Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1908
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^1 •vt* Th0 Rm^lmimr Hmm ibm GiroittmUma tm AUmm fmty of Aiur It&^m VOLOI£ XLM'XBEB 1«. SIX riGKS. SIX F10E8. GAS SUPPLY IS 0. K. Bin CITY OFiitlALS WHO VISIT THIS SECTIOX AUE- SATISFIED. THE TROUBLE IS IN K. C. FOR QUIET CUBAN ELECTIONS. Governor Magoon Issued a Proclama' tlon to the People of the Island. DISTBIBITIX; SYSTEM TIIEBE AT FAULT SAVS K. f. tOl"XCIL5LV>. Says Enougli (•«!> in KansUM Fkid to Last K. C. Twenty Years)—Spet-bil Thrvnirh Heri> Ve»terduy. Tlio tiiMj^iur iiaiu.; bearing ilie olfic- iulh of St. Joe, Mu., uud t'.io two Kaii- 8I1M cltloB iuK«llior with the oFficlalti of ilio KiiiiftutJ .Vuiunil coiiipuii.v. who Luvo bi'i'U tourlnj; tho ku» floIdK In tlilH Boctioii with u view of abcurtniu* iiiK tlio KUb hui)|<iy and the traiu)>orta- iloii facllltiuK, (lUHHed lhrout;h lolu ov- vr the Biinia IV jeRiordiiy ufiernuun lit liao o'clock. The train lundo only ii fliort «to|) lien'. The iHiny visited the iSclpio, I'ei fo­ lia and Onihiiin puiniiinB statloiitt. The h'HuII of the liiveaiiiyutlon seeiua to be tliat tlie party Is natlsflcd with the supply of Has uiidineaiis of traiisiwr- talloii but ihinit tlie trouble is with the dislribuiiuK nyistein In Kajiiias City. Tlie Kausas City Times says: An iuvcsiigatlon of tlie system for distributing natural j,'as within Kan- .sas City Is on the programme. Tills is the result of a trip of investigation made to the sjas fields by Mayor Crittenden and members of the utilities coniinisBion, tpgciher witii similar officials from Kansas City, Kas.. and St. Joseph. There is now a disposiiion to pass the blame along for the occasional 1ap&:'es ill the matter of an adequate supply of gas in Kansus City. Mo. Various reasons for the shortage were assigned last winter with the burden of the blame on llie Kans-as Xatiiral Gas company, the corporation that controls the gas and pumps It to Kansas City. TTiis comi)auy has made an in creaseof 10 per cent in its capacity Tor ostrvflTnei the gas slBce last wimer. but with the f:-st cold snap three weeks ago uuiuiiin leaves got in the intake in t'he pumping stoiion at .Seipio and for a few hours ihere was a sbortase. But now it is a different story. That the company hai an ade(iualc supply of gas and adetiuate facilitie.-; for its ti-ansportalion to Kansas' City is the oiiliiion e.\|ireHsed by Mayor Crittenden. II W. Hayes and John J. Ureen of the utititit-s comniission. I. K. liernheinier. another member, is .satisfied as to rlie facilities provided for transporting ilie gas. but says that he prefers to rely uijon the judgmi-iii of the men who have built this s.vsiein for au opinion as to the limit of the supply ^f'natural gus for future eon- Kumplioli. Mr. HaycB. eluiiriiiaii of tiie ulilitios comniiflHion. mild ypsierday In lijilependeiiee: "When wojeturn liome I am jiolnj,' lo «ii;:p'.sr thai we niake an Imiuiry into Ihe lix-al dittribiiiiii;! bvetem at Kansas City. The nysuiii may need revision in some places and extensions and other bcttennints ilial win give tho city the Bervlce that It - )ieedt> when these occasional shortages come." "There Is enough ^as in iliese fields that we visited." said John J. Green, "to ;;upply Kansas City for twenty or more years. The field ia as yet comparatively untouched. The transixjrta lion is as complete as capital and money can make. It is adeijuate. If the local distributing conipanv can take the gas at the city limits and distribute it effectually there need be no alarm of a gas lamine in Kansas City." "I am .satisfied." said .\. 