The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 16, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1963
Page 5
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V'^'U i'Sfis >,*;..:,•«;;.: Television Programs Channel 4, NBC Saturday 1:99 4-MoTle. "LUtl* Illu Bro.dwsy 13— Big Picture 1:11. 13— Commercial Film 1:30 t-13— Chkllenft Golf 4— Sportg International •—Championship Bowling •—Wide World of Sporti 13— K-Stat* Convocation I:N 9— Sporti Spectacular 4:00 4— Bowline t-Phll Sllveri 13— Week in Review 4*89 4-BuUwlnUe i •— Aquanauts 13— Amateur Hour CM 4— King of Diamond! 6— Password 13— Serenade!* f:M 4— Two Paces West B— Bowling •—Checkmate 13— Your Question Please 13— News •:UO 4_News 6— News, Weather 13— Sportsman Friend • :29 4__Comment 5— Speak Up •:80 4 — Bam Benedict •—Gallant Men 8-13— Jackie Qleason 7:::o 4 _ Joey Bishop 5-13 — Defender* 9— Mr. Smith •:«0 . 4— Movie, "Long, Hot Summer" •—Lawrence Welk 1:30 5-13— Have Quo. Will Travel •:00 5-13— Ounsmoke • — Boxing •:45 •—Make That Spare 10:00 S-t— News, Weather 13 — News. Weather. Sport* 10:15 5— Movie, «' Violent Men" • — Movie, "Them" 10::!0 13— Naked City 10:»5 4— Movie, "Yellow Sky" ll:»0 13— Movie, "Woman on Pier 13'* 11:45 •—Movie, "K C Confidential" 12:00 4— Wrestling 12:22 6— Movie, "It'i a Gift" 12:30 9 — Almanac Newsreel 12:35 •—Faith of Our Tlmea. Channel 5-13, CBS Channel 0, ABC Sunday •—Can to Worship V, • — Almanac Newsreel 5 — Christophers • — Gosepl Favorites 13-Oral Roberta 4— Sacred Heart 6— Light Time 13— Gospel Favorite* • :45 4 — Chrostopher* 6— Ask a Priest • :M 4- -Industry un Parade 8 — Lamp Onto My Feet •— SUent Service t:U 4— American* at Watt •:SO 4— Faith For Today 8.13— Look up and Live •— Alakazam 10:00 4 — Catholic Hour 5-13 — Camera Three •— kfy Friend FUcka 10:30 4— Bible Aaswera 5 — Inquiry •— Wonderama 13— This Is The Life 10:45 5— April 15— Ta* Tip 11:00 4— This Is the Life 5— Profile 13 — Discovering America 11:30 4 — Everglades 5-13— Washington Report •—Movie, "Legend of Lost" 12:00 Noon 4— All-Star Golf 5 — Championship Bridge 13— Challenge Golf »Z:30 5 — Lone Ranger 1:00 4 — To Be Announced 5— Movie, "Violent Men" I — Open End 13 — Championship bridge 1:30 4— Insight 13 — Sports Spectacular S:00 4 — Zoorana *:30 4— Wild Kingdom 1:00 4— Movie. "Yellow Sky" 5— Political Talk •—Yours for the Asking 13 — Great Challenge »:30 5— Life of Riley •—Alumni fun 4:00 5— Amateur Hour •—Major Adams 13— Biography — Churchill 4:80 6-13 — Q-E College Bowl 1:00 4— Meet the Press 9— Wyatt Earp 5-13— Twentieth Century (:30 4 — Shannon 5— News, Weather •— Riverboat 13— Password 5:45 5— Hot Stove League 5:55 5— Speak Dp 4— News, weather, sport* 5-13— Lassie •:85 • :3V 4— Walt Disney 6-13— Dennis The Menace •— Jetnons iCartoonsi !:«• 5-13— A Look at Monaco •—Movie, ''Terror in a Texas Town' 1 1:M 4— Car M •:OU 4-13— Bonanza 5— Real McCoy* 5— O. B. True •:oo 4— Dinah Shore 8-13— Candid Camera t— Voice of Firestone 5-13— What's My Line • — Movie, "From Here to Eternity" U:OU 4-5-13— News 4— Movie, "Anna Lucasta" 6— Third Man 13— News, Weather 10:3* 13— Changing Time* 10:45 '5 _ Movie, "Foreign Affair" 13— All Star Wrestling 11:30' 8— Uovle, "Run For The Sun" 11:45 13— Movie, "Two O'clock Courage" 1):30 B— Mewe U:40 •— Almanae Newsreel U:45 a— raitb tor Our Time* Ottawa Roller Riak