Shreveport Daily News from Shreveport, Louisiana on September 20, 1861 · Page 2
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Shreveport Daily News from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 2

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1861
Page 2
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S  , . , 4h oiee of the aeeple of the Confederate States. FOR PRESIDENT, JEFFERSON DAVIS, OF MISSISSIPPI. FOR VICE-PRESIDENT, . A. H. STEPHENS, OF GEORUIA. P HOME 11ýf3NUFACTI_'RL`I ~ JNO. DICILiiNSOEN EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. F, riday, September 20, 1861 J.ob Work must be paid for on deiiver'y. Mr. JomT W. TA ,iU. is our auth~,rizvtd 'ent in Natchitoches. Mr. D. D. O'BRIEN, io. 6, Exchange Place, New Orleans, is our authorized A~gent for that city. . M. H. C. CL.UiKF, Bookseller, is our anthorized agent for Vicksburg and Natchez. Mr. J. HI. LOFTON, is our agent at Bellevue, B ossir Parish. Mr. A. IAY, of the News Depot, is our : uthorized in Jefferson, Texas. To Correui .)**d ts. We-will be pleased to cL..c e, contributiArs from our friends, in and around ShrevepF'rt. An occasional article from oar pluuters, r'tlative to the crops, will be very neceptal,ae. In fact, we desire correspondence, front every section of the Sittes. Personal articles will not be published, either as commlunications or adlvertisemonmt. Those friendly to our undertaking, wlho may heat of any local, or other items, that will prove of .interest to our readers, .wi! frsvor us by banding in the same at the ofie t ..u News. In writinghbe brief and concaie. bearing in mind, that lengthv comnmunicans tare seldom appreeiatat'by newspaper reados. 1 Il qlI-lll11l - The curtains of the heavens were lifted, and a refreshing shower fell at nooa. It was much needed, and for the time being cooled the atmosphere. . Last evening. we were visited by a very heavy rain. Our cotemnporaries of the Camden (Ark.) Herald, are determined not to b» behind the age, they are willing -ietonly to receive Gonfederate and State Bends, for subscription, but also rags, and waste cotton. If this does not insure to our fricuds a large list of subscribers. whyt will ? We will take clean rags, oonself, but they must be in the shape of pants, coats, shirts, etc. A Li&bral Subscriptiosn.-C. F. Vance, agent of the government, intrrms us that the most liberal subscription yet made by our merchants for Confederate bonds, is that of Messrs. leachamn & Galbrnath, .*ho subscribed five hundred tierces of rice for the army, amounting to about $16, 001. Withasicl illustrations of patriotiruand duty 'to our governmenu we need not fear character ofourcity wIill be fully maintained as atrue, patriotic southern ciy.-Memphis Appeal. I Th.Efect of Ake War supoa Papers. --What sad havoc the war 'lh shade the newspapers? The Suf1a4k (Vat) Sun,. in cornmentingon.thiis subject, says : Weien the war comwmenced we had forty-four exchanges on. our liail 'hook, Of that number, twenty have been discontinued,, ten off by the blockade, Six comse toias pHintsi on a half sheet, and only eigithsf the 'nun*er appear as&before,. " 4hf our religions exchanges onlytwo us filled as before the war. As io asLnuch'l , lboutbe part that ou act iRthe p lnt lirb r affairs, it is evi dcit thht she i fiends r endeavoring to'remain ienutral-this however, she will disc,ter to her sorrow, is impracticable. kisouri, we r had supposed, would be a warning to her, but it seems to the cojntrary.