1'. Clay- tun, mayor of St. Jo£epli. "that the uumpiug system is all riglil. I am go ing home and stir ui) the local gas company and see if the dislributius: service in our town can be put in that the gas can be effectually handled." ^ The party returned to Kansas City lest niglit. TO MEET IN TOPEKA Bishops of American Churches Are !^ Attending the Annual Meeting. .. Topeka. Xov. 12.—^Jlauy of the most noted bisJiops of tlie Methodist fhurcli in tie world are gathered in Toj)eka for a five tlays* annual session of the board of home missions and church extensions. Twentr-«Ight arrived on a special train today from Ivaiisas City. During the day a business l>ess- ion will l*e held. FIRST SUB-ZERO WEATHER. Temperature From 2 to 6 Below at Northwestern Points. til. Paul. Nov. 12.— The first sulj- zero temperature of the seaaou was shown on the weather map today, when Lander. Wyo.. reported a mlul: mum of 6 degrees below, and Yellowstone park, which is also at a high elevation, reported 4 below. North of the boundary the coldest temperature at Calgary, Alberta, where the iliiercury registered 2 below. Havana. Xov. ll*.—Governor ila- goon issued today a proclamation to the people of Cuba, which in part Is as follows: "The orderly aiVI Iionest conduct of elections is the highest proof a nation can give of its capacity for rc- imbllcan self government. It Is confidently e.\i)ected that the higli standard attained in the elections of Augusi will likewise characterize the elections of Xov.cmIxT H. "All offlclals. n.-itional. provincial and municipal, are hereliy admonished to observe ll:e strictest Impartiality between thr» conteiidin'.; warties and candidates." From a'l sections of the Island come reports inJicat ing fraiiguil couditionh. FIGHTING NEW LAW UNIFORM BILL OF LADING NOT YET IN USE IN lOLA. Small Shippers See Breakers Ahsad of Them.—What the Law Now Provides. POWDER EXPLODED GL-iZIXJ UUl'SE OF KAASAS tITY I'OWDEi: lYOBKS BLOWN n».' ONE DEAD AND 35 INJURED E.\(;i>EEB OF PLANT KILLED— ONLY ONE JIAN IN BIILDING. Korre of Esploitlon Broke >Vlndv«r!< in Coarhes of Train Two BlorkH Away Cause of Accident I'nknoim. The small shippers of Kansas are making sucli a vigorous protest against the use of the uniform bill of lading that, thousli the bill of lading was approved by the Intei-state commerce commission. It has not been put into use. At leas-t. not in tlic lola railway freight stations. "We have not received authority to use the uniform bill of lading." 'a railroad man .said this morning, though we know that it has been ado |ited. From the vigorous fight being made upon Ir bv the small shipper it is hard to tell wbeu it "nill be put into use hero." Tlie te.vt of the law governing the matter follows: •.Vo. 27. Clas-: .\--Ji^cli j>ackagc. <iun (llc or iiiece of less than oar load freight uiiisi be plainly and indelibly niurUed. sliowing the name of the ooii .si.unee, and tho name of the station, town or city and state to which de-stitied. •Xote—Pasted labels. «>•• .s-cuicly Casteued cloth lined, metal or leather tags, may be •ii .-:etl. when cliaracter of freielit prevents luarlcing as required. ••B—Old onark."! must be removed or effaced before packages, bundles or pieces will be accepted for tranr-por- tation. '('—Wiieii frcigiii is eiinsi^iied to a place not located on the lino of ;i railroacl. ea-h pneknge. bnn <ll'- «:• piece must b>' marked with the name of tli<' slati (/ii at which tlie consignee will a<-ci -|»t ilelivcry, or if desliiietl u) plac readied bv a water line, the ii .