Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1908
Page 3
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. ilILT ItCaCTBB, WEWESPAT ITBIll SPECIAL SALE OF For Two Days Only—Thursday and Friday We have too many children's ovi^rcoatfl at this time of the year— they must go rpgardless of cost. The styles of these coats are the Russian and double breasted styles—sizes from two to eight years only. % 1 mm $2.50 Overcoats,, during this eale $3.00 OvercoatP, during this sale $3 50 Overcoats, during this sale $4.00 Overcoats, during this sale $5.00 0 \^ercoat8, during this sale $t^00 Overcoats, during this sale ..$I.9S $2.35 .$2.85 $3.35 $3.85 $4.50 Id iuiiEiiD TAX mf Ike Cttr to .Ifake Ul^ber Lkns« Fees ^ler. Itlnenuit Xcrebints. A sj^^I agldbn of Uie city CMDDII- dl was hcid last nigbt to discuss a |Drop<»oiI iiiiiPiidnioiit to the city ordlu anco ivlatin;; tu ItlnoRiiit niercliaiiU.' The lleenn? fw exacted of ihU class Is declared lo be wholly inadequate .to protest the houie uierchautu. An Itiu-; fraot dealor may rotue into lola aod' disposed of o bankrupt stock of cloth-[ Ing or Koods of any kind and pay ooly | a comparatively small license fee. | The mercbantii asked the council to- ao amend the occupation tax ordiji-; ance so that it won Id give them reason' able protection. Ii was decided to prepare an amendment to the ordinance and submit k for passage at the next regular meeting of the council. SARDOU IS BURIED Funeral for French Author and Dramatist In Paris Today. Remember this sale is for two days, only- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sizes that will fit a boy from two to eight ycMS, only. Muusing Tnion Suits for cliildreu i/toe A ciom /Afe CQ:^ Bunker Hill Shoes for the boys; every pair guaranteed, $1.2$ 16 $2.51 DON'T LIKE HAYDEN Hutchinson News Says Former lola -Ball Magnate Wants to be Boss of League. ' Thu Hutcliinr.ou News don't seem to Ilko T. C. Ha.vdeii who owm-d tin- lola Ol:taboma-ICuntjas b.-i£o ball team here last season. The News says: .\bout the most important person connected with the Wetteni as.socia- tion at the present imt- is one T. C. Hayden. At least Mr. Hayden thinks tliat he ib, tor he has already imagined himself as the "boss of the league." He is a true discipli' of that uotorious Ceorgo Tebean. the man who made a bum organization out of tho Western k'aguc and has hurt th<» iiatloual game iu at least two of the -Vmericau as-socia.ion towns. Like Tebt-an. Mayden wants evory- tliing to run ju»t for hia benefit alon«. He already owns two. fransi^Ues in the Westeni a.ssociatlon and every- oue knows of the "^and success" that Hayden ha.'; made of baseball in Puringfield and Webb City. Ho nserf to own two cluhs in the Kansas Staff hasue and the fun.s in these towns pit mighty "bOre" hecaune neither of tbi teams were worth a picayune. Instead of taktns his two dlsrepui- :ibl- teams out of the league and put- tins them in the O. K. lenKue where tfroy belonged, he Joined hands with Coo 'ey and Holland In an endeavor to get that. position of boss. Hayden i realized that should he put Spring- fit Id *id Wvhh CIt.v in the O. K. leaque that the fans in those two i iov.ns would not sirpr>ort the teams !it all. iUii If he could take practically ihi.s same lirt of town.-i with Its cheap teams and call it the "Western' asisociatioii." then behold i ow he TOuld make money by thus foo'ing jthu people. Therefore he cagc.'ly. • voted with Coohy and Holland. ' 1 Now Hayden is busy running over the country by himself ami choosing the towns he wants for hi.s league, known as the W. .