Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1907
Page 2
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1- THE lOLA PAUT HEWSTEB. SATPBPAT EYEimffl. yOTEMBEB 9, 1907. L,)lu Nortfernp, Prenident. D. I*. NORTHRUI', 8«eoiid Tlee-Preat F. A. JfOBTHEDP, Ttee^PmldeBt NfMitiry dr tli OHMStatn Stall «f Eiiiai AUnCnitj A. L. BBUXBAPflH, Rubier. Established 1869. XELTIN FRON¥, Asgt Cashier. •Ileit laik ii Allii U. I Gossip of Society ; Wiireless Messages. Talk about win-U-ss uiessaSfs ! They sluiply are not in it With tfcoso that lovers, far and Are sending fverv niinnt A message never fa'Is to n-acli The heart for wlii<-!i 'tis meant— "I love; you" breailicii into the air Finds haven where lis s^tit. Two hearts tliat as one well The cO(^.> and its vilirations. Nor miles of spari: eaii interfere Wflien Cupid set? up -stations, —New York TiiiK's. + + * La<iles of tlr- I^irst ward wlio are nieiubers of the Aid soeieiy <if (lie First .\f.' E, enirili will ui\e a tea on Tuesrtayr afternicin, N 'ovi -niln-r 12. at the home of Mr-; Clias, Thonii'Siei, ,71G Eaut street. The hours will lie from three until ."ix ocloek. A * " Mrs, FranU Hi .'i '.le. .Mrs. \V, T. Wat.ion.; .Mrs, (.", ;.. fCvmis, ,Mis.^ .Kafherino .lonev. ,\lissHiiliy Heller and Miss ('lotfe!ier are in I>annas City toda-y for ilie Ca've concert. •:•"{• •{Mrs. Howard ,Mirer has sione to feyvlllft for a visit with her jiarentv, Mr, and' Mrs. Ho!)ert K!etcher. + -fr • M1 .S8 .Uisejiliine Ciddl • is spending the week end at the lMin,>-e uf her sor ority In Lawrence. <• •'• ^- • One of the must i laliorale iiarties given this fall fi-:- th • Koyal cliib of- Ci'rred vestei-dav at the residence of Mrs, .1, AV. .Vew:«;,ii i>el ,\orth Wal Jiut, street .Mrs, Newman was assisted throughout ti.- afternoon liy Mrs. .lames R. I.amli. Thi- five o*- ,oloek lunch<'o;i w.;s served at tables trimmed with red nnd white ehrys .mi .^•,rani In charge told how easily on< c;.:i prepare a dinner of several COUSSK w;th the "liay box."" Of course the fi.od must be brought to IHDII before being i)ut into the cooker and aftei b< iui: Inclosed In this niodsm convenience, may be left until meal time with tiie assurance that it. will bi i)> 1 (ions y prepared. One club wo- :i::in lold iu an interesting way tht^ j (•( tl^:n•!lctioll of the boxcR, telling how know ,.:,si|v cue could be made at homi' • vliiej) woulil he (|Ulle as siiccessfu" \i.< ire liotten ones—any sort-of tight box oi- old trunk will do. She said: •flit ihr-e inches of packing materia: ali over the bottom of the box. Tin iacking niati-rial nniy be wool, cotton Clumped bits r)f jjaper. feathers, hay 11. excelsior. Then choose your cook- lur \e-sels. ketlljs having good tight liils. the tiiihter the better, Avob' tin because of riivt. Shape around I e; ch of these vessels some sheet as li« sios or coarse straw paper: se' tiie.'-e shajies on the layer of packln; (111 ilh' botioiii of the box. Then stiif iriiie packing in the open spaces he I ween and arouiiit the kettle shapes .M:il-.» a cushion to cover over all lilti d to the Ibl, which must flit close '\ down. There should be three iiic'es at least between the kettb •'111 the box and more If hay Is used for packing. Spar," no iiains. ilo ev ervihing vou can to make the box air I :lil. so It wfl' hold the heal, "i'lit the I 'ood in the kellles and biiii'.' everything to boll on th > ga^ ' ^e. Then put th<» hot kettles In ilieir casts in the Imx quickly, fasten t' • 'ill down. The box method is a '•i:i.siitut4' for fuel and a cook and it '!eveiiips the fine flavor of stony f'liiis. Vegetables are better cooked ':i ihe box than ai a continual biibbl.