Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 8, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1907
Page 8
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,8 THE TOLA DAUT BBflMTEB. FMDAY ETEmC. KOTElPmt SrltW. A C0MMITTEE4IEETIN6 StTMt and Allty CommlttM of Coun* cil Hatf • Special SaMlon. The atreet and alley oommlttee . met last lUght with 6ly. Knglneer Am- ennaa. and Councilman G. C. Olynn to ooDBider sereral matters pertaining to the department over which they have diarge. One of the gentlemen contributed the following matter of fact report of the session to the Register today:. The street and alley committee met at Engineer Katzen J-amennan's offlce-last evening wnere Street Com- mitaioner Mr. P. Destrlan and Councilman Old Ooc Razell unfolded their Ideas about new pavement After an animated discussion and first aid to the Injured had been rendered, tli* following specifications fere more or less recommended: (1.) Excavation—The street shall be excavated as long as we have the money. The finished surface shall be parallel to the ark of the covenant ind the azimuth mnst not exceed the Trajectory. Soft spots and objections must be carefully rolled to the dty limits. (2.) There must then be distributed over the alleged surface Coronado cinders which have been carefully ster- lized to free from the destrictlve (lolaensis Coleoptera Longeconnia) or tong homed Cinder Beetle. (3.) Upon these cinders shall then be spread carefully assorted retorts, asserverations. exclamations, proscras* tinations and other extraneous material furnished by resident property owners. Boll until objections are no longer perceptible. (4.) Hesitate until a'heavy dew thoroughly saturates the material, allow the clouds to Roll by and ReRoll to the Tune of Roll Jordan Roll. (3.) Asphaltum from the Elyslan Oil Refinery shall then be heated to a temperature of not less than 5,000 centigrade, spread upon the surface and urged to Freete, (6), Wblle suil agitated, feathers plucked from non-residents shall be < added to the depth of 6 inches. (The "Stung" Band here will Play "Shall I be carried to The skies on Feather beds of v£ase.) •Wte make The Following claims for the Tar and Feather Pavement: 1. It is new 2. It Is noiseless, dustless and non- resisting 3. It does not need sprinkling 4. It can be easily repaired by plucking the property owners. 5.- It is a Fashionable street coming in a'l shades. Dark Brown being the Prevailing Ta.ste. 6. By coloring Green The alfalfa Trust can be busted—^Donkeys crv For it. Rest rooms—free beds (HorriM-' thought! Suppose Buggies should get in it) and Recreations Pisrs—will IK? re-egated to oblivion (wherever that •IS) -j Crops " ' regularly ment. (8.) And last but not least v can come as near building a pavement that is cheap, won't wear out or n«?eil repairs as anybody. We are convinc- . ed that people will be almost tickled to death by this pavement. -^---'v-.-r.n. • :-i«..:vi^v-'.;-.V--'!- of jFeather dusters can he ' reboved from this pave- AppendlcitlH Is due In a large measure to abuHo of the bowels, by employing drastic jmr- gatlves. Tb avoid all danger, use only Dr. King's Ne ^«r Life Pills, the safe, gentle cleansers and InvlKoratorK. Guarnteed for headache, liillousiiess. malaria and jaundice, at all dm;; stores. 25c. JAP MIMSTKK TALK.S Whatto do in Dyspepsia Dieting has become a great fad in America, and just as, years ago, we, as a nation, over-ate, so now we are under- eating. The one is as bad as the other, persistent reports of rrlct.on was ! n^ds f^^^^^^^^ broken foday by an Associated Press . j^jji^ ^^^y ^^^1^ Telk A«RecIat«d PrewK That There's No Jap.American Friction. Tokio. Nov. 7.—The ufllcial sileiicp so long consistently maintained by Japan bn the squadrons of the Unlied States and Japan In connection with Seldom is an opportuniiy presented io you to buy such remarkable Footwear at so low a price. To the ladies that wear our shoes we need not say a word in their favor, but to the ones that have never'iried the.