Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1907
Page 6
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:J»emina.laok.Vlfl Siberian f -i Railway. j •/'i^' ?li»nU«, Nir. 7.—Becretaryt Taft told ll ^rtttie ^ikMoelated Press tontgfa!t that he f'^''^ejDbt^ptet, to ietam borne ov er the SI •j^'^'^AHiui'TaUway. He thought at first it ^Mbthat the'troubles at VladiToat-ok would |^^;K «ip bis party away from thtere. Ho 5-^- f'l^-recelT ^d no replies to dUspitches ^ ' >^t Jaqiilrjr be Jias sent, but, bo regards L?^ Wit as artremaljr jirobable that he will y stick ito bIa';~oTlginal plans. V r- • A meeUng ^ Manila last night of "] Nationalist radical^ ib members of : 'tbe assembly being present, adopted a V motion cenioriDgi the majority of that _ body for Inaetlqo in regard to propositions in favor of independence. Secretary TtSt, in an address at a banquet' given by the Progress party last ni^t, spoke of the history of a party dlVlstoo and declared that their existence was a necessary part of the changes in the FUlippines. "The.only method of conducting pop ular 'government," he said, "Is by -political parties. The first principle of party politics-necessary to learn is that defeat must not cause discouragement. The first lesson in self- government that voters have to learn Is tp be good losers, and when that is The tecretary referred to mistakeal of the CtAan government, due :to lack' ef interest in public affairs, on the part of the legislators of that island, and declared that the Philippine assembly showed a difference in this respect Returns from elections held yesterday are coming In s'.owly and are not deHnite from any province. There are indicatlonsk however, that the Progressive party has scored a victory. LEXINGTON PATROLMAN DEAD. Victim of Affray Between Police and Election Workers Dead. Lexington. Ky., Nov. 7.—Patrolman Michael Murphy, who was the, second victim of an affray between the police' and eleetlon workers here Tuesday, died last night. Patrolman Sniith will recover but Wu R. Campbell may not live. FOUR WERE DROWNED. Amsterdam. Holland, Nov. 7. —Min Ister of State Jenkeer Van Panhuys, his brother Mayor L«ek and their wives were drowned last night while out driving, their carriage falling Into the canal Hoogkherk during a dense fog. Jost Unloading A Car of NEW FURNITURE Ma Mtore Store Look for the Flag. A. W. peck. Prop. it").: Batki sf AU Kinds. Exclnslre Apartment for Ladles Beoicomb Bath floose aod Mineral Well (1,500 Feet Deep.) Located at 4th and Scott Ave., Fort Scott, Kansas. Vhls water Fosltlvely Cares Rbeumntism, Brlght's Disease, - StoMck Treble and Agne. '-;Fnrf. J. ]L Bishop, the most Celebrated Massaglst and Hydropath- ^fatia tke Cosotry, in attendance giving massage. WATEB SHOPPED Ef FITE (5) GALLOX BOTTLES ONLY. r. OBHIOOMB, Prop. IIFESSIONALDIRECTORY I W. H. AXDEBSOir. • i * H. A. Ewing, 8. A. Gard, O. R. Gard • AttoniC]r>Bt'Law. * * EWDCG, GABD A GABD, *-NMM 7 and Stenographer in •'• Lawyers. Offics. Ffeons 466. PracUce in aU Oanta. • 9\i W. Madison. FhoM m. DB. XCMULEN, •padai: atteotion given to the trsstmsnt oC all Chronic Diseas- ss sad Dliiesses of Children. IW^taoass: QIDes S2. Bes. 233. iOmes la Vrs. Tamer's Bldg., Wsst Madison. * noas 68?. KM . 70L 0.1. cox, • Kra^ lar. Noss and Throat • Rpsetaelas Properly Fitted. * OOes A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • • • • • Fboos loss. 0. CmBIIAV. mnklMiaai SufMa. T aad t. Bnuu Bids. ^^^ta^T ^^m. "bmcs TsL 168. :> -v ^fx % mm. eiotUBC Btort, to «o aU Uada .tatalrvork, ^ a 'W 's s Phone 664. lola, Kans. * DB. EDITH 8. HAIGH. • Office and Residence over Bar- * roll's Drug Store. * Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m.. 8 • to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. * Sundays by Appointment * F. H. MASm, Practice Limited to Sargary. * Phone 676. • 16 N. Backeye. • DB. W. B. HETLMW. * Pfcyskiac ft Sargeta. * Ofllce N. E. Comer of Square. * Over K. C. Piambhig Co.'s Store. • Bes. Tel 38. Office TeL 602. • • • • • • P. L. lAtbrop, * Mrs. Beasls O. Lstbrop. * OSTEOPATHIC PHTBICIA98. • «p«dal attentitm givoi to Dia- * tesss of WoiMB aad ChlUrsa. * Tover Baat Oda Bardwara. * • \ OAca Thoosfliata 468. • ... , • Seldom l» an opporlunlly presented