Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1908
Page 8
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SPECIAL For Thursday Morning For this sale we have an offering of twenty dozen pairs of dropped patterns in Onyx Hosiery/made by Lord & Taylor, New York. LOT 1. 85c, $1.00 and $1.26 fancy gauze Hose, embroidered and lace patterns, on sale Tliursday morning, 69 Gts, LOT 2. Black and colored gauze weight Hosiery, 66c and 75c quality, on sale 49 cts. SmokelOLABOOSTER Laat ereolDg oh tjie Ro}-al Bowling alleys the KIdlet team defeated the Booster teanf in a series of three games which were the most closely cojitestcd of any games pla}'ed on these al^Ieys this season. Last week the Kldlete wei» defeated by a pick' cd team from tlie two beet clubs In die city by .a margin of 99 phis. This was-a very creditable showing for the young men, considering the years of experience and cool heads of the older bowlers. The defeat of the old heads last evening is' considered a' dis- |-astcr and almost a disgrace in bowl tng circles. Tkjs is especially true of the circle which was. defeated. One member of the Booster team stated this morning that some of his friends in order to increase bis humility were greeting him with some of the strikes and spares which he failed to get. Stover for the Kldlets is credited withi the highest individual ten frame score and also thei highest score in the totals.- Broderson of the Booster team and Dwyer of the Kldlets were tied for the hi^est nnmlier of strikes. These two are each credited with eleven while| Stover is a close second with.ten. Boot took first place in theJionors for spares with 17, Tncker second with! 14 and Mahaney third with 13. The next team match will be played Friday evening by the Booster and lola Portland teams. Following is the lineup and scores of last evening's game: Games KIDLETS 1st 2nd 3rd Final Howard 130 168 m 432 Dw>-er 177 185 141 503 Mahaney 117 142 189 448 Cuinmiugs 149 161 177 487 Stover 148 160 2C0 508 Totals 759 778 841 2378 BOOSTERS 1st 2nd Root 1«Q^ 182 Tucker ....129 152 Broderson 150 184 Arnold ....145 188 Card 163 145 Srd Final 179 491 178 163 112 155 459 49 445 463 RE PERUNA IS USED: Mr. C. Hallock, Antwerp, Ohio, writes: "My daughter, AHie, after taking three bottles of yoor Peruna, U entirely cured of catarrh of the head of two years standing. . • "Wo liavo used Ferona as » general Ionic, as well as for catarrh, and are well pleased with it, and recommend it to anybody who has catarrh. "Anybody wishing any information can write to me." Totals 717 851 787 2355 FILED SEVEN MORE Big PiiMic Sale JUTini; sold mj farm, Ijlug two and vue-half mHev !>uuth uf LaUarpe, Kansa!-. I will ncU at Fobilc Sale my stock and farm Implements, on . ', Nov. 14, 1908 Cattle, 43 ..S Cvws, €onr and fiie je-drn old, i of them with young ralres. ti head of two-tear-uld heifers uiue -niseil calves IhLs season; Ijnlance will come early in the winter. S yearling Heifers I tno-ji'ar>old vlmll, 1 yeariing bull, 1 irodd rearllnir steer. 12 head of cabesrS steers; 4 beifer!>. Hog§, 43 I^^ 6 brood sows, two of them an- full Wood Bnroc, the other three are fall blood O. I. t. 9 Mhoats, -weight 160 lbs. each. 1 Dnrve lioar. one year old. 4 full blood Duroc iifaoats balance early fall pig;*. Horses 1 imy nare, seTen years old in foal, weiicbt 1200 lb»>.; 1 bay iior»c, i >«Tea years old, weight luio lbs.; '1 bay horse, six years old, weight 1200 lbs; 1 bay horse, 3 years bid. extra good single drireri l two> . ilycat'OM fOley, extra good; 1 one-year-old horse colt; 1 la«t hprlng's colt; 1 onc.year.old mare male. Farming Inipleuieiits Tw« wageiw, one low one: two top buggies; one road rart; ONbome binder, te good repair; one I ChamploB mower, one ni;w Vane mower used one season, one Buckeye grain drill [witJi grass seeder at< iMhiMit, one disk barrow, one Ihrce-section harrow, one caltlrator, one double shovel plow, one 14'fieb .