Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 8, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1907
Page 2
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THE lOlA DAILY MfltgTEB, FMl>j»Y BTEnyG, yOTBMBBB^S. 1 W7. L. Nortlinip, PmMent. D. P. NORTRRUP, Se«oB4 Tke.Prast. NfHitirj to tki Oittii.Statii Stati tf lauM AO M Cnit J A. LBKUaBAFGH, Casbler. Established 1869. •liul liik b inei Ci. Assets $130,000 ESSSiSBSBEa Gossip of Society INDIAN SUMMER. A. soft veil dims the tender skies. les were served between two and six ocltM'k. The rooms were prettily fes And half conceals from pensive eyes tocneU with foliage and flowers for -The bronzing tokens of the fall; i '.lie day. ehrysantbetnums beinK pre- A' calmness broods upon the hills, j doniinani In the dining room, and And summer's parting dream distills ] carnations in the parlor. Those who A charm of sIlMice over all. I re .ure.sented the Himiboldt society are ! .Mrs. .J. Barracknian, .Mrs. Robert The shocks of corn, in brown array, i Works. .Mrs. George Ciillen. .Mrs. \Vtar- Stand waiting through the placid day.'nii Roberts, .Mrs. .1. W. Hamjn, Miss Like tattered wigwams on the plain.; Phionle bundy, Mrs. Jeo Braiichsr Jbe tribes that find a shelter there • daii-Jhier. .lannita, .Mrs. Payne. Arf phantom peoples, forms of air. i .Mr.-*. <ie(irge Piatt and danRliter, And ghosts of vanished joy and pain.: Ht »len. .Mrs. .Mart (Jreenman. Mrs. Rec- jdiil aud .Mrs. Miller. At evening when th? crimson crt-yt -> * Of sunset jiasses down the. Wi-sl. The Ijidy .Maccabees save a v.^ry I hear the whisperng hos -t reiurn] j /leas-jiiit sin|)rlse for .Mrs. Clara liaird ing: \-i'2~ South Second street, Thursday af- On, farloff fields, by elm ami oak. ! urnwn. Those present were: .Mrs. I see the lights. I smell the smxki'—j J'aiiilion P Core. .Mrs. Rhoda .\fercer. Th? canipfireM of ilie past ar .-I .Mrs. .Mary .McCJuire. .Mrs. Henry l >en- liurninK- iuiiijT. .Mrs. Myrtle Klbby, Mrs. Bertha — Tertius and Henry Van Dyke, j Taylor. .Mrs. Blanche Cniig, .Mr.=!. I.aura Barton. .Mrs. hole Strode. .Mrs. Clara Hand. * * + + + + Miss Clara Foust Is enL-rtaliiliiir her ^sowing club to4lay to Introiluci' a guest. Miss Fontella Trimble, of Kanj Miss Bertha McKenna was hostess sas City. ! >o a jjroup of girl friends las: even* + + The meeting of the Sunday school class which Mrs. H. H .lone;-; teaches was postponed yesterdav afternoon. • + • Miss .Maynie .And?rso)i is hostess j .Miss McOowell. .Miss KIsle Ri'isor. of.members of the Young I.adiis'Card Miss Clara Cnincle and .Miss .Mable club this afternoon. Tlie s.-s.<b.n is liark.-r of l.aHarpe. for the purpose of arraiitins tin- eal- 4> -•• •«• endar for the social season. I Mf- and .Mrs. Clenn U. Finney en ing at dlniK^r. Covers were placed for eight, the table decorations l)eing white carnations. The guests present were Miss Luclnda .Mcl>jwe'l, .\ Helen PoIliK-U. .Miss Faye Noyes. Lockets and Chains Popular ornaments for the Ladies, Misses or little ones. Beautiful lo<.k- tts in solid gold or Ro'.d filled, Roman, Engliifb or bright finish, chains lo matcji. Tiiey make appropriate presents and are splendid keep-sakes McNElL BROTHERS. TMEJEWCLEKM. + + + Miss Trc-ssa is home fi-.ini a brief visit in Kansas City. + + + Miss' Gertrude Messinger of Moran, was Dr. Edith Haigh's guest vester- day. + • .Mrs. K'nier McCla'n returu'-d yesterday from I^xcelsior Spring;. Mo., where she has spent th;* past tivei weeks. .Mrs. .McClain is almost entirely recovered from her illness and i.itani'd at six o'clock dinner last eveii'ut;. Their guests were: .Mr. and -Mrs. A. P. Harris, .Mr. and Mrs. .