-n we would say that more style and snap could not be put in a Shoe than the ones we carry, fvery line and curve in the general make up of an Utz and Dunn Shoe is perfect. We carry Ladies' foot wear for all occasions, dress, street, house and general wear. FRIDAY and SATURDAY we will give a big reduction sale on our entire line of Ladies' and Children's Shoes, simply to get you better acquainted with our elegant line of footwear. Ladies' kid or calf skin shoes, heavy soles, made to stand good service. Regular price $1.85, special price $1».6S Ladies' kid shoes, college cut, heavy soles, strap back, plain toe, vassar last. Regular price $2.25, special price $t ,9S Ladies kid comfort shoes, broad toes, flat heel, turn soles. If you need a home ccmfort shoe here it is and at a big saving in price. Regular price $2.50, special price $2,20 Ladles' Guumetal calf skin shoes, heavy sole, strap back, college cut. Just the shoe Tor street wear. Regular price $3.00, special price $2m70 All shoes in the house at the above prices will be sold at the same discount. Ladles' kid, pateut kid. patent calf skin and deml glaced shoes in either light or heavy sole, button or lace. Every $3.50 shoe in the house ou sale for ..... $3i1S Ladies patent calf skin and patent kid shoes in turn or welt soles. Regular height top or college boots. The greatest line of $4 60 shoes iu the world on sale for , $3,60 Ladies' fine patent kid, plain toe, french heel, short vamp, turn sole, full dress .shoe, button or lace, made by Guptill. Regular price $5.00. On sale for ;... $4.35 If you have never worn an Ulz & Dunn shoe 'you ought to come to thi-j sale. If you have worn one we know you will. Misses' and Children's Shoep Reduced 250 Shoes reduccil to 2tO 50C shoes reduced to 42o 65c shoes reduced to BOo 75c shods reduced to 6B0 85c shoes reduced to 7Bo $1 .00 shoes reduced to 890 1.25 shoes reduced to $tm08 I 50 shoes reduced to 1.75 shoes reduced to tmBO 1.85 shoes reduced Io t ,6B 2 .00 shoes reduced lo />70 2.25 shoes reduced to fm ^B 2.50 shoes reduced to. .s 2m20 2.75 shoes reduced to. .\... 2 »4Q 3 .00 shoes reduced to 2m 70 Women's black spaLs in six, seven and ten button length. All sizes price 25f 3B and BOo Ladles*, Misses' and Children's lamb's wool soles lor slippers. In all sizes, price 2Bo Children's loggius in Astiakhan, led, blue and grey, all sizes, full button length, price per pair .$iaOO 8sm Women's spals in six button length, tan brown, gretu, blue and red. All sizes, price 6B0 Children's black fleece lined jersey legging full button length, all sizes, price COo Ladies' black fleeced lined leggins in all sizes open part way and full button length, ribbon tie tup, pric: 7So and $tm25 Ladies' fur trimmed NulliGers iu black, on sale for 95o Ladies' regular $1.25 black and brown Nulll- fieres on sale. $tm05 Ladies' $1.65 felt NuUifierS in "all colors and , biz;s, on sale $tm45 MOTIiEK.S OF lOI.A. Vinol Will Make Your Thin. Ailini? riilldren .Stroiiu-, Ktoj ami Itohust. Mre. L. P. .skoiiiiaid. of Mimicaimli^. write.s: 'l feel it my duty to tell otJiers \vli.'tt. yiiiir »-oil liwr iirepaia- lion, Viniil. lias dune lor my liiile boy. He wa.s sicli for nvo yi-ai.:. pale and had no amietile. We irieil iliffer- ent doclor.s anil inedielnes anil had j^iveii lip all holies thai he wonid recover, lint thank;; to Vino; he Is a well and he:ilthy hoy. and I want Ki reeoni mend Vinol 10 every iiioilier who has a weak or sickly child." Our loial dray;;; S. It. liiirrell sa>s: "We waul lo say to every niiither in lola that, onr cod liver prop ar.'ilioii, Vmol, will tniild your child len lip into v.'ioiiK. robii.';!. healthy children. We have never sold any thing eipial 10 it in onr .-^tore for this purpose and we will relnrii yom money if it fails." Is iliere a mother in loin \\;lio will ignore such .