Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1908
Page 6
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•X. • iiniyersally recom- mend(6d for Consumption, ipprocl positive that iiNs eneiljizmg and lingpre^raUon; jvorld. .wacn^ and x^rishes, lariches the Uood, stops of!flesh and builds Get Scott's. yom addrcM and foor 9F GAS 0itY 1^ IBIBB BOrBQUIN DIED TESTES- ^^Speetel Program Win Be Bendered '"' ' Unday li'igbt at the UDlted Presbjterlan Charcb. OJS XACDOHALb flBOOraS. ilOljA COULD MOT COME Blioada Glore FaeUry B^iaed Oper* attba Agala Yesterday ^ftCT he- Ins Down Sereral bayi. . 4r TMT X. foater Sells Out ' O.*"!;. Foster has sold his property in this city, to Mrs. Famswortta. of BronsoD, iftin will take posBesston at onee. Hr. Foster and his family "Will, more to a (farm which he has parchased near Longton, Kas. Held fioslBess Ifectliig. The Cbiristfati Bnd4aTor of the Presbyterian church held their regn'ar moatbly business and social meetlpg at the home Of Hr. and Mrs. Jackson l^st eycning. After the business was transacted "the erening was spent In a social way. There Was no Sane. Because the lola team failed to appear there was no foot ball game play ed on the MacDonald grounds nortU of this city yesterday afternoon as advertised. A game was scheduled to be played between the local high school and a team composed of players who attend the lola high school. Because no notice that they could not come was mad -until about 3:80 o'clock, quite a crowi bad gathered at the grounds [for the game. A Special Program. A tpeoial program will be rendered it the TTnited Presbyterian church on negt Sunday) erening. The quartette will ainfc and qther spedal music will be'presented, including a solo by Ed. Hunter. 'There wQI be no preaching. OSIEQPATBT- DB. W .B/jALBBIfiBT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. Bute Bank DIdg. Phone 146. Only Osteopath In La Harpe. 50 ndw models received this morning \yy ezpiress from New York, go on special sale tomorroii^, Thursday /Were Married at Lawrence. . Xhe fopowlsg is tiie Lawrence Jour- )ia1'-s'account of the wedding of Miss RthM Moomey of this city: "Satur- <lRJ^t]ntght an interesting wedding took place here when Idas Bthel Moom- ey>|iT»d Mr.' Ererctt Kpling. both of uCity. were married at the-home l ^pe Ijride's sister.' Mrs. J. W. Rayl ThftieeTpmony was performed by Rev. Han.' Mr. and Mrs. Epling have left ' for Gas, CJty. where they will make their home. The wedding holds pecqHar Interest for it was just •week" iOiKt .the bride's twin sister was trmnrfod in' an automobile in Gas City.? Ladles' Aid to Meet The Ladies* Aid Society of the Chris tian church will meet Thursday after noon at the church. The ladles have a great deal of work to complete and a full attendance is desired. r • I- Choral Club Met , The Choral Clnb held a reeular prance ls«t evening. Music whit* -•7 ^0-"be used Ip the concerts wliich the><^nh 'viU present this winter was •n rc-bfearsed. Will Hold Revivals. •Revlyal services an? being conducted ait the Itethodlst Episcopal church thfi^week^.Bev. D. M. Campbell, the paiftdf, iB- pleaching Died in Kansas City. Lewis Bourqnln, formerly sPFl ^tant chemlBt «t the Cherokee smelter In thljpfclty, died, yesterday In K atisss CllfcMle Tustalned an Inlnry about • thtpe Tfsn 99> wbJdi necessitated an op^ntfoir.^ He.nerer ^foperlv recov- , ereit' B« was In a Kansas City bos- ^It^l |t |hf time of his death. Persenala. does has moved from Knrth to West Tlrff. street. Edwnrd «t Gardner. Kas.. was h^ro lay. He was enronte to his from RsrtlPtrrine where be has I attfndlnir the funeral of his bro- ib ^B -law. j IBsa Hacel Castle win leav«> toninr- fdW lor her home In Cttuniwa. Iowa, fj^mding SRv ^ral weeks Icre. *-»Tof relatives. X^'Brian of Merldan. Kas. ^^^terday, the gueats of WMlMrs. ManAan. of Kansas ffre-:the guests of relatives .