Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1907
Page 3
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.•:<,.r«. A Money Sayer for Those who waot Coals, Fors, New Shirt Waisis* Skirts, Warm Daderwear aod Dress Goods! Our customers tell us it is a pleasure for them to be able to view this magnificent display of New Fall Merchandise, now in array here. It certainly is a privilege and pleasure for us to show them. Here you will find a representation of all the new things Irom the foremost producing centers of the world. If ijou want to save moDey OD Coats, furs, Shirt Waists, Sliirts, warm Underwear and Dress Goods It will |)aij you to visit 1t3 Emmi Mmtllmon RICHARDSON'S 2 iloorm Wmmt Thomp' mon Hotml, News of the County -•1 LIBliKTY. ! across ilio KtroH to jmi tliem In the tlU' easf side this mcinth. Mary Afea- spiltiK wajson ami Mrs. I 'eok didn't ly. chntnplon. «/ 'kiH 'w which was Mr. Peck's rig. but Uiiih Caldwell has been on the sick 'ihc lUlle Klrl Kut them In the wrong list. ' -print.' kaKon and Mrs. I'eck did not Heitorl nf Carlyle School. District lin.l oilt the mistake until the spring No. 2. for the month ending October iwanoii was gone and It was too lat€\ jr.. 1907. Names of those neither ab- ;io correct It. She is minus too nice .s<iit nor tardy: ( .Mary, John. Pearl and Hessle .Meal.v, Money: Money: Who has the .\lon-, W,. liope the Woodmen will succeed Nettie and Flovd Wilson, Clyde. Seey? There seems to be a scarcity in in niakiuK a nlc sum ..f monev f.,r well and l,ovell Andrew.-*. Hoy Vezle. this most coinmodious article, hut Oscar Kelthley. when thiy >;ive their ' .Inlia SprigKS. Pearl and Charlie Cald- jwell. liollle Kutledge. Nellie Itoliui;. (iienn and .Mary DIckerson, Homer • 4. ! and Krnest Caldwell. I ».'K\EV-\. I j Honor Roll. Grade .S: Mary Mealy, ^. average 5*7; Clyde Andrews, average ; .\lr.s. iJracc h win w.-nt to Chanule < = I>icker.son. average 9r.; iTuesdav to spend a tew davs with i •'^'»''»'>-"•'ssie Mealy, her sister. Mrs. Ke<iping. javerase I'earl Caldwell, average .Mrs. .Mosgroves sister, of Chicago. ^"^^ ^ezle. average 90. i.- visiting her. Orades 4. ii and f.: Sewell Andrews, Geneva Spriggs. Ixjvell Andrews. Pearl , .Mealy. Krtiesi Wallace and Charley .Caldwell. j I (trades 1 and 2: Homer Wallace, j .Mary DIckerson and Floyd Wilson. there Is plenty of script and it passes , ,iancr for liiui. so. we suppose we can get aiouu very yii\\ as long as the script lasts. Here's ' •— hoping times will he better soon. Charley SIpck and wife spent Saturday night'-and Sunday witli Slack's In Neosho Valley. The proceeds of th epie cosial will go to the bell fund. They liad 1 ( pies and tWy brj)ugh $7 Mrs. Gastator is papering at Ceorge Townsend's this week. Mrs. Dora Townsend helped .Monday and Tiu-s- day. but »-as taken sick Tuesday iii.:;hi and is very sick at the present. We niiderstand that Charley Slack has rented -Mrs. D. W. .lones' plaie for - next year and will move there soon. They will keep house for Ceo. Townsend this winter as we .-^laied last week. The drilling gang are luovinir the drill fr0ni Mr. Osborn's place 10 Mr. Murphy's, place. They did not strike any'gas on the Osborn place. Mr. Wilson Is putting a new rc of mi his house. At the anntial meeting of the leleplione comiiatiy the same officers •ivere re-elected. Paul Irwin is gathering corn on his farm west of .Veo.sho Kali;;. The I.,:idies' Henevolent Society will hold a meeiini: at Mrs. Robert Wav- nci-s Friday. .