Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 8, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1907
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YOL. IX. >o. 429. Whole So. 6809. EIGHT PAGES. lOLA, KANSAS, !«OTEM*BK 8, 19«;.-FRn»AY ETEX1N6. EIGHT PAGES. PBICE TWO CENTa REPtEVIN A BIBLE TRUSTEES OF BASSET riUKCH WOULD KECOVIK PROPERTY. CASE IS AN UNUSUAL ONE OFPKERS WOULD ESTABLISH >EW 3IEETLN(i PLACE AND NEEDED FIRMTIHE. TrnMces of Cliiirfli Df><>lare I'iil|tl! Yaraut But Krr. Hill Says -No." H. A. Tliompson. K. I^. Slov.Wl nn : Thomas Farrell. trustees of ilie <ol oreU Baptist ohurcli in Bassvit. tu- day began an action in Judge Hniigirs court to replevin tl)e paraplierualia be loDglos to the church. The action is directed against Wallace Epright, colored, of Bassoit. in whose Uuildiuf; ti.e church holiKs its ineetins. In th»' paraphernalia is included a pulpit. roT ^trum. ohair.s. hymnaJs and a Bibi<\ The action crows out of the trouble last Saturday night ilnring a husi- ness session of tlie church which broke up in a flKht resulting in two of the eldei-s, Mr. Thompson and Stovall, being- plated in Jail, and lined Monday morning for disturbance of the peacs. They were arrested on complaint of Rev. Andrew Hill, ihe pastor. Th«' tni.siees had. during the nieetlng, de clar.^d Ihe pupit vacant, precipitating a fi.i?hi between the pastor and tlie trustees. Ii seems that Thompson. Stovall and Farrell are makinp arrangements to hold the nieetings in ."iome other buildint; and with .i n^w minister, and leave Rev. Hill in possession of the present church. They needed flie church jiroperty, however and went down to set it The own.^r of the buildin?, -Mr. Kprlght refused to Jet flieni take .possession of the property, resulting in the bringing of ilie re­ plevin action today. I The i)Oint in the case s?ems to be ' whether tt.e tiastor of the trustees are the church. Rev. Hill says he is going to continue to preach for the church, whi'e the trustees say they aregoInK to «et another minister. The. trouble began originally over the mat j »er oJ;^5fttt:B?iX [hld bare cliarge of thej church funds, the trustees or the pas-' tor. Rov. Hill had been placing ili<' money in the hank. The trustees thought they should have charge of it. The church is erecting a n?w build- in? In Bassett to be known as Mount Zlon church, ^\^lat effect the present differences will have on -the complt tion of the church is a matter of iiii certainty. The action is a rather unusual on*-. One well known attorney said tli s morning that he could not remember wh<n ,3n action had been bpiiiight iu this vxinlty to rep'evin church iirop erty. The ca.'^e will probably be heard next Tuesday. The date has not heeu set definitely, however. Rev. Hill said this morning that church services would take place Sun day as they lild In the past, ^\^^eth?r any steps will be taken by those not in sympathy with the jiastor to inter rupt the services remains to be seen. Constalde W. .1. Uirlg this after- nfj (i !i tool: possession of the iirnperly and moved It to a building In liass <-t: and stored It. He had no key to lock up the properly, making it necessary, for hiiu to store it where if would be- secure. Mr. Eprieht. airulnst whom tlio actlon is directed, will probably file a redelivery bond In the morning. WICHITA OBJECTING THEBI6F00TBALL6AME THINKS 10.MMI.SI0N PLAN OF (JOY- ('ONTEST BETWEEN I'HANl'TE AND EKNJttENT THE MORE fOSTLY. mil INCREASE THE SALARIES FINDS THAT GALVESTON SYSTEM WOILD ADD tHimt. I'roposcd Ciiautre Would Cre*!*' New Oftice «i- When City Hiiti a Population uf MMHi Cost Will luerease. WOILD PIT COIN IN CIRt CLATIttN Proiului 'Ut Bnsine!><t Man Sunrestx a Plan. 0 :ie iiroiniiu -ni lula Inisiness man has sii.!;K>-s(ed to the Register a plaii whifb li.' believes vinOd be worke-J Euccessfully and which would result in the luingiuK in of several ilioiisaiid dollars for clrculatioa in lola. The old soldier.