Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1908
Page 2
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TIIE lOLA PAILT BEQISTEH, TnrBSPJtY ETEyPfg. XOTEMBEB IS. 1908. liffNttiry Ur iki Otttti Stttii established 1869. Sute «f laiMf —- Ulei Cmty Meit laik Is Ukn U, 1. L. BSOHBIUCOI. (^akhr. $l ,200i000 Kivc at that tlinc will bo contributed to the ttui;port of tbcir mitisiouary, Mrs. Barret. Recently becuusc of fail, I UK health, Mrs. Barret waa forced to ili'aro her cbarKC in Slam and return 1 to America. The society has supiwrt- joij her for several years ami this special effort In her behalf is belcj: niudo 111 ob.servancc of tlio approacli- iiig tluic of Thank .sglvlns. • • •> Cheerful Circle. A Kionp of ladies who belong to tlio riiocrfiil (Mrclc. a Sowing cliib, were li'icyis lif .Mrs. A. V. Lcmaslers ye.s- fi-nli'v 'uf;<;rnoon for OIK- of the informal |i;inics wliich Is given at inier (v;ils Ijr iho nieiubf-rs. Kfve o'clock iluui-bi'on was served to these friends, .Mrs. 1>. IJrewcT, ^I^^5. K. C. lleiusberg. iMrs. .1. M. .McCall, .Miss ATarv Rems- herjr. Mrs. C. F. IfildiicT. llrs. O. T. l.afJraniro. C. .M. Cole, Mrs. C. E. Wendoitf •!" •> Issue Wedding Invitations. .Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Sickly today ' sent out inviiaiions for the ;iuarriage 'of thior danglitcr. Ucrtha, to Mr. B. J. nondy. Tho wcilding will bo an .<'voiii of ThaiiksaiviUK day. About .seventy-live jfn*^''''* asked, many of whom an: iiitiuiati: fiiends of tin- family. Several invitationii f.ill iio to friends of the groom in .\f« York city and niiiis;riry. -Sooi&iy Gossip —Fitzgerald, Autu liivi-ry. I'lionr. + •{• • ASPIRATION. If .1 CMn live T". make Bome pale face brigbter and to give A second justere to ttomv tcar-dini- rned eye. Or e'en imiiart One throb of romfori to an iichiuK heart. Or cheer Home way-worn HOU I in palsalug liy: If 1 can lend A strong hand to the rallin. «M- I1<'|I.:I(1 The right nBainst a singh- iiivioiiR strain, I Jly life. thoH;:h ban;. Perhaps of mucli th»t 8ecin<;ih dear and fair To ns of earlIi. will not bi-en fn vnin. The inirest jor. Most near to heaven, far frcni < iirtli s alloy. Is bidding elond to giv*- way to sun and shine: And 'twUl be well If on tliat day of days the angels tell [Of me. She did her best for one of ' ThliS: Helen Hunt .laol^bon. * * • Alta Seta Club. Mrs. & S. Hilscher will entertain the Alia "Seta girls tonight. + • • Miss Doxsee Improving. Miss Beatrice Doxsee who lias boon quite HI for several days is gradually iJnproving. * • • Aid Society. The Aid society of the Clni.stian Churcb iii having a meeting this afternoon. Tbere i^as also a business meeting yesterdar- The society has nuin- erons or ^rs for needlework and ex tTE meetings are being calle<l to com plete them. * * • • Dinner Party. ^ Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Smitli gave a very pretty dinner party ni their lionif. uiio .•iiid iin'-ilmii' niili. f.-i.-t <i;'; I.;i)> I.isr .v. Tli <-ir ,' u -r.- .M:-. V .-.v. I". ]•:. W. ! li. .