The Marion Daily Mirror from Marion, Ohio on March 6, 1909 · Page 6
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The Marion Daily Mirror from Marion, Ohio · Page 6

Marion, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1909
Page 6
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pir-mpmisfrj ipry wj ; it n n " -. A. "icy ir-wrfyfefT far-- r"v J y" f r .r!1.- ' t r - Tj (r '""'VTWppj'V' "WlUlf1-- ''IIM ppntjur1 yai" wyi I ) ' (wno scXitto daIL? JttiutoR, sAruatyAY, matkh d, 100&. I II llH t I OFFICIAL SCHEDULE OHIO STATE LEAGUE, 1909 -J - - - , 1 1 ,., - 1 1 11 - 1 VBBUBJ ,B-.I La...,. I m ,., 1. ,. 1 ,,!,. 11 IBB- " - 1 - I ' ----- - . V . niMrt AT AT J AT ' -"AT AT " AT " '' ;. ULUD LANCASTER PORTSMOUTH NpARK MANSFIELD MARION " LIMA -..,. . " - , -. fty..! V, .. yajr 2. Si S y " My 9 . Say 4 0 7 f AlfpAbTPt? Dna ttfVXft.'Jw U?9 S5,.P,M Jiin 7 8 Jiiiinlo 11 lils June 4 I LANUAblfcK JtvCaU ' i?,SSH..N W 2? SXEH, 4uiy M io- .luijr u it 13 July -6 AM I'M e 7 ' S.ISsVsaWm i'MftftV Ag. TS IS .7.8 I. II ( Atlfc 8,10 Jrtl.Ml.. .. I B- ; . 1 1. I. - I I ........, , 1 , 1 .-.-. ,.. I ,1 - II I I .III. I I . ' ; H MsyMtlM MsyBflT May I. 14 IB May 4 i .0 May h i lo I'OKToMOUlrl July l IB , 1 IIG JiiD i mi b PM a? July u l is , July si s u 7 t July,, io . Allg.M0 "V Atlg.H'JIO AUK. It ) 1 Aug. 31 8pt. 1 Augr'l6 IS 17 . , , . -wwl. nanii i t.1. ! ,., a--... a - - aa..mBBaB.BiBa aa....BBB.B . a- , i . i. - i-1 . i n i , .-. , i n , a bbbbbbb a '" '" ' bbb . , hh a aai ta&ADt' ISKi'iftlS 'SuTjI -.,'. m, ssi Mn V&t'!M. NEWARK Tl l '"" a June l t a June io il li . nj--mi July hum JunesJso July I IVlirrOr J"y at July t a 4 July h il IS Aug. 18 tO 9121 AUg!l2I y V. Kept. 1 0 AM PM Aug. 4 S 8 AUg. IS IS .4 ... . , V Mnytai Mftyl7.8 19 May 3d II It Aptll t SO May 1 MyM4 6 16 iliikloc-ioi r Junlts Jim. 17 18 1 JiuieiOtttt 17 My S ? .A", Juni il .8 MANSFIELD iuiv 164 Juiy n jui t Jb Of jT.e s" ""' "y iJ sj m s7o AU4St AUgJStJtS aSbIjtSwot Aug I S3 1 - - 1 i.i. - ' ' .N 1-1 ' May 17 .8 19 Mhy,tSl26 May 8 8 10' HX5,8Ju , May -ifl t7 tl tifUi,-,.. JUuni8l Jiiieil IB ia June 7 8 y ' . rM ' GTr-vrt June to tt MARION - JUHB 17 18 IM VO J,if 14 U July 8 1)I0 "" ' , , POll July ! M 81 I v- Aug ai X4 16 AUg 10 to tl K Aug. 15 10 17 18 ' J AM, 7 ' Se.t. 4 5 AMD I'M , April 19 80 May 1 May i 3 4 May 17 18 19 :, .,. .,,4, .i i w r fdi mSa Mi?!!:?i.A-ta- ,,,',e,:!:, Je.7.8i9 iL-ags saag tsJpwr U -A lulyaao,w,Julyi July t a 4 July 17 19 19 to i"1? ,V J? A iV.1 L1 ao lNCWO AU(?. 113 Alg.4&8 7 Aug.23tlSS Aug. 1? 20 JI a Aug. X7 S8 W 30 -, . Holiday, al Home Memorial liny ftCMy""' ln,lep.nUccco ..ay nSXU ZViSlVU 'TSV7 Hol.Ay. Abroad Ln,)or 1)iy al '" Ur M..nor..l ..ay al lndep,njjgl.a, PM ?$ttf AM !,! Porlsnioulb I'ortimoulli at Marlon - LabSr u""lijAma aturdaya at Home 10 10 9 9 ,10 .7.... 9 Saturdays Abroad 9 r 9 10 10 9 10 Sundays at Home 9 9 9 10 10 10 Suhdays Abroad 10 10 10 9 9-'- 9 i' ' ' I ' OTHER TEAMS IN LEAGUE LOOK BETTER THAN LANKS Loss of White, JustuB and Heller, Severe Blow. i TIGERS LOOK STRONG fcijjbd will Have Most of Old Players Back. h li Davidson Gets Pitchers Newark will Come Fast Portsmoutff Prepares for Battle. Ldt'B lake a little Journey niound dhe clncult and try to hIzo uj the Jiiaterlal for the 1009 S.ati-ra. To get & ljjie on those erf the younipuers uuder coulnict with the various fchibfl, the fan? must wait until the uea&n lupens, hut the old heads who tforp the nucleus for the various kiwjk and those experienced playera HlgBed will gh-e a lair Idea of the TulattYe strength of eneh. U. wrjU-r, alfier