Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1908
Page 7
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BCILDDiC; A eiTI ox ITS XEBITg. Houih CutTerrlUe, OkUu Uestinod to B«c<Hne Prospcrons Citj Under Exlstin; CoBditions. (From Uio CoffejTllIe Chronicle.) Just before Oklahoma aud the In (llan Territory were .•idmittvd as a state there wjis a great deal of talk in reference to iho fctartinj: o£ u town JuEt over the state line isomli •>( tlxib city. No doubt a town would have sprjing up with the ndiuJsalon of the Elate had not it hoeu ft »r ilu> |irnhl- bitlou act. Tliib town would li!i\>' Uovn a scattered, hapliazard aftaii 1: ; • - pic would have pone then- iin ! • chased ground and elected bn; : regardless ot streets and this wc . il have caused a town without a systtnu Ai! this would have been done frouj the standpoint of putting in saloons. Owing to the way Hie st .ito was admitted, carrying with It a liquor prohibition clause, the talk of a town starting over the line was dropped. Since then, however, the Etchen broth ers of this city purchasi-d a large tract of laud and have platted it into a town site seeing many other features whie'j would be the makiuu of a cit.v. regard less of the fact that Mtaiehood made Oklahoma a dry state. Tlie new town is being buili on its merits as a city for business men, manufacturers and professional men and for men in ev- erj- line of legitimate business. Tlie town is possessed of so many excellent features for the building of a city that its success is assured, however, a resubmihslon of the prohibition quc-s-' tion. to tho voters of the state is being agitated and the general opinion Is that should it come to a vote the prohibition clause "wrould be voted down. In 'such an event South Coffeyvillc •would become one of ibe most, thriving border towns in the Entire state If for no other rea»on than for the fact that the lawn of the sute would allow local option to go\ern the liquor traffic by high llceUho. a thing which is advocated by those familiar with the slack way in which the prohibition law is handled in prohibition states. A resubmission may be granted aud the following dispatch from Oklahoma 7lty tells of a step taken in that di- lect ion: Oklahoma City. Okia , -Nov. A vigoi -ous campaign for a ri.-siilniiii'sii.n >f ilie prohibition qiifstii>ii to the \ot- ers of the state will be outlined at a meeting of the Sotis of Washington to hi- held here today. Delegates frmn al' parts of the state will atteti'i. The recent vote for the defeat of the e.x- tensloii of the disiKjnsary has given entuunigcnient to the anti-prohl- bitionists. MISS PARKINSON TAKES TRIP; Will Stop Home in January on 'Round the World Trip. Kaus>at City. Nov. II.—Misis Eliza lx;ih Parkinson, known in the opcrat ic world as MIIc. Parkina. is making a voyage around Iho world, and taa reached the Red sea. She is to land in San Francisco about Januar>- 20 and may be exjiected In Kansas City a week later. She is not singing on tour, but the probability is that when she reaches her own home her friends and many admirers will Insist upon a concert. Miss Parkinson is a native of Kansas City. Six or el^lu years ago she went to Paris to study under Madame Marc'<si and her debut was the occasion for nnbounded praise from tlu' critics. Shf> was soon assigned to grand opera and for two seasons sanx in ("oM 'ut garilen. \jowli>n. wiiU Afel- ba and binijeni of that class. A year ago It was rvportcd h<»re that Mlee Parkiairoii was not in good health, for which reasion she had been compelled to rfeelliie rnssag'.'nientti. The report was dvui'.d. but tlun- is partial con- flrmatlfi 'i now in the fji-t Ibttt when the ojx 'rn .nnd ••oncert sfBson is just about to opf-n. the singer is on board slilp going around the world. prow,, Wiwresfm wntR— Win 7M wart H— ^.'ISAV Olten you wanl