The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 2, 1971 · Page 68
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 68

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1971
Page 68
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Ft. Riley Soldiers Getting Sniff Test FT. RILEY, Kan. (AP) The super-sensitive nose of a German Shepherd is being put to use at Ft. Riley, where the footlockers of soldiers headed for Germany next month must pass a sniff test. The dog's name is Lucky. His quarry is marijuana. Lucky and his handler, Spec. 4 George Millbrand of Rich­ mond, Mich., are one of four marijuana detection teams in the Army. Others are assigned to Ft. Lewis, Wash.; Ft. Wainwright, Alaska, and the Presidio in San Francisco. Following some 400 hours of training at Ft. Gordon, Ga., Lucky and Millbrand have been 100 per cent accurate in tests here conducted by criminal in- Eye Solons 9 Salaries TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) citizen's committee to study pay of Kansas legislators commenced deliberations Friday and elected former Gov. John Anderson as temporary chairman. The nine-member commission includes three members appointed by the governor and three each by Senate President Pro Tem Glee Smith, R-Larned, and House Speaker Calvin Strowig, R-Abilene. Members of the committee indicated an early interest in reports made by similar commission in other states. They said they want to know particularly the reasoning behind recommendations in other states either for legislative pay vestigation agent H. VV. Williamson. Found Them All Williamson hid varied amounts of marijuana in barracks and offices on the military post. Lucky, with a sense of smell some 40 times more powerful than that of a human, detected each cache. Lucky will use his nosey investigation on the footlockers of all Ft. Riley soldiers who leave next month for Reforger III, the NATO training maneuvers in Germany. During his stay at Ft. Riley, Lucky will be available upon written request to the Staff Judge Advocate's officer to any commander who suspects the presence of marijuana. Several Methods The canine uses several Aiincreases or against such hikes.!methods to alert his handler Anderson, summarizing thejonce he has detected the smell attitude of the commission of marijuana. Millbrand said Panel of Citizens Begins Pay Study Navajo Reservation Has A Wide Range WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. (AP) — The elevation on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah ranges from 4,500 feet to 10,416 feet. The reservation consists of nearly 16 million acres of land, or about 25,000 square miles, area almost the size of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts combined. The reservation comprises 1,503,693 acres of wildlands, such as canyons and mesas. An estimated 135,000 Navajos reside on or near the reservation. Hutchinson News Saturday, Oct. 2,1971 Page 12 Sooners in Multi-Party White House Bid By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Oklahoma may not have a native occupying the White House for the nsxt four years, but it won't be for not trying. Five candidates who either are native of the Sooner State, or who live in Oklahoma now, are announced candidates. The best known, obviously, is Sen. Fred Harris, the outgoing U.S. senator. His campaign of "new populism" has been well- publicized and he has done considerable traveling. Some Foes of Filibuster In Turnabout WASHINGTON (AP) — Some of the worst enemies of the Senate filibuster have decided that unlimited talk isn't such a bad idea after all. As a result, the rule requiring a two-thirds vote to curb Senate debate, often fought at the start , of new sessions, now appears unshakeable. The shift has come about over the past seven months as • liberal Democratic senators, "who once considered the filibus- < ter a tool of Southerners bent on blocking civil rights legislation, discovered the system can work for them too. Led the Effort Sen. Frank Church, D-Idaho,| who led the unsuccessful effort to change the rule at the beginning of the current Congress, "said experience provides a strong case for keeping Senate Rule 22. This requires a two-thirds vote to invoke cloture, which limits every senator to one more hour of debate on the issue at hand. Twice This Year It has been done twice this ; year, both times on the bill to iextend the draft for two years, mostly recently, on Sept. 21. The vote for cloture then was '61 to 30, just enough to end a filibuster threatened by Sens. Alan Cranston, D-Calif., and Mike Gravel, D-Alaska. Cranston said he will vote to retain the present two-thirds rule if the question comes up again when the 93rd Congress Convenes in 1973. The rules fight at the beginning of the current session tied up the Senate in a filibuster that ran for nearly six weeks. members, said they want to know why there should be a recommendation for more pay and what it might do for the good of the state. Anderson asked Dr. James Drury, head of the legislative research department, to try to get summaries of studies in other states. Anderson, who also is president of the Citizens Conference on State Legislatures, said he would try to get that organiza- ation's executive director to address the Kansas commission at an early date. No One Better "There probably is no one who is better informed," Anderson said. The commission reviewed material provided by Drury on the history of legislative pay in Kansas. Lucky may whine, quiver, bark or get down on his knees but eventually will settle on specific signals. "The handler knows his dog better than he knows his own wife," said Capt. James E. Knight, officer in charge of Ft. Riely's detective team. Short Span Millbrand said Lucky's attention span ranges from 30 to 90 minutes, after which he must refresh the dog's sense of smell for the sweet, musty odor of marijuana. Lucky will be capable of detecting the narcotic weed the rest of his life, but Knight said the dog will maintain the level of acceptance for Army work only about eight years. After Millbrand completes his jtour of duty and is discharged, 'Lucky will be returned to the From 1861 until 1947 the pay!Ft. Gordon school If he ac- 1 : „1 _ . r: , i A 1- _ I of legislators was fixed by the state Constitution at $3 per day. Five attempts to