Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1908
Page 6
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- X -t -.^ -1 Most dear mamifiacturers, nowadays, ofiBer " free dea&" dealers. ' Here Mr the "free deal" scheme: With every 1000 cigars at the regular pnce, they 100 agon or more hee. ^ - «. i This explains why so maiw once famous brands have "gone to the bad m quahty. The smoker paysfbrtbis sb<alledyy»e <fea/as the cost must be taken out of the quality. No ''FWe bed*'to Reduce tlie ZttaUty of MERCANTILE CIGARS Yet They Cost You No More Than the Deo/Cl^ar The "Mercantile" is made of choicest Harana tobacco. Carefully rolled by hand—in a light, dean, -well -TOitilated factory. Sold strictly op ns merifr—not by "free deals" or "schemes." Instead we give the tqucare deal to dealer and smoker alike. And eighteen years of ever-increasing "Mercantile" popalarity prove that it pays to do it / Askyour Cigarman for a*"Mercantile out ofRice'e ClatTHumidor " "Rie^i Glass Nttmidor"i* the orifrinal »nd onlr youwitn "MercanUles" out of this jar, if yon ask. This splendid package is available at most dealers to smokers who buy Mercantile Cigars in lots of 50. If your dealer does not carry Mercantile Cigars send us bis name and we will arrange to supply you. F.R. Rice Mercantile Cldar Co., St. louis. Mo. Factory 303-Flr.t dui. of Hi..o«rl oooooooooooooooo o o O LITTLE BITS OF KANSAS UlTS O O o O A Medlej of Prose, Poetry, >ews O O XotM and Comment O Oj - O 0000000006000000 The United States tb . Forty-slx bot- fles of Muco-Solyent, is the tiUe of a.suit filed in the Topeka courts. The defendants were arrested by Dr. J. S. Cnunblne, secretary of the state board of health on the ground that they -were mis-labeled within the meaning of the pure food law since the labels stated that the medicine \ would cure any kind of throat trou- ; ble. The Muco-Solvent is to be tried Iwithin a few days and the manufacturing company has been notified. The Kansas state board of railway commissioners is to malie an inspection trip of the railways in the state. The trip is scheduled to occupy but twelve days which Is to say that they will only hit" the high places. One T. C. Hayden. of Webb City, known more or less to the baseball fans in every town in Kansas that has attempted league ball Is flitting about the state looking over towns that he would like to sec in his league next season. The Hutchinson News says that Hayden Is acquiring a reputation as a baseball magnate similar to that of the "notorious Georfe Tebeau." Kansans also note wlili hoihc- (free of pride that the honorable Walter Mason, of Emporia, has some verse in the current Issue of Puck. .T. E. House says that inasmuch as Walt Is the only "feller" in Kansas who can write "pomes" and get renl money for it. he ought to be acclaimed poet laureate of the state. The new county attorney of Montgomery county hardly had time to hang u|> his hat in his office when four applications for permits to sell liquor "according to law" were filed by Independence dru?gists. Tearing taken a squint at Scipio. Mayor Thomas Crittrnden, of Kansas t^itv. has returned home to declare Ulrto his people that there will be . plenty of K^sas gas for Mi.ssouri people this winter. champion, was formerly a resident of Independence, j A Kansas minister wants W. J. Bryan to become an evangelist. Having been defeated for the presidency three times, Mr. Bryan could doubtless expound the book of Job brilliantly. Chanute has a reserve gas supply which is fed to the main pipes automatically. Wben the pressure in the m|ains becomes weak a valve auto- liiatically opens and sends the pressure of reserve wells roaring into the city ser^'ice pipes to augment the main supply. Not to be behind time. Charlc.