limiresalns Ills rdaflonl wJth the fntelllgenco that no one" else around here knows anything of what Is to como off In the Ohio Uite league this year, tells us ttwt IJancasiicr Is the real Shifty! Sadlo aud Is going to make n lot' ori noise. The Lanks, for 'Instance,! itave hut Old Joe Iocke and Homer &ock In the pitching department. Cu "course, QeoTtge Fox has tatne yoinsters signed, but will they be df. tho class of Justus and White? rTlio'1 aniwer to that Is easy. But wllj avem Hunvphro)"s, Onrter and mrwn be rtblel6 hold the Lanks up iwnejo they are? IiUIer, Gowdy, Ttey-Uolds and Piper are only mediocre jilayers. Piper Js pmbafbly the best of tpo lot, but thero Is nothing sen-totfpnal In an"thlng that he will do. IDoa It look l(lie the Tinks would Umrn, red fire on Tiibor Day' Not luhlees -veteran Oeorgo lox. who. Ily th6 way, earned his money last . - - . i -, WHS. STELLA DOANE tAm .4kWaf-HiE ilJJ ' . I J ,!f'"i!I'! Far S!e .'. watching the games fiom the (ljencli for tho most part, should uncover a few live wires among- his young pJayere. It will be noticed that iMi-GuIro Is not mentioned among the IrtnTts. No use, .Marlon Is sure to securo him. 'Now that the Newark bunch really looks Bironser than Iancaster. although It Is hard to dope out jiist whore Newark can claim anything like a pennant. "Lett from last year there are Winters', Plnkney, McCHn-twlf, Wratten, Smith, Snyder, Ab-ihott. Kaler, F. Jjocke. Perhaps 'BI Ed' Moore will be sent back but Lefty Webjj. tho best winner Nowark hnd last year, Is gone for good. Homer Davidson, manager, will help out a lot behind the bat, or In the event that he decides to use Scotty Winters regularly, DavIdMMi Is likely to fill the hole In the outfield between Albbott and Snyder. Then there Is iq bo secured a first saOker to succeed the polished but some what unruly Qygll. Tliat will bo a hard place for tho iboy manager to fill, but ho has more serious troulble In front or him In semiring ftlngers. Kaler should lie better this year and "DlK Ed" Moore. If he goes back. wl.ll bo a rep ! hep. A pair of good HHngers In addition to these tiwo will ,'glve Newark a very -well balanced club and one seemingly -stronger than Lancaster. The Llmr. outlooTc, seemingly -lear enough a tap weeks ago, Is rather vague, and fans thero ore guessing not a little bit. Last fall Parsons and ''Laddy" I.Inke were drafted by Columbus. Now Columbus Is not llkply to use either of them, and wants to send them back to Lima, but the management has a hunch that other association clubs will not waive on them, and consequently Lima Is not likely to get her two stars. Tho same Is true In the case of Alex Ueilley, midget outfielder and tho Lima management Is worrying not a ,llttle Leo Tohl has signed a number of recruits for Lima. It Is Mke-ly that of tho old men Foutz, Sykes, Flnke, Nownham, Lindsay, Nofeau, Extreme Case of Exhausted Nerves Marvelous Curo of Mr. Stella Doano Norvo Plls. , , t lhi? fa ihoJJnAof c,ur?-,Umt f.y,M Bmo idea of tho extraordinary influence which Dr. A. W. Chase's tf erve Pills exercise over tho nervous system. You will find this letter of interest and if you only havo warning symptoms such as nervous headache, indigestion, sleeplessness, irritability nnd loss of energy you will bo ablo to put your whole cpnfidfcnce in a treatment which effects curo in such extremp cases of nervous exhaustion. Dr. A, W. Chase's Ifervo Pills euro in Nature's way by forming new, rich, red blood andon this account their benefits are thorough nnalaatingr No treat ment hao such a splendid