-uoe of the rdilroad Ktntlon at wiiic .'i ilelivery i.s to be uiadi- to such water line 111 list he niarlied on eaeh packase, buijille or pieei'. •|>—Kri 'iglit not niarke.J .loconlliig to tiK 'se regulieuients will be rated Oil'- elash hlglier. •H-Krt'lglit eonsjmieii m u pjui -e of which (Inie ar>' i«o or more of the sani" name in the same Klate, iiiiist liuv<' Ilie name of ti.e eoiint\' niHrkeil on eacti package, bundle or pU;eo, and ••ilso shown on tin- shippiiK; receipt." In the new system of shipping, wliieli v.ill lie seen in tho attached copy of the law. till good.s shi|iped must !'•• marked in an indelllhle manner, or witii a marking iiot and brush ami thi:-; iloes away with the pencil marking, shipping tags. etc. There are also directions in the now whicli affect the >de:jtinalioii, cily, ;:oiinty. state. el<». Tlien- are many readers of tin; Keg- ister who will sliip goods to various iK)ints. ami this article is published for their iirotectlon. The new law lirovides that if goodu are not jirop- erl> marked to go into the class to wtich they lesltlmately belong, they will go into the next class higher, thus entailinjc additional expense. Wall Affect Rate. For instance, an loin resident wishes to .'^liip hiri household ^oodK to Kansas City. If they are marktxl in ac- cordaiiee with the new law, they will go at the rate of say. for iliustia lion, forty-nine cents per hunired. If they are i!<»t .so marked they are put in the next c!a <s higher, and tho tariff on them will be say seventy-three and a half cont.< per hundred. The small shippers say tliat the a-lnption of the uniform bill of lading will cause them much exlni trouble aiuf expense and serve no particular purpose. The o|)i>osIte contention is made by the railways. , Kansas City, .Vov. 12.—A terrific explosion In the glazing house of the Bxcelslor Powder company at Ilalmos Park, ten inilcs south of Kaiisus City, thlH uiornhiK caused coDsldoniblo proiarty dumnge and rittulted in th(> death of one man and Injuries to Ihlr- t>-nvo oilicra, one seriously. The dead: licrnian Kline, the en- Kliicer In tho glozItiK house. Seriously hurt: Mrs. J. 1). .McDuiio- ouph, of Ft. Scott. Knij.. wife of the Kansaa Cily Southern solicitor: in- Juiies inieriinl. Broke U 'lndOHH of Train. The Kansas Citv Southern passenger train inbound for Kansas City was stiujdiiig on the trucks two blocks distant from the powder works when the explosion occurred. The windows of the coaches were blown in and some passengers were slightly hurt. Knglnecr Kline was the only iH ;rson In the glazing house at the time of the explosion. Tie was instantly killed, and no one can say how the explosion occurred. The glazing house .and two other small buildiiigs were deiuolish- ed. The main plant, several blocks away, was not damaged. The total proi)erty damage will not exceed twenty-five thousand doilars. The in- Jurico of the iKissengeiR and niembeirs of the crow of the train were so slight that oiiiv two remained at the hospitals in Kansas City after being taken to those Jnstlutions. These were Mrs. .McUoui«ough whose injuries are uoi Considered fatal, and Hrs. Ellen Stilt wiso will probably be able to , THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Fair and continued «ooi tonigh't and Friday. Data recorded at local | office, U. S. Weather Bureau yesterday, today and a year ago: , Yesterday Yr. ago 2 p. m 3:« 29 •1 p. m 37 6 p. m .ffi 8 p. m. 29 10 p. m 27 Mnzimum temi»eraturo Minimum temi>erature ... 27 Precipitation, 7 p. m. ... T Today 2 a. m. .. • • • 4 a. m G a. m 8 a. m. ..... 10 tt. m. 12 noon Precipitation. 7 a. m. 20 21 20 32 ;!.•{ 0 30 2!t 2!