^ ivt r gns. I-^VHI that takes one lioin ever the flame vill recpiire two o! themums, nurin.g the afternoon ,Miss -p the liov and of course n. Linnle .Adatns gave piano se! -cJions. wmching is necessarv." The following 'adies were in attend . •«••>•!ance: Mrs. 'Martha Slack. .Mrs, .loe! y^^. ^j,.,, ,{ nnnawav hav Wolfe. .Mrs. O. C. Missamore. .Mrs. Ida | Kansas fitv for a week b.-for Delt. Mrv, C. .1. Myers, Mrs. Mary; ,.„j„j, ,^ fhailar.ooKa. Tenn.. wher Fulton. Mrs, C. W .Allen. .Mrs. .Anna ; .,PP ,-^si.'e Black. Mrs. fJ. W. .Adams, .Mrs, (', " j, ... M. Cumniings. Mrs. C, K. Kakin, Mrs Auensta Hanson. .Mrs ,A. H, Phillips. .Mrs. Maude l.eid'of. .Mrs. n .^rtha Tav- lor Jllrs. R. .1. Shie"ds. .Mrs. Mnnie .Teeters. Mr.s. .A. N. Stillwell. Mrs. O. A Bodine. <if Chicao. .Mrs Remin:-' ton, of LaHarpe, .Mrs. .A. If. .Archey : MIsR Lillie .Adams. Miss l.innie .Adams, and Miss Smart. The club meets in two w."elis with Mra. Ida Delt. :;:!4 Sout;. Fourth street •> -J- One of the most interesting e.yperi •mants of the week was made at To- -peka a few d^vs ago when the com M -IS Irma .\'.yr'i!iila'e. who left yes ti r-'ay for Kansas Citv will have a' '•!.|io :tnni imsitiiui with an emrravinr ' I live Miss .Martindnle is an artis •I 'l iias n most beautiful collectioi r water cclors and jiaintings in oil •'(1- work in Kansas City, however •ill be of a different charact.='r as sh< •i'l design overs for masa/.ines ant" I'MstratifJiis for Imoks. Miss Martin 'a'e has siien: the past two month- •ith her sister, Mrs. Guv Hough. •> + + • .M'ss Ciira Foust entertaiied hei Sewin.' club yesterday for M ss Trim jTOlttee on household economics from i,-. Kansas Ciiv. The guests wen the city federation of clubs held a ineetlng to denionstrate the f i-pless cookei^l Tie women who had the pro Look at> Our Libbey Cut Glass, Rookwood Pottery aud Hand PaldtediChiua. Sewil), Jeweler and Optician 104 North WashiiiKtoti. Hoy There! ' "Where are you going?" ''noing after a sack of Um Sm Patent Flour. Mv wife won't use anything else." i a. r. momma, AW*. uieiiiiiers of the club. Mrs. .Mont I*al mer and Trimble. •:• >> 'i lie •.ve.'l; jiisl preceding Thanksglv iiiK will proljably be one of the l^ii.s^ lest of the current month. At thu' ttiii." iher;- will be two unusually elab oraie receptions and these with th( ; cub parties will make the socia' cal .•iidar full. Cards for tiie reception: v I! be issued next week. + • Is one clrl In lola who b loing to !:et what"s coming to her al ; ili -'hi. .'*<jme of the girls :saw IIIT i'sieady" Willi aiioih«-r girl the othei I iil'.;ht and since she usually manage; !.. ke ..p ilif crowd posted as to wlia' gills their friends go with tiien l '!i> 1 n an alllanc • formed with the express puipose of "paying her back' , b;. giving her a detailed accouni ol the box of flowers and other gifts In I sei;i last week: also the number <it ; liiii 'S be called. The board of siiiterintendenls of th< j the WomaiTs Christian Temperanc i I'iron, con.-isting of the heads of th> I twenty-six divisions of the local uni(Ui i wll have a l)usln;'ss meeting on Wled T!es!ay. October .Mrs. S. STIeel. Varner. 