^ have rereivi-d their jteusion checks but so far have been unable to realize currency fioiu thoni If houiH lianker or 7e !ial)l _H business man would collect sevi-ral' lliousaiid d<dlars worth of checks and feud them to the siili-lreasury at St. the currency lould In* bruuglil back and distributed anions the old ^'oldi ••rs and ihev in ttirii would |iay it out to the merchants about town. • .MISS IRVIMi RESHiXS. Reslirnaliou of Teacher at -JeiTenion School Will Be ArliM I'lion .Soon. .Miss Hatiie Irving. leather of th.- eighth H grade iu the Jefferson school tendered her rc'slKnation at the last meeting of the schtK)l l>oard. The resignation will be acted on by the leach ers' comniUiee later. Ai a former nieeUng Miss Irving handed In her reiiguation but it was not accepted. TWO HUNDRED FROM lOL.A going to Old Mexico next month where plen ty of rain falls every month In the A-ear. where you don"t have lo irrigate where it never gets hotter than !*0 nor jrolder tliau 4S with seldom a change greater than 14 degrees; where rheti- njaJisni. catarrh, fevers, etc. are unknowti: where they will live iu u mcuotaln valley 800 feet abore sea level:: where bananas, oranges, le:n- oiia. pine apples, strawberries, etc.. grow the year round. Where you get '••'jx » farm for |I0O. and )I0 payments. 1^.. Call and investigate. Mexico Land fMce, corner West Hadiaoa and Wal- Wilbita. Kas.. Nov. 8.—The Beacon s;iy;. ; 'iluie is one Item that some per- .so :is seem lo have overlooked iu their idvocacy of goverumeui by cunimis- sion as provideil by ihe Kansas law. and that Is the item of s:ilarles, which under ihe iirojiosed commissions will be nuiiprlally increased. This increase will au';?regaie $9.S!»0 a year, or $1H.- 7bit for a single term of olllce In Ihe mailer of li .\ed salaries alone. This is a matter which the ijeople of this city will likely look upon wllh disfavor. Increase in .salaries is never (lopiilar, and when connected wiih an alleged reform movement it Is all the more objectionable. Not only 'does the coniml.ssliui plan increase tlie salaries of ihe various cily ollicials. but it creates two new ollices, those of su|>erinieudeni and secrelai-y of. waterworks. Uui that Is not all. This law provides that when the population of the city has increased to ."iii.ODii there shall be a further increase in I he salaries of the city officials aggregating ?3 000 more. Then it goes further and provides that when the cirys iwpulatlon .•ihall have reached tJO .dOu the salary of the mayor may be Increased $2,000 and thai of the four commissioners $SOii each inT year, or an aggregate of la .iiM* more. The salaries of the varions city of- Icials at jiresent are ns follows: .Ma.*^)r. Jl'.uOu: councilnien. $200 each, or $a.400 in the aggregate; city clerk. $1.'.;00: city attorney $1,200;' city treasurer. ll .oriO: city engineer. $1 .r>iin; street commissioner. $1,200: city auditor. $f»fiO. The commission |ilan provides for .sal .Trles as*follows: Mayor. $2.0u(i; commissioners. $1200 each or $4.S00 In the aggregate: city clerk. $l.'^Ou: city aiiorney, $2 .ri00; city treasurer. $1.2U0; city engineer. $2..".oo: street commissicmer. $1,800: ."Ity auditor. $I.SUO: superintendent of waterworks. $1 SttO; secretary of waterworks. $1.2iiO. AViien Ihe cily has a populatitui of ".ii.iiiMi. which at its present rale of •irowih. will be iu two or three yersrs. 'be law provides that the salaries <f be several officers aside from the ;aa >or and conimis.slotiers may be iii.•:>-;;;^ed $:!.00tl more. The duties of the commissioner.!; are »!»proxinKifely flie same as those of the present cily council, and do not include the care of /my oth«'r depart- :uenr of public alTairs. such as the .•)ubl!c schools. There i.< a still further provision under the commission law that may result In added salaries. This provision is I hat fhe commissioners have Ihe power lo appoint a fire marshal, rhief of (lolice. ciiy physician, police jud.;e. su|ierlniendem of parks, cily assessor, "and such other otllcers as Ihev may deem necessary." and (i.