Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1908
Page 5
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The Mmn Behind thUm^Mi C H. UeClute, Presideut. a. U. Arnett, A'ice PreslUeut. OFFICERS. L. M. CllKord, Second Vice Presideut. H. Hobart. Cashier. C. li. i>eOIute, J. D. Aruett. K. E. CJifforU, J S. Walker. .!. U. Aiuell, C. H. UeClutt h. 51. Clifford. Clias. 11. Apt, J. K. Niglj, K. M. Cuuuiugliuui, C. C. Ausbenuau, .May aiioJeu, Coo. S. DavJs, DIltECTOBS. Jl. M. Miller. J. E. Jones, W. G. Miller. I'rauk Bale. MT0C£HOL])£BS.' i:. E. Clifford. . J. K. Jones, H M. Miller, Winifred Walker, <.lara W. FouBt, .1. S. Walkelr. J. IJ.. Miller. II. E. Culbertaou, Sudio V. Miller, Cljaa. U. Apt, J. FV-Nlgh. 11. Kobart U. Hobart. K. L. Thompsou, i'rauk Bale. W. E. Ralstou, E. McDanlei. U;. C. B. Core; \V. G. Miller, I(. Ilobart. State Savings Bank GmpMal $29,000 Mm, Kmmmmm Open from 7 to S p. m, Saturdays and Pay Nights RE4D! A foTT biiiidre^ M sectiMu Ao. 1 irestem land it $1000 nd ap. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Office Orer lowii Store. Short Staries OF! ' Thorpe & floagh ^ Cntiaetors, Englneen, SnrTeycn. Polly equipped for all kinds of nnreying, estimating, patent draw- L\s, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Otcr "Famou." Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—better tlian most Don't Forgot Our MEAT MARKET Wo liandlo only the best ol Freab Ucats, Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE .'urmciE, and will pay the highest market price In^xash or trade. Come in and see us. We are sole agents for J. M. Bom'a COFFEES and TBAS if you will give this line a trial you will U£c no other. ' Fryer Bros. Plione 301, SOS. lela, Kauas. Evans Bros. malUmmmrr. tail ommm W&ere qnaltty Is naia vemM*- maoa we Iw the best mmn demands wQl JoatUy. we cany all grsdea aai * rieea. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. MuMfactarara. Wtolasala CRYSTAL ICE And IHitilUd Wattr Inr Cell Itoiaft Mmii Im FRANK RIDDUD. Mvr. Stoves Set up and connected, also anj other gas fitting. Good wotk and reasonable charges. Plione 29. lob Ha|i|MiiiDgs —€«Biilv|^m & ^niett, 6 per eekt inoney. Two Couples Wed Here. Tvo Chanute couples went lo Ida this week and- were married at the court touse. Yesterday afternoon Probate Judge Smith married Miss Nellie M. Rice, of this city, and Ernest Harmon, of 412 North Malcolm avenue. The groom Is a printer who has been employed on the Chonuto papers, but is now working In Girard. The young couple will probably make their home there. Miss Nora M. Shultza. a domestic at 1720 South Santa Fe avenue, and Milo Huffman. 504 North Kansas avenue, were also married by Judge J. B. Smith at lola, tbJs ceremony taking place Sunday afternoon. The young couple returned immediately to Chanuto and will make their homo here.—Chanute Sun. Fotiitftes for »ale. Will o.\change small seed potatueij, bushel for bushel, for com. Piice for saiae 'loc at home. Large sorted potatoes TOc. Also turnips 20c. A. L. TowuKeiid, Horseshw Ilpiid. Plume klauuian at Pittsburg. II. Klauman is at Pittsburg In attendance at a meeting of insurance men. He will be out of the city several dayi;. Still on the Bills. The county commissioners are work lug on the regular bllU today. There is but little other'business to attend to at this session. —Always time to eat at Oar Way. Tax Agent Here. \ tax agent of the Kansas Natural People was at the county clerk's office this morning looking orer the taxes of the company In this county. —Be a Booster—H<»ne industry— Neosho River Cat at Our Way. Ed Eatea Was Here. Ed Eaton, editor of the Gardner newspaper, was In the elty yesterday, lie was formerly conected with the Garueit News and Is well knoi^u here. Assisted in Operation. L»r. G. B. Lambeth was over from Moran this morning to assist in an operation at the liospital. —Our OyiUer^ Way. Bayless Goes South. Dick Bayless. the Dayton. O., crack uutflelder. who is upending tte w^Inter with his parents here, has been released to the Atlanta team in the Southern league by the Cincinnati Reds. Bayless formerly played with the Miners and later was with Springfield and Wichita iu this lea^ne.