Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1907
Page 5
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—. • - I ; I-..- IPlm Street, lola, one block from ^Hiaare. Diseaseri of domesticated i^iimals successfoUy treated .charges . tiudenite.gaod box stalls for patients '. Calls answered promptly night or ' day, 20 years; experience. Vetetin- ity Dentistry a specialty. Hoaor druduate of Ontario Veter* , . inary Coliese, Prop ttospltal PiKMW 1068 Res. Phone 139 -••3 • I - ' Clet- rid of theiu. l?AT-BiS-KIT Docs th« Work. Either for Rals or Mice 15 Ceots a Pacli;8|i:e At SPENCER'S UK. J. F. JAMESU>, The SacCKsfnl Anc* «n tioaepT, Veterinarian. s4lc« made »n>-whcrr. Vrtrr. •irrtry calU ansvmed day or 'uij^ht. Office with Dousjlav-* Bros. Phcnr 13. icsidrnirc 420 lOLA.-. KANSA5 R. GttnLLAM, deaeral Contractor. Flagitone and Cement SIdewalki aol ^ Curbing a Specialty. OMeo 115 East Jaeksoa A TO. Fkeao tM. CITY or PABSOXS RELEASES HIS BOM) OF $7<0. THE MOORE FRANCHISE PASSED KAWL1>GS WILL KEMOTE RAILS I>- TEN DATS. He Is Conslderine a Proposition witb President Stlllwell. of the Orient Iowa Store Special Line of Sample Hosiery All Colors, All Kinds. We will put up our Sample Hosiery wiih anything iu town for durability and beauty. You cau get any kind of a Stripe. Mixed Colors or anything you w^nt. Don't forget the A.,G. MUMMA . Prop. lU Sbatr WasblnKton.—HeU* loia Business College ^ Might or 0»y So9mStm Penmanship, Arithnietir. ElorutJon Bookkeeping. Kiii ;!istj. Pli\i;lral Culture, etc., SborthatiJ. I.<?tler Writing. LivinqAtoD 6» Co Oatraflor* aa^ 'BalMcn. All kind* or work • ipedalty • gaatk Sfcaaiora. Pfe »i« lUI NOTHE. AU iuelero rt.'a 'l [•«?fw »;«."u th":- ir.tb p .nd J'.'lb of tach mvnih. All bills lor WKiir. light and gaa are •VJue on the first of tach monih. If said Mils are not paid by the lOtb of each month, consumer Eubject to disconnection without notice. Don 't wait for a Etatement, "For . yon may not get it." ' Remember if your gas. water or ilC^t bill 'is not paid by the lOtk you may be discounected, withoot notice. (TAKE WABNDiG.) C. E. VrafDOBPF. f '.Trsoiis. .Nov. 7.—.\t the meeting iif flio city coiinc 'l Monday iiii »ht tb" .Mooro strpot railway franchise which was d^featod at the sppclal uipetinB of the council last week was taken "p iiiiilor a roconsideration and- passed liy a vote of Ave to thrp". The city attorney was Instructed to draw tip a contract with R. C. Rnwiinss. whereby Mr. RawllnRS acrees to rfniove hts siioet railway rails from the street.^ with n ton davs and the city pulls iowii the t2r,0 forfeit and rplea.«f UawUn-;* oiihis bond of $".".0. Thn Sun (•oiiiiii»>nts as follows: "Yesferd.iy Mr. Raw 'iiip .s ;ippear=>il III Parsons for the first time in »;ev ral weeks. He came th^n to bun' the last hope he had of building !i strt^pt railw.ny in Parsons and his proposition that the city relpaso him from his $"."0 honii. tako down his rash forfeit of $2."in. and allow him to remove hi^; material from P .irFon": within ton days, was acceptetl. air! RawIiiiRs is no longer a factor in tin street railway propo.sition in Parsons. WJiether D. C. Moore, his succe.^sor with a franchise, will mak? pood, re nia'ns to be seen. He certainlv can not work more faithfully or indefatig ab'y to liiiild a street railway than dill R. C. Rawlinss and he cannot not have more thoroiiphly tho conrulenc^ of the x>eople. Mr. Rawlincs has an enpapemetit with Mr. Stillwell. president of the Kansas Citv. Mexico and Orient for lio purooso of considerinp a propoj:! on with his company, and his friends Iiei-o hope that fhp preatost me.tsiir" of sncce.s .s may attend Itim in the fit fnre and that within the ne\t ypar lio may have the pleasure of ridinc «'ii thp Parfon-? stroet railway. Thp iipopl-i of Parsons feel sorr. for Mr. Rawlinps in beinp compelled tf^ abandon the field and the thwart- inp of his ambitions. H's scheme in i;s first coiicopfion was a pipantic onp and in this he prohah'y made his chief misrnkp. ••I>itinir off more than h»' could chew.'" It ;»nil)race(l streof oar syst>>m'« in Iialf a dozen citios w'tli an Intt'rui'ban syslom networkinc Pout?