-i Ketieroiis offer iis this S. H. lJuriell, DruBKlsf. lola, Kansas Used by Millions interview with Minister of Foreign Affairs Hayashi. lie said the relations between Japan and America were as It is not, however, the fact that you may eat too much Uiat hurts you. but tliat you don't digest what you eat. And It U>a( results In djriipepiila you win not smooth and cordial as ever and the'cure the trouble by ruttioEiiovn your fbod sup- raiiHA nf oivfli79tioi> u« «-..ll fho ^'yourdlt'estlK; orinin* were crealinjr tho cause 01 civilization as well as the properamount of jrasirieacJ peptic Julcei you community of Interest demanded their • r,J|^,,5?);t.?.°.^^.'JPJ.^!,'^„.2^,=i™i^t^^ lasting peace and friendship. ,- ' Thl* can only bf done by a reliable tonic laza- • die FIXED FOK KEBATIXR Santa Fe Most Pay $3S0.0OO for Violation of Law. I>os Angeles, Calif., Nov. 7.—Judge • you must create a'u abundance ofthese necessary I This o . , tive. and. as its came Indlcutes. Dr. OUdwell'a Syrap PepKla coatainii ibu very icKtedlests Deeded to do this. Take It resulnrly for awhile acoordliw to the explicit directions on each t>ot- tie and yon wlU soon be cured of dyspepsia and any of the aeeompanylns symptoms such as beartbOTD, soi/rstomach, bloat^u Ktomach .hlyes, pimples, sallow oomplczion. wind on the stem_ . Mh. etc Krery bottle carries with it an abso- Wallbers of the district court today •^"e ^'^SSSlfy ^vI &^'l^yiil'^i'^'" fined the Santa Fe Railway company it.^oa^^ three hundred thirty thousand dollars 1 Harrj-F. Keator. ^ileuteoant in one or the Chl- M t. J., wT.^ ieaxo oompanles that {ouebt at the battle of for rebating. The company was con-. gantlaga WJiile in the wet trenches, and eat- vlcted on Sixty-six counts of sr^niln^^^ .'^S^^ l^^^\'>^Si^ rebates on shipments " " Nelson, Arizona, to Los of 1 me from , J[*«?i ,l? «^ lylment cited his attention to Dr. Caldwell's Synip Pepsin, which he prompUr Angeles. bessn to use. It not only cured his dyspepsia A Hard Debt to Fay. "I owe a debt of gratitude that can !"^'<"°«^ never be paid off," writes G. S. Clark, of Westfield, Iowa, "f<n- my rescue from death, by Dr. King's New Discovery. Both lungs were so seriously afferted that death seemed imminent, when I commenced talcing New Dis-^ covery. '^e ominous 'dry, hacking cough quit before the first bottle was used; anck two more bottles made a complete cure." Nothing has ever eaaalod New. Discovery for coughs, coldt -ftnd all throat and lung complaints. Ouaradteed by all druggists. 60c and fl.OO. Trial Iwttle fr«e. , »w ..V. dysDensia bat increased bis weight« pounds. I YourdrunristwillseUyQuatMttleatSOeeati or (I and you will find it worth a tiundred timet })it •wtsgKHwliMthw fcf aatm, womss sad sM w 01. euowEUt tviuf pcniN." rnu »rMM »«MMinyg«arulM N*. 17, WMNaitos, 0. 0, MtMM «VmP 00. *tO 9aUmM Bwy. Marti—Ite, iW. Galumei Baking Powder iDifillM with the Pnr* HoI Litm ol ereri buui. • FtMlKEST MCliOLA.S ACQriTTEl). Clean-d of CliarKe uf Aldlni; a liauk >VnfkIuir. Ilttsliiiri-'. .N'ov. 7.—Forrest K. .Nicholas, former secretary to the Territorial delegate of the (Congress of .Vew .Mexico, .\ndrowM, was found nut KIIII- ty in tlie rniled States court today nf a chaice of aiding and ahetlliiK Cashier Clark ill wrecking the National Hank of Allei;heiiy two year.s afjo. The case is tlie last of many growing out of a sensational failure. A majority (if tlie others implicated weie cu .i- victed. OUR CREDIT SATISFIED WITH ELECTID.V. I'resident Koospvelt Has jSent Ton- irnitulatory Letter to Frl.seo. WashinRfon. Nov. 7.—President Roosevelt issued a statement today resardiiiK the elections held Tuesday. The iiresident resards the result of the elections as e.xtreniely gratlfyinR. He has sent a letter of hearty congratulations of .Mr .Heney of San Francl.sco. DYNA-MITED A BAXK SAFE. Four Charijes Were Vsed at Marshall, Oklahoma. Marshall, Okla.. -Nov. 7.—The roh- hers who dynamited the safe of the Farmers State hank here early today Four charges of dynamite were used. The cltlfiens were aroused by explosions and exchanged lire with the robbers dynamited the safe uf the no one was hurt. The robbers escaped. A (losse is In pursuit. It Is Siroug Enough to (iei Uo\A De. spite Foreign Kestrictive Measnres. New York, Nov. 8.