\l<uii Palmer. .Miss Betilali ileCaiice. and -Mr. Robert N. Mc.Mil'en. The dinner table was elaborately decorated Willi white chr.vsaiithentiinis and iTeenery. The evening was si)eiit in foniially at ct^rds. .;. .J. .Mrs. |{aii .Schwartz gav,^ ;i r-;;ild n-n's paiiy yt sterday afternoon to eel ebrale the foiirtli birthday ann^vers- her many .friends will be glad to liearjary of her >.on Clifford. The little of her imiirovement. * • •> • A number of lola young fo k will attend a dance given by a Hiiiiilioldt chib next week. + .Mr. r>. Allstott of Gas City gave n theatre party at the Grand last iiiKht for a gmui) of friends. + * + One of the many i»retty alterunon events of the week occurred yesterday at the hoin? of Mrs. H. A. Richardson. The Aid society of the Christian church had the ar'-angements in charge 'and entertained a groiiu of Hiimboldt ladies. Mrs Rlcharas'm hail the assistance of Mrs. .Tames Me- Mi^rray Mrs. R C. Brown. Mrs. Crow. Mrs. Reid. .Mrs. Thomas McDnvall. Mts. Beatty and Mrs Crawford in th4 dining i-oom and seventy five lad- Hey ThereF "Where are you going?" "Going after a sack rf Um Sm Pmtmnt Flour. My wKe won't use anything else." ttmwtom IKUgm A £lv. Oo. (Tiiests were aiinisei] v.itli games un i:i six o'ebwk. I{efreshm;^nts were served to Lois Wood. 'liadys Hi -trich Ve!;na Wliittaker. .N'ettie .Morrison (;lad;.s Mllner. lla/.el Ray. Agnes Wagner. I'auline liarbier. M.irgaret i=mith. Very: .Monison. Itia Kirwood. Ora Ralph. Bycon Morrison. Russell .Morrison. Neville Hetrick. Chester Wr>aver. Lester Gedford. Otis Smith, Lemuel .Miliier and Clifford Schwartz .J, -\ .Mrs. A. H. Hecox. Mrs. F. A. Wagner. .Mrs. C. Hutchinson and .Mrs. Clyde Hildebrandt were guests f)f Carlyle friends last evi-ning. •f- •^ + Mrs. F. .1. Horton gave a charming • ucbre party yesterday ; for tiiembers of tl.e High Five clnb. The afit'rnoon W.1S closed with a five o'c'ock liitich- «-<)n The gu?sfs were served at small I ;:1)!HS set for four, the table decorations being bunches of white chrysanthemums. The clnb will meet again In two weeks. • • + The .\ew Eclipse cluli enlerlaineil alout slxtyliv;- guests a ihmce a: .Ma.sonic hall last evening. The music was played by the shields orchestra. * * * Mrs. H. A. Ewlng, .Mrs S. Hilscher. >Trs. I). \\*'. Bosiwick. Mrs. N.^wman Crowell and Mrs. A. V. I /t -tnasters were In Carlyle yesterday to attend a meeting of the Presbyierian tonary societies of Allen county. .Mrs. I.eniasteni conduct<'d a study c'ass and .Mrs. Bostwock and Mrs. Ewlng presented papers. The meetings wer most successful and the lola ladjf were pleasantly eiitertain.^d by mem bers of the hostess church. * + + Tl I' iii'ogram wliich was to hav^ been a jiart of the U. B. Misslonar tiieeting yesterday was postponed and the afteitioon was devoted to needle work. • * * Miss .Mary Remsberg who recently returned fmin a visit to Di'nver where she atleiid.'d a meeting; of t!ie .Miss 'nniiry societies, gavi- a report'of th •sessions yesterday at a meeting ai the home of .Mrs. |{ermait Khiiiinnn The attendance was small and w other business was transacted. •> •^ .\ "novelfy social." one of the most unl'iue socials ev.^r given by the •iociety was an event of last even it^g. The residence of .Mrs. W. R dangle used and a large ))arty of young peojile were in attendance In various parts of the house theri Were booths, teni|)orarll.v ari-anged vhere the sales .if miscellaneous ar ticl.'s were made. The gentlemen present drew slips of iiaper from nox of sawdust and In this wnv found r. partner for the evening. There wa a fishing i)ond where prizes wen caught after a ' strenuous few mo nients with hook and lin,=, and candy booth and .Japanese counte were well patronized. Tea and wafers, the evening's refrerfiments. were •!:old by a bevy of young ladl.'>s and in an Indian wigwam a fortune teller revealed the fate of the future. Th evening was one of the most sue cessful and enjo.vable of the autumn and as a result the trea-snry was en 'ar.ged by a large sum. A Jt. Miss Ruth Stevenson of Westphalia visited loin friends yesterday and at 'ended the Eclipse club's dance last evening. ••• • * The Y. P. C. V. of the United Breth G. M. Wheeler MoTcment made by Klirin \atr<)iial Watch rnmpan .T, IM-HI mrdtani priced watch on the niarhct; made tlireo sIfeN. I2-1(MM. Our price |ir>.7.'