Incorne and Ex- th^y are making nuaney and In which penditure- one their source ot revenue is less^ • t.han the expenditures and alterations The fir?t anal.vsis sheet ever pre- wit! be recommended accordingly. scntetl to any flnancs committee of ' the city council was handed toj ^yA^•TED—1 want to buy a fresh Councilmen r.l>-nn. Dennis and Jones j njij^h .4.,,,^. >;one but first will of this city today by Bookkeeper Hankins. It not only shows from what source the city gets the money and the expenditures of the city but itimizes every source of revenue and every expense. anstwer. Write or call on W. F. Dewey care Kansas Portland Cement. Phone 5.'.8;and 2»3. WANTED—Experieijced bookkeeper It will enabU- the at People's Store. . ^

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