'IVl + <- • K ; :it the home of South Fourth '; .Mrs. Charles H. W.lieaton and Mrs I .lobn T. Wood were hostesses <if a co Time is Money! Says the proverb. More so iiovv than evt r. If you want a new watch—an ac- cniate, to-the-scond timekeeper tliat will wear loug aud well—c-ill on lis. We havecveiv kind iu stock except bad ones, and at prices to suit all. Also our sttK 'k of Hand rjiiiteij Chiuawure nii 1 Cut C^a^s is of the finest ijualily Call antl 899 Us. Locicets and Chains Popular oroaments for the Ladies, Misses or little ones. Beautiful lockets in solid gold or gold filled, Romau, Hugliirb or bright finish, chains to match. , They make appropriate presents and are splendid keep-sakes McNElL BROTHERS. THE JCWCISHS. erie ot friends yestfirday afternoon, he ticcaslon being a card party. Pro ',ressive euchre was played during the fternoon and the guests were seated •I s 'ven tables. The parlors were Kiiidsomely festooned with) imtted 11 US and v rowing pa'ms Interspersed .•ilh a |irofuslon of chryaanthemumH. •rd and white. An elaborate menu 'a< .served at five o"clock, the tables • .'lug set for two courses. Mrs. Kein iirejing. .Miss Clara Bowliis and Miss 'lyitb' .Maxsoii assisted the hostesses The giu'si list Is as follows: .Mrs. olin Foust. .Mrs. W. C. Teats. Mrs. ". M. Shields. Mrs. K. I>. Shields, !r^. W. L. ("rabb. .Mrs. P. S. IJeat c. .Mrs. L. 1.. .Vorlhriip, Mrs. Dr. .'r.sbach. .Mrs.l) P. Northrup. Mrs. •. I!. Siicher. Mrs. Haul Klein. Mrs. ". .1. Horion. Mrs. C. 1.. WHiittaker •li V (). O. Stone .Mrs. .1. Harrison '.uiwii. .Mrs. C. K. ewton .Mrs. ('. !, Apt. Mrs, n. K. Alli.son. Mrs. .i«h Hunt. Mrs. .1. It. Hughes Mrs. eirge Uow'iis. .Mrs. .A. W. Allen \r<. M. F. Sickly. .Mrs, rjeorg' .Mrs, Hr, Brown. Mrs, Harney •ch and Mrs. Dr. Siitclirfe. 1 J.W. Coffey & Son. I0rK JEWELEHS. EAST SIDE HQIABE. PISO'S CURE Couahinii Spells are sp.'.-Jily n-lii-n-d niid havi- b.-iii p .rnKiiiiiii Iv cun-d by J'iso's Curt-, It i;o.'S rieht to ihi- oniiin o( iln' lrout )lr .a .-id Ihn.iik'liitsninrk- I'd li<-aliiiK and kooiliini; Qiialiiii-s nstori-s the atti-cti-d p.irt.< to a natur;il. Ix-altliy condiliun. AbsoliUily fri-e from opiates or liarmful io- Krt-dii-nis. At VmggUts, 25 Cent* '^COUGHS.-,oCOLDS Ti.e meetii-.g (if the Woman"s Chris i..n Temperance Cnloii yesterday was ia!ur.-(i by a di^^ciisaion of prohibition n 1 the r<cent state elections when he (luestion was an issue. Several .1 the women gave most iiiterestin.j talks and there was a recial of piiblir appeiiings relative to the jirincipa • iieslion. .Mrs. Keys. Mrs. KInne and lis. A. W. Howland who recently at ended the state cimvention at KIdo ado in llK- capac'ty of delegates. 'Jav< : porlv of the business and socia: I ssloiis. The memb(-rs nrnitigeil ait of the program for the public iieetlng to occur on .November IT Ir 't.e First .M. K. church and adjouni •i| to meet In two weeks with .Mrs borge N 'wman. + + * (•'a--!es of the Presbyterian Sun •av school assisted by the , olllcers Hid teachers gave a reception last •vetiiiiK I'l the church parlors to en• iialii n :'W |)iipils and frli-nds of the •biirch. The company was received iv a large group of young people -:tch one repre.senting a class. The •arlors were trimmed with autumn • aves. palms and f.^rns and iKiquets It tile season"s fowers were happily II evidt-nce. M:-. .Morse, siiperlnlen- d'-nt of the Sunday school, gave an Heiress and tl;«' .Misses Allison r. n <lcr<»il a piano duett. The "Sunbeam Song." a chorus by the primary p.