Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1908
Page 3
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THB lOLA JilLY.aECiaTEB. IflCaSDAY ETOgft KOTEMBEB M0» 1 300 BnrUnglon Foot BaU EntliasU&U [ to Come to >'cxt Sandajr's (<aiiic. . Uy dlpobitliiK a guanintec fund with the local .Missouri, Kansas & Texas Rai'way company apent. the st>ecla1 train to this city from Burlington nest Sunday Is assured. This train will bring between 250 and 300 people here from Burlington to attend the foot ball game which will be played at Electric park liL-tween a lIurliuRtou teatn and the Triplets. Th»; manager of the niirlitigton team and the local manaKer have Ix-en working for'the past scvoial da>s to si-'nir-- iln' s^iir- «ial iiajii. Thi> K'lafanii-t.' luomy wa.s Ui'iKJhitM UiU iil'icriKioii. Thi' Kami- nhlrh will (allrd ,ii oi-lock ill til'- KIccti If park. prouiiavK to li'' iiiii' <ii I he fatJicst i>f the biMiion. 'I 'lii- Hiiriin^tuii team 1?^ conij'osi'd of ^•)^nl.• uf ihf fastest |)!ay- •<rs in this iKirt of ih<- s(al". 'riicir • tiverauf eljrht is wjijiiii two poniuls of til'.' Triplit'b \V(M;;1U. A tT'leplKirif lucssage was IOC'-IVIMI here last oyon- ln(? to the t'ffevl that tlii> Ilurliiiyion players were workin;; hard every afternoon under a roniiifri'iit foarh. The bunch that- wiil jilny lien- Sunday held the and he.iyy fhanut.- Oci- Dcvils to a clorfo i-ror'f in their flr.-;t fe'anie of the .•^<'ason a f<? •s\<la>s am>. Thu Trii)U'ls an- i>:ac!ii-iii;: overy afternoon. The piacli '.-f <oii?i .s:s iiriii- cipaHy of dt'fiiisivf work. A PIONEER IS DEAD I. M. Oliver, Who Died Toady. Came to Allen County in Eighteen- Sixty-four. j T. .\1. OliviT (iit'il ihi.s iiioijur.- .i: 2 ooloflc at thr family }:"in" <'ii .^'ofitli Chestnut »ln-i.-t, ol illn.iiniil. i;i to advanced ti-^e. .Mr. O'ivrr wa.- 711 years old. llv wa-: lioru in .\<iuir..i, county, ifl.. in ii:M and was inar- : ricd to Mi.^s .Joanna Ciiri.^ty ii! l.'^r.).; In 1S64 Mr. Olivor cam.' to Allen, county, Kas.. wh'T.- he !ias sine. v-'. sided. He '.vai tin.' fatl'.'.r ot iw.'h.- phildreu. ninv of wlioui ai'.' livin:-', i Frank, Joan. Motitsonn ry. Ccorur.! Charles. .Albi-rt and Mrs. .Iniiii m.-tuii'. : all of lOla. -Mrk .Miiiiiir .Mai'!«-ii. of; Kati«ias City. ai;'i .^Ir.-. Koljt rt .Jordan, of Oklahoma. WomenS, Mi»c»' Our Greatest Annual Sale The funeral s-rvic-.s wi!! 1^ h at the fami^v houiv nmiorniw al! noon at ;; o<:ock. K' v. <V c. Mi- more officialin.i;. I-.! NKBKANKA IM>V«» AIM: "Mf h.' .\ B«il Mory ni I»N:I»|»T I r"!ii tlic Cornhn«'kcr ranip. Linroln; .N.-t . .Ni.v IJ --(.); ij •,of their unn'Kil aruun.. r.; y '1;< Kaiisa.