Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 8, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1907
Page 3
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\ 0 A Money Saver for Those who want Coats, Fors, New Shirl Waists, Skirls, Warm Underwisar and Dress Goods! Our customers tell us it is a pleasure for them to be able to view this magmficent display of New Fall Merchandise, now in array here- It certainly is a privilege and pleasure for us to show them. Here you will find a representation of all the new things from the foremost producing centers of the world, and as to our usual prices—examples follow: New Fall Models in Women's, Misses' and Chiidren's Coals CHILDREN'S WU MISSKS* (OATS FOR THIS WKKAT >OVEMBKH SAI.K i'M ElPiniDt liiiriiientH for you to ^<•ie4>t fruni, run tit uiiy rhild or ml."'* Ill a Krful Turic'ty 'oi' styles, for iiJtit, itMK «t .U4>. it»^>, itUH), |7wO, tumt, «12 .UU anil iUM. Showing of Waists at Special Prices for this vri-Ht Stnfinhfr Sale. 4!»c, «l.<Hi. i/.iJM. j ^^.m. •H .M. 4a.iHi. ix :,u. iM.dn. up to 7..'.o. lor till* (•'ri'iil VoiciiilnT Suli'. Tin- iltii<itrulIons mil only Inilli-utc tlii' ciianictfr of the stylfs hi Ihi't*- icar- iiifiits. Tlic ifJtiiro nlti<-li make tlifiii of iiiii>i|iinllril north an- the ver> i-x- ii'tlfMt matt-rials ami the skillful al- tflilioii irivcJi-Jo ftt-r> detail of the makiiii; .Uc'can readily assure eter; eronomirul woman that thPNe foat.s will nilbstaud all .roniparlKon nith similar prieed lines. j.*t.iKI. $({J>0, $7.00. »X0(>. f9M. *10.(M», $I2.(M). tlaM, *!16.<Mi, iil7.:.u. ^io.iMi. ti2^\. ti^M aud 400 Elegantly Trimmed Hats •|r.ii;:rrron «c «lll Iiriilif forth a rery inte;isive sJMn^iiitf of new waists. They are all our omi c-hoosiuir. which of itself will iinsHer for the ludiTiduulit) of Uie styles as well as the reaxonahle- ness of the price. The effects are ntnn- ninir and they are to lie had In TaiYela French Messaiine and nets from this extensive showini; you will tind no trouhle in tindiiiir the style or color that meets »our faiicy. For this ii;rent Novemher Sale at special pnV«-s. The demand for Rich- ardsoii 's Milliner} has lieen most eu- coiirairia;.'. Hundreds of new customer< each se :isoii sm' U i surprised at the niiiarkalile values and all so .fairly prired. The efforts we have made to e\cel in tills line are devoted as much to tlie reliability of materials as to tlie lualness and eiYectiveness Ai the sttliv. The designs are from our uorli romii, lie:iijtifully Irimnied "itii t!(i«irs. coijues. feathers and tiic pill.alar feathered effects, a splendid ii.lli -itioii. #l..'.(l. )f2.."><t. sn' M i O, ••iXM, ft.:A) nit to *sJ.',,Oij. Special Values in Underwear. Uoiiii 'ii nlio cliiMise to I'liaipiii'c lliesi lidcs H(i<l .(/fher'< ill »lmi!ar prices »ill readi!> prove to llicir entire satisfaction a fuel alreadv liriiilt estjililisheil amontr liiiiiilreds of women ill lola. iianiely. The lie<-t vteariiiL-' fiest liltini:. low priced iindcniear offered any\viiere al the prices Is at tlii*. store. Ladies (iarmeiit -.'»c, It.'.c, .')(lc. O .'.c. :.-.c. *I.(MI, All wool underv .e :ir sfl.od. up to Children's separate traruients 1."..-. 2<»c. 2 .K% ;5.".c and ,'ii)c. Children's Inlon Suits in all size*, a splendid value, sp^'cial i 'tc. Children's hiirh tirade raion Salt, cream, heavily llccced. our liest finality. .Vk'. Women's Flannelelie Night Dresses, etc. lor (hi- (.'real >OTcmlier Sale, The iliiiiaiiil for tliese Karnients indicates itii iiicrcaslai; appreciation of the it:iritiMi and comfort Ihey afford. Vt e ihf.e iiisl received a Hvw line contain- ii'L' splendid vyilies at .'idc. 7.'>c, .S.'ic, :>i.oa. ?!|.'_':. aud #l..'i«. Great November Sale in Dress Goods, etc :{.;(» hicccs to select from, no old vtiiff: e\cr> new color and weave will i't< ia this irrcat Sale. Special l.»c, 2.>. :;.',c. .