change the pay during this period were voted down by the citizens of the state. Given Voter. Okay In 1948, the voters approved an amendment to increase the pay to $5 per day. In 1960, the voters voted down an amendment to hike it to $15 per day, but in 1962 approved an amendment allowing the legislature to fix the pay of its members. GIs Wake Up To KP'Less Day FT. CAMPBELL, Ky. (AP) — GIs woke up Friday to a day may have dreamed about, but never thought would come. Civilians, not soldiers, are on KP. "It's a good idea, but it won't work," said Spec. 4 James R. Hall of Clayton, N.C. "The civilians aren't going to work for the mess sergeant like he wants them to, and he won't be able to order them to work But interviews with other enlisted men here indicated Hall was in the minority. Most were more optimistic. Spec. 4 Joseph Ray Gore of Arnold,' Mo., observed: "I can use the extra weekend time to go home." The idea is not new to the Army—but it's new to Ft. Campbell. And the mess sergeants, apparently more optimistic than Hall, say they approve. "I had two men cooks in my mess hall about three years ago and they worked out real well," said Sgt C. William C. Weatherwax of Schenectady, N.Y. "For one thing, it will help get rid of the Army atmosphere in the mess hall." cepts a new handler, he will return to his sniffing duties. Otherwise he flunks out and returns to civilian life. Richard Maxson India Draws Film Focus DENNIS THE MENACE 'MliW READING 70 XX/ff&lf, Vto ? The first "World Around Us travel film, entitled "Incredible India," will be given at 8 p.m Saturday at Convention Hall. Richard Maxson, called the world's most traveled man, will be the photographer-narrator. Season tickets and single ad mission tickets will be available at the door. The doors will open at 7:15. Maxson's film will show some of the mystique of India that comes from an overlay of many different cultures. Season tickets are still avail able at the Recreation office, Leisure Arts, Leisure Years and Shadduck Park. Nab 2 in Colorado After Johnson Theft JOHNSON — Two men were apprehended in Colorado Friday morning in a truck stolen over night from a Johnson farmer. According to Stanton County sheriff's officers, the half-ton truck was stolen from the garage of Elmer Martin. It was recovered about 60 miles west of here when it was involved in an accident near Walsh, Colo. The suspects were pinned in the wreckage. Friday night, one man was being held at Springfield, Colo., while the other remained hospitalized there. No charges had been filed. Finds Sunken Yacht LONDON (AP) - Britain's first Royal Yacht, built by the Dutch in 1660 for King Charles; II, has been found under the Irish Sea. The 52-foot-long, 100-ton "Mary" sank off Northwest Wales in March, 167S with the loss of all 35 passengers and crew. WIG LIQUIDATION Below Wholesale to Everyone! Only 5 More Days!! Today: 10 till 7 — Sunday: 12 till 6 Monday and Tuesday: 10 till 7 Wednesday: 10 till people stop coming. Synthetic Stretch Wigs $077 Wash & wear stretches to fit all sizes. Reg. $18.95 The other four haven't had as much space in newspapers and on the airwaves. Mrs. Linda Jenness, a native of El Reno, on Aug. 12 accepted the nomination of the Socialist Workers Party. Born in Log Cabin Billy Joe Clegg born in a log cabin near Seminole, is the candidate of the Loyal U.S.A. Party. Joe H. Barber of Bartlesville, a registered Democrat, announced Sept. 25 he is a "states rights candidates." Dr. James H. Boren, a native of Wheatland, says he is the candidate of the Bureaucratic party. Mrs. Jenness, 30, is not daunted by the constitutional requirement that a person must be at least 35 to become president. They'll See To It "Let me assure you, if a majority of the people elect me as president they will see I am put in office," she said upon her announcement. One goal, if elected, she says, is to have the government take over major industries and the news media. Clegg, a retired Air Force sergeant, formed the Loyal U.S.A. Party himself and is the i unanimous choice as its candidate. The log cabin where he was born is between Seminole and Wewoka, although he now lives in Tulsa. Seeks- Write-in He is conducting a religion- oriented campaign which he took . to New Hampshire recently in an effort to get a write-in vote. Barber says he is a "political maverick" in addition to being a writer, publisher and elec­ tronics expert. He announced Sept. 25. Association Reports Average Expenses DUESSELDORF, Germany (AP) — West Germans spend an average of $58.47 on their cars monthly, the German Automobile Association reports. This includes price of the car, repairs, parts, gasoline, insur ance and garage. That's not too much considering some New Yorkers pay $50 a month garage rent. -ess r $#77 Dutch Boy ' Wigs Beautiful Shags » $ 9?7 100% Kanekelon Wigs $577 Large Cascades $$9S E Dome Wiglets E an $477 Human Hair Falls, reg. $35.00 Mini Falls $11*77 Long Long Falls $18.88 Human Hair Wiglets, only $177 The new Italian Fiber Venicelan Wigs Casual or super shag $ 16 77 Very Best Triple AAA Kanekalon Wigs $ 11 77 50% OFF regular price. At these prices, self service, please. Bring your own brush & mirror. A11 fibers and styles. AH First Quality Goods, No Seconds. 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Because Ging iva)its the entire area to reflect the quality of his homes, the lots are professionally landscaped, planted with shrubs, seeded xcith grass, and then painstakingly nurtured. VVestborough is located on West 24th beginning with the 1000 block. It is in the Hutchinson city limits and children attend Wiley Elementary and Liberty Junior High Schools. Inspect these Ging-built homes during the Parade of Homes or anytime by Appointment. 1100 West 24th (pictured above) features .in 1401 West 24th is a spacious 174b square feet "L" shaped living room with a fireplace. Two designed into an exquisitely functional home, baths. The house has 1487 well-utilized Both the family and living rooms have fire- square feet. places. It has 2 l-h baths. Both of these homes have plush carpeting throughout, including in finished basements; spacious kitchens .with range, dishwasher, and handsome cabinets; utility rooms with washer/dryer connections; double-car garages; and brick exteriors. 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