Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1907
Page 4
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G. HARRIS ELDON Offers the Siupmmiiwm Suoommm Im 8 Mm The BELLE oi JAPAN With Miss Bessie Crifton an original New York company PHomm 28o, 3Bo, BOo mutt 7Bmm Novel Plot Cburming Singing. Entrancing Music Hilarious Comedy Beautiful 8ceneiy Gorgeous CRAND THEATRE Sitird^y latiieeiaid Night NOVEMBER. 9th PRICES Lower floor, 50-76c Balcony 50c Gallery 25c All Balcony Seats Reserved for Colored People Roost Raiders, Buck Dancc-rs, Jurors, Court crier, Chicken thievcs. THE DANDY DIXIE MINSTRELS Amtt Oottou Plakmra Bamd BEST REAL NEGRO MINSTREL SHOW IN THE WORLD BAR NONE lie HHi SilLY lEfilSTEl CH1BLE8 F. SCOTT CIRCULATION 4.000. Tdepbones. Reporters' Room :222 BosinesB OfBce ^ 18 been abolished siuce the legislature did it last winter. SDBSCBIPfriON RATES. '. Bj^ Cutier-In lolk. Gas City, Lanyon* TOIe or La Harpe. One Week ...10 cenU One Month 44 cents, One Year |5.0U Senator Hailey le • . ^yJlalL ' ^ One Tear, Iniidvance $4.00 Three. Months, in advance ll .OU One Month, in advance 44 yCMXaMU-i. 11111 I ' I -ii Entered at lola, Kan8as,>PostoflSce, as Second-class Matter. AdverUsing Rates Mfide Known on Application. A Pointer for Tackfr. I Old Charlie Sessions is tired of I 'Wasbiueton and homesick for Kansas. This is a pointer for George Tucker, who Is making arrangements to go to Washlnijton ne.\t yeat. We have noticed that a lot of attractive girls remain \iiidlscovered because the.v work down town and earn their own living instead of having it charged to father. Governor Canipl)ell, of Texas, says OFFICIAL PAPER, CITY OF BASSET. XEMBEB OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tke tola DaOy Register is a member •f tke Associated Press and Receives the day report If that great nens or- naliatiOD for Exclusive Afternoon PBblieatloB In lola. a liar, a bribe-taking scoundrel and a coward. Otherwise Governor Can>pl>ell la willing to admit thai Senator Uatloy is all right. , One thing ia certain: The reporter who originated the wory thiit Hearst is backing Hurton's home rule is too clever for this comiiany. It Is assumed that as sot.n as the work of naming the new comic opera, the Ozraa of Oz. was completed, the attendants hurried the man who did if back to the padded cell. It. Is our observation, however, that most of the i>eo|ile to whom Carne|;le medals are given could use the money to a much better advantage. JAMESTOWN OUT TWO MILLIONS Congress is to be Asked to Shoulder The Lots. NOTES FROM LA HARPE OF COl RT YESTERDAY. BE NO FOOTBALL 6AMESAIURDAY TEAMS IX THIS PART OF STATE\ BUSY OX THAT DATE. .Meeting of I'llj Council Was Xot Important Last Evening.^ PerNOUulM. ON SECOITD THOUGHT. Mack Cretcher wants to know if Adam smoked. Probably not. Adam lived a long time, but he never had much fun of any kind. We notice that ihe new football rules are ppovlng very unsatisfactory to teams that lose. , The Hero Column. Speaking of heroes, what Is the Incldentaliv, it is a fact that ii good manv people bet K. 1'. would beat • Washburn becau.-se of the wonderful 5 kicking abllitv of th K. V. punter. has coached two winning teamsrat Washburn? football, the Topeka-Southwestern. the railroad now being constructed by a Topeka evening newspaper. iStil^, it is very doubtful whether a Insurance ODmpany a verdict against a wi^ow can be secured ill Kansas. 3<nord of advice to,BlU Curtis et al: There is nothing so absolutely value- le» as a "tip" on a football game. It i« alao believed that it will be jwoaibie to secure undertakers who yim AsOtr d>at there is a good deal .of BHirirfilne in emttalming fluid. The most noticeable . thing about .Harry Spoden, the Illinois man "who lb - trying the ^experiment of living on 9uer ^raut, is that his name is Spoden. DISPOSED OF EIGHT CASES. Judge Foust Hurried Matters at Erie Yesterday Morning. •Judge Foust who returned to Erie yesterday morning to resume Neosho county court matters, disitosed of S cases at the morning session. Many of the cases were of imi>ortanc« show- Ing tliat the AUeu county Judge is not inclined to let court proceedings drag along. Judge Foust will return hero Friday or Saturday to dlsimse of some minor matters in court. He has twenty-seven cases yet to dispos.' of la the NVosho county court. Norfolk. Va., Nov. 7.