< 28 31 lit T Yr. ago 27 20 2."i 24 2S 31 U WILL DIE IN A MINE 150 HINEBS ENTOMED LN A SH.VJfT IN GEBX.iNY. FIRE DAMP EXPLODED SUES FOR $10,000 MRS. KATE BAILEY SUES THE PRIME WESTERN SPELTER CO. She Would Recover for Lois of Husband, Richard Bailey, Who Met Death Lan August. .Vlluging lliai her liusbaud. Uicliard Bailey, met death in the machinery of tlie Prime Western Spelter Company of this cily through no fault of his own but through the neglect of the company, -Mrs. Katie Bailey today brought an action in district court to recover $10,000 damages. Keaderc of the Register will remember the circumstances of ' the death of Callc.v. Wiile'in the emp'oy of the spelter company he fell in tl:e machinery at the plant and received injuries from whioh he died shortly afterward. He left a wife and two minor children and at the time of his death was drawing $2 per day for hoveling coal for the company. According to the petition it was Bailey's duty to shovel coal into a hopper, the ctKil tlien running through a set of targe iron rollers where it H crusiied and made ready for use iu BODIES OF TWENTY-SEVEN VICTIMS ilAVE BEEN KECOVEKEl). Some of lieu May Be Be<>cned, But the Large Nambor In Peril .Vay Meet Horrible DfflUi. Ilauini. Weal I'hiladelphia. Gcr- inan.v, Nov, 12.—An explosion of tire dufni) In the ftadbud mine tliis morning will probabiy rouult in u bcavy loss of life. Already twetity-scvon bodies huvo been brought to the sur- faro Ruti three hundred men uro still under ground In grave peril. Four liiindred were working lu the pit ut the time of the dlsasitr. About hcv- eniy weie brouglit to the surfatK, a niujcrity of whom were injured. One died, and a hundred and fifty men are in fciiaft number two and it Is believed all are doomed. NOT AN OFFICIAL DINNER. Statement From the Whits House Concerning the President's Labor Guests. leave the ho.spitai during the daj-. Thelthe furnaces. The rollers are run nr "belts and iiulleys propelled by bteam. .\n elevator spout is attached to the hopper. Mr.s. bailey sets ui> in the petition that on the 24th of Angust. 1908. her others injitrf-d were: .Mrs. It. W. llowe, of Indianol.i. Okla.. face cut ljy glas.s. .Mrs. Kthel Schniuer. of Stanbery, .Mo., forehead and arms oui. Mr.s. Sclinitzer's one-year-old baby was s.igiitly cut. Iludivle'j.v. of Peculiar. Mo., .qiass in eyes. ,l«>hn V»'. Oinne.v. Xeo.sho, .Mo., and loitr .vear old son. .lay. sliglit cuts. .lames Foster. Pittsburg. 'Kas., en L'ineer. face ciil. Fireman Pepper. Pittsburg, Ka.'^,, head eiit BROUGHT THREE SUITS. The Aetna Building A Loan Association Would Foreclose. The Anna liuilding and Loan asiio- •siation today filed three suits to foreclose on promissory notes. The flr.,t is illrecieil against K. K. KHIolt, et al, and the ainoiint of the judgment prayed for is $I27.:'"<. Anothi;r is directed against J. U. Johnson, el al. Ihe amount of the jinigment asked lieins: $:>:k>.OU. The third is ngalnst W'. R Hatten and wife. The Ju.igineiit the company asks in this case Is $:!(»>. All of the jiroperly involved U iu Gas City. Washington. Xov. II.—The discussion which has arisen over the dinner which President Roosevelt la to give in the White house next Tuesday to a number of labor leaders brought forth from the executive office of the President today an official statement pointing out that the dinner Is not au official one and de- c'ining to discuss the omission of President Gompers. Vice President O'Counell. Secretary aiorrisou and Treasurer Lcnnou of the American Federation of Labor, from the guest The statement follows: TO HAVE RELAY RACE. A Thanksgiving Day Ruii B «twMn lola and Humboldt Y. M. C. A. Teams. The Young Men's Christian . Associations of the larger cities arc not the only ones who cau have relay races. The Tola and Humboldt associations will have a relay race on the afternoon of Thanksgiving day that is expected to make a record. Thirt.v- six young men, eighteen members of the lola a^ciation and eighteen members of the Humboldt association will compose the relay teams. The start -will be made from the Humboldt Y. M. C A. bui'ding stort- ly after noon and the runners will be relieved each half mile. A banquet will be served after the race. SHOCKS IN MISSOORI ino SLIUliT EAIITligiAKE.S AX SEUALIA TODAY. Nu DiiniaK*^ \Va» Buuc—UJudunD uud Doont IV^'rv Sluikcii. Scdulia, Mo.. Xov. 12.