Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 8, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1907
Page 4
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'jfr-i •The lOU DilLY lEf ISTEI CHABLES F. SCOTT CIRCULATION 4.000. T«-lepbones. Reporters' Room 222 Business Office 18 SCBSCRIPTIOX RATES. By Carrier In lols. Gas City, Lanjon- Tille or La Harpe. One Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One Year 15 .00 By MalL One Year, In advance $4.00 Three Momhs, In advance $1.0<) One Month, In advance 44 THE lOlA BAltJ REfllSTBlt, FMDAT ITRgltft SOYEMBEB fl; 11?- Entered at lola, Kansas, Postoffice, as Second-class Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. OFFICIAL PAPER, CITY OF BASSET. MEMBEB OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tbe lola Oally Register is a member iit tlie Associated Press and Reeelves tlie day repart If tliat irn-ut news or- pinlzatloD for Exclnshe AflernouH Publication lu loia. News of the County STONY POUfT. J Mrs. McBfe is some better at the present. n 'laJI^ Mrs. Roblnsuu is also lietter. Born, .Friday, Novenilier the 1st. to Mr. and -Mrs. Carl Hecltenliable, a ten ]>ound girl. Mrs. Lilli«^ TiJlt?ry and son Hay spent .Monday eveuiug with .Mrs. Kitch miller. : ' -'ji«M>tll Will .SlcFarland and family visited at Jim .Mattocks' Sunday. Will Broughton and family spent Sunday with their daughter's family :ilr. and .Mrs. Carl Heckenliable. Jas. K. Jones and wife. S. 1). Brandenburg and wife and Mrs. Lillie Tll- lery and son. Hay, all took dinner fwith the family of .M. K. Brandenburg Sunday. Tom .Anderson is building him a new barn. -Mrs. .Myrtle .Moore and children went to .Moran Saturday, where they will visit with the family of J. U. Moore until Sunday evening. She will then return to her home in I'arsons. DEER CREEK. Several from this vicinity attended church In' lola Sunday morning and '.'veniui; Mr. Roy Howard and wife .-iiid baby spent Sunday at .Mr. .Mai'tiii's m-ar Colony. .Mr. AI via WIlKon and family vi.slied at Frank Krase '.i Sunday. Mr. J. \V. Huby was oalb-d to Coii- creto IWonday luornin.i; to preach the funeral of .Mr. i.e.-lie. Little Hazel Ixumslicire ba.s the scarlet fever. i> JUtU Mr. William .Murphy ami family Sundayed at 11. \V. Amos'. .Most of the farmers are busy InisU- ing Corn and geiiiuj; re:uly lor ihe winter while tli.- wealher is favorable. PKAIKIK lM).Si;. -Mrs. .Mary Ford spent Friday and Friday nigliJ with her daiif.bter. Mrs. •vnnie Ford and from theiv she went '.o visil another dau^htei. Mis. .Mabel fiUiith and family. Mr. and .Mrs. Hurriss returned lo rheir home in l^Harpe Saturday. (.ioble has been employed as teacher at Prairie Hose in the i<4a<-« of .Miss Howe, who resigned. Robert Rogers and family were .the guests at Lewis Stanley's Sunday. There was no .sch<H>l at (Jrani Friday on account of the death of .Mis« Mccormick's aged .urandfather, .Mr Perkins. Died, at the home of his daimhter, Mrs. F. .Mi-Coraiuk. Tliursda.xs Oct. 31, J. W. iVrkins. ai ;ecl SI ye :irs. 4 montlis and IH da;, s. The funeial ser- fice;; were lieUl at the lioiise Satui'day morning. N<iv. :; at .S::i0. condiu-tcd by Rev. .Me.\rthur. pastor of the Presby- lerian ohuich. The body was shipped on Ihe 111 o'clock jjassenger to Deer- held, .Mo. for burial. .Mr. aiul Mrs. .UcCormlck and daughter. Josie. and William IVrkins. accompanied the remains. .Mr. Perkins has been an invalid for ijuiie a while, and death came ver.T sudden and (leaceful. .Mrs. .McCormack had been In the room niib him for .some time and passed into the kitchen to hee abiiiit suine liak lug In the oveu. Upon leiurnlng to hi.s beilslde she was shocked to and liiln dead. He leave.