^trilklBf plow, one Fer(c«tion fan mill, one com sbelier, two set sing;le bame(>s, foor set doable ha^- -muttf tir* Midles and many articles too numerons to meotloa. irih •cll'fromlO to «0 toH<« of Timothy hay—baled. . TWELTE DOZEX OP FISE ClIICKK-Xh. • . Household Furniture OM orgaa, «•« sewlag nuefalne, one small stand, one iron bed stead wHb springs, one woodea •bet ateai with springs, sanltary;rot. one >iiqall store, one large Bound Oak beater, one washing na- eUae ,.*M kttehea table, one small diolug table, one writing desk, one book case. Hany other «r(ielea iadmuienm* to aentioii. ^M»^A11 Sams of «10 or over a credit of 9 uontbs given, parcbascr givfaig approved note. 8 ^j>«r eeat iaterest from date. 2 i»er rent off for calsh. » Loefc fm«dl M grooads by ^ HE&X8 A DATIS. ^ BliTUIBX^ilKOCJE, AoetioBeer. A. M. WOOD 40H-\ LAlHr, Clerk. PHILIP COBLEXTZ, Trcasorer. Devdit Came Into Recorder's Office "A.PIenty" This Morning—Fifteen Filed Yesterday. At Ml o'clock this niorulng btveu deuds had been filed in the register of deeds office. Yesterday there were fifteen filed during the day. Tlie fol- lowiug deeds filed this morning: }li<rl)ert Shcltoii and wife to Anna Uc-hiriold. UM 6 block 18. Highland place. Coiisldei-ation $900. Ciu-l .1. Peterson and wife to Geo. W. Stewart, of Yates Cuuier. west half lui 3 iiuU :>:! ffct off and along cast ifle of iot I. block 24. Uljoades addl- lioii. Consideration $3500. The lola Crude Oil company to C. F. Trowbridge, of Earltou. beginning at ii |>olnt 696.1 feet webl iind 864.8 foet tomb of northeast cwnier 34-24-19 running Ibeiice west 20S.7 feet, tlience south 50 feet. Ihence eaM 208.7 feet Ihcuce north oO feel to iilace of be ginning. Hallick B. Kicu to J. D. Coruiaii, lot 8, block 2, caKt Mildred addition to lianyouville. La llarpe. Considera tlon $1,000. Lewis B. Hess to K. .M. Porter and W. A. Byerly. of Humboldt, lot 7. and west half lot 8 block 25. Aumboldt. Coubiderajllon 11,000. \V. A. Byerly and wife to L. U. Hess of Humboldt, lot 4. block 1. Wakefield additiou to Humboldt. Consideration $600. Quit claim deed from K. T. Thompson of Toronto,, to E. C. Thompson and J. P. Thompson, lot 0. block 2, in If^dwurds' addition. Could Take No Food. Mr. William F. Burke, 13tw Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., writes: "On the 19th of February, 1901, 1 wa* taken with cramps that extended from just below my throat to the bottom of my stomach. They wore so severe that my wife had to go for a doctor about two o'clock in the morning. "I bod from February until July of that year three doctors, and they were giving me medicine for kidney, liver and bladder troables, and after taking all kinds of their mixtures, in the month of July I could neither eat nor drink. For three weeks 1 had not taken a morsel of food except in a liquid form. At' the end of that time I could not drink milk or water except in small sips, which caused me great pain. "1 had given up all hope of living more than a week or two al mo^t. I told my wife I thoushtl had catarrh of tbo stomach. Sho seemed to think t^o too, and baying road of Peruna 1 decided to give It a trial.' "f took several doses that even ing, and for the ilrst time in w««ks rwtted fairly tlsatulffht. "I kept on Using Peruna as X had smarted, and after using it three days and nights the pains in my ciiest and stomach disappeared, and they have never appeared since, and it will be two years this July." Pe-ru-na Relieved All Symptoms. Mr. J. C. Crumpackor, R.K.I, Kokomo, Jnd., writes: • "I can say that I have notliing to complain of now. I feel well, rest well at night, have a good but moderate appetite, can eat almost any kind of food. "I have no aches or pains anywhere, and can do some kind of work every day. I nmstsay I can stand a^: umcli fatigue as I ever could, and feel good over i(. "TIio hemorrhage hu'i yielded to Peruna, the grip has done tbo same, a« well as pains and aches of all kiudr. "Tlio roaring noise has entirely left my ears and head, my mind Is clear, my recollection