- - That she can be so blind to the wel- P fare of her citizens, appears a mystery to our mind. The houses of her citizeus have boou entered and robbld, while the occupants were thrust out of their own doors. Atrocities of every character have been perpetrated b subjects of Lincoln, on her I he face of this proclaims her desire to remain neutral, inltread of extending a cordial welcome to the aid offered by the Confederate troops, and joining them in hurling their enemies to everlasting" damnation. Is this '"Old Kentuck ?" Sadly then as t changed. t Our offers having thus failed-for so do we consider it,-our attention t should now be turned in another diriection. Kentucky has traced her course,-let hor follow it in her wisdonr, for the consequence will rest onl-v on her. We' approve of the ,efforts made to, secure her co-operation I with the South, but entirely disapprove of any farther overtures on our part. We consider her irretrievably, lost. Extract from a Privale Lelltter. By permission wI: take thel follow, - ing extract from a l,~tter written by a s member of the Shreveport Rebels, it bears date of 9th instant, and was written at Ulunlmus, Ky. Y esterday morning one of Lincolu's i gun boats canme from Cairo. and stopped about four miles front our Cample l and batteries. (Jurs, the Eleventh Louisiana Itegiument, o-pented lire and t shot about eight times at her. she returned the fire with Bomb titShells, but no side could do any harm. Slie de- 1 parted for Cairo. Our scouts yesterday evv"uing reported that Fremont, with 15,000 1 troops were cooning to whip us last night, and that they had seven boats, t and contemplated coeting both by n water and land. We were Iup) all night ready to receive:e them, and imk- i Sing batteries all the time. c We have a large' numbe:r of cuannons, and at lsst 12',000 troops. andl will deft-nd this place '.i:bainst anyr :trni v. Ave expect to haive hard fitutling to do in Ke"ntucky, and at every t,,,tIUent, therel',rle we (annot 'W ritt. vry ofen. I u5s:ure, you tht'tt it is getting very cold now at night, and if we are not aide,1 in some way,3willsufiicr -much this winter. [Since the above \ s writtlen we [ presume that our ifrceis have een removed from Kentucky soil, in rotee dience to the published resolution 1 ' adopted by the GCeneral Assembly of - Kentucky, on the 12th inst., three e dllys later than the late of the above P letter.-Ed. News.] . The Secessionists in England, r. The news of the battle at Bull Run e fell like a spark on gunpowder almbug .the Secessionist a~ents here, and a startled them into a supernatural Rctivity. While our credit sinks lead, a these busy hands are. writing moneyu i articlhs for the Times, and pumping e their ideas iato the brain of that jour' naPs city article. They are in the -markets all over the country, blitding lfiriously against our Government r for amr a 4n, as seems to be thought, o not witwmut success .'They. Imve got money-ready money--f-.that the re t at, the from n t t. ues 'lthey' ~ aOngui ne V as ever recog nition, anf very likely lhie th  reasons for being so. Nor is all thisi tbe.,eyorst. , ... . Within the last few days, it is rui-, mored that they have succeeded in ' equipping and sending offlan armed c steamer with, a cargo of arms and  ammunition for thet Southern States. which has been for some time past ' quietly receiving its stores, under t the direction of a Liverpool firma in t the American trade. Of the particulars of this affair I am not infhrmned ; hut it is said, still. further, that the British Govertnmetnt, when called uipon to prevent the departure of the vesscl, declined to interfere-mn what grounds I have not heard. If these st,,riea. are true; andL llwhethelr they are so or lnot tiimust soo Ot. Ie known, all talk of the good-will of this ( towards us, and all the talk of the English press anlut our itngratittde, will receive a cqui- i tis. * * * * * But even if the story were not trie, , it soon ,ecome so, for there is more titan one aried vessel fitting~ out in British jeports, and intended to, Ie run unlder the British ftIn till they 4 have escapedl the anti landed their cargo',es. 'lten they will heeonte i ships of war. n'o doubt, and cruise as the Southern national fleet. The: English (,overnment, true to its neutral grleound, will not interfere to prevent the fittin u out of the.