\ the salaries <»f each. In view of the fact thai the tixed salaries of all the olfic- ers named above have been iucreaseil under ilie commission law it would not be unreasonable to sup|Mi.»e that following the example set by the legislators Ihe commissioners would find it convenient lo Increase the salaries • if these beads of dci)artments This Is a mailer worth looking Into, esiieclally at a lime when it is u diuibt fill policy to make a change and try II) experiment In city governnieiii. lb.- '(Ut.-"ome of which no man can foretell. THR CASE of Alix Elliot, a boy f'-nm fJa.-; City, who Is charged with being Incorrigible, was iontinued today in Juvenl'e court until next Prl- liav The boy refus.'s to go to school. THE OFFICERS have been unable t I lliid .Mat Davis, the Gas City boy. wht) was to have been tried in Jiiven- •le couri yeKterday on a truancy charge. He gave his father th? slip yesterday in fie court house a short time before trial and has not been seen since. ~ ROY E'. KINO and Martha E. Proc•or. both of LaHarpe, were married unlay by .ludge .1. B. Smith. MR. CREOG \%no came here recently from California to make his home secured a iiermit' fronj the cfiiincll 'ast night to erect and conduct a -iland on the east side of the IlHriels building. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Fair tonight jnd Saturday: slightly cooler tonight. Data recorded at local office. U. S. WVaiher Bureau, yesterday, today an<l a \ ar ago: Yest'dy Yr. ago 2 p. m G8 60 r. p. m CG 63 12 midnight 52 4:5 Max. Temp ....72 64 Mln. Temp 49 43 Precipitation 7 p. m 0 0 Today Yr. ago 2 a. m 48 39 6 a. m ; 43 33 12 noon 53 C."; Precipitation 7 a. m 0 0 For Bfgt »mi Qilekest Bcsnlts F«e tke B«gMcr Wut C«huwu. «AS CITY TO BE HOT ONE. TO BE PLAYED AT ELECIRIO PARK WEATHER MAN PROMISES «tM»D D.\Y FOR (;AME. .Hauagers of Both Eleveux Hare Aimed lo Make the Plays Fair. Willi siimclent frost In the air to lend I spirit and vim to the i>layers if it; is not too cold for the comfort of the spectators, the football game next Sunilay afternoon between the Chanuie anil Gas City teams promi.s- es to be the best of the season. Mr. ScliopiK- pr^m nes ideal weather for a football game, which together with the article of football made possible by Ihe hard work of the iilayers of iK ^ith t .=auis. gives to the belief that tbi> game Sunday will be tlie best of the season. The Chaniife team with 100 rooters is expected to .Trrive on the 2:18 Santa Fe north bound Sunday afternoon. Immediately after arriving they will will take a car which will be wa'ting at the depot and ?o directly t') riectric Park, where everything will be In readiness for the big gam.=. Manager Frank Delaney of the Gas City team has spared nothing In pre- I'ar^ue the grounds for the comfort of the spectator!. The field has been f.^nced and special jio'lce will be posted to keep the spectators back so that evervnno will have nn apportunitv to see the plnvs. Special care ha."! been taken also 111 selecting th? offlc'als for »h»' game anil no wransling Is expected Women, to whom the sight of blood of of injured gridiron giants being cpiTied from the field by admirers. Is one of horror, may attend this game with a d?cree of assurance that the contest will not be marred by any such unfortunate circumstances. Accidents generally occur in games where sliipsliig and unwarranted defensive work Is permitted. The managers f^i th? .teams which are to meet Sunday have entered Into an agreement 111 e'imlnatp all of fhe rough features of fhe game iiossible. The most ardent foot- ball ctiamiiions have, how- ev.^r. never maintained that the game was in the same class with marbles and some of the players may sus'ain a few scratches. The fact that both teams have been working hard the entire we?k is another evidence that the game will b" one of the best of the season. Thert> can be found among the players in this game, men who rank with ihe best football players in the state. "Skeei • Ellis, an lola man. will be fniiud iu the Chanute lineup a\on^ wilh Ihe famous Peterson brothers, of foot ball famT>. In the Gas City lir .eup will be found "Fatty" Street and Pearl Norton, two men who for- nierly played with the LaHarpe team. Wiirren .Allen, the former lo'a high scldol iilayer who astonished the Chanute play.