\"4>v. .Sth. drin Miiler is IniUdiiig a iifw blacksmith shop iu (ieneva. Frank. .Maliie and Will llyd,- to lola last Tuesday. Will Miller, who took the place of .loe Merry as mail carrier, began Ills d 11 lies last Friday. .Mrs. Elain visited at her niece's. .Number enrolled average dally attendance. 1*7. Cases of tardiness 0. Olive S. Sawyer. SHAKE IT «KF. The Junior Department Store A beautiful line of Black Mercerized Underskirts, beautifully made of high grade material and made especially lor ladle.s who ate particular. The prices .nre very mcderate, being $1.25, l.&O, 1.75 2.2s, 3 00 and 3.25, the last two prices are for our beautiful Heatherbloom numbers. In buying caps for the girls you cannot afford to overlook our beautiful cloth and hear&kln capi in prices as follows: 29c, 4i»c, 5Vc, 69c, 79c, $1.25 and $1.49. VM Vourself of rniiei-cesarj Burdens. .\n lola Citizen .Sliows Voii How. <"ANNOT USE WORD -ELK." A KeNtralnlnir Order Is Isftned Xow AtniluNt .Ne^oes at .Heraphls.— >E()SHO VALLEY. I 1 ir V- jj. %, 1 r , I."Mrs. .Minnie Smalllng's. at .Nt-osho Mr. and Mrs. Keddie have left f"r 1; Yaie^ Cemer. where tbey will visit ^ '"'" ""^ '"'s^eeK. relatives before returning to their . _ home in western Kansas. Mrs. Ked- ' "'' die was formerly .lanie Davi.s Tiny were visiting with relatives here a week. There is meeting at the scir<K.l Imuse every night, this week. Mrs. George Jones is some Iittter Olin AVlMiams. who 'left several m->uths ago. returned home on Thursday of last week. During the greater part of the time that he was absent this week, butis still confined lo hi r was at work in Colprado Springs, bed. iJoii't bear unnecessary burdens. 1 liurden^ of a bad back are unnec- ' es;^arv. j (let rid of them. ' Doan's Kidney Pills cure bad backs; Cure lame, weak and aching backs; Cure every form of kidney ills. i Lots of local eudorsetueni to prove ihi.s. .lolin Chattield. retire<l farmer, of , I WEST OF THE HIYEK. + '•• Mr. Morrison's lirollier is vl.-iiiig him. We hear Maud liiley is dangerously sick with typhoid fever at her lionnia In Ida. fluy Turney Is hauling his baled hay to iola. J. M. Preston was out to Pi(|ua < n Tuesday tlxing .lulia Fisher's cav.-. Hl« sister. Sarah, went along for a day's visit. Mr. Wood entered iulo his duties as mail carrier pu H. R. No. :', .Monday. Mr. Peck's team got scared at one of those gasoline bicycles and made things livel .v for a little -while. Foriu- H. F. Mllligan and wife spent Satur- ! S"<iih Jefferson Ave., lola, Kans., clay In lola. This Is the first trip io|savs: "Mv experience with Doan's | • own thai Mr Mllligan has been able ^idnev I'llls. procured at Charles H. ;ii make since he took the fe%-er eleven , . Iw.-eks ago. They spent Sunday at Pe- ; i»pen.-er i Co.s drug store, has been • :. r Vi.ung's also. ; by no means extensive, Imt I can con- A new ehlcken house lootned M)I <.n j scientlouslv sav that this medlcln.- ' V'xv.'n-y'" "T'' . • 'benedtted me. For a vcar or more I ( arl AMlliams came up from Pitts- ; ,, . , . .... > burg Sundav and is spending a week !«'»-'' tnmbled with a dull heavy pain with the folks at home. ijust over my right kldue.v. WJille at Ceorge Kemmerrer's little girl has 1 times It was more severe than oilier.