—A detailed! j.^iiaEjU-^jjE ^y^y SETTLED OCT financial statement of the Jamestown j exposition was obtained today for the first time. The liabilities of the exposition' are heav.v, being more than thref" and a ha'.f times greater than the assets. It Is anticipated that within twenty- four hours after the exiwsltlon closes oil the night of November 30, if not sooner, a receiver will be appointed to wind up the complicated financial affairs. With assets involved by Judgments, attachment suits, first and second mortgage bonds, original purchase price deficit mortgage, the gov einment loan unpaid, salaries and many lesser creditors who have no standing It Is the opinion <if those who have made a careful study of the situation that there can be no other solution of the problem. The financial statement follows: IJahnities . . . Assets 710,000 Fxcess of liabilities over assets 1.855,000 Th? total admissions to date are l,271.fi7:!, and the total receipt."; • 982,669 Vp to within the last few days, commencing with the time that James J. Barr became director general, the receipts have b?en daily sufficient to trke care of the larger part of the daily expenses, but there ha.i nev^r been a cent of surplus and no provision of any kind has been made to care for the exposition property an hour bevond the moment of closing. , It Is planned by the exposition man- j agement to send a strong lobby to \tashinglon when the next Congress meets for the purpose of inducing the government not only to shoulder the loss of its loan to the exposition, but also to pay up all of its deficits. The argument is to be advanced that the failure of the government to com- |i!ela Its pier In tlmts was responsible for the troubles of the exposition. Father vs. SUUN Vaw Settled. , The case of Farmer vs. Farmers .$0 ,565,0011 ! or the case of father vs. sons. In which "'""""'the father sued for a board bill was settled out of court in thic city yesterday afternoon, when it was agreed that the sons pay a i>art of the board bill and divide the cost of the proceedings between the plaintiff and the defendants. This case will be remembered as the one in which the father sued his sons for a board bill. The sons refuse to pay the bill saying that it was not worth paying for. The Ooremor Blanchard's grievance t90ma to be tiiat the Jamestown Bx- pbl|lttoh oflldala had never heard of 'him. Neither had any. one else. - Oenerally ,ai>eaklnK, the older a man gets the oft^ner b« is in trouble. •• —J—' W4 have notice<i ttiat when a man reaches the. age which be ceases to carelabout hla personal appearance be calls, attention to he fact by growing whiskeirs. Boap was invented theee thousand asm hilt thoFM are ]still a num- -years ago. but there are ber of pieople who haven'1 'the fact. gotten unto -.- -'^rly rising," says One eminent ikbysician. "is a mistake.'l It cerUln- f ly is—(or the w/irm. ^ : * .^sTbe corpse lay quletli' in Its cof- r'^' ._ fiB.^'Bays a Kansas papen "Which re- F- - .mindii Jab Swlsegood tlikt the thing '• that t spoils a good man} funerals Is .ithe. disposition of the corpse to get . np ami.rampse around during the ser- • • ••"."U " i 'It Waiao believed that Jhe monetary .;, atriniiwajr existing in Lawrence this* V wholly-attributed to % 4lw Jkny'lB flnanteial circles. HI« ED REI'LBACH IS CHAMPIOX. .Van Who I'ilcbid iu Valley League HH Bub IjiWMOu. IK the King of TIip ('uhK. FA Keulbacli, the fornii-r Ml-ssimri Vnlli 'y League I wirier, stunds at the head of the .N 'ulloual league In games won. Me pitched twoifiy -one games and