^l.iift. iflA:,. il.s:, V.aria itiankcts of every kind from .'0 ceat'> to the liuesf all wool Blanket !;w.".lf. Black Cat Hosiery The Hose that are tmariinteed to Hear l.'.c. 2'ic and .'Oc. Royal Worcester Corsets,;the best In the land- Pictorial Revieiv Patlerns recommended ahove all others. Ask your Dres.s Maker ahuiit them. IIS £ami Madimon Avttnue, RICHARDSON'S •2 €foorm f/^esi Thomp' soit Hoimt, BUSINESS HOLDS UPi The Old Way SAMMY MORRIS IN JAIL. The Couiitrv's Trade Conditions ire '. Better This «e<k Than Ijist. New V.iik. Niiv. >—Tiadr riindi- • Sr-;oiis thriMmh tht- I'niied States Uisrinjj ; I tie past week have shown <(ulle a ; 'narked iini>rovenieiit uvtr thosi- of iln? | .jrecediuB seven day i><?riod. actordInK,; 'o lnforniatii>n received Uy R. (J. Uun 1 it Co.. the issuance of DearinK house, i -.-nifiCates in cotiimiiniiie!' where the' He Was Picked up By Pittsburg Po. liceman Wtiile Drunk. M—B* bMti •orfc—*9 dot* til* "«U tny" ol •ollthlne itovM and stovt plp«. ny the New Way! UM 6«6-4I . .-niucates in cotnm.wuties woere ,ne , R,hine« it»elf, UappliedUkepaint, .irctilation of has bj^e.i re-, not rob. or wSb. offjimUftdi naolication wean monttaa. CLEVER JAP JUGGLER >.trlcted_bas had no apparent effect on 'h«? voliime of tradt- Ks|/ecially i- ihls tnif in the retail I'nes whej.. tji.- ileiiiatid Keiierally has lieen steady and of Incrt-asliiK volniiie as the Hcasoii a<f- vanced. Tlie iiiiif of the Inconiiiia weekly r>>- iMiris is o:ie "f ht-altliy itidiiKlrlal and tliianclal .undl-ions in ev.-ry .-,.(tlon -ii,,. n,.||p „, j„,,a„" ( j,rrl,.d a line heard from np m last ni^'hi. In sonif Specialh. :n.stan<»'s thf-r*- is a tendency to act , upon a conservativff basis in placing of .lapan." C, llarr,- lieavy orders for f.itnre delivery and KldonV co dv drama. |,!t-asH.l ,, it.i, thfs c< IS counse U-d l.y the Jo!.- hou.-e at the (/rand l;isr nl«h/ The ii»Ts themselves, who. bavini; the sitn- ;itliin wel! in hand. ai<' aiixions 'liit liie trade shall i)uiV'» loivan! on ilif M»iind»-s! I'ossiMe foorijii;. Few Past Hue Accounts. One of fh<- most -^Li.iViiy'mn f.-iitiir.-.- j!i»-ee has some v-rv <-oinmi-;i(l:<lil>.- ffa''i.••>•.., aiid d'-si-rvfi) a l>e!;er hon-e. As ;;ie iiaWi- SM^nt-sls lli" sn-nt- i.- laid ::i ./apati i^lis of the adv•.•.'( i.; Aii!<:ricu!l tourist.-, \:\ .!;i|i'jn. 1 l;i sr.i,-and scfiiie t-'lU-vx- vv:.- .,r the week-s reports from 'h,. pnn- .,„,.,-,;],riate and l.ejn-ifn; .• trade center, is that the jol.bers ^j,^ ccnK-dv is f;irni.shed ,arj:el;. l.v aer carryinjr tewer |msi dite ,\mcri.:::i kodak ..neat whose alii, on their b<ioks than for nianv years ,„,,„,,^ .-, ..,.„,,.,- oi ntneh inn. The in the iron marKeTs there is^ a te;.- characters wt-re true t., theii dency to siipp]> imm»-diate needs only. (,;,rm but the price of ,he motal holds pood ' vl ^^Xy^^^,^ ,he feature of the pi..- is Biisiness fa.lnres tor the week have Japanese j.l«jrk-r .arried l.v -he shown no appreciable mcreise over eon.panv His work was <er-.inlv those of fotjr weeks past, the pcrcen- ^j^j.^^ and he won and held the a.lmir- lage of failures amo.intins to |...ooO .^j^,,^ ,,1^ audience bv his smooth and over reraaininR small. „.„rk The trlck.s of ihe'juu^ler were These reports coniinK from the in- ,,,„.,^ j,,^ „f admis.-ion. terior of (he country were received with satisfaction in New York and VIOLATED LABOR LAW. were con.sidered !>>• business inierestii ! as indicating the ability of the rest ci,y yviii Have to Put oo Extra Enof the country r<> weather the storm 'oineer. as successfully as did Sew York. ^ _ ' — ~ . ^ I Because the state lalior board call- Let US speak of men as we find them. ^ attention to the fact that the state And censure only what we can see. labor law was being violated at thn Rememl>erlng that none can be per- city power house in that the em- fgpj ployees were working extra hours. , ,„ . • t> 1 .. 'he city will have to h;r.^ additional I'niess they „.se Hollister s Rocky ^^,p '^^^ ^^^.