-^ .la.vhawk'i.'i ai-'l VMIII 'r- y .i Mmri valley itm7(4fnci ch.iui .:ll^al|' hlntonc upon tin rtMili. Km- i'".' Cornhuakcrs art- ;l;- wr .k virtually in idien^'^s. T.'ie !-,<.-;. • i! iiiiu h'-ar is the jra -cn. •I'iiM " -!,,ri.- c i itijiirh'h lo pl.ivers and ''ri 't' i'. i 'i'. ar<.- uot in v <>KiK- in IIH' S '-i-inxh.i r.u ip for Coll- in up Hualnst n^i HIMIL- Tho week of iirfparaMfui <]:• sas (ranie b'.'j;iii witii cnl.v '.•iiu .. LI.-:'; l»erformei.' in nniroini on tl:- nii .L' day. The a(i£i'n.;o»> \\>:rv n a da;, s vacation to narsi- tliiir l.rui-'.-. :n- htritances of ihyir hard HCI:' unli. .\t:it-^. Tile fi)i lifV^ini. alt-iiin-.i of the first f.ani inrn were i:ii-.-!;'.-. and Cole, in tact, ncarcrly h'-.'.s i.i have OUT hisfuH £nud<i until tlit- iah' day ]irior to Kansas ha -Mi . Li-iii piactice has b--n thjC r-s;i;\ tiif C' hriskers bein;; cculir.i.l lo riiniiii'-- wguais. ca ;cbin2 iciuts. r, :i...ur.-:'u n^"-*- plays and tukii:-' :•. ii.iir.-! a' tacklin? dunimy. Ni.; y.iv'.' Tiinrsd;:;. will, scriinma'-iiiit: ' i.<ni.:'•'(! a'.d then on'y for the r .iK- da;. Cpder tuch condiiions. < onfMicn'-f; It will be Impossible to Du|>ilcate these models after the Lines have been Exhausted ;)U inch semi-fitted Coat?, baudsouiely tailored, of best black Kersey, clcprantlv trimmed, $1S,00 •")0 inch in iti fine Imported Broadcloth •... - StS.OO ol inch Empire Coats, all woM Kersey at S12.30 ol inch Empire Coat?, fine imported ' Bro.nciclotb SI 2, BO •52 inch Empire Coat -J, ome in Muc, brown and gray ilripe, firclj' t.-jil.rcd vilh Pamc clolh SfOMO 50 inch scmi-fitted Empire style, iiaiid- .^^omely trimmed wflli silk braids, .silk velvet and builoas. Cheap at -f'.Odif, nu •sale S7.50 5(> infdi black Kersey Coat, trimmed with silk braids, silk velvet and buttons, the value we have ever shown, on sale Misses' and J anior eloth Coats in every new Ftylc, handsomely tailored and trimmed in a wide range cf prices, from 112 .50 down to .S3 75 VJO Bearakio Coat«, in white, gray, blue, red and browns, from $2.00, running in'o tie larger sizes up to. SBmOO Wc pride ourselves in saying we will show y u as fine a line of Cloaks as you will find in any citj- store. MILLINERY! SPLENDID SHOWING Our mid winter showing begins tomorrow. Here you will find everything pretty for dressy occasions in the beautiful large flat effects, trimmed in plums, roses and foliage. Our Miss Crockett and assistants are trimming up some of the prettiest things we have ever shown. Prioca ranging from S3.80 to S7mSO. If you are after a pretty Hat. one that is chic and up to the minute with style, you should visit ii: Ni -Ii,-,:- ka i-'.-i • - •. . : - i!.!,..(J ; - , •,. ;Kir. 'I '''i' :s ; • cj";: !<• ': II'--. ;.;-\ 1.' - !ii::c!: •;_;,•, :• • •'.