Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1908
Page 4
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Ike IOLr0iILY lEIlSTEl C1IA& F. SCOTT, CONDOLENCE FOR MRS. REEDS. • lola Typographical Union Remembers Widow of Linotype Operator. Tho lola Tjpograjililial iiiiioii IH sending a note of coiidoleiire to tlio family of the late Joliii Roi'ds, wlio died recently at Coffey vlllo. Mr. Reeds ojwrated the first liiiotyp madilnc in lola In The Rogiator ofilco and was ouo of tln» officers of the union when lie Jcft here. At a ineotlng of the local union the iollowing resolutions were adopted: ••Whereas, the hand of Doatli lins lately entered the ranks of Coffejvllie Typographical Union. No. TiT.S. and r<- luoved therefrom our late broila-r and co-worker, John A. Uceds; ,then'f«rf. be it ^ : R«iiolved: Thai lola TMK»;raitlii<a! Union No. 481 extend to our bister union our sincere sympathy in tiie loss of a staunch member and a true friend and brother; and bo it fnrthtr Resolved: That we extend'mir iiKi>t lieartfelt sympathy and condoU-nce lo the bereaved wife, in her hour of affliction. Resolved: Tliat a copy <.| tins, ri -E .i- lutlons be sent to tlio widow, and lo the sister Union, and a copy Kpread on the minutes of No. 4SI. fj. h. tlilliau. rrosidiiil. Chas. E. May. Score!ary. CARNIVAL DAMAGE $4,000. Claim Tliat Much Property Was / Smashed. Up. The Chanutc Tribune .^^ays: The Parker Amusemcni Couiiyanys bliows left Chanutc Saturday {ivouin? for Abilene by -way of Emporia. Tlie train was loaded at o'clock. TIv traction engine, used in niniiing: tii-' electric plant, and own( d by Mr I'ar- ter, was left in Channte. D i ^iu-n dismantled so that tb<? enuiniH ?r -sem here from Abilene could not KCt up steam in it. The piston attaehmeul .-i bad been removed liy someone and the engineer had to t'-li'ijlioue to ^Ir. Parker so that he could have l!io iicc- essarj' attachments sent here Order was kept arouml il<' nn-i which were beinff loadtil. Santa I'" Special Agent Gregg was on duty nil day. .Santa Fe Special Oflicer Mii- craft arid Officer Harry ilrdii<h wen* also around the cars to \ii—\> onit-r. The attornejs for Mr. Parker siKiko very highly of the way order wi-.s kept by the officers. The Parker trainmaster -.viio liaii charge of the loading, stated that ti:« damage done to the company will amount to possibly $4,000. He claim- odrHhat the dynamo v.agon w;is badly damaged, and tliat the statuary belonging to the '•Pharoairs Daushter" show was broken, beside.s other damage. Others differ as to tlie amount of, damage. Some say flat it will not amount to over $100. ft will be Iiard Means BEST! Go where you will—ask whom you will — bu>' ^v•hat crackers or biscuit you wiik thc^' not the BEST unlt\ss the package bears the name. National Biscuit Company. Prove it with V ^£D LABEL RAHAM RACKERS Taste them — eat them — learn their different, delicious flavor — then you'll begin to appreciate the meaning of — Baked by the NATIJpNAL BISCUIT COMPANY lo until tiie jirojierty up a ihe factory. clKH-Ked Partifal at Chanute. Manager AVilliaros. of the He.trick theatre annoimces to loc.nI <hejur»'-go- ers that he has been succeHstuI. after extended corresiKjndenco. in securing .Messrs. Martin and Emery's jeverent and artistic production. "Parsifal,'*, fin English) for,one night soon.