won seventeen of Ihcm. lie pitched five shut-outs and had ninety-six Ktrike -outs to bis credit. .Keulbach played in the brush league under the name of i.,awsou. He was then ut- tendiiig Notre Uame University and he didn't care (o disqualify himself for college baseball. He Jumped the Sedalia team and was finally located in the National I..eague at Chicago. Sedalia put In a claim for him and Chicago finally came through with |500 for him. and be has been there ever since; In the averages published this morniug, it is interesting to note that Chicago, which won the pennant, possessed the three leading pitchers of the league, Keulbach, Brown and Overall. I'LJIIJI: tentlon over the county. Xo (lume Saturday. The manager of the Lallarpe High School football team says that It is next Saturday instead of the one that was to be pla.ved with Kincaid. He wua lu uc yiA^^u will* telephoned to Humboldt, Bronson, Mo- yesterday on business. TO CONGRATULATE WILLSON An lola Man Will Write Kentucky'! New Governor. Among the letters of congratulation which Governor-elect Willson, of Kentucky, the republican candidate, will receive will be one from an lola man. Attorney J. I... Barnes. Mr. Barnes has been watching the con test In Kentucky closely and Is so eiithus-^d over the election of a republican governor In the Blue Grass state that he expects to write him a Utter of congratulation. .Mr. Barnes v.lll u'at} tell the governor that In his opinion tlie best and first thing he should do Is to pard<m Caleb Powers who is serving time In the state pen- Iteutlarj' for alleged complicity In the murder of Governor Goebel. The friends of Powers have been endeavoring to 'secure a postponement of h.s fifth trial until next August when Willson takes his seat. As the governor will have the power to appoint a special Judge to hear the case the matter of a iwstponement Is of vital importance to Powers. Now that a repub'Ican governor Is In office his friends expect to succeed. ,.;w»<»«*««'i»s ««aiugs (Hie to Oy- ig ^^li #-to~-^ote. They must vote pMttr AttiPD kt^ster Bay. SO^S CURE Throat Trouble and all affcctioiu of tlie chest yiflU ptu.TipiIy to t C'uir. tt is an idral rrmrdjr fur cliildr-n, because of il3 agrrcibtc Sai-or •nil absolute frtcilom (ion: opiates ami d^»^sfou% ur objcrtioiuble drucs. ;Ail 4ipuM*. 2M C4MtJ. TO CI'HE A COLD IN ONE DAY Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money If 11 fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each box. 2nc. Discuss FINANCIAL CONDITIONS W. T. Withrow to Deliver Address at Union Labor Hall. The first public meeting In lola at which the present money situation wflTlis-diacusaed will occur next Sunday evening at 7:30 at Union Labor hall, when W. T. WJthrow, organizer for tho Fraternal Union of Amer- cal will deliver an address on the financial question. Mr. Withrow will discuss the question in general but will deal with the present diacultles during the course of his remarks. The meeting is open to the public. ran and Cbanute, and in fact all of the High Schools In this part of tlie state that have football teams. They received a promise of a game with the Chanute and Humboldt High School teams at at later date. Was u Qnlet Meeting. The meeting of the city council last evening was one of the quietest for many months. Nothing of importance came up for consideration. The pay ordiuance was passed aud the side= walk ordinauces, in which the council condemns all defective walks in the city, was given it.n second bearing. The proposition made by Rogers and Mills whicb was laid on the table at a former meeting was not lifted last night. The I'lly Is tJood. The reiKJrt of the police Judge for the past three months shows that the city is one of Ihe best in the southeastern part of the state. The police JudKe has only collected $27 In the jmst quarter, which Is considered very poor business. Regan Sen ires Ijist Xlght. Rev. J. II. Bright, pastor of the Presbyterian