—Two slight earth(|uake shocks were felt here this morning. Windows and doors were violently shaken but no was done. Shocks were also felt ut Ileus- ton, fifteen miles northeast of hero and at LaMote twelve miles west. ' HEARING ON SATURDAY. hus.,and was attending to his duties™n'-^^ George Gillispie is Arrested on Peace Proceeding Charge. t^'orge Gillespie, who lives in tHe east part of the county, will have a hearing Saturday in Judge Potter's court on a peace proceeding charge. The complaining witness is Mrs. Hannah Maule. The defendant rented land from 3Irs. Maule and it is alleged that during a conference over a settlement he made threats. He heard this morning that a warrant was out for him and came iu and gave himself up. i His bond, was - fixed at KEEP THE PMIMI^ BEPUBLICANS WUL CJUSY Olil CAMPAIGN n>EI)€iES. MAYI^MEND THE TAX UW GOOD BOADS PBOPOSraOK TfHiL ALSO BE TAIBir UP. Bank Guaranty Law M «it^Mir -'J>«* blator!>.clcct to W«flr ftar GMi of KsBSMa. l|st. The statement loiiows: .,' "As ti!c statement has been wadepSOi;. lie went to jail this afternoon, that this is an official dinner, it is worth while painting out that it is nothing of the kind. Tito President has on several occasions had various labor leaders, with whom he had been thrown in cont.act. and whose views l-e wished to obtain, at dinner. For this occasion he liad asked a uum at the plant and went to place his lanil iiiKler the elevator to examine the crushed coal as it came out, that lieing a i)art of his work, when in vowi- manurr his hand eaiii-iit in the roller and he was pul'ed down into the hojiper and machinery where he was so badly injured that te died a shart lime afterward. Now Mrs. Bailey •.-harges that the maehinery was not properly ^jiiardeil and tliat the ileatli of her husband was through llm fault of the plant and not tlirough his own. She therefore, tliioimli her attorney. F. .1. O.vler. asks for JlO.DOn damages. liailey at the time of his death was 10 years of age. FOR ( OL. COX .MEETING. A .Horuiuir Ser«ire In .V. E. Cltnrrli and .Meeting In 0>M'ni IIuu*>e. Captain Harry Hutler, conmiaiidiUK the local detachment of the Salvation Corps. i.s compleiiiig arrangements for the visit of Col. lilanrhe Cox and Major Voder to lola on iJecemher 12 and 13. On the iiioruiiig of the loth. Col. Co.\ will lecture lu the Fir;it .Metlio- dist church and in- ihe afternoon a nias.s ujeetliii,' will be held in the Grand iheater. The program for ttie afternoon nieeiiug has not i>eeu arranged. The evenln:i meeting wiit |troi »abIy be hvld in f ne of the large cil.v elinrchet. MAY ADJOURN TONIGHT, CARS LEFT TRACK AMI I'ASSIiMJEKS UEKE JOSTLED ABOIT BIT NOT lU'RT. Train Was RuuniD;; at Siwed of .Miles Per Hour .>Mir Koclicnter, New York. Rochester. N. Y.. Xov. 12.—Tree ears on tlie cast boitnd Twentieth Century Limited, the New York Central's fast- train, wt .ro thrown from the rails at Hiossom Itoad crossing just ea^t oC here early tbis morning, but straiige- !}• enough, not one of ilie many pas- seiigerii who were hurled from' their berths, was badly injured. X broken rail Is faid to have caused the aeei- den;. The trtiin bad attained a s|ieed of iweniy-five in»!e.