\- • i ." "•••'T.i -" '•• ... l.jl:. ..' . ^ -• A I 'y. :-. :i • ^; ,•• : ;p u 'l -i! I 'l •!;)••(! ^in;iii;"!i! 'r,-.' uu-u (i' -'u."i| tn ;MV'- fii--'r .'i:i; in '• 'niin'j- I'l • 'airi ' Tl S(:!;i''i- V. iin'ii :].:• ::< .. ..I \ .V. • Jl Coughs That RacK Little Lungs should hit stopped immediately with a reliable cough remedy. Otherwise they may permD- nently weaken the lungs and cause uiitcid harm. Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant is known by mothers all over the world as a safe and efiective remedy for Coughs and Colds. It has likewise been successfully employed m cases of Cnxqj, Pleurisy, and kindred ailments for three-quarters of a century. Your druggist sells it in three size bottles at $1.00,50c and 25c- I>r. D. Jayne's Tonic VermifB^e is a safe and reliable medidne for expelling worxnsw • ;> :r. t'ltr- ii'.i.ii .s l.nv'- iin-il . lli.nii-h U'l .-i-il.-^dl. uhifli !ht\v liuvf iif.-ii h;t(rr.<.^- ; i tlii-;r uanns. rhi- oiiiy e.\I ill. till- ar.:iiiiifii; with • :.!. l:it li i..iiii:(([ ill a no T'.r- I- (It .Nii.r.-i.-hn'.s l.ark • 1 I-;.';, rs wiMi' l;!iiiv fruui iii•. :i >li< V :",,<. -1 .»;:::n ".-:-;i. l.ii' I:; I 'll' • i>fii<-vtin- Ciiiili • •; I i>>\' I'Hi-a .1,':. <'(.|.. J.I]:: i a .-ir.i/.ir ^itiiaiixli <'ii: > < iici.iiutpr'-il j ..111 .\i;:<^.-' .ir^'i litAv 111- i.s .siriii; j !''!iv I'll- .--i"!;!' ii'i.'! <ii' W(iri> j .v.- n.' K..;i--.!.-- i-<ii:l<-rs. | liisa:'I>-!:!;.!lt tie'iWffll i ..,aiMl Kai'.sa.-i I'laii.t;:!-j , . . ; ]],,. rtinli 111" ijfllcials I ; iv :-.'i) i',:.. .-. .isuii. ;i (•iniiii- • aii-ii:s v.. II tor til*? pt.riiinii- ^ , •••<-:ii.t rv/alii.::-, ii> tilt- .'till-I .'''ii: !•:• s <)( iii.jfltntions •' . ,. iM.-,-.- 'itiirial |ir<i(ni.sitj li> •.,1.^ ii'i ii>'rl Ii.'.' till- Kaiisa>i ' I(•.• .-• os<.'; :.'n- rn-- U.i. I I'i i i;i i.-iiii;;;-. i ! lil'Da, a ii.Mii: .Maiiap.i;-| 1... i;-' ! ilii' M-iirlioii of tlii- . lur tii'\t. SaHjnllO'••^ Ili'.i.';:i!;ii. i-x-f'riiifp- • iN.ii'.-. M:'s'<.i. K.iiisa.s liiy Atii .• 1 i .'i: fi- 111 .iuil-i-. IlariifT. i\• !i. '.il ;::ii--liiai;. furiifll. ex- •r • .\": ii.'fici.i.'.^ of kuouii lir. ill Miiiil •• WIS; cii'ics atiil i.v r !;..'-•'.•" i- ihaiikliil lit Iiav/- .; I; 1 .1: I;,' liau<l.-; and in nali.'.!- ' 1^ t.ri'11 vtf't'i il'i'U* 1, ill..' I< iii^...- ta'an- lim .Vi lira.--• , • • i'i In < !i all I 'T all innaid- . iii -i iiiiiiiiiH-iii?. Waliarli <'i>l. i.f ladiai'.t 1- till- Tiirkf.'' ilii> at • i: -'...I v\iii',' CalMh!" is in (•(.liii- I. .1. {<r: a |uvi--<;a.-<ili '^iinn-. 1 i:.ili- if Uii- 'all r L.iii'i l.a^ l/i'i-l. • : f , \Viiliii'.-!..v. I" < • aiin I J a - n 1 —o • itl I. •;. ii: ii'.'T;- Tli'irsiii.'Mi aiiil wif<-. . .,f.ii-..f I...'