Public Sessions Wed. and Fri, 7:30 to 10:00 Sat nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-1704 Mon., Tues. and Thurt. Sun Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under INTERROGATION - Ben Wright, as British secret agent who parachuted into Germany and was captured, is questioned by Nazi commandant Rick Traeger (rear) but refuses to reveal reason for his being in country on General Electric True, 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Channel 5. Monday H-.OO 5:55 4—Daily Word 6:00 4—Continental Classroom, Physics 13—Continental Classroom, Government 4:25 5—Light Time 4:30 4—Operation Alphabet 13—College of the Air «:40 5—April 15—Tax Tip 4:59 5—Farm Facta 7:00 4—Today 5—College of the Air 13—Rush Hour 7:30 5—Moment ot Meditation 7:35 5—Cartoon] and 7:45 5—King and Odie 7:50 9—Call to Worship 7:55 9—News 8:00 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 9 —Columbia Lectures 8:30 8—Deputy and FelU • :00 *—Say When 5—Jack La Lanne 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar 8:25 4—News • 9:30 4—Play Your Huncli 5-13—1 Love Lucy 9—Divorce Court 10:00 4—Price Is Right 5-13—McCoys 10:30 4—Concentration 5.13—Pete and Glady* 9—Day in Court 10:55 9—Newi UiOO 4—First Impression 5-13—love of Life •—Jane Wyman 11:35 S-13—News 11:30 4—Truth or Consequence* 9 Yours for » Song 5-13—Search For Tomorrow II :45 5-13—Guiding Light 11:35 4—News 12:UU .Noon 4—Cartoons S-13—News. Weather 9—Ernie Ford IS: 10 5—Speak Up 13:15 5—Sports 13—Farm Report 12:3(1 4—Local News, Market 5—Local Interview 11:30 4—Accent 9—Father Knows Best 5-13— As Tne world Turns t:OU 4—Merv Griffin 5-13—Password B—Movie, "Big Boodle" 1:30 5-13—House Party 1:55 4—News 2:00 4—Loretta Young 5-13—To Tell The Truth S-.25 5-13—New* B—News S:li(i 4—Award Theater •—Seven Keys 5-13—Millionaire S:00 4—Match Game •—Queen For a Day 5-13—Secret Storm 3:35 4—Newi 1:30 4—Make Room For Daddy •—Who Do You Trust 5-13—Edge of Night 4:00 4—runtime 5—Cousin Ken's Karntva! •—Torey and Frtende 13—News, Weather 1:15 13—Turban's Land of Maglo 4:30 9—Mickey Mouse Club 4—Sea Hunt »;OD 8—Huckleberry Bound 13—Yogi Bear 5:15 6— Whlrlyblrdi t:30 4—Dragnet •—Rebel 13—Camera Corner 6:48 5— News 13—sporu — Dev NeleOM »:M 13— Weather • :00 4-6-9-13—Newe CASH--Classified Ads Sell Household Goods Quickly! Economically! 4—Sports - Uerl* Harmon 5-9-Weather 4— Huntley-Brtnklej News 4—New, •—News 6—Sporta 13—Walter Cronklt» 6*35 5—Spnak-Op «:30 4—Movie, "Heaven Knows Mr Allison" 5-13—To Tell The Truth 8—Dakotas 7:00 5-13—I've Got A Secret 1:30 S-13—Lucille Ball 8—Rifleman 8:00 9—Stoney Burke 5-13—Danny rhontat 4—Biography — Taft 5-13—Andy Griffith 4^-David Brinkley 6—Loretla Young S-13—Ben Casey 9:3<i 4—Chet Huntley 5 Spot* roar's Friend 10 :M 4-5—Newi 8-13—New* 10:10 4—Weather 5—Weather 0—Weather 10:1.1 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, ''Caught In the Draft" 9—Steve Mien 13—Weather 10:20 13—Sports 10:30 13—Lifeline 10:36 13— Untouchables 11:35 13—Peter Gunn 11:45 »—Man Prom Choclst 13:05 4—Dally Word 12:10 5—Speak Op 12: IS 5—Movie, "Singapore" 9—News 12:SO 8—Almanac Newsreel 12:tf5 »—Faith of our Tlmea Choose your Pharmacist as you would choose your Doctor. May we fill your next prescription? RANEY REXALL DRUG 304 S. Main CH 2-3092 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Free Prescription Delivery Shown 9:15 Only HURRY! ENDS TONITE Box Office opens 7:00 p.m. Shown 7:30 Only »»--<a!Mi \*s SfaHs TOMORROW OPB ,°* Feature at 1:30—3:55—6:20—8:45 HUB . nuns Mini mtm* mm mm **mm ... ..... .