- .-astorn Kansas and" Southwpst Mis- -i-.url and a line to Kansas City x\-ith sleppr-rs was hinted at as a culmination of thf ambitious dream of thf nromotor. Th^n came the fipht in .loplii) with the He'm Intorestv In which Rawlincs was worsted and I K- r.'tirt^d from that fiold and ahandoi -or! his Intprtirban projpcl east of Par sons. Tils was followed by troiiblf at Corroyvillp and lndop?>ndenep. tint stir Par.sons mmalned loyal and ovon I 'fter the tronblo at othor places now pxtonslons were cranted In the fr.-in chive, riiorryvale alone, of all tho towns remalnod loyal to R,iwlincs Then canip s'eknoss in his famllv that thi'oaiPiied tlip l -f-- of his onU- daucli- lor and .Mi'. R,n «l :iips abandonod h'." tinaiip'al seli «'nips for tlio timo liPinir and b;)-fi!>'d l:ciiiii' to writrli bv JiPr SpeciarBargains for LEWIS OF PEOPUE^ T. 8. FAME UlIDEB FIBE. A big chance to save money. Remember this sale closes on Monday Night, November 11th. ."000 yards staDdard Calico, in black and white, always sold at 74o, per yd. 5 t'2G Ladies "Oiieiia" Union Suiis iu grey sizes 3, '1 and 5, regular |I 00 ^annciil three day price, per suit, 69 G Ladies' fine black totton Il«'i>c, rcin- iorced sole^ regular 15c cjuality, tlirce day price, 4 pair for 50 G Ladies' fine_ Cashmere embroidered Hose, sizes 9 ^nd Ui, regular 75c quality, three day price, pair, 48c Infant's Wool Hose, black, sizes 4 to 5 1-2, regular 15c quality, three day price, '.)air, 9 G 2 ,501 > yards bleached Muslin, regular priie 7 l-2c, three day price, yard, 5t-2G WMer quartarly Homo Journal FM sMon Book Mow la. Solo Agonis for Homo Jovw nal Patioma, GATGHY COIN DISPLAY \S indow Decorator itt .Spencer's Pokes Fun lit Financial CooditfuDM. i:{i;; C O M Cnrps ill .\T'nidis windnvi. JAGGEO ON MISSOURI LIQUOR. Robert Puckptt Was Fined $2 for His Fu-. RoliiTt I'.irl: 't*. :i u-'iit!"iliaii wi'ii a rork !• •-• was Pwd fl* and costs r ?ifs morniup i:i i>olicp conrt fnr driiiiktn- Ho canio in from .Toplln yos- Icrdav .iii'I Iicf'irp Jp .Tviiiz Mis--"OiirI loiichi soiiip T'jnor of wliioh he drank frioly .III liiv way Ii TP . T'pon his arrival Iip was s'liiiPtt li-'« intoxicatpd tiRic'^r- Cr« pd '.licko'i him up. Clias. Woifo. wT •> w.-i ; ar:-.s^">l ypctrrciay for d'iiiii;p;!ti< s~ ; :rd :• rn ;i> of $."> this morniup. I»r. Mille». Oculist. lOLANS -^OOK MASONIC. WORK Sxloliias Will Take .?2nd Degree in S 'Ottish Rite Order. K'vip tJillia't retiini^d tliis mornJne fr"ni Flirt Scott, whoi 'p !IP *ook work In Sc -itti =h Ritp Masonry. Thpre are SI von Io!a iispn taking the work. Th«» (itluT six lola III n aro still in in Fort Scott and pxppct to po up to the ud dpproo Tl'p lola niPii a,ro as follows: W I-: Rulston. K C. Gods- chaik. (la 'ii:.. Ciilboifson n. C. Mor row. I.. Hclilnnger. .M. Schoenbrun. nid <J Damon, also .1. \. Tnow- bridpp and .loliti Tredway of I.a Marp- Ir >p dirt at Luccfjck's. TO MANAGE GAS CITY STORE. Chas. navia Will Have Charge Shannon Establishment. of Chav. rxiv's, of Western Kansas, lias accepted a position "with T. B. Shannon as manager of his branch store at Oas City. Mr. and Mrs Da ris arrived in iola last night and aro now visiting with J. O. Garr.»tt of South Third street Sfr. Davis expects to taVe charge of the Gas City store in a few^ days. t?»in»»d— Ev «rT»»odT »o know »hji» W. B Keller ft Son bare moved Ui »<r tcMiKter ao4 ctontcn nfllc* to 511 fiootli waafctnrtoo. Office and Dar ti%. BeaM««c*i and nltft IT. Oil" of the most catcliy window di.-plays iliat lola has seon for soiup rimi- is that which is boing prpseiited toda> in iliiv C. M. Siioncf r drug store. The di .-play touches up the present lluan- iat depression. The penerai display is headed. ".\ i -;irc and ancient collection of I'liited .Staips moiipy. Loaned by .lohn I). Rocki'i'.