-;, been danserously sick with pneun.o- , especlallv when I did any stooping. It ;iia fever, but Is better at present. I, \ _,' . . . The pie social that was fo have been i ''«>'hered me to some extent contin- 'ually. Doan's Kidney Pills soon proved to me that they are a reliable n- medy. and I feel warranieil In recom- Williams Maible and Granite Works Moved to our new shop, .'iOl Sotifh Wuslilogton Ave., where K«* ar* better prepared than ever to furnish high grade Mounments to anyone needing anything on our line. C. F. YiUUAMS, PropHaior, Telephone liTO. 901 South WaNhingtoD. Chancellor Helskell, of Memphis, |Tenn., has granted a temporary injunction, restraining negroes, collect; ively or individually, from nalng the word of "151k" the emblems. »ymbol8, 'etc.. now used by the Benevolent and : Protective Order of Elks of the United States. The j)rincipal defendant named is [the "Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World.' which is the negro Elks' organization I The complainants, who belong to the i Memphis lodge No. 27. allege that the .'negroes cannot use the word because of the fact that the order was chartered In 1868, and that the charter provides that only white citizens, of the Ifnlted States of certain ages can become members. Recently attention was called to the fact that a New Jersey court has refused to enjoin negroes from organizing as "Improved Elks" in the state. But it is understood that the supreme court of Georgia has recently granted the white Elks of the state an everlasting injunction now against th€l black Elks who want to appropriate the "Improve" membership in the order. WHAT THB FosBkBriteiftLnd( DICTS FOB rifltllJ^ 8Ti*tefe:^ lEED eovERNiiiir ftEsiMiii^^^S^^ GIFFORD PDJCHOTJ /H^ JES V THIS 81t?iUrt(rfH. Serrlce Will Ask Use More M«»«]p*: and More Mea to BHOTMt Tracta. EYE-GRAFT TO RESTi^.E SIGHT. Unusual Qrjeration to be Performed on a Blind Doctor. GIVE CREDIT TO RAINS. Kansas Counties Reoort improved Agricultural Conditions, ToiKlia. Nov. C.—T|ie October reports of the secrernrles of sixteen the first performance of the season i>t .Oscar Hammersteln's .Manhattan (:r.knd opera house. 'I'he Manhattan has a dozen of these ushers and they have been drilled for weeks so that they know the number and place of every seat In the big building. Thft' the cornea on both eyes. Bellefontalne, O., Nov. 6.—To restore sight through a grafting ogpera- tlon is the experiment that will be tried in the case of Dr. Floyd Swimley of Forest, who lost the sight of l)oth eyes in an explosion of an acetylene gas tank a few years ago. In the accident Dr. Sylmley lost A patient uiven at Neo.sho Valley;school house last ueok. but failed on account of rain will be given <m Friday evening of the present week. S program will 1 ,, ^ .. be rendered iu connection with ,he . supper. „ , — Wm. Brown and family of Gas City, nately, the damage was slight and no j spent a dav or two at James Taylor's g^jg agents for the United State.o one was hurt. 'IIIH first'of the week. Mr. Kidridge delivered hogs in lola C. Cleaver and wife spent Satur- Monday. .day arid Sunday with their daughter. There was'a goodly number from a '.Mrs. Scott .Mckinley of Humboldt^ | •• distance attendance at the meeting Isaac Colglazier and family drove REFORMATORY HEAD TO QUIT Saturday, and Sunday. Those who ip to Neosho Falls Saturday to visit . were from a distance and stayed all .Mrs. Coielazler's folks, through the meeting wer^: -Elder and ', itev. C. W. Sherrill was laboring in Mrs. Siitton, of Toronto. J. W.Heaver. ;a ineetini: at Liberty the first part of of Biirlington. Mrs. Andrews of llar-itlu' week. | rls, AO'S. "Shoemaker and s(m of -Mi. ' Frank Contryr.ian and family have ' Ida, Henson Riggs. of Humboldt. Jes- been away front several days sie Rig^s. of Bayard. H. White of I'n- tliis week. iontown.'and Ellen Preston of La^ W. A. Ifassett had a large force of Harpe. There was meeting at .Mrs. hands and teams at work on the road Jones Saturday night and at J. M. the first part of the week. Preston's-Sunday night. I The Jat<>st from Frank Marlev's wasl*> — ^ that he was ju.