\l... iiuil Mr.^. «.". II. S:ui:'i ;inil .Mr. JlaiiiJii; 1)1 l<>!;i. I To Chanute. ' .Mr. and .Mr>;. .1. H. Paris ol Larnoil.' who have been visitlii? .Mr. and .Nirs. i r. W, Fitzgerald, have wnc tn CI IH- I nuif. Thiy will vi -^lt .Mrs. I.. IC. (;.ir ! net I tlicnv ' o To Vi'it Daughter. | H<v. \V. II. I'nil'ittuoLl nt I'l-ty fiii iiT. is :< <t <M h'-!^ d'luslili i-. .Mr:'. \V. (). .\lllk•l^oll. - ; ... .;. • .Ti Vi.»it Relative. .Mi.s. KoI'Mimiiiil I 'niiti • sni.-ill da"'.;h;'T. of I !(i!i;irl. Ol .lalioui .i.' an- ]<-'••<• JO .M:. and .Mr.- S. .M ; .Iriinm;;.'^. Sliver Sets • WILL OPEN NOV. 20 WHAT FA!JHIO> 1)K.H\M».S ia Jewelry can be found here Whatever is designed and manuf:i< uut'd In the line of . ~ JEWELHV Is made a iiart of our stock ii'ijiuMii- atdy. "We are especially well stqiplied •with Bracelets, Rings and Fobs cl bandsome design and fine <iualiiy. Visit Aunt. Mi.^s Anna Ingram, of i 'hi!a(t<-i|>)M;< jf yon wouM See tbe vcTv .'alcfet dcsi^jus iu Silvcr Sets, i'.i.. is here to spend several mon'.ii.i; , i ^ • ' i V , . , with h-r aunt, Mrs. H. c. iiiidrbrandi. I you iiave only to Visit our store, wlicrc the choicest of iht Arthur *cro -ich Here. !rcw (lesigiis are displayed. Yon \vilUlnd tlic v .iriefy unue- \ri.>M- cniKii is if .i.- till .-. .siH.ii 'uully p'easing aud that the prices wc ask for visit Willi his IKIVCIUI-. .Mr. iind .Mis.i F. \'. Crouirh. -Mr. Cromli is n)>r'' RontliiK an fllinoit -'couii 'any .iiid in:v- "•li5 ovfr that stale. .SUi :h superb eels aic extremely moderate. When "She" Dons New Gloves. Here is one of the cleverly put paragraphs from this week's installment of Pavid <' Phi!'i|is* new story, "The Fashionable Adventure.-; of .losh- i-a Craig." now running in ihc Saturday Evoiiiiij; Post: I low vastly mori- than cvon tlio normal is ,i man's diaadvantage in :i serious interview with a wonnin if sln' is putting on new gloves? Site is \w'-- foctly free to seem occupied or not, as suits her convenience; and she can. bv wrettling wifli (h<? glovt-s. lu- terrnpt him without speedi, distiael liis utteniion, addle his thongliis. jiivo him a sense of iml>fcile futility, and all the time offer him no ca«s<^ for rcscntuient against her. He himself the wronc: she is nion ly putting on her gloves. * •> •;• Skin and elollies reqniic dittfr.-ni •tm]is lor cleansing, .lap Rose Soap is made for tlie IJalli and Tnilft. Vcnrs Wore re(|niri'd to p<'tf(ri li. K;ik makes II. All d''Hlers si 'll i:. •:• •:• •:• Mrs. Story Here. .Mrs. ./. W. .Story iil l.on<- i;- ,i ^•M<•^.{ 01 i'"• sitjic-i-. Mi.^ .1 !•: I'n.v.'I Whi»t P.irty. yUe:-, I'lara K"||•^( i.--. ••ni'Ti.-ilniii;; licr \Vlii-.i rluli (hl.i afi.'iiH.oii, The Y. M, C. A. Lecture Course Opens With Whitney Male Quartette. T?!!' Y. .\l. ('. .\. cominitiri', in c.inrtM- of li:o lecture roiirse lor this wini 'M-. (Icslios to <:afl Ih"- nriinfion of llie publi?