% Wagner, of Topeka. has announced himself as a candidate for the nomination of sheriff on the Democratic ticket two years hence. UEAPrXG BENETIT. From tlie Experience of loUi People. We are fortunate indeed to be able 10 profit by the esjieriencc of our neighbors. The public utterances of lola residents ou the following subject will interest and benefit thousand of our readers. Read this statement. Set better proof can be had. Mrs. .Mary Griffith, of .-.17 S. Jefferson .\ve., lolu. -Kas., says: Wten I Klxtctn years of age, 1 was kicked in my left side by a hnrse. A** a re- suit I was left with a wcakiirsi- 1 this part of my body. Although ih was not a severe aching 1 was bothered most of the time. 1 also had frequent headaches' and dizzy spells. Some months ago I learned of I>(ian's Kidney Pills and got a box at Chas. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug stok. They proved of great benefit to nje. greatly relieving the misery in my' side and making decided improvement In my ponditioii in every way. My son.eleven years old, complained of headaches and sharp shooting pains in the regions of his kfdne.v. His complexion was sallow and he looked very bad. I Kave him Doan's Kidney Pills and they sfMin brought about a noticoabie change for the better. Other members in our family have used this rem- ed.v with the most exaelletit results." Kor snie by a'l dealers. Price 50c. Foster-Mllourn Co., Buffalo, New Yoik sole agents for the United States. itemeraber the name—Doan's—and lake no other. NEWS OF GAS CITY J. T. MTROllT, LECTIKEK, IS BE POKTED AS BEING VEBV GOOD. HE SPEAKS HERE NOV. 18 SKI.WEK'S OKCUESTBA WILL FlBM-SIi JirSIC FOB FIBE.VE.N. Tliv IhofHl nnb Orcboint MhUii >Vu.s Organized a Short Time Ago \\\\X Hold Beheur«»al Thl^ £u-niug. Hill Liu- ill iiea Jlulnt>. Mrs. 11. P. Castle and son left yes- erday for Di-s Moines. Iowa, where they will make their future home. I 'hey will Tlsii in Omaha. Nebr.. while Duroute. To Play for FlrenmuS Bali. Chester Skinner's orchestra of this ;ity wi?l furnli'li the music for the 'Iremen's mask ball which will be held "n the opera bous*} Th.-inkssiving ev- ming. Jt is one of the best orchoa- ras in this part of the state. >£ow it has been discovered t^at .The Itcst ind qnlckegt iray Ui Tfar Joe Droolllard, the great checker | Kegistcr want if ay. OystmWith **Sea Tang Oysters with the true oysUr flavor— the kind you'\-e smacked your lips over St the chore. Oysters Tbey are fhipped in a steel conuinrr, •ir-oiht, •eucdl pocked with ice aniqad the contaioer. No ice or water louc/ies the oyrters. You get •olid nrsta^—lierfect and unbroken. ' Sealsbipt" Ovstets go further aud taite so diBcreat! CoBM aau aee thetn. Ask for "8EALSHIPT SENSE''-a Book About Oysters AU the foUowiag (icalers aeU "ScaUbipt": FREYER BROS; OTTO flINZE; OUR WAY The genuine "Sealshipt" Oyster* are always sold from • White Porcehiiu Display Case bearing the "Sealshtpt" ^rade mark in bine. This is for yonr protectioti—look fOr it. The "Sealshipt" Carrier System is patented. Infringements will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. NATIONAL OYSTER CARRIER CCJilPANY South Norwalk, Coaacctical. , [ ^ IVill Hold a Bebear».al. The Choral club orchestra which A -as organized some lime ago. will hold a rehearsal this evening at the ionic of .Mr. andJlrs. J. E. Hunter at the corner of McRea and Second sireets. k Keported as Good. J. T. JlcCrory. the lecturer who will speak here on Wednesday, November IStb, is reported as being very good. He comes as the first number on the lecture course. The leclure will be made In the Cli'^istiaii churcli. Mr.