KeaJ in a htuty in some room in iKc house the {ur* nace does not reach. Us to easy to pick up ani any a PERFECTION OU Heater (EfofMcd wltb Smokeless Device) • lo ^room you want to heal—suitable iorany room iailhe hoijse. It has a real smokeless device ahsiduiely preventing snx^teorsmdl—torn the vtick as high as you can or as lovr as you like—4itass font ht^tis 4 quarts of oil that gives out glowing beat (or 9 hours. Fui- ished in japan and nickd—an omanteat anywhere. Evvy healer warranted. The, taiialn«iiJy.iiMW. lUtmmmt.m _ i . — tCopyilBht. was. br C. M. BarnlU. TW* Mtleiea and tliiistrstlona moat not bare- printed without Bi >ecial pmnlsaloo.] AMERICAN OSTRICH FARMING. Hata oft to tbei Amntcan girl and the American ostiicb. As there arc DO girls equal to Uncle Sam's fair dansbtera, so there'are no ostrich plQines so handsome, broad and grace- fnl as tboso grown by the 3.000 big birds on Uncle Sam's ranches In Call romJa. Arizona. Arliansas and Florida. But American wom^ -wear IS.S00.00O wortlx ot imported Iplai^es annually And this makes their bats an eyesore to the ostrich raocbers. and tbeb- slo gan bJss become. "So tonlga feather? on American girls' hata." Now watch the fun and «Uso those hats, for these feather fellows are making the o<>trIcb feathers fly to grow- all the fe .Tthors to trim ull onr pretty girls' beailgcar. But how's it done? Well, listen. When four years otd Mrs. Ostrich gives Mister the wink, and he at once scoops a bole in the sand, and there she lays fl/lecn three pound egg!?, equal to B40 hens' eggs. The m.-ile sit.t at uight. a:) bis black plumage makes bim Invisible aud bis superior strength U uecde <l for defense. Now. savage towattl man and beast, bis roar is so llonlllte that lion hunters are even deceived. Ills mate sits by day. as-her drab dress resem bles the sand and reflects the heat. Oftfn the male Is seen at the nest shading the eggs /with his lieautlfnl white and black plumed wings lesi they be <(yerheated. About the forty-second day the parent cracks the eggs with her hrca?f bone and lifts the chicks to light. Their wondering eyes fascinate you and you at once love the velvety birds A foot high at birth, they gain the same every month for sis months and often reach eljAt feet In height and weigh 350 pounds. Plucking logins at six months and contlnaes every eight months thereafter. Old birds are driven into a tight box stall, with door front and back, and a raa kinemiy'oiaBtM. black stockingr i* drawn dotrn over tb« head. As ostriches kick in front, pluckers stand 3t side and rear and only clip from tail and wings. White and Wack male plumes, ninety to pound, are worth IISO. Chk:k and female feathers not so valuable, the average price for nil being 120. CUcks, now mostly batched In incn- bators, are fed moist bran, cracked wheat, line alfalfa and grit Older birds thrive best on alfalfa, bat occasionally swallow gold watches. nnrsing bottles, lighted pipes, cigars and tin cnpa without comptinctlon of conscience. Ostriches are never Oslerlxed, tboogh they lire a century and can trot thirty miles aii honr when threescore and ten. Do they pay? WeU. calculate. A fa^ ostrich weighs 400 pounds, and fiesta is prime, ft often lays 100 ^fs season for' (ncnbatlon or an omelet for 1,000 people and grows one and a half pounds of feathers, arerage price $20. An acre of Arizona alfalfa land worttt ISO supports four ostriches thit should at least raise twenty-flve a Clileka six months are wortb f 100; yearlings, IISO; two years, ^aOO; three years, $350: foor years, 91flOO. ngnre for yooracJf. ^^^^^^ 00NT8. Don't cpend yonr money on patent poultry medicines. Jell your trouUei to a reputable ponltrrman. His advice will save your money and only cocts you a stamp. DoB't fail to keep a breeding chart. Tou csn thus breed your birds In Uo« and raise pedlgre^ perfecto^. Don't