^t recoverlg frotu a CARLYLE SC1HM)L \OTES. severe sick spell. , •:• Those from tliis neighborhood who K.-ut Dudlev has again taken np> For sale by all dealers. Price r.oc, ; Foster-.MIlburn Co. Buffalo, N. Y.. ; I Remember the name—Doan's—and take no other. Elmer EL Marshall to Leave His Hut. chinson Job and Enter Banking. ccunty and district agricultural soei-, ^ax that the audience wa« .-^eat., has been fo.ind In a New York hos- etles of have b.en filed with ^1^^^^,,^ confusion or em-'ptal who will have to lose an eye. Secretary F. D. Coburn of the «'a<e j , The voung women were'and as tl,e cornea Is perfect it was board of agticulture. They ">>""!• : u, „eat uniforms. j decided to endeavor to graft this mously agree ,l,at the recent general j from the young man to the eve of Dr. rains have greatly improved the farm i AGREED ON OKLAHOMA JUDGES, j Swimley. ing situation and that'fall sown wheat! ai.d alfalfa are prospering. i Campbell and Cotteral to be Recom Corn is being gathered and seems j mended to the President. t/i be turning out about as was antici- pr.ted with good yields and quality In seme portions and poor yie'ds of Inferior grain in other parts. Don't be discouraged if other remedies have done you no good. Try Hol- llster's Rocky Mountain Tea, the Waahlngton, Nov. 5.--"In. twMtJT; years the timber supply In the UDliUMf . States, on goveriiment. rewrvrnT VBA , -private holdings at the present. Mi^;^; of cutting, will he exhau«tei."iritib«gir; it is possible thai the growth ot 'tiUi;.; period might exiend the arrlT^ this time another Ave yefcrs." ' This announcement was made tddi)f ~ by Glfford Pinchot, the gbvenimeiiti forester, who has Juflt returned; from six months' Inspection trip on, which he traveled lO.OOO miles. Pinchot urged that the danger of the situation shonldl not be underestiniafr : ed. He said that the United. Stefos uses more timber per capita than aay'. other country and that every ^ tnnt would be affected. He decried the policy of discounting the -fu^mot ^ the country by failure to protect, the natural resources and he adnslBa. ev^ ryone who has not already done so to read President Roosevelt's speeeb -j at Memphis on this general stfbject. Government Owns ai FtfW*. : Aboiit one-fifth of the forest area pi the country is in government reserrea but Mr. Pinchot called attiintlpn^-ta the fact that as privately ownei.ttait her lands are better fthan. the gpvenH . ment reserves, as a^generaV ruiei. ti&e government does not ctmtroloaeflMll of the timber supply; The jbrekt aer- vice will ask Cougress for more nk^'. ey and more jakn ii^ order to exteil|l will push the work of ienuded tlteber iands; Mr. Pinchot sajs, howeVer, that It Is utterly beyond the possi^lty of the the situation and pr» ible. One hope entertained is the Appalachian forest and an effort will h > made to protect this and promote the growth there. A scheme aiJvOcated by the state forester of Call omia is being wattA'. ed with a great deal of Interest.. tfn- der the police ppwers of the state the . forester i.s endeavoring to protect ttti' water sheds and pi^vent private oiJnd> ers from devastating these ian$>'& such manner as wilt injure irrijpatloB of lands below. ' Other States (May Adopt H. If this plan works well, the goTeni- ment forester believes it will be' tali- en up In other states and federal au- thoritii^ will be aided greatly by tttii co -operation. Iti appealing for ;the protection df the natural resources,'Mr. I^ncli^^' said that there is a changing sentiment throughout ^the country awS tlttt people arc beglifttiiig to see tiaV tliit pight' to use such resources does- not carry with It the right to destmy them. The forest service will- mittiB additional efforts to educate the pao- P e along thhi line; ' the service and reforeatinig the service to meet vent serious troi Let us speak of men as we find them. .And c-ensure only what we can see. i Washington, Nov. C.