**. \}vrs Will BecoTcr. .Mrs. J. V. Avers who linderwent an operation ycslerday it is aaid today, will recover. She stood the operation nicely and the pbysiclaiis believe lliat she win be able VJ tic oui again In a short time. t'ounril to Meet. The city council will meet in regular session next Tuesday evening. As far as Is known there will be nothing to consider besides routine busiuess. Tbe llcrsbey FuneraL The funeral of the two-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Mersey of this city who died Inst Monday, n'as held yesterday- from the resldenri*. Interment was made lu lixc La Ilarpe cetu ricry. Persunalx. L. I), (iihson was In Lone Him yesterday on business. W. W. Wllloby. of Chanute. was here yesterday on business visit. Harry Nash who has been ill with the typhoid fever for Uie past several weeks is reported as being much better. 1 Van Seymour of Humboldt was here yesterday on business. W. Chaney Is moving from -N'orth Main to XA. Hat)>e. O. L. Foster Is loading bis household fumitiire which be will ship to Longton. Kas. 'REVIVAL IHTEREar IN REVIVAL AT M. E. CHURCH 18 INCREASING. Many Went to the Altar Last Night.— Rev. Hamilton and Rev. Mason Preached. There was a line crowd out to the revival at the M. E. church last night. A solo was sung during the first service by M'iss Florence Boot and the 'song service was enjoyed by a large number. This Is one of the special features of the meeting, Tly preacher, Rov. Hamilton took for hii text Nura :12-L':i, Behold yo have sin lied against- the I.,ord; and be sure that your sin will find you out. From this text the preacher made a forceful talk to the unsaved along the line that one cannot hide his sins, fle spoke about the first great command ment, namely, >-ou must love the Lord with all your powers and suggested that not only was their commandment broken but many .could recall many other sins. Ho also spoke of the timci when It would be too late to confess so far as the benefits coming to the confessor. He used Achan as an illustration of covered sin. God stands ready to forgive confessed sin but un- confessed sin is unforgiven sin. Men in and out of the church will have to abide tlie same result. He said it was impossible to get away and not come to Judgment. AH must bow, some when It will do them good and others when it will be of no benefit to them. The preacher made a strong appeal for those present to confess and get right with God before it is everlastingly too late. He told of a prisoner In I'linois who was •loomed to be hanged on a certain day. Governor Oglesby visited the man and had In his iiocket a pardon, but was received with indifference and even with contempt, not knowing who tl ;o governor was and what he had. The governor left the prison and took train for Now York, then the prisoner was informed what had happened aud as soon as he knew he began to beg for the governor to be brought back but his informant said. "I cannot call him back." The prisoner pleaded, "I am to be hanged; do bring him back. But It was too late. Death Is in our midst and Judgment is but a short way off, Xow is the time to repent and a failure now may mean an eternity 1 ^0 regret it. Rev. Mason follow od with the imortance of knowing the relation people stistain to God. and maintaining the right to ask the point od question he asks from night to tiight because of the uncertainty of the time of death. Several person; arose, saying they were not right with God, and wanted to confess and get riKht with the diurch. Some came forward and bowed at the altar. Rev. Mason han.led the following to the Register toilay: The nieetlngs arc growing 'ii liitfr- est and iKJwer and It Is expected that a great revival is on hand. The pra.v- or meetings are hold each day In si.