«fi»ertay. Bhoads Glove Factory Starts. Yesterday the Rhoads Olove Flactory resumed operaUons. Since the factory has been down, new machinery has been added and now it is one of the best in this part of the state. Several orders for gloves have been placed. Continues to Improve. Miss Mabel Ransom who underwent an operation for apuendlcitis several days ago, continues to Improve. Her condition is yet considered quite serious. Fensonals. Mr. and Mrs. J. F; Doty returned yesterday from a trip through Illinois. Whiie away they bAve visited rel atives in different cities in southern Illinois. 0. L. Isn-c, of Moran, was a business visitor yesterday. Harland Taylor, the Moran banker, was her* yesterday on business. Will Dowler.Ieft last evening for his home in West Plains. Mo. He will return about Christmas. L. R. Stoddar returned yesterday from Kansas City where he has been on business for the past several days. E. D. Duerson, of Uniontown, was here yesterday on business. Gene and Ed Danforth and Clarence Gates were duck hunting yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. James Panther, of Kan sas City, were the guests of friends here yesterday afternoon. Kegiiter want ads bring resnlts. HOUTICULTURAL SOCIETI MEETS Session to Be Held at Klaaman BesI* denee Friday. The November meeting of Allen County Horticultural society will be beld at Mr. Klauman's real estate of- nr<' on South Jefferson on Friday, the ISih. IS>-er}-body is Invited. The society will pay . the lady that brings the best cake to the picnic dinner $2 as first premium. One dollar is offered for the second and 50 cents for the third best. Members of the society are requested to bring samples of fruit and flowers for exhibition. B. F. PANCOAST, Sec'y. ORIGINATORS, CREATORS AND BICTAms OF FASHKW ^X^HIS lot of Suits are the very latest of models, made of the most popular materials, fetching styles that will bring us abundance of buyers. The new greens, blues, greys, browns. Prices for Tomorrow, Thursday worth $20 worth $30 -00 worth $30 worth mm $35 worth $45.00 Our Cloak and SuU Seoiion is the Uoums of FamMon Solo Agonis for iho Jfqmo Journal Paiiornm IXXEDUTE BELIEF io6oooooooooooo6o O . O AGED PEOPLE. From CoBghs, Colds, Sore Throats and O LITTLE BITS OF K.\liS.l$ HITS O -Mrs. Sarah J. Wlndrom of Cl^kago, OOOOOOOOOOOOO 0 0 O Hoarsenes-s, by Using HyomeL : O A Hedley of Prose, Poetry, Xews O When you catch cold you want .toO Xotes and Comment. O get rid of It as quickly as you can. jO _ O; You don't want to lie around the house for a I week swallowing nauseating drugs. You know when you do this that you are net only making your own life miserab'e. but are a nuisance to everyone about you. Why not avoid all this? Why not relieve your cold in five minutes? Why not cure it over night? You can do it by using Hyomei, the sure and guaranteed cure for colds, coughs, sore throat, catarrh, bronchitis and asthma. Hyomei (pronounced High-o-me) is medicated and antiseptic air. You breaths it into th6 lungs through small pocket Inhaler, and its soothing influence as it passes mer the inflamed membrane of the respiratory tract, stops the mucous discharge, allays the Inflammation, and the cold is cured. A complete Hyomei outfit costs 91 .00, and Chas. li. Spencer ft Co, win refund your money if it fai's to cure. GrandBlece of Alexander Hnnllton, >Vho Signed the Declaration of Independence, says:' Tbough Mr. Beck could land almost any job within the gift of Governor Stubbs, Mr. Beck says that there is <more money and more satisfaction iu 'staying at home and running the Recorder. and highly respect-' I'overished blood. It Is the finest jton- imcry county and Iti''^ afength-creatbr I ever used." * • Mrs. H. W. Avery, Norwich, N. Y., , I ^igep^ to fbnow the example of iEbiuands o{ f&ters and take 'Caidrd, iJaidm is a non- ion^intosdcatiiig medicine fox :v7omen. It Jv£^isrjdekla^es, .with §ick female organs. It W Help Y {• 8E sennine, cuTative medicine, that builds 1£e femau jBVBtem and relieves femalepain. " l£jLtStGlair,ofEskdale,W .vL ,wrl^ hiyk ^ttardni, Ij had siyen np all hope ot «a. • Jl ha^ iniffered for 3 years vita mf Mia frai Goiifined to my be^, so I took Oardnii bBB a ^ut ein4 my f ^ofO^ tomblAi'' DBUrX II I.V THE DEPOT. That's What the Oklahoma Prohibition Law Wonid Require. Guthrie, Okla., N\>v. 11.