\. It Is Hayden who wants to bt Hutctiuson, OKIaiioma City and Enid go. There would then bo three olnbs left and he ;owln:; two of these would in fact be boss. i Paris, Nov. 11—^\'lctorla Sardou, the French author and dramatist who died ou November Slh. was buried today. Although simple, the funeral na.s cxpnssive evidence of the place Sardou held In the hearts of the fn-nch people. He would have been cladly accorde«I a slate funeral had it wot been for his expressed wish that he be burled without pomp. WRECKAGE SALE TOMORROW. Tomorrow the Wreckage Sale Store will op«'n at nr. West .Madison street. Wh'.'e the owners of this big store will sell furulsblngs, their great spoc- 'aliv Is men's clothing. A corpa of clerks has been employed to care fo.r tie large number of people they e.v p<ct tomorrow morning. >K«».SHO VALLEY. . 1 -C jrr.=. Frank Ulckoy ranie out from , town to Wash Dickey's Saturday to remain for a few days. Itev. W<x)d who arrived here from , North Fort Scnit on Thursday of Ian; i wc '-k. boi -'aii Ills work ou ibis oireiilt i by autndinK the i:. U. 'ju.-irterly meotj ' in? west of Humboldt Saturday and Sunday. In order ii> get money to a|)ply on the txpensci* «)f a Christmas tree, Xuo sho Valley school will glVe a pl« sup- per at the school house oa Saturday evouiug, November llth. iCvcryb-jdy come. J. P. Maxwell will sell his personal properly at public sale on Tu..>sday. the ITtli. The women of the I'. II church at this place will serve dinner' during the noon hour and hope to rc-j ccive a g<K!d iiatronage. Peter Young came down from L.nw- rcncc Salurd«y and remained uutll Monday p. m. .Mr. Ferris of Gas City was at J. S. Tsylyr's Saturday. AlWrt Arnold and his brother's wife .Mrs. Jas. .\rnold, came-down from Emporia last week for a short stay. Itev. Munch, the V. It. presiding elder for Neosho conference district, preached at Sntcm church Tuesday evening. I Kva Diekey was out of schot >i about a week by roa-son of an cttaek of lun- fcilltls. The Kngllsh drilling rig has been at work cleaning out one of the gas Weils cn the I)ut:et- farm. Orbe Gay and Roy Hauklus are at work in some towu south of here. R. L. Taylor who went to Michigan to visit his parents recently has about concluded to remain there. J. X. Trlno will build a new house on his place, 3 miles west and 1 mile north of loin, soon. JVank I>owe and family who live north of Tola, 8i>ent Sunday at Bert Cleaver 's. Take our No. 410 when Travding Eastward Leaves lola 7:1'J p. lu., ar- rhc-s SI. Luuiii i>:Zo u. ni. Through sk'e;iiiig cars. Tliis tralu coniiftcla v. ith the east ' bouud trains at tit. Louis. Fur furthur patla-ulars call auJ sec us. C. P. Hale, Agt. SPECIAL GAP On THURiDAY. NOV. 12, we wUI hold a ONE DAY CAP SALE. bifiiMkif «t 9 »'d«ck and conliBUinf until every cap in flie asfoHment b f one. Thb *alc vriit hot occupy lh» M* tire day, for the rcaioR that the caps are very ipcdally priced, and the chaiicei arf (hit fliqr will aU be taken before nifhL Thb aaortinent of cap* incfodc* cap* far tlK Itttfo girb and boyf. jbckcy cap* in sitk and leather—lined with silk aiid lalin. Cap* for |he yow^ men and cap* for the yoonf women. Every cap in the aiiortncnt iradd ic!l in the ofdittry w^^ for 50c 75c. $1.00 and $L2S each. None of these-cap* will be sold antil THURSDAY MORNING at 9 o'c'ock. Your choice next Thursday, beiinninj at 9 o'clodi. Each Obiitfrmn'mOomtmimthmGSiy at pi Icei lower than you wlllflnd in any cHy store. Never before have we been busier in this departnMnt. Elaganl MIIUuBry Thb deparlm^t busier than ever. See our pretty Hat", all so moderately priced. m RICHARDSOM'S THE APPENDICITIS CLUB. It is a New One Just Launched Chanute. Cliaiinl- has :« "''w club. Ai)pendlcitls c'.ub. Speaking j being able to produce their own ap- 'pendl.x preserved iu alcohol wjlj be n made honorary members and will l>c j exempt from dues. It is taken for granted that any ]j person getting this far alone wltii the of it tho ''"s not enough money to pay .savs- dues after paying