—Joplbi IleraM. -Dr. J. 8. Pepper. PMUtt neie ML »Mt« m fftr Bond. I .Mrs. Hanndh Maule has bruuKhl an action In Judge Potter's court to hare Geo. Gillespie placed under a peace bond. Tlie defendant was her tenant and it seems they had u vontrurArsy in which t-he cluhns he cursed her. —Oysters any style at Ou'««vaj. BelMa Aetial H'erk VVord has reached here jliat actual work has begun at Carlyle on the «n-itch to the site ot the cement plant to be erected there. The switch Is needed to transport material to the plant. —ft—Our Way Soda Watsr. Antles STcci Tvai^hLo TJi« A. R T. A. will hold a^ni.eetlng lunlgbt In Beatty's Implement store. Some important business is to be transacted. A report of the state meeting which was bold at Salina In 'October will be made. >4taBk & BMMteV. K noM lit. Boinnger in Moran. Sheriff C. O. BoUlDser vas iu Moran this momin£ on-business. I 'kMiite Xaa Jl Piker. Cue thing about the lola Deuiocraut who lost liets on the election is that they ai% not pikers. A Chanute man who made a wager to faonl a Bepub- llcan around In a wheelbarrow if Taft was elected, backed down and refused to carry out his end of the bargain. —Sisn palntinc Fred Bowdea, phone 1428. Vates I'eater Editor Uetn Fred Wilkinson, editor of the Yates Center News, was in the city yesterday for a few hours. He bad been In Humboldt on business.. Al Stewart accompanied talm here. —Soda Water, the Our Way Uad, For Daek Haatlaf. A number of nlmrods are taking out hunters licenses at the county clerk's office in anticipation of good duck hunting. A few ducks have already been seen on the river and ponds In tbU vicinity but more are expected when the wcalhor gets cooler. —Six per cent money: ao comnlt- iion; no delays— S&ilth * TravlB. Prali'ed ^urtette. At the ratification Monday uight, Col. J. B. Atchison who was chairman of the meeting, thanked the Black and Tan Quartette.In behalf of the Republican count}- central committee for the time and sen-ice they gave the party- during the campaign. —Fresh Oysters— Oar Way. ('oireyrilk) (iare It L'|h lola seems to have been the only town in southeastern Kansas that carried out its plans for a ratification in honor uf the Republican victory of a week ago yesterday. Cofteyville and Independence both planned for a big time but at the last moment gave It up. —Merchant'* Lnncb at Our Way. tJllfUiaB.Sees tiM> End. Contractor GUflllan can now ^see the end of his paving contract at Fort Scott. The Republican says: Contractor Gllfillan expects to soon com- plote tlie National avenue work. By far The largest part of the work is done now, and oniy a few blocks remain to be macadamized. It will then be only a short job to spread the tar- vla and have the-street ready for traffic. —Chrysanthemums aud fine ones, now at Primmer 'B greenhouses. Marriage License. I -A marriage license was issued Saturday evening to Mr. Everett E. ^ ling and-Miss Bthel Mooncy. both of Gas Clt>-. Kansas.—Lawrence Gazette. —lailit n kSTfiff *V. S." firar. Took Watrous Home. Johu E. Watrous, of Burlhigton. federal revenue coUector for this dis- trlct. has I>een critically ill at the .Marsh house. He will be taken to bis home at Burlington tonight, accompanied b.v his physician. Dr. X. Haggart—Ottawa Republic. ^Paper HaaginE. Phone 1428. Fred Rtmdea. Jackson at PItUburg. .\.uoniey General Fred S. Jackson who spoke in this county during the He hate aceaiplote llae of Over Coats, Fall Orerewits aad C '«aTiM <tes. bi aU tke Bew st^^s aad celers. irke aew "Aite," •Y'laV" »aA '^ummkt" Urerroats wr Cn> TlaettP, are rerialaiy swell stylH. 5efr hi wke* joii waaf tlwab campaicn'baa ot ft cmMde JolnU. H» baa o& the. doors of Cherokee ' taken'<liai|0 the Fittibms soany' Jofata In dc promises that within a short -ttm6 ^ne hundred othr ed Joint doors wQl be peniianeiitly ctofied. The attorney general Is being assisted in tUe crande, whlchi is the first one of its kind and only effective one ever attempted in tbe mining region, by Assistant Attorney General John Ifadisall and George Sto- essi. —Dr. P. E. Waasfe, Deatlst. Pkoae 8& Pheasants Dyingi A number of the Mongolian pheasants wiiich wero recently released on tfle Brown ranch east of the city have died, but it is thou^t the othenr irtU survive as they have now been given their liberty and may nest wherever they caro to. It hod been the Inten- |tion to keep them up until late In March before releasing them, but wt «n it was found that they were dying it was thought best to release tbem. All four of t&o birds that hare died were male birds. The survir- ors are perfectly at home aiid they I are almost as tame as the barnyard fowls.