-ller." •In circulation for aboiii loe years, ivc-ii as late as .Vuv. 4th. I'.".i7." la the display are placards on pach (it wliiidi iij -silver or paper iiioiip.^ frii-fi one cent up to a H>> bill. Kacb 'if the bilis and pieces of money has :i dpseriiitioii on the placard which credit to the liteiary ability of ihi- iri,;inaior of the disiday. On ilip jilacards are the explaaa- liviis; Oil'- cent pieco somciimes call id ppiiiiy. Cupper, us.-d m i^uiida} scli'X)ls. slot macliines and ppiiiiy aiilp. Kivf rout pieces made of silvor PX- rhanppable for iickti.s to inciure .show. Ton cpnt piocc: a dime, thin diiiip iiiailo of silvfr eqiia! to cvo nickles. T-A 'Puty -live cent piece, made of sil- vpr. (luartor of a dollar, viilpaily called two bits. Fifty cent piece. luadp of silver, a '.ill dollar, four bits. Otic dollar, made of silver, kiiovrn ;is IJryaii money, cart wheel, plunk ioc )<s and bucks. O MP dollar bin. called rap dollar. • lailskiii. iireferred by women. Five dollar l.'ill. mndp of paper fcd livpr. Ten dollar bill, niailc of paper known as "tenner." There is a lepend thai its e«iiiivaleilt in gold at one time exisi'd. but llie nloiy caiiirji lie verl- lli -d SOME REAL ESTATE DEALS. Throngli ] Piopc'-ty Changes Hands lola Firms. PUT PRICE ON LOTS I City Council Will Make Temporary Provision for Use of the New Cemetery. Three b 'p real estate deals have I :P.' I I closed ill lola within the last j week. The .layhawker Land company j c'osod two of the.-p dpals. Krod Grit/.- „, „ ,i . macher. of (las dtv tradpd his b..:si. /he ci y counc'. at Its n ceting to- i .pss b .iil.llnp in <;as City which Is ""f"^ '''^!?^". ^^ tho nT^ o.K l ^Ia So "'fr '^"^o'^a^ --t.^ In'orSthat^wS aVrne r 'NSo %'ar .s.''%^l "coi:!'"'-' 'o ton. a local blacksmith, traded his property on South Fourth street to | ='"i ;?.:'''»L '*'f>:-f'','^ .Jerry .Jones for his 40 acre farm near ('.••ii-vn. The Neosho Valley Land company jdosed adeat whersby J. S. Brady, the substitute lola city mall carrier, tra'les his property on North .li fferson for the P. P. Herdman proc • ry stork in the .Mistott bnl'dlng on l-;ast street. I.VKTHOtAKE l> XADRID. Houses Have Been Shaken Down and .Many .\re Dead. .Maili'id .Vov. 7.—.V violent earth- i|iiakp has occurred at Terre La Ri- lipra in tlip province of Housea. The ei«rlli opened leaviiip great fissures. The disiiirbancps were accompanied by subterranean ruiublinps which caused a panic. Many houses have fal- (e!i down and the number of lives lost IS not Imowii. Dr. Beyaolds. Pb«D« Kit. Kes. 114. TOT.tL AM (»r >T WAS W.219.T8. Tho second lot in the new cemetery has b?on asked for and Mrs. \\1iltEon. of North Washington, who died this week. Is to bethe second person bur led in the new cemeter>'. The cUy wil put a temporarj' price upon the 'ots and in abont two months will settle ui)on dafinite prices. The indications are that many of the lodges will purchase large tracts In the new cemeterj-. The M. W. A. lodge sometime ago wanted to purchase a large tract in the old cemetery, but were unable to do so for the reason that no large tracts of which a part bad not been u.sed could be found. It is therofore surmlised that that lodee wll' make a purchass. The Elks will probably also want a tract. At Kansas City the Elks have a fine lot at one of tho cemeteries. DELONE GOT TWO CONTRACTS. H2"M0WE!)" THE DEPOS'TS GOTEBirXETfT SATS HIS COXGEBIf GOT |8M,0M. Owned Only Tiro ShaSres of Stack, it Declares—Was to Pat TriTate Fbrtnne" In tbe BnsbiMS. St. l/juls, Nov. 7.