—Tbe question of whether or not the Oklahoma law makes it a crime for a man to tranaport from the depot to his home an interstate shipment of liquor, j which has just been delivered to him by a railroad company, was arguetl before the supreme court this morn- iitg in the case of William Schmedes vs. the state, from Grant county. S P. Ridings of Poud Cipek represented Bcfamedes at the hearing today and Enforcement Attorney IVwl 8. Caldwell appeared for tbe etale, but bad difficulty in getting the court to see things his »-ay. He was subjected to a rigid cross-fire of questions In whi^ ever)' member of the court participated, and the cotuments uf the Jus (ices Indicated that i the court will be unahJfflons in reversing the decision "Vino' is a godsend to old people. . I am 76 years old, but 1 have a hearty U L. Crawford, an expert account-i fPP««"e. sleep "oundly. and feel ac- ane <,r Kansas City, is audUlug the 'today-thank, to Vlnol. books of Elmer E. Stubblefleld, Ireas-! ^^If" ' .^'f^ TlfJ^ "^n ^l '.^htp urer of Montgomery county. Rumors J'^Pf " ,f„fJ^**L»<i T fi^lt of JrregulariUes were rife and the f™'""** llff ^J ^J^J ^t commissioners ordered an InvesUga-, , ^ 'i^^^^^^^ tlon. Treasurer Stubblefleld Is oneI^«'^^> Pl"'^.^'« nourishing toj im- of the best known ed men in Montgomery county U believed tliat If Irregularities arc j . «i„j.,„ i discovered they will be wholly due to :f»>"-. ^1 'j"* .t'^^^jf'" H ?„i rioHojii errnrR I'*'t the need Of a tonic, something Clerical errors. i „rengthen and build me up. For some time I have taken Vino', and have found that it brings vigor and life to the aged as nothing else will. The reason Vlnol is so beneficial to old people Is because It is composed of two world-famed tonics,—the medicinal elements of cod liver oil—and Iron I Vlnol tones up the digestive organs, aids assimilation, makes rich, red blood, and strengthens every organ in the body. We will cheerfully return money to ail those who try Vlnol and receive lo benefit. S. R. Burrell, Druggist lola, Kas. •Winfleld" did not prove the mag- Ical name for tbe Reverend iiotkiu af- I ter all. But then the town fras handicapped with "P'runa." ABOUT OLD PLATERS. Yesterday was ex ecu Hon day for several hundred bottles of beer and a number of flasks of whUkey In independence. When Sheriff Love took the booze to the gutter to destroy it. the silence could bu felt and tbe Star describes the suffering as "Intense." Since the exit from office of County Attorney Bucber. the wets of Mont- gomen* county are hoping for a return of the misty days of the moisture markets. "The man whp knows Hal Clark," county atlorney[eiect. comeK to the front with a reassuring statement, printed in the county papers, that the lid will remain put. The staid and conservative Atchison Globe has fallen into tbe habit of running a double column, three deck head on tbe "front page." of tbo lower court. Justice Hayes stated that under Caldwell 's interpretation of the law tfaoDBly way a man could get any ben- «t!t of an Interstate liquor shipment woold be to drink it in the depot. ' Tvm to Rural Schools. Frlendf of the Barnes high achool law are bemoaning the fact that tiie waa defeated at the recent •leetloa. While >In some carriwi ntrong It alao rocelved but Utile ffilMort in othera. The queation Iwt ^thto county by 44T. Since defeat ot thia meaaure, those Intereat- |ad In the advancement of education «bi>nJd. we believe, turn their attention t9 th9 eonsoMdatlon of niral 9^: In the wholesome and Interesting work of closing the joints In that city. To do