Church in this city began a series of meetings last night. He preached to an Interested audience and he will preach «guin this evening and tomorrow evening. These meeting are the preliminary ones to a series of revival meetings which will begin on the eveing of November lltb. The revival meetings will be conducted by Rev. Hawley. Personals. Mrs.'Young and Mrs. Kelley of Hunter, Okla., were In the city yesterday visiting friends. Mr. and .Mrs. William Hartman of Joplln, Mo., were In the city yesterday visiting relatives. They are en- route to Topeka where they will visit Mrs. Hartman's sister. Mr. A. H Johnson of .Mountain Grove, Mo., was here yesterday on a business visit. CHEROKEE WORKS TO BE OPENED ELDER JOHN WESLEY HAS BEEN CHOSEN PASTOR OF CHRIS* TUN CHURCH. Script Has Arrlrcd Here for Clrcnla. tIon.^New8 Notes and Pmonalfl. ^Z..\ Big Plant Finished Within Two Weeks. The pumping plant which will pump the gas to the Cherokee Smelter which is being built on the Shatter farm, north of this city, will be completed within the next two weeks. As soon as It can be operated the Cherokee works in this city can be run at full blast again. The Readicker Drilling Company has been furnishing the Cherokee works In this city with gas for some time. The pressure of their wells is not strong enough although the volume is as good as ever. This pumping plant is being put in order that the pressure may be increased. Street Cars Were Late. The'.street cars which ran through this city yesterday afternoon were late about twenty minutes. The gear pan on No. 6 fell down between the motors Just as the car was leaving this city. It took some time to repair the break and in doin^ so delayed all of the cars on the line. Elder John Wesley is Pastor. , Elder John Wesley, the lola artist, has been chosen b.v the members of the Christian Church of this city as their regular pastor. He has preached in the city so many times aud has attracted such large crowds that the members of the church gave him the call and he has accepted. Elder Wesley will continue with bis work as l ^n^artlst In lola. CaKhlerV Checks Here. The script which Is being circulated among the business men of the west in the form of cashier's checks on the Commercial Bank of St. Louis has arrived in this city and is being circulated the same as cash. Tills is considered by every one to be of the same value as the cash. A few In this city have discounted clearing bouse certificates which were issued by the Allen County Banks. In so doing, they are losers and the man who biiys them Is the winner. WANTED—Second hand Winchester .pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second ^tret. Will See "TlVe Belle of Japan." Many Gas City people are planning on attending the "Belle of .lapan" at the Grand Theatre in lola this evening. Although this is not one of the high i)riced shows it is considered to be one of the best that will be at the tnai 11 was noi woriu pay ins .or. SUB -heat re this winter, ft has many fea- case hm attracted a great deal of at- tures which are equal to the best op- nil tho rnfin eras on the road. Personals. .Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Walker returned esterday from Kansas City, where scnoo looiuaii leaiii says IIIUL 11 1 •', •—• ; , ,., _ 1 ,,i „„o impossible for him to get a game for they have been visiting relatives for the past few days. H. O. Johnson of Wichita was here .Mrs. Young and Mrs. Kelley of Hunter. Okla., are visiting at the home of Isaac Carl in this city. Santa Fe Railway Tlma TablAi NORTHBOUND. Na 202. Pas. daily Z:S2 pai; No. 204. Pas. dally 2:66aja No. 208, Pas. dally ex. Sun No. 210, Pas. arrives daily ..8 :60p .nL, Freight. D. ex. Sun 12:01 pj». SOUTHBOUND. No. SAi. Putdally lZ:46p.a. No. 203. Pas daUy 2:00lLa. fio.M7Pita.dally ex. Sn ...8:MpJt, No. MtJPiji. daparti «aUy.. .1:20 am ha.ni9r«isht.0r«z..8sB. .U:MMi WHO USES HYOMEIT The Rest People In lola Say Charles R. Spencer. Guaranteed In Catarrhal Troubles. No other remedy or medical treatment has ever been as popular or made so may remarkable cures In lola as Hyomei. The best people attest its curative virtues, says Charles B. Spencer who is tliH local agent. The fair way In which Hyomei was sold, to refund the money unless it g:ive satisfaction, the best proof when it was introduced that It pos.'