—Ft. Scott Republican. Iluoffls for men, Y. M. C. A. building. Steam heat in each room. Baths free. Sentenced the Boy*. Three of the boys who broke Into a car near lola some time ago hare been sentenced by the Keosho county Judge of the reformatory while tte fourth will bo tried in Juvenilo coiirt The Stm says: Judge Finley convened district court this morning after a recess continuing orer several weeks prior to the election. In the cast; of the State vs. IVank Detherage, Jaa. Murphy. Tony Srown and Willie Chll- dera. the Uiree boys arrested here a few weeks ago for pUfering a. Santa Fo merchandise cair on freight train No. 319, all three entered a plea of guilty. The flrst three were sentenced to the reformatory at Hutchinson for a term not to -exceed seven Tears, and the fourtb. being under jage. will bo arraigned in the juvenile court and sent to the detention home until be is 21 years old. —Yes, Primmer has pleaiy of flue Chrysanthemums ready to sell. For the Steenth Time. Sammy Morris, the ex-Jopliu pitcher, is in jail at Chanute for steenth time for drunkenness, during only a few weeks Tesidence there. The Sun says: Sammy Morris, alias Blg- Cbief Wbo-Likea Firewater, was intox- Jcated! end, incidentally, in police court again this weeli. Sam . seems powerless to control.his appetite for whisky wliether embodied in bitters, lemon extract, or red ink. Saturday niglit to was sent home by OtKcer HedS^ch, but after reaching his board lag house tncceeded in borrowlnt; CO [cents wljicli bo invested in bitters and then spent the renuiioder of the evening in holding up the Bell phono poles vblch tbe company had carelessly left along the street-In an In• securo condition. When taken into Icustody ho gave a bond of |10 for his lappcaraocc this morning.. ' Food Parity. The Kational Puro Vwi authorities at Wbshingtott are d<dng a good work In ednoating people to demand quality In the food they buy. The magazines [and newspapers are also taking up the issue and emphasizing the need for care in handling eatables. This excellent work is measurably the resolt of the establishment of the "SealsUpt" method of. handling Oysters, a method and system which was I some years in advance of the present movement for purity in foods. "Sealehipt" Oysters are packed in I a galvanized steel container which is I then sealed. Ice is put around the container but ao ice or water touches the oysters. The oysters are kept whole and perfect and their natural flavor and color are retained, as lec does not «msh them, nor does water irioat or bleodi them, and "dope" is not needed to keep them. Ton will find "Sealshipt" 0>-8ter= in . Pure Wihite Porv^ain Caso which lieara the Blue "Sealshipt" Trade Mark. We sell "Sealshipts" unly. Fryer Brothers. Otto Hinze. "Our Way." Tullcy Feels Good. State Treaanrer Ttilley passed through lola a few days ago to Topeka from Independence, where he visited his family. Mr. Tultey'& majority in Montgomery county, his home county, was nearly 2.000 and he fs feeling good orer it. .Uteatiea A. H. T. A. All members are requested tu be pretent at the meeting Wednesday ntglit at 7:30 ai Beatty's Implement store. Very important business. A. H. DAVIS, Sec'y. W. U.M 'CLrRE, Pres. With Perkins Case. Qeorgc J. Barker left yesterday af- temoon for St Paul. Mian., w^ltere he I went on business connected Tlth the Perkins case. The case eom^s up in the conrt of appeals there this week. —lAwrence Journal. Founded the News. H. P. ttcball. editor of the Uartles- vllle Independent, died at his home in that city early Sunday morning of pneumonia. Mr. ScheH with Ed. Baton, tOnnded the Gamett Evening ICeva and vas well known in this city. He w«« 64 yean of age. His Illness lasted only three days—Gamett News, Invftod to' Coma "Tlireboh. Ah lola man who promised to stand on ilia bead fior an hour if a Democrat iraa elfoted governor of Missouri, is >tiaing inTltad to coma tbrongb.