The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 10, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE-6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Thursday, Dec. 10,1964 On Th& Lighter Side By DICK WEST United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) — Fox hunting is one of the world's oldest sports, give or take squat tag.- And yet the average person knows very little about it. The average person looks lp- on fox hunters as a bunch of nuts leaping and bounding around _on horses, which are leaping and bounding behind some hounds, which are leaping etc. behind a fox. Actually, of course, there are many subtleties and nuances in * fox hunting which arc only understood and appreciated by the ^true connoisseur. My own knowledge of this sport increased by leaps and bounds recently when I was invited to a fox hunt in the horsey country near Southern Pines, N.C. By 'observing part of the chase and questioning informed onlookers, I was able to get a fairly clear picture of what takes place during a fox hunt. This led conclude that fox hunters are a bunch of nuts leaping and bounding around on horses, which are leaping and bounding behind some hounds, which are leaping etc. behind a fox. One of my mentors at the hunt was a charming horsewoman named Miriam "Rabb, Conservation and Development. Mrs. : Rabb told me that a couple of riders are designated as *'whippers-in," also known as "whips." It is their duty to keep an eye out for errant hounds and steer them back into the pack. "Isn't that a coincidence!" I exclaimed. "We have the same thing in Washington on Capitol Hill. Each party in the House and Senate has a 'whip' whose job is to keep wayward members in line. Do you. suppose these congressional titles derived from fox hunting?"' "Very likely," Mrs. Rabb said. "And that isn't the only similarity between Congress and fox hunting. "Some hounds are known as 'babblers.' This means that they begin baying and otherwise behaving as if they had picked up the scent when actually they aren't within miles of a fox. "Does that remind you of anyone you know in Washington?" "It certainly does." I said. "Offhand, I would estimate that a good 50 per cent of our senators and representatives are babblers." At one point during the hunt, a young woman in our party posted herself at the edge of a clearing, hoping to get some good .photographs. When the who is travel editor of the j hounds came by, darned if they North Carolina Department of 1 didn't tree her. ALMANAC By United Press International Today is Thursday, Dec. 10, the 345th day of 1S64 with 21 to follow. The moon is approaching its first quarter. The morning stars are Venus and Mars. The evening stars are Jupiter and Saturn. On this day, in history: In 1817. Mississippi was admitted into the Union as the 2Cth state. In 1838, Spain signed the Treaty of Paris officially ending the Spanish American War and giving Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines to the U.S. In 1901, distribution' of the first Nobel Prizes got under way on the death anniversary of Alfred Nobel. In 1941, Japanese troops landed on northern Luzon in t h e Philippines. FINANCIAL GOSSIP A thought for the day —Emily Dickinson, poet said: "Success is counted sweetest by those who ne'er succeed." - MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (UPI)— John M. Joyce, 80, board chairman of Joyce Seyen-Up Inc., died of a heart attack in Miami Beach Wednesday while on vacation. I don't know what that maneuver is Called, but it * is familiar in Washington, too. By JESSE BOGUE UPI Financial Editor NEW YORK (UPI) — There are only a dozen shopping days left until Christmas, and the stores are jammed in your neighborhood. •.You're out of touch with the toy market, maybe, or perhaps you want' an idea for something that will last longer than the average toy — probably — or that will riot be outgrown. Or perhaps you are the type that goes about shopping for young ones with the idea thgt it's a good time to provide for the future, figuring on the other Chrislmases in years ahead. This may be the year, then as any friendly broker will tell you, that you might consider putting securities, stocks, bonds and the like on your shopping list. Legal Considerations If the recipient-to-be is a mi nor there are certain legal technicalities to consider; it is not just a matter of stuffing a certificate in a stocking or put ting it on the tree or pinning it to a greeting card. iFrancis I duPont, New York Stock Exchange member firm, has issued a pamphlet through its offices in various cities explaining gifts-to-minors (of securities) in the United States and abroad—what is permitted, Come take your choice o. W Corvair More are on the way every day. So if you're itching to be off in .the racier, roomier new kind of Corvair, come on in and see us now. Try out this interna­ tionally styled beauty. It's longer and wider, easier to enter, with more shoulder room up front. It's also got up to 180 hp available in top-of-the-line Corsas. It's a longer, lower, wider, extravagantly 9 £\% f >Vi7 /?f beautiful kind of Chevrolet for '65. With \}(_) \jl lt/(Jl\JV\JI> richer, roomier interiors. A smoother ride. Wide-Stance design for greater stability. V8's available with up to 400 hp. And, at-a Chevrolet price, the kind of craftsmanship you'll find in some of America's most expensive'cars.' '65 Chevy E Here's where you get a belt out of going .of power in any car its size. Everything thrifty. Because (1) you get the sharpest. from a 4 available, in lowest priced sedans looking thrift car you've ever seen. And to two 6's and three V8's available (2) you can pick from the widest range' throughout the line. Top output? 