record in tho curo of nervous prostration and exhaust tion an4 all pymptoms tplling pf tio approach of paralysjp or locomotor ataxia Mrs. Stella Doano of No. 18 Glfford Block, Jamestown, N. Y., says--,'a desiro to give you a merited-and I may add-unsollcited testimonial for vour-wonderfurpr, A. W Chase's Nerva-Pilfs. although I nevr qutp approved "f patent mcdicipes until after I doctored with four of the best phyBic wis in thia c ty for nearly a year little or no benefit. After nlmnaf. &iX JLlf. a 1&JM??,U,J!?3 beeni50mPIe,y stored by your wonderful Dr. A.W. Chaaea Nervo Pllln. Tho resnU nmnu i-.nolil causp I fee.) Jt my dutythat pthera Bhould Joarn of the real fneVitsoY nv .lllfv thnf ntltnM. alin..ll ln. 6 Al l ' .. T 4v . -. , ., ,. , . . . .. vwuo bhuuiu muni mi mu rpui jnuri is 01 UT. A. W. Cliase's Nerve Pills. You may use this as vou wish, that otr,,r tnnnfZ.TLi my remarkable recovery by the use of om, l.u !, .. t Pr, A, W, Chase's Nerve Pills Saaa4Aassit'ifc Chase, M. D., the famous Receipt Book author. ' ' n py Crws. Schmlfjt & Co., DrMgIts. M. . H N Pickett and Ganvey, will be baok In harness again. With thoso men as a Hliirtor, Lima Is certain to havo a tron$r ..earn, but unless Uiey got the other threo back tho Stogies will luivp no walk-gin ay for tho pennant.. With Llnkc, Parsons and A. Jtellley ao In the Ine-up will hao a team that couil hardly bQ headed orr for tho pennant with a fair Bharo of tho bascOxill luck. iManf(e!der8 ore very rotlconta1out tticlr teain and Its prospects. Tim Flood Is hard to gain Information from as our former vjee president. But Sturgess Is authority for the statement that Mansfield will be In the ra-o with a strong team. Perhaps Chnnnell will be back, they say, and then the scorers ther will havo 'an opportunity to give hlmi anothor average, too id tlielr erforts last year did not result la selling tho frlaycr for a fancy price. Breymaler will not stay Honff with Columbus and will prdbably do tho catching for the Tigers. Blery, Kettler, and Flood will be back at tlielr old Bta. tlons but Benny Jewell, who was only loaned to Mnnsflold. will go with Wheeling. It Is said. In tho outfield, Flood will havo Meohnm nml rathny. If with Bucholz, Bailey. riioiuu anu liioyu, .Mansfield gets bacla ChannoJl, the old Tiger team will be practically complete for 1009. OLve T(,m .Flood a fair amount of lu"k ana ne win urine Mansfield home w(ll up in tho race. Now it's up to Portemouth to do something and Billy Doyle says tho Wight Itlders will. He has not only wqeded out most of the old joy-clul; Jmnich but has purchased several Players of ability. Witii tho ta'ont' lie had last year and tho additions' Doylo Is going to bo a hard proposition. But Marlon need worry but little about Portsmouth' alroniWh 'It is hardly likely that the Diggers win urau any moro games to tho down staters than they did last year for although a 'nil-end rlnh -Porta. mouth beat Marlon moro times than it dirt nny other club in tho league. Tho Digger team Is nmc.Hc.illv .in. vlded upon, with tho exception of mo piumors and possibly a third ibase-mnn In the evont thnt nnmir.ii thn Columbus boy. does not make good. jopnsione will do tho bulk of thp receiving. Roberts is the man slated for first base, ODay for -cscond, and Wolfo for short. In the outfield, thqro will Ik Carroll. Williams, Wll-son (If he plays), and Conoklln. Effected by Use of Dr. A. W. Chase's nn .i.i. I Wrltn vnn thin hn your medicine alone' .; .1I Jl" ZiT'tY"" "" "- " Of tho pitchers, Marlon has Lucas and Mercer to depend on and will