—Otta ^HeniM. Tha •eosUnt SaiHt. , Io)» is to'bsve S'<^ie*C miite Way >4.W0^ l^^^Tba hmiQesa men ffeora ' »!^jNi*« j**^ «i *:«ont Ladies' ) New ( Tailored i Suits ) Thursday and Friday In most desirable shades of blue, brows, grey, green, red—elegaatly tailor«d, superbly finished, values actually worth $15 to $17.50, tomorrow,.'...... Suf^rb Walking Suits Of hard-twisted seree, worsteds, etc., the craze'of the season, newest models, among them you'll find modified '^Direc- toires"—125 and |30 values at. Coat Special An extraordinary value in ladies' new long semi<fitted Coats In most desirable shades, |18.Q0 to $22 valneP, Thursday and #IC flfl Friday at aluiUU Coat Special No; 3 The priee we name in this instance is but a fraction of the gar- J ments real worth, for every tim? one is sold the price should # ftO have been f 10, at vDl vV Sensatiooal Dress 6oods Seltiog! For more than a week our Dress Goods Department has been unusually busy in waiting on. the eager patrons for the splendid values we are selling at about one third less than uraal prices; and still the big sale of Dress €bods M goes on. Think of it |1.25 dr«ss goods at 98c; 9Sc dress goods at 75c; l||m U5c, 75c and «5c Dress Goodi at -lAlU COME TOnORROW! FRI5H MAN'S South Side of Square THOS. H, B0WLU8, Pr^l|tont J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capitiil $30,000.00 DIUBCTORS A. W. Bs«k. L. C. aeatty A. ^ulttni W. J. Evans. J. o. Rodger^ W. La' VfTtlfc^ Thoa. H. SeiffliM. WEttwE OUR own muim OK Ml umommfomn SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXC0 KOR flENT FROM «2 TO io PER YCAa iNTBREtr PAID ON*TIME 0EP08ITS. P Mason's View of It. Thv following- IntereitlnB but distorted account of the trouble, which recently occurred in justice court liere, apjiears in tbe iCmporia Gazette. A fanner near tola was arrested and tried' for cruelty to animals. When the Jury had retired. tb».' lawyers and prosecuting witness went into a hallway fominst the juo' room and began quarrelinR. 'They cuDsed each other right merrily, and finally began punching heads. The Jurors coiddn't stand It to bo penned up while a tight was going on, so they hastily found (the defendant not guilty, and rtisfaed • into tile hall to take a hand in the (game. It was fully expected that the 'man would be convicted, but the Jurors naturally felt that the quickest way to do was to acquit him. . 8apt. Fox Was Here. General Superintendent Fox ut the Santa Fe i^ssed through lola yesterday In a special enroute to OotCeyville. Tbe special stop])ed here twenty minutes. He was accompanied south ^ Superintendent Barnes and Assistant ' Superintendent McNally. ass Rbeuinatisui Is caosed by tu cOMMocd of so importaacfc " cooditioa of the blood, aad fbc portions of the body, oo«|' aad joiats, tbeirritatiac. natMn caa only be cmcdWa iMt«iMit ^S.S.doe«. It( tidmg tkt uric add; and iNiiumttecanac: & & tm. it ti .ien'iM'sa isi FOP HHEUMATISH csoess of uric add in tbe blood, wbkb lae of iadicestioa. eoa«tip«tioa. weak of th« system wbidi are aoa«t&nH add noses sa inflamed aad ixritated iastcad of aoorisbinf the diBereat into the aerrcs, lanKles^ tnsaes add witb wbsch it is JiUdL- Shea. deaasiiqro>< thebkwd. sad tUs is jistethedmilatioa, aad by aeatnd- 'ftMn;tte blood, eSbctnalty aad sni^. aad iavigorates tbe blood .so tbat ' wgi a|oay thogj^toat pia'jVB- . .p ;flaia, -Ig^ndalHaif'iMSlfb aad Mte the sufleilag canard by tfciS' CO.. m MiAys JP8I WHAT 1^ aiaak| Better than any other p<^s ^7 on- the marlcet ITs " ' tts coBpseltlea. Does sot no matter how cold. Mbai^^^ B» daager in hafti^lfeg.'jf 'iri Irojaa instead of , . save the Ihes ef ysiir your company froni't: '—'W^ CW.Co Beoi AQBNT ^ HtCTlbsMi' BXCHAXm OB SBIlk List yonr pvopertjrji me. I have a.lari^ejDst- match from. Noexpeiusi less a deal is found fori I have 240 acres te sbo eonnty, Kss. te ( for good lola prop Tens laais. See us about GnU Goas^t lands that can be boaci|t*oa 'l payment plan, lands fbafc.irlQ.^ from 4300 to 1600 per ainre;>«^i «XGhange& ; ••'^^-Jy-tj WHrrAKiSt-'

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