\ different places and each report good attendance and great times. The moellnss will continue from night to nljjht and the church as well as everybody is Invited to attend Manj- church members have abaent od themselves as yet and are therefore missing a great deal and also fall Ing to do their duty in trying to help along UiU special effort. This is a day when there are lots of pcojde who believe we can havefiio revivals unless we build a tabernacle and employ .it a great cost a man who luakes it his business, and in which men are asked to come to the front Hud sign a card and make a resolu lion for a better life and this often Is all there is to it. We believe that God is still able to give His Spirit to the e.Ment that men will not only come forward but will get on their knees and there plead for mercy un til God comes and gives them not only Tiercy but a rich, ripe experience of sins forgiven. Why not come out and help along this old fashioned revival and thus make men better for all time to come and fit people for a rich reward hereafter? We call on Christians and good peojilo of all donomln- itions tb give us your pra .ver3 and as much as possible your presence to the end above referred to. Come, there is room for you. A large chorus helps from night to niglit. A SPECIALIST SAYS: "Piles Cnn'f Be Thoroujrbly Cnrtd li; Outward Treatmeut." Dr. J. S. Leonhardt. of l.iiieoin. N 'eb.. the celebrated specialist, who has studied every phase of piles, sajs: •piles can't be thoroughly cure<l by ointments, nor any other outside treatment. The cause Is internal, and Meeds interiml treatment." Dr. Leon 'lardt |»erfected Hem-Itold, the flrsi 'nternal pile cure It frees clrciila- lon Iji the biwcr Itowel, and has cured 'iH per cent of cat -^8. Sold under guarabtee ai C:iiai«. B Spencer &. Co.'s. Price |l. Dr. I/eoh- hurdt Co.. Station H. Ituffulo, .N. Y.. prop. Write for liooklet. PHOXETIi; SPELLIXJ IX FBA.X E. The Beforni I»> (« Be Introdured hi tlie Public SchoolH. Paris. Nov. P.'.—Simplified phonetic spelling uiion the lines advocated by President Roosevelt, is to be introduced in the public schools by M. Doumergue. the minister of public in- stnicUon. This refonii. which is to be strictly limited to various groups of double consonants, received the ap proval of • the French academy, the arbiter in all maters pertaining to the orthography and construction ol tbe French language, as long ago as 1893. The reform, while It will be_ Intro- dnced In the schools in the present school year, will npt bb obligatory. . ftfSMfr Want i^dt. Bring RmuJU- We offer you by far the j^reatest Clothing, Furnishings, Hat and Shoe values ever offered in the city. For a real CRAXANETPE 0\'ERCO.\T, in black and gray, worth every ccnt~ of $12, SISJIO The untl Suit and Overcoat iit ever sold. Real 52U aud <22..;i0 value cut in late .style—ricli, fine, snioclh worsted, soft finished cheviots, in blue, brown, olive aad tan. All sizes, 35 to 44. Boys' Knickerbocker Suits If >ou want the bes: Boys biii' for %A.m, you must come id the I'amous. A handsome dress .suit for your boy's Sunday sulr.- Our l:!te purchase enable.s us to s.ive you ?i .."jt.i. All tizco $3.00 Boys' Suits and Overcoats rfliifiidul vaiiii's $.'>.Crt>. ages 10 to n; >ears. i)lain or fancy colors, ciiff.s on" siteves. Very nobby gar- nieni and will enlist tlie approval of all liie boys $3.50 The Home of W. L DOUGLAS $3.50 Shoes .K.xcluoivc ageuey of thtt "IVuuder Uose" for men. Warranted to wear for three mouths without duniinz. Per l>ox $1.00 GRAND OPENING KRESS' 1(1 ,VMJ i:, (EM STORE. ToiuorroH .\flcrnooii and Evening. The g ;aud opening of Krtbs" :,. In aud I'.T tent store will taki- place In- morrow afternoon frc .m :!:0t> to .">::'.0. aud be resinned in the evcDiiig ii:»n 7:00 to 11:00 o'clyck. AVe h .Tve waielicd with iiuusual interest the CDusiruction of thi- mw modini merchant building: during the past se vera I tiiunihs wliieli >v;i.s erected for and according to tii<- plans and s|>eclf leal Ions cf S. II. Kress & Co.. the great touiliern ."> :yid 10 cent firm. We can certainly be proud of tills liii- est and tlncjti addition to lola bniUl- luKs. The usual red exterior so familiar III other hoiiiheni cities look.