this, it seems that his honor Is obliged to tufn on some of his friends / who are now "hollering their heads ' off." King was a candidate for coun- , ty treasurer and was friendly to the Jiayor iClng. of Atchison, is engaged ^etg. He was elected mayor on a wet ', platform and thought the same prescription would laud in the race for guardian of the county money ti'l. But he was mistaken. The wets, most of them, fought him and he was defeated. Now he is retaliating by closing up all the joints and pool rooms. In the inlxture, some of his supporters are Included and they are as sore at tbe mayor as the mayor Is at the rest of them. The choicest r.plces that skill can select from the iinest Nature produces—ideal in ttrength and .iaiiltlcsi in quality— ThcM come to you with th«tr 6«abiiess unaltered—representing uoescelled goodnes*, unap' pnMchcd purity—b fltaled Immediatdy afisr ipihiP' ^-air, n6 moiataie, M .lor- •^1 eipi odoft, no imparity «|tsla>- nrsroui touch thtm. TOMB'S baffootuperior forfoeiidijilitf, Ed Howe, ot the Atchison Globe, will have a western story, "Hot Six Ranch" in a forth coming prosperity edition of tbe Globe. The Cherryvaio and Gulf railroad has been financed again. It is reported that this time the bonds have goten as far as the printing press. A. C. Mitchell, of Douglass coimty. is w passhrc candidate for speaker of tbe Kansas legislature. Mr. Mitchei: ha* anndnnccd that he «-lll no.t chase tbe offide but that if it should happen to pursue blm. tho consequences will have to be thken. He is not very fast on his feet. Fielding ATcrages of Ball Tosscrs Who Are Known Uere. In.the official fielding averages of .National League ba!l players given out a few days ago, appear those of a number of players of the old Missouri Valley league. Rciilbacli of Chicago, tops the pitchers of the entire league. Ho iilayed with Sodalla under the name of Lawson. Warren Gill, who worked with I*^. Scott 08 a pitcher, led the first bums men, being with Pittsburg, but appeared In only sixteen games. Johnny Kane, formerly with Pittsburg, Kas., was second In the list of centerfleiders. Oayless, formerly with Joplin, in 17 games, topped the right fielders. Byrne, of St.- Louis, was nintli among twelve third basemen.. He was also with Missouri Valley teams. ' "Liefty Leifield, a pitcher with the Pittsburg Pirates, had only -a fair fielding average. He was once with Sedalia. Notice to Contractors. lola, Kas., Nov. 9th, 1908. Sealed proposals will be received at ithe office of Thorpe & Hough until 3 o'clock, P. M., of November 14th for the work of grading, track-laying, ballasting, trestling and the furnlsh- ;ing of certain materials for the construction of a spur track from the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway tracks to the site of the Union Port- jland Cement company's plant, approximately 2.45 miles north of the atwve railway, according to plans and specifications In the engineer's office. The approximate quantities of work to be (done are as follows: Excavation 8,078.3 cubic yards. Kmuaiikmcnr, 10.841.2 cubic, yards. Track-laying, 12,9C0 linear feet. Cinder ballast. 3,700 cubic yards. Tile drains, 30 feet 12-Inch pipe. Culvert masonry, 670 perch. Trestles, Type "A", 1. Trestles. Type "B". 1. instructions to bidders, together with the plans and speclflcatlous and forms for the contract and bond, can be seen at tbe office of the engineers. Anyone wishing' extra copies of the plans and specifications may obtain the same from the engineers by making a paj-nient of five dollars to cover tbe cost of tbe prints. The right Is reserved to reject any or all bids. UNION PORTLAND CEMESJT CO., Kansas City, Mo. THORPE & HOCGH , Engineers, lola, Kansas. , Of that tin* little joomal^ oltfiA M66ri»r,. U. one b( the l6r -^:i **'8t«tt ;?:|io «>A; Of R0CKER»,RIJQ»,L4CC CURTAINS, PdRTIERd at & POftsffIc* Bleck

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