„. . __ iM4wi«iiniiiiiiiivwwiua Na-WMNMMM. | No OM undtf 16 will N admitted unto* Kcompmltd by «n «dult. | Saturday-Sunday TV Highlights Saturday Evening Barry Sullivan, fine actor, appears on the "Sam Benedict' show this evening as a factory owner who has planned that his son shall come into the firm. Channel 4, 8:30 p.m. Jackie Gleason, appearing in his characterization of Reggie Van Gleason III, becomes the owner and operator of a very fancy hot dog wagon in Central Park. Special guests are Johnny Morgan, comedian, and Rip Taylor. Channels 5 and 13 at 6:30. On the "Gunsmoke" show, Channels 5 and 13 at 9, a fellow named Ben Gait, who has always been quite friendly, turns into a murderous character after he sustains a head injury. Matt Dillon, marshal, has quite a lot of trouble with Ben, of course. Sunday Evening Better reserve the 7 to 8 spot this evening for a special. You remember the tour of the White House, with Mrs. Kennedy as the guide? Well, this evening, .Princess Grace of Monaco will conduct just such a tour of her tiny country, its 240-room palace, and other points of interest. It should be a highly entertaining and enlightening hour. It'll be on Channels 5 and 13 at 7. At 9 p.m., on Channel 4, Dinah Shore will present one of her specials and her guests will be Bing Crosby, Al Hirt and folk- singers Bud and Travis. Also at 9 p.m., but on Channels 5 and 13, "Candid Camera" will have Jack Paar as a guest. He'll be guessing what peope are saying about him, and they will get a chance to hear their actual remarks. Deed s Thcodorla Forsythe to Herbert P BIslioop, lot l-3-5-7-N'/j lot 9 Blk 1 Otts Actd.; Dolores Godinez to Bicente Es- plnosa, lots 26-28-30-Blk 4 Hamblln Si Walton; Gerald L. Mlldefelt to R. E. © Kin* Fniuici'SyihliMtc, Inc.. W6J. World rijihti rcicivnl. "I couldn't ask for a better man than Hugh, but I'm going to keep my eyes open," Sims, Lots 4-6-8-Adnms Subdlv. Bee. 13-19-18; W. Paul Christie to Glenn R. Ross, Tr. Sec. 28 15-21; Max H. Caldwell to Joseph S. Blake, NE'A Sec. 25 17-18; Nellie R. Hilton to Earl A. Sommer, lots 14-16-Blk 14 BST Add.; Robert L. Sayler to Antone O. Oretcn- cord, Ints 42-44-Adams Sub 13 19-19; Elsie M. Roberts to George D. Scott lot 8 Replat of Highland Heights; Prank J. Tlmyer to Bonnie Gllmore, W80» lot 10 & nil lots 22-24 -Blk 0 Oarfleld Add. Dorothy Daugharthy to John Bushman, undlv. '/« Int. Lot SI Willow Acres; P.E.L. Const. Co. to John H. Bushman. undlv. « int. In lot 21 of Willow Acres P.E.L. 1st. Add. (Corp. Deed). OTTAWA HERALD B Friday, February 15, 1963 ' OTTAWA HERALD'S BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL GUIDE OPTOMETRISTS Arvid Berglund, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 316 S. Main CH 2-2796 Olio O. Wollen, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 110 W. 3rd CH 2-4303 A. G. Madtson, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 205 S. Main CH 2-4233 Rodney McClay, O.D. OPTOMETRIST Profess'l Bldg. CH 2-3793 CHIROPRACTORS Don L. McKclvey, D.C. CHIROPRACTOR 116 W. 2nd CH 2-4777 J. C. South. D.C. CHIROPRACTOR lift E. 15tb CH 2-2166 Residence