probably get McQulre. A good left homier and one right bander picked (from tho young bloods will round out the team very y.c1, and make a good strong bid for honors. If tho 'now men, who nro coming, are as good as represented ilarlon, It must ilw admitted, will .have little to fear. WANTS RIGHT KINDOB BAT Phil Ketter. Gives. Directions to Officials of Columbus Club. Phil Ketter the" Marlon outfielder who In In brnf n rViliimlnm inlnl inl Billy JlUllgan, distinguished Boutittpajvy of long; ,senice at Buffalo, como Uirough "with loiters to Secretary Qulna whJoh show tliat lhy are thinking oj tho work tiat they, wJll takp w Boon, ' Kottw llvcrf in StT" Louis. Httllnc ds his fortp ami lie ,' .iloesn't cafo aoout upmg it wA'tn any pld sort or a BtJck. ''When you send in an order for bats," he wrote, ' Include a few simmers of the llnrrv Davis model." All pf wililoh means that lltfl tnVftrlift aIiiI. Aa Ann itii.nswt out along Unep laid down by tho famous captain of thp hJladelpala lAthleUcs. , , , iMIlllgan's Information was to Hip offoot that ho Is doing battle agolnt Ms extra flesln and tli.-vt daily Jsames of J,andball aro being plaexl by him. It is" evident that Ills effort to land with 41ia Knnn. toiw will not be a h'eartless one. State Journal. , DonM: wiait until your blood Is Impoverished arwl you aro siok and nlllnsr, but take Holllster's Rocky Mountain Tea now. It will .positively drlvo out all wlnlor Impuiiltos. 35 cents, Tea or Tablota. Clins. Schmidt and Go. OFFICIAL SCHEDULE OUT Mirror Today Contains Engage ments of Staters fur Summer Days In this Issue of tho Mirror there appears tho official schedule of tho p.o State league for 1909. The playing season commonces April 28, Marion opening here with JfanHfleld, NavMork at Porlemoutll and Lima at Jincastor. Tho schedulo contains 130 games, concluding on Labor Day, September C Tlla year both 'Mem-orla.1 and Independence days como on Sunday. On these dates tho Staters will play but ono gamp, while dou-filehcaders are schdduled for the following day In each case. Marion has the morning gam hero with Mansflo,14 nnd plays at Mansfield in the afternoon. On July fifth, Marten plays at aiansfield in thp morn ing ana at tljo local park In tho afternoon. There are' four off days .Vhirlng tho season. Tho 'Diggers will play ten Sunday gamos at home. fPho schedulo Is worth havlnir. Yon 'will be glad you did in a few wooks. Hear Miss Pearl Cheney, violinist, in Baker's Hand Concert at Grand Opera House, March 11. it Commpniting on , the font Wiav nA :'"''' "IVI'H, IliUl Hill. ItMUlU 70,000 acres on tho PaolfJio Coai oft a rofo for birds a Gentian periodica! exclaims; Apd tlilfl to tho land j.. w.... Mniir uunxexB , wiiuo we in jdealifttto wnnn-heai-fod Germany llVlVA ..rftUlitn .1.. . . r-tl . . i.i iii uio iuw. iu y-ars wm- nf.iJ'i eJ?Pnn,niJr vaovjral ynrlpUes aPiWiNO SUITflhllO TO 35 AT OUTDONE AT POINTMAKING )- - . ftlarjqij Overwhelmed by South High 60 tok 30.. TEAM WORK WINS GAME Columbus' LadS -"vfork W'ell Together on Big Floor. Taylor, of Marlon, Throws Seven Field Goals and Does Best Work of the Locals. Tho local high school basket ball team went o Columbus last ovon-Ing where it titacked up against tho South lldgih. team of that city. De-spito Uio fact Mint tlio locals wore throwing 'baKkots like fiends, tho city chaps' managed to edge in qulto a few more nnd when tho contest ended the score had shaped Itself lnflo trtio lo(psldel fonn of GO to 39 In favon of the other fellowis. Tho Marion team did not mind bolnjg beaten but It did hate tp be completely