. .\:: • r (i.irt ii •, i- Ir.iliii}; aa-- l</r .Sow till'.' • i--ll<jii if ov'tT llji; iiol' \'::.ii'.i tr;iiu.4i' wiil t a nut. •' .^ii-^r Ha.r.s touK riiar;:!,' of li;i.' J TOU> Point sdiool >r'jn<Ia>. Siic is ,'ioanliiijt at -John IIa:iV. Hons, to KfiwanI Larsou and wif.', i li'Vi'ii iKMind hoy. I. <). liab iiaJ hia Itouae pliiuib- f|<r yns. Hey \:!.:i>i>on's tiaui ^ot .iwav froir II .Moi.Jiay and ran ITVO IIJICSJ before J re stoi>p«>d. (. I.'. Youii? Ioad<-<l a «-»ir of Iiay -'•Icvday L H. Ladd i:^ buildiu.- a ivavke 'J0t!£€. Harlati Tajlor, of ^Toran. wsic hi to«vn tills aftcniwMf uu l»i«in<*si^. Tiii-.^ Grows Hair and we. can PROVE ITI ANDiCRI.N'E w lo (lie hair -.vluu fresh shower* i.( f jin an-l sunshine o.-r to vi?«etaiic.i. !i -,..•3 rii H: lo the rot'is. •nvi5;' ci .il i.^'i".-). Its c^l.tI.t^.l::nJt. 5«iiT»..i..:u'.,4 nnt! .ifi .'M'-.-^t* jiri.prrtitj caiisc iic liaT V'oxj .•.!.^.-.:i3T;.ly lo.nj. sfrr.n". onii h-^auiifu!. Il cl (:••iri.p.ihs n srarS.InK brtllian'-.- er.J v-.'.»<^i •. .'..-CIS fn ihe hsir. cni a ('•w^-lts' wi 'l raiwi? nc-v hair to ?-pro'jt c 'l o-.-rr the .Hi -ii 'p. lJ.-,c II ever.- ilay lor a :hort time, .lilf r V.K I. I\\o or tirt-e^ a xv-cic viil Ijr :!ii!:-c-t;rit to Lomplcts !iart-^cr ^ro-.vth -~ >• tiv*j-rv. Jliimixildt .Monda.v. • .Mr. Johnson's yoiinjr folks sjient Sunday e%'enins ai Mr. Hurghan's. Tom Adams i.s moving on Mr. E!- • liotts place. .Mrs. IliirKbarts uei»Iicw. .Mr^ Hookey is visiting iter. I .Mrs. H. .M. Stewart and Itoss Van 'Hoiiteii bjient .Monday evonin?: aiiWill Stewart's of Harmony. .Mr. and Mrs. Elliott visitrd Sun day at D. W. Matsler's. | B. T. Xye and wife of Chanufe at-j tended Sunday school here Si.inday. j The Sunday scliool is expecting to have a pie social Thursday night, but from the looks of the weather at presfnt it may have to be postponed | a«in. O- STOM' roi-\r. 'i I l.r.-.i, u -j:iMinliTln- .!> t,.-'r • . .11 D-.: ."111.- t" .',-...l.;ir.r.i.. ;..r..- I: S ..iTJi !U> liJI-." ' •• r^". il it-M.-* .i.itf :i-riii'-- rru'-.i X.I., rl l'r»t Fiarnl I.' n-' I li-»-l '.1- i:i.*;..i ri'.'v'I!'r.'' III * I'l*-* I'liif'ii . Du li.ti I.J'r aDyiill^ r-j,l-t il l.t-m-. .Mrs. LiTiiiicsina R»»cknor i.s sii^l. on the sick list. rhis community was shocked MJon- day morning when the news came ov- icr the phone that Mr. Jim Strong was found dead in his jKisturf Sunday nife'ht. He will be misst^ by a ^tost of friends besides Ills family and relatives. The family has tbe sympatby cf the community. Little Russell Brandenburg is getting along as well as could be expect)ed since the oi>eraiion for enlarged tonsils. .Metvin Harvy of Kentucky Is work ing for