Phone CH 2-3961 S. M. Brockway. D.C. CHIROPRACTOR 1408 S. Main CH 2-2386 R. C. Capron. D.C. PHYSIOTHERAPY Ground Floor 113 E. 3rd Office Ph. 2-4100 Res Ph. 2-2270 OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN HOMER N. FLORA, D.O. Osteopathic Physician Medicine and Surgery Zellner Building Phone CH 2-3746 DAVID L. YOUNG, D.O. Physical Medicine Phone CH 2-3844 222 E. 3rd St. FLYING SERVICE SKY SERVICE Jack C. Kille, Mgr. SMILING JACK'S SKY SERVICE Municipal Airport, Charter Trips, Sight Seeing Rides, Plight Instructions CH 2-9775 or CH 2-4230 23 Years Plying Experience BUNDY INSURANCE AGENCY HfRRy 2-4215 1O6 E. SECOND OTTAWA, KANSAS INVESTMENTS INVESTORS DIVERSIFIED SERVICES, INC. exclusive distributor for Investors Mutual, Inc. Investors Stock Fund, Inc. Investors Selective Fund, Inc. Investors Inter-Continental Fund, Inc. Investors Syndicate of America, Inc. Investors Variable Payment Fund, Inc. prospectus upon request from Hazen L. Richardson 1438 S. Hickory CH 2-2773 INVESTORS SYNDICATE LIFE Insurance and Annuity Company MEDICAL DIRECTORY J. F. Barr, M.D. SURGERY Professl Bldg. CH 2-1268 Frank A. Trump, M.D. Internal Medicine and Diagnosis Profess'l Bldg. CH 2-1620 Louis N. Sneer, M.D. General Medicine and Surgery Office: 109 W Fourth Phone CH 2-1257 Res. Phone CH 2-3401 David O. Laury, M.D. General Medicine and Obstetrics Professional Building Office CH 2-1620 Res. CH 2-1227 R. A. (Jollier, M.D. Surgery — General Medicine CH 2-1182 Res. CH 2-23M Professional Building Chester H. Strehlow, MD Surgery — General Medidm Professional Building CH -1279 Res. CH 2-5675 Sylva Lofgreen, M.D. Victor J. Lofgreen, MJ>. Physicians and Surgeons 3rd & Walnut CH 2-2136 R. S. Roberts, M.O. Professional Building Surgery — Medicine Office CH 2-4325 Res. CH 2-1594 Helming Bros. — 434 S. Main — CH 2-2641 For Prompt Ambulance Service Call CH 2-1331 Ottawa, Kansas JOE TOWNER'S CHAPEL THE ANTHONY CLINICAL LABORATORY Gladys Anthony Allergies, Bacteriology, Serelogy Hematology, Bio-Chemistry, Parasitology Room 15, Professional Bldg Ph CH 2-5296 Home CH 2-3407 Pharmacy /s Our Business Your Prescription Will Receive Our Careful Attention BRISCOE DRUG STORE 847 S. Main CH 2-4133 BEAUTY SHOPS Fredanne Beauty Shop We specialize in Permanent Waving and Hair Styling Irene Nitcher Shomber Maye B Snyder, owner 111 W. 2nd CH 2-5120 BEAUTYLAND Styling Salon 114 E. 2nd CH 2-4347 OPERATORS: Eloise Milton, Marion Ishang, Sharon Brill, and Wiloma Babcock. owner and operator. Millie's Beauty Salon Specializing in Hair Shaping and Current Styling Millie Engles — Owner • operator Rose Marie Baxter- Beverly Cole — Operators 113 E. 3rd CH 2-3395 Veterinary Service VETERINARY SUPPLIES HESS, FRANKLIN and Others Mann-Bell Drug Store 501 N Main CH 2-3924 Children's Orthopedic Foot Correction Propr-Bilt SHOES Recommended by Leading Foot Doctors All over the World. Professionally Fitted and Sold Exclusively in Franklin County at RICHARDSON'S SHOE STORE 212 S. Main ELMOR CRAVEN ASSOCIATE First National Bank Bldg. Phone CH 2-1243 General American Life Insurance Co., St. Louis SECURITIES Stocks — Bonds Mutual Funds ROBERT M. DILLON BARRETT. FITCH, NORTH &CO. Members New York Stock Exchange CH 2-2445 425 So. Mala OTTAWA HERALD Send it to those away from Home

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