study yourown wants before dUposlog of breeders. Keep extras tor accidents. Don't skimp on feed l«ecause tbere are so , many mouths to feed. Oill down the etock and have mote tetf. l>oo't hare alalced llaie aranad ia ncU qoaotittes that tbe morcotcBt df a dUekea 'e wing ^ raUk • doot. U >owwIf and M iMhr ytfi WE AU ll'tASI^ TO Al^imCB THE Oimmig of oor Ibia St^ Jbr BiUMss Saturday Morning, Novembir I4|b, tt> 8 o'clock GRAND OPENING With Music by SHIELD'S OrchtBstra Friday Afternoon from 3:0Q to 5:30 Evening from 7:30 to 9:00 o'clock Every fa(cly visiting tlie store on Friday afternoon or evening will receive a beautiful Souvenir Nodoods wlii be sold until SATURDAY MORNING This vrill be an tmusnal opening; an innovation of low pnces for IQLA ' goods being £cesh from the makers. » • We ftiliy"^ppreciate the impression that hw prices mean poor goods, which holds in the minds of map^ people. Thai we will overcome this wrong impression is <»iwjusive from the fact that from our beginning in Memphis, Tenn., in 1896, as store No. 1, KRESS' operate more than75.stores in leadicg Southern cities. The traveled person knows that low prices prevail in every large city, and that the stores of which we are a " link of a chain " are patronized by the representative people. . iOL^ doubtless has as many economy-loving people as any other city, whom we •will give every reason to feel that tltey have an OPPORTUNITY to purchase AT HOME to as good advantage as in any city in the country. Our recommeiHiation is our success, and we want you to learn for yourself otir unttstial £adlities for buying; and disposing of large quantities of A No. 1 goods by your being one of the many who will make this the people's store. We will do a large business, as a store like ours cannot prosper in a small town ; we make money by large sales on small profits: It is the modem way of doing things. • • , Otxr success ia lOLA. yfHi be built on the same principles which have made KRESS* tbe hoasehold word of the Souta, and we hope to occupy an imapproachable position among you for Quality and variety of goods; Values given to ctistomers; Breadth and liberality of dealings; Absolute trtithfulness of statements. The only store of its kind in the city KRESS' WINDOWS KEEP YOU INFORMED-THEY PRESENT OUR OFFERINGS WATCH THEM CHANQE-ISAyES YOU MONEY 7-9 South Jefferson St 7-9 South Jeffe^ & S. H, KKESS & CO., Buying and General Offices, 396 Broadway, New York • KRESS iSTORES AT Corfe>-vllIe. Kan. Elmporla, Kan. Fort Scott, Kan. fiutcfainson, Kan. Independence, Has. lola. Kan. Lawrence, Kan. Parsons, Kan. Pittsburg, Kan. W'lcJjlta, Kau. Cartilage Mo. Moberlr. Mo. Bart'esTlIle, Okfa. Enid, Okla. Guthrie, Okla. McAllster, Okla. Okla. Cit.v, Okla. Shawnee. Okla.. Tulsa. Okla. Fort Smith, Ark. Hot Springs, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Pine Bluffs, Ark. Shifeveport, La. Beaumont, Tex. Dallas, Tex. Denison, Tex, ICl Paso. Tex. Nashviiie. Ttrlu Fort Worth. Te.t. fJalreston. Tex. Houston. Tc.\. Paris, Tex. San Antonio. Te.\. Sherman, Tex. Texarkana, Tex. Waco, Tex. Ilattlesimrg, .Miss. Jackson, Mlt >i>. Meridian, Miss. Natchez, Miss. VIcksburg, Miss. .\nnistoa, Ala. Bi.-iuingham, Ala. Hiintsvlilc, Ala. .Aroblle, Ma. -Montgomery, Ala. Jacksonville, Fla. Pensacola. Fla. Tampa. Fla. Atlanta, Ga. Augusta. Ga. ISrunswIck, Ca. Columbus. Ga. Macon. Ga. Rome, Ga. Spartanburg. S.C. Ituauokc, Vu. Athevllle. N. C. Charlotte, N. C Greensboro, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. ' Winston-Salem, N. C. Cairo. 111. Hopkinsville, Ky. Bristol. Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn.' ClarksTille, Tenn. Jackson. Tenn. KnoxTllIe, Tenn. .Memphis, Teno. f mk Surprise Day At Tim FRiOAY We haTe an iiiiiiiepi§e surprise In sluipe far you. The §i 8 a* WL. to 6 p. m.

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