<essed unusual curative powers. Cliarles B. Spencer took all the risk of the treatment giving satis- fraction, nml left it to the purchasers lo be the Judge. Later, when Hyoniel was used and reiomniended by our well-known phy- .-iclaitis and business men and their wives as :i treatment that absolutely cured catarrh, nu matter how serious or long standing, the sales rapidly grew aud today there Is no other remedy 111 Charles B. Spencer's large stock that has such a large and staple sale. The first breat of Hyomei's healing all kills all catarrhal jioison. Try Hyomei today on Charles B.' Spencer's offer to refund the money it the reatment does not give you satis- factlbn, and you will soon become its There's nothing else that gives such quick curative results in catarrhal conditions. TELEPHONE YOUR WANT ADS. TO THE REGISTER OFFICE. As an accomodation, the Register receives ads for Its want columns civer the telephone, .but expects the advertiser to call at the office and settle as soon as convenient, as the bills are too small to warrant the expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone, .No. 18 or 222, and it will receive carefurattention. HELP WAHTED WANTECh-Farm Hand, steady work good wages. Phone C. W. Griflin. 7 miles northwest of Humboldt. WANTEn). — A Girl for Housework. Good wages. No laundry. Mrs. J. G. Mlttlebach, 317 East Street. WANTED—Boarders at 209 South State Street. WANTED—Farm hande. A. B. Mull, Carlyle, Kansas. WAKTED-'ttUmomUi U8 WANTED.—To do your house Ing. Inquire k24 South Oak. LODQE DIREOTORY^ KNIGHTS OF MACCABBES^ KnighU of Maccabees of th6 World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wednesday nights in each idonth. J. W. PostWalt, commander; R.B. For* ter, record keeper. . W. 0. W.r-Camp No. 101 meeU In K. of P. Hall every Friday nighL W. T. Steele. C. C; A.H.DavU, Clei^ Visitors cordially invited, KNIGHTS OF PYTHUS.—Neosho Lodge No. 43 mee,ts every Monday night at K. of P. Hall, Visiting brothers invited. W.S.Thompson, C.C.; Chris RItter, K. of R. and S. M, W. :A<—Tho M. W. A. Lodgs meets every Friday, night in H. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers invited. W.H. Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan. Clerk. WANTED—House cleaning to do. Phone 1112. ROYAL. NEIGHBOBS^IoIa Camp, No. 365, Royal Neighbors, meets aec> ond and fourth Tuesdays of eadi month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Button. 413 West Street, Recorder. WANTED—Stock to winter. Call on or address Guy Turney, lola. WANTED—Good. sound young horses wanted at The lola Veterinai Hospital. See W. A. Frazler. WANTED—Boarders In privat famfly. Hav* modern house, newly furnished. Inquire at No, 1 East Erwln. FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—Eight room residence two blocks from square. S. S. C. in care of Register. FOR SALE.—Eighty acres, two and one-half miles from Thayer, Kans. A good five room house, a good barn, corn crib, granery and cattle sheds, acres In timber and thirty acres in pasture. Price $3,200. Will accept certified check on lola or LaHarpe Banks in payment. C. L. Evans, La Harpe. Kansas. FOR SALE—House, 3 large rooms, at 223 North Chestnut. Will take a good team as part payment. Address Box 145, LaHarpe, Kansas. FOR SALE—Good runabout Studebaker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken in the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn. FOR SAI..E—My four-acre truck patch, good four roomed house, one mile from square. Alex Miller. FOR SALE CHEAP—Seven room, modern cottage, two blocks from square; short time only. Grace Arnold. fOfl SALE'-mnmomUmmeous FOR SALE—Today and tomorrow, good heating stove. 