-5 per lionr when the break eaine. TEN WERE DROWNED UuuHi WhWi Watt Tom lug Ihmt Ma* Wrecked—VIctlmi* Were I'hina- men. Commissioners are Finishing Up Their Work Today, Mr. Were School Mates, anil Mrs. J. if. Coleman, of ernmeut service who are interested in different phases of tiie labor question to come to dinner. Three- fourths of these men are not members of labor organizntion.s.' Six or eight .of them were connected in onfe capacity or another with the work of labor organizations. It would, of course, be absurd to take any notice of anv discussion as to whom should or should not be invited to dinner by tlie prcsldtnt." LIBERTIES FOR A LEPER. John R. Early Cannot Be Deported to the Colony on Molokai. Wnshlneloii. Nov. 12.—The KtricI isolation of .lohu U. 'L'ar'y. the North «'«rolina leper, will Iio broken and he will be permitted to live with bis family. Federal authorities have directed that Early cannot be deported to .Molokai. Hawaiian island.s, where there is a leper colony. He will be kent in the District of Columbia, He will live i:i a small brick house near tte quarantine grounds Wiile he will ^^^^^^^ ^. be under the same roof with Ilia vim-^^^.^^^^ against Taft, the money lly but will not come in contact with' its members. "Tlie welfare of the public and of Karly and his family will be safe- ;:iiarded." declared . Health Officer Woodward, "and Earl.v can cease to be dependent on the District and can stipiiort himself and his wife and child from hir. pension money, ^hicb is ?72 a moutli." worn I ooaijr. I The county oomraissioncrs expect Bloouisburg, Pa., wlio have been vis- to finish tho work of this session this Mns at tlie home of P. W. Awerman. evening. Several complaints about •'etnrned home this afternoon. Mr. excessive taxes were made to the Coleman and .Mr. Amerman were board, tlie most of them coming from "chooimates In Pennsylvania when LaHarpc and lola. There were but *''^-y ^"^""^ Ijoys and this'was really few important mattcra. outside of the ^^^'^f canvass of the returns of the general years;, election, before the board at thhi aess ' Mrs. LeVan is Better. The condition of .Mrs. Margaret Le- Vnti. niotlier of Harry LeVan, manager of the theatre, ia reported much better today. The attendiu? physicians believed thai she is now almost out of dauger. Has Diphtheria. . Ti:e home of Mr. and Mrs. Hall on I South Kentuclcy street, was quarantined today. Their little daughter is suffering from an attack of diphtheria. first uioeling' In twenty-seven ion. buffalo, X. Y., Xo\-. 12.—A gasoline aluuch towing a boat couulniug ten Chinese was. w^recked on the south breakwall early today. The Chinamen were drowned. A Standing Bulletin. The west bound Missouri Paclfiu was one hour late this momlng:.^ Qne tour late kas been the bnlletln at the d9pot for V>» patt tlirefl days. Present Your Bills. The Republican county central Plays -Huinboldt Today. icommittee is trying to close „p the A football team composed of jdajers ' business of the :>ampalgu. The com- from the lola high school went to tfought It had pracUcally ev- Humboldt this afternoon for a game or>th ng dhnwsed of but several peo- wlth the Humboldt high school team. 1''" ^'j^*-*-''" .T'^".J^"'"',, ^*'*J'J^ I committee Is asking that all who hold Away on Business. C. J. McClelland of the lola Glove, Factory returned this aftemon from a business visit in the souiheru part of tho state. latiy bills present them without fail beforo Saturday night. Slower TJuiB L«st Year. The county treasurer says that i>eo- ple are paying their taxes much slower than last year. The most of those who have paid are paying la (all, bow- OTcr. . •> AH parties having bills against 4 •> tiie Republican county central v •ii committee must present them to ^ the committee before Saturday <i> * night. * L. L. NORTHROP. * Chairman. * _ _ + • • • • • * .