—The soundness of .'Vnierican credit abroad was demonstrated yesterday when over two million dollars in Kold w :ts obtained in Knrope for .shipment to this country, ^llhough all foreign banks are adojit- ing measures to protect their supplies of the precious metal. The great lianks of London, Paris and llelgiiim advanced their discount rates and the hank of Germany is e .'ciiected to do so today. The total gold enKageineiits for importation now exceed -10 millions, of which aliout 1 (1 niiliioiis have arrived and 111 million.-! more will cunie in some time tumorrow on the Lnsi- laniu. The? dl .M -ount rates In France 'and Engluiid are now the highest that have been reached In over thirty years..The effect uf the rise in the French rate was hhown in today's statemont of the H.'iiik of l-'rancp, which shows a large decrease in oiilKlandiiig note circulation and also in discounts, with a relatively less decrease In gold. The Dank of Kngland's reserve is .'i.l.L'O per cent, compared with Sil.iM a week a^o. and a.S.:t.t per cent u year ago. Notwithstanding these restrictive measures abroad bankers here expect that the importation of gold will continue owing to the large movement cf wheat and cotton, as well as of manufacured products to foreign loiintries, and because Europe has fewer of American securities than fo many years past. So far as the general banking situation Is concerned there is growing confidence that conditions will go on rieadily improving. There were declines of 1 to 2. points ond in some cases more, in tlie stock market today, but the volume of hnsi- ne .ss was small and the setback is taken as evidence that every Imiiort- anl rally iu the market will be met by offering of sutllclent amount to keep the niarket within a narrow range and discourage any tenijency toward a revival of injudicious siieculative op- f rations. PROFESSIONALDIRECTORY m • • • W. H. AICDEBSOK, Altorney>at>liaw. Notary and Stenographer in Office. Fhone 455. • i • H. A. Ewing, S. A. Card, O. R. Qard » EVtViQ, «ABD it GAHD, • • Lawyen. » ' Practice in ali Coorta • 9H W. Madison. Pbons m, ** • • • • DK. lIcSULLEN, Bpeclul attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Dlsoaa- es and Dlseasea of Children. Telephones: Offlco Hes. 238, Ofllce iu Mrs, Turner's Bldx., West Itfadison. Phone 687, Rei. 701. .DR. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Noae and Throat. Hpectaclea Properly Mlted. Ofllce A. O. U. W. BIdg. • • V lola, Kana. • Phone C54. DB. KDITH 8. UAlilU. • Office and Residence over Bur• rell'a Drug Store. • Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., % • to i p, m., 7 to 8 evening!. •; • Sundays by Appointment. V. H. MARTIK. MAXY HI iiT IX WKECE. Arrldent lo Car Xear IndlanapoIlM ln< Jnnti Three. IndlanaiKtlls, Ind., N'ov. 7.—A car on the Indiana Traction company was wrecked today at.Mahnon, a railroad crossing. Twenty-five passengers were hurt, three serloualy. THE WORKMEN began this morning laying brick on the building which is to be occupied by the lola State Bank when It Is completed. The first brick was laid this morning. Call on LiEFFf^ER When iieediug anylhiag iu the Jewelry line. Office Phone 1083. • • • DK. B. 0. CUKISTIA2V. fhyslelan Bud SurKeoi. Roomi 7 and 8. Evans BIdg. Practic* Limited to Surgerf. • 16 N. Buckeye. Phone C7«. a DB. W. B. UEIUnnTs Physielui * SugMB. •i' Office N. E. Comer of S <iaiM« « Over K.C.PIamblns Co .'i Btinvi * Res. Tel 38. Office Tel, VOitm^ Res. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. DB. J. B. PEFPEB. DenUst la permanently located over E. C. HcClaln'a Clothing Store, and is prepared to do ali kinds of up-to-date dental work. Evening work by appointment P. H LatliroA, Mrs. Bessie O. LetKraa OSTEOPATHIC FHT8ICIiS& Special attention gfTen to^INa- " eases of Women and Chlldnoi •* Over East Side Hardware,^" Office 'Phone. Main «68, ^ >" Junlpir I^epat^xiaezit (Store Hmmt^UmHmrm for KBmmUmm mmt Omm fry mWmni AA in ihe Rmgl ••u«

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