to you to buy such remarkable footWcar at so low a price. To the ladles that wear ourshoes we need not say a word in their favor, but to the ones that have never^trted them we would say that more style and snap could not be put in a Shoe thn the ones we carry. < Every line and curve in the general make up of an Utz and Dunn Shoe is perfect We carry Ladies' foot wear for all occasions, dress, street, house and general wear. FRIDAY and SATURDAY we will give a big reductipn sale on our entire line of Ladies' and Children's Shoes, simply to get you better acquainted with our elegant line of footwear. Ladies' kid or calf skin shoes, heavy soles, made to stand gocd service. Regular price $1.85, special price SimBS Ladies' kid shoes, college cut, heavy soles, strap back, plain toe, vassar last. Regular price $2.00, special price $1,95 Ladies kid comfort shoes, broad toes, flat heel, turn soles. If yon need a home ccmfort shoe here it is and at a big saving in price. Regular price $2.50, special price $2,20 Ladies' Gunmetal calf skin shoes, heavy sole, strap back, college cut. Just the shoe for street wear. Regular price I3.00, special price $2m70 All shoes in the house at the above prices sold at the same discount. will be Ladies' kid, patent kid, patent calf skin and demi glaced shoes in either light or heavy sole, button: or lace. ?very I3.50 shoe in the house on sale for - $3,15 Ladies patent calf skin and patent kid shoes in torn or welt soles. Regular height top or college boots. The greatest line of $4 00 shoes in the world on sale for ...$3,eo Ladies' fine patent kid. plain toe, french heel, short vamp, turn sole, full dress shoe, button or lace, made by Guptill. Regular price I5.00. On sale for • $4,35 If you have never worn an ought to come to this sale, know you will. Utz & Dunn shoe you If you have worn one we Misses' and Children's Shoes Reduced 35c Shoes reduced to 21o 50c shoes reduced to 42o 65c shoes reduced to 50o 75c shoe.s reduced tu S5o 95c shoes reduced to 75o $1.00 shoes reduced to 8OO 1.25 shoes reduced to $1,05 I 50 shoes reduced to 1,29 1.75 shoes reduced to 1,50 1.85 shoes reduced to 1,85 2.00 shoes reduced to 1,70 2.25 shoes reduced to 1,95 2.50 shoes reduced to 2,20 2.75 shoes reduced to 2,40 3.00 shoes leduced to 2t 70 Women's black spats in six, seven and ten button length. All sizes price 25f 35 and 50o Ladies', Misses' and Children's lamb's wool soles for slippers. In all sizes, price 25o Children's leggins in Astiakhan, red, blue and grey, all sizes, full button length, price per pair $1,00 Women's spats in six button length, tan brown, green, blue and red. All sizes, ptice eso Children's black fleece lined jersey leggins full button length, all sizies, price... ...50o Ladies' black fleeced linie^ leggins in all sizes open part'way and full button length, ribbon tie top, price 1. 75o and $1,25 Ladies' fur trimmed NuJHfiers in black, on sale for \] 95o Ladies'.regular $1.25 hlabk and brown Nullf-- fieres on sale $1m05 Ladies' $1.65 felt.NuUifiers in all "colors and sizes, on sale .. $1,45. 1 FARMER AN INVENTOR ANSEL S. WYSOXG INVEXT.S AUTO FOK TILLING THE SOIL. DOES THE WORK OF FOUR HORSES IT IS I'ltACTlirALLY LIKE A ROAD .MA( lll>E AMI VERY HELPFCL .Hotur DniK!* Two (iiiiiir I 'lows.—Hauls u "Trulii" of Wni;ou» wllh Wlieat to .flnrket. .Mi'iidf. Kaii.^.. .Nov. ri.--Tliu KiinoHne- propflled aiiioiiiobllc heliiH the farmer till the Moll. Of course. It is not Just like the car that traverHes the boulevard, but H IK proiielleU by a motor and Its mechanical devices arc the Bame as those u.scd in the runabout and the racer. It remained for a Kansas man to Invent this machine that saves labor, both for tbe farmer and his beasts. Worlcing quietly on his farm near this place, the center of the wonderful artesian valley and one of the most thriving towns along the Rock island-Frisco system, Ansel S. Wy- .song evolved the idea of a motor to do the worit of his horses. As he sat ujwn his gang plow and turned the virgin sod of his new acres he thought 'ip the machiiie that, he says, is des• iuod to emancipate the farmer froni many of the ills with which he heretofore has bad to struggle. His four horses had hard w-orkj dragging the two gang plows along, uud