^ to the attractions. Ttie commitl''e lias lalvou great iciins to ;.'jciire talent liiai will plc-jsi- ev<T>- iiue, 'riirougii ,i;li>> Wlilimy Siv.l'- (iitartotte 111" pniroM»i iii.iy hi'.ir l'o!i< s'in!:s. saifred and elas^ieal musle. Uiotnr (^olh'dgo In a vorsatllc orator, bring practical, forceful, liuiiior- iiis and ciiltiiri-il. His "Second Fid- ills." or ".Magic Skin." \,f lirani to l>i' appi'ociati'd. .Miint.Tvill" FlowiT.-i and Frank I »iy- on nc<.d no co«i.nicn'(aiioii as lolai have l:<^ard lliem at tin- ('liauiiui(|ii: leri'. •Scliilkrefs llnui-'arinn (;rch( tra (ante lo (lie Cnited-Htair.i in ISO :nd plavi'.i at many of tii<- most im liortniit eiinccrts of lli;it o<(-asion. .\ !•• s:i!t of llicir effort in W.-isliin;; I'l. 1 >. C., \Uf\ ]da>rii ;it Alice T'or'S 1 self's Wedding. 'I'lie i-oiir .se dcseiM -s :;OIK I patron iigi; to encourage the cnnimittec ir its effort to provide ;i-Jiij;h class oJ entertuinraeul. TIfi; first nuniiier is tin- Wf .iiin .Male i|narleito on FrMay. Noveinljci iwiMilieth. TED' "Ml^omttmmuoum \ Btf SJiieSS DifCCtOf y, rKD— Ton young ladies to so-1 rTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTl WAX lirii suliseripiliins for good reliable niwspaper in Diamond Ring contest, '.'ontesi will be short, ending the day before ('in i.stnias. Diamond ring to piist jriO.i'ii (;asli. Write giving name and address. "K. C." care lola Dally Register. ,TOiC.\ (. noiiDis,».», IMnsIcian and (>urgeoD. Our IlurrcHS. Phone lOS. TO LOAN—$0,000 private money on j • farm land at 6 per cent.—lola Land Co.} • W.VXTKI)—Two young ladies to so- iieit. C. F. J-'Iorence, Rooms lu audj» II,' Kvans Ulock. !• U WANTKD—Ail kinds of second handj* household furniuire.—Tlic Icda Furniture Kxclianije. .V. W. Peck. Prop. Piione "WANTED—I'in tetters at Hie Royal f.owiing .-MleA. No boozers or cigar- jttc fiends nocl W'.\NTKI)—F.xjieriencfd cook at 1.', Vortli Jefferson, (he old Warner Cafe. PR. HILDBED CUBTIS • PbysieJan and Swgeon. * Office over BuTeU's Dmg Store ' Office Phone 554. • Residence 214 £2. Jackson * Phone 569. ' DB. ITcJUlLEir, Special attention given to tbe * treatment of all Chronic Diseas- • es and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office over Burreli'i Drug Storw • West MadUon. • * « W.WTICD—To buy a good second jaiid bu.f.^y. Plione Hi;! or JilfC j WANTED—lolu property li^ ^e.\-1 •haiige for aud Jllssouri land, j loldcn West J.aud Co. Office over Iowa Store, loia, Kas. 8ALKS.MBN & AGENTS—$ J 5 $50.0U | • sr week and over can bo made selling » »ew Campaign Niveltiuo from now .ntil election. Sells to Stores, Conn-], y Fairs, Picnics and Private Families. •» '.inipleie line of Bamples, charges pre- |, Phone 6S7. Ret. 701. DB, 0. Ii. COX, Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. 0. U, W. Bldg. • • • • • • • • • • • • a • laid for r.oc. Order toda.v. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO., CO Wabaah Ave. Jhlcago. EMPEROR IS SICK /OLA, HANS' Mo. Par., Saabi Fe uud .V. K. k T. tVulch Inspectors. ladies weie (In cuesis: .Mi:', .loiin De!,-.|.. Jli..-^- j,o:ii.!e n -d.\ .Mr.s. rjr,,. Tlionipcon. .Mr.-. II. How land. .