300 hp! '65 Chevelle Here's everything that made Chevelle the most popular car of its size its first year out—plus some new surprises. Like fresh-minted styling. V8's available with up to 350 hp. And a quieter, smoother ride. All on the same easy-handling wheelbase—beautifully proportione between the Chevrolet and Chevy EL More to see, more to try in tlw cars mom people buy Choose a new Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy H, Corvair.or Corvette now at your dealers MOORE BROTHERS INC. 1:1-8454 what are the obligations and, in general, what are the tax problems involved. The practice is by no means new. The firm points out that the number of minors with securities now totals nearly 500,000, and two years ago it was only 200,000. The rise has been aided .by the passage by state legislatures of a uniform gifts to minors act, which was promoted 'by the Association of Stock Exchange Firms. It now is in effect in 48 states and.the District of Columbia. Simple Transaction "Making a gift to a minor under these laws is a relatively simple matter for both the broker and the donor (the per son making the gift). However, in no instance whould the im portance of. the transaction be minimized by either the broker or the donor," duPont noted There are, it continued, three things to keep in mind in making gifts of securities to the under-aged person: —The gift is complete and irrevocable surrender of one's in terest to another person; even if the donor is" acting as cusU> dian, it must be in behalf of the minor. —Title to the . securities vested in the minor and there is no way th'at they pan be re turned to the donor until the minor reaches the age of 21. —Registration of securities in the name of the custodian for the benefit of the minor com pletes the entire transaction, the donor cannot change his mind once the gift is made. WATER BUGGED HOUSTON (UPI) — T. L. Flanagin was returning to his motel from a trip to the newsstand Wednesday night, when he turned into what he thought was a parking space and drove into the motel swimming pool. 'The thing that bugs me most is getting these maga zines all wet," he said, when he paddled up from the bottom of the pool. FATAL SLIP MEXICO CITY (UPI) — Vi cente Charles Hernandez, 55. was released from the hospital last week after recovering from a near-fatal bullet wound. This week Hernandez was fa tally injured when he slipped on a banana peel and struck his head. Ham and Turkey SHOOT Sunday, Dee. 13, 1964 12 Noon Still Board Only 1 Mile East of Atlanta On County Line ATLANTA CONSERVATION CLUB w CHRISTMAS BEAUTY THAT ENDURES Wyler ijfcw^incaf lex 311 East Jeff ersbriStrfeef -- Tipton; Indiana OS 5-2143 We recommend this watch highly because we know how carefully it is made and how well it has served many of our customers. Smartly fashioned new models for Christmas giving. Every one with Wyler's exclusive Incaflex balance wheel, guaranteed against shock, for the life of the watch-replaced free if broken ever. And every one a great value! Your nam* engraved FREE on any watch purchased before December 15th , Only watch with flttibli balance wheat luaraatctd far hit uainit tfapace from ihocfc Foster's Jewelry MAGIC NUMBER STORE Christmas Trc$ Grafting Takes Time and Money BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (UPI)— Anyone who believes you can buy cheap land, plant a handful of- seedlings and reap a profitable harvest of Christmas trees without effort, hasn't talked to Morris R. Graves. Graves, the president of the Indiana Christmas Tree Growers Association,- says, in effect, the reason they call an evergreen patch a "tree nursery" is because you have to treat each seedling like a baby, pampering it all the way to maturity. He pointed out that a lot of people got the idea a few years ago from a rash of newspaper articles, that tree land could be bought for as little as $15 an acre, and that $1,000 an acre profit could be made for as little as $50 invested. For one thing, according to Graves, the lowest price for tree land these days is about $100 an acre. But that's only the beginning of a tree operation. Insects To Control There are weeds to mow, and insects to be sprayed. Not just once, but several times a season. After all, they don't all hatch at the same time. There's pruning to be done Each tree must be 'trimmed several times—by hand. Then there's the matter of color. It