123 North Third. FOR SALE—Worth the money, fine Jersey milch cow, will be fresh in March. lola I.and Company. FOR SALE—Cheap, :! table Billiard and Pool Hall. C. W. Rayburn. 1206 East Madison. FOR SALE—$1800 stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky, street, ' FOR SALE—Two large jinnies, four and five years old, and a young black Jack. Inquire O. K. Livery barn, Harpe, Kansas. I'hone 10. FOR SALE—A driving, mure and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. li'OR SALE—Mare, 030 North Main. Gas City, FOR SALE—llholcb Uuroc male pigs. For sale cheap, if taken soon. A. B. Mull, Carlyle, Kansas. FOR SALE— Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West street. FOR REta- RUmomUmmmoum A8K FOR WHAT YOU WANT and ask emiihatlcally. Do so through the Register's want columns. If you want an employer or an employee you can find him In a hurry If you take this course. The Register will tell your wants to many thousands of wo- ple as quickly as you can tell them personally to a dozen people. You can't afford the slow way. T. Be Shannon The Allen'county Hardware and Implement man. North Side Sqiivc lola. K«i. FOR RENT—Four room house in good condition, good well of water, within two blocks street car line. Inquire 628 North Kentucky. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for housekeeping or sleeping. 212 West Madison avenue. TO RENT—Office rooms Iu the Stevenson building. Its Economy To have yonr Carpets and l^ags cleaned by Th9ifila Rig Factory rHOMi iia. F. A. A.—Golden Leal Council No. 462, F. A. A. meets first and third Wednesday nights in each mbntb in K. P. Hall. C. B. Lacey, president; Miss Mable Rhortack, secretary. FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD,.-^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Tuesdays of eadi month in A.O.U .W. Hall. Visitins members cordialy Invited. W.H.An* derson, president; Golds Elam, secrf tary. Junior Order United Amerleaa M». chanics.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. HalL All visiting members Invited. ' R. A. WIdick. Councelor; C. B. Black. Reft Secretary. BUSIRESS OIREOTORr JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jswslsr, 110 East street STAMMER. Complete-court at th(» best ackool for stammerers in America fX ons* half prlceTthls fall and winter. Wlutai for Information at once. McKie School for Stammerers. 2705 East 12tb Street, Kansas City, Mo. ' Register Want Ad8« le » Word. POLAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Because its the Best Acce|)t No Of ber WmObetdotf, Agt. * I ( Emkin'm Hmn/wmrm Ammunition-put up to comply with the pure feud law. 103 South Kentucky. Phone 4SS. •. Evans ftros. QthmmammmUmm. Where quality is main consld* eration. we buy the best. Wh«e demands will Justify, we earrf air grades and prices. Wm SoUaii Tom •OtrtH tlDK MIUASB !•!•. Kansea. CHHLSTMAS PKESENT8 Nothings better than a magazine for a friend. For your magazines see . J. E. HENDERSON, Phoue 9H. 414 N. Bickeye. IMPRESSIONS . . Are oftep permanently formed from a single purchase a new customer makes in your store and new customers are invariably made during a special sale. We advocate special sales, but only lhe,fsterllng kind that cannot fail to make a good impression. A disap-; pointed crowd hurts more in dollars and cents, in th% end. than if you had not advertised. Bad impressions are hard to Uvs down—the returns from good impre»« sions-are never ail in. , Advertise and see to It that the impressions formed shall be good Aic WAYS. QUAIL SEASON'OPENS 15TH. V > Hunters are Already Taking Out Licenses. County Clerk Bmmett Culbert8<te is having a great many inquiries shout the time of the Opening of. the- QioiU season. The season will open N6 *«Bk- a hnkt the:flrBt "day. ~ Opeoed is Mlssottn

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