=e ves-els until its own interests begin to Telegraph Received this Morning. Sept 16-L. P1. Walker Secretary of WVar, has resigned. It I is tltdle'rstood teo-day that Attorney-(eneral lhe:jamini will tetmporarily attend to tlie ofthie War depiarunent-t. Several nnanes are lelntiontld as successor to Walker, among which is G,.n. (Bi.lhop) Polk. li:uasenigers by the cars report a lsharp entgagemenmt rin Friday last, i 13th. A detatlcnhent of the Washinertont Artillery and a portion of] Winder':s regiment, attacked Lill's[ i ,cruse and burnt -it. The federal loss is four killed, and seven taken $ iri omers, and many wounded. Tihe ont)tht.ierattes had none injured so far ' as heard from. ''Two pe'rsons have- he-ten put to death in St. Louis, areeably to the Prcoclainat in ,t*Fremn ct. The correspoltdenit of the Richiuntd DIispatchl, %% riting fE'om Fairfax thie 12th, says the action took l r,-e the I Ith tIne r 31utiims,em's f Lill. The Washington .rtilt ry with two rifled eannon, two howitzers, and sutlporited1 by t wo compantlaieof iutfantry, done grc..t e-xecution. TI, de in -tro tg force lbut hbeeanc ptunit :tri.k.Rd and fled, leaving their ;tgulli-, ,mats, haver-sacks, and coats belhind. The Conti-derate, tore was only iburt hunpred, while that of the F'eltr:ds was near four thousand. No Confedel'rate.s wi hurt. Thle New York HIerald of FIrtay, gives a cirm atccount .of the total wreck of the privatee-L 'UliterI, on the.i~land of Trinidad, bi the 12th of August. O)te of thlt. cre( desert ed, anys the, vessel was most pl)robnbly wrecknd intentionallv by the cre w, wheo were dissatisftieJ. The Hlerald urgently on Gn. Dix to declare imartial law: throughout Maryland. - ----**~ - - The Yankee telugrams from thelo State Miss~iu'i, are in happy" condition of One represents McCufloehi as falling back upon Arkansas, and uanother reports Hardee doing the same thing; dnd another againll telS us that Priee, Rains and Churchill are advthancirng with a large force upon Jefferson The enemy will probably i tlhe truth in the time. A c ichLead Mine in numbes Qt taikoS tiidp a facf r.ot commonly pknowti, sieh,; though very important, might othorwise have suiik a. rich" lead exists on t) e. 'arrior river,. above I Ttscaloosa."' Thelinfornmtiºo originaally deriydfrpu4 rliahle,GhCýlerokee Indians,mnore than twenty-five years ago. At that time, s:ays the writer. "'they wexe very . jealous of the whites knowing or the load;" but thve had furnished Gen. .Taekson with a large quantity when lie was at 'jurkeytown, whence he mtoved.upon Talladega. He had the marks ,ccuratoly given by the Cherokees, whose entire coilideice he had ii.sirced; and he has no doubt sutflicient mirks aro visible to this diay to iidlicate the exact spot. 11e oftlrs the notes to any one who will underltakt fhe expl6rntiln, or go himself as soon as prssing hulm4.iss net interl-re. We (Editor News) also know of a mine in this 1'ari:-h, not twenty miles from our office, this 'n resumie is not known to in:tv. 'Lhe ore Vwe have been intormted by a geitlemea \ h1,4 had the curitosi!v to test its [quiaiitics, is the purest that lie ever'saw. W\Ae deeply regret to hearn tha:t our ftllow: citizen, lion. John 1M. Landrum, met. with a serious accideut yesterday. While riding iu his buggy the hlorse ranaway, and Mr. L.jumnped out, breaking a leg, as our intt iuant tells tus. The injury received we trust, will not prove :s serious as relorted. MArL121I 1 )., At tIb. residaiict of 1)r. WA tdcti, Mansfield, 1 .u.. t ej"teeelner 1dth, by 1'' v. . s.. Iu.aurut, .. 1'INCIiNIX" HAttitts, E.,q. to Nliss A~t)IAA -±' PRIVATE BOAHýDING. I M ~ . 711 ý ..T2l'ranvis street, ui*or Batptist Chnrch. B EIN(G locted in a retited1 and tureleilde p1,a1? of ft li town, affucds t:,ttitsiil induwciueuits to boaurdas, tianientt or Ipermnuent, will find it ii t uitihrtttlie homc. FIuuiiliRs or sinigle geutletn.p cturl ubtain 1,dctesaut rooms, and day boarders will he accomtcedated. s12v2 Alrs. A. II. TAIAruR. RItCH )I( INI ) r; TYPE FOIUNDRY. j THiE ONLY " M11 A\'UIt ACEO")Jlt OFy TjYPE ON S()U'iJIJIN T1'M( )IE. T Ill E 1Ir'iotuturs of thee auovre J'ottndriw lituve uisu united with lhieir FQULdrV it Cutlitjletv Printers' Furnishing Warehouse, ha'. int!.en liti.d, ill - ltrti ttj'u to ''ne.:t, fr..:+ie t b()1)KIN to a T1ES-''( 'ullX Ili U '1,"1u' and Printing Mattcril fronti auny .l'tsuitihy Nojile when require l. We ran and wilU Ieuat ulatte:tt in 11uluotio as good Jil i~itt5titkda Yistt the sam-ti s.ej'e.:ain jiitiut uyuitsiiau; Fautuedry Nur~li Wi e t'e'ltaaali'.ui.i~t th ENtY leoi th /;tt.1.