— Alleging that Ed wurd G. Lewis had fraudulently collected $1,185,000 through the operation of bis mail order bank, the defunct People's United SUtes Bank of University City and tbat:he bad loaned hftnself or his concema 1844 ,000 of that money, the government today began the presentatton of one of Ita cases against the former banker in the United States district court before .Judge John E. Garland. The Jury was completed vlthin twen ty minutes after the opening of the afternoon session, and then Attorney Chester H. Krum of this city, .special counsel appointed by Attorney'Gener- al Bonaparte, made the prosecution's opening address to the Jury, saylpg: "We shall show you that Lewis devised yid put Into effect a mail order banking scheme, advertising lb his Woman's Magazine and Woman's Jour nal inducements to get people to subscribe stock and make deposits, and we shall show that he did not carry out those Inducements. "These publicaUons containing tbe advertisements and various additional literature and circulars, all with the intention of inducing people to invest in his scheme, went through the United States mail: Lewis, in advertisements at the time, said that his publications reached 2JM)0.000 famillles. •At the time of th^ organizaUon of this hank, known hy various names, on November 14, 1904, this defendant had received $1,185,000 from these fam Hies to put into his scheme. His advertisement and his circulars all stated that for every dollar put in by his readers he would put in one of his own. All he ever put In was enough to buy two shares of stock, and that was because he had to be a stockholder In order to be in the affair. 'He told his readers he had st private fortune he would put into the business, and he had no private fortune. He told his readers in the same alluirng advertisements that the loaning board of the bank would be composed of five directors of the best banks in St. Louis, and it was com-^ posed of Lewis hiinself and four of his employees in the Lewis Publishing Company." Mundls' White Pine with Tar will cure your cold. COLLEGE HAS Business College Will Now Occupy Second Floor of the Coffey Block. Former lolan Gets Paving Job at In dependence. ( onnty (oniniNslonprs .Vllowed Many Rills ThiH .Month. .\PI'M|.>T.MK.\TS KiUl SV.W STATE. P^'^ident KooM>t(>lt Oltr^ Out .>'anieM of OMrlalK of Oklahoma. Wanliiiipion. .Nov. 7.—President Itixisevelt today announced the follow Inp apiKiliiiments for ibe new state I if Okiuhoma: For the western district: John if. Cotteral. Judge. .folui Embry, L'nltfd States attorney. John Abcrnathy, Fuited States marshal. For the eastern district; Ralph E. Campbell, Judge. William Gregg. L'nited States attorney. Glrve A. Porter. United States marshal. BC»ISIEB WA!fT AOS. PAT because in Allen County nearly evert^ body reada'the RagliEter.- Goarantaed tlw largaae ^'etpealatioB a/t any paper la AU«n County. I Tlie total amotiiif of liip bills allowed by Hie commissioners at this session reached Sfi.L'lO.TS. Of this a- moiHif about 5-500 was for bridges, over Scatter Creelf and McCarley Ford. The total is miidi larger than the u.snal amount allowed, at a montli- iv session of the commissioners. HE STRUCK HIS SISTER. Charge to Wiiich Robert Tippe Must Answer In Police Court. Robert Tippo was arrested hist night by Omcer \Vm. Todd for striking hiv . sister. The trouble trouble occurred at a home In tho north part of town where a dance was In progress. If is charg(*d thnt T!pi>e been drinking and became involved In an altercation with his wife, whereupon his sister interfered In her slster's-ln-Iaw behalf. It is alleged that Tlppe struck his sister. The ofllcerii were ca'led and they took (he young man into custody. I Independence Reporter.) F. P. De'one was awarded the contract by the council last night for jiaviup l..aurel and Sixth street from .Myrtle to I..aurel and Fifth to Wal: nut. to Poplar and on Sixth from >Ia- ple to Poplar street. The bid submitted for the first named improvement was |9.3S3.f>i, the same as tho city engineer's estimate. Tilie second was for $11,844.21. b?ing $i.'