\lrs. r. Travis. Mis. Ceoij;.. Det'lnle, .Mr;. Coi. l.anyoii. .Mr-, foe .UiKltiley .uwl .Mi.i. .lolin WoiMl, N^IELBROS. Dinner and Whist Party. .^Ir. .-Mid .Mrs. L. I,. .\o;iiiiiii» • r- laiiied bixtei .-ii friends at diiiiKr and cards last evi'^ at tbejr lumtlsoine nsidei.!!'.' on Ka .^t siiee;. Tiie j;i :(sl;'ic nieieber.s of liie Orlsiiial Wliiii <Jnl) :iLil (ire\ioiis the cu.-d •^••.''^•••f. jail t l .i !.(ii ;i;e liiiiii. I- n.-i; M r\. i!. tiful lJO(|Uei.-( of gold aiKl wiiiif chry:-- anlhemum.s wen- in eridenco i ;i t .'ie narlors aud the dining rouiii was also beautiful with tbe same decorations. Tl ose who wi re there wiTo .Mr. and -Mrs. .r. A. Wli.ebr. Mis. and .Mr.-. T. S. SioMr. .Mr. and .Mia. F. E. Smith. Mr. f.Tul .M'-. F. .1. Il'irion. .Mr. and -M.S. I). V. Nortiiruii. Mr. an i .Mrs. C. iJ. Spf-ncf r. Mr. and Mr .s. ./. I>. ,Mit- tlebacli. •:• •:• » Home for Thanksgiving. Miss ZiH! Atcliison. who recently wi-ut to Denver in company with Mrs. Sena AVallaee. who is* engaged in \V. C. T. U. work, has written tliat lier lecture work will allow l-rr to In- in iol.i on Tiiaiiks;;iviiig da\. .Mi .>s .\t- chii-oii was very niticli inlorebfed fn lie ns>i >ris given br -fore till- National 0 {;iiv«Mitioii reeently held in Denver \:\v\ L 'ives an appro.vimat",- e.iijmate iii.e tilousaiid in Kpcuking of the |e}:,ii(8 wlio were tliere. Mrs. Wul- liK-e and Miss .Vtclilsoii are now work-] W. C. T. U. Meetmcj. ;i ;g in Wosli rii Kansas and some ofi The Wonian'.s Cliri 'iian 'I't-miM^r- till tr most effeclivf work \» done lie-jnnce niiioii will ineel loinoirinv atli-r- loie audieiicis T )f pupils in the public! noon ai Hie resi looin-. Tlie most S I lioi Is. ] inj|>iii laiil fiatuie of ilie afti nioon V V j will I .e tlie < iection of a president to For Mi.'^. Aried Funkbouser. I llll ti.f olllii v;;'.it(,i \\,ei. .Mis. IC. 1''. .Mr- .Inloi {••iiiililioii-er is enleri ;iin-j .\rnol'! v -i-in d ;/•: ii l.ij-r^ i ,iim!.'.i ol Irieuds' Ibis af-| •:• •> v till, ,-.,11 for . M I:- ,\ ried Fiinlcboiisrr.' Week of StU-Dciilal .ihor. iit;irri.-i ::e oceii /r'il line Heej. J };i )i |.aviii society of (tJie I' ago. - j I 're'-lA l»i Ijiii <'liiiri:h bus set apalt Mv II • dn.<>. be ;;inniii:; next Sunday, lor .1 |M to i of The mone.v Mrs. ... ... ,,. From Culciadu Springe. It. J. .Nltiddo .x. of Colorado .^•,11 il--s. ,'iere i(, visit re';ilives. Sli<; is a giie.-,t of .Mis. ('. Xewton. ::IT N'oi-ih Wasi!iM"j;'i>ii aveipie •> .'• Business Meeting. Tie re \v;i-; a liusiiiess nieetjn;,- tiii.i iin; ::.!i:..; fi.r il.' .-i.i-.iUary of ilie V.\\{A- <-oiial eliuicli., Daitgliiirs of liie King. Tlie 'mi-inlieri met at the boiiie of -Mrs .r. S. StjOyi'T on .Vortli Cottonwood street. S«!Vi <ral idans for charity work W".'re u<'cideii niion and other liusinoss arrange.]. I * .'. •% PrisEilla Club. T'ue lir.-i pa iv of tie- fail for ttio i'l -jsrilla eliili was given vesterdOLV afternoon at the bomo of Mrs. A. C. Thompson, PUS North Sycamore street. Jlrs. Thouipsoij was assisted by 51 rs. \V. H. Porter and delicious refreshments were served after the hour with needlework. The rooms, were beautiful with boquets of chrys-j anthimums, jiink and while. Those whie 'i tlie iiieinli'-rs will arrange >lo People of China Fear Their Ruler is in Dangerous Condition.