covered over with a fcore of sixty points. The 'Columbus lads displayed excellent team work and Mlarlon' found It almost impossible to hold tho ball. THio floor was largo and unfamiliar to iho local five and Uita was a feature In favor, of the Columbus team. TTttio performance of Taylor, who ployed center for Marion, made tho Columbus rooters sit up and take notice. JIo was far superior to any of Jil team mates and ills cleverness was notlcoablo throughout tlio contest. Ho made seven field goals' durlnfe Uio gamo and his play lug proved the only real feature of. Uio Marlon gamo. Tho acoro and Une-ip was as fol- Oows: SOUOTI BrATUON Itellly, r. f Spopcen, r. f. WIrthweIn, 1. f.... Hngerman, 1. f. IlungeJman, e Taylor, c. Conant, Daubert, r. z. Alpx,andor, rg Ctlckongcr, 1. g , Boll, I. g. Meld. Goals .TtcllJy 8; Jrthweln 8; Cllckonger 9; Hunglqman 2; Spencer 4; Hafrcrmnn 4; Taylor 7; iAJexandn 2. Foul goals CUckemger C; liagerman G. Oflci.'ds SKovenson and Mason. Tlip nimor that a OMnan Prtnco Intends to sell abroad a quantity of Galller's letters Jas nifapd a wtonn of pi-otcst In "th6 Wlsntlflc world an (j 4n tho local press. Dr diaries Perrier, lrt an artlolo baMHl on obsoivailon made In Frcnali penal lnatntutious, says that crimi nals aro for the most part of mo-dlum holsht. Thieves, lie says, ho found to lc almost exclusively of small stotniro and beHgars nearly always of medium or ' sUchtly under that helgrit 'It Is seldom," ho hays, 'that n fully developed wftgar nature can bo found In a largo fratno.' matters Jo moro Marion ladles than any other millinery coucern in Marion. It HRS. JHNNI13 TdiaMJAB. M. Paul Wolfskcl, professor . of math canailles at 'Darmstadt, has ln-stltu'ted a prize pf $25,000 as an Inducement to rediscover tho famous theorem 6f Fennat, wliillch llias been lost for over tiwo centuries. Twice Told Testimony Marien Fesple are Pein all They caa for Fellow Suffer eis Marlon testimony has been published to prove Uio merit of Doan's ICld ney lills to- others In Marlon' who suffej fiom bad backs ami kidney-Ills Lest any sufferer doubt that the cures made by Doan's Kidney P31U are thorough anil lasting, wo produce confirmed proof statements from Ma rlon peoplo saying thr.t tho euros they tojd of yews ago were perman ent. Hero's a (Marlon case: Airs. Enima Jioore of 279 S. Prospect street (Marlon Ohio, sayaj''You may continue to publish the testlmon lal I ?i-.vo in 1899 tolling how Doan'-j Kidney Pills cured me of a ld cose of kidney complain. For days at a tlmo I suffered from jicute pains In my back often extending into my 'iKod. Iwns restless at night and during the dry my household work was very Jrkeo,me. Doaiv's Kidney Pills finally tame to my notice, and I procured n Biipply nt Flocken's drug store and began using them, finding relief in t Tew days. Soon all traces of my trouble Jiad disappeared and up to ho present time I liave had no re-turn attack. ' y son w'lio suffered from rjieummlism also used DoinM Kidney Pills with the most gratifying results." " (For said by nil dealew. Price DO cents. Fdster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo Npw York, fsol agents for the Unit ed States. neraemlier tho nnmo Doan'o and Inko no other, vial wltliout old' of the human dl gaativjb Dipparatua. Pecoming AJTOPTIIEB Thctosandsaftwomert have 'found epnflhement of much pain and Insures safety to life of mother and child. This lln ment Is n God-send in wnmnn nt flip time Nm only does Mother's Fritnd carry child-birth, but it prepare; W tne system tpr Hie coming event, relieves "morning sickness," and.other dls-- frimrnrls Soiibromsgltti.oo. tlontilledfr TUSBnADFrKLD HKOUtATOR CO, Alltnti. 