liospital expenses, rnosinnlug with U.e ISuffaloes sev- -"'d tlie bravely- he tas shown and oral years ago the town iias advanced suffering he has borne In subm t- IprogressivcJy through the sages of the «" opcdatlon entitles him to Roosters, the Owls, the Take Somes » ™" «f honor and tho Donkeys. Figuratively speak-' orsaaization fun- Ing, secret orders spring up in Cha- datt^entally rests upon the strength nute as mushrooms in the night. The membership .Vnd In order that only difference Is that the mu8hroom «i ^« Afd may be kept lull of ellgibles soon perish, while the culbs arc ^^'^ ProP^e" to gire ban<iuets noted for their longevity. ,freguently to the r friends, at which But the latest- — 'a lone list of indigestibres, such as NO SPIES the ven- latest or- * "st of indlgestibies. such gaulzation of this character about to Srapes. blackberries and raspberries be launched upon lo«Ige and club cir- the seeds left in. will be served cles, if the enthusiasm and spirit with « ''xptDse. It will do much which it is discussed may be taken as to*^™ causing people to have the an indication of its ulUmatc being, is f™*'' disease, od be threatened with worthy of advance notice because of * program is cpnfidently its oilginal and unique character. expected to keep up the membensbip The organizaUon will be known as °^ ^^e body, th*- Aniiendlollls club. It was originally tiought of by reason of the large nnmber of people! lUlian Musicians Here. The three Italian musicians who who became afflicted with the disease' visit lola onc'e or twice a year arrir- and are taken the hospital route, cd in town this afternoon and hare There is little doubt that the organ- been playing on the street Thoy arc ization Win become national in Its accomplished musicians and hare no scope, in view of tiie eligibility clause trouble in drawing big crowds. On wblcta win bo iDsorted in tlie by-laws, their prcvlons visit Jiere dauces have ^\ny person of good modal character been hurriedly arranged by the young who has been threatened with It iK.jteople at which the Italians fumlsScd ollgihio to membership. .Ml persons j the music. THE BEGINNING OF A GREAT CITY! A NEW TOWN with railroads in operation and under way of construction and no bonded indebtedness. Street car line under way of construction, now In operation %irithln eight blocks of new tovm sHc. giving fifteen minute service. Missouri Pacific. Iron Mountain and M. K. & T. Railroads now in (^ration. Santa Railroad to be extended, now in operation %vithin one half nUlc of new town site. CoffeyviNe-Mcm- phu railroad soon to be buHL Sfactwn Pmwijpri Tr^fakl <rf|y. Union depot for all roads. BMOtiftiily Iocoto4 on a high elevation, two mlics south of CoOeyvillc. Kansas, (a cUy of 20.000 inhabitants) just aaoss the state line in Oklahoma, with sepwate tovenuncnt from thai of Coffeyviil^ Kansas. Ac- cMi to tteSTMt gat fiaids of OUdwBt, which is litid within the stale provided by staU laws. Low toiM, fm fkctory sites, separate schoob for white and colored, provided by 4aN The northern boundary of cattle quarantine line provided by t|ie laws of Oklahoma, require that Ul cattle muit be inspected before cro^i^g the line which necessitates an inspection fee for each head, but hi aH cases cattfo can be shipped direct from >outh Coffcyvilie. Oklahoma, ta the stock market of the Urgcr cities of the various states «vithoul an inspection lee. which with the railroad facilities will soon mske Sooth Coffcyvilie. Oklahoma, one of the largest livestock shipping points of the southwest. TIM PkvUMtioB Lawa of OfcMloma are entirely different from those of Kanias. The advantage of the interstate freight raU. Soath CoffeTTille, Oklaaoau, wltA it» gmt n|Un«d teciUtiea, lalon Depot acconuaodntions, rbeap gas frrp factory silr«. lo bonded Indebtedness, low taxes and alreadf wHkln easy access to * P|Mbcr «f the large factories fai the contli part of CoffejirlUe, Kas., wHJi good street ear sen lees and within elfM of the .