—C'lia-; nute Sun. — New rciii Card .Mlmnis ai .^'^!nui^'. Returned Home. .Mrs. il. I'. .SchC 'II and son;;, HIKI .Mrs. Dr. Bruce returned to ihcir home in Harti«?svillc this afternocni. after at- tenuinu tlie ftuieral or tie formfr's husbaiul. wlii(;h wa» held ai ilie flMii- tist churcli here ycfUerday anevnooli. They weri- accompanivl by Mr'-. Scilells father. .1. W. it., e\.s.-C!i..;- ryralc Rcjiublicaji. Something Besides Hot Air. {'<•„••, was struck in a well licing •iril'd near ^\'ilsey xeiiirday. .\ nuiu- )."•; ui wcelch aeo waw struck near •t: ;il town, and a romp:"uy wua formed. A :- !->jii «l ri .m |i:!ii:-. .of v.liicli Alva rfii'ii'i. c'f Ei:i|.ori:i. a tiiemlter. was , or-aii:/.('I. n." ! it v. as in I ho well of lilies {(iiiiiiaiiv liie v.rn was .-truck. — Kirpo; ia ',;a/et;e. ' • -.\l!:i;dis' Dni?: Suire l.-is re" (-.ed ;• Til"- Vy.u- i<\ J'DSI (aid .Vlbnins I <JKiim: to tile fact that fe-iieral Kun- jston has been called to Waisliington ion official busiiie.'^s, from whence he jwill not rt'inrn until aljouL the of I the month, it has become neces.sary |tl;at the liaiKine.l to be. given l>y the j Merchants' iisso<;i;ition in. his lionor be .! postponed to a later date. Tiie com• inltiee has not a.s yet selected a def- 'inite dale but the Ijanquet wili be 1 given diiding tliu week, beginning • November L':;.—L..>avo»wortli Times. Amermap Began Work. , i'oieiuan .AiP .erman wlro has'charge of the paving of the public square, started about 13 men: at work this tuoruing trimming tlie street preparatory 10 piitting in the concrete ami tho brick.—Nevada Post. PILES CUBKD !>• 6 TO 14 D.IYS. PAZO OINT-MEXT is guaranteed to cure any case of itching, bliud, bleed Ing or protruding piles in 6 to II days or money refunded. 50c. Complete League. Tho organization of a high school basket ball league for ' southeasteru Kansas has now been completed, and six cities. Fort Scott. Parsons, Clia- nute. ColfeyviHe, Cherryvale. and Cherokee form the league. This is' larger than the original league of last year, as it was thought best by the promoters to give it a broadet scope by entering more schools.-^hamite SUD. Railroad antic ^ale Tomorrow Grand Opening and $20,000 Stock ofCIothing,Gent'sFurnishingGoods,Shoe$,Hats,£tc. At the Railroad Wreck Store, Thilrsday, November 12 IIS West Mladi»on« Between Washington and Walnut Sts., 2 Doors E. of Gas Office THIS STORE WILL BE OPEN E.VENINCS UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK. COME AND SEE US. Men's ?10 Suitb, Itaiiroad Wreck Sale price $4.4L8 Men's $11' iSuits, flailroad Wreck sale pricp $5.95 Men's Suits. Itaiiroad Wreck Sale price $5.47 Men's $18 Suits. Railroad Wreck Saile price .. i^.'X^ Men's 920 and Suits, Railroad Wreck Sale price $10.!38 ^ SHOES FOSJUb->. • •S1.75 ^HSJEft-si^ >hoe8 tax '«,8faoee for BEHOLD THE V^SCE OE WISDO^^ f',ii.:a!.!i' .-.a!i'_!iii 1 .<.•,••.( (';. : • \w , aiiil !":nil.i. Ti) ;',.'<! !'; .. - .•\: : • f , ' r'. X\,' III .ililil. I'v :^i '-f -' '•' I'TtKi'.K t il-11, 'i . ."( S .11 I'' i..^"!.'. • ailil,],! >ii;;; t ).';l uiil ••(! <i ;i • • w- i ..'..i,-,?: i-.i - ^ i i 'At>-•. Ji'.s rlie oi n-.n .... .., . , ^ . iiv -. ill - Vi':.. V ,. - .: I,..' <.•;• v.. I -r..ii;.- Tei:; e<-iiie; m, < !i cctille'••in •• v-iien fiiir i;i'eal a;-;;;.' i^i" \y; ' e:.!r.i! . in-.' s'\ iiuiii^' Hi:' luaiMiis sle!!i;<^ li;Oi;!.;eij as ;l.e doirs of ll;;.