—Won't Have Western Physician. Peking; Cliina. .Nov. J-J. - It is tlie loisensiis of opinion in PoUiii:; lliaf he Emperor of Cliiiia is very sick today, and it Is reported tliat I.e still siiikiii.:;. He will not ncceiit west- •lii medical attention. NSTIPm • r ii:u" ? -ai. ^ • 11^' Tf\ V, 1)? thrc'ii • cou •II .1'-I «!:;i:rt'-thU liiiirt l.n.! i«. t:;Ur un • II - I r n:iiJ -.a^fr ' iv- cv - •- L' I h"'i-. l*-' »• ;»T ti'.ii •h.i- V'-\-\ . ir-M-tiv- I 'a-'-ii'-t.. if,.I \ •.:;»>• I Mi-i li \\'-'-\ ii>»ii t.,., J,;. I »;t..:r.lA i I t .l-l llM-- T >• W ;i \ HU« rMi.l l'-' I 1 ,.IT »V' i ..,•) fif - iixri nil tl .tL - )M <-rti!iii:. Vf>u • It.IS ill t« <•! iiT'TiTi:! i.iiiri*i.ii» -" I;, r. n ii» r, i -\aiiuk->. ill 5c&t for .•II t- c*HOv c*TK*anc .1 n.c.'ooi "I • 'I'tf ;*-r»iii'.' t I'.l. •. S'ltrlinR K-i"r.jy Co.. Vifii-w or U.Y. ftr We are Showring tHe Finest Line of Bracelets ever showi! in Tola. We would be pleaiied at any time to have you look them over. X W. (k >ffey ( BP Son Special Sale of ROCKERS, RLQI»,L4CC CURTAINS^, P0RTIER8 at SLEEPER & SON Po$toffkc Block AVA.NTICD—Young men ro prepare for ciJiiiing examination for Kallway .Mail and oilier Coveriiinent Positions. Superior instriiclioii by .Mail.. K:itab- lished IS .w-;ir--. Tliutisaiids of successful ; lii>!i:ii's. .Snliipie iiueslioiis and "liiiv. Cuv't I'ositions are Se- •uiid" :;ent free. Inler-Stat'.' Si:hool:^ Jl'l la. Ave.. Cedar Kapiils, Iowa. Omc3 Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 401 ^ DR. R. 0. CHRISTIIK ' FbyMlcian an4 Siirge«a " Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. * • • • W.N.S'TKD—Information regardiii:; a ^'Ood f.iriii or business for sale: not pni 'i<:uiar aljimi. locaiiun; wish to h",-!r fioiii livelier only, wliu will .cf-l! direet to b 'l .vor: uive • •• t-• •' tioii and sta'c uhea ]>• Iiad. .Vddrcss L. Darto . . Kochester. N. Y, F. U, XABTDT, • Surgery rnd DIseaaei of * Women. • Office and Residence Phone 576 * Office 7 North Jefteraon. * • • • • • • • JEWELRS. D. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler •10 Rant street. Lodge Dtfectory KNIGHTS OF PITHIAEL—Neoah* •dge No. 43 meets ererjr Mondv Sht at K. of P. Hall. Vlsftlng bi* , I hers Invited. "W. S. Thompson. B. C Chris Ritter. K. of R. and S. ron SALE CHEAP—Six 2 -room lioiise.5 well Imi.t. or will trade. In- euiro. luneli nMiiii. 101 .\orth Wasb- iiiRton. FOR SALE—.\ llL'-acre fruit and truck fanii. 1' miles ijortli of Gas City, flood lioltiini Ia:id. .\ W. .McWilliams, Ca.'i City. R.-U. 1. FOU SAi.,E Oil TUAI>E-;(;oud property, dote iu. Call JIO \Vest .Monroe. VOli KH.VT—House. Imiuire 208 \'or'b' Hiiclvcje. FOR EXOHARBE Si.\ ('ie ;u- 7.U Harpo residences $7000 ind $:;ouO. Cash for merehundlso or rin. W. O. Lenhart. lola. Kn?. ooooooooooooooooo O i;.\perlcnccil Aucllonrer. O ^ To fiet aeipiainti'd with the O piiblie 1 will !