!0.41 lower than (he estimate of the engineer. It was the sense of the counctlmen that tbe work should be completad at the end of three months. • Mr. Delone objected to this on account of It being ai the beginning of the winter months when the weather will he uncertain. It was finaly decided Jo extend the time, making It five months. The work on the new pavlni; will I start at once and Mr. Delone says he will complete the work In less thhn llv^ months, If [losslhle. Top GoBim In all styles and coltirs Overooaf In all modes and all lengths €h0 BARRETT CHILD SCALDED. Injuries to Little One Will not Prove Fatal. A^liile playing about the stove upon which a boiler of wafer had bean risced the litUe child of O. P. Barrett, of 18 South Kentucky street, was badly scalded this morning. The mo ther was at work in another part of the bouse when the boiler of water began to boil over onto the child. Before she could get tlie child out of jtiie way ft had been, badly acalded abpnt tlie face ^d handi. Tlw .-lnjBr- {«a .aiUIa.Tery palatal wB| Mt tnnm The lola BuBlnetss College has mov- d into more commodious quarters and now occupies all of the second floor of the Coffey block. The rooms formerly occopied were found to be too small for the rapidly increasing 3nroIIment, hence the necessity for the change. The College can now ac­ comodate all who desire to attend. The College management supervis- L I remodeling the bnilding and have it arranged to their entire satisfaction. They now have one large room for the bookkeeping department, one for the shorthand department, one for typewriting, a recitaUon room, recep- ion room and private office, a ladies' toilet room and a gentlemen's toilet room. AM rooms open into a well lighted and spaclons hall. New desks have baeu ordered and will arrive shortly. The management extend a cordial 'nvltation to the "public to visit and become more intimately acquainted with the work being done by this institution of learning in our city. Cure your cold-by using Mundis' White Pine with Tar. TRAVEL TALK TONIGHT. Y, M. C .A. Members to Hear Lecture on India. The Sunday Men's meeting at the Y. M. C. A. Is to be conducted by Rev. I. N. Benham. pastor of the LaHarpe Methodist church. The subject of the travel talk at the Y. SL C. A. tonight Is: "Touring In Northern:India." The vlew.s, elghty-Beven in number, will show Calcutta and vicinity, the be.iu- tlful temples and bathing vats. We will see the Goddess of Destruction. Kail, and hear tbe tradition concern- Int It. The famous Juggernaut .procession together with other cruel forms of worship will t>e shown. No one can afford to miss thhi. It coBta rou nothing and all are invited. The hour Is elgiit. WHITSON FUNERAL TOMORROW. Rev. Garfield Will Conduct Service at Baptist Church. The funeral services of Mrs. E. Whiteon, of. 909 North Wariilngton avenue, are to occur twnorrow morning at ten (O 'clock tntat- the Baptist church and Interment will take place in tbe new lola cemetery north of town. Rer. Oacfi«!d, pastor of tbe Baptiat chnrdi. la to be in charge of tlie serrlce. t 'WU.tnd* Bi^ lot foi^UsIit^ Have tbe right kind of enterttin* ment. When you wish to pass a|i evening pleasantly at home with friends one of the best means cd enjoymeDt Is a Phonograph. you do not aheady own one of these, instniments now is the time tabuy" and provide yourself with enterr tainment for the cold weather. If you have got a.Phonograph, come' in and liear tHe la'test xectntls- and make your selection. All the latest now in stock. John y. Roberts Music HousM^H »TETER*S QROCERY HaUqi Good Thihjis .to Eat Tele |)hoDe ISII UKflleifatef One bnndrad ponnda of Crya- Ul Ica will imaka 13 gallona of dladlled water anIUbIa tat family nac Try It Ithlce&CtMStinitCa FRANK R100LB.ll9r, ^ m PERFECTION SAFE CONVEnmNT ECOMOMIUL | IT jrear dcalariloii't biud ^aa, «iite,ta TH= STANDARD 0«- COMFAWYj Well, Friends Pancakes are in order. We bava.tbe niaterall to make them of. Ralston P. C. Flour, per pkgi....lOo Ralston Prepared B. W. I'^our, per pkg. ...... lOfl Peruna 'Whole Wheat Flonr, . 12!b sack ....500 Good Fresh Meal, per aack 80Q Syrups to eat on Pancakes. Mapl«. Fancy.Table. Wiiite Tabla. andiSorghtun. ^;'s RYER BROS. Qrocery and Meat JAarkeit : : PlMNwa »08aadi40r:^^> W^^^ -Mm ,4- ' ''^"^^^^ »-^^- '^'l'-»?«y™°« "^gl^-;^^^**^^^

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