-; in-^Mi'i; in.'i vuiii:^ ii !-:i i.i ;hi i,"-lie Tiii.i-- d;;;.. .Vo'.i ni!/t r I;', w-. '< a. iii. W.- ul'l j ,;• ii;i.!i . •:(li (jffi-! iii-;.s \\\\\\ im ma!-^ \\\\,.\ \\\y w.,Jt! I vOl! iii. ; i .i-. .> ei; :I;HI v.^ll i'.ere !i .'o:;i- A\\tx>' l )iiirt lni^.-. it; The:!- v ill i.- a 'iiiv.d. li i: . M,.I iviU I.e !iy :.;o<)d naiurxl |.t-.ijib-; and ..mi ui ; vav.i |piiii..(i; a'ieniioii l -'i li..' lircalest of ..Ml .Sale^. i lie nii «.-l v.nDderful bargain giv- • e\.ai ilii. loiniirv lias over known ui|i liegin Tljursduy. .N'oveinlier \~ X !' il. 1.1. 1; ••vill ))a\ jicopio fm one )inmlr"d nilltv around lu atlend this :-'.t 'i- :i:iil liy in a supply whldi will hu't tor \\:\wt^ lo conn-. When >oii •.. •cr <.rr <;i)i ;r.' .ii/ii will jsec (lie wliee'.s of roiiiinerci' inrniiiK ;is ilic.v never nulled 'jefore. You will see liiroiii;lu>ut ilie btore Hij; Ked Ticket.^ witli lln.' inaik ''f (ie^iniciion on theiii. Von will see '1^ cen; liokeis on 7.1 cent I'rti'ii-s;. ami so on llirui!;;h <)Ut ilie entire store. Tiie whole piace will bo .-.blaze with tlie nios;! wciiderlii! Ijarnaiiis. Tlit-re will be only one place ill li.-l.i wlure liar:;aliis «ill |je delivcj-ad to the peoiie. and Ihui is at this'.rt .Ltd N\ reck Store. We pvopoi-e to roiir on; ctir own bargains lo the !..'>:i)ie: ii ^d \\ ;M1I i( clearly iititIer.-.ioi !d Uial ilie c'.o.-er you dune to lhi.-< t!;c iiii,-.i;(:r win;- dollar ^n 'v.. , HEX'S OVERCOATS. <.;,KM-S Fl |{\iSJ{|>(.S. i.'.c -MeiiV ll;uidkerc!iii If ,'Jc- ".'.c .Mea'h Handkerehiefii Zic -'.c Meu'.s Siis^j;elidfI.S \\c ."•'ic .Men's Sii ^peiHei-H .1 !)f* .'ittc .M*^ii r Work Hiiiris ... . . . .;{,Sf fl.M'J lUn 'i Uro^^s Shins \'M- i MFN'S i MJKinVH .MJ. "••I- .^!el^-• Willi. -i- I'lidei «e:ir . .;{,Sf .M '-as Shiri.s .wA Drawer-'. ::ji .-i-.^es and colors IJ!>C .MK>*S !H{I:SS SlilHTs. V .iirtiT fn^iii Tic • lo ?].r ,ii: om f«-«<^«j Here V «iu .Vrc y\\:\> HATS. ^ llat^s, iioiv 8 .iC i:e-.,V $2.-0 llal.^.Mow ....jHi.ari .\ie;-.-.s «;:..».) Hal-. J.'ovv .SI.50 .H£>'S GLOVES. .'.ien's ^l..1i» IJnckskin tJioves 8«<* .Men'.s $!.:'.-. Hiickskln Gloves ."JOe Mens $1.00 Ruckskin Glovess... .4JJ<- (JEXTS' TIES. .Men'i DOC Titb. Railroad Wreck Sale price 19f • «'40.000 MOBTII SRJO.OOO Illgli Grvdv rivtJiin?, Ueotk' Furn. Kliliig ^i1^^iA*. Siie«», iiata. Etc. To Me dbtrftated Iiit« (lie ba«{e« «/ Ike pea. |tle at lesii tkaa actaal east af tke raw •utteriai, by the BaBrva^ Wreck Stare. LOOK rOlt TIIE B£I» iSiKiW Railroad Wreck S^re "^*s^S'"" lOLA, KANSAS '^i -Sl^"' M|. It. GOLDBERG, Manager for the RaiU^d f oin|m^ Tlic (.'reute»t Kallr.>ad nreelt Sale 01' (iutiiiiiijr. ({cats' r'umlsliinif Goods, Slioey, ilat». etr., eier kiiunn ia the ^.•itor} of l<»la, iN«in> Tlfl-BSDAV, Aov! li, at't tficiiO^K .U M. LOOK i ^:V«rTK£ BCD !«fiX! Men's Hne $12.50 Overcoats. Railroad Wreck S »ie price now.. .Jgo.SJ? Men's I-lHe ?J5.00 0\-efcoats. Railroad Wreck Sale price now.. .{g7.49 .Men's 117 .50 to $20 Overcoats, Railroad Wreck sale price Jj$S.48 MEX'S HOSE. 10c .Men's Hose for 13c Men's Hose for ..... 2Gc .Men's Hose for ..... MEXIi fAXTS. Meu's li'.Oti Pantk now ... Men's $2.50 Pantjj now •Men's J3.(K> Pants, now Meu's M-00 Pants, now ... Men's $5.00 Panfts> now ... 4* 9* •«1.S5 •S1.50 S3.00 «2.50 \

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