good, my bowels are rcgu- ir, and I Just himply feel ea^y ail over. "Tlie euro of my case wa^ surely a victory." Catarrh of Loni Standing. Mr. O. A. Keustroni, 570Seventh St., Ogdea, Utah, wriici-: "1 lako great pleasure in stating to you that.ypar medicine, Peruna, has completely, cured me of a long-sunding case of catarrh. "I had eouiiulted noted doctors without any relief. By persistent urging ot a.friend I commenced the use of your wonderful Peruna with the best of results, and today I highly recommend it to any one suffering from catarrh in any form. "As for myself, I suffered untold agony, but today I feel as spry as any one, with more ambition and confidence in myself than I have enjoyed for years. "AU niy f ric-iidd say 1 look better than ever before, and 1 urge them all to try Peruna, and have sold dozens of bottles witli the greatest of satisfaction. "Y'our Peruna is the greatest tonio and builder for a broken-down c^.nstitn- tion ariiiing from that dreadful disease, catarrh." Some-people prefer to take tablets, rather tliah to take medicine In a fluid form, iiucb people can obtain Peruna iablets. which represent the medicinal ingredients of Peruna; Eacii tablet is •quivaleot to an average dose of Pertuia. PAT CROWE CARRIED A GUN. Famous Kidnapper of Edward Cudahy .Was Convicted and Fined. THREE IN THE CASE Nashville RetidenU Say Third Person is Mixed in Shooting of Ex- Senator Casmack. Naalivllle, Tenn., Nov. 11.—^The ex citcment here over the killing of ex- Senator Carmack, by Robin Cooper on Monday afternoon, is still tbe sole topic in political circles throughout the state. Colonel Cooper baa been remanded back to Jail without bail, charged with murdor. Young Cooper is at tho faospltal. under guard. Tbe friends of Carmack say there was third party with the CoOpera Just before the shooting and intimate sensational developments in a day or two. SUICIDE THE BEST WAY OUT. That ia What a Butler County, Kas., Farmer Ttiougtit. Wichita. Kas., Nov. 11.-©. A. Dickinson, a fanner, fourteen nUes east of Augusta, in Butler county, committed soldde faere this afternoon by BwaUowipc trtiTdmlne. "I b»ve been drinking." he said. Just before 4ie died, "and it aeems impossible for me to sober up. I have been at it for some time. I am ashamed of myself and of my Inability t6 quit, so I tboogbt tbe best way out of it was ^ to oqamlt Bnteide." Four .years ago, Diekerson'a wife die^ and be beg«a drinldiiar-beavfly^ iPrlce.'36 tabfi Chicago. \ov. ll.-^Patrick frowo who- was alk-Ked to have kidnapped Edward Cudahy. son of tho million aire Omaha packer several years ago. pleaded guilty to a charge of can-ying concealed weapons yesterday morning and was fined $25 and costs by Municipal Judge Blake in the Chicago avenue court. Crowe became involved in a flglit in a saloon Saturday night and drew his revolver. He presented a battered appearance in court. Has Position Here. .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Menzle have gone to lola. where Mr. Jlouzie has a position. Jakie will remain here and hold his position in Brotts tinshop. —^Burlhigton Republican. THE DOCTOR'S QCESTIO.Y. Advice Against tbe r >e of Harsh Purgatives and Pbyslc!^. A doctor's first question when consulted by a ))atient is, "are your bow- sis regular?" He knows that ninety- eight per cent ot illness is attended wih inactive bowels and torpid liver This condition jKjisons the system with noxious gases and wasti' matter which naturally accumulate-^ and which must be removed through the bowels before health can be restored. Salts, ordinary pills and cathartics may be truly likened to dynamite. Throngh their harsh, irritatiug action they force a passage through the bowels, causing pain and damage to the delicate intestinal structure which weakens the whole system, and at best only produces temporary relief. The repeated use of such treatments cause chronic irritation of the stom- ich and bowels, hardens tneir tissues, deadens their nerves, stiffens, their