0. INTEREST IS RUNNING QIGH Fans Mostly Optimistic in Regard to Marlon, PENNANT CLAIMS MANY UhatigeV in Teams Give All a Chance to Win. Players Pleased with Shortening of Schedule,. Allowing Four Days off. As tho tlmo draws noaron fans of tho Ohio State league aro studying tho dope a llttlo more closely and trying to get a lino on tho local as well as tlho other clubs of tho Ohio State league. In the- major leagues thero aro a few changea from yeac to year but hi tho minora PHflJfclally leagues of this class, the changes aro so many tih'at a pennant, njniier of this year may easily bo a lallender ot noxA. But liliat Is "wlmt mnkes tho game good hero where but for this renewal of Interest each yean fans might not ip ablo to supiibrt baseball. , To hay that Uio Interest In Uio new club wlj'ch will represent Marion Is Btrong Is but expressing It mildly. Fan bugn about tlhda town are delving Into the refceds nnd absorbing all of Uio dopothot comefl within thd'r reach. This IntcrcMt, so early in tho year, Is pleasing to tho men who moite baseball possl- b,lp and Uhey prellot a most successful peofton. LIko oilier places Marlon has plenty of pennant clnimers, Why' not? Every city 1n the leaguo may a pennant for 1909 at Uils time wSillo only ono will bo permit ted to do so on noxt Labor Day. U' a privilege of tho sport. But llko other cities, Marlon ' has It'w pctefmJKta. They hate to think of anyono claiming a pennant, In fact thpy hnito U) havo anyono advancing any ideas on iKDsoball. Sort o' supremo authorities', as It wore, chappy. mit. nx. tins time or tno year it s wo'1 Wat tho fans should bo optim istic. Tljp optimism at the opening of last season was rewarded by a team that tihowed lUi heels to the rcat of tho flock for many long iweek,i and tiien at thp closo finish ed In Miird place, a imilghty good showing corol'dprlng tho class of the pUiors. It was a htronuous paco that was followed last year itoo strcniuDiis In fact, for moat of tho athletes. TJiia year tio leaguo has maao a wise move in cutting tho schedulo 'down to 130 games and al- lowlnlqr four off days during tho sea- pon. Tho playpr wlio Is on th6 Job every day and has to keep In condition, wJUi tho sovoro railroad Jumps and sometimes wlUiout tho beat of food, is In . pretty poor condition, generally at tho close of a season. Thoso doubleheadors Uiat wero sandwiched In laat year help ed a lot to put many of tho good ono? out of commission, A day of rest onco In a whllo will help all of tJion Its been so long plncp Ohio has had a real governor that lfs peojilo sit up and toko 110(400 wJien ono or lives, in these parte Governor Har mon lias jnado a mighty good impres- sion so far wlilli )p,h fnlonkls and foes, If ho only keens iui tho good ww,k ho has begun tlipy will feel that thoiTO Is a map at the helm nt Co- lunlit whb will bo fair to all con-oo(ined. Mnny havo likened lilm to Governor Hughes of New Yonk. In tilitpit lie follows what he thinks Is- tho right course, rdflandlewi of what oth" era itlnJctTtJavennn Democrat. No triifltee, mtnorlnlonilent, or Btoward of any wtalto InistttAiillon could object ito on lavonitory of state prca- enly lwlnig made ly tbreo dlBluicr-esjed amnraliorfl nnlei thero aro )(aks ito conceal. Tho Unfltod Statoa lma ilihn irrftalivat. prlety of postage stampn, .1 . 