>eli all public sales O fn.e oi iharge listed before Jan. O O I. I9ii:i. Keferpnee ftiriiishrd from O iliose for whom I have solih Sat- O isfac-.tlmi ;:iiaranleed. Craduate O of .M'iss.iinri And ion School, O Tolephono S.'JS. O E. E. VICKEK.S. O AW E»yt St.. lola, Kans. O 00000000«/00000000 KMGHTS OF KACCABESS^ Knights of Maccabees of th« Worl# meets in K. P. Hall, second and foort* Saturday nights st each month. J W. Postwalt. commander; K. B. POr ter. record keeper. W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meets te K. of P. Hall every Friday night W T. Steele, C. C. A. H. Davis, Clsf* Visitors cordially Invited. M. W. A^The M. W. A. Lodc* meets every Friday night In H. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. F. O, Coffield, V. C, •yy. A. Cowan. Clerk. _ ROYAL KEIGHBOBS^Iola Caa^ No. Stia. Royal Neighbors, meets M» ond and fourth Tuesdays ol eatf month. Mrs. F. A. 'Wagner, oraels .Mrs. Mary Huttoa, 413 West St«^ Recorder. FBATERML BBOTHEBHOlOD.-' Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meeti* second and fourth Thursday of eso^ month in A. O. U. W, Hall. VlsltlBf members cordially invited. W. H. A> derson, precldent; Golda Elam, tary. feoeml CoBtractor. flagstone and Cement Sidewalks ain4 Garbing a Specialty. Offlcs lis Eftst Jaekioa kr9. Vhmt m OUR TELEPHONE s constantly ringing laese days. Sep> ember, you know. Is the time to have he .summer dast cleaned out of car- lets. \Vc are busy, but your order will ecelve prompt and careful attention, bone us today. iOLA RUG FACTORY Birthday Party, A party of little folks was entertained at the home of ilr. and Mrs. Fred Grcin last evtmini; in honor of their I daughter, Helen's eighth i Til*" rooms were prettily decorated with autiinm leaves and clirvoanthe- mums. Mrs. Delaplain assisted the hostess in entertaining. Games were played throughout the ovening, after wbieh « dainty luncheon was served. Many pretty presents wen- received. Ti .oHO present were Adalene- Lyons, Ixiuise l^jiisier, Chester and Daisy Fani;her, Helen and .launlta I>ay. Stel- ' la Hiigpins, .VoMie Davis, Lola Whealon, IU>bert Thomson. Melvlb Bums. Frances Anderson, Floyd and Nellie Civen, Fern and Otto Mayers, Huth liroughtou, Ruth and Bessie Dcla- Dl .iln, Viola and Katherine Swain, ^v »h Adams, Helen and GenlvI)Bve dreen. ' Real Estate, Insurance city and Farm Loans Low Rate. Annual Interest. I'ayinents received at any time without notice, and Interest ceases on amoimt paid. Long or Short Time Loans. Cunningham & Arnett If you are contemplating the erection of a monument or tablet, cull and .',ee our new and up-to-date stock of Foreign and American Granites. We carry the be.^t that can be obtained on tiie market. Our shop is equipiied with a new compressed air lettering machine for lettering and tracing. Our prices arc tlie very lowest for first class work. Call and see us and get prices. We want your business. J.CCOFPIlLD&SdN PhonellSS. m -WoH at

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