^ tbree children nine grandclilldren and four r.rial grand children lo mourn his loss Kriies* ami Floyd .Mi'('orma<'k arrived overland from western Kansas lo >,|iend the winter with their parents, ilr and .Mrs. F. K. .Mc('orma<k Jim .Mattock ami wife enteri:iined Will .M.'Farlaiid and family Sundu.v. '.Mrs. Perkins expects lo go to I'ar- tons Wednesday to have her eyes .reaied. This will be her second trip. The many friends of .Mrs. Ira Downs *iil be Horry to hear of her serious illness of peritonitis, ami all hope for ber speedy recovery. Mr. .McCormack is eiij<jying a visit (rom his sister and husband of Kansas City. 1 DISTRICT «0. 3ti. I ^ ,c. J We received the sad news of Willie Olson's death. Mr and .Mrs. F. N. More. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Hake and Mr. and Mrs. Oren Long visited at Ira liomtm'n on Buoday. Miss Hattie Miller returned to ber some from a visit at F. 'S. More'a on Satardajr. Mies Marie returned bome FALL SUITS ARE IN Yours is here. Come in and' see it. Try it on and note the QUALITY and STYLE. You'll be pleased. AU the LATEST PATTERNS; checks, stripes, gray and brown, mixed weaves. Made by CLOTHING EXPERTS. More style and service for your money than any other store can give you. - Kantbcbeat clothes are "SUPERIOR TO TAILOR-MADE." If you want proof of this claim, come in and sec fur yourself. All this store asks is a chance to SHOW YOU. Come and put Kantbcbeat clothes to the test. Overcpats Ready .tie daughter. His brothers and sls- tora'with their families gave them a reception at the home of W. W. Sprague on Saturday.: An elegant dUi- ner was served. AU the families who bad the plea.'inre of being present enjoyed the occasion very much. Mr. and Mrs. Oill. parents of Mrs. I. M. Bower, are here for a several weeks' visit from Boon county, Indiana. The quarterly meeting Sunday even Ing was well attended. Presiding Elder Bernard Kelly was presents-end delivered an excellent sermon. The quarterly conference on Monday morn ing was also very interesting and profltahle. i The teacher and pupils of Diamond school gave an entertainment and box supper Hallowe'en evening and al though the night was dark and the roads heavy, there was quite a number present. The program was well rendered and well appreciated. The young ladies sold their shadows, which were numbered to correspond with the boxes, which brought ont a good deal of fun. The school cleared $L'l which will be used toward the jiurchase of a new organ for the scho<il. HAR.UOW. The People's Store Willi her for a few days' visit. wlio Is sick. -Miss Olga Hansen went to C.'haiiute Quarterly moeiiiig at ilu' ('lia|)el on .Monday. Satui-day nii-'hi and Sumlay were well .Mrs. Kerr and daughter of Savon-• alti'iidcd. Hev. Iteriiard Kelly preach- biirg visited Mrs. Kolierts .Monday. led two splendid seiiiious. Jlr. Wedius' attended the Willie 01- Our m -H -tiiig K 'OWS in Interest son iiineral .Monday. BROXSON. There were a number of conversiu;].'-- .Monday night. FranUlin Smith :iyd family went home with .Mr, Clillwood Sir .iday from church. .\\ri=. Cliff ICastwi.od was on the sick DIA.MOM). f visit list home III .Mr. and .Mrs. Hruce Osborn of lola were the guests of .Mr. and .Mrs.' Kdd | list lasi week. Hampton Saturday night and Sunday.] .Mrs. I.. W. IHg!;iiis drove over to Miss Hurgess came In from .Mlsstjuri I I,allarpe .Moiiday. Sunday afterniMiu for a visit with relatives here. . ^ .Mr. and .Mrs. Oscar Wilson were In I f .Morati Sunday, the gui-sis of lela-j.., j (.Iraiidpa tiregg lias been Mr. and Mr.s. S. O. .Maikham. who,,i„ring the past -.veek a' !h. f<ir several years have resided a few , c u miles north of Bron.son are moving] j." x.' v ickers is .siiedding his barn to town this week. |,),ls week. .\lr Siars of Iji Harpe is Elmer .Vlchols and wile of Irda werei,i„i„^ , I,P .