>. Ho. I 'HC. Santu V> and .M. K. i T Wutch InspcctorN. We Have Confidence W A O O K I* or O II K C K C ONFIDENT that the banks and trust companies of,the country at large and of this cummuni y especially are absolutely sound, RICHAkUSON'S will accept in payment for mer- chai'dise. Cashiers' Cheeky, Local Pay Roll Checks. Checks sij^ned by responsible parties on banks in this vicinity; alsu Savings Bank Books, and will change in part ca»h. RieHARDSON 'S 113 East iVIadison lola, Kansas em cburph wishes to lAform all those who usually attendf the meetings that beginning with next week th« society will meet on Tuesday evening. During the weeks of the revival services the young people met on Sunday but as the special services are to be discontinued the Y. P. C. U. will uie?t HL the regular time. • * Mrs. William Vezie, 522 North Wasliington avenue, had the Baptist Aid society as guests yesterday at- temoon. This session was the last to occur for several weeks or until the revival services which will begin .Motiday are closed. ... + + A very pleasant surprise was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Largent of 712 South street, last evening. the occasion being the sixteenth birthday anniversary of their ilangh- ler. .M ss Lydia. Mrs. Ora Burton, and .Mr. \VlIIIam Snavely contributed •iiiisic and the hostess provided games and refreshments for the following eiiesis: Misses Nora Cloud is. Ocle Ewlng. Mary Farquahr. Lucy Cloinlis. Margie Smith, Lydla I.rfirgent, Katie Smith, McNaly, Isabelle Ijir- gent; .Messrs. Roy Snavely, Roy, Level, .ludy Ewing.. Tiny Rightlaouse, .John Snavely, Wllloughby Donnell, and Elmer Largent. GAS GITY NEWS ITEMS BrSlXESS .HEN MET L.VST M(JHT— omiV.MZKn B.ASKET BALL TEA.M. WILL FIT UP A GYMNASIUM KI.NA.NtLVL CONDITIONS HEBE ARE MUCH BETTER. Ladies' Aid uf yi. E. I'liiireh Will H.ive a Rniniuat'c Sale iu Ui-ceniber. Will Hold a Riinimage .Sale. The Ladies' Aid of the .Meiliodist Klii.scopal ••hmch of this city is jilan iiii.g on a big rummage sale lo be hehl in lliis city during the first week ;f December. The ladles are now male <ng elaborate |)reparations and II is likely that the sale w'lll be .greater ban anything of the kind ever held in Ibis cily. The riK)ni t<j be used foi :his pnriiose will he divided i;ito de lartments making a regular depart iieni store. The money raised in this way will go into the church treasury Couipletcd Orgauizalloii. .\l a meeting of the business men last evening afl the final arrange menis were made for the organizallon if a basket ball team composeil o •.•lerks in this city. Prof. Hiiey. teach r of manual training in the city schools, was elected |)resldent: Osca Killing, vice president, and Ed Hunter •iecretary and treasurer. Other ar rangetnents for the suci -ess of the basket ball club were made. The ilub will fit u|i the opera house convert- iig it into a gym to be used to |day III' .!;ame and praclL-e. The club will select their players this evening and he first practice will be h«dd. As soon IS the team gets Into condition games will be arranged with the teams of he surrounding towns. There Is no reason why (>as City should not havi IS good a basket ball team as any ither city in the state. They have had he players for years bill heretofore he team was laboring under the disadvantage Of iirncticing out of doors md playing the games In a hall. This handlctips any team. It Is believed now hat f!as .Ctiy basket ball team will raiiidly come to the front. Are Preparlnir for Game Sunday. The local foot ball team is practicing every afternoon and evening preparing for the big game with Chauiite next Sunday afternoon which will he |)layed at Electric park between lola ami this citv. The game promises to be one of the best this season. Chanute will come with a te;iiii that is consideted one of the best in Mils nart if the state and that has defi-aied every team they have played this year by a decisive score. \ coniplete a( count of the game will be fnund in other iiarts of the paper. Financial Conditions Better. The financial conditioiiR In this city although having the ai>pearance of being about the same, are a great deal better. It Is believed now that the rules regulating the payment of cash will be removed within a short time. Other arrangements of the kind will Iso be removed. .John Morgan and brother will leave tomorrow for their home near Neada .Mo. They have been here for be |iasi year and In that lime ihey have been employed at the Kansas Portland Cement plant. Ri -v. .\. .r. Coniiery of KIdora. Iowa, is visiting af the home of his brother- 'ii-law in this cli.v. •Many Ciiis City boys attended the dance at Mnmholdt lust evening, re- urnlns on the early morning train Ri-jrNtcr Want Ad*.. iTTTVord. 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