^rs by bis wonderful work against them In the I.aHarne Chanute game at I.aHarpe last Clir'stmar;. will also be in fhe Ga.-; Citv lineiiii. The Chanute team has jdayed ihree eanies already this season and has «on all of fli .'Ui. One of lhe .se raiues was with file '';as Cilv fea'U wblcl. v.-as won bv fhe score of fo 0. City has nlaved two games, winning one from I.eRov. and !oslnfC 'o Chanute. .^linc? then the lineup has been changed materially and a much 'fronaer lineup will b.^ iiresented Siin- l:iy. The r.-fene If to blow the wlr .s- fie lU'onipflv .nt "-.'W o'clock for the b!2 game fo begin. B. F. GARDNER INJURED. Fell Whilfl Workinn at lola Portland Plant. B. F. Canlner. an employee of the lola Porilaiiil C:-meiit company. In jiired his back iu a fall this afternoon while work ng about the griffin mills of the big plant. It was necessary for him to idimb up about six feet In performing bis work anil today while s<} doing he fe'; the full distance, strlklir.r his i ack in such a manner as lo sustain p'l Tiful but not serious injuries. Although tlie Injury will pre- vi 'nt him froni working for som:» time It is not believed that it will result .^eriOHsl'T. RE-DRILLING A SUCCESS. Kansas Natural People Get Increase in Pressure bv Re-drilling Welt. .\s a result of a test made bv the Kansas Natural Gas company In their holdings near Independence, the ga^ supply In this enftra field may be re plenished. Vndersheriff Boatrlght was in Pefrolia this morning and was told by the Kansas Natural Gas people there that a well near Independence which once had a pressnrs of 80 pounds but had later weakened greal- l.v, wn.s re-.drilled and now has n roc kpressure of 240 pounds. Th" word will he received w'th a great d?Bl of interest by local people as many of the gider wells In this com- miinily have failed or at least greatly weakened. A SON was horn vesferday to Mr. and Mrs. George McColIoch of this City. JOHNSON IS BUSY CLEVELAND STREET CARS GIVEN TWO DAYS TO BETTER SERVICE. IS AFIED IHE CtRPORATIONS WILL MAKE PUBLIC SERVICE (OM PAM taVE (iOOD SERVICE. niockudes in Ru.^Ii Hours aud There .Must Be Less Noise Says Clevekiud's .llayor. Cleveland, Nov. 8.—.Mayor .lohnson yesterday t*fiernr»on went t«) work in earnest in bis camiialgu against public service corporations. He found a new s «iurce of comiilaint against the Cleveland Eleciric railway, which is blockaded. down town every evening, ju.s! when ihe workingnieu are rushing for home. He also announced that telephone comiianies musi give belter .-service and "lake ibc- noise" off their lines." -•MMer giving the railway company two days iu which to abate the blockade nuisance, he i .ssued a statement inviting the railway company to a peace conference Saturday morning. Furilier inconveniences was caused, fo the people yesterday by the Cleveland Eleciric railway refusing to sell street car tickets iu wholesale quantifies. This hits business iuferesls. who bought tickets in big bunches and gave them to their einidoyees when they went over the city. Now tickets can only be procured from conductors on fhe cars In sf-ips of eleven for fifty cents. Yesterday afternoon Mayor .lohnson called the heads of Ihe Cleve land Electric to his office and said that blocicades must cease within two days or the city would take measures to end I bom. Last night all cars .were tied uji two hours when one car became disabled in Ihe center of the ciiy. President Horace .Andrews of the railway company declared that so many ."i-ceut lines using fhe old company's tracks through iiubllc square was the caust of all the trouble. Mayor .lohnson .said the city would grant new looji franchise ij necessary fo lielp out. In hm peace proposals the ma.vor Invited the otficera of the Cleveland Electric lo meet with council in special session Saturday morning. .Members elect of fhe new council will also he present. It Is the intention fo dl.s- cuss the question of franchise about to exiilre and try to arrive at some middle ground. The railway compan.i has not accefilod Ihe inviiafiou. Several fljoiisaud letters arrived today for .Mayor .lohnson. Congressman Liurion dlil not apiiea: at re |)Ublican headqiiarXers today and is again transaciing buslne.