-" very ausiilcloiis. Tlic Register rtiMir- ler was leally astounded ai the >ii;iK- nlflceiit stTire fi .MiireB wlilfli hfi .i- beeii placed in this bluldlng at 7 and South Jefft'rsoii avenue. We should <-(>iigrutuliiti- oiirfulves on liaviiiK such an advanced concern nnter tile lists of otir eiili -rprisiiiK merchiiiiis. and Jlr. <J. T. (Jreen. the Vew York iiiaiiager of S. 11. Kress & "o.. who is directing tbe ojienlii .g of his ••.•itablishiiieiit, ami .Mr. T. .\. Scbaefler torinerly connected with tbe Nashville and Pittsburg stoves, advised the writer that iola will have the best equijiped j, 10 and ".I cent store of the country, as I'.iis buildiu;; In its arrangement as to convenience of the fi .xtures had received the benefit of other numerous previous openings. Not .only do Kress" provide liand- 5ome dis|il ;i .v windows and elegant fixtures in a harmonized cherry color fitted thorouKhout with Klass niirroi-s electric lights magnificent show cases, iieculiary arranged so as to ma'Ke a striking display with exceptionally ?ood light, but from the ciass of goods already, on the counters, it is easily seen that their popularity is based on heir giving the buying public of the >outh and southwest the advantage of procuring at low prices a complete issortment of merchandise of the best luality. Kvery conceivable article is in exhibition which the most vivid iiiaginatioii can conjure, within the 'imits of 25 cent .s. That many far exceed this sum in valin" is rp-uiily seen. Mleclrlc ;faiis, thorou};li Miiiilaiion ind a heating s.vsiem will make this store the shopper's delight during all months of the year. Kress' stores have been successful because'the narrow margin of profits. Ill-acts many iieople. Their first store was opened at .Memphis, Tenu.. in IStttj, and nwu'e . than seventy-five stores today show what clever and tiji- rlglit merchandising will accomplish The iierceutage of (lopulatlon which lias to count the dimes in making pur chases of useful household articles or wearhiK apparel Is very larwe. Tin storn offers giMHls of a (|ualiiy never thought of before at tbe prices .">, 10 or iTt ceiitK; the new enterprise is em bodlnieni of mercaiitHo modernism. Since the day of the great dejiartiuent stores the success attending the opening of 5 and 10 cent stores show the (lublfc aiipreciatlon of the dlsu|»- iicarance of slow s :iles aud largo prof- Its. At the grand oiieniug no goiHls will be sold, for It Is that you may see and admire; visitors wJII be entertained by Shields Orchfsira during the afternoon and evening. I5very lady visiting the store tomorrow afternoon and evening will receive a handsome souvenir. The regular opening wbeu the goods will be sold will occur Saturday morn ing at 8 o'clock. N^S OF U HARPE •rectioii of a bam. ILERRS ({(.VKTERI.Y SHOW FIN.V.M'ES fO BE l-'UOP. Are JlCftliig lodav. ; Tin- .\Ii.-^siouary Society <,f the Frt-&• l>.^u-!ian church are holdin.g their ro-'- KEI'tHtT ' ""^•^•'•ig this e.fternoou with Mrs. 'C. 11. liackiie.v. A good program will L 'l' r.'iidered. I $714 IN THE GENERAL FUND »««"';,iJ';;-,,,^„,„,„,_ .V KeiMirl of Stale .viiuwulion Mill lie Made nl the >e.\f Keifnlar H. ( . r, f. .Hcetlng---l'erstinalv. Registered Osteopathic Physician. State Hauk Bldg. Phone 145. Only Osteopath in La Harpe. I lie citj ill i^ood Quarterly Keporl. Till" i|iiarierly repon of I 'lcrk shows tbe ciiy ii> • Ik fiiiiinclal condiilon. I' followh: (•eniral Fund. Votal rtceiptr* $ :':'..">.'i."i Total exi».-nditu <V !i :;i:o.'.»(! Has Well AUcudcd. 'I'W "Cob VN'irbli Social" which wu.s ;:lvcii Tiicsd.-iy iiIkIii .mi tin- home of .\li.-is Ito.-^e Fretiiiaii by the Clirlstiaii Kndeavor of the (Jliristian church wus a sucrss in every Lialaiict! in treaeiiry Siia. UtOS -j 711.0'J Street and .Vlley Fund. Tola! recei|)ts ...... ^ao .'.iO Total e.xiieudiiuies L'00.G6 llaianoe in treasury September I'O. ICtON $ L'l.I! Water Work> Fund. Tocil receipts 17 Total e.