he decided that the application of a gasoline motor would give him three times as much power, or more. As a result, he set about the tasl£ of inventing something to do the heavy pull- nifc-. The new autotractor has many iKiintu of great merit, la reality it is a c-ombination of the traction engine and gasoline motor. Uut it is much lighter than the old engine, which had to carr>- huge timbers as protection for country bridges. The car now in use weighs only 4 ,100 pounds, and is of .lO-horse power, it may be riin with gasoline, alcohol or kerosene, it has two speeds, the low one for use In the field and the higher one for the road, it moves across Meade county sod. llie toughest to be found,,pulling gang pli>ws that turn six furrows at a lime, and it is done so easily that pffort is not noticeable. When the time comes to haul the wheat crop to market a train of wagons is hitched behind the autotractor and hauled down the road at the rate of si.\ miles an hour. Wlien doing none of the movable class of work the machine maj- be staked down<and be made to run any machine on the farm. Its list has been made to include everything from the churn to the steam pump. And right here is where the houiipnlfp is relieved of much of her drudgery by the application of the new invention. Telephone Your Want AUN . to the Rpirlitter Ofllce. As nil ncconimodation, the Register receives luis for its want column over !he telephone, hut expects the adver- ilHpr to call at the office and flettle as soon as convenient, as the bills are too small to warrant the expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone. -Vo. IS or No. 222, and it will receive careful attention. "THE BELLE r JAPAN." Call on L.EFFL.ER When needing anting , in tnejewdfry line. Play at Grand Tonight Has Settings and Features of Japanese Life. 'The Bella of Japan," is the attraction lit the Grand theatre tonight. The play has met with bri'Hant success everywhere on account of its originality and i)leasing features. This novel comedy Introduces many new ty))?a of characters never before presented on the sta=e. the Bfor>' deals on life as now seen in .lapan, is con fiistently told .the comedy at all times bright and the Interest never for a moment lags but on the contrary in creases to the very drop of"'the final curtain. Throughout the performance musical and dancing numbers are introduced. The scenery and costumes are most beautiful and alone are worth going to witness. Miss Bessie Clifton, late star of "The Missouri Girl," 'A Hoosier Daisy." 'The Ministers" 55weetheart8," will be seen In the title rol3 supported by an excellent cast. A full house will certainly witness this attraction. Those who attend will hear a lot of good singing, see intere^iting and amusing dancing, and a company of clever people who can entertain, augmented by beantl- fuT costumfls, scenery and mechanical and electrical effects. In short It 1>» the style of a performance to please all classes. A VISITOR FROM >(UKON. Mother of Mrs. Richard (Graves Will Locate in lola. Mrs. Ella Passmore, mother of Mrs. Richard Graves, arrived in lola today for a visit with her daughter, Mlrs. Rlctaanl Graves, of Baaaett. Mr«. Paaaamore baa lived for the last four yeara In Dmwion Oltr. Tnlraa TOrrl- tory, but wiu more tbtnVOuiir*i^mAA» to n»k» lola her boiM;'Uv«B«rirKl[ kerdiragbtw.. • • . ..•.•:'>..<V;:-.-v-cli K. U. IS IN BAD SHAPE PLAYERS SORE AFTER WASH- BIR> GA.1IE. WILL MEET NEBRASKA SATURDAY A>«>EY WILL BE (U'T OF GAJIE WITH I.XJIRED K>EE. A Crund of .i,OOU or 6,(Nm Is Expected To Re I'rcMeiit at the ColltOHt. Lawrence, Kans.. Nov. 5.