« pils. closed the program and a bevy •f young ladies then served refreshments of sandwI(?li.-'<<. cakes and chocolate. The reception was given so that the impils might become better ("ucquaiiited and the evening was a •eiy jdeasant one. * Til.' Little Builders gave a box social last evening in the chapel and en- I" itaiiii'd a large party of young peo- pe. The orchestra fiirnislN-d music •iiid as a result of the evening the in-asury was enlarged. J. 4- A Till' Cirls" Card club met yesterday "'uriuH.n with Miss Mayme Aiuler- on. the president, to reorgnnize the •'ub for the winter. The first party w'V occur at the honi!.' of .Miss Flor- ii;e Wheeler in Wheeler Heights. The t,n inbersh'p list is .Misses Florlne Uheeler. Barbara Fry. Tliiby Heller. .Maym.^ .Anderson, lit'rtlm Sickly. Hiu ••: DIngmaii. .lennle Newman. Bessie Heck. Bertha Swigait EllzabeUi Apt. S'ru. .lohii .M<M<re and Mrs. Bruce Os l.t.rne. + + * Mrs. .M E. Wager.q has returned to her home In Kansas City after a visit w!lh friends here. + + .Miss Edna McClaIn la home from a week's visit In Kansas City. OfFEflS IT TO GHANUTE F. V. Crouch Makes Kansas Southern Power House Proposition. (Chanule Trflbune.) Clianute can get the power house, car barns, paint shops and machine shops of the Kansas Southern electric railroad c<jmpany by raising |20,0u(l, furnishing free water for five years, guaranteeing gas at ."! c?nts u 1,000 for the same length of time and exempting the bplldinss of the company and their equipment from taxation fo; municipal purposes. This is the offer made the city bv F. V. t"n)uch of lola. presid.=nl of the rnilroail company. His line, as is well known, will run from lo'a to Pittsburg, by way of Chanute. In reluru for the concessions which he asks, Mr. Crouch says that his company will expend from fXOO.OOb to $,'"i00.000 n imiirovements here and furnish eniidoyment for from luo to l.'iii men. H<; suggests that, in case the Commercial Club of this city feels it can not raise $20.mH) to secure the location 01 the power house and shops, that the mayor and council submit the iiromisition to the people at large by calling an eb-'Ction to vote $20.IMiil iKiiids it) accordance with the provls- '••us of the Statutes of IMI. Mr Crouch agrees to build a iias •enger slat'on of brick or cement, on \lain street and to locate the jKJWer- "'oiise and shops not more than one iiile from ibe citv. If the site which he obtains Is In the city, he asks that It be vacated, SI ; that Ihe profierty •ilaceU thereon will be ex.'^mpt fmm iixailoii for city purposes. The Commercial club feels that !t •i .innot raise tin- money by .soliciting •he business men for It. which is the iiethod it usually follows, and has 'i :iss .-'d the matter on to the council. Wliile Ihe city fathers have taken no • mcial action, they talked the matter over iiiforma"ly and are acreed nil they will submit the proposition o issue bonds for the ))urpose Indl cai.-'d whenever .Mr. Crouch is ready 'o have the matter taken up. PARSONS TEACHERS TO WAIT. .•>Jo Money for Their Salaries Unti December Taxes are Paid. Parsons. Kas.. Nov. N.