muscli^s nnd generally brings about m injurious hubil wlilcb sometimes has fatal results. We have a iwsliive. pleasant and safe remedy for constipation and bow- disorders in general. We are so certain ot its great curative value that wc promise to return the jmrchaser's mouey in every when It fails to produce entire satisfaction. This rem edy is called Rexall Orderlies. We urge you to try them at our entire jsk. Kexall Orderlies are very pleasant to take, they act quietly aud have' a soothing, strengthening. Iieallng lufln- ence on the entire Intestinal tract. They do not purge, gripe, cause nausea, flatulence, excessive looseue{/s diarrhoea or' mher annoying effect, and they may be taken at any time witliout any Inconvenience. Rexall Orderlies, overcome the drug giug. babit ,and cnre constipatioo and all similar ailmenta, whether acute or dironia They are espec&ily good for e1illdrai,Jweak. lupiisona :oir ohi .fOlka. ^ 25 CMta.irol « The real tot is in the baking. Other Baking Poivdcrs may make broad claims, but when it comes to the production of reai delicious biscuit, cakes and pastry CALUMET BAKING POWDER proves its real worth. This is because of Its much greater leavening power and the strict pjirity of its ingredients. It costs only a triile more than the cheap and big can brands and much less tiun the Trust Balung Powders. Rccchred Highest Award Worid's Pnre Food EzpoutioB Cbicago, 1907. FOR DOCTOK SNOW .Uemoriai Services Held at liiiversity of Kansas In La^vrence Ve>- terday. Lawrence. Kas., .Nov. 11.—Mt^morial services for the late Dr. Francis Hunt itigtou Snow, ex-chancellor of tlie University ot Pvansas, who died at a hospital in Wisconsin In Sepicii^ber, were held at 3 o'clock vcrtteidny- afternoon in Fraser hall. The body was brought to L-.iwn-iict; sliortly after tho death aud fununii services were held from the Snow home, but us Chancellor Frauk Strung wanted tho scl'entisis, who were familiar with Dr. Snow and his work, to have a chance to honor liis memory as well as the; alumni aud students to gather for a last tribute to the nieni- orj" of a good man. It was decided to hold memorial services yesterday afternoon. Chancellor Sti-oug i)resided and in behalf of the faculty and regents told of what: Dr. Snow had meant to the University of Kansas. "Uncle Jini- mie" Green spoke on the part of the students; Colonel II. L. Moore of Law rence told of Dr. Snow as a citizen, and his talk was In behalf of tbe town people, and J. Willis Gleed of Topeka paid a tribute to the late Dr. Snow for the alumni. The regents and many of tlie friends of the" late chancellor from over the state were In the crowd that fiUed Rraafr JuUl; LCOMLS. (Kfrst Published. October 14, 1908.) Treasury Department,; Office of the Supervising .•\rchitect, Washington, D. C, October 12.1908.—Sealed Proposals rtill bo received at this office until 3 o'clock p. ni. on the lOfh day of Xo/ember. and tlien opened, for the COD- Uructiou (including plumbing, ga>» !)Iping, heating apparatus, electric condtiits and wiring), of the U. S. Post OfDce at Ipla. Kansas, in accordance with the drawings and specification, copies ot which may be had from the Custodian bf the site at lola. Kaa- ma, or at this .office, at.tbe discretion of tlic Supervising Architect. JAMES KNOX TAYI^R. Supervising Architect. iMrst Published .Nov. 7, 1*908.) NOTICE OF FIVAL ^£TTI£ME>T. The state of Kansas, .Vllen County, ss. In the probate ^ourt in and for said county, in the matter of tbe estate of Orville Williams, Deceased. Creditors aud all other persons interested In the aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I shall ^apply to the Probate Court in and for said County, sitting at tbe Court Honse, la lola. County of Allen. State of Kansas, on the 8th day of December, A. D., 1908, for a full and final settlement of said estate. _ EMMA WILLIAMS, Administrator: of. tbe Estate OrrlUe tt^jllafB. pe^fML^^ /^^

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