-a, i.ei .ter work. \i..lting Mr. .Nlcluds' parents here on ; s\rs. .1. F. Oiiart > pent a few days St'nJ'*.^ lihe tir;;t of the wiik visiting with her The r.rst number of the leciiire slsi.-r. M.-s, near Klncaid. course was given at U:ipi;.-.i cliurcli| Mrs. II. K. Wyim has been enterlaln- Thiir.sday eveniir.;. .\ ^;<•o.t .-.izediiim i,,., „ioilier. .Mrs. Sliarron. of Kan- crowd was iire.seiii and the entertain-! j;;,s city. al.;o her si.<ter of Wl.sconsin. ment was reported as being veiy . S^OIMI . j,,,, ii,,. |,;,.si week. .Mrs. Tripp and .Miss ItiMli of CasI .|;„.'k .scoii was here frimi near City were visiting r. la live.-, here Sal-• it;,;,iwiii lookiii:; after ilie iiiitn-sis of ur.lav and Sunday. rarm litre, ami vi.siting relatives .lohn Mokers of the iiorili part of our la .-l itein .-i. the cliy in improving llie looks of his; Flor.i Si -riiai;-. of lOlk county residence by putting a new fouiidaticm ;;i,,d little daiiv.bler has been visiting under it. .Willi her sisier .Mrs. .\lb.r: Heal. re. .Miss Sailye l.;inry of <!as City spent • Iv. Sunday with her parents M.UIII of; Kv.-n -l Harper, foruierly of this lo- Ilronson. icaliiy, was here fi-om Colorado the past wee!; isitiiig relatives ,and friends-' lie returned llie lirst of ihe week. .Mrs. A. K. H:!nla :uid little daiigli- 't — •jler. of Humboldt, and .Mrs. I'earl .Mr. Stickney's lost one of their work ; Flack, and dau.uhter. Hazel, siieiit p. hors<;s last Saturday uii-^h' jfew daVs vi-iiiiiig al C. \V. Smith's .Mrs. Hetiie Kills of lliimlioldi Is the hrsi of ilie week, visiting .Mrs. .1. K. Turner this wei-k. | Clia.-; Siiragil- aller an abseiiee nl .1. U. Farmi-r went over i-rirtheas* fourteen, r ;'liii!ied last Saliir- of Isavard Sunday t.» see .\ltif-rt Smith day accompanietl by bis wife and llt- ^ .Mr. .lohn Cornell returned to his lioii'e near Liberty Wednesday after a lev days visit with relatives In this vi.init.v. .'\ii eleven-pound boy was horn to .Mr. and .Mrs. I'ai Heed Thursday. .Miss Sloeldlng. .Mrs. Will Stewart, .Mrs. 1,. .]. Booe, .Mr.s. Kiln Cloud and clilldreii were callers at Frank Booe's Sundav afternoon. .Mrs. (iurley hud a sewing Wednesday and Thursday. .Mr. .Martin f-'oegel ami Pearl .lohnson were imiled in marriage Sun day at noon at the lioiiii! of the bride. They wi.ll make their future home in the Indian Territory. We wisii them much succei'.s aud hapidnes.s in their new home. • The girls heljied the boys In the -ereiiade .Monday evening. The teacher and pupils have their new flag. They raised it .Monday. You wfll x^cogmze AJR buckles* Ariosa Coffee in the cup, any time, by tite taste? That "taste" identifies it as HKTHEL. •i- •:• .Miss Prlsiilla Fitz.slmiiions came out from lola Saturday and relumed Sunday. Frank Brooks and fatiiily visited In HumiioKIt since our last. .\rdlev and Hov Saver sjient Sunday Willi HoKS Saiir at Central avenue. .Mr. Right moved to .Moran. He will work al the new cement jilant. .Mr. Maker will move on the farm vacated by .Mr. Hlght. Hoberi Llndsey made a business trlj) to l.a Harpe Saturday. I. M. Lindsay called on K. W. Saiir s'atu rday. Hick Sataler piirchasid a new wag- in at Humboldt Monday. Kthel Lindsay spent Sunday with Mrs. Henderson. Clifford Saver lost a lior.';e .Moiid:iy. Farmers are getting lu the ("ornllelds. They have more corn than they expectod. However our cribs will hold the new corn crop. .Mr. While ;;old his wheat before, the price Went ilowii. He Is ime of the lucky men. the straight, pure and distinguishes it from the make - believe Mocha and Java, and sundry other misbranded or misnamed imi postures. The improvement m the quality of Ariosa is the natural consequence of our own commercial development, and promises more for the future. Sold in a sealed package only, for your benefit, V -.1 jr.:::.r. c^Oi;., V',;:: c;;;-. (;OLDF:.