S. 1>. Brandenburg. . ' Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brougfatoa bad a (aciiiy reunion Sunday, all their etdild rtii bfiug present. ' ^ Wni. Anderson and family , speat Sunday at Wni. Brouslitoii'&. ' .Mr. Cooper of Moran is repairing the wall under S. O. Brandenburg's barn. . W. D. Smyth of RedHeld: was in this neighborhood Monday Jciqking af tor tbe Farmer's Alliance Jnaitruice company. y-'. There was a spelling bee at 8t<»r Point Saturday jrfgliL Tfya coBteet- tints were Stony Point ' and'firaot -r ijtony Point canieout.vfctorioiui. A. W- Hewlnd la , . .V w. How land wilo has, been; dowp with the lagrippe. 8incff;^i^;jWljl able to be out today. T NOW at all drugsists in three sizes 25c. 5Qc And $1 .00 per bottle Dandctrine rni."-* . T jrcji-r than lif ..l!.: ir.r pr. irir.i.. .:i r...; <-i!!« i» .i| kind f,i .^ii-l II ill. .iin-irL rl-.!'. »!.l-l!nii if I 111- n'Krr h.iir ;.:r |.wifct ;oii3 i.i tlw •i r EQEB Tu «li>» l!riTqiiicLlvaif<lir!fl ' acls. wt will ^et. ; a I itsr n-in- pl; (rrr |.v rTlurn mail to anyone nho srndit thii free cnution lo thr nmroi Oin )£r.!,iE co. C:II:A3G. ILL, vt-.tii Ihilr n-ime and'rtm L:>J IOC 111 i..|'.rr t,; ^;..:..pi"lc> ! !-:,'. (tUT.VlJi; (5R «VK 1- .'>i..'.ii'v .Siinap ami vvil.. b,iriii Sun- la' » lii fhri. <;a.i.4!i;< ;•. .Mrs. K. I.,. Y..iin: .\Ir. I..rifzl..ic'ii »ati •ml '<> lii.s farifi •i-' i !'.:r!^<l,l'. K«! A<':^nn who 'ail l.i r:; i,i;it. ill for II" pas; two ujouihe. di>-d ai nln home h»>ie Siiiiday iiionilu^'. Caii>e of death tyi..buid ffver aud at) attack of toasiiitis' The fitne.'al wafc held at the house Tuesday momini! and was attended by many sofrowisg trieBde. Rrr. Mmrlaad,«f Hnmboldt. preached IIK- fuuurul. Kiluard Atluinu M|ui l>uru in Alissouii'lu and came hrrt: with his parents whwi six years of agf He was flic thiril >-i>» of W, if. .\daniH. Me was married in February, 1305. lo .Miss ly.ila Brandon who with two »imall clUidren survives him. He was a kind liiisbaiid. father and brother We e.xteud <:>ur heartfelt »»yinpathy to thf sorrowing brothers and sisters, the young wife and .'Ittle caef. Don Brandon who has been in Ne- branlca for :i y«ar. was called home by the death of bis brother-in-law, Ed Adams. , Mr and Mre. Btewart ricited itosr dajr at Mr. Jobnson'e. Waiixni KlUoU 9ii<l wife moved to m Y. M. C. ':fi:\ Frfdaif, November atO, 'OS Quratetic Male Quartette Male Quartette Friday eve. Nov. 20. Male Quartette, Presbyterian Church* Whitney Brothers Quartette should be heard by ail fover» of vocafmusic. Whitney Male Quartette has no superior on America's musical platform. •,-Mi ::-^.ii i^tx-./i^aiJa^ttt^

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