seems that some of the Christmas trees grown in this area tend to turn a beautiful golden color around Christmas time, and spraying them with green dye is the only answer. The trees have to be sprayed starting in August. This and going back to touch - up some stakes until freezing weather to get the job completed. Finally the trees are cut, loaded into trucks, and shipped. Of the 11 million Christmas tree purchasers in this country, probably not one in a hundred knows the difference between a premium" tree, and a No. 1 or' No. 2 tree. • • . " Premium Tree Perfect The premium tree has four good faces, or sides, with no major defect in any .face. It has good color, is symmetrical, and has a straight stem, Graves said. The No. 1 grade tree has three goqd faces and the fourth face is p'ermitted to be only of slightly less quality. The No. 2 grade need have only two good faces. This is the method used by dealers to buy trees from producers on a sight unseen basis. This year the Indiana Christmas Tree Growers Association- providing the trees for the Indiana State , Capitol and the governor's mansion. Growing Christmas trees is no rich-quick scheme, and Mor- Graves ought to know. He harvested 12,000 of. them this year. "That reminds me! I'd like to discuss another 'Balance of Payments problem'!" IN HOLLYWOOD get ris LOS ANGELES (UPI) A rosary will be recited tonight for James F. Corkill, 52, a vice president and director of U. S. Borax & Chemical Corp. "of Los Angeles and president of the Porcelain Enamel Institute. He died Tuesday. Food Sale — TenBrooks ? Saturday, Dec. 12. Chicken and noodles, pies, cake and sweet rolls. Lutheran Parents Forum P-59 UPI By VERNON SCOTT Hollywood Correspondent .. HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Ivy Baker Priest was treasurer of the United States during the Eisenhower administration. Her daughter Pat has joined the cast of a monster series on television. While mother's signature may still be found on U.S. currency, daughter will be seen in "The Munsters," replacing Beverley Owen as the only member of the regular cast without a green face. Pat is blonde, blue-eyed, aristocratic and absolutely beautiful. During her years in Washington, D.C.'Pat was queen of everything in sight: Queen of the President's Cup Regatta, queen of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom 'Festival, queen of the First International Azalea Festival, and, well like that. She was also one of the most dazzling debutantes in memory of the political and diplomatic set. Surrounded By Monsters . And now look, she's surrounded by a pack of monsters. Televiewers won't get a look at Pat until Dec. 31 when she makes her debut on the CBS TV series. Her ' appearance among the dimbulbs on the shnw may come as something of a shock to her old classmates at . Marjorie Webster School for Girls — not to mention her distinguished mother: "Fortunately people don't associate me with my mother here in Hollywood as they did in Washington," Pat said during lunch in the Universal Commissary. "Back East they made a fuss over me and my sister Nancy because mother was treasurer. I never'resented it because her fame opened up a whole world to us! I even had a television show back there." Church Group Show Pat's show biz career began at age 16 when her mother was directing a church group road show in Utah. "We lived in Bountiful, Utah, (population: 5,000)," Pat admitted unself - consciously. "And when we moved from that little place to Washington, D.C., it was something like the 'Beverly Hillbillies' moving from the sticks to Beverly Hills. "But I" hated to leave the little town because I was madly in love with one of the local boys." When Pat was chosen queen of the Regatta her escort, was a young White House aide, Navy officer 'Pierce Jensen— and he's been escorting her ever since. The Jensens live in Thousand Oaks, Calif., and have a sharp pair of sons named Lance and Pierce. ZENO IS SIGNED DALLAS (UPI) — UCLA quarterback Larry Zeno, not drafted by either • professional league, has been signed as a free agent by the" Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. . The six-foot, 190-pound,Zeno probably will be.used as a running back and punting specialist The Dallas punting game suffered this year after kicking specialist Sam Baker was traded to Philadelphia in a deal for flanker Tommy McDonald. SAFE FAILS NORTH ORMESBY, England {UPI) —A 'bank here had to send its drill-proof, fire - proof safe containing $176,000 back to the makers because even experts called in to fix the jammed combination lock could nqt open it. "ZIG'S SADDLE SHOP" says give 'Boots for Christmas' Acme Cowboy —• Wellingtons — Dingos . Cowpuncher Childrens Cowboy LARGE SELECTION WESTERN BELTS AND BUCKLES DICK ZIEGLER NORTH END MAIN STREET WEMBLY SWANK—MEN'S TIES • JEWELRY Jade COI AFT: OLOGENE « ER SHAVE for MEN Skates CLOSE OUT—HASCALL Blazers ,£ 11.95 LADIES' — MEN'S BOY & GIRLS — JR. SLED SKATES COLD WEATHER ICE SKATING TIPTON'S OWN HOUSE OF

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