—The treas iirer's report showed that the teach •rs have b(»«'ii unable to s:JOure money nil their warrants, for. as the treas irer explained, thi> general fund is 'xhausted. and it is Impossible to pay >iilKtanding warrants when ther^' !o money. Those teachers and otli -rs who have board of education war ••ants niusi wait until the Decembi "axes come iu, meanwidle drawing H per cent on the amounts, or else dis -•oiint iheiii with some money lender is Ciireil of liright's Ilismse. .Mr. Robert O. nurne. Klnora. N. V. vriies: •Hefore I started to use Fo 'ey"s Kidney Cure I bad to get up from welve to twenty limes a night, and was all bloated up with dropsy an ny eyesight was so ampaired I could scarcely see one of niy family acros.- he room. I had given up hope of liv ng, when a friend recommended Fo ey"s Kidney (^iire. One "jO cent boltb rorked wonders and before I had lak 'U Ihe third bottle the dropsy liai ;<uie, as well as all other symptom if Itrl^^hi's disiMse."" lliirreirs tint; dole. IM .S.SH WITH I". S. \niiTiiiin Eniliassy at St. iVter.sbiiri' Vitlled bj Woiilcl-He Vohinteers III Case of War. SI. Petersburg. .Vov. S —The talk ol ihe possibility of war between tin I 'lilied States and .lapan. which •hrouglioiil has been taken serloilsl.\ in Itiissia. is bringing many voliinleei- •o Ihe .\nierican embassy who s:r hey are anxious lo serve the I'lille. •ilales army In case of bostililles, Tlie> .ver illsappoitited by llie assiiraiic>,' h.'it there is no likelihood of .lapan iiid the fiiilL 'd Stales going to war. "The Blood Is The life." .S.'iencu has never gone beyond tho above simple staleiuenl of scripture. But It has illuiniiialed that sUiU-meiit and given it a meuning ever broadening with the increasing breadth of knowledge. Wbea lUu blood is "bad""or Impure It Is not alone Iho body which sutlers thrjiigh disease. Tho brain is al.-o clouded, HIte mind and Judgement are cted, auiTbmny an evil deed or impure tJio\ghiyiuJJsl ^Sm ;ectly traced to the lmpa*K]^orthe UTNII I ^ Foul.tmpure blood ran be made niire. hv tl|P [fr Pierce's Golden Medical DIsroverY^. U l-urirlies and miritie^ the Tijood thereby curing, pimpleji. blotches, eruptions and other cutaneous affections, as eczema, tetti-r. or suli-rheiim, hives aud other niaiiifestutioiui of Impuru blood. <S) ® ® ® ® ® In the cure of scrofuloir^ swellings, enlarged glands, o|>eu eating ulcers, or old sores. the"Uolden Medical Discovery "bus performed the most marvelous cure.s. In ca-es of old sores, or open eating ulcers, it is well to a|)ply to the open sores Dr. Pii^fi -e's All -lleaiing Salve, which ixis- wonderful healing |>otency when u .-ieil as an application to the .sores in con- juiiotiou with the use of "(loldea Medical Discovery "as a blood cleansing constl- tiiilunal treatment. If your druggist-, don't hnptM-n to have the ".All -Heuling Sulve" iu stock, you ran easily procure it by Inclosing fifty-four ciiils In postane stamps to Dr. U. V. Pierce, .Main St., Buffalo, N. Y., and It will coma to yon by return pont. Most drucglsti Uitp it us well u!i the "Uolden .Medical Dlseovenr." ® ® ® ® ® ® You can't afford to accept any mediclna of unknown c(imfx)KUIun as a substlt::te for "Golden Medical Di»«'overy," which Is B mMllclne OP KNOWN t-OMPOSITIOX, having a complete list of ingredients In plain English on IU bottle-wrapper, the MS me being attested as correct under oath. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regalato tiA invigorate stomach, livsf and bowala, Tuesday morning we will have 4000 yards of beautiful embroidery bands and flouncings to offer at about the original price. This line of embroideries was bought long ago but owing to the slow delivery we will have to clean them up" at a big sacrifice in price. You can buy fine swiss bands that ought to sel] at 65c a yard for 39c a yard, and flouncings that sell as high as $1.50 for 7Qc. See north window display. Lot. I Rich embroidery inseition bauds in open and sliaddow patterns. VaX- ues up to i5')Cj on eale for 39c Lot 2 -JSwiss insertion bands and 14-inch flounciuga in open ayd shadow patterns. Values up to i<r)c, on aale fcr 49c Lot 3 21 to '-'7 iuch Swiss embroidery flouncings in scroll, open [and shadow designs. The most beautiful patterns you could iaagine, A'alues up to |1.50, on aale for RAMSA Y'S B .\l,r«l \V FOR COLOKKD I'KOPI.K. Iliiiiager Wlieutoii .Muk«.s PrmNliin lor .Minstrels Tonifrht. .Manager Wheulon (;f the (iraiiil ihe- :iter, announced this afternoon lhat lie entire bulcon.v of the theater bud ueeii reserveil for Ihe colored peopb- IOI the .Minstrel show llils evening, riie show pleased u fair sb/.ed bouse ;hls afternoon and It is llkel.v thai aii- ollier big lioiise will witness Ihe pro- .llielioll tonight. Tbe Dand.v Dl.xiu .Minstrels at the iraiid Saturday matinee and night. i:i \ ( IIAIK I'AK TO .ST. I.OIIS, Missouri Puritif Will Muke Chnnge in Through Train. .Agent Ifale of the Missouri Pacific •aid this inornln.g tliat while It is not lelinllel.v known It is likel.v that the Mis.soiirl Pacilic wilt run a through •hair car from here to St. l..oiiis on the •veiiln.g east bound passenger. Hert .•ol'ore the chair <-ar has been dropped ifl' when the train reached Itieh Hill, rile .Missouri Pacific carries a tbroiigb sleeper. THAV ARK FRi;>}I. A CIJOICC assoitiuent of this popular brarnl at CRABB'S. When you buy Downey's Choco- hiles hfic, our personal pled^f of their freshness jjoes with lliciii. Oct jour next randy at Crabb's and see how well it plcatics yon. CRABB'S DRUG STORE. Corner Washington and V/est Sts. Wanted—Everybody to know that .V. H. Ivelley & Sou have moved their raiisfer and storage office to 211 •?outh Washington. Otflce and Day Phone 290. Residence aud uigbi Phone 17. WILL .'H.4KK S. rH.lKT. I»r. (.'. V. <Jlynn Will lllustnite Com. niisslun (Government. Dr. (\. C. (llynii. coiiiicHiuan from be nrsi ward, announced this morning I hat he would make a chart show^ in^ how the city could be run under he coniiulKsIon system now inider con siderathin. Hr. niyiin recently made a hart showing Ihe duties »)f each de- iiai 'tment of the city.' Or. iJlynii says I bat the chart Is the best way of show lug the people the provisions of the (Miiiidsslon system. T>r. BcynoMH. Phonf IW. Rca. 114 Pneumonia FOIIOWH a Coltt. uit never follows the use of FoleV; Honey and Tar. ft stops the cough heals and strengthens the lungs and iMcveiits pneumonia. Biirrell's drug ••tore. : Ftir Be*t and QnlckrMt RriialtH Dsr (lie Register Wait COIIUBBI. The S.4NTA FE will sell HOME.SEE^vEK.S'-^tlckets Xor, 19tb, Dec. 8d and 17tb, 1907 to points in Texas .OklahuniB: aud Indian Territory, Xew Jlexiro and Arkansas at very low rates. WINTER TOITRLST tickets on sale daily > OT . 15th. 1907 to April 30th. 1908, with final return limit June 1st. 1JKI8, to Beaumont, EI Pa- Ko. Ft. Worth, (Jaheston, Texas, Tarlsbad arid Denihiif, M. at low rates. .5 Please see us for further paricuiars. Mf. E. RALSTON, Agent Juolor* X>«pajrtx±iiexit Store HmmOqumHrni-m for MmUkiM aiMl Bam Ught Sitppttmm. Opmn Cufnliigm itow I

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