> •J ^^tem diBCoittau^ QUIT LIQUOR SALES Suiterlntcudent of Stale I>l»peii»«r) of Okhiboipa Bmlgned Position Today. Guthrie. Okla.. Nov. 12.— Robert E. Lozler. state dispensary superluVen- deat. today resigned his ixraition \In view of the defeat of the law at the recent election, ills resignation takes effect as bufjii as accepted by tlie governor, and was accompanied by the resignations of all the subordinate appointive officers and empk >yfB of the agency system. Tbiti niarjts the end of the sute dispensary. The reaignatlon of the state dlat^ea- sary officials was the direct rfsult. of the annoiiucement of Governot- C. N. Uaskell today that when the 'official Tote is declared he will issue »prqc- I lametton declaring the diapenaarr For the Rummage Sale. The members of tho local detachment of the Salvation Army are hard at work collecting articles for their rummage sale which will begin soon. Much assistance is needed in this line though many are responding, llb^ erally. Captain Butler will appreciate all help which can be rendered in Uiis effort. FOR $250,000,000 I 'bM -ed by Builroads Since TaftV Klertiou— Pennsylvania Miney Open Too. Clariiida, Iowa. Xov. 12.—"Tlie greatest period of raiIro.-id extension work thU country ever had iii upon us," declares W, C. Brown, vice president of tho New York Central lines, who Is visiting here, his old home. "The country Is entering upon it period of ^Ten greater prosperity tiian wo have yet known. Tlie moniing after election I sent more tliaii lUO telegrams releasing orders lor railroad supplies and equipment for the New Y'ork Central lines alone, aggregating in coat J31,W)0,000. •I placed these orders some time ago and made each oi-der coutingent on the election of Mr. Taft. because our country believed that should the and commercial markets of the country would be too seriously disturbed to warrant us entering upon anything so extensive. "I can^say positively that other railroads of this country have either already, or will within a few days, release orders like these of onrs that will aggregate ?24O,OOO,0O0 for equip meut and for material that will go into nillroad building, extensions and iuiproveuieuts of rolling stock. "Knougii. orders have been placed with tiie .gigantic steel industries tf this country to keep-tbeui working for a wliole year at their maximum if they should not receive another order. "AU this means just one thing, namely, that the greatest period of railroad estension work we have yet had is upon us." Sharon, Pa.. Nov. 12.—District Manager Robert Xey and W. L. Hayes, of Cleveland, officers of the American Steel Wire company, were; In South Sharon yesterday inspecting the works. It is slated upon relialjle authority that Ihe works will be started liujide of the nixt two weeks. This means that a jwrtiou of the Carnegie steel urill will resume. About 250U men will be affected at lae two works It Iu also stated that the tlu mill will start inside of tho next three weeks. About 1200 men are ejaployed there. Orders werej- Issued yesterday !to put the Atlantic blast niiiwce of the Republic Iron and Steel company iu o|)eratlon at New Castle. It has been idle for about one ycttr. Three hundred men are employ^. The YouugstowD Sheet and Tube Comptuiy annoiwced^tbday that opera- lions will be startedItn the new rod and wire mills at S^rutbera, fat December. Several liuhdred men will be employed. ^ liOBT—On Soutb 'CottoawoQd street, a jpavjc bine kid glore. Retnn^ to E. 0.. care R^tef. The Kausus City Journal^ . today soys: . • - vV;. Topoka. Nov. 12.