\i)eudiiures I'll.! The Gaa City Drilling comiKiny received several hundred feet of rope yesterday. —^Now that tbe election is over and the country:saved, you bad better be looking Bi^fT your Inanrance. J. E. Powell l8-.tMe man you want to see. P-alaiice in treasury September :;i>. it'o.s $ b!Mi2 Water W orlis Uond Fund. Total receipts ?ll'l-'.02 Tot:ii expenditures 7S0.-I6 Balance iu treasury September 20. lOOS HC1.3G Park Fund. Total receipts ? 1:15.03 Tolal expenditures OOO.OO Balance In treasury September L'O. 190S Fire Department. . i::.40 $2S.-}.95 Fund. ?40l.»5 !»l.'-'5 Tolal receipts Total e.xiiendituies . Balance in treasury September ::o. 19os . Water Jttntal Total receipts Total expenditures Balance in treasury September 20. 1908 Damage Fund. Total receipts Total expenditures Balance in treasury September 20. 1»08 Filtmtion Fund. Total receipts $ni"mi Total exjienditures >imm Balance In treasury . September 20. IHOS Jioo.uo Attcsc: I', i:. WOOD. Cliy cu-ik. ,. .I'olOJO .. .$7.';.-50 OO.OO . $75.-')0 Held UuDlnehN .'Heetiii'.'. . Till. A. if. T. .\. of this ill.. I;.i(l a business lueetlng Tuesday i-vetiiim. Wllliuiii Ttiriicr pave an account of bis visit to lli<» slate meeting in Saliiia. which he attended. Will Hold Uusjne^!> .>lr<tlu',(. The cabinet of the ICiiworth Leauuo of the Methodist Eiiiscopal church will hold a regular nieetiiiK at tiic home of Pete Jury, the )>nKidtiii. next Frida.v evening. There are a niic>il.)er «f important busiuess matters to be considered and a full ailendauci.' l.s desired. Will Hear IU;|»ort. On next Tuesday when the lotral AVomen's Christian Temperance Union mcetSi in the Friends church, the re|)ort of the state couventiou will be made. Regular business will be transacted. J'cixihhN. \>\: y I'. Siapleton wa.-) a u in ilii" iiii|iiiry into the Vanity of John .Abi-aiiis which was held In lola yi.-s- terdaj. ."^Irs. r. Uoliiiia went to Lone" KIni today where she will be the guests of relatives. -Miv. Hcisey. (jf l-'i. Scoti, is visiting fvieuds here this week. .Mrs. McWayne. of Ciianule. who li.i.^ boon il'.e .i;uest of relatives for the' iiasi i«;veral days, roiurued lo lier home today. Harry Thayer went lo Wichita today on bii.>iucss. Hi'rry Forney and family wiil leave ill a l>\v days for Garfield. K;ts., where they will make their future home. 3Irs. K. 1). Aycis underwent an operation ill this cit.v. Her condition is not considered very serious. This woman says Lydia E. Pluklmiu's Ve};ct«ble Compound «aYed her life. Bead her letter. Mrs. T. C. Wiiladsen, of Matmiuj, Iowa, writes to Muj. Pinkhaia: .•' I cou truly 8»y that Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compoond saved my life, and I cannot express my gratitude to you in wordn. For years I suffered with the wor!«t forma of female complaint.^', eoctinuAlly doctoring ftnd spending lots of money for medicina without help. I wrote you for advic*. folTowed it as directed, and took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. and it has restored me lo perfect health. Had it,not been for vou I should h»T« been in my grave to-day. I wish every Buffering Woman wouW try it." FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. For thiity years, Lydia E. Knk- ham's Vegetable Compound, made ftora itxils and herbs, has been the Btandartl remedy for female illsL and has positively cored thousandgol women who have been troubled witii displacements, inflammation, uleera-' tion, fibroid ttimors, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, wat besir- ingr-down feeling, fiatnkncy^indkes- t ian,dizziness,or nervous piosttatioit. Why don't you tiy jt ? Mrs. Phikham IhTltM sll sick women to write li«r for advice. Kojiglit Farm. Thomas Lelghty of this city has pur chased twenty-isix acres adjoining the cltv on tbe south. He will move his i hoi«e on his property on South Lin- S"^'" h^*'' 'JidlS^ao ^ISiSi;'to com to the new farm and make th^t. gjlitJf^AlSSS ^ST^ [.Ms home. He baa already begun tbe j

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