—^Under an ar- j greatest blessing to suffering humani- rangeinent between the members of jy. The surest protector against dis- il.e |)olitlcal delegation from Okla-] ease. 3.'. cents. Tea or Tablets. At homa, the question of the federal] Burrell's Drug Store, judgeship was decided today. Ralph are interested in the Pleasant Valley his school work after a wrestle with telephone line attended the aiim.^ iliroat trouble. meeting Monday night. The truancy officer gave us a cal^ Mrs. C.-R. Peck bought a couple of this month and found us all enrolled nice large granite pudding pans in with the exception of .Archie Martin. Iola Saturday, and sent a little girl who had the misfortune to fall from a i; _:ioad of hay UIKJU a pitchfork and run ;a prong of the fork Into his face. Hutchinson. Nov. C.—Elmer E. Mar shall, superintendent «>t the state in- ilustrial reformatory, nas announced that he would tender his resignation at the next meeting of the board of managers of the institution. This meet itig will be held the last week of this month, and .Mr. Marshall's resignation will he made to take effect December 1. "I liave been wanting to get out o' the reformatory for more than a ; year." said Mr. .Vlarshall. "I wanted to get out last spring to enter the j Campbell of McAlester and John Cot- wHl be recommend- K.inembering that none can be per-j tfal of Guthrie, f,,,., I ed to President Roosevelt for appoint- I'liles.-i they U.-K .Mountain Tea. .•\t Burrell's Drug Store. Hollister's Rocky { nient to the two judgeships. This piactically settlas the question as toj ^p^j.^. APl'ODiT ROAD APPRIASEKSt Commi.^sloners Take .Vrtion on Scant- I In and Funk K6ad.<*. WOMEN USHERS O. K. Hammersteln's Innovation is Approved bv His Patrons. sers boards were appointed today by the comissioners to appraise ,two roads petitioned for in the coun- He had been urged for the judgeship | ^^^lUin and A. W. Howland and E. H. Tobey will appraise are road these positions. Chief Justice Burford left tonight. New Yoik. Nov. 6.—"These women u.'-hers are all right." was the genet al opinion of those who attended; In the Wlestern district by Representa- I tive .McGnlr.', but today lie gave up j the fight. J. H. Cotteral of Guthrie, : will call on tlie President tomorrow i morning. Kegister Wnut Xdn^ Ic a Word. DONSTIRKriON tot r»er nlit* y«in I tair*r«d wiili rlironic con. •M'ta au«.d>rlDi tlit> tiiBa 1 ' - - JI liwlw take itu It. >u of aarm .«at«r on<-« trrrj n h,.n ra b.-rtre iMb«r«M Mlion un mr t<n>r,i>. Jlamitlii 1 , CwcacvU, Atid Witkr i km ft Wr]| Ui^u. banking business, but rumors of an ; .Archie .Martin has fully recovered ,. „,•„_., „ _„„„ , , j„,^„ now and Is In school again. I «''V «'t«sation a rose and I was deter- Our pie .social was a decided sue- "lined not to resign under fire. The cess. .Mr. A. L. Rutledge acted !Wth^ formal charges were filed and for aucilotieer and proved very ettlclent ,hr<.e months I have been waiting the i in that line. The net proceeds were ..... , . , $14 (M) . result of the Investigation which the We have added "Ben Hnr" and "Si- board and the govt-mor made. Now j las Marner " to our list of library tl,at they have found those charges to| Women Every woman co «h.