— That tll«.'IUpBV* llcon legislature propowa to vtmf^ftlt^d t lUu promiiies mado to the-iHMM^fi^l, ; the Republican state pIattbnirl»<iM >i--<^''; donced by tho tone-of tlyr 'ktfifa-;' ,/ now coming Into The JoBraal MmM hero from membenMleot oC botk.ilMlr / Louses. In noarly everjr letter nciMt^ -V' ed Bo far the nember uaudlraHP^^' '' tiouB tho fact that he la tnfliTolt^oC keeping every promlae. '•. The promises made Included the e» actment of laws covering the tHiam* ing subjects: -. ! Flrst-^An appropriation auflteleni' to ascer^aiu the Taluation of'pva|ier>:- ty owned by puBUc sarrtce - corporai* .. tions. • Second—A law providing for-thft.\f control by the state of the issne of an stocks and bonds by pnbUc aerrke corporations and limiting sa^ iMOea ^"'v^ to the value of the property awse^l^ C such corporation. . - ! X Third—Au anti-lobby law. Fourth—The creation of a • refer' \ ence library bureau. • Flftii—The election of tax commiss- iouers and county assessors by dfreet vote, - ' ^ . C Sixth-r-A generous provision.bjr-.fiie legislature for state forestry:^ . Seventh^A law compeUIair an:ca»-.' didates aod.ali commltteea.toi^pBHillb; all contributions aitd'expendltttreaof a political campaigii under -oath ifiih a severe penalty' f<n- its TioIa^qBr. \ Eighth—An act enabling.tbe'vJJifa bankB of Kansas to mutually: untarily guarantee deposits mwjiir'M^ supervision of the bank coaU|l|^|0B> States national banks to participater theralbq^ N'nith—Liberal appropriatidB for larging the operation of the. 4ep«rt- ment of animal husbandry, of-the state agriculttural college. ' ' Senator..Clad Hamilton, of Topeka writes: "I expect In good talth to help carr>- out the RepnbUcan pledg--: es made In the state platform for the enactment of a number of laws. Thar oromise of tho party Is to me - tite same as any other promlae,; I wast cither to carry them oat or eliflgtV» the people a chance to say that m have lied to them, and" If hOTt:. lied to them I shall expect att\af"«nl- fellows to be beaten in •at.eleetfdfl^- hereafter—as they-ooffat to bfc7 v Ifi discussing some needed* Hii4Pdr.v;.'>^ ments to present laws.-JiidfO'Q;^?&->- -t' Buckman, of Wiinfleld, Tepraa «Btat |ro ^:(,J^ from Cowley county- writear- r 'L I would like to see the aaoMc ^or^^ voting so amended botliln>tar.9tf^-'^-'* marv' and general ele^lonfr ^.ttai ^Mr^"! bonest voter will be dIuimiid|ii ^.'-'7 ,->7 *j would like to see/iht ttte'^^'M^ amended that IT' Tlfl' ItI1 1 tiBi*llHiiiii^-; some, and that yalcJTe: may- W'«Mieu| way of knowing^e aetaal-*ilBOf ^an-'^S "J would like to se^ the goo(b^^tiiH^^ ^i^' qnestioh'fully considered, toitkft wE that the farmer may hanl flf ^tihrilS^^ , where he' can only banl t1^•nt^WiLt^i^^ Representative W,'"A^~C3$aeJm^i<;-t.^ ferson county, writea.: f^jtiS >i; --^i ^^^g "I am in favor rf pnmn' rtiwfm.jn road law and I find^the,fen|W> talk it. Just what that OuOlL^^'^P^i cannot say at present. AlaoTftBrat^*^^::, • changeJn the tax taw.: One I to elect the cotmty iUM of being appointed--V-Alaoirill:' some form of a banlt-caaianttt Senator Emerson Carey of; ~ inson. writes: "I am a business mam sltiialai|:Sil ^v Central Kansas, and ahall domr-ntf^v^ best to assist in any legldatl^B 1^^'^^ will be to the interest of fb«~tioiiaifmr>^^-. and farming intereab of thls ^pattl -otyA ' the state. -hv^^' IH] MURDER Ex-Shcrlff Arrcstetf at ' Mixed Uo in Carmack' Nashville. Tenn., Nov. tir-r9<ft»,Qj^. Sharp, ex-sheriff of thte enbptT. arrested hero today, eham* wl» murder and aiding and dbeOtaV'JK the nturder of Senator CvaUMk lai^ Monday afternoon. ' . .;< Real ttUUjfVBiiHm Henry Meyer andBdi*:^ W. F. Owens. Immai-" block 8. Fox's and loU^ and ley'a.-aadJUoi} to, ^ , oration, 13*)^. ' r^%v-S.1',i .-jadg»S/aBi»lt3^ Hon Oavlii Wj^l N«Mi|o PWU.,

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