—"We must have ma .ss meetings of students and boundless enthusiasm, if Kansas is to defeat Nebraska next Saturday." said Coach Kennedy today. "Kansas' is badly crippled and will have an uphill fight of It, but with the right kind of enthusiastic backing from the student body, we can and we will win." There was at first considerab!e tendency here to criticise K." U. sharply for losing to Washburn Saturday, but this is disappearing before a fuller realization of what the team went up against, and the plucky work they did is receiving belated praise somewhat in accordance with its deserts. It Is felt generally that the team did its best and played a clean, hard, fast game throughout, losing only because it was up against a-better team. Individual plays by Kansans are receiving mnch commendation, and the manner in which the line took a brace in the middle of the second half, after it had been .defeated and everybody knew it. holding the superior Washburn line and playing a stubborn game to the last whistle. Is praised highly by all who saw the game. But the team is tonight a team of cripples, and Kennedy was unable to give them more than very light practice work to limber them up a little. Angney. who was badly hurt, will be out of the game until after the meet with Nebraska, and possibly until after the St. Louis game. His knee is so badly injured that he can hardly walk at all, and it Is utterly out of question for him to play within the next ten days. Steele, who will take hi« place, is an excellent young player but altogether without the experience required of a quarterback In a game like the Nebraska conflict will be. Probably tbe lineup with tbia onci change, will be the same as that which went asainst Washburn. Tbe condi- Uon of the team ia leu due to indtvid-^ oal injuries than to a general bruiaed eoBdition of all the men. Although tbe outlook. U now mightr blue,' n Saturday. ' "^i>' The management expects the jarg- est attendance that has ever witnessed any athletic contest in Lawrence. It probably will range between {>,000 and 6,000. or about as big a crowd as saw the Washburn-K. IT. SPECIAL SERVJCES AT LEANNA. Rev. McJohnson to'Conduct Evangel-, ; istic Meetings. Saturday at Topeka. Nebraska, it is understood, is coming very confident of an easy victory. Kansas is grimly, defiantly, desperately determined to send the cornhuskers home defeated if such a result can be brought about by any possible effort or sacrifice. It will be, in may ways, the biggest game of the year for K. U. Special gospel services are to game last*' gin next Sunday at'the Leanna Cli ARCADE CHANGES HANDS. Mrs. Wynn Succeeds Mrs. Rowan Proprietress. as Mrs. .Myrtle Rowan, who has conducted the Arcade hotel in this.-clty for the past year today sold out t(» W. M. Rose and daughter, .Mrs. Wynn. .Mr. Rose and .Mrs. Wynn will take immediate possession. It is likely that they will make soihe improvements. The deal was closed yester day. • ALLOW MANY BILLS TONIGHT. tian church. They will be.condn by the pastor-evangalist M. C. Jo son. assisted by his daughter, Ifiss Helen Johnson. There will be three services afid a basket dinner Siinday. The following is the program for the first waek: Saturday evening—"The Need of^ Revival." ' 1 Sunday— JIO a. m., "Bible School." 11 a. ra.. "Hold Up." 2: SO -p. m.. "An Object Sei :nM )n." 7:oO p. m.. "Bible Fools." :, Monday evening, "Are the Demands of God ReflBonable?" Tuesday; evening, "The Purpose of Scripture.": W'jdnpsday evening. "Provn All Things, and How to I ><i It," Thursday evening "Remember Lot's Wlf.-." '• . : : Friday evening. "Aro There Few That,,bs Saved?" Saturday evening. A popular lecture on the Bible dance vs. the modem dance. ' Council Has a Big Job at This Session. RAISED THE DISCOUNT RATES. Possibly not the least important business to be transacted by the council tonight Is the letting of bills. As the regular monthly bills are to be allowed tonight in addition to extra bills the total will T)e no small sum. A number of other m:nor matters will come up during the session. Bank of England Changes Percent : "^FromjSix t© Seven PercenL London. .England. Nov. 7 —The "Bank of England this morning put up the minimum discount rate from sir to seven per: cent. The step was doubly necessary as the bank must ntlfse its supplies just as a per cent for the requirements. Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice Will be Intelligent— HOW MUCH IS SATISFACTION WORTH TO YOU.' Do you prefer methods now going out of date or up-to-date methods that will carrj" far into the future ? A typewriter made just good enough to sell or the L> C. SmrR & B>o^TrFi:wRrrEB, with every useful, valuable fbatuiJe inbuilt ard WriUng ENTIRELY in Sight? . -. L2T US SEND YOU TH K ,ll.LU9T< AT ED CAT A LOO U Kj? L. G. SMITH & UOflk TYTl!

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