<«s from hb- private ofiice. He is busy preparing for the work of next con.^ress am' this will occupy his artentlon iinii! thai body mre ;s. He had liofhlng fi add lo bis stalemetils of yesterday, explaining defeat. (JETS PtJSlTION MITH SANTA FE. I.uilier Sncll Will Take Churce of Carlyfe Sttittou. .1. S. Turner, head of the Turner School of Railroad Telegraphy, ha- succecde<l In securing another good position with the Saulti Fe for a pu- 1)11. I.iilli.'r I .Sliell has been installed as ojieralor and ageiif of the Carlyle siaifon. The i>osition is considered a .cofid one for a start and the many friends of Mr. Sueil will T>e glad to learn of his being able to .secure such a good posidoii. ELI.ETT (IIILD HAS THE FEVEK. Vast' ttf .S^-jirlef Feter haa Bi-i-n Reported Southwest of Cily. .•\ scarlet fever case was reported in the country seven and <ine half miles southwest of this city. The ten- vear-old son <if .Mr. and .Mrs. Georgr ICllett was stricken with the disease hut ia not thought to be in a serious conditon. The family will be quaran- lliied and every itrecauilon will be taken to -iirevent the disease froni sjireading. (OHN .WERAtJE LOWER. Rrccnl Reports Show Yield Per Acre Lower Thau Last Year. Washington. Nov. S—Preliminary reports to the department of agrlcub lure as lo the iirodiictlon of corn indicate the yield I'.r .'i:! 732.000 Imshels 111 average of tweniy-six bushels per icre. as compared with 30.:'. in .1906 The general average as fo the quality is V2..»;. compare<i with 89.9 last year RECEPTION ANO PARADE Secretary Tnft's Farewell at .Manlhi to Re BrIIIbint .Aranila. -Nov. 8.—A brilliant farewell reception given Secretary Taft tonight at the residence of Governor General Smith was characterized by the extreme democracy. Representa- tivfs of every class of residents In .Manila were present. The secretary and his wife were greeted practically by every one ID attendance. The Tafts' lasst day in Manila was marked by many features. Arrangements were made for the escort of Secretary Taft to the dock of departure tomorrow, including a monster parade of military force*, public Bcbools and dtlsesa. HO PAY AT THE PEN ARRESTS MAY FOLLOW CANNOT GET CASH TO MEET I CLUE FOUND TO IDENTITY OF PER MONTHLY PAV ROLL. ( SONS "WHO DEFACED MAIL BOX. A JOINTIST TO WRITE A BOOK TOPEKA BOOZE DISPENSER TO TCRN AUTHOR. There .Ire No Slgji.« of Further Ranking Trouble iu kuusa!). (Speci .Tl Correspondence.) Tojieka. Nov. .S. John C. Brown, chief cl-^rk of the state penitentiary at Lansing, was in Topeka yesterday afternoon on a fruitless search for cash with' which to meet the monthly pay roll of the stiite's big penal insii tufion. .Apiircximately $.S,tifiO is the amount of which Mr. Brown was in search. Pay of the gnanis ami other employees at the penit.^ntiary for Oc tcber is now past due and -Mr. Brown says that many of the men need their money. It has been tiie practice almost since time immemorial for the chief clerk of th? penitenliar.v to come to Topeka" eaph month, make his settlement with the auditor and get a warrant for sufficient amount to meet the pay roll and cash fhe warrant at one of the Leavenworth banks and pay fhs men. So far the Leavenworth banks have imlicated that they wouM not furnish Mr. Brown with the money needed. He came to Topeka expecting to cash his monthly warrant at the oflTcc of State Treasurer Jfark Tully. But fhe state treasurer has bren without cash in any considerable iniount for approximately for a week. .Mr. Brown returned fo I.ansing Jast night hopinsr to make atrangements at some of the Leavenworth banks today bv which he wi 'l be abls to pay *'ie penitentiary emjiloyes Saturday The sifunlion is iiarticularly serious at Lansing for the reason that most of the merchants In that place are dependent entirely- on busines.s from the penitentiary employes, whom they carry from month to month. A Jointist is Author. Topeka. Nov. S.