1 , According to a r.crcut report of thp Smljjisonlan Inatltjitipn Jho mammoth wqs no lansgr thnp U'O filophnnt of Is oft ordeal which all women approach wlih dread, for nothing compares (o the pain of child-birth. The Ihoufehi ot the sintering in store tor her robs the expectant mother nt nirtnenm nniinlnniinna the tiRe of ftothar's Friend rrtha women safely through the perils of M'4tVfWWWP'KW'lM4Li rRlEWD HTNTS FROM PAKTS HMATjTj HATS UUIlA' UP HIGH auk vkiiy popular. W Circular and Pleated Skirts Much Wn--Moiialr Shirt Waist Suits are Fashionable Crepe do Chine For Burning Wear. The Jaunty bent up brms, and henps of trimming underneath, nil tend toward the coquGtry of the present moment. The wire hats cqv-ered with lnco and panne with wide ostrich feather and flower trimmings nro mcijt beautiful. In everyday hats, tho toquo and turban shaped aro endless. Evolved In many stnnrt ways, with, tho wing and elvet trimmings suited to 'knockabout frocks, the ready to "wear styles show most desirable models In these. lii Blks,rto bq mndo up for separ rate blouses 'to be worn wlt'h street costumes, handsome plaids are being shown, and will Hnd favor with ninny.- In Borne of these the plaids run bias. Tho pleated skirts aro the most popular, nu the circular skirt Is less likely to lnuig well after a llttlo wear. ' Velvet buttons nro worn on the new suits, also those 01 silk crochet and where tho revors of a packet aro faced with a poplin silk the buttons aro covered with niateiiul to match. Pluin tight fitting three-quurter cputs ure worn with the plaited skirts in street suits. Some are double-breusted to the waist and others have tly fronts. Neat little checks or small plaid woolen suitings mako comfortable apd practical uchopl suits for misses. - Uiepe de chluo, aud especially tho dpffble width one seam kind, maintains all of Kb voguo undisturbed and unabated. Theto are uomo charming gowns fashioned Nof this t uiuiunai, aim r 10m a h 11 lit waist suit to a dancing fiock It tills every ufebu lu the wardiobo with equal eneciiveness. A Leftover Snake Story. Oeorgo Welkert ot Hound Top, near Gettysburg, had an. exciting experience with a'suako Sunday evenlnir. Mr. Welkeit had gonp Into the hay-, mow at the barn to throw down hay 1 for the horse when lip was suddenly I roufiouled by a largo rcptllo ready to strike. Mr. Welkert dropped the fork and got down to the eround as aulck.v an possible. He says that tho snake was fully five or six feet In length and thnt It luiM nrobablv Imaii In tliu hum since hurvest last summer, us the field! uom which tjie nay was taken has long been a favorite haiiut for uuakes. l'uiixsutnwney Splilt. To Make a Man Act Like a Fool. A man was considered a general Ignoramus by the concern for which he formcily worked. Ho capio Into our employ when we wpro obliged to tako him on account of the scarcity of labor. It was not long, howover, before he discovered Unit the llim appreciated suggestions. Ho proved a genius In hlu place and his ideas were worth a good many dollars to us. I asked him one day why ho did not present soma of tliebo Ideas to his former employ ee, and his reply makes the point: '"They trealod mo like a fool," said h no I acted like one." -System. IR FRENCH FEMALE PILLS. A Bri. Ci-Tii Bsusr for HirrrasMSD UimteVitio. I. Hani Hurst Rtdri R.ils. vor iUftl tided. 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V Tula n vdirr Uuy uf ur " Drucsl.l. A - fCin.VlfV'H.TEB'S t it tll r?C- -Jfjk MWiMl HI ,Jfv.' -Q N, turn ana ..... St BV .i liinu cntxuinrn. i i tut r'twwi . T 1 'w'CnSS- mtv 1 w A -s , wT rr tR if ' '"'' ? uuvptw Httl ii IffWH I "fn W. 1 - K

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