> • shapelv, pretty fiijure.CS:^ many of them deplore loss of their girli»h funns after marriage. The bearing of child .'<:ii is often destrurtivs to the inoiiicr's shupeuneM. All of this cun be avoided. Nvrsiiig Mothen and \ Orer-lbiujIiniBd nwmtmj In all stations of Ufa, v^baa tlgMLMt vitality may have been undermined aad broken-down by orer ^irairk^ social duties, the too IrmsifSat' children, or other < Pierce's Favorite potent,' invlgoratiiu giver ever devised 1 fit. Nur ly valuable: and promoth _ for the child, will And it a I system .'at the ordeal'< from Edwards addition to Bassett and J. E. Eastwood, W. F. Boyer and Jas. ' -^^ Hamni will appraise the Scantlin road ache, drsggincrdoim-d in the south part of the county. The first named road will be appraised on trpssed' sensatktn in:December 2. and the latter on Decem-' faint spells, see Imaglll . _ floating before eyes,, wnbj her b. P^TU, caUrrhal 4min,.r The commissioners also allowed two version or retrorvr Itrldge hills toda.v. They were the Mc- S ^'^m wU™ wi Carley bridge, |lfi90,. and the Scatter many or only a few 0 (1 Creek bridge, IBS.?. ' '^"^ .MONKY TO MOVE CHOPS. toms, find relief and • I using falthfnlir >anlj Dr. Pierce 's FsveKitlKP f--^-; ' '^lirLV^irJo^r «f Mother-. Prl«,d before baby co.r.cs. thi: ....... ^„^ir ,nrt wi.hont ^^^j linir,..-m always prepans the body for the strain upon it. and p^•i«rve^ tl.e vvmnietrvof her'orm. Mother** I'rieod overcomes all the tain Ixwks will find the library open "5^'^ every Friday. . harm to the institution." .Mr. S. R. Andrews thought he wa« , Co..'Chka«o or N.Y. tof mmimmm jtlred of Allen County, but after view- j HIGH SCHOOL FRAT8 BARRED ing the west recent!>• has concluded that Carlyle district, is good enoush » , „ ^ 7T7 ^..t>.- e .o. for him for awhile yet. ' ' Topel <a Board of Education Says Mem .Mrs. Sprlggs, one of our patrons',*, bera Must Leave School, has been sutteiing with a severe attack of appendicitis. Bricktown has furnished us with ^ ^ ^ ^ , , , , several transient pupils. Wilms Brum members of high school frateml ble. Eddie, Blanche and Samuel Crock- ties must either sever their affiliatlou are "irS "tJ ?rr2i5 «t^'"*- ^^'^ organlsiitlons or leave the| The orthography medal waa won bf ^ • ^ _ A. „ _ Topeka, Nov. 6.—The board of education of Topeka has issued an order presc danger of <-liilJ-l)irtli, and carries the expectant mother Buffiy through tills critical jicriud witiiout pain. It ta woman's greatebt bleffsfiig. TLouitaiidb (gratefully tail 0/ the benefit and retiii derived from the use of this wonderful remedy. S<,'Id by all d^uggi>-t^ at $1.00 (>ei bet tie. Our little •jook, tclMmj HII U 1> OUI hi» lii .iioeiii will be *eut frea. .Ifr inim ItlCUttf Gib, iliUlt, K, i .Vinnesota Bankers Had a Confidence and Made an Agreement. St. Paul. Minn.. Nov. 6.— B. E. Bailey the president of the Frat National BatUc. announced last night, as a result of a conference between the re- preseutatives of Duluth and Minneapolis Banks with New York financial interests, an arrangement has been made whereby money can be secured for the movement, of the northwest' crops. Bailey refused to give out anyj ""^^ deuils. I ta^fot^ ThilworW* wcakaesses and pure glyceric extract« tlve. aiadlelnal, 10 ' alcohol In iu mak enta printed hi r ' PiercethisIn^L. ^ tlon of his formnlS^i be found to conk known to tt science of all 1 Uee for the weakneaseaainli^ If yoa want eomnosttion utAi meni^tbe«FaT Inai ^Trj • Wurt A4* !• tfee Begbter.

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