—Topeka is shortly to lie treated'to a hook written by a well known Jointist who promises tn stir flilnts b.v treating of th.=> do nes if jolnflsts and officers with whom they have been on . gCKJd terms in limes iKisf. Sylvian Klein is Ihe man who proposes to write the book. Klein has been eufaged In tli^ "biH.ze" biis- 'lu-a an Topeka at regular inft-rvals for s<i lon.g that few jieople here re-a 'l the time when Klein was not ilis K-nsIiig drinks of an intoxicatin.!? ua- •i ;re. Klein yestserday began serving a thirty day sentence in th^ Shawnee county jail for violation of •he |/ro!iibIfory law. He has aiinoiinc- •i! thai ho proposes fo devot.'^ h's time vhile in durance vile to preparatio". )f a b;.ok on joints and jointisis. with a ff w side lights on city grafts. "The book 1 will write will make everybody sit up and fake notice," says Klein. "I win spar.? no one—'not even my- se!L' The publication of K'eins book will be eagerly awaited in To- iieka. To Fiotit New Schedule. Topc-Ka. Nov. S.—It is reported her^^ that fhe r:iilron;ls are plannin.!? t> ."ont.'st the proposed new schedule of freight rates juepared by fhe board '.){ Railroad Comtnissioners on the ground that it is because,- it nrovides different rates from differ- -•iit points for the same service. The oontention will be based on fhe fact that jobbers' rates, lower than the regii'ar distance tariff schedule, have been mads effective from various jobbing points and Topeka and I.awrenc'.' are given a differential over jiointS on lie .Missouri river. This idan. the ••oads will contend, according to rn- Tiors in circulation here, is discriminative and therefor.? illegal. The Commissioners state that in reducing distance tariff rates to a plan which fhey are convinced will be shown to be unreasonable, they ffiiiiid that they wer? cutting class rates" below fhe iiresent distance tariff rates. The railroads have for a •lumber of years recosiilzed comnier- c'liil conditions, warranting the granf- 'ng of jobbers' rates fo s .^verni towns. If Uuse Jobbers' schedules had not be«u reduced, also the Commission- -rs;say Missouri river points would •lave been given almost a monoiiolv •)f th;^ Jobbing business in the state. ?o a new jobbers' basis, calculated to place all Jobbing iwints on as near a freight rate parity as the. Board though practical was prepared. In the ma 'n. the new schedule seems to be satisfactory to th.= jobbers, but the Board says that the consumer.? will be pleased with its effects re- lardless of the protests of the few Jobbers who comp'ain of the proposed •idjustment. Kansas Jobbers jt Missouri river points do not seem as tjadly worried over the situation as the'r competitors in Kansas Ciiy and St .loseph. Mo. C. D. Bell of the Kansas City Traffic Bureau, was in, Topeka yesterday to talk to Secretary Sh'ner of tha Railroad Board regarding the propo.* ed rates. Mr. Bell thinks ihey dis criminate a.gainst Kansas City. Mo. and also i>galnst other Missouri liver nornts. He said however, that th^ Kan .<ia3 City organization would not onpose the new tariff for tha reason that the roads are eolng to fight it to the bitter end. The commission toM Mr; Beil that the new tariff would not change the relationship between any Jobber at Kanaas City, Kansas, f INSPECTOR L C. CHANGE IS HERE . VIOLATIONS OF POSTAL LAWS HAVE OCdURRED. .\lr. Chance Will iHare Proof for Arrests WHhln a Few Dayfi. •I have a clue as to who the parties are that- have been defacing the United State.s inaii boxes aDcl tearing out the time cards on the biixes and iu other ways damagiirg thej property of the United States. It my intention to bring the guilty parties to justice and the iieople of lola ineed not be sur- pri.sed if some arrests follow in a very few days," said L. €. Chance of Fort Scolt. iKJSloIfice inspector for ibis district,: to a Register reporter this ' morning. : , i. Mr. Chance came in this morning from Kt/rt Scot^for.'the purpose of investigating the complaints which have come lo him'from "lola to the effect ' lhai pei-sous were Klefacing the mail boxes alxiiu town,.' theraby ignoring the I'. S. postal law.s. *^ All of fhe forenoon was spent by .Mr. Chance in looiting u|l clues. At noon today he hadj succeeded in get- . ling enough inforrnation to feel sure ' that he .can locate at least two of the guilty . parties. • Jn one case the guilty party is a boy under age andi can only be sent u> the reform school but the other person is an adult and can be given the full limit of the law. The insiiector e^tpects to return to Fort Scott tonight; but will probably return in a few (jays when he will prob:ibly Kave seclired enough proof to malie some arrests. The' jaw deals Severely with per- soii.> defacing the {nail boxes. A iine of $101)0 or three vears Imprisonment Is the inaximum pinalty for each offense. • ^ • The violations of this law have occurred within the;last few days, Hal­ lowe'en night som^boys threw a atorie at otti;! of the mail Eii >xes on North Cottonwood street and ba^ly battered it, .Also some person deliberately tore out the time card.ffrom the box near . he Kv;iiis drug store at the corner of South street and .Vladison aveniiij. and bi.i lnr?rior cbmpetitor, although : if mip'iit make a slijsht difference to Kansarf City. Mti,.? Jobbers. Judne Helm io Washington. Topeka. Nov. s'.-^Judge A. E. Helm of W-cjiita. will go fo Washington to appear- for the Sjate Board of Rall- r.^ad Commissioners in the Colorado cnal ra[te wt>ich is to be Anally argued b .i 'fore thi» Interstate Co.m- merce Comnii.ssioir November 13. The complaint was originally filed by .t\}e commercial orgaiUzation in Garden City. Dodge City/^,amed and a number of other WVsJem Kansas cities along the main line of the Santa Fe. but the Railroad Bfoard intervened and has paid most of the expense from, its original contingent fund. Judge' Helm was retain9d by the original contpl^^inants^ earty in the history of the cas.? and as' he is thoroughly familiar with it Qommissioner Ryker yesterday made arrangements with him to go to Washington and look after the final submission of the case. No Further Ranking Trouble. Topeka. Nov. —Topeka banks today rf<ceived wofd from tha Kansas C:ty Clearing Hp&se that It will hereafter honor checl'.s drawn on Topeka banks ;and also those drawn on other bnnks In territorv adjacent to Kansas City- Topeka Ijjinks will fol'ow by exten.rins this fmivilege to other cities . in Kansas, so far as passing checks throughiJhe local clearing house is concerjied. The money situation' locally is' perhaps not greatly improved but it is not expected to b3 much changefl until the Eastern banks have taken off the limit. -Re- pons received ai the office bf the state bank conujtlssloner continue op- flmi.sttc and there are signs of further banking trSut>le in so far as" c^n be diflcsmed by the oUlc- lals here. '; ' To IssucyInstructions. Topcija. Nov. i 8.—The State Tax Commission Is preparing to Issue a pamiiiilef of .Instructions regarding the taxiiiKf machinefV provided by the new •ax 'i:w for the Instruction of county, niunirlnnl and district officials charp-' ed with the wdr& of assessing, equalizing or making iax levies. The pam- iihlet :W 11 proba})ly be issued before January 1. It isf tte intention of the Comnilssion to inake it sp complete that afflcia's will not be excusable if f..?y make inlstakes and do not follow the law. Tte Commission is now p-ccepdirfg on the theory that a special session of fhe legislature will not be called and IKat U must post people asi to the'places where the new law Is" lame aii^f use every precaution to avoid excessyve taxation and unreasonable actlcn that might result from ;the incqnjp'eteness of the tax 'aw minor particulars. J LO^T—Brooch: Forget-me-not pattern, reward. Return to this office. THE BO.\Ri>i of health reported to the council laat* night that the department is in goodf condition and-is doing some effective ;^ork. THE COUNCIL, allowed bills last night'to the aibountof approximately tl'i.OQO. The amount Is larger than usual-.

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