&CI Restaurant. tally ly iuli1·m Ilrecitizc.iia of gj,,:.,",, poart tutu~ vtcituitŽ , thattli Iti..i h Iasu1.tue it EST..ii VJA 1'+u '12. aýltr. -tai. neair Markeet, wheri? lie it ps'tlpre'd1 iat all t unes eto eati sfy his f'ictiaultt ctistome1utrs, froom 7 rdeluek, A. ) . rttili &I4_e'1'n Balr("larti'hy the. atuneitth i' week, a lilaerall '1edttlttitit 'jill arcnttaltl. N-1 Ti.4-6ttx .1. A. JEFILLE. (jonhakderatio n RCsthurhanl s ! A4joýIiaL jtr (.[t t I ('It L'o THc licuL. &rceeyort, Laa.. SIJLS welt Ij. 'own and popular es Itabli lut.~net has becu reinua eyed is above. and is open for the accomnmodzsin nof the public. There will 141 º foundu the best of game. fish, oy'ter1s. and everythiug that. the., Jhlreveporl anl' New Oreaned mrarkets afford.feals'. fursia1lea at all bqtzrt 4*ay o4 nizJit. Familnis ºan& , pawties. will .av~.thbit erdermw urotitIty atteaudeul -' . o37jjeyS a týtOIut14elttd to -uouI (:],&c *R:CHItl).L4$,tor t tI, I.t,ºIttt Bit V' It (i1 tIE ilteflSLA. "r'Ii III f~r thibI'curi!ul Wo ar e, .gibwoired to .uaktp¶"Cw i:. nano. of it. \ b t." I"M . '4cj : 33 :,t u"-tc'lcticu,, to the" Legihalutor. hur (14 Pci1uii of ('add.'. p0Stl W are atultsorIi'4l -"to" aluicLutclcc i)IR. WV. W.. 4i.ORrrE, s a e·uicI (late for' a1 seat ilt the lower lcrJi14l: of the Legiplaiture, of Lottiieicta, fto the etl ction int Nov'rtnlwrr. [p:nc ANeare. auticoricea to " luutteOUI. 'U'. IL PIii'T, cruuiiduhc: ;:r ,-:"1 crtic,f hr the o e'ic~o4IkC( ;1U: 1i1 i'Jccl colt (,n thte iirst Mscal(tv in Ve'11111 2. `'e are authorized to annuiiiFutiti htail.cof C'. ,-. CL~(J0iM. for th , of LLHxt'oRoEit. " Election 'Ir ll( ' inI Ž'cvclanber. vre ;urtltt'ýrised to tuawtctrlc . M. 'i'. J. ALk'JX)N, as a cand.icid; foxr t1hec eftlice ot beilcitit, W the (ii ' %1'e ar:t aut hwri'nod't(s anlhtlrteit e" `t ' 'l'fl(,.lMAS'I:. L RINPSON at c::ucli:l:tte for tl-tt'.cethc of SHI1'RI LS';'... ilie enisuing cletctiont. jeild Wo arc auithitrizc'd tc' anlihl' ti.l' ISRAE~L \V. .P'I(:E2KF,N$,3 a c'1: - clidate foer t1e ? dhic. of Slie~ri t. at "i. "' titsuitig del'ttii. -lii h We ore au.ithoizedl to aiiuoumei I It. ('1(151'. thu ])rertc.t Wbc lunlb i a candidate iior rixltctionto the ofilc of ASSESSOR(, at the eitsuiie I eh tiuu.i We ate authorized to 'cunwl c'. Prof. W. H. N. MAGEL -DJlt. Witon Rouge, caudidate for ti office of Supteriuteendeict of Put,> Educationtt. We are authorized to auitiounce P'TETR lI. CROCKEI, as a candidate for the office of Assescor, :: thte ensuing (elctioln, in. N_ ovuin1!,-I next. W1lolecal and Retail Dealer in FAMILY S& 1A'L GY (G1W('ifM!I Liquors and Tobacco, BfATt' BAI sTOIJ:Ls. T'EXAS .TREES~ Shkr0porut, J ai. A good nsoK~rt1!kent. ot the albl! fln`il'I~t. :tirtieli~s Conistant-ly" on haai~d. 'No . G- D. L E RO&1EXM Dagucurream Apt il. \VuuhI rc·npjectfuiy- iiltorix tie ei;i 7zees of Shreveport, that he wvill Matin in their lrlawte a tf' >T vs th~e 1"'''1pos'' '! t:kin,- i'il turf up,~lr I a ~her". ~tc ., oet., iii. :L' 1); A.,'. :t V h.. ut' art. AnaibmotslpeM takes, for ' $ntiiýIactiou g talraitiefIl i1) s\ l~inuut at. the Art 4 nilorv. r N S-ouir a&. Noiviugtiur'. `tore. where 1u inVit 's all examintiot ot ijlccil1:(i ThIoMlfAS. IV. JONES. (2 dIoomLtsblUW I. 'k. 1. Ja.. . 7 r.r ll. Street, ý/iJ'rv"ýlin7"%. 1.i.7etsr u % " rol\rTi~n Is d:&rdwar , " .start. Castling.`: Belting, Packing, .11rc"/eati<"ý"' (Ij l Icc lzirriss Trvullsv ('it-tin'rr of nll h~ind- ( oiii~t n tl hand or Iuwd'j to ord-". EDWiIARD (+O-NRh1~ Whole arle" Grocer,. AND) DEALTR IN WYEST.IERN PRODUCE, . K 'op, 2 Froat a%&d 10 Flzd/m &4retE' .N NW-Oni4EANS. eut--4y

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