\ V.VLI.EV. WESLEY CHAPEL. FranUlin Smilii was in our neigh- lorhood .Monday delivering books. Roy liiigan did not go to Parsons IS he expected, but stayed lu lola. He \A a n.'pliew of .Mrs. Don Buchanan of lola. .1. W. (^iiUett and Tony Stewart de- 'Ivereil cattle to Elsmore Monday. Howard Moore. Walter Wood and •larry Bookeu shipped hogs to Kanas City from .Moran Wednesday. Tip Williams went to hila Wedues- lay. .lai-k Boeken il-Iiven-d hogs to Moran Wednesday. .Susie .loiies and .Mi's. Tony Stewart Just Unloading A Car of NEW FURNITURE^ lola FofDitQre Store Look for the Rag. A. W. Beck, Prop. I iiaths III All Kind.s. Kxrlasire Aparimeut fur Ladlr .8 Denicomb Bath fioase and IHioeral Weil (l .r .iiD Feet Deep.) Located at -llh and Scott Ave. , I'ort Scoir. Kansas. This water I'osiiivrlj Cures Hheiiniatism, Kri^bl's Disease, .Stoinacli Trouble and Ague. I'rof. .1. L. lilshop, the most felelirntrd .Massntrist and lljdropath- i .<4t In Ihe Country, in nttendaure giving massage. W'ATEU .SHIPPED I.\ FIVE (o) GALLON UOTTLE.S DXLY. f . DEMOOMB, Prop. Try them for lunch and you will have them for dinner. _ Uneeda Biscuit The most nutritious staple made from wheat. migk In moisture and WVU dust proof packages. %^ NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPAI^ J weni to Humboldt Wednestlay. I Mrs. Wbss Smart went to Klsmore ! \sVdnesday to meet Mrs. Smart's j aunt, .Mrs. .ludge Abhy. A gir! was born Ui .Mr. and .Mi-s. i Frank Halley: a boy at .I^ni Brixik's.' .lohn l.aury and .1. W..0ull."tt were on the Sick list last week. Mrs. Sager attended .Mrs. Rebinan's M'Wing bee. We are glad she can be around. .Mrs. Wtilter Wood stayed with her j sister. .Mrs. Howard .Moore all night W-sdnesilay. | .Mr. (ill'in has niovi-d onto the Roy, Siroffer farm. i F<u'ty pounds of carpet rags were j seweil at .Mrs. Uebman's Wndiu-i^ilay. j \\V are sorry to hear thai .-Vlbert Smith, was sick, and hope he is better i by this time. I .Mrs. Ira Downs is better. She ha.A I been dangerously ill. j .Mrs. W'i'l Diigan was out to see; .Mrs. Downs Wednesday. Mrs. Charles 1Cebtii:in eiilortaiiuil !! number uX friends aud relatives on' W-ediiesday with a s..'wiug bee. .\ din ! ner was serveil. A large crowd was present ami a general gtuMl lime was had. The day was an Ideal one for a Social gathering. CHESCEXT-VALLEY. 1 .Mr. Rose lost a valuable horse last we.-k. .Mr. .1. .1. Wlllenbnrg has a sick cow. tiiisklng corn Is the order of the dav. .Mr;--. J. H. Vrooman Is visiting relatives In Ft. Scott. The friends of .Mr. .Altenieier will be sorr>- to learn that after having a siege of typhoid fever he took a back sef and Is now in bed with sciatic rheumatism. Mr. and Mrs. K. Cunningham and family spent Sunday at .Mr. J. P. Wil- blte's. Miss nolda Simmons is visiting in Channte. .Mr. W. M. Endicotfs sister, .Mrs. Strode of lola, was visiting him last week. Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Cunningham and family visited in lola Sunday. Ur. WrigtU butchered last week. 1. r. HoaviLur, lOLA STATE BANK OAPtTALS12,SOO lOLA, KAMSAS. A. W. Heck, r,. K. llorville. J.,A, Robinson, H. L. llcmlerson, J. II. Campbell, Geo. IS. NichoUsou, Prank Kiddie. He Fought at Getlyshurp. i David Parker, of Fayette, X. Y., who a foot at Cetlysbuig. writes: "Electric Bitters have done me more' good than any medicine I ever took. \ For several years 1 had -stomach trou- '^ bic, and paid out much money for medicine to little purpose, until 1 bn- gan taking IClectric Bitters. 1 woulU i not take $500 for what they have done for me," tJrand tonic for the aged and for female weaknesses. Ureal alterative-and body builder; best of all for lame back and weak kidneys. Guaran* teed by all druggists. 50c. » I

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