^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ Mountain Tea. twelve hour shifts, fn ob^yinK th- At Burretl's Drug Store. elsbf hour law, the city will have to : •. .,. put on an ejttra euglueer whieh ac Itr a Want .4d. In tlie Berl-ster. |'"ou ««s decided upon last night. (I'ittsbnrj; Headliiiht.) ! Orcupyin.ic a cell in the city jail is ; i$:itn .Morris, who at one time wa.s the t.iv.iKie anions the l)aseba'I fans of i 'he .Missouri Valley league and later' in fh.> \\"?sfern i He was a pitcher that kept all of ' ,' file liitters RUCKsing about hi:s curves. ; -n many <,f them did he have in .stock ; ; t::at the batters who w<-nt tii) against • ' ilieni could nev»T cet til-III in their ^ iiiinils so they could do any Ko<'d in the way of hits. .Morris ia a .N'.'/. i • ."erc" Imlian. ( He was fnnnd last nl^ht by a pol'ce-1 : II,an loitering around the Kansas CIfy • S i M'h.rn depot and was arretted as a | , vairraiif. He has not pitch.-d ball for; M iiily tvi. y.-ars iind then h" had lost , his cii'iniiiK tiiid endiiraiicH and was linallv n-leasi'd from the team in ' I which he was playing. ' He was In the .iopllu league team ili'rliig his h -St ijays in this section < <.;• the country ainl ho came to the-n fioni ;li.' Indian Terr lory where he, wiis ;it that time a wonder. [ .lolin Barlevcorn is to blame for' the downfall of Sam and it had .such , •I hold upon h'ln while he way pla.v-; ing ball that his managers wer.- con;-^ j.elleil to keep an eye on him for wt-en he woil'd get to his eneniv it . would all be over with him until h.> wps sobered up aiain. It mad.'^ no ilifference -o him *f th" manager :i hanl ba'tle on h's hands for his team to win. it was all the same to Sam. 'The. Indian Pitcher." as he ttas called i His days of baseball are over b» • cause he turned down one of the best . opi.ortiinltjes that ever came to any | . one 'o have wound up his career in one of the big leagues. ! "I have been working on the Kan i SMS Southern extra gang." he said ! th s comning "and I have not nlayed • .my ba'l on!y once or twice this sea- , son and that was in some brush game \ for nastime. I hel'ev? if I would ir;i:n d'lwp and I"! booze alone, I could get back after a vthile to my old form." ! "Bui then." he added, after a few^ "'onients thoiifihf and with the In-,' disn <!oicclsni. "I don't suppose i will ev .ar "lay ball again in any of 'he leagues." He wi'l »'e h-ld for a dav or two and then allowed to to on bis way. Qrew This Hair AND WE CAN J PROVE IT. t..tiie 1 :,ti.'I -> .Matte Iviu.Hlifn w 4aux^; tet ut 1^1. I . . tin Oi — r<<r.;r u( Ili-.S Ileal wf,.».!.,; i ii,irJ >. al, J licf lieaiitl-i iiil 1. V ...J s'>J"'i ALuliy iij ti.e uj« ut tnlj I, •lf.;?M:ie KlrJ .>i.-i'! no nior» t.:iir s.';3u the &^era .•tJ euiJa ^'ei, :e i,~ii.u D«iiUi:rt:;e, y>Dii<j Koiv al .t; Lis t!..- :-i .^r ^t ;::„i mu^i te ^iuiliiii U.':i.1 Li ^i,. !^i :.ii:r c\er i .u '>»05.ea ^.y a caml ol li 'J. a ^T 111 Viv w.iflii. lfaii.'.eri::e mil,.-- 5,-al:> healthy aiiJ fertll* and Kerp4 n se. li is [i.c Kieals^l (.'aip (ectui /er aiKi l.'feii ..'r.-> t!m are.-lerr liai.r proiliiflDjf leiiicay i-r il, .vHu-K -tl. U i> a lUtural loo<t a: il u V .....c: ...i.c iiiftliciue '.\<r I'oia tut. 1.air :ii.>1 M-iif. 1 .^ii a -.i.V. i.>,:i;o l I It wUl^ puf uieie |itriii;i :ie 111 Jour lialr tiuu a ^al^u ut au> i .:ta I l.a.r Cuci^: evx*f oiuue. <iii:;.'.'j.i't- :i! tliree 2& ccnte. 50 cenU Latest Photo af A2« Four Y«ari. FRANCES MARIE KNOWLTUN, 980 Qsrii«iu Boulevard. Chicage. NOW at ana 91.0O per 1. piMfC To show how qt'.ii k'.y Danderine acts,- we will • •••••>• send a iir^-e s.iuiplc tree by return luaiJ to any one who s<rn<il this atlveni-cmmt tu tlie kflOWlton OMHlvrina Co>« ChicagO(!w:'-h u^mcand addie^is and lo centkin silver o>' btauipd to pay To Gel Results-The Register Want ColBniDS

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