\alatorliM and the faaimis MUariaa Springs ud the great Brown .iaaseawnt Fatk, wlU soon «afce Soath Coffey. rUIr one of thr leadlag towas of aoatkwest aoted for IU great raBrsad facOIUes aad aecoyodntMs Its large factory district aad picasare resort. AainTestnMat la residence or bnslacsa lota in a city wHfc a fatare assared wUI soon fwoie a profitable faiTestnwat whet* yoiur money wU donble aad triple hi a few yenrs. Opening daws beginirfag Nov> 36^ 27 aiid OTp Tliiiitegivlpg Dty f^ plat and prices or farther information, vrire. writa or phone . The mm LAND CO. TheBlb 3U'!|D jCQ. ETCNf K. I . Foot Ball Sqnad Is Doiag^iioiie Very «niirded Practlee Tforfc Lawrence. Kaa.. Xoy. 11.—If tbf^r* \A a st>y or even a Nebraska symipar thizer in the Jayhawker .school OB'ilW» KaW. he cannot do. the Corobqrt^lS any Kcr %ice. A^Tiile it is har^Ijr>n»b^, ab!c that a ssmpatbizer oT 'WiR .'ft©- braskau is in Lawrence, still -f (.t »re is it wiir.pront hint nothing. CoJhffi» Kenuedy and ^losse have take&^.ffO (7 precaution to guard against tesl^^Po- ginnfng last night the teams scr ^uns. cd with the freshmen behind clodod gates. And the gates were closft^ oo reality for a special man wia^MI Ibo field aud every person who is^^od on McCook field bad to bo a«M!ipt«i for. It was said by Coach Kann^iQ^tllfo morning that only two men «^<ierod on the field in citizen'^ clbtb'iM.'.f|ioy were AthleUc Manager ly. C. LaMdop and Track Coach Hagermaa. V In the scrimmage yesterdv Vtb* freshmen used many of the pnjns aid formations of Nebraska. Coadt hedy having brought bacT'iaSMpalt. notes from the lowa -XebraACMniia to map out many of tlie.ConiliMkof. formations. Speaking of t]iia.'|ftepK>' noon's and yesterday 's acrin|pftijj| with the freshmen, Ooacb 'XnaiMijt said: "Wo are having aono reel-foot l)«!l with the freshmen. It oae^^t^bt that we would never lndnlg «tfa^.-'~^ ous aoriwnaages before tbo ' becaase we were afraid of" onr players, but this seaaon so msny Al men that I b ||l|r« ~ to make the scrlnuaagc^ ° !»'roaJlty.' games." : v '-/^ . iVll through t]io season Kt^ana ' been simply holdiivber ofni.-nnd^ Ing low for her old HrU. tb*'"' httskers. Coaidi Kohnjedyils the opinion tliat bis nra wiU Col<4 aggregation to « paeh loitar^ score than last year. It-irpes laat PMrT son when tife GonilinsluitS caaM^l»^ LawTence and trtiratr Uio Jastafl^ T ers 16 to «. The year botcweJCttfia triumphed with aa 8 to « While no one will say It' be the ^noral oplnfcii amooi- studonts that Kapsut la wbrUae on the forward pass tiila JweduVxt knowa that all season' tlie Ja|li«i" have kept tbis play 'ndoc confor tbey did not lise It in proviooa'i because thQT did not t^«d It: to give N ^nu$a tbo tdi^ tlinjP play waa foreiiEn'to tbe Ke pils. Johnion. quarterback, to be able to tbralr'tlie oval wltlT-i feet contrtH for forty xarda aQd.|ly0p^' is efficient I D reo^vinig fSonrard p^K^- es. and Johnaon fan maalpqwCo. ttie forward passo* at will. . f-- TaioorirDw will! aep: Ike QalA of I scrUBmago wo|-kl before the K«bi game. The tdrin ^ill leave Law: l^d«}- night taking tb^& snpp *Jr the Uqion depot In Kansas City, will leave Kansas City eariy in tbe ening arriving in UncolB at g 0 *1 ' in the morning. But to provide of rcat for the team, tkey wilt bed when tbor leave Kanaas ai will not be awakened nntll bi time Saturday morning Goes Into 'An action in lavoInnUnr « ey wa% aide In tho VnHod Stitit^l bore .yeatordcf nftnrnoon igidiig F. Allen wl^>cunas atoitil W. 8. McCllntock. pi TOP! attorney for the ^^reditora^..... ...^ tbe aotloo;^)f«: ««P!BMkiil,::$

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